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    You know you're an LDS Sanderfan when you wish that Moroni had started the Golden Plates with "I write these words in gold, for anything not set in metal cannot be trusted."
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    You know you're a Sanderfan when someone mentions a 17th Shard swim calendar, and you can't stop yourself from assigning a Sanderson character to every month. I am so sorry. Cosmere 2015 A Year of Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual Beauty! Vin in her corset as Ms. January! Picture taken just moments before she beat our stealth photographer into a pulp! These Newcagoan girls prove just how stylist steel swimsuits can be! Setting aside the obvious discomforts and glaring design flaws, of course. Eshonai's carapace swimwear as Ms. March is beautiful as it is mildly unsettling! You might think Regalia's past the age to be modeling in a swimsuit calendar. Ms. April proves you wrong! Satisfaction and sanity not guaranteed. Ever wonder what a lady Inquisitor in a bikini looks like? If we've spiked your curiosity, you'll love Ms. May! Shai as Ms. June! No, she isn't a model. But her nifty diagram will tell you how to stamp any article of clothing into swimwear! It's great at parties! Navani Kholin might raise a few eyebrows with her line of transparent swim-gloves... check out Ms. July for more info, wink wink. You know the Lord Ruler is immortal, invincible, and inexorable... but did you also know that he looks fabulous in a leotard? We can't see her, but our friend Stephen Leeds assures us that Ivy's modeling quite the one-piece as Ms. September! If you could see Ms. October's attire, you'd be amazed. Unfortunately you can't see her. As a White Sand character, the page with Khriss' modeling is available only on special request from Team Sanderson. Did you know there are female chasmfiends? Do you know how hard it is to design a swimsuit for a giant flesh-eating crustacean, let alone getting the storming thing to wear it? Maybe if you did, you'd appreciate Ms. November a little more. Just sayin'. And last but not least, Ms. December--surprise, it's Stick! This piece of waterlogged wood may not be fire, but that doesn't mean it can't be hot! ... Again, I am so, so sorry. Not very sorry though.
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    Previously, in ​Way of Kings….. First off, this actually happened to me this morning. Kaladin sees someone unexpected in the sky. Teft makes a strange and disconcerting discovery. Jasnah gives Shallan a philosophy lesson. Brother Kabsal reveals his sense of humor. Bridge Four is under new management.
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    First off, major spoilers **Continue at your own risk** Ok, Hrathen's funeral scene got me. That was probably the most worthy farewell/death scene ever. All he ever wanted to be was Arelon's savior, and he was, just not in the way he thought. I actually cried when Serene gave her speech. That was the best ending I believe for any of Brandon's series so far. Well, then again, the Hero of Ages was AMAZING, and Warbreaker was pretty awesome. Still, I think it was an amazing, tear jerking, and respectful end to a complex character. But seriously, was I the only one? Let me know below
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    The Seven Days of Brandon: a Totally True account of Brandon's writing process
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    Previously on ​Way of Kings….. A bad decision causes trouble for Jasnah and Shallan. Debate students have a name for Amaram's thought process. And now, for the interludes. Dalinar has another vision…. ….and Renarin has good ideas.
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    At 70% progress in WoK….. Great Noodly One, Roshone sucks. We learn that there is more to Kaladin's story than we were first led to believe. Jasnah is quite the multifaceted character. Poor Shallan. Back to reading now.
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    Words of Radiance: Me explaining the Cosmere to casual Sanderfans: Another thinly disguised Reckonerverse questions PSA:
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    via Imgflip Meme Maker
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    Of course this post will throw off that balance but hey I did even if it was just once.
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    I'm almost tempted to post this on Brandon Sanderson Facts to see what happens.
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    Brandon is writing about fluffy pink unicorns?
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    Even worst my most anticipated book is the Warbreaker sequel. via Imgflip Meme Maker
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    At 45% in Wok….. We learn more about modern opinions of the past. Dalinar and Navani's past is revealed. Dalinar is less than pleased at how it comes about. Makkek's strategy:
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    Here's a link to this meme generator that I have dubbed "Airsick Lowlander" You're welcome. And just because I can:
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    When you fashion your own Mistcloak and wear it while pretending to Push and Pull yourself across your room on a spinny chair... not that I've done it before...
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    You know you're a fan when you and your friends get lost and everyone wants to kill you after a few hours because you just keep repeating "journey before destination" over and over again.
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    ...Featherwriter? Is that you?
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    Being fans of Brandon Sanderson, we suffer a terrible curse even as we enjoy his blessings. The author we adore creates brilliantly, breathtakingly well-designed worlds. We fall in love with his worlds. We wish to explore them to the fullest extent. We wish to see more of them than even his prolific novel-writing can sate. One world that I and many others have fallen in love with is the world of the Reckoners. If you're on this board then you've likely read at least Steelheart; I think we've all gaped in awe at the vividly realized world of heroes and tyrannical supervillains that Sanderson weaved for us. To be honest, my heart fills with sadness whenever I contemplate how we will only be treated to three total novels set in this world. I weep at the thought of how much of the Reckoners' world must by necessity be forever unseen. Darn it, Kobold, I hear you saying, why are you depressing us? Why are you pointing out these sad, sad things! Well my friends, I am saying them because I've been doctoring my melancholy with a vivid fantasy that I'd like to share with you: "The Illustrated Guide to Epics." Great authors like Robert Jordan and George R. R. Martin put out compendiums detailing the histories and landscapes of their worlds. What if Brandon Sanderson created a similar compendium of the Reckonerverse? While his massive workload might very well prohibit this, I can't help but give a wistful sigh at the idea. (And rest assured I'd lay down good money to read it. If you see this, Mr. Ahlstrom, be sure to tell your employer that I said that. ) A few things I'd like to see in such a compendium, if one were ever published: An in-universe point of view; the book could be written in the form of David's notes about various Epics, detailing both his categorization system and the amount of knowledge he was able to accumulate on them. Bonus points if his (in)famous metaphors are brought up at least once--"Obliteration melted San Diego like a scoop of buttery ice cream laid on top of a nuclear reactor while a giant hairdryer blows on it," for instance. A detailed map of the Fractured States, marking the territories of various Epic tyrannies. We know that Steelheart and the Coven at least laid claim to large portions of land; wouldn't it be nice to know the boundaries to their kingdoms, or to learn about the other Epic nations scourging the land? Bountiful information on the many Epics known to David. Definitely more detailed accounts of Epics we've seen in the books, like Steelheart, Nightwielder, or Newton, but I'd also like to see bios of Epics who are either mentioned only in passing or not heard of at all, such as the Snowfall, the Pink Pinkness, or the nameless Epics responsible for the destruction of Oregon. And last but not least, a general overview of how the world in general responded to Epics. Have all the world's countries succumbed to their tyranny? Are there still human strongholds in the world? Those are just a few things I'd like to see in an official guide to the Reckonerverse. Does anyone else have anything they'd really like to see?
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    Well, who is back, you may be wondering. I've never seen this guy before. He's got zero posts! The nerve! I'm GONNA DOWNVOTE HIM SO HARD--before you do that, listen up. Here's the nitty gritty. I used to be the member known as Snoopy (link in my sig). For reasons that I don't feel like detailing here, I had to get a new account. Suffice it to say, I made a stupid mistake that involved deleting my email address...many accounts were lost that day...CHAOS, DON'T HIT ME WITH THE BANHAMMER PLEASE!! I PROMISE YOU THAT SNOOPY WON'T EVER BE ACTIVE AGAIN. All that said, what else is left? Ah yes, the work of finding all those threads I used to follow...except the Question threads; I ain't ever followin' those again (Read: 100 notifications a day). All my friends, I will find you! Winter, Brightness Random, Voidus, Mailliw, mail-mi, Kobold, Aonar, Winter, Arthur, Pifferdoo, leift, wilson, and all those I forgot, I AM COMING! I will likely be involved in SE a lot, RPing in Oregon, and of course, cosmere theories, the meat of this place. Anyhoo, I'm back, so come find me and let's talk. Why the name? Why not "Snoopy2"? Well, I feel like Kipper is a better name than Snoopy (or inexorablePanda) ever was. I FEEL this name. It starts with a "K," which is awesome. It sounds cool. It is cool. It also happens to rhyme with "chipper," which I also am. Maybe I should change it to "Khipper," hmmm. What do you Sharders think? See ya 'round! P.S. If you really need me to prove myself, just PM with me a question that Snoopy would know the answer too, like something in a PM that I would remember. P.P.S. Yes, Voidus, I'll take that cookie.
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    Here's two "Successful Inquisitor" memes: (Mistborn spoilers, but not really)
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    Brandon Sanderson once wrote a story with such powerful imagery it was hung in the Louvre.
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    Brandon Sanderson doesn't post very often because modern computing is not sufficient to store the number of upvotes he'd acquire on a daily basis. EDIT: I meant to post this on the Brandon Facts thread. But, uh, thanks for the upvote?
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    Hey! I've been working on a few drawings recently and I thought I would share them now! So tell me what you think of them! Also if you want to suggest any other ideas of what to draw from the stormlight archive that would be great. The first drawing is my depiction of Adolin. I kind of what to work on this some more, but I thought it looked good enough to show you guys. Adolin is suppose to be really good looking with messy hair in a military uniform. My second drawing is my new depiction of the NightWatcher. Now there isn't really a description of her in the book so I really had freedom to draw what ever I wanted.
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    This is from Mistborn, so I'm going to spoiler tag it. Don't read it unless you have at least read the Final Empire. And, this also seemed to cause something else, once I had gotten used to Sanderson. WoR spoiler. Wrong on both counts. Oh well.
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    A Brony and a non-brony walked into 17th Shard. They discussed things in a civilized manner and respected each others views. This is why 17ths is the best.
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    Well that's a proposition sure to end well disclaimer: I am not offend. Will nevertheless accept boots.
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    It has come to my attention that much of the food strewn around the 17th Shard is of substandard quality. The cookies, is of particular concern. It is worrying that at this critical time, it is revealed that there is currently no food safety inspector to be found anywhere in the 17th Shard. Are we to allow many more innocent Shardlets to be taken by these substandard foods. Many people seem to have suffered from it, from particularly... spiked shaped cookies. Furthermore, I can reveal to you, that these cookies are part of a malevolent ploy to gain the trust of unsuspecting Shardlets. Immediate measure needs to be taken. I propose a food safety inspectors commitee to be created at once, so we can better prevent such tragedies occuring. I fear that many of our highest ranking on the 17th Shard may be involved in this malevolent scheme. Indeed, there are whispers that an integral role in the criminal organization that calls itself 'The Dark Alley', is none other than the 3rd highest member on the 17th Shard. Voidus himself. Should we allow this terrorist organization to continue? I think not. I propose an immediate election of a 'food safety inspector' to determine what should be done with substandard foods such as cookies. If we do not, I fear that the lives of innocent Shardlets are at risk.
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    Stormlight Archive, You Airsick Lowlanders
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    I pronounce it "Seth" since in Hungarian when you have an "Sz", it makes a simple "S" sound. Granted, I was mispronouncing every name in Mistborn because I never realized they were supposed to sound French. I read "Vin", now know it's supposed to sound like "Vahn", but still say "Vinn". Meh. Head-canon. Stannis, in all his grammar nazi ways, would simply shake his head and say:
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    Hmph, airsick lowlander.
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    It's okay, we've all been there with at least one of Brandon's characters, be it Gangnah, Llarimar, Fhorkood, Graeo, or Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor.
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    Brandon once competed against himself in a writing contest. He beat himself, because he's awesomer than he is.
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    Yet there's so many of us! ...maybe we're a really big cult? We should start saving up for a compound.
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    The moment you realize Teft isn't secretly Jezrien.....
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    I had,(well, have) no idea how to pronounce the names of half the cosmere characters.
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    I pronounce it "Zeth." Kaladin I pronounce like "paladin" with a K, and Rock's real name I pronounce "rock."
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    You found me You found me You found me Glamour bobbed his head with the music--but paused when the next few lines starting echoing themselves. It was like Taylor singing the lyrics twice and recording herself over them. But he'd listened to this track before and there wasn't any kind of remixing like that going on. So why...? He was suddenly aware that the second voice wasn't playing from the iPod at all. He cast a suddenly frightened glance over his shoulder... and dropped his iPod. Cute face. Blonde hair flowing down to the shoulders. A stylish outfit that almost but not quite showed her belly button. Standing beside him--right where that other woman had been--was the artist behind some of his favorite pop songs. "Taylor... Swift," he stammered, staring in blank shock. "You... how..." He barely even noticed that he'd smashed his iPod, instead pulling one of his dozen extras from his pants pocket and starting a soft instrumental version of 'Blank Space.' Then, he started laughing. "O-Ok," he chortled nervously. "I get it. I've actually gone insane, right? I've just been hallucinating all day. That... that would actually explain a lot. So are you my repressed anxiety or something? My conscience, maybe?" Backtrack winced as MV closed her eyes, letting go of her hand and taking a step back. Here it comes. I messed up, she's gonna get mad, I'm gonna take a sudden trip through the nearest wall... Instead, his sort-of-girlfriend-who-could-kill-him-in-a-heartbeat only shuddered once again, opening her eyes looking once again on the brink of tears. "Something bad's happened to her," she stammered, looking panicked. "She's... I can just tell that something's happened." Um... ooookay, Backtrack thought, blinking in confusion. Are they psychic or something? Would it be rude to ask? Before he could respond, she had his hand again, gripping tightly as she pulled him down the street in the direction they'd been going in. "You seemed like you were sure before," she said determinedly. "Let's just keep going this way until we can find something else." "Sounds good to me," Backtrack managed to stammer. His powers coming back to him, he managed to isolate Impact in the past again. As before, she appeared as the spectral shadow of a girl, hurtling through the dark sky like a Barbie doll thrown by an enraged toddler. Not for the first time, he suspected that her flight ended with a sudden splat against the pavement, though he didn't have the nerve to tell her sister that. And then she stopped. Her past-shadow stopped in mid-air, pausing at the height of her flight for a moment as if she were taking her bearings. Then she sunk out of sight, dipping under the cityscape somewhere downtown. Backtrack managed to resist MV's efforts to pull him down the street, instead managing to stop and face the direction she'd landed in. "She landed," he informed her, smiling a bit. "She had a rough flight, but she managed to land. She's only a dozen or two blocks away. She's probably looking for you right now!" Deathwish smacked the side of his head a couple of times as his eardrums filled, stopping the ringing and filling his ears with the sound of an agonized scream. It wasn't as good as hearing her explode into a million squishy pieces, but it still brought a genuine smile back to his face. He quickly pulled himself out of the pile of guns he'd been blasted into and and flew a few feet into the air. Impact knelt on the fort floor, voice wrenched in a rasping, drawn-out scream as streams of blood boiled down her face. She clutched at her ears as if for dear life, momentarily too adrift in her own sea of pain to pay attention to her surroundings. Deathwish pulled a pistol from his belt, fixing its sights right between the chick's clenched eyes. "You're cute when you're in undescribable agony, but I think it's time to cut this date short," he drawled quietly. "Hope you've got your affairs in order..." Before he could pull the trigger, the girl blindly rocketed up through the skylight, sending him flying into a wall with the wall of air that was suddenly surrounding her once more. Oh no you don't, he thought furiously, throwing his gun across the room and taking off again. No one calls the sirens on me and just flies away. He soared into the dark night sky, singling out her steadily shrinking body. She was headed towards Portland, and fast, but if he stayed on her tail he could be right on top of her when she landed. He began pushing through the air after her. I'm gonna make those ears feel like papercuts, he fumed savagely. I'm gonna make you beg me to kill you. I'm gonna take a knife to you in ways you couldn't even imagine, little girl... Vaguely, his ears picked up the sound of an ambulance siren from far down below him. I'm gonna leave pieces of you scattered from here to Corvallis! I'm gonna... ...wait. Ambulance siren? It took a police siren to cancel the full strength of his powers, but any siren could knock him from the sky and put a layer of torment into his normally painless healing. His vision instantly went blurry, Impact disappearing completely into the gloom. He lost control of his body, plowing forwards from the force of his momentum but with no volition of his own. A scream echoed from his lips as found himself hurtling inexorably to the hard streets below. "STORM YOU, YOU CONNIVING LITTLE--" Smack. =============================================================== Undescribable agony. Deathwish rolled over slowly, wanting to scream but not having a throat to do so. Tears rushing to his eyes, he managed to reach a hand to his neck and pushed a broken bone fragment back into his body. At a snail's pace, his throat stitched itself back together, forming an untorn set of vocal chords as the rest of his body healed. He took a deep breath into his one unpunctured lung. "STOOOORMS," he wailed miserably. "Storms storms storms storms stoorms. This--storms--why--storms--you miserable slontzes--" His swearing was interrupted by a steel-tipped boot into his rib. The force of the kick made him roll over twice, every broken bone piercing in protest as he howled in pain once again. Blinking through the wall of tears that clouded his vision, he managed to get his eyes open to gaze upon his attacker. Standing over him with gun in hand was Arsenal, his face contorted into pure, incandescent rage. Arsenal had two types of rages. The first was the tantrum of a grumpy old man, the butt of constant jokes from the likes of Edgerunner or the more venturous Guards. What was etched across his face was now was something else entirely. Standing here in the dark, his face lit only by the flashing red light of an ambulance, he looked exactly like what he was. An Epic who had been defied, weapon drawn and ready to dish out retribution. "I received a report," the officer growled icily, "that you were engaged in the slaughter of Guards in my armory. Explain yourself, now, or I will fill this street with squad cars and terminate you here and now." Deathwish groaned, trying to pull himself to his feet. Arsenal's boot connected with his side again, knocking him back to the ground. His body was mostly together by this point, but still hurting like hellfire. "I was framed," he managed to rasp out, not meeting the other man's eyes. "That witch with Frequency's gang. She killed a Guard and took his radio. Put out a false alarm. Ask the survivors and they'll tell you everything." He winced as a gunshot exploded through the air--but rather than spraying his skull all over the pavement, it apparently blew out the ambulance's sirens, as the sound died at once and the lights died with a flicker. The pain died away across his body, his last cuts and bruises fading away without a twinge. He let out a deep sigh of relief, pleased to note that he had the use of both lungs again. No longer racked with agony, he pulled himself to his feet and glared at the old man in front of him. "You couldn't just use my radio?" he snapped incredulously. "You had to throw me out of the storming sky in the middle of a chase? What the sparks is wrong with--hey!" As he was ranting, a pair of handcuffs materialized out of thin air, clipping around his right wrist and a streetlight in a second. "I'll have a squad retrieve you and bring you back to HQ," Arsenal informed him, ignoring the look of incredulous outrage on his face. "You will wait here until their arrival, and will comply with their every demand en route to your destination. If you fail to do so, I will fill this city with enough sirens to make this city shine as bright as Calamity, and teams will be deployed to terminate you within minutes. Do you understand?" Deathwish stared unbelieving for a moment, before rattling his cuffed hand against his post furiously. "You think you can just do this?" he demanded in a shout. "I'm an Epic, you slontze! I could have a whole city bowing to me before--hey! Don't walk away when I'm talking to you! You can't just leave me cuffed to a storming streetlight!" "Arsenal to Game," the other Epic droned over him through his radio. "I will arrive at your clinic momentarily. Inform the new arrivals to be at their best behavior." With that, Arsenal clambered into his ambulance and started its engine. "I'd advise you not to let any of those words reach the commander," he said, casting a glare at Deathwish. "You may believe that you are worthy of some kind of respect, but in this city you're nothing but a common criminal." "What the storms did you just say to me? I'm--" "A common crook," Arsenal finished. His eyes still flashed dangerously, but he seemed satisfied with the description. Swinging the door of his noiseless ambulance shut, he began driving down the darkened streets in the direction of the clinic. Deathwish stood incredulous for a minute more, feeling like the delinquent teenager that used to sell bags of pot in Lincoln City. The useless little slontze who couldn't even pull off a booze sale without sirens blaring and hauling him back to a youth detention center. The common crook. "I'm not just a crook," he growled to himself. "Not any more." He raised his voice, and repeated himself louder across the empty street. "Do you hear me! I am an Epic! I'm a sparking, storming god! I AM NOT JUST A CROOK!"
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    Critics Rave: "That's a very interesting way to look at it. The theory isn't all there, but it's thinking along the right lines." -BRANDON SANDERSON "a surprisingly coherent theory considering everything we don't know" -dj26792 "while I don't completely agree with the terminology you say, the ideas here are extremely extremely good." -Chaos "it's a great theory that makes sense with the Cosmere so far" -Straff Venture (before being cut in half, presumably) "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" -Observer "good theory! Well presented and excellent concept, at least." -Odiums_Shard Table of Contents: Main theory (this post) Awakening --Start of the Greate War of Nepene (~25,000 words. You have been warned) --End of the Great War of Nepene ---New Orleans of the Great War of Nepene (Hint: I'm Jackson) Start of discussion about: -Cognitive/Spiritual interaction -Spren -Hemalurgy and Memory/Intelligence To Be Discussed in Depth: -Mostly Cognitive beings -Spren -Hemalurgy, specifically concerned with Memory and Intelligence theft -The relationship between Spiritual energy and Cognitive complexity -Predictions for how Forging works. -Senses of Awakened objects Related Theories: -Forms: --Forms: Simplified --Spren as Forms --Nature of Forms & Forgery ---Spiritual Realm as a Network of Connections -Realmatic Theory, Satsuoni edition --A bit divergent, but mostly on the same tack as mine. ---- Summary of theory so you can "get it" without reading the equivalent of a paper. -Lacks reasoning, evidence, and length. The Spiritual realm is the source of all motivation within the Cosmere, from gravity to punching someone in the face. It may or may not also provide the energy to enable these actions. Every object has it's own unique sDNA which specifies how it interacts with other objects and the Cosmere at large, once again from gravity to the sDNA of a Thug allowing him/her to burn pewter. Magic depends on this sDNA and can, on occasion, change it. The Cognitive realm (the least well-defined of the three so far under my theory) is where all of the computations and permutations of spiritual rules are considered--in the context of the layout of the Physical realm--on a moment-by-moment basis. It is, quite literally, where the cogitation takes place. Alterations to the Cognitive realm can alter how objects react to certain Spiritual directives, but not the directives themselves. It may, however, also serve as a natural interface between the Spiritual and Physical realms, allowing one to indirectly affect the other. The Physical realm is where everything actually happens, changes coming about in it as an end result of Spiritual directives being interpreted by the Cognitive realm. The results of those directives then affect the other two realms in turn and go on to determine what happens in the next "cycle." Main Block (Ridiculously Long): EDIT: Actually, my explanation for time-bubbles is far too simplistic. It may be that there are some rather sophisticated methods for determining what's in and what's out of a time bubble, and we have to account for frame of reference. Ugh. I suppose the "go faster" variable could be altered as a function of the frame of reference of the anchor, with an additional "time passes this fast" variable which is altered the same way no matter what (except for relativistic effects, perhaps. . .). EDIT 2: According to a Harmony quote, the Spiritual realm definitely provides the energy. EDIT 3: Unearthed another quote, this one from Elantris. A bit suspect, due to theological underpinnings, but the first concrete "the Dor/Spiritual motivates stuff" quote I've seen. So there's the theory. Read, gush over, criticize, analyze, substantiate, annihilate, and permutate to your hearts' content.
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    That last was inspired by yours, so thanks on multiple levels (WoR) Hoid: [/url Lift:
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    I speak fluent Aleithi, Aonic, Sanderson profanity, and sarcasm. Oh, and the occasional bit of English.
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    Huh... well, I'm specifically tagged in a thread about the invasion of the 17th Shard, so I suppose I'd better weigh in before the lynch mobs start showing up. Be warned: opinions follow. Opinions can be a mortal allergen to a high percentage of the population--or at least, I'm assuming they can be, considering how rabidly some people react to them. So let me meet your opinions with some of my own. As Quiver said, most of the ponies in the upper tier of the rep list belong to the Reckoners RPG, colloquially known as "What Happened in Oregon" or "WHIO." In the eyes of many members, WHIO and My Little Pony have become synonymous. Why? One is a gritty role-playing game about the destruction of an entire state, the other is an optimistic cartoon about the power of friendship. How did the two ever become associated? I don't have the answer, but I do have a hypothesis. You see... at its core, What Happened in Oregon is a very dark game. The characters are almost universally terrible people. The setting is a twisted dystopia. The plot revolves around horrible slaughters, massacres, and battles that lead to thousands becoming dead or homeless. The average Oregon character is a darker and more gruesome villain than the antagonists of most Sanderson novels. I believe that the ponies are a way of coping with that. Most players on the Reckoners RPG board are silly, fun-loving people. We make constant jokes about what's going on in the RP. We relentlessly make fun of any trait that's even remotely laughable about characters, and we write silly non-canon shorts about our characters acting in wildly out-of-character ways. Creating ponified versions of the characters fits in with everything else--it adds some levity to what would otherwise be a depressingly gritty RPG. The fact that several high-profile players, including myself, are also fans of the show only further cements ponies as the preferred way of visually representing the characters, to the point that it's become a sort of initiation ritual for new players to either ponify their characters or allow them to be ponified. It's no secret that the combined grittiness and silliness of the Reckoners RPG creates an upvote-earning environment ripe for the taking, resulting in most of the major players there skyrocketing in reputation. If it weren't for the astronomical reputation levels boasted by many Oregon RPers, it's probable no one would pay much mind to the pony phenomenon on the 17th Shard--at least, I don't remember anyone making a particularly big deal out of it back when the noble Quiver was the only pony in sight. So that explains why so many notable members have pony profile pictures, YoungBard. Now... for the show. You used the phrase "mindless drivel" to describe it, which needless to say as a fan of the show, I think is a bit harsh. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is not a perfect show. It has flaws, and not every writer to have penned an episode has been a literary genius. In terms of quality, I would not presume to argue that even my favorite episode is as brilliant and well-orchestrated as The Way of Kings or Warbreaker. Nonetheless, I feel the show has value, and I adore it. I adore it for two reasons: it makes me smile, and it makes me think. In a world so bombarded with darkness, on both the news and in our entertainment, My Little Pony is a breath of fresh air. The characters may be stereotypes at times, but they're good stereotypes. While the characters of many children's shows these days are bratty, obnoxious, or even cruel, the protagonists of MLP are never presented as such without good reason. If a character does something rotten, you can bet that either she's due for a friendship lesson at the end of the episode, or she's been corrupted by the malevolent spirit of chaos that broke free of its millennium-long imprisonment. Either way, it's an aberration from the status quo. The six main characters are six good friends, and are also inherently good people. In a literary world filled with murderous and otherwise immoral anti-heroes, it's fun to sit down and watch some truly virtuous characters settle their problems through the power of their friendship. Not only the virtue, but the humor of the show appeals to me. Despite dipping its hooves into epic fantasy, the show never seems to forget that it it's heart it is a cartoon about brightly colored, anatomically improbable ponies, and it acts accordingly. It's goofy. It's silly. It makes light of serious situations for the sake of a cheap laugh, and I can't get enough of it. Even the aforementioned malevolent spirit of chaos is one of the most hilarious characters on the show, injecting humor into the narrative even when he's literally driving the characters insane and rewriting the laws of physics into his own twisted image. When I see nothing but pain and hardship all around me, My Little Pony gives me something beautiful to look at. It gives me characters not only to laugh at or enjoy the adventures of, but to emulate. It makes me smile. Now for the second reason I like watching and discussing the show: it makes me think. I like to think of myself as a somewhat creative person, and this show pushes my theorizing buttons like nothing else on the market--including the great Sanderson's works. Why is that? Again, I can't tell you the answer, but I can give you a hypothesis. You see, I feel one of the failings Quiver mentioned is actually one of its strengths: it doesn't always develop the one-off characters or setting details it creates. While the main characters and the central setting are very well-developed, the program is scattered with hints about there being more to the world of Equestria than meets the eye. Take the Everfree Forest for example. In the main setting of the show, all of the world's natural forces are controlled by ponies. Plants and animals don't grow without ponies to take care of them. Weather doesn't happen if the pegasi don't push the clouds into the right positions. Not even the sun and moon will rise without one of the two monarchs telekinetically hauling them over the horizon. In the Everfree Forest, the laws of physics flow like our world. Plants and animals take care of themselves. Clouds move and rain all on their own. It runs autonomously, without the slightest need for pony intervention... and the main characters find it terrifying. No explanation for its behavior is ever given on the show, nor is one ever likely to be given. This puts my brain into high-gear like nothing else. You see, while in a Sanderson novel we'd be guaranteed an in-depth explanation by the end of the series, fans are left to come to their own conclusions about the Everfree Forest. Was the entire pony world once as natural as their own? Was the entire world once autonomous, with the Everfree the result of some strange accident? Is the Everfree Forest a threat to pony society? Will it ever expand, or shrink? The show is riddled with enigmas like the Everfree. If you throw a stone in Equestria, you're likely to hit some sort of ancient evil or unresolved magical mystery (and probably have to learn a friendship lesson about not blindly throwing rocks at ponies.) While many settings would suffer from such a lack of setting resolution, somehow MLP manages to benefit from it. Equestria is a setting of magic and wonder, and sometimes there's nothing more fun than to be mystified by questions you'll never hear a straight answer to. So that, dearest YoungBard, is why this Sanderfan can enjoy The Way of Kings and then flip on a show about cartoon ponies. They make me smile, they make me think, and they can put much-needed cheer into a gloomy situation. You're entitled to your opinion, and no one will ever try to pressure you into liking or even appreciating what we watch... but hopefully by now you've gotten a better idea about why we harbor the opinions we do.
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    I.....I......I'm not quite sure if I should love this or consider it blasphemy but I'm laughing so.....go figure?
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    Something happened. And then Nighthound died.
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