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    Hey, all. Brandon here. With the release of this book, there have been some minor updates to continuity that I think some of you will find relevant. The big one has to do with Hoid's visit to Terris in The Well of Ascension. For those unfamiliar with the backstory, this little behind-the-scenes action has been a source of some consistent problems. The outline, and original draft, of Well had Vin and Elend traveling up to Terris, then into the mountains, to find the Well itself. This was a huge momentum killer in the story. Having your cityscape-focused book suddenly turn into a traveling quest fantasy for a few chapters felt very out of place, and required too much strange time-jumping to make it work. In revisions, I set about finding a way to repair this, and to overlap the Well of Ascension discovery with Vin's return to Luthadel. The end result worked much better, but I was forced to cut Hoid's cameo. (In the form of footsteps in the snow and frost leading to the Well, hinting that someone had been there just before her.) I knew where Hoid was, and added in the cameo of him with the Terris people—with the plan still being that he visited the Well sometime during the days after Vin's return to the city. Well, in working on Secret History, I found that this had a problem with it. Hoid had to already know where the Well is, because after the destruction of the Pits, he'd need to use the Well to return to Scadrial after leaving in the middle of book one to attend to certain other events. If you've read the story, you know this is how I proceeded. Official continuity is that Hoid went up to Terris after visiting the Well, as he had things to do there. He did not go looking for the Well. This doesn't change continuity for any of the books, though it does render one of the annotations for Well obsolete. Otherwise, I'm quite pleased about this novella. I wasn't certain how it would go, writing something using threads I'd left dangling ten years ago. (You should thank the beta readers, who are all Sharders I believe, for their continuity help. They made me aware pf several things I needed to make much more clear from the original draft, so that canon would be more crisp.) I know there has been a lot of discussion regarding which times when someone appears to hear Kelsier's voice were actually Kelsier. The story offers the official canon for this as well. It's nice to finally be able to give the answers to some longtime fan questions, such as what spooked Vin during her inspection of Hoid and what was up with Preservation and the Mist Spirit. It's entirely possible that, despite our efforts, we slipped up and made some continuity error here or there. If so, I'm terribly sorry! This one has been particularly challenging to do. Thanks, as always, for reading.
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    Cosmere alignment chart
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    Yikes. You read some edgy stuff, Twi. You should try Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson. It's a much more pleasant work of literature.
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    Odyssey Con was a blast! Smaller conventions are a lot more fun IMO than larger ones, like Comic Con. At one point Brandon was just hanging out before a magic draft, so i got a bunch of my own questions in before that started. Below is my transcription of the recording I took (with his permission of course) of me, other people, and Brandon talking Cosmere. There are some spoilers for SH and BoM, but they are marked appropriately, so skip over the parts underlined to avoid spoilers if you havent read those. Enjoy! Maddison, Odyssey Con Transcription. (Anything in parenthesis are my comments and thought or reasoning behind the questions or answers.) *Anything in stars are tone of voice or facial expression* Anything underlined contains spoilers for BoM or SH Me: Ok, first one. Was Sadeas ever affected directly by Odium or an Unmade, not counting the Thrill? Brandon: NOT countin the Thrill, ok uhhhhm. There are affects of other unmade around, and Odium's direct effect? I'm going to say, no, maybe some indirect effects. Me: What about Roshone? Brandon: Uhhhm, no. The Thrill is the main thing that is getting the Alethi, I mean, there are others around, but it's not as obvious with that as with other things. Me: Can Odium change written word on Roshar like Ruin could on Scadrial? (I was wondering this because it would make it easy for him to manipulate Mr.T that way. Brandon: *apprehensive* This is not really a thing that Odium does. Um, yea. Me: Are sandlings from white sand an early concept for crustaceans on Roshar, with greatshells being a parallel to deep sandlings. Brandon: No, um, the idea for white sand came first, and it was more that I was exploring divergent ecology, but I've been doing that in Dragonsteel and in White Sand and in here with Roshar. I would say that the fact that white sand hadn't been published meant that I could do something's that were similar without worrying about repeating myself, but it's not like I used them specifically as models. Me: *jokingly* So does this mean we are going to get to see little dragons running around in Dragonsteel? Brandon: Uh, well, in Dragonsteel the dragons are sapient, so when I write Dragonsteel I will put dragons in there, but the dragons are intelligent and uh, can take human form, but there are actual little dragons. Me: Wait, they can take human form? Brandon: Yes, yes, yup. Guy next to me: Is Yolen named after Jane Yolen? Brandon: Yes Guy: Yes, ok. I've always wondered. Brandon: One of the early fantasy books I read was Dragon's Blood, and so I named it after her. Guy: Ok, *gestures to me* keep going. Me: Last year I asked you if shadows turn the wrong way in the cognitive realm for a reason, you said to basicly think of it like important flavor text. Is this happening because people are being drawn towards the Beyond? Brandon: Um, yea that part of it. Definitely. Me: What is Proving Day in Vorin mythology? Brandon: Uhhhm, equivalent of Bahmitzva. Me: One sec *looks through notes for more of the interesting questions*. Can you give us any information on Ral Elorum? Brandon: Uhhhm, no other than its called city of shadows for a reason. Me: In the end, how many bridge runs did Kaladin go on? Brandon: I didn't count them, uhhm, dozens. Probably not hundreds. Me: Is it theoretically possible to hemallurgically spike a shard into someone else, and if so, what would be the outcome? Brandon: A full shard? Hemallurgy could not hold that much of an invested charge. Not without something really weird happening. Me: With reversals fabrials, if one fell and sat on the ground will the other one continue to rise due to the gravity affecting the one on the ground? Brandon: No, good question. Me: What would Rock's name mean translated directly to English? Brandon: You want the poem? I've got the poem somewhere, I can't quote the poem at you, I'm sorry. Maybe I'll release it someday. I do have the poem, it's not that long. Me: Can forgery change eye or hair color? Brandon: It could theoretically. Me: How well would Jasnah and Khriss get along? Brandon: Uhhhm, I would say that they would get along well, like scholars from different disciplines, meaning with respect for the other's discipline. Me: Would a savant look different in the spiritual realm than a regular human? Brandon: Yes, yes. Me: Would Hoid's spirit web seem more similar to that of a savant or a regular human? Brandon: Oh, neither one, but it would be weirder than a savant. Brandon: Are you just getting these question's of the 17th Shard? Me: No, these are mine, I write questions in my notes when I read through books. Brandon: These are actually yours? Ok, I'll keep going then. If these are actually yours you can have as many as you want. Some people just go to the list of all the questions to ask Brandon and they come and just "Oh I'm just gonna ask Brandon all of these", and I'm like "no you can have three or four". But, if they're your questions you can have as many as you want. Is Aon Omi a kind of God Aon? Brandon: It's what they use it for, so, it would be kind of, equivalent to the god symbols, but it's also partially adopted if that makes sense. Me: Is anything magical going on with the screams Szeth hears? Brandon: Uhhh, Szeth's screams. Uhhm, I'm trying to decide how to answer this. It is not, see here's the thing. What we would call magical may not be considered magical in the Cosmere, but it depends on your definition of magic. Would Szeth if he were on our planet and have done those things would he hear those screams, probably not, but would someone else in the Cosmere who had gone through what he had gone through hear those screams, yes. Me: So it has to do with the spiritual realm? Brandon: Yea, mhmm, yea. Me: Does Baon's name sound Selish for a reason? Brandon: No, that just a coincidence. That was before I had written Elantria, so. Me: Is it possible for a Knight Radiant to become a kind of Drab if they use too much investiture? Brandon: No, you can't really burn yourself out that way, no. I mean, it's possible for drabbery to be mimicked on other planets, but not through that method. Me: Were the oaths of the Knights radiant consciously chosen, or did they happen naturally. Brandon: *apprehension*. This is one of those vague ones in that yes and no. They are a natural outgrowth of the spren, but the spren are a natural outgrowth of human's perception of natural forces, but the spren are sentient, so I would say it's a little more by instinct than not. For example to Knights Radiant in the same order might speak the words differently, but the concept is the same. You will see this happen in a future book, where a Windrunner will speak the oaths. It's a slightly different take on the same concept. Some are moreso, like Shallan's oaths are very individualized truths, so. Me: Would it be harder to soulcast a Knight Radiant? Brandon: Yes Other guy: Would it be harder for her to soulcast a mistborn? Brandon: Yes, investiture disrupts investiture. It's harder for her to even soulcast a regular person than, say, a rock. Other guy: Is a Mistborn invested? Brandon: The Mistborn, how their burning the metal, you're right. They are not specifically invested when they are not burning. When the investiture becomes active, the yes. Before, no, you're right on that. SPOILERS FOR SH OR BOM Me: So Kelsier, he stayed around longer, not because he was invested, but because he had the ability to become invested? END OF SPOILERS Brandon: Over time using the magic will invest you, on Scadrial. Most of the power is not coming from, on Roshar the power isn't coming from the person either (He cut himself off, so I assume this is how it works on Scadrial even though he didn't finish his thought) so I'm going to have to back up on that one and say, yes, the mistborn are as invested as a Knight Radiant, because in both cases the majority of the power is coming from somewhere else, but there is the spirit web. Investing the wrong term, but you have all these connections in the spiritual realm, so yanking you away from them, or rewriting them (like soulcasting or forgery) is harder. Guy: Would they be harder (kek) with more Stormlight or Metals burning. Brandon: Yes, yes. That would increase the difficulty ratio. For instance, wearing shard plate is gonna be a great barrier, right, and things like that so yea. The problem is like, invested is the wrong term for that, their spirit web is connected in different ways. (I deem this "Spirit Web Magical Connectivity Diversity, or SWMCD". Me: How much did Super Mind Taravangian know about the Cosmere as a whole, roughly, rough estimate. Brandon: He had a little bit of knowledge. Not as much as... not as much conscious knowledge. Me: Did he guess about the three realms? Brandon: Yes, he knew about the three realms. He didn't have to guess on that, he had read philosophy and things, that knowledge is there on Roshar Me: Does magic happen on Sel because areas have a stronger cognitive prescence, like, more sentient life in that area. Brandon: Uhhh, no, good question, good question. That is not the answer. I am going to give it in the Cosmere collection (Arcanum Unbound?) if people don't guess it by then. So I'm going to leave off, I could tell you right now but, I can't remeber if anyone has guessed it or not. Guy: Is it related to tectonics? Brandon: No, it's all kinda going in the wrong direction. I haven't really given you the clues to figure it out, I don't think. Once I say it, it will make a lot of sense. SPOILERS FOR SH OR BOM Me: Was Hoid trying to become an Elantrian kind of in a way how Kelsier was able to connect to preservation to take up the shard? Brandon: Yes, the thing about it is your getting Hoid before he knew as much as he did in Scadrial era, so what he was trying to do was completely ineffective and it couldn't have worked. END OF SPOILERS Guy: Doesn't it get weaker the farther away you are, so it wouldn't help at all. Brandon: mhmm. Guy 2: Well we have an example of an Elantrian on Roshar, so. Brandon: Yes we have an Elantrian on Roshar, but we don't see him use any powers, and his skin is dark on Roshar rather than glowing. That is something to be aware of. While I keep doing this, who is here for the magic draft? *Talks about the magic draft and his writing process for a bit*. Me: Can Honor spren, or any other type of Knight Radiant spren, be evil? Brandon: Yes, because I don't call the shards good and evil. There are no good and evil shards in my opinion, like and so, what evil and what's not evil can totally have spren of honor that you would consider evil. They have free will, but they are much more limited. It is very hard, or impossible, for them to lie but they can be cruel. SPOILERS FOR SH OR BOM \Me: Can you shed some light on why ruin's last words were "Vax". Brandon: No, I can't, I mean I can but I'm not going to. END OF SPOILERS Me: How does corrupted investiture work, like Nightblood. Brandon: Oh, Nightblood. Again, this is a definition of what somebody feels is a corruption. For instance, there are spren people would feel are corrupted. But that is corruption where the mixing of different shards has changed things, and I think a lot of times when people say corruption, people are meaning the mixing of shards powers. Me: So is there a mixing of shards power with Nightblood? Brandon: *smirks* RAFO. That's the natural question, I'm glad you asked it. Me: Ok, uhhh, so something similar is happening with Gavilar's sphere, right? Brandon: *contemplative silence*, RAFO. Me: Uhhh, if anyone else has questions, speak up (I started running out of questions at this point). Brandon: Question over here! Mistborn cosplay girl: I was wondering if we were very going to see Dragons in the Cosmere? Brandon: Yes, Dragonsteel. One of the first books I ever wrote in the Cosmere has dragons. It's also just one of the weaker books, so I can't publish it as is, but yea. Being a big fan of dragons, I did write them into the Cosmere. They are the one standard fantasy race in there. Girl: Are they ever going to infiltrate the other worlds kind of? Brandon: *Talks about the letter and Frost, Flashback order, and the girls costume* New guy: Are we ever going to learn what threat Taravangian is referring to? Brandon: Uhhh, yes (So is there a different threat than Odium?) Guy: It will be big, I assume so Me: Have larger land going greatshells existed above a chasm fiend? Brandon: Larger than a chasmfiend, the ones out near Reshi can go on land. So yea, it is possible that there are larger ones. They do better in the water, because of how big they are, the high oxygen, low gravity, and symbiotic relationship with the spren allow for mega fauna that is just unrealy large and just could exist on earth, so yea. Kurk: Do Surgebinders have Gemhearts? Me: *laughs* I was about to ask that. Brandon: No, good question. Guy: What is the purpose of the gigantic four armed spren that looks at the origin of the Surgestorms (Highstorms?). Brandon: Good question, haha, RAFO. New guy: So we know how people can enter Shadesmar, or the cognitive realm, how do other places, like, we haven't seen anything for the Mistborn series. Do we know how they can enter. Brandon: Read Secret History. Guy: I did read that, but it didn't really say anything besides that one special case. Brandon: Right, Hoid talks about Perpendicularities on Scadrial, if you go look at that there are certain places he talks about that. ,eyes just say that large concentrations of investiture can cause a puncture through the spiritual realm straight to the physical realm. If you know how to use it, you may transition. That's not the only way but is the primary way. Guy: And of of Course you can soulcast (Elsecall?) to get there. Brandon: Yes. Guy who asked about the four armed spren: Now that's a very interesting analogy you just made, you said "punctured" almost as if it were a spike. Brandon: Yes, yes, that was intentional. Anyone who wants to ask questions after the Magic draft, you guys can come back in maybe 45 minutes. I'll just be hanging out and playing magic. If you’re just here to hang out and ask question, I'll be free to do that in about 45 minutes to an hour. (After about an hour and a half he started answering more questions, so I sat nearby and wrote the gist of the questions and answers he was getting. Thsi next part is going to be paraphrased, but fairly accurate. It wasn't as rapid fire as it had been, as I and other people didn't want to keep interruption him while he was playing magic.) Me: Is it normal for people to become connected to an area after being there for a bit, like with Kel and wherever he was when he found the Ire, or is something special going on. Brandon: It is normal for a cognitive shadow to get stuck to places, because they exist through investiture it is normal for them to get tied to an area. Kelsier was still in Scadrial when he found the Ire. This happened with Odium and the two shards on Roshar, Preservation to Ruin, and the Heralds (To Roshar? Braize?). (I think this is basically what happens with shards when they invest on a planet, so this same thing happens at smaller levels than shards.) Me: Can a Parshendi with the right mind set transform with an Unmade? Brandon: RAFO Random lady: In Elantris it talks about how to wood and stone in the city is rotten and crumbling. Why does this happen? Brandon: This is because when objects become Invested for long periods of time their spirit web changes to accomodate the investiture. When the investiture was pulled up of the stuff in Elantris it's spirit web was severely damaged so it showed that in the physical realm. This happened with the Lord Ruler when the Bands of Mourning were ripped out of him. Mistborn Lady: Do Rhyshadium exist because of a spren bond, like greatshells? Brandon: Yea, they evolved symbiotically with spren, unlike other horses. They can still mate will other horses, but the are genetically distinct. Me: Why is going into the Spiritual realm like Kelsier did damaging, as Leras seemed to suggest. Brandon: The thing is, Leras didn't know that Kelsier had a broken brain, that is how Kelsier wasn't damaged by doing what he did. You can break your brain by doing that though, worse than how broken Kelsier is. Me: Is Adolin's inability to form meaningful relationships important to his overall character arch? (Shoutouts to Maxal) Brandon: Yes, it is. Random Lady: My friend wants to know how fast steel compounders could possibly go, can they run up walls or over water like the Flash? Me: *jokingly* Can they run through time? Brandon: Steelrunners and resist a lot things due to the power, like they can withstand the Gs they are out through, but they can't ignore wind resistance and friction. They will burn up if they start running too quickly.
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    I woke up this morning with a weird theory floating in my head, which coalesced into thoughts about the purpose of the Dakhor Monk sacrifices and how that connects to the Dor. I have three main bases for my theory. 1. In the Cognitive Realm on Sel, the Dor acts like a storm of extreme Investiture, tearing apart anything that goes there. 2. The Dakhor Monk sacrifices vanish completely when they are used. It's described as the man simply vanishing with the monks, but not reappearing. 3. Investiture can be used to physically pull someone into the Cognitive Realm, i.e. Elsecallers. So the theory is thus: When the Dakhor Monks disappear, they send the one man physically into the Cognitive Realm, and as he is torn apart by the Dor, the monks use him as a conduit, channeling the Dor in greater strength to gain the nessecary power to teleport to wherever they are going. I know that there's not much evidence for this so far, but it seems like it could work. Thoughts?
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    Hey there, and welcome to this edition of Around the Cosmere. In this post, we’ll go over highlights of this month’s new WoBs and shine on a spotlight on an interesting theory. If you haven’t read Mistborn: Secret History or Bands of Mourning, you should steer clear of the rest of this post! Spoilers for these books and the Cosmere in general abound. Odyssey Con We were lucky enough this month to get a large number of WoBs (Words of Brandon) from Odyssey Con. A huge thanks goes to Blightsong and Kurkistan for grabbing them for us. Here’s some of the highlights: Odium does not change writings on Roshar like Ruin did. (It’s “not really his thing”.) Dragons can take human form. I wonder if we’ve seen any... Shadows are cast the wrong way in Shadesmar (at least partly) because of how everyone is being drawn to the Great Beyond. It seems that it’s not only when you die that you start getting pulled. Aon Omi is "sort of" like a God Aon, as was theorized a while back. Careful of how you interpret this one, though, as it is “partially adopted”. The screams Szeth hears, as widely theorized, are sort of magical. Someone who did the things he did would not hear them in our world, but anyone who did the things he did in the Cosmere would. It has something to do with the Spiritual Realm. We’ll see a Windrunner other than Kaladin speak an Ideal in a future book. Mistborn aren’t really “Invested” when not burning metals, but they have Spiritual connections that others don’t have which make them passively resistant to things like Forgery and Soulcasting. We also see this in Secret History, where Allomancers aren’t immediately dragged to the Beyond. As a bonus, while burning metals an Allomancer is even more resistant. When people speak of Investiture being corrupted, it often (not necessarily always) just means another Shard’s Investiture has mixed with it. (For reference, this likely refers to the Unmade Sja-anat, who “corrupts” spren who then become thunderclasts.) The follow-up question, on whether this means Nightblood is composed of multiple types of Investiture, was side-stepped. Surgebinders don't have gemhearts. Perpendicularities (large concentrations of Investiture) puncture a hole between the Spiritual and the Physical which is what allows you to use Shardpools to go to the Cognitive. It was noted that Brandon used the word “puncture” almost as if they were spikes. Again, careful of interpreting this one too far: we know that Stormlight glows because it is like a lightbulb screwed into the Spiritual. It’s normal for Cognitive Shadows (and other beings) to get stuck to places due to how they exist through Investiture. This happened with Odium and the two shards on Roshar, Preservation to Ruin, and the Heralds. Elantris crumbled after the chasm because its soul changed to accommodate the Investiture flowing through it (like an Allomantic savant) and its soul was damaged when Investiture stopped flowing through it. Ryshadium evolved to have symbiotic bonds with spren, like much of the rest of Roshar’s wildlife. You can take a look at the full signing reports here. ComicCon FanX We were lucky to have another source of WoBs as well this month. Thanks to Doomquill and theravenchilde for their work here. We don’t have the full transcript yet, so keep an eye out for that! You can steal Surgebinding with Hemalurgy. (There’s been some discussion on whether a Hemalurgically stolen spren could break the bond, and this implies they couldn’t.) Quite a lot of crustaceans on Roshar can grow gemhearts. You can read the full report (and listen to the not-yet-transcribed recording) here. Featured Theory: Trell is Dominion The newest Mistborn books showcase the actions of foreign entities on Scadrial. Bleeder had a spike made of a god metal not related to Harmony, Miles speaks of a Trell, Suit ended up being blown up by something possessing a man, and Bloody Tan was influenced by something. Harmony all-but-tells Wax that he is keeping Scadrial safe from an outside force, which Wax sees as a red mist. Marasi resolves to look into who Trell is, and plenty of people have theorized on their identity here on 17th Shard. The original two big candidates were Odium and Autonomy (the Shard of White Sand). But an interesting alternative emerged: Dominion, or perhaps someone using Dominion’s power. The earliest one to propose the theory, as far as I know, was Tarion in this post. But there was a recent re-evaluation with evidence from Bands of Mourning by Dirigible here. Others have certainly discussed this in other threads; I apologize for not including them here. Some points of evidence for the theory: The agents of Dominion on Sel, the Skaze, are a part of the Fjordell Empire. To no one’s great surprise, pieces of Dominion sought to rule over Elantris and the surrounding area. Why not move on to Scadrial in the future? Brandon has stated “The full [Elantris] sequels will need to be finished before I can do the contemporary (1980s tech) Mistborn novels because of behind-the-scenes Cosmere bits.” The mysterious metal spikes that Paalm used have a very similar appearance to the soulstone that Shai uses (red spots). Not that they’re the same - one is a metal, the other a stone, but Dominion’s power may express itself differently on other worlds. Svrakiss, evil spirits which can control men, are part of the legends of Sel. Sound similar to anything that happened to Suit? The “Faceless Immortal” speaking to Suit at the end was very focused on hierarchy and serving, which is reminiscent of the structure of the Fjordell Empire. Dominion, or those using its power, are certainly an interesting candidate for “Trell”. If you’re interested in looking more in-depth on the arguments for/against, I urge you to check out the threads linked above. Random Fact Here’s this month’s interesting WoB: Could be interesting seeing a Dakhor monk with a Skazeblade fighting a Radiant, no?If you noticed anything wrong up above, please leave a comment letting us know. Have a good month, and happy theorizing!
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    Previous WoB has shown that the names of many of our favorite Northern Scadrians from the Central Dominance sound French. Without “hearing” the language or seeing it written, we can only assume it, as a whole, is French sounding. source As I’ve been re-reading BoM, I noticed that Allik’s use of language sounded distinct from what we’ve been accustomed to from Northern Scadrial. His words reminded me of a Germanic language. I first noticed this when he used the medallion to speak in the language of our protagonists, because he kept ending sentences with “yah”. This is the same sound that the word “yes” in German makes, and is spelled “ja”. Then came the word “Jaggenmire” that didn’t translate to our protagonists’ language. Marasi tried to pronounce it and came up with the following: She hears the “Ja” sound as a “yay” sound, which is similar to Allik’s frequent use of “yah”. This was further evidence to me that Allik’s language is Germanic in nature. Now it was time to dig deeper, and find other words to help provide evidence for my hypothesis. After further research, I think his language is actually linguistically similar to Northern Germanic— i.e., Scandinavian, specifically Danish. (Note, Denmark is literally just north of Germany.) I started my linguistic sleuthing with Allik’s name and googled German names similar to “Allik”, and came up with the following list (with their meanings): · Alrik: “Noble Leader” · Aldrik: Noble Friend” It appears that the shared root is “Noble”. Maybe this means something about who Allik will be one day? However, these names added an extra consonant, so I kept looking and found the name “Alek” in Danish. Alek is short for Aleksander, which means “Defender of Men”. Is this where Allik gets his name from? Will he be a defender of Southern Scandrian peoples and a noble friend to our protagonists? Allik’s name wasn’t enough for me. What about words that he says in his language? My favorite words he used were the names for Preservation and Ruin: I first googled to see if these names were German words. “Herr” means “Lord” in German…this seemed like a good sign to me! Unfortunately, “Frue” is not a German word. But it is Danish. In Danish, it literally means “wife” or “Ma’am” and “Herr” literally means “Mister”. So we have Mister and Missus…just like how Allik describes them. When Allik first realized Wax was an Allomancer he said a few words aloud in his own language that Marasi overheard: “Fottenstall” doesn’t really translate to much, even if “fotten” means “feet” in Norwegian. However “hanner konge” has a very interesting meaning in Danish: “Male King”. Allik notes that Wax seems very powerful, like the Sovereign, and thinks he needs to always use some type of title for him. The Sovereign described himself as a former King from Northern Scadrial. Thus, it doesn’t surprise me that Allik may be asking Marasi if Wax is a king. I didn’t look at very many other words other than these, because all of this already seemed like good evidence that the Southern Scadrian language is similar to Northern Germanic languages, specifically Danish. If people from Northern Scadrial speak with a French accent/sound, then it seems entirely plausible that the southerners speak some type of Germanic/Scandinavian language, given the clues. What do you all think?
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    So I finished Secret History and Bands of Mourning recently and I got a super creepy vibe from post-death Kelsier. Despite the fact that he helped the Southern Scadrians, I got the sense that he may be up to no good, with some seriously inscrutiable ulterior motives. In my opinion, he had kind of a negative influence on Spook, since he encouraged Spook to help him experiment with Hemalurgy and Spook later wrote that it might be a good idea to get old or disabled Metalborn to sacrifice themselves to give their power to others. I thought that was pretty creepy for Kell. Plus, the Set has been experimenting with Hemalurgy and they had to learn it somewhere. I dunno, maybe Kell is being influenced by Trell and his "coming back to the Physical Realm" hack has to do with Trellish unknown metals? Something less than savory is going on, and it has me worried. What do you think?
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    You guys have derailed this thread so bad. It doesn't matter that I'm crying with laughter; you need to stop.
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    I forgot about this thread until it got bumped... ha. So a friend of mine requested something with Shallan, Kaladin, and Adolin for Christmas, and me being me, I decided to write a ketek for the three of them. I feel like my keteks are a little bit ridiculously long, in that their "five parts" tend to be... like full sentences. It's 53 words, but whatever. Long keteks are just more fun. Two Soldiers, Two Radiants, Two Lighteyes Families found broken in pieces Plainly shattering this light within Loved one became liar Spearman turned slave Proud prince defeated Raise Light up! We bind fate as fate binds us up Light raises defeated prince’s pride Slave turns spearman Liar becomes one loved Within light, this Shattered Plains’ pieces In brokenness, found family
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    sorry for the double post but...
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    *The contest is over now! Winners will be contacted via PM, and once we've got replies from all of our winners, we'll put up a full list.* Hey Sharders! It’s been a couple of months since Calamity came out, and I know a lot of you have seen the cool swag that was given out. I’m quite sure that a few of you have also really wished you could get your hands on some, yet weren’t sure how. I mean, I know that feels like your soul is constantly seeking the one thing that will sooth it from a terrible sunburn it’s received, but only finding butter. (Trust me, that’s terrible to put on a sunburn.) Well, 17S has your back! We have gotten 25 Calamity swag packs that we’re giving away. These include all three of the lenticulars, all three of the punch out character stands, a decal, and the Mitosis comic. Entering is as easy as giggling at Wayne’s latest inappropriate comment! Just reply to this post with your most David-esque metaphor. Here in about a week (April 30th to be exact), we’ll close the contest and announce the winners. Technical boring information: One entry per user. Contest open to all users of 17th Shard. You must be a member to enter. So channel your inner David, and good luck!
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    The cognitive realm on Taldain is ruled over by a the concept of a cat and resembles a giant litter box.
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    I'd totally put the teleportation Aon on doorknobs. Try to open the door, poof, your in the bathroom.
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    Cycle Two: Think of Me Tindomë barely looked up when Talion ducked into her tent, absorbed as she was in studying the next day's route. He coughed to get her attention. "Ah, Talion. Welcome." "You said we should talk?" "Right." She put away the map she was using very deliberately, considering her next words. "This trip may not be as uneventful as I thought," she began slowly. He laughed. "What, you mean landslides and blizzards aren't eventful enough for you?" She shook her head. "Beyond that, though. I think-" she cut off abruptly. There was a look in his eyes she couldn't quite place. What if... What if he's one of Rashek's friends? I haven't seen him in years... Deepness. I really wanted to have someone I can trust on this trip. If I can't even trust my family, who can I trust? They stared at each other for a long moment in the darkness of the tent, faces lit only by a solitary lamp. Then she rose, beckoning him abruptly. "This should be told to the group." Outside, everyone looked up from the campfire at Tindomë's abrupt exit, even Alfred. "As many of you may have heard rumors of," she began, "We may have traitors among us." That got a reaction, to be sure. "Traitors?" Zinjuli asked with concern. "Are you completely sure?" "I saw the plan myself. They aim to never let Alendi reach the Well. We must make sure that he does. To that end, I want you all to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and tell me immediately if you see any. Suspected traitors will be left behind as soon as they are discovered." She looked around. "If I die... If these traitors kill me... Michek is not a traitor. Of that we can be certain, for Alendi vouched for him personally. You may trust him." She looked at Michek. "Do not tell Alendi of this. Let him never know of these traitors. We are in charge of his protection. It is our duty to keep him safe. Let him keep writing in his journal, and we will get rid of them ourselves." Michek nodded. "He wouldn't take well to the news, that's for sure. Probably best not to tell him in any case. You don't want to see him angry, let me tell you." She nodded, and looked around the circle of firetlit faces for others she could trust. She passed over Zin, Misan, and the Germinating Mushroom. She still wasn't sure how it managed to get around, but she thought it was weird enough that Rashek wouldn't even have tried to send it along. But even of that she wasn't sure. Dyfwyl, Malcen, and Naurvessa were sitting together. Dyfwyl she'd been an aquaintance of for years. But even he wasn't clear from suspicion. Next to them, and eating out of Malcen's bowl, was Alfred the alpaca. She shook his head at him. Even if he could be trusted not to be a traitor (which seemed likely), he certainly couldn't be trusted to lead the group, or even bring Alendi to the Well. She wasn't sure what his motivations were, but it probably wasn't a wholehearted, generous desire to protect Alendi. Her eyes settled on Asmode. "Asmode. Asmode I can trust. I will vouch for her." She nodded. "Trust her as you would me." She continued looking around the circle, discarding faces... And there was Talion. He stared at her expectantly, waiting to be recognized as cleared... She closed her eyes for a moment. I've known him since he was a toddler... "Trust no one else. Get some sleep, and I'll see you in the morning." She didn't wait to see Talion's face fall with disappointment. She turned and went back into her tent, and tried to study the map again. But she couldn't focus, so she simply lay in bed for a long time, staring at the dark inside of the tent and worrying. Asmode looked around warily. Had she heard something? She couldn't tell. She glanced behind her, but Alendi was long since asleep. Then a hand gripped her mouth, and she felt a prick at her neck. She struggled, but her opponent was much stronger than her. "What makes you so worthy of being trusted, hmm?" she heard. "Why does Tindomë trust you so much?" The knife pierced a little farther into her skin. She held still for a moment. So this was to be her death, was it? Well, then. The least she could do was die helping her friends. She just hoped that Tindomë would think of her, when she was gone. Remember her fondly, on some warm summer night a hundred miles from here... She struggled, hard, one final time, getting the hand just far enough off her mouth that she could cry out, a harsh, guttural shriek. That was all she could manage. She heard a curse as she was dropped, and then a sharp pain, and then nothing. Tindomë woke with a start. She'd heard something in the night. She got up quickly, checking Alendi's tent first. And there was someone lying prone outside. Please don't tell me that's Alendi... But when she got closer, she saw that it was even worse. It was Asmode. Her nearest and dearest friend. Tindomë knelt near the body for a moment, and reverently closed Asmode's eyes for the last time. Then she forced herself to rise up and organize a burial detail and more sentries. No one dared to comment on the fact that she was crying silently all the while. Zinjuli woke the next morning to unfamiliar surroundings. Somehow, he'd been moved during the night, and was no longer with the group. He sat up, looking around. His pack was still with him, but only a tiny bit of food was left in it. Maybe enough to get him back to the city. He couldn't tell if it was enough to catch up to the rest of the group, who were surely very distant by now. Seems someone didn't want me along on this trip, he thought. Well, I'll just have to catch back up to them, won't I? Can’t very well not witness the greatest historical event of the millenium, now can I? He sighed. This was not how he had imagined this trip going. But he heaved himself to his feet anyway and began to prepare for the day. Tindomë walked along the road with Kajundi. “Maybe he went back to the city,” Kajundi suggested. “Gave up, or got scared off, or something.” She shook her head. “I doubt it. From what I saw of him, he wouldn't miss the chance to see history in action for the world, and would at least have said something about where he was going. But where could he have gone?” Kajundi shook his head sympathetically. “I’m sure I don’t knoo-” He suddenly fell off the trail, and only catching his hand on a rock saved him. Tindomë hauled him back onto the path. “Are you okay?” she asked in concern. “Oowww... Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just give me a couple of days to recover." She shook her head, then continued walking. He'd be fine. Kynedath was left behind! Arrenae was killed! She was a Companion! Vote Count Kynedath (2): Lopen, Paranoid King Lopen (1): ThatTinyStrawMan Paranoid King (1): Phattemer Cycle 2 has begun! It will end in 48 hours. Player List Quicklinks All PMs should be sent.
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    "You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something in your life." - Winston Churchill
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    Lightsong of Warbreaker used some wordplay I believe, and so does Wayne (though his sounds more accidental, really). I think this is just a 'translation' thing. We have very witty characters who would have used puns in their own language. The only way to represent that in an English book is to make the puns in English, then either waving your arms and saying the pun works in both languages, or say that it was really a slightly different pun in the original language, but it was changed in the 'translation' to English, so that the story works. In short, it's a nice observation, but I think it has more to do with a higher concentration of witty characters than something about the Rosharan languages.
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    Ah what the heck. This is what I sound like. Warning: Singing included Unfortunately my phone is the best recording device I have so the quality isn't as good as it could be. I don't think it's capable of handling my full range/volume without failing/buzzing/etc so I went for something a bit lighter than any of my main pieces. (I'm going to stop making excuses now, it's certainly not my best but it's not that bad ) I don't tend to think too much about what people sound like when reading posts, but I'm generally a little surprised when I do hear someone's voice. Maybe I just subconsciously expect everyone to sound a bit more Australian Tis indeed a good joke Edit: Listening to a recording of my own singing always makes me feel a little sad in some ways because when you're singing there's this extra warmth and reverberation that you can feel but isn't audible to anyone else. And it just never sounds as good without that
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    Those were to accomplish a purpose though. Just for show would imply they were only showing off for the sake of showing off. Hrathen was trying to convert all of Arelon using those fake miracles. jW
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    I finished the Wheel of Time (which kind of puts me in a special club) and I'm left emotionally reeling. I can't remember the last time I felt the loss of characters so much or mourned finishing a series. And I'm filled with a deep sense of gratitude for the experience. Brandon really knocked it out of the park with all 3 of his books and especially aMoL. So here is a public show of admiration and appreciation to Brandon Sanderson.
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    The recent Odyssey Con report includes Brandon’s answer to a question about the nature of Perpendicularities (edited to highlight what I deem to be the important parts): Brandon: “[L]arge concentrations of investiture can cause a puncture through the Spiritual Realm straight to the Physical Realm. If you know how to use it, you may transition. That's not the only way but is the primary way….” Q: “[Y]ou said ‘punctured’ almost as if it were a spike.” Brandon: “Yes, yes, that was intentional.” This post speculates about the meaning of these statements. Introduction We’ve known that at least certain people can Worldhop through Shardpools, which is one (and maybe the only) type of Perpendicularity. Perpendicularities are caused by “large concentrations of investiture” that “puncture” the Realms like a “spike.” Elsewhere in the Odyssey Con Report, he implies that Perpendicularities were not created by a hemalurgic spike because of hemalurgy’s limitations: Q: “Is it theoretically possible to hemalurgically spike a Shard into someone else, and if so, what would be the outcome?” Brandon: “A full shard? Hemalurgy could not hold that much of an invested charge. Not without something really weird happening.” This leads to several questions: 1. What causes such “large concentrations of investiture”? 2. Why do such concentrations puncture holes between the Realms? 3. Why are such holes shaped like spikes? Speculation My short answer to these questions is that Shards inject their Investiture into their Shardworlds. Their investment pours in at a specific point and then spreads to the remainder of the Shardworld, like injected vaccines spread throughout our bodies. The Shard remains “hooked” into the Shardworld as a result, limiting the Invested Shard’s ability to migrate from its Shardworld. I do not believe the “puncture” has anything to do with how the Shards became pieces of the Powers of Creation at the Shattering. They were on Yolen at the Shattering. Perpendicularities seem to be a feature of individual Shardworlds. Adonalsium created all Shardworlds, even Scadrial, before the Shattering. When Shards made their way to their own Shardworlds, they shaped them with their own Investiture. Perpendicularities resulted from the injection of their Investiture. In answer to the three questions, then: 1. Shards mostly exist in the Spiritual Realm. They are comprised of the Powers of Creation. They convert their Powers into Investiture in the Spiritual Realm (“true” or “raw” Investiture), concentrating it there. When a Shard is satisfied with the Spiritual Realm form of its desired creations (the creations’ Soul or Essence), it pushes that Investiture downward, through the Cognitive Realm to manifest in the Physical Realm. 2. The weight of the concentrated Investiture “punctures” a hole in the fabric of the intervening Realms. For whatever reason, that hole does not heal. It remains open for Realmatic transitions. Perhaps these holes form the conduits that Connections between Realms pass through – like electrical wiring running through the Realmatic “house.” 3. I think Brandon “intentionally” uses the “spike” metaphor to convey a sense of the both the narrowness of the conduits and how much like a hypodermic needle they are. Your thoughts?
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    My theory on the pipe and on Nakomi is that Nakomi was the last "creator" before Rand, from the last revolution of the Wheel of Time. She's checking in on the most important event in a Wheel revolution and seeing how the next person does it. She appears in Aiel Wise One garb because she's been watching the world all this time and she's developed a fondness for the Aiel and how they do things. Maybe it reminds her of her strongest followers back when she was in Rand's position? After all, if Rand had been born a woman, instead of becoming an Aiel Clan Chief, he(/she) would have become an Aiel Wise One. (Sure, the story doesn't work with just that genderswap, but if you change a bunch of other things too, it could, and we know each Revolution of the Wheel is slightly different because of free will.) So, my theory is that Rand has special powers now because he IS the Creator. Each Revolution of the Wheel, one human gains full control of the Pattern, sees the entirety of history by reading it, decides not to destroy the Dark One because taking the most fundamental choice away from humanity takes all choice away from humanity and ends the concept of free will, and reforges the Dark One's prison. Then, because he or she had touched the Pattern and shaped it, he or she can continue to reshape it however he or she wishes. Pattern weaving, so to speak. The other really cool theory is that Rand, by touching the Pattern, realizes that the world really is just a dream of the Creator, like the Aiel keep saying. The world exists within a meta-tel'aran'rhiod, so he can shape it as if he's in tel'aran'rhiod. In other words, he's "seen the matrix." As for the future, we actually know quite a lot about it from prophecies, visions, and viewings. We know that the Aiel are destroyed, leaving only a remnant of a remnant. In other words, the Aiel become something different (the enforcers of the Dragon's Peace), making them no longer Aiel, and the only remaining Aiel (the Shaido, who are a remnant (the relatively few who survived the massacre at Dumai's Wells and the Battle of Malden) of a remnant (the one remaining clan when once there were twelve)) are hunted to extinction the way Aviendha sees in her dream. The rest of the Aiel are spared by being "destroyed" and made into something new at her insistence. Nikola's foretelling ("The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond. Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives. The great battle done, but the world not done with battle. The land divided by the Return, and the Guardians balance the Servants. The future teeters on the edge of a blade.") tells us that Rand does wind up getting a boat and sailing around like he mused about doing, and his lovers visit him there. We can infer that the Asha'man rise to power to rival the Aes Sedai, and the Seanchan continue to be a point of consternation for everyone. However, we also know from Aviendha's vision that the Seanchan do hold to the Dragon's Peace, and without the Aiel to provoke war, we can assume that the Peace continues to hold instead of being broken by Aviendha's granddaughter's lies. We can trust some of Rand's projection of what the future might be like since he was weaving fairly accurate projections of the future using the entirety of the Pattern as a pattern. So, it's very likely that the Two Rivers is eventually ruled by Perrin and Faile's daughter, though we do know that they become the rulers of Saldea. It can be inferred that Tam al'Thor acts as steward at first, but since he doesn't have any heirs, one of Perrin and Faile's children becomes "next in line" for the throne, so to speak. We know that, eventually, there are male Aes Sedai again, but only very far into the future, possibly after the Asha'man collapse for whatever reason. We know that the Asha'man do cease to exist eventually because there was nothing similar at the end of the last Age of Legends (and I think there's a WoB stating this too, along with the fact that they are not male Aes Sedai, but male Aes Sedai do become a thing again at some point in the distant future). We know that the Sea Folk eventually appoint that one Sailmistress as the Mistress of the Ships. We know that Cadsuane becomes the new Amrylin. We can guess that, eventually, someone manages to convince Rodel Ituralde to become King of Arad Doman. We know that Birgitte is reborn and is the right age to fall in love with Gaidal Cain again. We know that Min becomes Fortuona's Truthspeaker and therefore joins the Mat and Tuon adventures in Seanchan (along with, one can assume Furyk Karede as her captain of the guard). We know that Perrin and Faile rule Saldea. We know that Gregorin goes back to ruling Illian. We know that Loial finishes and publishes his book, "The Dragon Reborn" (we get a quote from it at the start of aMoL). We know that fighting continues in Shara. We know that Lan and Nyneave recreate Malkier. We know that technology continues to advance toward the next Age of Legends. We can take some things from Aviendha's vision that are likely unchanged by the Aiel's change in purpose. The "Pact of the Griffin" and the "Court of the Sun" are two different alliances and Andor is a member of both. From the names, we can try to figure out what these alliances are. A "griffin" is a creature that's part eagle, part lion, so the "Pact of the Griffin" has to be Andor, the Two Rivers, and the nations tied to the Two Rivers - Ghealdan, Saldea, and maybe Mayene. The "Court of the Sun" must include Cairhien of course, showing that Cairhien and Andor remain very close into the foreseeable future. I honestly have no idea what other nations are in the Court of the Sun - Aviendha's vision implies more than just Cairhien, but it might have just been Cairhien. However, King Darlin of Tear marries Caraline Damodred, giving Tear a tie to Cairhien, so maybe the Court of the Sun is Andor, Cairhien, and Tear. The Dragon's Peace prevents nations from merging together, so the nations that become extremely close by the start of Tarmon Gaidon have to use alliances like these to formalize their closeness. We know that the Seanchan do not stop using the damane, and when Artur Hawkwing spoke with Fortuona, he was like, "Captive Aes Sedai? Awesome! I wish I thought of that!" With Egwene dead, it's unlikely there's anyone strong enough to change that (Cadsuane wishes she was as strong as Egwene <.<), and Aviendha's vision showed that they were still a thing, but one can assume the rules Rand wrote into the Dragon's Peace stand (no damane taken from any land except Seanchan). The Seanchan do not topple the White Tower like they did in Aviendha's vision because that only happened because Aviendha's granddaughter broke the Dragon's Peace. We know that the Aes Sedai, the Wise Ones (of the former Aiel enforcers, not the Shaido Aiel), and the Windfinders cross-train their apprentices, tying the three organizations together and making the future generations of each have the cunning and knowledge of the Aes Sedai, the strength and discipline of the Windfinders, and the determination and honor of the Wise Ones. We know that all channelers of any skill will be accepted into their collective ranks (the Windfinders and Wise Ones already took everyone of all skill levels, and Egwene changes the Aes Sedai to do so as well). We know that Aes Sedai will start retiring into the Kin where precedence is determined by age rather than strength. When they retire, they will remove the Three Oaths, which will remove the Binder's adverse affects on their longevity and double their natural lifespans. We know that the Red Ajah becomes the Ajah that works closely with the Asha'man, and we can guess that the new Red Sitters include Pevara and Rubinda. Pevara, obviously, will be marrying Androl and help tie the Asha'man and the Red Ajah together. I have a theory that the Warders become the next Cycle's "Da'shain Aiel" once the world progresses to the point of the Age of Legends where there is no war and nearly no crime, but there's no proof of that. But, with the Warder "glass ceiling" broken by Birgitte, and with all those "Maidens of the Sword" from Cairhien and Tear, I think it's safe to assume that women start becoming Warders in the near future. So, at first, I really found the ending unsatisfying with how little it said about the future of the world. I wanted Tarmon Gaidon to end early in Book 14, making the rest of the book into a story of what comes after the Dark One is dealt with and showing us how the future will unfold for all the characters. When that didn't happen, it made me really sad (almost as sad as I was that Bela died and did not get called back by the Horn of Valere. Hey, wolves can be Heroes of the Horn, why can't the best horse ever?? What makes the original Jeade'en so special that he comes back with Jain Farstrider, but Bela doesn't come back to kick Trolloc butt with her ghostly hooves and become Olver's steed as long as the Heroes are around? But I digress). But, then I thought about all the information we've been given about the future from the various visions and such, and realized that we know nearly everything about how things will unfold. There are a bunch of specifics we don't know that I would love to have known, true, but we do get a ton of it, as shown above. I'd love soooo much though to have seen even just a single scene with the former Aiel in their new role as enforcers of the Dragon's Peace, with some cool new Old Tongue name to describe them in their new capacity. But, really, I feel like the ending is pretty solid as is. Not the best ending of a story ever, but after thinking about it for a while, there aren't THAT many unanswered questions that you can't at least think up a plausible theory for. From what I recall of what Brandon Sanderson said about Robert Jordan's notes, Jordan didn't want to tell his fans exactly what the future held. He wanted his fans to decide for themselves how they feel the future would go, as far as details are concerned. He wanted to leave things fairly open post-Tarmon Gaidon. I don't like that at all. I feel like it's a cop-out to say "and then the audience can decide the rest of the story for themselves." But, it's what he wanted, and that's what Brandon wrote from his notes. His notes, by the way, specifically said not to explain anything at all about Nakomi or the lighting of the pipe, just include those scenes verbatim as he had already written them. He didn't want people to know for sure what the "true" answer was to either of those mysteries. So, we can theorize and guess, but the actual, true answer is that those things happened because Robert Jordan wanted his story to end with at least some specific unanswered questions that can never be answered.
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    Little did you know, this is Bavadin:
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    Our house is old. Thus, our doors are old. I was sitting in my room, watching Avatar and minding my own business when suddenly: I realized that I forgot to do my Storming laundry! So I gather up the basket, then go to leave my room. I grab the handle of my bedroom door and give it a twist. Nothing happens. I shake it and twist it again, this time harder. Zilch. Well, maybe just my half of the door handle is broken? That's happened to us before..... I bang on the door and cry out for help, waking up the entire house in the process. Oh, didn't I tell you that this occurred at 1 a.m.? Well, it did. After succeeding in ruining the sleep of the rest of my family, my brother attempted, and failed, to open the door from the other side. We ended up just popping it off of the hinges. Now its just laying against the wall, mocking me. Stupid door.
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    Below has Mistborn spoilers. But really, if you're playing this game and you haven't read Mistborn, you've already spoiled quite a bit for yourself. My survival record of games that have lasted beyond D1 is still at 0%. Who cares, you have to stop Alendi from releasing the power at the Well, right? They spent a day digging in the hills. Tindome oversaw the work, but eventually had to admit defeat when the sun crossed the highest point in the sky, for they had no more time to waste. Alendi still had to reach the Well. They laid her to rest in a shallow grave with no marker, then left with teary eyes. The world moved on. Alendi died at the last moment, killed by the packman his guards had rejected. Rashek took his place and saved the world, but left it a bleak place where ash fell from the sky, mists filled the nights, and the sun glowed a bloody red. The Terris were hunted down and killed, or enslaved as the ideal servant, or simply turned into an inhuman mass of flesh granted sentience with a pair of metal spikes. Had Asmode lived, she would not have recognized the world she had fought so hard to save. The years stretched into decades, which stretched into centuries. Old powers died and new ones were born. Powerful Mistborn and Mistings appeared within the nobility, and Feruchemists vanished. Inquisitors experimented with Hemalurgy, koloss rampaged through towns, and kandra moved among the unsuspecting populace. Deep down in the kandra Homeland, a generation of newly-made kandra awaited skeletons to use for themselves. One of them was named NeLaar, though they had no tongue to voice that name, nor a hand to write it. The kandra were taught the First Contract, the obligation kandra had to the Father, what they should do if they ever found their bodies controlled by another. And finally, they were granted skeletons, so they could practice pretending to be human. NeLaar was given a skeleton that the kandra had recently dug up. It was old, almost falling apart -- perfect for a baby kandra to practice with. With it, NeLaar learned how create a body, the use of a voicebox, what the human body looked like. They learned that their skeleton had to belong to a middle-aged female, because the pelvis was wider than a male's. They learned that their skeleton had interesting stresses on it, ones that could only have been made with varying gravity. They learned that their skeleton was similar to a Terriswoman's, and had been dug up near a road that lead to Luthadel. NeLaar trained with other skeletons, even had a few Contracts within the Final Empire, but they kept the bones as a keepsake. Sometimes, they would even wear the bones out into the mists and wonder whose skeleton it had been. The Lord Ruler died, brought down by a gang of criminals. NeLaar kept on serving their contract, through the sieges and the riots and the ever-encroaching mists. The ash piled up higher and higher. The sky grew hazier and hazier. NeLaar ended their Contract and returned to the Homeland, for the world was ending. So when a Terrisman came to the kandra to ask about the Terris religion, NeLaar was in the Homeland, waiting for the end. Something tried to seize control of NeLaar. They pulled out their spikes and lost their sentience, as the Resolution had stipulated. When NeLaar gained awareness again, they found that a new power had risen, a combination of Ruin and Preservation that had set the world to rights again. They also discovered themselves wearing a jumble of skeletons, including the bones of the ancient Terriswoman. The true Hero of Ages had finally saved the world.
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    I guess we'll see. I cracked up when I read that line at the beginning where she says that she hates traveling.
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    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… The galaxy has fractured! Different factions, vying for control of the galaxy, have wreaked havoc among the star systems in their quests for power. In these moments of chaos, heroes on all sides of this conflict try to seize the day, bringing war and death wherever they go, and seek after yet another advantage in this bloody conflict. As forces fight in the outer rim, agents of the evil Sith Empire head to the dead planet Coruscant in search of the fallen jedi temple, but all is not as it seems.... It was dark in the old library, a fact complemented by the musty smell of decade’s worth of dust, decay, and neglect. Great statues, gave tribute to the place that had once been the home of the greatest Jedi order of the old Republic, before the Purge. It had been abandoned for much of the reign of the Empire, many considering the place haunted or full of dark memories. They were right on both accounts. Regardless, after the rise of the new Jedi order, the temple had been repurposed, serving as a library instead. A place of learning, with vast amounts of knowledge behind its gates, and many secrets in its vaults. Powerful secrets. Valran read in the dim light provided by the dying beacons surrounding him, decades of being left on and unattended had caused them to flicker and fade in and out like a primitive candle. Valran turned the page of the old book, the paper almost cracked as he moved it. There were seldom few actual books left in the galaxy these days, Valran hadn’t actually seen one before he’d set up shop in the abandoned temple. As inconvenient as they were, the information they contained was priceless. Valran was a tall man, by human standards. With blue eyes and brown hair, he looked much like his ancestors did. He didn’t like that though. It made him stand out on some planets across the galaxy. He usually tried to avoid such systems where he’d be recognized, sticking to the outer rim where life tended to be simple and dangerous rather than the alternative. The alternative, of course, was complicated and dangerous. Valran turned another page. Long ago he could have been banished from the Republic for simply being in this room, or even executed for reading this book. Now there was no one to carry out either task. Still, Valran thought. It would be fun to see the Jedi council's face when they learned he was studying the force techniques of a Sith lord. Things like this had gotten him expelled from the order. They were… interesting. Books about the Sith were always interesting. Or creepy. A great deal of them made Valran feel uneasy reading them, but there was just so much truth in them that he felt he couldn’t just leave them to the dust. If he could sift through all the brutish techniques, the manipulation of the force through sheer instinct, perhaps he could do something that was worth the price of his life. The Jedi looked down on him because of his studies, and the Sith hated him because of his connections to the Jedi. Not that he cared much for the Sith, as long as they didn’t bother him in his studies. Valran frowned. He felt… Standing up, he slammed his book closed and pocketed it in the hooded cloak he wore around his shoulders. He walked to the center of the room, where a circular platform waited. Standing on the platform, Valran hit the switch with his fist. The platform shuddered with age and misuse, but still managed to serve as a lift to the main library. He entered the library, rising from a hole in the table that he had cut with his lightsaber. It had been fused shut and he had no way of getting in. He entered the dark library greeted by the glow from head gear mounted lights. Soldiers, six of them. Though he felt that there were more ahead. Valran felt something in them, a familiar feeling of darkness. A darkness he hadn’t felt in nearly three years. The Sith had found him. Drawing his lightsaber Valran leaped into the air, activating it in mid-air-it burst into a glowing green blade- and brought it down on the closest of the Sith troopers. The blade sliced completely through him. Burning through bone muscle and armor as if it were no more than wet paper. The Sith fell with hardly a startled yelp. There were shouts as the other Sith troops noticed. Valran tore into them cutting three of them down with almost astonishing speed and ease. The remaining two Sith raised blasters and fired rapidly, bolts of plasma ripped passed him as he rolled underneath them. Coming back up from his roll, Valran raised his lightsaber to deflect a set of bolts. One was sent backwards towards the Sith who had shot it, hitting him in the head and sending him reeling. The second Sith trooper attempted to flee, but Valran jumped and landed between him and the exit, slamming his weapon into the Sith’s gut as he landed. “You should have let me be.” Valran growled. The Sith hit the ground with a thud. “Freeze!” Valran turned his head to see a dozen more Sith troopers blocking off the exit, all leveling blasters at him. “Don’t move, Jedi,” Valran cocked his head. Then with a snap of his wrist, his arm moving at a near blurring speed, he attuned the force to his will. The group of soldiers shot backwards at an incredibly lethal velocity. Crashing, no, slamming into the wall behind them so hard the stone cracked. Valran released them with a drop of his hand. “I am no Jedi,” Lightsaber still activated, Valran made his way past the crushed heap of Sith and from there down the hall and into the main corridor. The corridor was massive. Big enough for three or four airships to fit with still enough room to maneuver. More movement. On the balconies above. Gripping the Force, Valran leapt up three stories to the nearest of the balconies. He swung his saber in an arc decapitating one sith and carving the other in two. Freehand lashing out, Valran ripped a sidearm from a holster at the Sith’s side. He raised it and fired three times into a surprised Sith’s chest. He fell and Valran dispatched another four in the same way before the small blaster ran out of ammo. He spun out of the way of blaster fire from below, deflecting several back to their source. One grazed his arm, burning it painfully. He hid behind a grey pillar. “damnation to you people,” he shouted, “Why can’t you leave me alone!” He spun out from the pillar, slamming the soldiers below with a crushing push with the Force. Valran tapped his wrist communicator. “Arsev, I need a quick pick up.” He deflected more blaster fire. “Roger that,” “Meet me at the balcony by the library,” “Of course, Sir.” Closing the comm link, Valran leapt to the ground below and landed in a run. Blaster fire burned through the air around him as he ran. He deflected what he could, but was forced to take cover behind another fallen pillar. Blaster fire stopped. Valran frowned but did not spend any time thinking on it, gripping the Force again, he concentrated on the broken pillar he took cover behind. Anchoring himself, Valran slammed the pillar with the force, tossing it into a group of soldiers who had begun to creep towards his position. They scattered as the giant stone came hurtling towards them at a deadly speed, shattering on impact against the stone floor. “I’m sick of you people!” he shouted to the advancing group of Sith troopers. They began firing at him in earnest. He deflected them, sending many back towards the ones who shot them. They forced him back towards the open balcony. He heard the roar of engines as a single ship flew over the entrance. “I’m here” Arsev said on the comm link. “Good, I need some air support.” “Firing rockets, sir.” A half dozen rockets shot through the air, trailing smoke. They impacted the ground around where the troopers stood. “Direct hit, sir.” “Good, I think I’m done here.” He rubbed his forehead. Valran jogged to the balcony opening, stepping into the sunlight he winced. It had been a long time since he’d seen light that strong. One or two month’s maybe. He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the sight of what used to be the great planet of Coruscant. Or rather the decrepit, half-molten slag that was left of it. It used to be Coruscant the great city world, now people mostly referred to it as the Graveyard. Uninhabitable. “Sir, I must request that you put on your helmet. The air here can still be deadly.” Valran tapped his wrist and his helmet materialized around his head. “Is the transmat ready?” “Yes, transmatting now.” Valran’s vision went blue and his gut jerked inside of him. The blue faded to reveal what had been his home for the last ten years, his ship. The Javelin. “Welcome back, Sir.” Valran glanced at the small flying droid. R-17 –or Arsev as Valran preferred to call him—was a first class AI assisted reconnaissance droid. He traveled with him nearly his whole life. “What’s going on? How many ships are in the area?” “My sensors are picking up three separate Specter class starships in orbit above the Temple. They seem to be more concerned with taking control of the building than they are in you.” “Will they follow us?” Mark said, throwing himself into the pilot’s seat. “I calculate a twenty-three percent likelihood.” Arsev said. “I would suggest jamming them before entering hyperspace.” “Done.” Valran hit the controls and burst into the blue, black and white of hyperspace. “What is going on down there?” commander Veyes of the Sith fleet demanded. There had been nothing but confused yells and startled chatter all over the comms since they touched down. “We’re not sure, sir,” a voice said over the channel. “Some sort of Jedi attacked our men. We have thirty-seven reported casualties so far, but-“explosions sounded over the comm. “sir, he has his own ship, estimated two dozen casualties from its weapons. Target is fleeing in a cendar-15 class ship,” The Captain stood up straight and pointed to one of the ship's gunners. “Lock onto that target.” “No.” a deep voice said. Shivers ran down Veyes spine as he heard it Veyes turned to gaze into the yellow eyes of a Sith lord. Darth Ventrus. “The pilot is of no consequence to us. Focus on the containment of the-“he cut off suddenly and turned to face the window of the bridge. He gazed into the distance, towards a single Cendar-15 class ship. “Valran…” he said. The ship disappeared. The bridge was silent for a few moments, then Ventrus turned to the captain. “Secure the temple. Forget the Jedi, we have what we need.” With that, Darth Ventrus turned and stalked from the room.
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    Night 7: That Would Be Enough Laurelin found Silas the next day, staring at Kae and Verre’s fallen bodies. Each had a huge hole in the middle of the chest, crusted over by now with death. She stood beside him silently, bowing her head in mourning. “Two more deaths...” Silas said sadly. “All so that these Spiked can achieve their ends.” Laurelin shook her head. “So wasteful...” she murmured, looking at Verre’s hair, glittering in the sunlight. Others came up behind them, those few that were left. Myte, ArSel, Star Thief. She heard Jala choke back a sob. “We must find these Spiked,” Silas declared. “There can’t be many left, or they would have already overpowered and murdered us all.” He looked at Star Thief. “What about you, little one? You’ve been very quiet and cute this whole time, just watching us all talk.” She squealed. “Shiny! Shiny! Shiny, I want a shiny!” He dismissed her and turned to ArSel. “What about you, huh?” He grinned. “I don’t think I’m the person to be worried about here. I’m no Spiked! But do you know who is?” “You.” Laurelin’s eyes turned inexorably back to Silas, along with the others’. She looked at him, really looked, for the first time. He could be Spiked, she thought. What has he done to help anyone? He has at least three deaths on his hands, that I’ve heard of... “Yes, what about you, Silas?” asked Jala angrily. She took a step forward. “Was it you who killed Kae, Verre’s big brother, who always told the truth and never hurt a soul?” Step. “Wasn’t it you who killed Danosaur, who’d never harmed a fly, just because she was staying away from people to store chromium?” Step. “Was it you who killed Verre?” He took a step backwards. “Noo...” he said falteringly. He looked almost... guilty? Jala saw it as such, anyway, and leapt onto him, attacking him with nails and teeth as much as with her little carving knife. “YOU KILLED MY FRIEND!” Silas did nothing to stop her. She jabbed her knife beneath his chin, and he fell to the ground, blood pouring out of him to join the blood of Verre and Kae. She fell atop him, sobbing. “My friend...” She didn’t move until Star Thief darted forward, crying, “Shiny!” She pulled out a spike from Silas’ corpse, waving it triumphantly until ArSel took it away. “Probably best not to play with that particular shiny, little one.” She sulked for a moment, then stomped off. “Fine! I’m going to find my own shinies, then, that don’t get stolen by mean, angry adult people!” Slowly, everyone dispersed, until only Jala was left with the three bodies and the ever-spreading pool of blood. Eventually, Myte came back, and gently led Jala away from where she’d been stroking Verre’s sparkling hair, and then the three bodies were left forever in silence. Later, Mayor Axies was walking by himself, trying to get over the deaths of so many of his friends and acquaintances. If this kept up, he wouldn’t have anyone left to rule. How could so many of them be evil? He’d already helped kill five, and found the spikes in their bodies. “Five…” he whispered to himself. “That should be enough. Maybe we should stop.” But then the memory of the death of his twin brother filled him with determination. He’d taken his name afterwards, to remember him. But the original Axies would never have ceased until his village was clear from evil, and he’d be Ruined if he failed to live up to that standard. “As many as it takes” Axies said clearly. “That would be enough.” Lopen was a Spiked Bendalloy Compounder with Allomantic bronze and a Bead of Lerasium! Vote Count: Lopen: (2); Burnt Spaghetti, TheMightyLopen SilverDragon: (0); Mark IV Night 7 has begun. You have 24 hours to send in actions. Player List
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    Just to quickly chime in on the super-intelligence thing, the problem with writing any character with super intelligence is that it's impossible to do accurately unless you yourself are just as if not more intelligent, and I don't think I'm insulting anyone by saying I don't think any of us are on the level that's being described here where it's leagues beyond some of the brightest minds to ever exist. Even Taravangian, who is the one character of Brandons that actually does have super intelligence, is only ever written about when he's of relatively normal intelligence, we only see the effects of that intelligence, we don't get an actual viewpoint or know what his real plans were. Because of course if one of his readers could find a flaw in that plan or his reasoning it instantly breaks the character. I'm happy on things like faster processing speed, so they can bullet time or whatnot, or even better computational abilities so they can do maths in their head quickly or something but just general enhanced 'intelligence' is going to be pretty impossible, even moreso than a full on precog would be.
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    We know that a suit of Shardplate will mold to it's wearer over time, evidenced by Eshonai's plate fitting over her Warform carapace. (I believe it is stated as well, but I need a quote on that) So the all-important question is, would it be possible to mold a suit of plate to fit over another suit of plate, thereby gaining twice the benefits and becoming NIGH-UNSTOPPABLE?
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    Kasim picked his way cautiously through the warcamp, feeling thoroughly out of place. Bloody one-eyed man. No, what was it they said here again? Storming. Storming one-eyed man. What right did he have...? "Ah, but it will be the challenge of your career," said the one-eyed man, leaning casually against his spear. Kasim said, flatly, "Going up against a device from hell." The one-eyed man shrugged. "You did say you were the best. Or was that an idle boast?" "I am the best, but you don't seem to understand--I can't work miracles." "Details," said the one-eyed man, cheerfully. "Let me know when you're done, will you?" "I haven't even agreed--" began Kasim, before he was literally half-booted and half-shoved through to...wherever this was. Roshar, he remembered. That was what the one-eyed man had said. He was being sent to some gods-forsaken place by the name of Roshar. "Coming through!" yelled someone, and a man roughly yanked him to the side. Kasim blinked, as a cart being pulled by what he swore was a crab, of all things, skittered through the space where he had been. "Watch yourself," said the man who'd hauled him to safety in time. He wore a long navy coat, with buttons up the sides, and a neat white shirt. A sword was belted at his side. "Last thing we need is another supply cart running over somebody. So, what is your business here?" Did it truly matter, if he was honest to this man, from another world? Kasim squeezed the packet of grave dirt in his jacket pocket, drawing reassurance from the fact it was still there. The prayer beads around his wrist clacked slightly as he withdrew his hand. "I am looking for a lady...Brightlady," he said, belatedly. "I think she's called Kenara?" The man frowned. "I don't know of any Kenara here," he said at last, "Although the warcamp is big, and I'm only serving directly under Brightlord Terneas. Doesn't sound like she's in Highprince Gavilar's warcamp, though. Try somewhere else. And next time, watch out for the chulls." "I will," Kasim said, nodding his thanks. Chulls. So that was what they called their crabs. - It took Kasim an awfully long time to find the elusive Brightlady Kenara. One man he asked looked about him immediately, and leaned in to whisper, "Haven't seen her. Heralds be thanked," and then resumed digging what looked to be fresh latrines. But eventually, he was pointed to an entirely different warcamp, and brought into her tent. "Brightlady Kenara?" he asked. Hesitated. She looked at him, weighing. He was a puzzle, he thought, abruptly. That was it. "What?" He drew a deep breath. "Kaddar sends his regards." Brightlady Kenara's eyes narrowed. "What?" she demanded, in an entirely different tone. Kasim couldn't decide if it was a good thing or a bad thing. He resisted the urge to touch the ironbark amulet he was wearing, just for reassurance. "I understand that you have a...cursed and possibly-possessed...communications device..." he cast about for the word they used on this blasted place, on Roshar. "A spanreed. I understand that you have an immensely evil spanreed. I am to wish you a happy birthday and to attempt to exorcise it. I'm Kasim, a witch doctor of...well, you wouldn't know where I come from." Happy birthday, Wilson! Also, Maili: I'm not playing as Kasim. This was just a one-off thing. This might be early because timezones.
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    More of a multiliner, but anyway: “How do you fight someone smarter than yourself? The answer is simple. You make her think that you are sitting down across the table from her, ready to play her game. Then you punch her in the face as hard as you can.” - Rand al'Thor
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    Your accent is just so amazing. The voice of RippleGylf.
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    He wasn't just trying to convert them though. He knew that unless he succeeded, the devastation would be enormous. And he CARED. That's the thing about Hathren. Even though he's the antagonist, even though he's a thorn in the side of the hero's, even though he behaves as he does, he doesn't care about power for power's sake. He cares, because he sees the destruction of Arelon not as a sign of their weakness, but a sign of HIS. He takes upon the responsibility of thousands upon thousands of lives, both their physical and (in his eyes) their spiritual wellfare, but because he wants to spread his religion, but because he wants to save lives. He set out with the express purpose of saving the lives of a people who at best mistrust him - at worst, hate him. And its not a holier-than-thou exercise in self indulgence. It isn't for show. He is genuine - not in his miracles, not even in his beliefs. But in his honest love for human life.
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    A group of eight young jedi padawan lounged easily around a large training room high up in the New Jedi Temple. The room, which looked out over the city, had polished wooden floors and walls covered in ancient banners, bones of extinct predators and primitive, but effecitent, weaponry. Swords, axes and hammers all lined racks around the room. This group of jedi were training to be sentinels and were required to train in all forms of combat, subterfuge and spycraft. The current group of active sentinels was much smaller now days than they had been in previous centuries but they were expanding and helping the New Order keeps tabs across the galaxy. These padawan would not be granted the honor of operating in the field for some time, not until they could be trusted to handle themselves and any situation that might come up. That was why they were in the training room now, to learn how to handle themselves without using the force externally. After the group had had time to socialize and relax a bit, the door on the far end of the chamber slid open to admit their trainer, “Stand at attention younglings!” Shouted the man. “We are not younglings, Mando, we are padawan learner and have earned the right to referred to as such.” Retorted the oldest of the group, a Kiffar named Jolan. The mando in question was a man named Kalin Dor, a madalorian warrior employed by the jedi to aid the sentinels in their duties. He also trained the padawan in his craft. “In my eyes you are but children. Until you can pose a challenge to me in single combat, you will not be considered a padawan. Is that clear, youngling?” Jolan scoffed. Kalin was a large man, standing six feet tall and heavily muscled he was almost as intimidating out of armor as he was in it. Today he was out of his armor, instead he wore a leather vest and loose fitting pants. His long hair was braided back and tied with bones and a leather cord. As the other seven young jedi jumped to stand at attention, the Kiffar took his time. Languidly standing from his seat and adopting a relaxed pose instead of the rigid, discipled one that Kalin demanded. “It seems you are the first volunteer for today, my Kiffu friend. Come stand in the center of the room and show me what you’ve got than makes you so confident.” Jolan approached the Kalin, who was standing with his hands clasped behind his back, his piercing blue eyes studying the boy; with an overly confident stride. “Attack me, hold nothing back but do not use the force. The purpose of this training is to condition you not to use it instinctively.” Jolan lunged at Kalin as he was speaking, expecting to take him by surprise. He threw a heavy punch at the mandalorians head, which Kalin dodged with ease, not even missing a beat in his speech. The Kiffar fell past his trainer, catching himself before he fell on his face and attacked from behind. Again, the seasoned warrior dodged the untrained assault, this time side stepping out of Jolan’s flight path. Again, the padawan missed his mark. “Fight back coward!” The aggravated youth yelled. For a brief instant Kalin’s eyes lit with a burning fire but only for a moment, he was not going to be instigated by a punk. “Very well, on your next attempt I shall strike back.” The boy lunged again and as promised Kalin did not move. He simply grabbed Jolan’s fist, spun the boy around and kicked him lightly in the back of the knees, dropping him. The mando planted his soft leather boot on the youth’s back and pushed him over. “Focus! You rely too much on your force abilities and not enough on physical strength and conditioning. That will get you killed faster than falling in a sarlacc pit!” Seemingly humbled, Jorlan stood and faced the older warrior. “Forgive me Master Dor, you are correct of course. I should listen to you better.” Kalin nodded, “I know.” This time the padawan focused and sent a force push at the instructor. The mando spun out of the way just in time, causing the window behind him to shatter, he reached Joral and grabbed him by the throat easily lifting him from the ground and bringing him to eye level. “If you ever try something like that again, I will expel you from the temple the Mandalorian way. Through the window you just destroyed.” Kalin growled, his deep blue eyes piercing Joral’s, “You will NOT use force powers while in this room. Is that understood?!” The entire class nodded as he dropped his prey and walked away. “Get back in the line. You and I will speak later with your master present. Now, who here knows how to listen to orders and actually wants to be granted the title of Sentinel? You, come to the center and square to me. What is your name?” “Na’an, master.” Said a young twi’lek meekly. “Good, Na’an, I want you to focus your strength and punch at me center mass.” The lesson continued in the same manner for almost three hours, each student getting the chance to face off with Kalin before being paired off with another student to practice what they had learned. At the end of the session, Kalin stood from drinking his tea and announced to the class, “Gar shuk meh kyrayk, go now and rest. I expect to see you here next week to continue your training.” As the the class left the trainer grabbed Joral by the shoulder, “Stay a while, I wish to speak with you.” ...
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    I think the Robert Jordan was able to finish the series as he wanted it. He had it already written. Most big scenes he already had planned and written. That and all the notes are what Brandon had to work off of. But the ending and major points would've all been the same, it just would've taken a tad longer to get there using Jordan time. And I don't believe for a second RJ was planning on Taim being Demandred. It would have been too easy and obvious. We have tons of books of rumours and whispers of Shara. Just enough to let us know it's there. That was the best surprise for me in AMoL.
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    Here's an interesting article about how while some corners of the Internet are awful, some like the Shard are amazing.
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    As his ship began the burn to high orbit, Faolin glimpsed a small blip on his ship's radar. It seemed to have come from Coruscant's surface, near the ancient Jedi Temple. The display hologram wavered in a few small areas behind the ship, indicating a distortion of electromatic radiation in that area. That could only mean one thing; someone was using a cloaking device. The ship's computer began tracking the distortions as soon as he thought about them. Faolin had modified his wrist communicator so that it fit behind his left ear; from there, he could send mental commands to it, and by extension, the ship. Its hologram projector had also been heavily modified so that the display was projected directly in front of his eyes. This made it much easier to look at, and he could use it for augmented reality as well as just a screen. There were 6 distortions following the mysterious ship. One seemed significantly larger than the other; it was be 3 or 4 times the size of his own ship. He set the nav computer to intercept the fleeing ship, as he wanted some answers. Could whoever was flying that ship have something to do with the purpose of his brief visit to Coruscant? It was a long shot, but someone gathering information in the Jedi Temple might have been looking for the same thing that he was. The Jedi Temple had been looted uncounted times, which was why Faolin had skipped visiting there. The underground bunker he had landed at had seemed a better prospect for the information he seeked. Well, it wouldn't hurt to check the leaving ship out. When a planet had a possibility of being vaporized, you couldn't take any chances.
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    I could not agree more with you, have an upvote. Actually the more i read Secret history the more he seemed like a villian. The whole thing with cheating/ not accepting death and trying to find a way back to life...i´ve often read things with these tropes but it were always the villians doing it, just felt wrong to me on a fundamental level. Right now i have a theory that Kelsier stored his entire being in a spike. Hemalurgy normaly rips out part of the soul, so it could be possible to rip out more or even the whole thing. Since there is no more Atium around for immortality (at least i think so) this could be the next best wayfor immortality. Find someone you trust, store your being in a spike, let someone be spiked and take over their body. After they/you grow too old find someone else you trust and let him use your spike to spike someone else and steal a new body. Since Hemalurgy degrades the power if not inside a body, the person in the spike could get more and more warped and become someone truly monstrous...
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    To be fair, a steely eyed mercenary muppet would hardly be out of place in this RP
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    You sure you want that, Seonid? Seems like he might not be that great at it if he can't spell "color" right.
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    Already own it XD, my family and I love it dearly. A co-operative aspect is a little uncommon to board games so any that might follow that path I am even more so interested in.
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    Faolin stood on the charred surface of what had once been a vibrant planet. Coruscant, now called the Graveyard. He lingered for a few minutes, contemplating the fragility of even the most powerful empires. He turned, briskly walking towards his Sentar-class fighter. He had always wondered why Relias, the shipyard owner who had sold him the ship, had called it a fighter. It was far to large to be considered any sort of fighter, and its capabilities far outclassed one. It more resembled a small Corvette, although it only required a crew of one to operate. He had not named this vessel; he had run out of good names several ships ago, and none of them seemed to last long enough for naming to be important. As he walked through the Airscreen, an energy barrier between the ship's atmosphere and whatever was outside, a sudden whistling sound made him flinch. A narrow, silvery dart shot past his face, missing by a matter of millimeters. He spun, only to see nothing. Breathing rapidly, he tried to carefully observe the area, as he had learned at the New Jedi Temple. Unbidden, memories of his brief career as a Padawan resurfaced, and he recalled the painful memories of how terrible a Jedi he had been. When he had finally been dismissed from the order, he had felt a mixture of disappointment, and strangely, relief. He was not terribly powerful with the Force, in fact, quite the opposite. He had not mastered the art of large displays of power, pushing enemies back with a mere thought, and this put him at a disadvantage. He had instead focused on the delicate uses of the Force. It surprised him that no one had thought to use the Force to dissolve molecular bonds, but the practice had turned out to be extremely useful. No one but him had thought to use the Force to pinch off the nerves in an enemy's brain, but it was just as effective as a lightsaber to the head. His masters had cited various reasons for his dismissal; at the foremost, he had apparently been "too emotional." Well, how could they expect him to rid himself of all emotion? Emotions were what made him, and everyone else, human. Well, a more proper term would be "sentient beings," but he had never cared to get social definitions right. But the point was, if you were supposed to feel no emotion, then how could you care for others enough to protect them? He dispelled such dark and gloomy thoughts and returned to the task at hand. Someone was trying to kill him. Right. He jumped the remaining distance through the Airscreen and sprinted through the doorway that led to the bridge. He flicked a hand at a control screen, bringing it to life, and the ship began to rise. Before long, he was speeding through the ashy remnants of Coruscant's atmosphere, on an optimal trajectory to reach orbit.
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    Always bank on unspeakable tragedy. That way if you're wrong you're pleasantly surprised.
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    IX39-B piloted his ship down through the atmosphere of Coruscant. Its guidance systems began scanning the area, looking for the distinctive shape of the old Jedi temple. It had been sent on a contract to recover an ancient item from somewhere deep within the building. The droid brought its ship into a slow descent, touching down just outside the abandoned structure. IX39-B exited the ship, metallic feet hitting the ground with a click. The droid slowly scanned the temple, mapping out possible entrances and exits. IX39-B began to purposefully walk towards the grand entrance, keeping its scanners wide open for signs of life. Suddenly, a warning began to beep in its vision. It appeared that a ship, class cendar-15, blasted out away from the temple. The droid hurriedly increased its pace. Unidentified spacecraft fleeing the temple. It is possible that the target item is on board. But the ship was pulling away very quickly, to far to pursue or plant a tracker. Since no present action could be taken against the ship, IX39-B focused back onto the Jedi temple. It pushed through the grand doors, and entered the temple proper. The structure was vast, but IX39-B had received a general area to search along with the contract. It quickly accessed a 3-dimensional layout of the temple, and set a route to the library area. As it passed through the hallways, it detected heat signatures up ahead. Long-range scanners revealed what appeared to be human shapes. Body heat scans lower than human average. Subjects are either dead or of non-human origin. IX39-B hastened forward, warnings going off in its mind. Could someone else have acquired its target? Why would someone else be sent after the strange cube that IX39-B's employer had requested? The droid shook off the tangential thought, and hurried further into the temple, seeking the heat signatures that remained within.
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    I got downvoted for pointing out that opinions do not require a source. Interesting. On Bloodsealing, there is a good chance that it is completely separate from forgery and people just don't know better, considering how drastically different they are. Your point itself is true though. I'd forgotten about that one.
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    Here are the ones I thought were relevant in WoR. Quotes from Words of Radiance, by Brandon Sanderson. Chapter # – Location in Chapter (i.e. 1/50 beginning, 25/50 halfway, 50/50 end) – Quote. Ch 4 – 35/42 – “...And the meaning is vague. Death follows? Or is it 'follow death'? Or Sixty-Two Days of Death and Following? Glyphs are imprecise.” Ch 40 – 4/22 – Through the carriage window Shallan saw that they were finally approaching a warcamp flying Sebarial’s banner. It bore the glyphs sebes and laial stylized into a skyeel, deep gold on a black field. Ch 52 – 34/77 – She tried to work out the use of glyphs – there was no grammar to them that she could see. Glyphs weren’t meant to be used that way. They conveyed a single idea, not a string of thoughts. She read a few in a row. Origin…direction…uncertainty…The place of the center is uncertain? That was probably what it meant. Ch 52 – 35/77 – Parshendi! She realized. That’s what those glyphs mean. Parap-shenesh-idi. Three glyphs individually meant three separate things – but together their sounds made the word “Parshendi.” …Amaram was using some glyphs phonetically. Ch 55 – 60/61 – Amaram. He wore a strange cloak. Bright yellow-gold, with a black glyph on the back. Oath? Kaladin didn’t recognize the shape. It looked familiar though. The double eye, he realized. Symbol of… To get all these quotes, I searched the ebooks of WoK and WoR for "glyph" and read the passage around the location it was found in the book. Than I quoted what I thought was helpful to our cause. There is a lot more information in the books that I missed, like the thing about H's making stuff symmetrical, but this is what my quick search has found. Hope it helps someone And wanted to point out that Kaladin thought the glyph double eye symbol on Amaram's cloak read as "oath". Thought that was interesting.
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