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    Trailer for the Way of Kings. Wit's voice: When you beat an iron sword relentlessly, it hardens. When you leave it alone, it rusts away. Let me tell you a story. =o=o=o=o=o The party, camera panning around the revellers. We see spren floating around, we see Jasnah looking disapproving and Dalinar dead drunk, but only briefly. We see a flash of White as the Assassin stalks down a corridor. Two guards notice him and charge. The Assassin bursts into light. Cut to Szeth by the dead body of the King, kneeling. "I'm sorry." =o=o=o=o=o= "We came here for Vengeance, but all I see if frivolity and competition." Dalinar from behind, looking over the Shattered Plains and the arrayed warcamps.Adolin averts his eyes. Sadeas snorts. "Why can't you just relax? Why can't you be just like everyone else?" "I cannot be like everyone else." Sadeas leaves, laughing. "That honor of yours is going to get you killed some day." =o=o=o=o=o=o=o Voiceover: There are two kinds of people in this world, son. Those who save lives, and those who take lives. A young Kal, working in the surgery with his father: "What about those who kill to protect?" A battlefield on a rocky landscape, from the eyes of Cenn. Kaladin leading them into battle. The Shardbearer. White flash, cut to Kaladin shivering in a cage. Kaladin looks up to see Syl floating over, a tiny translucent girl. Her light shines on his face. Her voice: Why do men cry? =o=o=o=o=o=o=o Shallan's voice: “Expectation wasn't just about what people expected of you. It was about what you expected of yourself.” Shallan clutching a sketchbook, following Jasnah. Her eyes are fixed on the Soulcaster. She is smiling, cut to her in her room alone scheming and drawing plans. A cryptic voice: Let go of your lies. (fade to black) (pause) (bass drop) Szeth lashing himself to the ceiling, running towards two Shardbearers. His Blade appears in his hands. Dalinar sitting alone in a tent, screaming and writhing. Kaladin on a bridge run, screaming as blood trickles down his shoulders and arrows kill those around him Shallan in a room in a pool of blood. (fade to black) (pause) Words against A black screen as music builds to a crescendo. Speak again the Ancient oaths. "Life before Death." Lightning illuminates Kaladin before the Honor Chasm, tears mingling with rain. "Strength before Weakness." Dalinar charging at the Chasmfiend in full Shardplate to protect Elhokar "Journey before Destination." Shallan turning from a ship and running back to Khabaranth. (pause) "The Knights Radiant shall rise again." Music climaxes A shot of Szeth running among people, lashing them left and right. A shot of Shallan entering Shadesmar. A shot of Dalinar and Adolin surrounded on the Tower, shouting their final battlecries. A shot of Kaladin's boots thumping on the bridge, clearing the chasm onto the awaiting Parshendi. Syl screaming "Speak the Words!" THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE: THE WAY OF KINGS =o=o=o=o=o=o Wit's voice, chattily: “Can you feel it? Something just changed. I believe that’s the sound the world makes when it pisses itself.”
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    Welcome to the official sticky for all sample chapters, books, and unreleased books that Brandon has put out on the internet. He has been gracious enough to allow people the opportunity to get to know his different works by providing samples of his different works. If you have knowledge of other links please let us know as we will try to keep this as up to date as humanly possible. Published Cosmere Books: Elantris: Elantris is a story based around the fallen city of Elantris. It centers around three view point characters who look to find what being a hero really means. Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 The Hope of Elantris: The Hope of Elantris is a short story based after the events of the main story line. Full Short Story Mistborn: Mistborn follows the life of a young woman who is learning about her powers with the help of a thieving crew who plans to overthrow the empire. Mistborn 1-The Final Empire: Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Mistborn 2-The Well of Ascension Sample Chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Mistborn 3-The Hero of Ages: Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Mistborn-Alloy of Law: Prologue and Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Warbreaker: Full Book-Separated out by Chapters Different Versions of the Book Stormlight Archives 1-The Way of Kings: Prelude Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapters 9&11 Chapters 12&13 Published Non-Cosmere Books: Alcatraz 1-Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians: Foreword Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Alcatraz 2-Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener's Bones Foreword Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Alcatraz 3-Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia Foreword Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Alcatraz 4-Alcatraz Versus the Shattered Lens Foreward Chapter 2 Chapter 6 Infinity Blade: Awakening Infinity Blade: Awakening Sample Chapters Un-Published Works Scribbler/Rithmatist: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Liar of Partinel: More Samples Chap 1, version 3 Mistborn Prime Prologue: Prologue Final Empire Prime: Chapter 1 Mythwalker: Mythwalker (Warbreaker Prime) Firstborn: Full Story Defending Elysium: Full Story I Hate Dragons: Story Here Centrifugal: Story Here White Sand is available through signing up for Brandon's newsletter. Aether of Night is available through the request topic in our Unpublished Works forum.
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    When I ordered my copy of Way of Kings from Brandon Sanderson's site, I asked for my personalization for any trivia on Axies or the Aimian in general since Axies was my favorite of the interlude characters; well I got my book today, and Sanderson did not dissapoint with the tidbit he gave me which was, "Axies is basically immortal because of an interaction with the magic. He's basically one of 2 kinds of Aimian." I hope this means that Axies shows up again in the story, I know Sanderson has said most the interlude characters were just there to show off the world's scope, but Axies with his 'curse' and now his apperent immortality strikes me as perhaps a bit more improtant than just a one off character.
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    I only have nine Kandra contracts, but I hope to have TenSoon.
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    *loses Kaladin in a crowd* Me: *uses hand as a megaphone* Me: AMARAM IS THE MOST HONORABLE MAN THERE IS. *Literally hears teeth grinding and feels rage radiating from one direction* Me: There he is.
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    #SundaySanderson is here. Another one from Way of Kings. I LOVE Syl! I kind of drew her already in another fanart, but I think she deserves a piece just for her.
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    Sure thing. I did mean to let Ren do my actual death, but I got a little carried away. Ruin shall reign...
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    So, @Delightful and I were talking about nothing in particular today, and for some strange reason, she challenged me to write a ketek in High Imperial about a Horneater princess and some boots. For some even stranger reason, I accepted and wrote this little ditty. I hope you enjoy it! Wasing the Horneater princess, paired with a new friend, of the taking of the boots, for her big two feet of the walking Wasing the apparently airsick lowlander giving of the insult, dishonoring of the name Naming of the dishonored, insult of the giving, lowlander’s airsickness of the apparent wasing Walking of the feet, too big for her boots, in the taking of the friendly new pair, the Horneater princess wasing Constructive criticism or questions about the hopeless obtuseness of the wording are welcome! Edit- I wrote this ketek in regular English first and then translated it as best I could into High Imperial, so I thought I might as well add on the original ketek to hopefully make the High Imperial one a bit more clear. Paired with a new friend, a Horneater princess then took boots for her big two feet on her walk An apparently airsick lowlander gave insult, dishonored her name Her name dishonored, insult given, the lowlander’s airsickness was apparent To walk on her feet, too big for her boots, took then the princess Horneater a friendly new pair I know I used a homophone in there instead of words with the same root, but I like the way it turned out, so there. Enjoy!
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    [Shallan and Adolin on a date] Shallan: So what do you want to know about me? Adolin: What's your family like? Shallan:[shoving chouta into her drawing satchel] I have to go right now immediately
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    (Please note I actually really enjoy puns the rest of my post is pure fiction and sorry if I insulted anyone) I've been steeling myself to read through this, and boy did I laugh my brass off. The thread has a few more jokes we need to iron out, but I zinc it's going in a great direction. Although reading this left me a little Sazed, and many parts were far from Breezy. But overall, the mettle of these puns comes down to the audience, and I hope we can Vinish what we started.
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    Siri, how I picture her at least. She's my favorite Warbreaker character. Drawn by hand, so it's not all that good.
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    I don't know if someone already pointed this out, if there's a WoB on it or if Nahel could be considered a female name but I'm starting to think that it could be the name of Cultivation's Vessel. Why? Like many have already theorized, Surgebinding could be a Magic System of both Honor and Cultivation and it could present intents of both Shards (a pact with a Spren for Honor and a mutual growth for Cultivation). I think this "double nature" should be represented even in the Nahel Bond that is the core of Surgebinding: now "Bond" clearly refers to Honor so this leaves "Nahel" referring to Cultivation (hence my speculation).
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    (And, for the record... this isn't a picture of Khriss from the book. But I couldn't find that. So please accept this awesome looking Khriss artwork by Botanica in it's place!)
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    Recently, while looking through Theoryland, I found this WoB on Glys. (source) I started thinking about why Glys's appearance might be important, and I came up with a few possible reasons. 1. We have seen Truthwatcherspren before. I'm not sure where this would have happened, though. The only unknown spren I can think of is the suspected captivityspren Kaladin sees in jail. 2. Truthwatcherspren have a significant feature in their appearance. The Truthwatchers are the order directly opposite of the Bondsmiths, who bond with godspren, so I could see Truthwatcherspren being different from other spren as well 3. Glys looks different from other Truthwatcherspren. I don't know why this would be true. Maybe since Renarin is the first Truthwatcher in a long time, they didn't send a "normal" spren. 4. Glys is not a Truthwatcherspren. Personally, this is my least favorite theory. I don't think it is true, but I felt I should put it up here. If Brandon told us that Glys has glowing red eyes, that would definitely be significant. Tell me me which theory you like and agree with, or if you have a theory of your own.
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    What is the Lord ruler's favorite classic video game? ...Pac-man...
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    I don't recommend anybody making suggestions along this line to skaa, because the worst part of the vicious circle of this behavior is expecting something more to happen, then being disappointed when it doesn't. The healthy way out of this is to minimize expectations and stop feeling ownership over a situation that nobody owns.
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    @skaa It sounds like you've completely lost her trust. 1. She told you no to a date and you have not accepted this as a no. 2.You then made her feel unsafe by ogling her, I bet that one time at the meeting was not the first time she noticed. 3. She non-verbally told you to leave her alone but you didn't stop. 4. She asked you to stop sending notes and yet you are still trying to apologise when she has clearly told you to back off multiple times. Skaa, this is when 'no means no'. This isn't a slight abberation of good behaviour, this is intense creepiness that sends out literally all the red flags of 'here is a guy who does not respect your boundaries, he is not respecting them now and he will not respect them in the future RUN FOR THE HILLS'. She wants you to leave her alone. So leave her alone. She gets you're trying to apologise but you're still doing all the wrong things and I bet you're scaring her, probably badly. At the very best you're being an intense nuisance. Leave her alone. Try avoid her. Don't talk to her if you can help it. Remember that she doesn't owe you her attention. Aside from all the creepiness, to begin with she said no. Accept that, leave her alone. And next time, when a woman sets a boundary, pay attention. If you've gone into other dates with a similar attitude, I'm sorry but its unsurprising that it hasn't worked out. You've got to respect a woman's wishes even if, particularly if, they do not align with your own. Does this make sense to you? Edit: also, a hexaflexagon of pictures is intensely creepy in the context. I think it's kind of weird in any context but definitely not appropriate here. Edit 2: She probably didn't read your second set of messages because she blocked you.
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    My first post, figured I'd start with a truth.
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    You know... It sounds like Sanderson... It's funny.
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    Game of Thrones/Cosmere crossover. Spoilers abound!
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    Even Steal Inquisitors like to make snow ash angels! Thanks @sheep!!!
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    A few things I'd like to throw out there: You've dated. The number of times you've been rejected no longer matters. Also, you're thirty, so high school definitely doesn't matter. You've been many slightly different people over time since then. There's no need to kick yourself for things you did thousands of days ago. Another thing I wouldn't file under Mistakes - asking her out. It happened in the moment, you had the confidence, it's all good. Her saying no isn't a defeat. Just a voluntary association that didn't happen. It's not a competition. Speaking as someone who did stalky things myself back in the day, I understand the urges. The worry. It took time and varied experiences to drift out of that mindset, but the most optimistic way I can put it is you don't need to get her apology. There's just no association between the two of you. Wanting to ask her out is not a connection. Being friends or doing things together often voluntarily is an association. Neither of you owes the other anything. But in general, don't stare at legs and stuff. Just with anyone. People can see you, so it becomes an action you are performing against them. "Playing her game" is not a real thing. There's no game, there's no chase, there's no win state here. You're just people. You should not approach or engage her at the party. You may be getting close to either "mace in the face" or "company disciplinary action" territory. You don't need to "pretend" she's not there. Just keep this in mind: Her presence isn't relevant.
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    Random thought: Batman is all about "me". I (or my social clique, whether that means friends or superheoes) know best, and aside from key exceptions outside that group (work colleague, commisioner Gordon), everyone else is wrong, and you are the only one who can make things right. Superman is about "you", and the idea that other people have their faults, but ultimately are good people. You don't have to do everything yourself, because other people are fundamentally decent, and will do things to help you. (And okay, maybe I just wanted an excuse to post this, because this is great.) Because seriously. Everyone who is reading this thread should go read All-Star Superman. This story makes me cry everytime, and this is why I storming love Superman.
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    The display was . . . extreme. Chimera had the feeling that Lightwards didn't do anything partway. Teeth grit, Chi found himself furious at the murder, for that's what it was. It was no suicide, for there was no choice. "His life was Lightwards's"? It may be so, but not of any choice. Not of any personal sacrifice. But mind control. Chi sent a falcon to shoot forward to divebomb the necromancer, interrupting the melodramatic speech of destruction. The bird missed as Lightwards collapsed. It suddenly dropped out of the air as well. Then it hit. Like a saber through the gut, Chimera felt devastation like never before. Drawing his sabers, he used them as canes. Death. Gore. His father. Being rammed over and over and over. The cowardice in Cadmus as he failed to lift his rifle and shoot. The failure. Oh, Calamity, Cadmus had been a failure. Chi looked up, seeing the concern in Argo's bear eyes. Fool. This is fake. Chi didn't know what it was, but this depression had to be an Epic. It wasn't right. Chimera stood up straight, sheathed a saber, and sent his birds to distract the Epics in the necromancer's group. A cloud of feathers engulfed them for a moment. That was all Chi needed to lean forward over Lightwards's prostrate body With his single unsheathed saber, he gave Lightwards, "Emperor" of Portland his answer to the offer. It closely resembled severing his head.
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    No one seems to know how tall or buff Kaladin is, since his exact height is never mentioned and "fingers" is a completely arbitrary unit of measurement. There have been lots of questions asked about how Kaladin is so muscly if he lives off a slave diet. There have been lots of questions asked about how much Rosharan gravity and stormlight induced good health affects average height. In this picture, I drew Shallan as 5'6"/168cm and Kaladin as 6'5"/196cm and he is slouching slightly. To anyone who ships Shalladin, how would this ship even work, logistically. She is eye level to his armpits and we all know Kaladin is lucky to bathe once a week... Some other artwork to aid in your scientific research: Kaladin at the Gym Fanservice for Adolin
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    Hi! I just created this account so... yeah, I'm new.
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    I'm sorry to hear about everyone's rotten experiences. Maybe some pictures of cat hugs will help.
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    Next crappy Sandersomething meme.
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    I read your situation, skaa. From your perspective, it may seem like you're trying to do the right thing and she isn't responding, but here's what it may look like from her perspective. There's a girl who, through a quirk of genetics, is physically attractive. She's worked with this guy for about five years, and although she can tell he has a crush on her, he's never acted on it. She is not interested in him, so she has never flirted or given off any sort of "I'm interested in you, make a move" signals. By now, she's concluded that he isn't going to act on his feelings toward her, and so assumes that they've settled into a good working relationship. He asks her out. She says no. She expects that to be the end of it. It's not. He watches her, stalks her on social media, and she pretends not to notice. Sometimes, ignoring things makes them go away, so maybe if she ignores this unwanted attention, it will go away…. ….or maybe he'll just sit there ogling her legs. Great. She covers up and makes an exit as soon as she can. She wants to forget about it, but he sends her an apology over Facebook. What do you say to something like that? She, like any other girl in that situation, doesn't know, and so she says nothing. The apologies keep coming. It's starting to seem like this guy feels he's entitled to something, like he expects her to accept. But if she does, will he keep flirting with her? Ogling her? What sort of strings are attached to this apology? Oh Great Noodly One, it's a geometric figure with her face on it. Nope nope nope that is a big barrel of Nopefish. He keeps trying. Why does he keep trying? When will this stop? Again, reading the situation from your perspective, it's clear that you mean no ill toward her. But she doesn't know that. She can't see your thoughts or your intent. All she sees is your actions, and from an outsider's perspective, your actions come across as creepy. She's hoping this whole thing blows over, because she probably wants to forget the ogling incident and move on. Let her forget. Keeping your distance is the right thing to do here.
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    Oh nice. Good luck man, I know it'll come out great. Oh and also, what's basically been my life right now. - I've dyed my hair blue because you can only be young once. - I went to Alaska and have seen amazing things. Beautiful tall mountains covered with snow to vast cold oceans filled with whales and dolphins. Glacier ice as blue as the sky. Too. Many. Eagles. Moose. Made life worth living. - I got my driver's license and a car - I have a job now! I work at a fro-yo shop. Its not very glorious but hey. - I have found a new volunteering gig. Basically this story is wild anyway. Because. I started looking for instructions to get a falconry license. And decided: hey. There's this center not far from here that rehabs birds of prey. Maybe I should... I did. I am currently training to do shows with the education birds and have been even helping with vet tech work! I love the American kestrels. They are so cute and tiny little babies. Hawks are nuts, too, I had a redtail literally fall on top of me. Owls will click their beaks if you get close, but you can hold them by the back of their head and have full control. Barn owls also hiss and its scary. I have learned so much about raptors already and one of the volunteers offered to help me find a falconry master when I'm ready to keep my own bird! - I'm about to start my last year of band camp - oh and i passed physics yay for me
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    Despite all odds and evidence to the contrary, the man from The Dalles didn't immediately whip out a gun and murder Backtrack where he stood. Instead, for a second he looked almost... amused. “I’m not going to hurt you," the man said in a comforting tone. "I just want you to come back with me to the Dalles, where it’s safe. You’ll be protected from all the dinosaurs and crazy Epics that can get you here in Portland — that sounds nice, doesn’t it?” ...that did kind of sound nice when he put it like that. The Dalles didn't have dinosaurs or crazy murderers, except for the army of sparking pandas that had been ransacking the place when he- It hit him like a sack of bricks. Sudden, unrelenting terror. Countless memories flashed through his mind all at once, all the deaths he'd seen before his eyes, even the ones where he'd stood centuries removed. Lightwards killing and un-killing, killing and un-killing, keeping the cycle of bodies going. Koschei the Deathless slitting a toddler's throat, his mind rotten from reveling in the power. Buildings collapsing into hordes of silverfish, devouring humans and Epics alike. Pandas rampaging through the streets, flying pigs and evil squirrels dropping out of the sky like bombs. Scalpings, genocides, slavery, murders...he tried to comfort himself by looking into the past, but all his mind could be drawn to was all the violence, which there was way too much of since he was standing right outside the fortress of the craziest crazy Epics of them all, and it kept hammering the same awful thought into his head no matter what he tried to take solace in... The world wasn't safe. It had never been safe. It was never gonna be safe! He was doomed! There was nowhere he could go! Anywhere he could go he'd just find more life-threatening insanity coming out of the woodwork to end the tiny terrified fragile ball of helplessness that was Steve Lawrence! He took more steps backwards, backing into a wall. He opened his mouth but it was dry. He wanted to speak but no words came out. He looked to MV, but her face was scrunched up and her fists were balled up tight, like she was feeling the same rush of fear and helplessness as he was. The man from The Dalles... sparks, but he was actually on the ground, tears on his face from whatever the Calamity he was seeing. Backtrack, in spite of all his efforts at resistance, felt a mostly dead emotion trembling somewhere inside himself... sympathy. This man, like Backtrack himself, had seen things. And yet, he stood up. And stranger still, he smiled. "See what I mean?" he asked, voice casual and his smile steady. "Not safe." Backtrack stood still. This guy... was he an Epic? He had to be, right? Whatever just hit them had to be the work of some horrible mind Epic, and there was no sparking way a regular old vanilla who could get killed in a second was gonna smile through something like that. Calamity, Backtrack was an Epic and there was no way he'd be smiling through it! But still the guy was smiling. Not giving off any of the other Epic-vibes Backtrack had steadily learned to pick up on. This guy... was a smiling vanilla. The Dalles... was a place where smiling vanillas still roamed free. Where people who weren't gods were still strong and happy. It was... bizarre. Just flat-out bizarre. Like finding an island where dodo birds still roamed free, squawking happily as they sang dodo songs and broke open coconuts or whatever it was dodos did with their time. The Dalles shouldn't have existed. But it did, and there was something almost... almost very comforting about that fact. And yet... Backtrack found himself beginning to speak, shakily and with fear and despair still cracking in his voice. "I..." He swallowed. "...I can't. Lightwards... he'd know. I don't know how, but he'd know. He'd send someone. I'd die. You don't just walk out on someone like him." Chimera seemed to be of two minds, considering Lightwards' generous proposal with both suspicion and temptation. His various vanilla minions watched him stoically, clearly prepared to follow their leader to the ends of the earth. Such loyalty. He must treat them well. "What of the humans out there?" Chimera asked finally. His face was neutral as he asked the absurd question. "The humans?" Lightwards repeated, raising a quizzical eyebrow in confusion. "You do know of me? To whom you are speaking? The citizens of this city and others are my highest concern." He smiled, and gave a nod to one of his few human Warriors, who stood dully behind one of the allosaur's legs. He was a broad-bodied one, young but already with lines of stress etched across his blank face. The Warrior somehow took the full cue of what was expected of him and trod out into Chimera's view, showing not the faintest trace of emotion. Lightwards calmly stepped forward, pacing a small circle around his Warrior as the suspicious eyes of Chimera's guards looked on. "What was your name?" he asked softly. "Herbert Peters," the Warrior replied in a listless tone. "What was your life before I raised you?" Lightwards pressed. "I lived from street to street, doing work for food," the man responded, still showing no emotion. "My wife was named Sarah. My children were two daughters, Abbie and Kaitlin. We moved frequently to steer clear of Epics." A long pause. "...you killed all three this morning." There was no accusation in the man's tone. No anger. No grief. Only tranquil obedience. Chimera seemed to stiffen, his minions revealing various degrees of anger or disgust at the Warrior's emotionless testimony. Lightwards' smile widened. "And what is your life now, Herbert Peters?" The Warrior responded in a single word. A single, perfect word. "Yours." Lightwards slowly, carefully and in full sight of Chimera's guards, pulled up his jacket and carefully passed his only pistol to the Warrior on display. "Show me," he commanded, and took a few steps back. The Warrior took the pistol, slowly but without a moment's hesitation pressing it to his lower jaw... ...and before Chimera or anyone else could say a word, he blew his brains out. Blood splattered far and the body fell straight to the ground with a dull thud. Lightwards beamed in satisfaction, striding out over the pool of blood and gore spreading out over the concrete. The guards had been startled and now faced guns straight for him, but he paid them no mind. "The humans of this city, and all others, are mine," he proclaimed loudly, meeting Chimera's icy stare. "The animals shall be yours, but Man himself shall bow to me and only me. This is how the future will unfurl. This is how humanity shall move forward. Life and death shall be in my hands, to give or to take, to treasure or to throw away. I alone shall--" Then it hit him like a bullet to the head. He gasped, toppling and physically falling to the ground, crouched on all fours as a wave of memories came forcibly raging through his head. A gunshot straight through his chest... ...falling, endlessly falling, a wicked laugh taunting his powerlessness as he crashed into the ground in a bloody heap. ...eleven bullets, and he slid against a wall and into the darkness of death... And before any of them, haunting only his deepest nightmares, the ones that had plagued him from the start... ...a noose... He let out an involuntary cry, struggling to blot out the images. Never had they all come rushing back to him so suddenly, so without warning. The nightmares, the past, the deaths... He was kneeling in front of Chimera, sprawled out on his hands and knees in the gore of the man he'd just murdered. He was in a vulnerable position, a demeaning one, a weak one... And yet he didn't care. His hands gripped the bloody concrete until his own fingers began to bleed, his dinosaurs letting out low growls all around, agitated by his condition. His body was in a sweat, the world spun around him, and his breath came raggedly. And Thomas Cardinal trembled.
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    It looks like it, doesn't it? It's actually nougoat.
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    So, we know little of aimians. We however know that at least one of them, Axies, is followed by something called the Curse of Kind. The curse might give bad luck, since Axies says: So, Axies has his curse, and thus we can guess (or is it even confirmed?) that the other Aimians have it as well. Now, how did they get it? Theory: Aimia was scoured some time ago, and most Aimians seems to have been killed. A guess is that the Aimians then went to the Nightwatcher and asked for a boon for their whole people in order to survive. They got it, whatever it is (immortality, perhaps), but also got the Curse of Kind, which brings bad luck upon all of them. What do you guys think?
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    Hey guys! I've seen a bunch of stuff about 17th Shard and finally decided to join! I have read The Reckoners and the first two books in The Stormlight Archive. I own Mistborn but haven't gotten around to reading it yet!
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    Oh man, Lark, 100% of this post is awesome!! I super super love birds, especially owls, so I am like totally jealous that you get to work with the raptors up close. Do you get an employee discount or free yogurt at your workplace? What instrument do you play in the band? (Marching band, right?) Today's been an exciting day for me. There was some good and some bad, but I think on balance it turned out mostly good. Bad things that happened today: I was involved in a car collision--first time it's ever happened to me while I was the driver. Good things: I and the other driver involved in the collision both walked away from it completely unharmed (I didn't even scrape my neck on the seatbelt or anything), and the damage to both our cars seems to be pretty superficial, even though she T-boned me right in the passenger door. There was also no shouting or apparent hard feelings in the aftermath while we exchanged insurance info and waited for a police officer to arrive after I called 911. The officer, once he arrived and heard both our sides of the story, determined that I was not at fault, which I'm hoping means that my auto insurance rates will not go up and that repairing the dent in my door will be paid for by insurance. More good things: I found a fledgling robin in a flowerbed after work. They are so storming cute! <3 I also attended a book swap at my local library and came home with Richard Paul Evans's entire 5-book series The Walk, all in pristine condition and four of the five in hardcover. And when I got home there was a very friendly kitten waiting to greet me and jump up in my arms and cuddle.
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    Made. My. Day/Night thanks for the sympathy must........finish..........essay *faints* Something tells me I'm gonna get even sicker tomorrow....yay! No school! Edit: It's officially midnight. I'm still not done....:D
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    When "This website is currently offline" gives you a small panic....and when retrying for a live version doesn't work and you feel like your best friend has moved away.
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    Here's whati think. As you pointed out, Syl and Pattern have been helping their bonded learn about the nature of their orders and helping them to grow. In essence, Syl and Pattern chose kaladin and shallan. Ths, they help their radiants grow. Wyndle didn't choose Lift, did he? How much help in personal development has he been with Lift? It's more like Lift already knows what she should do, and it is she who teaches him this. "Why mistress? Why do you care? " "because somebody has to" Thus, as it was Dalinar who chose the Storm father, as it was Dalinar who initiated the bond, ifeel that it would be Dalinar who is the teacher here. I believe it would be Dalinar, who has already shown the aspects of unity he needs, who will convince the storm father of this. Each radiant bond so far has been a give and take relationship, i feel, and in this relationship Dalinar will be the one providing the insights for growth. Any other theories?
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    I tried to grab some Preservation but I Mist. I thought about being an Inquisitor. I didn't see the point. What do you call a fat, tyrannical king? Lard Ruler When shall I make another bad Mistborn joke? Ten...Soon. (I should be pun-ished. I'm very sorry)
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    Brandon has said that while each book will focus on a character via flashbacks and will also each focus on an Order of Knights Radiant, the character will not always be a member of the Order: Questioner What are the other books in The Stormlight Archive going to be about? Brandon Sanderson Well each one is going to cover a flashback sequence for one of the characters and each one will focus on a different order of the Knights Radiant. And that's not always the same, like the flashbacks for the first one were Kaladin and it was also Windrunners, but we won't always have them be the exact same.
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    When I read this two things stick out to me as obvious. 1. It's not true that you have to do something brave in order to Return, but bravery is a possible route. To me this means that doing something brave may give you the opportunity to return, but it is not the only avenue for this outcome, nor does it guarantee your return. 2. You have to do something in order to return. Returning is not an opportunity given to every individual, and thus has certain requirements. So what requirements could brave actions fall under that also allow for other possibilities? The key, to me, is endowment itself. Endowment is giving something to others, but doesn't necessarily have to involve bravery. Lightsong endowed his niece with life by sacrificing his own. Calmseer endowed others with health and aid. This sticks out to me as we are given the picture of her whole life and personality, not just the deed she accomplished immediately before she died. Blushweaver endowed the city with honesty and safety through her merchant practices and testimony against the criminals. She was known as an honest merchant which leads me to believe she also used her life to endow many times and not only in the instance right before her death. With this picture I see the requirements for return as endowment throughout life and not only endowment via death, though that may also be a contributing factor. This allow that brave actions may result in an chance to return, but actions outside the realm of bravery and sacrifice may also. In the case of infants, perhaps their death endows their mothers with life, or somehow contributes to society as a whole. They seem to be the theory braking contraint in all things having to do with the returned. *edited for proper quote box
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    Well, it makes sense now, thanks. I will continue avoiding her. I also plan to work from home as much as possible from now on, just to make things easier. Edit: I guess so. I had just rediscovered hexaflexagons at the time and was trying to actually make one, when the idea popped in my head. I guess I didn't think that through. If I'm not mistaken, blocking me would mean I wouldn't have been able to see her Facebook profile. I was in fact expecting her to block me or at least unfriend me (I checked daily; yes, I'm a creep), but she never did. I'm pretty sure she just muted our Facebook conversation. I guess it's a good thing I saved her the hassle of unfriending me in all the social networks we shared. Edit2: She's 23. I don't think the seven-year age difference really matters, at least according to XKCD (okay, just kidding). I think she just doesn't like me, probably for similar reasons as those other girls who rejected me in the past. I might try that at some point. Right now I think I'll just keep myself occupied with work and hobbies. For example, I'm currently optimizing my Rubik's cube algorithm. I might also go back to learning Japanese. Who needs girls when you have a few thousand kanji characters to befriend, amirite? Also, man, I can't wait for The Dark Talent and Arcanum Unbounded to be released.
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    Long Game 22, Day 11: TheTowers of Midnight --------------------- TheMightyLopen was attacked by Wolves but survived! Day 11 will end at 12AM EST Saturday the 23rd, so just under 48hours, more like 45. Player List: Meta Lopen Elodin Bugsy
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    Jezrien - Windrunners Nale - Skybreakers Chanarach - Dustbringers Vedel - Edgedancers Pailiah - Truthwatchers Shalash - Lightweavers Battar - Elsecallers Kalak - Willshapers Talenel - Stonewards Ishar - Bondsmiths
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    If Argon had any hidden attack powers he did not display them. Then again, a situation that ultimately posed no harm to him wasn’t much of an incentive to become serious. At least seeing his pet vanilla thrown around gave Kenshin an amusing sight. A helpless little monkey scurrying across a roof, afraid off little whelping mutts. The other Epic’s request still didn’t go past her. She swept her arm in a wide gesture towards Argon and produced an array of weapons, not only swords like he asked for but spears and the like in case he wanted a longer reach, that stood with their heads buried in the ground. “They're yours to use.” Kenshin started moving towards the ghouls that hadn’t split off to hunt Argon and Rick. Instead of plunging into them and cutting through them like a scythe, Kenshin played it slow, letting them come to her, avoiding their clumsy lunges and cutting them down in retaliation. Because of this slower approach, Kenshin could avoid the ghouls surrounding her. Of course that wasn’t actually a concern for Kenshin but when Argon wanted to play at being a weakling, then he could at least do some work himself while she enjoyed herself and kept up appearance. One of the ghouls tried to grab Kenshin. She simply stepped to the side and tripped the thing. As it fell, Kenshin pulled her sword through its neck, decapitating it. Following her instinct she turned around, a combat knife appearing in her hand that she rammed into another ghoul’s skull, using it as a handle to throw it over her hip at its horde. Watching their front line stumble and fall unable to deal with the weight of the body, drew a small chuckle from Kenshin. Ah, cattle.
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    Somewhat inspired by Oversleep's meme above:
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    I wonder if we could find any other Shards in Sanderson works? Maybe Rithmatist actually has a shard in it that we don't know of yet!
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