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    Listen to us develop this theory live, in real-time, in the first episode of the Shardkeepers Podcast! [A link will go here when it's available. For now, use your imagination.] So, while recording the Shardkeepers Podcast, I was hit with a sudden lightbulb about magic on Sel. A lot of credit goes to Chaos here, since talking about his theory is what caused me to think of it this way, so a big shoutout to him. Anyways, I think I've figured out a feasible way to explain what's going on on Sel, and specifically, what's up with these "region-locked" magics, so to speak. First, we need to take a good look at the nature of the Shards on Sel. For that, I want to turn to the dictionary definitions of their names, so I went ahead and grabbed them from dictionary.com. You can see them right here: For Devotion, my interpretation of current theorizing trends is that we tend to focus on the first two definitions primarily, but I want to invite you guys to make sure and include the third as a possible interpretation. Devotion, however, is pretty straightforward. Meanwhile, Dominion -- well, Dominion is interesting. I've read a lot of things associating Dominion with Definition #2 - control, domination - probably in part by whom we tend to associate with that particular Shard. However, I'm beginning to think that we're not looking at Dominion in the right light. I think we need to view Dominion primarily as it is portrayed in Definition #3 (though #1 and #4 are pretty applicable as well, so include those if you like). Bearing with me so far? Okay? Good. Okay. So. We've got Devotion, which like I said before, is pretty self-explanatory and not that hard to expand a definition on. We've also got Dominion, thinking of it in the sense of a territory or domain instead of the commonly perceived role of domination. That covers the nature of the two Shards we're dealing with here. In order to continue, let's talk about what we know about the Dor. First, I have a quote from Brandon on our very own forum Q&A. I pulled this from Windy's archive, which is much easier to sort through than the actual thread, so I can't link to the exact post, but I'll offer free rep to anyone who can find it for me. Anyways, here's the quote: So. This is interesting. Obviously a lot hinges on this, but for the sake of this theory, I will be operating under the assumption that yes, the Dor is powered by both of them. Moving on to this reddit post (formatting mine): Okay. So. Pretty self explanatory here; I don't need to expand on it any more. Moving on to the next post: Interesting. We've seen the bit about being born in a particular region on Sel before, very clearly spelled out in Elantris, but the idea of rewriting a connection is new. That, however, is for a different theory. Right now, I want to focus on that affinity. What is it, exactly? The answer, I believe, lies in this post (emphasis/formatting mine): Okay, so obviously we're not dealing with Odium or Scadrial here, but look at that italicized sentence again. "People born on Scadrial have an Identity tied to it and its magic." Note the capital I here. Is the Identity of the people of Scadrial that ties them to its magic in particular the same as the affinity that ties people on Sel to their local region's magic? It certainly seems that way. So, how are we looking so far? To sum it up, here's what we have so far: The Dor is (assumedly) fueled by both Devotion (presumed to be: dedication, attachment, assignment) and Dominion (presumed to be: domain, territory, nation). All regional magics on Sel are different manifestations of what is, essentially, the same magic. Everyone on Sel is born with an affinity for their region's magic. This affinity, for the sake of this theory, is assumed to be Identity. Now, I'm sure a lot of you already know where I'm going with this. Sel is a very special instance of magic in the Cosmere: not only are the magics region-based, everything seems to arrange very neatly along cultural and political borders. Why is this? What separates these region-based magics from one another, and what causes this almost-too-tidy separation? The answer, I believe, is the Shards themselves, Dominion and Devotion, and how they interact with the Identity of the people of Sel. This is where my interpretation of the name Dominion is key. Look at the people in our own world. If you were born and raised in America, you tend to view yourself as American. Those from England tend to think of themselves as being English. Sure, we're all citizens of Planet Earth, but when asked what country we're from, we're probably not going to tell people that we're Earthlings. We're going to say English, American, Australian, Canadian, whatever. Now, apply that to the people of Sel. Here we have the Arelish, the Jindo, the MaiPon, and all the rest. All of the peoples on Sel have their own cultural and national Identity, and why shouldn't they? It's a perfectly normal thing to do. The Emperor's Soul taught us a lot about how Identity works. How we view ourselves has a huge impact on who and what we are, and on a very fundamental level at that. Particularly in a setting where Identity has profound cosmological implications, is it really so hard to believe that it would affect the manifestation of a magic system powered by Shards named Dominion and Devotion? And so you have this vast array of magics, each varying manifestations of the same magic, each tied to a certain part of the world. A culture, a way of life, a country. A Dominion. What would the citizens of a country usually feel towards their people, their way of life? Some measure of loyalty, patriotism, or maybe just an association with their cultural identity and who they are. Devotion, so to speak. Of course, we have the unusual cases. Those living close to the Arelish border have sometimes been taken by the Shaod, but that's really not so strange when you come to think of it. Living on the border between two nations, it is only natural for some people to associate somewhat with both of them. Galladon, despite being a Dula, spent much of his life in Elantris, quite possibly giving him the Identity needed to be chosen by the Shaod. The Jindoeese have a very strong cultural Identity, giving them a tie to their region's magic no matter where they live. To sum it up in a very cheesy way, the magic you have access to if you're from Sel depends on which Dominion to which you owe your Devotion. And that, my friends, is how I propose magic on Sel works.
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    My first was Dragonsteel. I didn't read Elantris until maybe years later.
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    Vivenna disagrees. I agree that Kaladin, despite his deep backstory and awesomeness, isn't that intriguing of a character. He's a lot more intriguing for what he does than for who he is. He's mostly just obsessed with hating Lighteyes. Dalinar, however, is badassery incarnate. Retired warlord trying to learn ancient magical religions so he can effing UNITE people, even though they all think he's crazy. Guess how many craps Dalinar gives? ZERO. The Blackthorne could take any of his haters ezpz any day of the week except during a Highstorm, when he's too busy having AWESOME PROPHETIC VISIONS and chatting with the Almighty. Oh, people say he's only hardcore when he's wielding a shardblade? Np, he'll just trade one for some slaves, and while he's at it, give some plate to his handicapped son ('cause you know that awesomeness runs in the fam). He'll just go pick up another pair from the lifeless bodies of his enemies. Speaking of enemies, even THEY'RE forced to acknowledge his uber sweetness (see: giant Parshendi shardbearer). King sends him on a wild goose chase? The Blackthorne slams him against the wall and makes him piss his pants. Did I mention that he made a pact with the Old God? So between all this badassery, what does he do for a break? Nothing -- he just cuts giant rocks with his sword and lifts the chunks out with his own hands. Oh, and in his spare time, he has a train of chicks coming to his tent all day to read ancient scripture to him, so he can live by an ancient moral code that nobody else believes in. Dalinar is a Sliver of the Awesomeness Shard.
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    I think it's pretty clear in the book that Mraize is from Thaylenah.
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    What's that, Feather? You want more Stormlight AUs? Well, how about a 007-inspired spy tale? The leads name? "Smith. Bond Smith."
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    Miles Hundredlives walks into a bar. Being a Gold Compounder, he quickly heals from all damage and demands to know who put it there.
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    Fortunately, we already know what Surge Ym the shoemaker had access to. Solecasting.
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    What happens when a drummer is taken by the Shaod? He can draw cymbals in the air.
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    I decided to show love for some non cosmere works and Rithmatist seemed like the best choice. I mean, who doesn't love chalklings? I took the chapter headings, removed the numbers, and filled in the resulting gaps to end up with these chalklings. I tried to get rid of the circle too but it looked strange because most of the chalklings were actually drawn with the circle as part of the design so I left it on there. Question for the wiki moderators: would you want the SVG files uploaded on the coppermind for the chalklings section? I also have the original chapter headings isolated as jpgs. Would you want those uploaded and used for each chapter of The Rithmatist Summary page? The images themselves are png's sized to work as profile icons. Clicking on one will allow you to download a stylized SVG vector I made for each.
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    *clears throat* How many Rosharans does it take to change a lightbulb? One, but you have to wait for a highstorm. How many Mistborn does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they'l just burn tin. How many darkeyes does it take to change a lightbulb? None, he's out in the storm stealing spheres. Did you hear about the latest application of Hemalurgy? I kandra care less. What gets heavier the more it empties? An Iron-tapping Ferring What do you call an imprisoned kandra? Anything you like, he can't hear you. Knock knock who's there? Your coinshot Oh, push off. knock knock who's there? Vin Vin who? Vindication (Muahahaha) Knock knock who's there? Oresure Kandra see I'm busy? What did the noble say to the kandra awaiting payment? I'll give you TenSoon What did the Surgebinder say to the threatening person at the door? Go away Else I'll Call the police!
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    A while back there was a topic about the names of the Unmade, which bore a striking similarity to the names of certain beings in Christian demonology. However, there were a few names which weren't cleared up. I believe I've figured out one. So, the (presumed) Unmade and their counterparts: Nergaoul: Nergal. Nergal was a Mesopotamian war god, which fits with Nergaoul causing the Thrill. There are similar connections with all of them, but they were overlooked the last time. Moelach: Moloch. Moloch was known for providing victory in war, in return for child sacrifices. The connections to the Diagram should be obvious. Re-shephir: Resheph. Resheph was a god who was supposed to prevent disease. However, in the Bible, Resheph is portrayed as creating disease. Reshephir creates the Midnight Essence, and possibly more. The connection here is more tenuous. Dai-gonarthis: Dagon. Dagon was a god of the harvest, but for a long time was mistakenly believed to be a fish god. Daigonarthis is the Black Fisher. Sja-anat: Sja-anat was one of the mysteries in the previous thread. To figure out who Sja-anat was connected to, I looked at the connections. Sja-anat corrupts spren. Which being, viewed in Christianity as a demon, is known for corrupting things? The Devil, also known as Satan. The one remaining Unmade of which we know is Yelig-nar, who apparently consumes his victims. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a counterpart for Yelig-nar. There are few demons whose names start with "Y", and none of them sound like Yelig-nar.
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    I like it. Now, you know me. I'm not big on theories. It says so in my signature, after all. But the absence of math and high-level physics kept me reading, and it feels very well-thought out. I have long been a proponent of the idea that people were considering Dominion in the wrong light - there doesn't need to be a 'good shard' and a 'bad shard' (and really, I don't think there is such a thing). I have my own theory on how Dominion and Devotion interacted in a different way, but that's a tangent I'm not going to go on right now. Anyway, I like this idea because it feels very cohesive. But even more so, I really like the implication that magic on Sel comes from a mix of Dominion and Devotion, rather than one or the other. It's a fresh take that I'd been thinking of myself, but you actually put in the effort to gather information and stuff to back it up. If I espoused theories, I'd consider espousing this one. This theory gets the approval of the High Anti-Theorist.
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    I think it has more to do with a "trump card" theory of magic systems. Lerasium, being of Preservation, is the trump in it's magic system, allowing consumers to use all metals. Atium is a "trump card" in Hemalurgy, being of Ruin, allowing users to steal any power. Atium spends its Investiture on an active effect in Allomancy, acting as an Ace in this analogy. I'd speculate that Lerasium does something similar in Hemalurgy, being fairly powerful. I'd speculate that lerasium alone, whatever it steals, is remarkable in that it does not lose power, and maybe even augments it in the process.
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    Have you seen Vasher? Who Zahel you talking about??
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    I have answers! Keep in mind that I didn't write down word for word what he said for these. Enjoy. SPOLERS 1. Shards can talk to dead people. Are the Tranquiline Halls where everyone in the Cosmere goes when they die? Or does each world have its own heaven. There is an afterlife that is not heaven that the Shards don't know about, or can't look into. Each world has its own, depending on their religions. (He also said something about the Tranquiline Halls being different, but I regret to say that I can't exactly remember what.) (I want to add that this is a lot like the Cognitive view of the Almighty, and Kelsier 'kicking about', and the ghosts in the Shadows for Silence story. But I'm sure you'll all notice that and can cover it a lot better. Good question, by the way.) 2. Do the Honourblades reflect the natural pairing of Surges, or did Honour decide which Surge pair to put in each Blade? The pairs are natural to Roshar in the same way as the Metals on Scadrial. (This one is for you, Skaa. I take it to mean that the Surges are naturally paired that way in Honours mind and that he may not have changed them? He didn't really answer it fully, and it seemed like there was more to say. I still like your theory.) 3. Are there Surges that could be considered as God Surges, like the God Metals on Scadrial? Yes. Progression and Adhesion, perhaps? No, but they could be considered as such. 4. Were the Starfarers in Sixth of the Dusk from a world we've seen? Yes. Good question. 5. In Dalinar's vision, why did Nohadon make a distinction between Soulcasting and Surgebinding? Because they are distinct in his mind. (I think this might somehow relate to your theory, skaa.) 6. Was Allomancer Jak in the newspapers in AoL just Hoid in disguise? No. I actually just published a short story with him in it. (He also said that he came up with the idea for him in an RPG writing group, or something along those lines.) 7. Can someone accidentally Wordhop? Yes. (He thought for a moment first and then said that. I think its more complicated.) 8. Did Nalan's eyes change when he killed Ym? (And attempted to kill Lift) (He thought a moment again) No, I don't think so. 9. Graves claims that if he had succeeded in killed Elhokar (and done it more quickly), Dalinar would have become an ally of Taravangian. Is there any truth to this idea? They are predicting the future. There are people who firmly believe that that would be the case. 10. Are the Unmade and the Stormfather the same 'class' of being? Technically no, but they are on a similar level. It is a good analogy. 11. Hoid went through Cultivation's Shardpool to get to Roshar as opposed to Honor's. Yet, he notes he never got along well with Cultivation. Why did he choose her Shardpool rather than Honor's? You're making assumptions! (I asked if its possible that it was Honour's and he said its possible.) Alright guys, I had fun. In a few weeks when I'm back home, I will do a transcription of the Q and A. There were no spoilery Cosmere questions though, mostly personal writing things. He also did that same reading of Stones Unhallowed as was posted on Tor a couple weeks back. It was great, because his editor (I think) was handing out free paperback copies of WoK. I got three! That makes 5 plus the ebook! PS: Sorry, Ashiok. didn't see yours in time. You're welcome, Rin
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    Geeze Baine, you're gonna make me ruin my perfect word count to explain the joke? Plebian. Okay, so... follow closely. SEVEN= Seventh Knight Radiant Order= Elsecallers EIGHT= The number of letters in Shinovar. And who do we know comes from Shinovar? Szeth. NINE= Ninth book. We know Jasnah has a book in the Back Five, and the ninth episode of Game of Thrones is always the big action packed one with the twist in it. Why is Game of Thrones important? Because Brandon published a cosmere short story in GRRM's anthology. So obviously, in the Ninth Book of the Stormlight Archive, Szaeth is going to kill an Elsecaller. And that makes me sad.
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    Thanks Khyrindor! I'll add the answers I got to these. This was the first time I've met Brandon in person, it was a very cool experience. He is very approachable and appreciative of his fans. Some of my questions overlapped with Khyrindor's and probably some with info we already had, but I either hadn't heard these before, or I wanted to get them clarified. These are all paraphrased. Also, no new readings (we got the ones from Skin Deep, Shadows of Self, and the Kaladin one from Stones Unhallowed) but he did mention that Shadows of Self will probably be the next adult book released, before SA3. Not sure if this is taking the place of the Rithmatist sequel. And: Lastly but most importantly, apparently Brandon still manages to get 4 hours or so of writing in per day even while at conventions. The man is a machine.
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    You guys hear about Shallan's spinning wheel? She wanted to try a bit of light- weaving.
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    Did you think all that out before or after making the thread? ....you realize this could start a whole new branch of old jokes re-interpreted to Cosmere? Why did the chicken cross the road? What's a chicken? All hail the wet piece of slime and the disgusting crab thing with 17 legs!
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    From Reddit, with love: Credit: /u/Aethy (post)
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    Man, having a Steel Inquisitor as your priest would scare the snot out of me... Can you imagine going to confession? "... and that's it." "Really? That's all of your sins? I'd hate to think you..." Sound of whetstone grinding along the blade of an obsidian axe, "...left something out." Then, inevitably, "I'm sorry my son, but your sins are too great. We must spike the sin out of you."
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    Why did the Chicken cross the road? Because I made it into a Lifeless and gave it a command to. What has four wheels and flies? Kaladin carrying tires. How many people on Roshar does it take to change a lightbulb? Three. One person to Soulcast the lightbulb, one Ardent to lecture the person on using the Soulcaster outside of the church, and one Shallan to plan and steal said fabrial. Also, rumor has it that if you whisper Nalan's name into the mirror three times in a row, he will appear and slay you with a Shardblade.
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    What do you call someone who watches Agents of Shield and doesn't like the main relationship? A SkyeWard Breaker!
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    Why did the Windrunner join Boy Scouts? I'll be here all week. He wanted to learn some Basic Lashings.
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    Kelsier took a few tips from The Dark Knight's Joker. "Do you know how I got these skaa?"
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    Side Quests: Collect all the Hoid items (Moon Scepter, Lerasium Bead, Flute, Etc) Beat Lightsong in Tarachin Whack-a-Lifeless Squirrel Lashing through a Highstorm Bond all the spren. Food snatching with Lift Beat Ham at arm wrestling Bring Breeze a drink (This will be a recurring quest, each vintage being both more rare and more difficult to find liberate) I Spy with Spook Allomantic tag with Vin and Kelsier Taming the rogue bands of Koloss Stop a train robbery with Wax Aon Da skeet shooting Forge and replace a masterpiece
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    Another Shallan with some ahem...allusions to end of WoR-y stuff in the background.
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    Truthfully, I think Kaladin is actually my favorite Brandon character, Dalinar is a close second, and Shallan was originally one of my least favorite. I don't need to tout Dalinar's awesomeness thanks to Zarepath, but Kaladin is waaaaaay more interesting than Shallan IMO. First off, Kaladin gave up his dreams to do what his father wanted instead. Then he gave up that plan again to protect his little brother. After only a few years he became a squadleader. Even after he lost his brother, he spending all his own money to intentionally get poorly trained recruits and protect them, as well as bribing medics to save his team! He killed a shardbearer, got betrayed in the most spectacular way, then got sold off as a slave. As a slave, he organized multiple revolts and escape attempts over the course of nine months, got "Dangerous" stamped across his forehead, and attracted the most adorable sidekick ever. After sent to the Shattered Plains, he gets sent to the bridge crews, survives the deathpoint, and lives longer than anyone else on his first run. Depressed to the point of suicide, what does he do? Jump off a cliff and end it all? No. He decides that rather than ending it all, he's going to take over the bridge crew and change everything for the better. AND THEN HE DOES. He turns the sorriest, most downtrodden depressed group of human detritus into a nakama, bridge-running, spear-wielding crew. Even when given a perfect chance to escape, he decides he'd rather go save Dalinar Storming Kholin's sorry shard-bearing butt from an entire Parshendi army just because it's the right thing to do! To top it off, he can also defy gravity. And survived a highstorm while tied to a pole. AND HE'S NINETEEN. THAT'S LIKE MY AGE! Gah, Kaladin makes me feel so inferior! Sorry, but I don't care how many fathers Shallan's killed. The only one who comes anywhere close to Kaladin's awesome is Szeth and he's had twice as long to get there (not to mention he's kinda fighting for the wrong side at the moment).
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    House War Post-Mortem So, the important thing to ask about all of this is was whether or not the game was balanced. Unfortunately, I'm sure that it was not. While disappointing, it's not surprising on the first run-through of a set of rules, particularly rather different ones such as these. However, I wouldn't have said that this unfairness was the direct cause of the Skaa loss here. Most of the leg-work was done by the Genealogist picking good targets, and while the Informant definitely helped them pick likely ones, it's quite possible this could have been avoided if played differently or the players had different Roles (such as Meta not being a Tineye). The Skaa were also somewhat inactive at the start, and were pretty much permanently operating with a man down with Wandrin's absence. This meant less information going to them and less misinformation could be spread. I also thought that people would lie a lot more than they did, and be a lot less free with their information. I suppose you can't really predict what the players will do in games like these though. But it does show that tweaking needs to be done here, as the Informant definitely gives away too much. Despite the flaws though, I think it showed that these rules have potential. It's important that each aspect is examined to see what did and what did not work. Even if this game is not run again (though it would be disappointing if it was not at some point), it's important that the flaws are pointed for any future new game ideas. The Informant mechanic was what punished inactives, because they had no defensive information. The problem here though was that it heavily punished Skaa who went inactive, but not Nobles, since they didn't have the same sensitive information available, i.e., their Skaa-ness. I might consider removing the Alignment from the Informant entirely, since ideally it should be practically impossible to discover this through the Informant. But then that removes a level of possible subterfuge, even if it wasn't used this game. So I'm not sure. Roles I am not really pleased with how Pewter worked, that game. Its current implementation is fine thematically and fits with how it works in the books, but it might be too complicated for a game like this. I got more questions about it than anything else. It also doesn't really work with Mistborn. Having 100% Roles also doesn't seem to work in a game like this. The metagame shifts dramatically to being able to cross Roles off and guess the GM, rather than working them all out from the information at hand. While this will always be a problem, simply because balance can always be guessed at, it is a lot easier when everyone has one. In addition, it makes it fundamentally harder to balance. So in this game, we had four protective roles, for instance, but the Skaa only had 1.5 kills. The Nobles had 1.5 kills floating around as well, but these were less used, of course. I had balanced the kills against the protective Roles, but the Nobles were a lot less bloodthirsty than expected, which led to an imbalance in practice, if not theory. In the future, I would probably maybe give out 50% Roles, and therefore non-Allomancers could be used to get a small amount of truths, or lie, or even use House Powers if they were House Lords and report that to the Informant. I would probably also remove atium from the Mistborn. It makes them too hard to kill other than in lynches, and three defensive roles are too many. With regards to the Skaa, I definitely think that there should have been 5, with two doubling up on one House. The distribution used in this game meant it far too easy to clear the other members of a House when a Skaa was found there. This is something else that should be noted with people hiding in factions. I am also starting to be of the opinion that 25% is about the right about for long games like this. I would probably also revert back to Coinshots being kills rather than injuries. It was a nice idea, but not one that would be wholly necessary if there are less kill Roles. If this happened, then Pewterarms could have the unique mechanic of becoming 'injured' on the first hit (as long as they burnt their metal), which would have the same negative effects. The House System This worked well enough, but the house war aspect never came into focus. People were rather surprisingly open to their House about their own powers and what they discovered, despite the possibility of a Skaa getting hold of that info. I don't think the 'Lesser House' idea worked, really. I should have stuck with 4-people Great Houses (or maybe 5), rather than split them up more. This would have allowed more of a balance within the current system, as I could have given a much more even spread to each House, with the four 'Role types' that I classified them as: Offensive Role, a Defensive Role, an Information Role, and a Voting Manipulation Role. It's not perfect, as Steel is the only Offensive one (I classified Mistborn as offensive as well to compensate) and there are three Defensive ones, but it's near enough. House Powers were used often enough at the expense of other options, but most of the time though, this was just Genealogy and Loyal Terrisman. Neither of these show that they were a more useful choice than the Informant though, since both were already 'better' than it in some or all ways. Genealogy is pretty much a classic example of a Deputy Cop Role. The question here is whether the combination of it with another Role is too strong. The answer is probably no, if there are not 100% Roles. If there was only one Pewterarm, one Lurcher etc, then it should be alright. Pewterarm Cops might still be too strong, however. It would be difficult to say, as arguably it is just the same as a protected scanner. The difference here though is that you can't target someone else instead to try and take them out. So... It's difficult to say. Something for more experienced minds than me to think about. Broad Investments seemed to do its job of allowing players to be diverse, so it probably does not need changing. Blanket Soothing, I may just make target a player and cancel an action at random rather than a metal action by a player in that target's House, if there are <100% Roles. Metal Poisoning was a very flavourful mechanic, but it only really benefits the Skaa or a House trying to win on their own. It was very useful to discourage Coinshots killing the wrong person early on, but that was about it. Suggestions to change this would be nice. Overall, I think I would change it so that the House Powers, and the Skaa kill as well, could be used as either a Metal or Special (renamed Informant) Action. I was also highly disturbed by House Urbain, for the reasons I have already stated. Let this be a lesson to you, people who try this Faction Doc stuff in their games - try to balance the talkative people as well as the roles. The Informant The Informant was obviously a bit too strong. I expected it to be powerful at the start and weaker as it continued, but as mentioned I wasn't quite prepared for the sheer number of people telling the truth in this game - One person lied, and that was Asyr late on in the game when he had to lie about hitting Mailu. It was also unfortunate that so many people looked at Racine on the first night, though it was only 50% more than the average that could be expected if everyone chose randomly. Because of this, a lot more information was in the public domain, since people were freely sharing it all as well, due to the fact that it didn't implicate them as a certain Role in any way. This heavily punished the Skaa, as they visited him less due to their Kill (which as previously noted would be changed to allow them to Kill and visit the Informant), and they also could have their Special Actions and alignment discovered this way. As such, I think the best option to decrease the amount of information floating around and make lying more viable would be to make True Info return only one bit of information, making it half as effective. While Truths may still be more attractive, the main benefit here is that there aren't twice as many bits of info coming out each day as players. I would also consider giving out the same GM Information on a person to each player who receives some that night, to make it utterly indistinguishable from information put on that person by a player. In addition, because of the lack of lies, the Loyal Terrisman was almost 100% useless in this game. Under this set of rules, it would be the same as the normal Informant role, but still with the 'Truth-only' rider. The main benefit here would therefore be that you could use it as a Metal Action, getting twice the information each Night. Kandra The Kandra seemed to fall under 'a nice idea in theory, but not useful in practice'. The Kandra came up once, with Jain's vote on Day 5. The corpse-devouring aspect was never used as for the most part only Skaa Kills happened at Night, and I believe Theorymaker specifically didn't vote so the Kandra's House didn't become obvious. I would probably scrap the Kandra in the second version of the Rules, or make them into a House Power. As their own mechanic, they just add unnecessary complication to the game, and don't return enough to make them worthwhile. In summary: 100% Roles is very difficult to get right. 25% Skaa would have been right for this game rather than 20%, as House War aspect didn't come up at all. Larger Village Factions work better than smaller ones for balance purposes and causing people to think more about them. Metal Poisoning could probably be redesigned (I'd prefer to keep it mostly the same though, since it's really nice thematically) to be as useful to nobles as the Skaa. Would need extra testing though, to see how it would work with the other suggested tweaks first. The Pewterarm mechanics were confusing and should probably be rebuilt or re-explained somehow, particularly if injuries were done away with (injuries could be a Pewterarm-specific mechanic, perhaps?). Atium should be scrapped, or at least redesigned. Meta's a hell of a lot better at organising people than he is at killing them. Gamma Fiend, Kasimir and Renegade should never be in the same doc ever again. The Actions that can be taken each Cycle should be one Metal and one Informant, with Skaa/House Actions classified as either. Loyal Terrisman should be changed accordingly. The Informant should be half as strong as it was to decrease ambient information in the late game. I would also be less kind with it second time around - No asking if information is viable before deciding. Probably less ambiguous information as well. Kandra are complicated and don't add enough to justify their inclusion as anything other than a House Power. The link at the bottom of my sig has the current redesign of the rules. Is there anything else that the players think should be changed?
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    Day 2 - The Calm before the Stormfather The morning after his announcement, Reginar looked out from Telmont’s pier, at the glimmering sun on the horizon. It helped to calm his nerves. As there was, indeed, quite a lot to be worried about. The Skybreakers were a threat, yes. A very great one to this town. But he had heard the Stormfather’s voice, and knew its truth. A Desolation would come. YOU ARE DOOMED, the Stormfather had said. YOUR BEST HOPE WOULD BE TO FLEE WHILE YOU STILL CAN. Flee? Flee where? Nothing on Roshar was safe from a Desolation. Reginar knew that much. The Stormfather, for all his infinite might and glory, was rather unhelpful. Reginar sighed, looking out at the sea. Were those clouds gathering? There wasn’t supposed to be a highstorm anytime soon… was there? He squinted out at the sea. Yep, those were definitely storm clouds of some sort. “How odd,” Reginar said, before turning around, towards the center of Telmont. A Desolation, Reginar contemplated, shaking his head in despair. A storming Desolation. Are the Skybreakers really an issue here? We should be focusing on the real threat… Reginar continued walking, quickening his pace. It was still early, and most of the town hadn’t woken up yet. It was actually rather calm, considering what the town would have to face very soon. No, Reginar decided, the Skybreakers are a legitimate concern. In this town, at least. If they continue their purge of the Surgebinders… what will we have left to defend ourselves? Yes, first we must remove the Skybreakers and save the other Surgebinders. Only then can they be properly taught. Reginar nodded to himself, rounding a corner. Up ahead stood the town square. And off to one side of it, in front of the town courthouse, the Justice Platform. Reginar reeled at the sight of that horrid structure. Why? Reginar thought, angrily. Why must the Skybreakers be like that? They should know that some things are above the law. Law is not perfect. Nothing is. And yet, that is what they expect of everyone. Total perfection. Reginar stopped in front of the platform. It was a symbol of everything he hated about the Skybreakers. He kicked it, for all the good that did. Then, he left, heading for the Eye of the Storm tavern. -------------------------------------------- Reginar entered the Eye of the Storm just after Madame Quismet had opened it up for business that morning. None of the other patrons had arrived yet, which Reginar had expected. He sat down at a table, waiting for them to arrive. The calm before the storm, he thought, chuckling to himself. And, indeed, as Reginar looked out the window, a storm did appear to be brewing on the horizon. It seemed larger than before. Definitely seemed like a highstorm. After returning to his seat, Reginar heard the tavern’s door open up again. Aladdin burst in, holding his signature lamp and falling to the floor. Reginar stood up. “What is it?” he asked, surprised. “Were you attacked?” Aladdin looked up at Reginar, his eyes wide. “No,” he coughed. “The Stormfather… he answered me!” Reginar looked confused, then returned to his seat. “Yes, of course,” he mumbled. “The Stormfather seems to be talking to quite a few people these days. I wonder what his deal is.” Suddenly, the tavern shook, a loud voice booming: THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING. THE DESOLATION WILL COME. SEEK THE PATTERNS… FIND THOSE WHO SURVIVE… Finally, something useful, Reginar thought. “Wait, Stormfather! What-?” I AM SORRY. I MUST LEAVE YOU NOW. THAT IS ALL I CAN SAY. “Stormfather!” Reginar yelled, half as a curse. Aladdin just looked extremely dazed. Well, we’d better – what is that? Reginar looked at the far wall of the tavern, noticing several marks scratched into the wood. “The Desolation Comes!" the message said. Was that the crazy doomsayer again? Or… Reginar looked below the message, where there were a set of marks. Three scratches etched into the wood. Three scratches. Three days. “Oh, this is not good,” grumbled Reginar. -------------------------------------------- Day Two has begun, and will end at 10 PM EST on Monday. Voting may now commence (as well as all of the other actions)! Player List
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    I find this offensive :D
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    Sebarial asked Shallan to cast an illusion of food for him. Why? Because he wanted a light snack.
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    Hi all, I recently saw Brandon at the London signing and got to ask him the following question: Me: "In Mistborn, we saw that Ruin was able to manipulate writings not written in Metal and essentially alter the prophecy. Has or is something happening to Taravangian's Diagram" Brandon: *Smiles* "Oh, here you go" *hands me a RAFO card*, "Let's just say that seeing the future...is not of Honour" I can't remember if that is the exact wording, he might have said "is not genuinely of Honour". Now the way he said originally made me think that Odium would have been the one who would have the most to prophet from providing a false diagram. But then again apparently Odium is locked on Braize without being able to do any harm. Maybe his influence is still able to affect others. However the other option, and perhaps slightly more likely is that as the Nightwatcher gave Taravangian the power to create the Diagram, and I think that the Nightwatcher is of Cultivation (or even Cultivation itself), so the Diagram is designed to suit Cultivation's purpose. Now if you type Cultivation into google it comes up with 2 meanings striaght away: 1.the action of cultivating land, or the state of being cultivated 2.the process of trying to acquire or develop a quality or skill If we look at what Taravangian is doing, the Diagram is leading him to shape the land or cultivate in it in some way. He also mentioned the possibility of killing off everyone below the average intelligence, which ties in with the 2nd meaning. It got me thinking about other times we have seen the future, and I thought of Atium and how it provides you with a breif glimpse. This is of Ruin who is the main antoganist and I have the feeling from what Brandon said that seeing the future is supposed to be a bad/evil thing or at least related to evil. This would make sense if the Diagram was of Odium but if it is of Cultivation, maybe there is a purpose that we don't understand that perhaps is quite that compasionate to human race. The other mention of seeing the future that I found was in Warbreaker where The First Returned, Vo, saw the 5 visions. I can't remember if we've seen all these visions yet and maybe they're not even related but I'm just throughing it out there for speculation. So to Summarise: We know that the Diagram is not of Honour, and we can pretty much guess that is either being altered or was orginally designed to manipulate. However it's still uncertain which shard it comes from. Would love to hear your thoughts.
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    Retired physics professor from CALTECH. Reading more Fantasy lately. Really liked WHEELS OF TIME, STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE, RITHMATIST, ELANTRIS, and the first three MISTBORN series. Did not like STEELHEART. I feel THE EMPEROR's SOUL is one of best short stories (my framework of short) written. It compares to A RIVER RUNS THOUGHT IT.
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    But...but...the House T-shirts! The bonding session! THE URBAIN INQUISITION
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    I'm trying to work out a message identity security system. It's a little complicated. =) Here's the basic step, that might be helpful all around. The fancy piece builds on this to identify the stated author as being the recipient of prior messages, but I've got a few more glitches to work out of that one before I share it. I'm also accepting feedback on whether or not people want such a scheme shared, since the eliminators benefit along with the good guys, except in the part where anonymity is no longer as useful, and snitching messages is rather more detectable.
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    Much more dangerous than Fruitochemy or Seedomancy.
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    Veggielurgy is a messy art. Of course, that's why it's so much fun.
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    When someone mentions the word 'pattern' and your immediate reaction is "mmmmm.....lies...." When you decide Black Widow is a Bridge Four member because she appears to have their arm patch. (Or some other Rosharan secret society. You never really know )
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    Did someone just make a comparison between Divergent and SA? My eyes are bleeding No seriously, despite my growing hate for anything written by Veronica Roth , to answer the original poster, I would say Dustbringers would fit better within the Dauntless. They are the reckless ones (brave), they have red as their color (and matching eyes when drawing stormlight), they have the bad reputation among the Orders. Skybreakers appears like the goodie-doers of the Orders, always upholding the law to the letter. Dustbringers seem to have a somewhat looser interpretation of morality which fits well with Dauntless who have little morality whatsoever.
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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Why did the Edgedancer cross the road? To get to the other slide.
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    Hi! What a brilliant site you all have made here! I view fantasy and sci- if (well, the good stuff, obviously) as modern philosophy, and as the driving force in literature at the present. I've read some stuff besides Brandon's, of course, most notably the Dune- series by Frank Herbert, may he rest in peace. I find it very refreshing to read awesome theories that you guys all cook up, and I might sometime contribute. We shall see. Anyway, the way I view the world, I am not likely to find facts or tidbits of info that no one else has spotted, I am more of a ideals- driven person, and tend to view the world- or the cosmere, as it were- in broad, sweeping motions. I found Sanderson through WoT, and I'm looking forward to the one thousand or so next book the man has in the pipeline. Hope to read more rom you guys!
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    So the skaa coinshot, lord tuy, saved the coinshot that killed the last member of the skaa rebellion from being killed by a coinshot. Steelceptiom!
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    If you can storming do multiple sentences then I storming think that Words of Radiance wins by a stormslide.
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    Kaladin and Szeth's final battle.
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    Done. That took longer than I thought it would. EDIT: And this one with white letters on both. I didn't realize how dark the background would be when I changed the letters to black at first.
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    Inquisi-ponies eat carrot inquisitors for breakfast.
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    What do you call a crazy Mistborn? InZane.
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