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    These icons were all designed for free use so anybody can have a stylized profile icon to identify themselves. I'll be adding more on occasion so please check back if your personal style isn't represented yet. I'm also open to suggestions for future designs. Knights Radiant Glyphs: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Glyphs Without Borders: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Radiant Gemstones: _________________________________________________________________ Alternate Gemstones: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Voidbinder Glyphs: Glyph One Glyph Two Glyph Three Glyph Four Glyph Five Glyph Six Glyph Seven Glyph Eight Glyph Nine Glyph Ten __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Swag Series 1: Windrunner Skybreaker Releaser Edgedancer Truthwatcher Lightweaver Elsecaller Willshaper Stoneward Bondsmith __________________________________________________________________________ Swag Series 3: Windrunner || Skybreaker || Releaser || Edgedancer || Truthwatcher Lightweaver || Elsecaller || Willshaper || Stoneward || Bondsmith __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Allomancy and Feruchemy Charts: __________________________________________________________________________ || Iron - Steel || Tin - Pewter || Zinc - Brass || __________________________________________________________________________ || Copper - Bronze || Atium - Malatium || Gold - Electrum || __________________________________________________________________________ || Chromium - Nicrosil || Aluminum - Duraluminum || Cadmium - Bendalloy || __________________________________________________________________________ || Lerasium || || || __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ || Iron - Steel || Tin - Pewter || Zinc - Brass || __________________________________________________________________________ || Copper - Bronze || Atium || Gold - Electrum || __________________________________________________________________________ || Chromium - Nicrosil || Aluminum - Duraluminum || Cadmium - Bendalloy || __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Elantris Glowing Aons: There are too many of them to give a preview of all 33 glyphs but the first 15 are displayed below. The links for the entire set are after the preview. The design and meaning for all of them can be found on the coppermind. Aan || Aha || Ala || Ashe || Ata || Daa || Dao || Deo || Dor || Edo || Ela || Ena || Ene || Eon || Eshe || Iad || ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ido || Ien || Iri || Kai || Kii || Mai || Mea || Nae || Omi || Opa || Rao || Rii || Sao || Sea || Seo || Shao || Teo || __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ The Rithmatist Chalklings: This is only a small sample of the full set. All 27 can be found HERE __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ The Many Faces of Pattern: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Roshar Flora & Fauna: Santhid Santhid Eye Chull Axehound Axehound Head Whitespine __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Individual Designs: 17th Shard Soulstamp Bridge Four The Wafflesworn Necago Court Observers Guild Lords of Choas Edit: Per Chaos' suggestion, the tint for the knights radiant glyphs have been brightened Edit 2: Moved all glyphs to this post for ease of access Edit 3: streamlined the layout so its easier to locate the icon you want to download.
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    The blood being in motion is part of it. Because the power, once used, returns to him--much as water, after passing over a turbine, continues on in its system. If they tried to actualize their Aon, it would have an undesirable result. In addition, the chasm broke their bond to the humans they were tied to, and you can see the result of that. So they were affected.
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    He couldn't get rid of this entirely. I don't want to spoil things, but Snapping was built into Allomancy primarily because of larger-scale magical issues. This is getting deep into the issue, but it has to do with a person's spiritual makeup and a 'wounded' spirit being easier to fill with something else, kind of like a cut would let something into the bloodstream. Sazed made this threshold on Scadrial much easier to obtain. Yes. In theory. Getting to Sel is really tough... I'd say that the spren on Roshar have been my favorite so far--they are so different, but also so RIGHT. They have a mythological fae-feel to them, but also fit into the cosmere arcanum just perfectly. I also like writing them.
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    My pleasure. Thanks for reading. It has some very small effect. Selish, Scadrian, Nalthian, Rosharan. I have heard of Madoka Magica, but have not watched it. I don't know the other one. I haven't really gotten into an anime since Bebop, though people keep telling me I need to watch one of the Full Metal Alchemist shows. Well, my son (having only girl cousins) has a stuffed rabbit he named Fluttershy...so that one? I'm afraid you're talking to the wrong Dragonsteel person for MLP discussion. Peter's a fan, but I've never actually seen an episode of the new incarnation. (My little sisters, many years ago, did make me suffer through the movie with the sea ponies about a billion times, however.)
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    Thank you for reading, and for the kind words. I'm thrilled that people out there are paying enough attention to even ask questions like this. It's flattering. Yes, though in the overwhelming majority of cases, it's end-positive or at least neutral. Hemalurgy really is an oddity in the cosmere For similar reasons to why the Dor acts so differently from Preservation's essence... Some planets had people before the shattering. The Dor's nature, and why it acts as it does, is in part related to this question. Thanks!
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    Ha. I...really would rather pass on this one. Getting the Ketek right in KINGS took weeks of writing and rewriting. I'm not sure I'd like to try something, even for fun, in a quick forum write like this. RAFO. (But you will see it again.) The relationship is there, but it's not a very strong connection. There are metals which exist that any Allomancer can burn, regardless of their own orientation. Sadeas would make great use of Zane. Far better use than his father did.
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    They range between the size of a hand to perhaps the size of a small melon. You'll find out more about them eventually. Like most things from Aimia, they're pretty odd, and are also now very rare since the scouring. Yes. Good question. Interesting theory. Yes.
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    Sure. BOOKS YOU WILL SEE SOON: (The books that are done.) AMOL: January The Rithmatist (once named Scribbler): Summer 2013 Steelheart: Fall 2013 or spring 2014. BOOKS YOU WILL SEE SOMEWHAT SOON: (Working on right now.) Stormlight 2: Hopefully Fall 2013. Shadows of Self (New Wax and Wayne): 2014 OTHER: Alcatraz 5: I own the rights again now, and hope to write this book sometime in the near future. Stormlight 3: Goal is to write this soon after Stormlight 2 Steelheart and Rithmatist Sequels: I will probably try to do one of each of these between Stormlight 2 and 3. MAYBE MAYBE: Elantris 2: I'd still love to do a sequel for 2015, the 10th anniversary of the book's release. Warbreaker 2: Long ways off. STALLED PROJECTS Dark One: Unlikely any time soon. The King's Necromancer: Unlikely any time soon. I Hate Dragons: Unlikely any time soon. Death By Pizza: Turned out mediocre. Won't be released anytime soon. The Silence Divine: Will be written someday. White Sand: Will be written someday. Mistborn modern trilogy: Will be written during the gap between Stormlight 5 and 6. The Liar of Partinel Didn't turn out well. Scraped. Dragonsteel: Won't be written until Stormlight is done. Not a lot of changes from back then, except that Steelheart got finished and Rithmatist got a release date for certain. It's because of mode-shifting. The people you noted have been doing one thing for a long time, and are now forced into something else. The self confidence is a side effect of that. However, I wouldn't say it's the primary character attribute for any of them, however. I think you're blanketing self confidence as a larger issue, when it's the smaller part of something larger for each character. Vin: Trusting Others Elend: Idealism Dalinar: Conflict between the killer he was and the man he wishes to be. Spook: Self Worth Kelsier. Expanding that, however, I feel that in general, other people are telling stories about "dirtier" characters and doing it well. I don't feel characters who are generally good characters are any less realistic, however--in fact, almost everyone I know is more like Vin or Dalinar. They want to be good people, they TRY to be good people. Fantasy has taken a very dark turn in many ways, and this is fine, but it is not the type of story or characters in which I am interested. That doesn't mean I won't ever do it. There are some far more borderline characters mixed into some of the series, but they are more the exception than the rule. Maybe, but there are a few problems here. For one, "Four elements" magic has been done over and over in books and video games, so it feels hard to make fresh. And in what you describe, it sounds like the characters would be very powerful, which makes for a challenging story to write. What a clever question. Gold star for you. He certainly saw the side benefits. However, his primary motive was to make a statement. Not just as a thank you, but as a way of proclaiming to all of the Alethi "What we have been doing is wrong. This wealth is not worth the lives of men." Third Mistborn Trilogy will certainly include some of this. We shall see if I do any of Hoid's stories before then. RAFO. It is, as always, my pleasure. Thank you for supporting my writing.
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    1: Hemalurgy can do some very, very odd things. And the endowment of intelligence is a common result of tinkering with shard-based magic. 2: Because I messed up. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but that power was supposed to be swapped with another one. (You might be able to guess which one.) However, by the time I realized my mistake, it had already been canonized in print in the trilogy, so I was stuck with it. I've been tempted to go back and correct the error, but it reaches pretty far back. People drawing upon warmth is mentioned in the first book. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that in general the 'physical, mental, etc' things are applied by people--they are boxes that people investigating the magic have used to describe it. 3: This is a RAFO. I don't want to be pinned down on this one quite yet. 4: You will get plenty in the next Stormlight book. But more than one type of spren live there.
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    I'm curious what makes you guess that particular power.
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    So far, I've only done her flashback sequence--but this was a little easier than Kaladin's, as I've been kind of chomping at the bit to tell her story. Main viewpoint characters will be the same, with a touch more Navani. We will have a glimpse from a few side characters as well, including a sequence of Parshendi viewpoints. RAFO You will someday know.
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    Yes, I would think there are lots of racist jokes everywhere. It's more of a thing on Roshar, however, where the races are more distinct and rub each other the wrong way more often. Lots of things. There is a full society up there. Lots of small villages. The low end is bounded. You can pull out tons--but in filling, you can only go so far. I didn't ever explicitly talk about this in the series, but the implications are there. Not all have the same bounds, but in your example, the body just can't slow beyond a certain point. Think of it this way--you can only fill a weight metalmind with as much weight as you have to give. So you can become very, very light--but you only add to a time for doubling your weight. You can't make yourself 100,000 times slower and gain 100,000 times multiplication. You can give up all of your normal speed, and so when you tap that speed out you are at 200% for an equal period. (And that's a theoretical maximum; realistically, you can only go to down around 75% slower or the like.) As everything in Feruchemy, you become immune to the effects of the ability only. Like weight doesn't crush you, but at the same time doesn't have a net gain in strength. Growing colder, however, would be more helpful in this regard.
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    nonsense balderdash Figgldygrak is an anagram for seon gangs dry elf king shardblade. because that makes sense
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    Unless Brandon veers off from his usual speed, maybe a late 2015/early 2016 - no Wheel of Time to eat up his attention this time around. The man is a machine. If a headline came out tomorrow that read, Police bust writing sweatshop full of prolific author clones, a lot of people would probably just nod and say, "Well, that explains a lot."
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    I'm sure it's on a lot of people's mind so I'll go ahead and nominate stick as the coolest inanimate object in stormlight. I mean, Shallan prides herself on her cleverness but stick soundly trumps her with his argument of "I am stick". Genius in its simplicity. Plus, he is about the only object with its own coppermind page so just saying... Edit: on a side note, I think that page really deserves an exemplary designation. It's about as well written and complete as they come.
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    The President solemnly dons an aluminum foil hat before every speech, polished to a gleam, to prove that he speaks for himself.
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    Shardplate is a Radiant’s Spiritweb Introduction There’s been a lot of speculation about what Shardplate actually is made up of. I had posted parts of this in another thread, but I decided to take those parts and expand them out here. As noted in the thread title, I believe that Shardplate is actually composed of the Radiant’s spirtweb, made manifest in the Physical Realm. Logic We already know that a Shardblade is actually a spren in the Physical realm. When the Recreance happened, the spren “died” and were left as the Shardblades that are currently used in most of Roshar. These Shardblades act a bit different than the spren version we see Kaladin wield (they can’t change shape, need ten heartbeats to be summoned, etc). Shardplate acted differently in the times before the Recreance. They glowed with Stormlight and Radiants were able to manipulate the Plate at will, adding and removing their helmet in the blink of an eye, for instance. The Plate changed shape similar to how a live Shardblade could change shape. This changed during the Recreance as the Plate no longer could appear or disappear at will and no longer glowed with glyphs. In essence, the Plate died in much the same way that Shardblades died. So why do I think that the Plate was/is the spiritweb? First, take a look at how the Radiants acted directly after disposing of their Plate. The Radiant that Dalinar caught up with simply ignored him, not speaking to him. This is very similar to how a Lifeless acts. Vivenna notes that Clod had an “emotionless face”. The Lifeless have a bit of their spiritweb left[1]. The Radiants giving up their Shardplate would likely be in the exact same situation. The Shardplate has certain points on it that, in modern times, contain gemstones to power it with Stormlight. I believe that these points are the exact same points that would be the Hemalurgic points in the spiritweb. They are focal points for Investiture. Szeth noted that Shardplate would have interfered with his lashings[2], but we see a Windrunner in Dalinar’s vision that could clearly lash. Why? Because the Windrunner had his soul as his plate. Shardplate for Szeth would be another person’s spiritweb and would not work for him. When the Plate is cracked, the cracks show up as a web. This is circumstantial evidence, but I believe it serves to back up everything else. There is a reason it’s called a “spiritweb” after all. Additionally, Plate can be regrown from using Stormlight. This is very similar to what we see with Kaladin, healing his Shardblade severed limb with Stormlight, essentially reconnecting the Spiritual with the Physical. The breastplate, as well, mirrors this. A strike to the chest (or spine) with a Shardblade is a killing blow. Shardplate ceases to function when the breastplate is destroyed[3]. Each Radiant’s soul was unique. This would manifest itself in the different shapes and patterns of the Shardplate. The sets of Plate were unique enough that Dalinar could recognize Adolin’s set in the vision of the battle where the Dustbringer fought[4]. Finally, every order of the Radiants had access to Shardplate, even if they did not use it[5]. This, quite simply, is because each Radiant had a soul (spiritweb). I think this makes for a very nice situation where the a Radiant would fight using aspects of all three Realms. Physical with his body. Cognitive with his spren Shardblade. Spiritual with his spiritweb Shardplate. References Edit: Fixed typos
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    Dear diary, Today I wore my new shoes, but now I have a callus. I shall have revenge upon that storming shoemaker! Dear diary, Today a wicked spawn of Odium ate my dinner. I shall not rest until I cast the little Voidbringer back to Damnation! Dear diary, Today was a good day. I recruited a new member for my Order. He met all requirements – crazy eyes and blind obedience, with the small case of being dead, but I resurrected him. I’m awesome. Not that little stormcursed-dinner-eating spawn of Odium. I am awesome.
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    "Few people have seen a High Epic in their glory. Fewer still have seen the glory of an Epic who is high."
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    When you complain of stomach pains and your doctor finds coins in your gut. (Yeah! First popular post!)
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    A month or two ago I saw an advert for Skittles on TV which had two distinct effects on me. You've probably seen it, the Midas themed one where the guy is depressed that he can't touch anything without turning them into skittles. He tries to answer the phone and it turns into a pile of skittles, he gets frustrated and touches his desk; it collapses into a cascade of coloured candy. First and most obviously it reminded me how much I love skittles, they're yummy. Normally I skip or mute all adverts but this one actually got to me. I've tasted many a rainbow in recent weeks (you know, the skittley type, not the other type... not that there's anything wrong with... you know what, never mind). Secondly though I was thinking 'So that's what its like to fall into Shadesmar'. Everything around you losing it's form as it collapses into a sea of tiny beads. Except of course a wee bit more colourful. So now I challenge you all to read the parts of WoR & WoK where Shallan or Jasnah find themselves in Shadesmar without thinking of magical skittles, cause I can't anymore. I can't say I'd mind drowning in Skittle Shadesmar all that much. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go to the corner shop for something.
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    Ah, but then we'd never learn calculus because calculus is a seven-book prequel series that won't get published for another few decades. And you can't ask the teacher questions 'cuz he'll just tell you RAFO.
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    So, what I like most about dear Mr. Sanderson's books and by extension this forum, is the rules to his magic systems, and by proxy all the fun things that can be applied to them. I like taking fantasy magic or settings and see how they would interact with my day to day life. Since that is sort of where Brandon is going with the mistborn series I thought I would post some of the thoughts I had and see what everyone else has come up with as well. This is for general fun, and also allows for some speculation for the next trilogy. Some include are: How much does distance and mass affect pushes and pulls? To clarify I do not mean mass as your own, I mean how much does the stuff in the way between you and what you push or pull affect your push or pull? Same with distance. To the best of my recollection it has never been addressed. Wax has pushed and pulled through walls with no problem, but those have been wooden walls and one could argue given the time period, rather thin. What if a coinshot wants to fly down a street by pushing on underground sewer lines? Would how deep, or how much concrete in the way matter? If a lurcher uses light posts to pull, since the ENTIRE light post is made of metal, can the lurcher choose what portion of the light to pull on? Or does he or she have to pull on the ENTIRE post? if it is the former, does the light post have hundreds of allomantic lines streaming towards it when burning steel or iron, or does it have one giant thick blue allomantic line? Would pewter feruchemists, or pewter thugs potentially prevent the advent of machinery used for construction or the assembly line? Which is more cost efficient, building a machine (when it was first developed) to build a car, or pay a pewter thug an hourly wage to work long hours burning pewter. You could either replace machine parts, or switch off pewter thugs. Would this stunt the machine industry or would progress still advance the way it did in the real world? Though machines do need to be repaired, if programmed well, they don't make "mistakes" like a pewter thug might despite burning pewter. This also leads to another question I have had in my mind in instances like x-men, heroes, and also Sanderson's world. If you ran a courier business, and you had a choice between a person (whether normal or with a non applicable ability), a coinshot, or a steel ferring which would you chose to hire? Would abilities tend to pigeon hole individuals into certain careers? Physical disciplines for physical occupations (construction, fire fighters, police), mental disciplines for "mental" careers (zinc feruchemists for engineers or mathematicians for instance).Could every office or maybe even every occupation have their resident "company morale engineer" in the form of a soother or rioter to help make a "happy" work space? Would allomancers have to register their abilities? And in some cases register as a "human weapon"? This has come up in other works of fiction (x-men for one), what about in this one? Would a pewter thug fighting and killing someone while burning pewter count as the same as using a gun in the legal system? Breeze always joked that using his ability was no different than a very charismatic or charming individual. Would soothers and rioters have to walk around with some clear identifier so people would know that they could be manipulated? Would that lead them to be ostracized in modern society? Would it be criminal for them to use their abilities in bars or social situations (like drugging someone's drink), or would it be accepted as par for the course as Breeze presents it should be? Just another skill that a person can use. What types of technologies might be developed or used as result of allomancers? FTL travel has been thrown around a lot, but what about some more mundane concepts? One off the top of my head, though is a stretch could be wheel-less trains like the suspended high speed rails. Potentially if you strap in a whole bunch of lurchers (suspended track) or coinshots (ground track) and have them all push in tandem and timed, you could POSSIBLY have a train car that travels quickly and maybe even inexpensively. It would still rely on human error, but any ideas of other technologies that could sprout up? I realize this turned into a rather long post but these are just some general thoughts I had. Hopefully I am not alone in this lol.
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    The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter have many similarities - They are both widely popular, were turned into films, and are absolute doorstoppers, putting many people off reading them because the films exist. I also enjoyed them both when I was younger, and they brought me into the fantasy genre in full (though HP is more of an fantastic Earth than a straight fantasy) There's also another important similarity, and one which I absolutely despise: Science is verboten. Science in The Lord of the Rings is the province of Saruman, the White Wizard, the leader (such as they have one) of the Five Wizards in Middle-Earth. Famously, he betrays Gandalf the Grey and goes around allying with Sauron due to his lust for power and the One Ring. He develops gunpowder, a huge benefit to the world even if you ignore its military power. It can be used to study ballistics, or in the mining industry, for instance. Unfortunately, Sauron is evil, and therefore his science is a devilry which the main characters consider some kind of fell sorcery because they don't understand it. Tolkein designed Saruman and his war machine to mimic the pace of industrialisation, destroying nature in the name of progress. In Harry Potter, we see impressive technologies, such as the developments of flying broomsticks, a 'living' and changing castle in Hogwarts, and so on. However, all of this is done by magic. Not one whiff of science there, apparently because it doesn't work there due to ambient magical energies or whatever. They even had to steal the Hogwart's Express from the pathetic and worthless muggles (remember kids, stealing is fine if you do it from normals!). The magically inclined are so backwards that it's laughable. They don't understand - and can't even pronounce - electricity, or figure out muggle money: they find it easier to count in a combination of base 29 and 17 than in base 10, for goodness' sake. They even have to be told that 'A gun is kind of like a metal wand' - after 400 years of them existing! Even Arthur Weasley, their Misuse of Muggle Artefacts guy, has no idea what electricity is, which even in the mid-1990s you'd think would be pretty crucial to most Muggle Artefacts. This is all in despite of the fact that a good number of the characters have a non-magical lineage. About half a year ago on his blog, the head of Research and Development at the Magic: The Gathering branch of Wizards of the Coast said that they'd never do a sci-fi themed set because it wouldn't appeal to people because it wasn't fantasy. He even mentioned that they'd considered doing a Western/gunslingers-style set, but of course we'd have spellslingers instead of gunslingers. To this date, the only gunpowder-based weapons in MtG have been with fantasy-okay cannons (mostly on ships) and the Portal set, which had a very small print-run and is non-canon due to the fact that it is based on the Chinese Three Kingdoms period. Even the Dresden Files has this. Dresden works with technology daily, even going so far as to put his name in the telephone directory (now also an anachronism, thanks to the internet). In this alone, it's by far better than how Harry Potter deals with it. However, he also has to use old technology, because anything new is too vulnerable to magic. Now I can kind of justify this, due to new tech being more precise and therefore easier to wreck with small changes, but even so it seems a little excessive. These are just examples of series in which magic and science are felt to be opposing forces, or perhaps downright wrong to the main characters. The only time the two are allowed combine are in the areas of magic Steampunk (because electricity is apparently too good for some people) and Magitek (in which magic is a power source rather than electricity). The only real fantasy series I can think of which avoids this completely is The Discworld novels, particularly in later novels, with films, semaphore, High Energy Magic, steam power and so on. That may be however because they're much less based on combat, and are more about characters than epic fights for the sake of the world. The Amber Chronicles also slightly gets around this as well; Gunpowder is somehow inert on the titular land, so the character gets a different explosive compound instead. A rather clever solution, in my opinion. However, after this, it progresses rather similarly onwards and employs magitech. We can kind of make sense of why this is - People get cut by swords and hit by arrows, but a gunshot is a definite kill, after all. Older weaponry requires skill to use proficiently, whereas guns have a simple point 'n' click interface. Now obviously this is an exaggeration, but it seems to be the reason in fantasy for enforcing this technological stasis (something I will forever love Mistborn for justifying and then subverting). Overall, it's the idea of technological stability over large periods of time that I think is most abhorrent to me here. I can get that gunpowder takes a lot of the romance out of it, but it wasn't the be-all and end-all of scientific achievement. It didn't help us discover how to use electricity, for instance. It's rather annoying when they don't even justify it either. There's Willing Suspension of Disbelief, I know, but after several thousand years... Even worse is when even magic isn't studied. 'Any sufficiently studied magic is indistinguishable from technology', the corollary to Clarke's Third Law states, which might give the reason for magic being mysterious and unknown. The idea that no-one in that period of time was born who went 'Hey, you know that thing we rely on? Anyone know how it works at all? Or even if there's an alternative that doesn't put our lives in the hands of people born with all that power who we can't control?'. Scientists of any flavour are severely lacking in fantasy. So... After that long rant discussion, what are your thoughts about the use (or absence) of science in fantasy? What have you seen which does it really well or really poorly? Do you think that fantasy has to mean the medieval era? In your opinion, are urban fantasies are true examples of the fantasy genre? Or for that matter, what about the development and study of magic itself? Finally, do you think that the idea that science does not belong is at all damaging for the advancement of the fantasy genre?
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    Shardpens can be tricky. If you drop it, you've got to wait ten heartbeats before you can start writing again. And if you absentmindedly chew on the tip, you can accidentally sever the soul from your lower jaw.
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    I am a grad student. As such, I do a lot of reading. The books I read are….shall we say, less than interesting. I do my best to read them. I do my best to pay attention. Yet every time I get more than a few pages in, I find myself drawn, as if by a magnet, to more interesting works. Let's face it: Brandon Sanderson's works are addictive. Once they get going, it's nearly impossible to put one of his books down. And this is a problem for a student who just wants to finish her reading and pass her summer class. So. I have an idea. It's brilliant. It's crazy. And it's totally going to work. We get Brandon Sanderson to write our textbooks. I don't know how we'd do it. It'd involve a lot of fan letters, a lot of asking nicely, and probably a good deal of whining. But once he buckled down and did it—well, we'd have the perfect solution to grad school! A textbook that is nigh-impossible to put down—and a host of classes that are nigh-impossible to fail. There is no possible way this can't work, guys. It's foolproof.
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    Another Shallan with some ahem...allusions to end of WoR-y stuff in the background.
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    All over Newcago businesses are signs with little single-digit flip charts. They read, "x days since an Epic killed someone here"
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    Steelheart renewed Firefly, ensuring a whole generation of sci-fi nerds would live in fear of him cancelling it again.
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    Remember, for every spambot you see, a war-paint slathered moderator somewhere is crushing its family with the banhammer of righteous justice, screaming in unadulterated rage. Man, I hope they really MEAN casual Fridays where you work.
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    This seems primed to be a...short lived church.
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    "The stakes are high, Prof." "I know. So is Steelheart." "Yeah, I—wait, what?" RECKONERS: DENVER
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    Inquisitors? Freaky? It's like metal objects aren't supposed to go there and it's freaky when they are! No way!
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    Draft 1: Forging The Spiritweb Forgive me for length, it is long, and hopefully complete. Disclaimer Let's begin by describing... The Nature of Investiture: Next, what is the spirit web? According to Cannon, lacking a better defenition than this, I have provided my own. (there is another descriptive quote under the topic of Hemelurgy, below) The Spirt-Web, is the sum total of all physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and other ties a person object or thing have to other people objects or things. The comparison to a physical web might be useful for many purposes. For a person, This Web defines who they are. To start our analogy, there will be several strands beginning at the center (the person in question) and extending outward, linking to past events, future hopes, current desires, descriptive attributes, and other details that accurately depict the SOUL of the person to whome this spirit web happens to belong. In addition to these, there will be many additional strands. Some of these additional strands will link to people, or ideas to which this person is familiar. There will be strands that connect one attirbute this person has attained, with others. Memories will form, Etcetera, etcetera. So far, this explains (sort-of) why the Spirit Web is approximately equal to the SOUL, as far as practical discussion is concerned. But what about mystical abilities? Yes, every mystical ability described in the Cosmere uses the spiritweb. Every mystical ability a given person has will either have it's own section of the spiritweb describing its function, or will utilize some pre-existing part of the web that they individually, or that all people possess. A Note on sDNA
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    Solomon Grundy is the avatar, Ian is the real name. Became a fan of Brandon's writing through the Wheel of Time series, which I felt he finished splendidly and, though I'll probably be banished to one of the Nine Hells for this, I felt he was better with the material than the original author... In any event, I'm mostly here to get information on Stormlight glyphs and writing for a tattoo design I'm working on for myself, but if I don't alienate myself too quickly, perhaps I'll stick around and irritate you all for a time...
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    "...And so the 2 used the power of the division Surge on the 4, by doing so it managed to split it´s very existenc in half, bringing them down to equal footing..." This might just work.
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    This touches on the biggest problem with textbooks - they are infodumps, not stories. Stories are interesting; infodumps are not.
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    Night 5: Celebrations The holiday of Bel Tine usually brought with it joy and festivities, when children could laugh and play in the Town Greens, young women would dance around the ribbon pole, and peddlers would bring tales of glee and fireworks to be launched into the night sky, amazing and dazzling the villagers with their magnificent displays. But the village of Drell's Crossing was in no state for celebrations, and the town square lay empty and silent, filled with the wreckage and debris that had built up in the town, the silence occasionally broken by the caws of crows as they gorged on the dead that lay in the streets. No. There was no happiness or celebrations in the village. Instead, there was the grim determination that the villagers had settled into, hoping beyond hope, trying to rid their town of the infestation of evil that had plagued them recently. The citizens of Drell's Crossing didn't know why the Shadow had chosen them to torment, but they would show they would not lie down meekly and let the Dark One win without a fight. Mayor Waes strode up through the village green, a solemn expression on his face as he visibly tried to ignore the taint of madness he was suffering from as a result of his work with Saidin. The fact that a male channeler was their leader was a sign of how desperate the villagers were seek out and destroy the shadow with. At first Waes thought it had just been his madness when the other villagers began speaking to him in strange tongues, making weird, guttural noises that sounded like long strings of numbers when they opened to mouths to talk, but he realized with horror that he could understand what was being said and respond in kind as well! Once the villagers realized what was going on, they were visibly shaken, but undeterred in their mission to hunt down a servant of evil, and with the setting sun, Bunnt was called up to the front of the crowd. Despite a quiet persistence that they had gotten the wrong man, the quiet farmer resigned to his fate and without a struggle let his neck be fitted for the noose. He lowered his head and quiet sobbing sounds could be heard. Waes had tightened the noose and was getting ready to pull the lever when Bunnt suddenly tossed his head back and everybody realized with horror that he wasn't sobbing, but laughing! "You fools! You think this is a victory, but I have watched as you have torn yourselves apart in your feeble attempts to find me! This noose, and all of you, have more blood on your hands than I do! Now watch! I may die, and you may feel a small, fleeting feeling of pride swelling up within you, but know that it is a hollow victory! Now go! Hide back in your homes and cower in fear, waiting for the Darkness to strike." He raised his hands up into the air and let out an insane, maniacal laugh. "And then, shall the Lord of the Evening come. And He shall take our eyes, for our souls shall bow before Him, and He shall take our skin, for our flesh shall serve Him, and He shall take our lips, for only Him will we praise. And the Lord of the Evening shall face the Broken Champion, and shall spill his blood and bring us the Darkness so beautiful. Let the screams begin, O followers of the Shadow. Beg for your destruction!" With a yank of the lever, the floor dropped out beneath Bunnt and with a grunt he fell through the hole and his neck snapped with a sudden, final crunch. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bunnt was a Regular Darkfriend! Lynch Tally: Bunnt (5) - Nath, Leas Fel, Erik, Witless(+1) Nath (1) - Khamsi Night 5 will last 48 hours and will end at 1:30PM EST Sunday, July 6th! Unable to get an exact count-up or player list over at the moment, I'll try and get it updated in later if I get a chance.
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    "I am a Skit-- I mean stick."
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    I was actually going to use Powdermage Trilogy as an example of some of the newer fantasies that are starting to incorporate science with magic. (Of course, it should be noted Brian McClellan was a student of Brandon Sanderson). I actually can't think of too many examples of fantasies that don't have too much science going on, as I know I would not really enjoy them as much as the ones that I have read that do implement some sort of science/magic interaction. One thing that does bug with, is with stories that have people and factions capable of straight elemental magic manipulation....usually for hundreds/thousands of years. Think of the amazing technological leaps humans have made without any sort of magic! How can those not be discovered and used with thousands of years of unlimited possible applications. Fire: Um.... Perfect Steam-Engine, anybody? Why use that bulky coal-furnace that spits out noxious fumes when you can just use a Fire Mage to constantly power/control the temperature? What about perfect-forging techniques/welding? Wouldn't metal structures be way more common/practically used? Wind: Windmill powered electricity, much? What about masterfully built boats and crafts with wind manipulation in mind? Most average power wind mages should be able to control the small area around a boat to create the right drifts/drafts. Speaking of, Electricity: If you can control electricity, how has nobody ever thought to see what happens when you send some down a wire? So many unlimited applications. Scientific experimentation labs should be the most common things in any world where magic exists. Earth manipulation for mining purposes, looking for metals, or clearing, excavating areas. Controlling Water, you could set up an isolated pool or lake or something, use your Water manipulation to create some sort of current, install a Water Mill...and boom. Once again, easy, simple energy sources. Of course, that's just Classic Elemental Magic manipulation, and a lot of the newer fantasies have been branching out into newer interesting ways. Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles is a fantastic example. Has the old idea of True Naming, direct manipulation, but there's also Sympathy and Sygaldry, which are both very fascinating and cool in their own right. Of course, Brandon Sanderson is a great example, with Fabrials and all of his different magical and technological systems he uses.
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    That director knew he shouldn't have cast Justin Bieber as Nightweilder, no matter how well his shrill girly voice complimented Faultline's gravelly man voice.
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    LOL...hilariously enough, I just looked it up and I was, in fact, born on a Monday...
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    With regards the Master... I have a story I would love to see happen. I doubt it ever will, of course... but I've been thinking that it would be a very cool situation if the Doctor restores Gallifrey, goes to meet his people, the High Council assures him they locked away/whatever Rassillion, and he is taken to mee the new leader. And sitting in the chair is the new High Lord President of Gallifrey: The Master.
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    I have no idea what you are referencing. Aperture Science has always maintained a strict policy of promising only 100% valid bakery options.
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    Representin' Renarin. I wish I had more information on what he's seeing...
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    For some reason, no one bothered to add any digit flip cards higher than one. Mysteriously, this never became an issue.......
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    The musicale was going along swimmingly. The directors only problem was that Fortunity's a actor liked method acting, and the show quickly ran out of chorus girls.
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    The blackbane leaf, which Syl gave to Kaladin at the chasm
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    It's hard being ordinary, Korb thought. The pair of thugs - one tall and muscled, and incidentally blessed with claws, scales, and a tail; one thick as a slab of marbled meat - blocked the entrance to the alley. Muggings were not uncommon, of course, but Korb had managed to avoid this particular misfortune until today. Korb carefully lifted his satchel over his head, trying not to look threatening. In his estimation, it wasn't difficult. Thin, short, Korb was a better runner than most and a worse fighter than many. While some seemed to take every day as a personal challenge to beat more noses flat than the previous one, Korb stayed unseen. It wasn't that he was stealthy, or even quiet. You just didn't notice him. Of course, these two muggers had. Korb finished with his satchel, moving slowly and deliberately. He turned his pockets inside out, spilling coins and jangling nicknacks onto the cobbles, and removed his fine leather jacket, dropping it over the satchel regretfully. "Want anything else?" he asked the thugs. The lizard looked him over. "Boots," he growled. Korb sighed, but did as asked. He pulled out the dull knife in the side of the boot by the blade and tossed it onto the coat, startling the two thugs, who seemed to be getting more and more nervous as Korb dragged out the mugging. Though they held long, nasty-looking brass knives and pockets bulging with a variety of small weapons, they flinched with every movement Korb made, as if they expected him to leap up and beat them senseless. Korb sat down and began unlacing his boots. "What's the matter with you two, anyway? I walked through the Docks - I probably deserve this for being so stupid. You know there aren't any guards about." This is a bad time to be flippant, something inside him said. Korb ignored it. The lizard glanced at the thick man, who grunted. He looked back at Korb. "Well, friend, you see, usually, after shoving a weak-looking man into an alley and demanding all his possessions, we've got, oh, twenty seconds of witty banter before they pull out a knife, potion, sommon something, turn their skin to stone, blast us with lightning, call a blazing rock to smite us from the sky or something worse." "You've got a good vocabulary for a criminal." "It's all the witty repartee, friend. I got tired of never understanding their terrible puns, so I robbed a linguist and read his dictionary." Korb shook his head, laying the boots down on his coat and stepping back. "How'd a smart fellow like you end up robbing dishonest men in alleys, anyway?" The thick thug grumbled, but Lizard waved his free hand in a dismissive gesture. "Jarlen, it's all right. This man's kindly provided us with meals for a month, if I'm any judge of quality. I owe him a conversation, at least." Jarlen scowled, raising the knife towards Korb, but Lizard held his throatcutter with a relaxed gesture. "Upbringing," Lizard said, turning back to Korb, "and the damnable speciesism in this city. I couldn't apply for a single school in the place just because I've got fangs and and a green tail. Terrible thing, it is. Jarlen here," he said, slapping the big man on the back, "seems to have been born for this, though. We work well together." Jarlen smiled for the first time since the mugging had started, teeth, strangely, all white and clean. "It's a good life," he rumbled. "Pays for a roof and a meal." Korb nodded, sitting down again and crossing his legs. Lizard followed suit, though Jarlen remained standing, moving into place behind him. "Still, the speciesism really is something awful here," he noted. "I had a friend who knew a lizardman that worked in one of those specialty bars. Turned out the business was a front for some dark cultist blood sacrifice operation - not that he knew anything about that. Anyway, some musclebound idiot pranced in last month, killed everyone in the place, and smashed through the back wall until he found the secret passage. And do you think he got arrested?" Lizard shuddered, flicking his tail. "I heard about that. The Bastard's Promise, right?" Korb nodded. "Terrible, terrible thing." He leaned forward, flipping open the pocketwatch on his pile of former possessions. "I'm afraid, friends," he said regretfully, "that I'll be late for an appointment should I tarry any longer. If you wouldn't mind?" He gestured at the mouth of the alleyway. Lizard nodded, standing up, and shook Korb's hand with his left claw awkwardly, the main one still gripping the knife. "Glad to meet you, friend, very glad indeed. Best of luck in recouping your losses." Korb smiled. "To you too, friend. May the marks be rich and the heroes unlucky." Lizard chuckled, and, suprisingly, so did Jarlen. The thug nodded respectfully as Korb left the alleyway. And Korb von Shwartmeyer, Duke of the city, walked down the street. It appeared that he would need to visit a tailor soon - he had very much liked that coat. So, as you may have guessed, my character is the plain, human Korb von Shwartmeyer. He's no good in a fight, though he can run surprisingly fast when it's required. His strength, rather, is in connections, politicking, persuasion, and general manipulation. He's a slight bit eccentric and arrogant, too - he really should NOT have gone for a walk through the Docks. Still, he's athletic, and his lack of fighting skill is more a matter of never having learned. He has a good head for most things, though his grasp of languages beyond his native one is almost nonexistent. Being a rather sheltered aristocrat, he has never been more than a day's travel outside the city limits.
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