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    They are in a symbiotic relationship with the chasmfiend, and are part of what allow the creatures to grow to the size they do with an exoskeleton. (Along with a high-oxygen, lower-gravity world.)
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    RAFO You are on the right track So, I've said before that I want to hold off on talking about different forms of compounding and types of twinborn until I can address them in the series. So I'll have to RAFO the first two. However, in answer to the third one, yes you DO expend Duralumin in the process. Ha, that IS a little silly of a method. However, on the extreme end of aluminum, I have in the notes the possibility of cleansing the spirit of unwanted effects of other investitures. You'd get really good at this, and maybe even be able to cleanse the body of other impurities. Basically, this is what ascension is.
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    This is an excellent suggestion, and I will bring it up with the others. We're doing a new website soon, so that might be a good thing to include. Surprisingly, I get this exact question every few months or so. (Mostly in interviews.) I can never come up with something. It's plausible. It's kind of a 'Thor-like' way to fly, isn't it? (For those unaware, he throws his hammer and it carries him with it, and STOP THINKING.) I played with this idea, but the trick is not getting hit by the counterweight as you pull it to yourself. If you could stop that, you might be able to manage it, but it felt pretty hard to pull off to me. Certain colors and numbers are important in reference to certain shards. Uh... You should ask Kelsier. He probably tried it when he hung out with Moiraine. It is my pleasure. Thank you. I appreciate being appreciated.
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    I've said before that it's unlikely that the Stormlight books will ever delve strongly into the connections between worlds. There will be some cool things happening for the cosmere-literate, but this series isn't focused on those concepts. I want it to maintain its plot cohesion for those who aren't aware of all of the behind-the-scenes stories. Epilogue to Book Two should excite you, though.
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    Well, the Lord Ruler--don't forget--could compound any Allomancy he wanted. That creates some crazy effects. As for what you discuss in your first question, I don't want to touch too much on Identity yet as I am saving it for later books. Talking too much here might undermine my ability to reveal interesting and cool things in books when the time is right. I like your theory, and it has merit, but I'm not going to give you a yes or a no as it delves too much into what Identity, as an attribute, can do.
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    Uh... I think that you'd hit the core and that would not be a good thing for you. RAFO Depends on the type of Shardblade. (You have seen three different kinds in TWoK.) For most, no. For some, most certainly. Yes. RAFO Yes. Yes, but it isn't needed. Some do help more with understanding how to traverse the Cognitive Realm. They aren't recognizable, and aren't intended to be, as of yet. There are some around, however.
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    Ha. Well, by this point Hoid had been to the Well--getting there just before Vin--and had retrieved something from it. That should have been enough to get him to leave the planet entirely, but he got involved in events. (He tends to do that.) It's pie in the sky, but I would someday like to do parallel novel to the Mistborn series with Hoid in the background like they did in the second(?) back to the future move. I don't know that I'll ever be able to do it, but we shall see. I would answer this question there.
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    Okay, this is a big post, and I'm going to warn you--many of these things are things I don't want to talk about yet, as the time is not right. So I'll answer what I can, but be warned that you might get a large number of RAFOs. You're very close here. In general, a large object going through a time bubble is not going to notice. An object is either in or out, and it depends in part on how the object views itself. People inside the train would be inside of its influence, and wouldn't notice the bubble. The spear would go from one to the other, but would never be in both. RAFO RAFO A novel use of Hemalurgy which is not outside the sphere of its powers. Of course. They'd have to fight the Mistborn Llamas, though. Last One: Ha! That's a very interesting way to look at it. The theory isn't all there, but it's thinking along the right lines.
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    No. For some, it will take quite a bit of work, but it's possible to get them each to work. Sel's magics are regional, and so they are going to be tough. Scadrial's magics are the easiest. From the Shard in most cases. But it's also often built into the world innately, and so the Shard (if someone is holding it) doesn't always have control over who can or cannot use the magic. Hemalurgy crosses magic systems. You could steal things from people on other worlds, if you knew the right places for the spikes.
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    I have developed a new theory, one accounting for the purple chart in Way of Kings that is so similar to the Radiant chart. I call it: The Knights Absorbent The Voidbinding equivalent of the Knights Radiant Premise The Way of Kings comes with two similar chart illustrations included within. One is a chart detailing the ten Surges, and the glyphs for the ten orders of Knights Radiant, who are Surgebinders. It is highly likely the purple chart corresponds to the Voidbinders. On the chart (seen below), we have ten corresponding icons to the Surges, and ten corresponding Glyphs for the Orders. Thus, there must be equivalents to the Surges and the Knights Radiant - enter the Knights Absorbent. Logic The term given to the users of Surges are called Surgebinders. Why are they called Surges? When a Surgebinder activates their abilities, they begin by concentrating Stormlight and gathering power. This high concentration of power leaks from them, and they can release it through Surgebinding. The Surge in Surgebinding is this concentration of power release - the power is Surging. We know that the opposing force is called Voidbinding. It stands to reason then, that the opposite of the ten Surges would be the ten Voids. Indeed, we can see that the glyphs for the Voids are oppositely symmetrical as compared to the Surges. If Surges are an increased concentration, it makes sense that Voids are the opposite - a lack, an area of decreased concentration. We can logically see then that Voidbinding creates a low density area where Surgebinding created a high density area. The Knights Radiant earned their name by their Radiance. Nothing is more sensible. They Radiate light and power, because of how a concentration works - it wants to diffuse into areas of lower concentration (e.g. everything else in this case) Voidbinding then, would have the opposite effect. Nearby concentrations of power would seem to be drawn into the Voidbinder, it would seem that instead of Radiating, they Absorb. The ten Glyphs of the Knights Radiant demand an equal and opposing order of Knights from the Voidbinders ten glyphs. If the Knights Radiant are termed such because they radiate, then we must call this opposing order the Knights Absorbent. But without the Heralds to model themselves after, any spren with which they bonded would have no shape on which to base their Shardblade, no form on which to base their Shardplate. No, they could not have made Shardplate or Blade at all - they must look to the weaponry which defines their order. The Knights Absorbent and then spren then, must be equipped with a deadly weapon, well known to many, which comes from an item with an absorbency like no other: The cardboard tube sword taken from a roll of paper towels. This weapon has a long history, of being used both in mighty wars and conflicts, and by some of the most renowned duelists in history. It is truly a weapon with an unimpeachable past, with a Bounty of techniques passed down from father to son through the ages. But what of Shardplate? The Knights Absorbent must have armor as well, but not hard armor to stop a blow - no, they must have armor that absorbs all impacts, armor that can take any punishment given to them, armor which has been associated with cardboard tube swords for eons. Yes, it must be pillow armor. There is no other option, and the evidence is clear. Below, we display an artist's rendition of the fearsome Knights Absorbent, which we will likely not see for several books. Beware of spoilers! And beware of nightmares, for their depiction is truly the stuff of terror. Radiants be warned, your doom is at hand! Sources: All Evidence comes directly from the purest of Logic and the Gospel of Brandon, may the Everstorm Reign forever.
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    Legion does not exist in the cosmere, so Realmatic Theory is not at play in the story. See above. The one it's bound to. There is not a universal language. RAFO Oooh...now that's a spicy one. Endowment's gift of a superpowered Breath would come down, strike the Lifeless, and all kinds of craziness would occur. You'd end up with a drab god, which would be hilarious. In most circumstances, yes. Yes. Yes. Not on Roshar, though. He's shown up before, so I'd say that's a pretty good indication for the future. Yes, but the charges are just stored in separate pieces of the metal, and don't really influence one another.
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    "I am a stick!" "Yes, of course you are! Of course you are, stick. But the other sticks... they don't like you very much, do they?" "...I am a stick!" "The other sticks... they told me you weren't much of a stick at all. Barely more than a twig, they said." "I am a STICK!" "The other sticks laugh at you, you know." "I... am a stick..." "I keep telling them! I say, 'That stick is all the stick I could ever want! The greatest stick there is! They've never given you the respect you deserve, have they?" "I AM a stick!!" "Hey..... how about we teach them a little lesson?" "...stick?" "We could show them.... show all those sticks. We just need a little spark, and we can burn all those sticks to the ground. Whattaya say? Be the fire that burns the sticks that have wronged you, my friend!" "I... am FIRE."
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    Who would win a KR civil war? Probably Odium.
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    Plane rides, it seems, are just as good for theorizing as for making Stormlight Elimination roles. Now, I know what you're thinking; "*sigh* Another baseless theory about Awakening from someone who doesn't like colour as a fuel in Nalthis's magic system." Not exactly. I've always thought colour was a little weird, but I was willing to roll with it until I read Words of Radiance. Each time a Shardblade cuts a limb, rather than through the spine, it (the limb) is described as turning grey. Until now, I had assumed a Shardblade's cut had the same affect as having a physical injury that paralyses a limb. But the greyness is doesn't fit that. The logical conclusion is that when something's Spiritual Connections are cut, for some reason, they lose their colour and turn grey. This means that an object's colour, or the wavelength of light it reflects, must be decided primarily by the Spiritual Aspect. Now, what else do we know of that turns things grey? Awakening. This makes me think that there may be something more to Awakening's power source. I still think that in a sense, colour is the fuel, but rather than the pigment itself providing power, it is the object's Spiritual Aspect. I think that Awakening breaks/changes an object's Spiritual Connection to light, causing it to reflect a wider spectrum. Ie. Turning it a light grey/white. Why exactly Awakening needs the energy from a broken Spiritual Connection, I'm not sure. I personally think that it provides the impetus for imprinting a Command on an object, but that's just a guess. TL;DR: I think that when colour is taken in Awakening, it happens fundamentally in the Spiritual Realm, rather than the Physical. Once, again, I'm sending this from my iPhone, so please excuse any typos.
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    To the rythmn of Duck season, Wabbit season: "I am a stick!" "You are fire!" "I am a stick!" "You are fire!" "I am a stick! "You are a stick!" "I am fire!!! ... Oh wait ..."
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    I've been thinking a lot about the Unmade and their nature, given at how consistently they've been hinted at. They're assumed to have quite the connection with Odium / Rayse, and that makes me think they'll be a major factor in the lead up and eventual conflict between the Knights Radiant and the Voidbringers ... in some fashion or another. With that having been said, I wanted to document a few of the facts we have about the Unmade, as well as some theories or logical assumptions about each of the presumed Unmade. Oh, I'm also of the opinion that each of the Unmade either corresponds to one of the orders of Knights Radiant, or one of the Heralds, as symmetry is WAY TOO IMPORTANT on Roshar. As such, for many of the Unmade, I've got an educated guess as to where they might fall on the old double-eye diagram. I'd say this is pure theory at this point, so feel free to disregard as you see fit. General Unmade Knowledge We have some record / reference from Taravingian (an awesome source of Unmade factoids) that one of the Unmade is an "ancient, evil spren", I believe. A current theory that I subscribe to is that the Unmade are, for lack of a better term, powerful Odiumspren. I'm not sure if these spren need to bond to a person (listener or human) to be a "fully powered" Unmade, but it stands to reason that they may. I also believe that we have some recent Word of Brandon that there aren't necessarily ten Unmade. That would throw a monkeywrench into my Unmade-tie-to-KR-orders theory, but hey, that's okay. Yelig-nar (aka Blightwind) Yelig-nar is the only absolutely, positively, confirmed Unmade at this time. I mean if you can't trust Nohadon, who can you trust? Abilities: Yelig-nar apparently has the ability to kill, somewhat directly. It is the Unmade that is most personified, having broken into Nohadon's chancery (sounds like personification) and killed his wordsmen. Yelig-nar is also reportedly able to speak, though he "consumed" people and their wails accompanied him. Yikes. Association: As we'll discuss in some of the later sections of Unmade, Yelig-nar appears to be the most personified of the Unmade we currently know of, as well as one of them with the most direction and personal agency. So, given that and his nickname of "Blightwind", I'd say he's a good candidate to correspond to the Windrunners or Jezerien. Yelig-nar may not necessarily be the leader of the Unmade (if they have one), but it appears to be one of the more combat-focused Unmade at this time. Given what little we know about the Radiants still, this certainly could allow it to match up with the Radiants we know the most about. Moelach Thanks to Taravingian and his Diagram, we can say with almost complete certainty that Moelach is also an Unmade. Epigraphs 81 and 82 in Words of Radiance are two back-to-back paragraphs. While 81 talks about the nature of the Unmade, 82 talks specifically about one of them: Moelach. It's fair to say he's an Unmade. Abilities: Given what Taravingian has said, it appears that Moelach is responsible for the Death Rattles, which appear to be both precognitive and past-cognitive (wordsmith!) visions that take place at the moment before death. Interestingly, this doesn't necessarily appear to be a *bad* thing for the Radiants, etc. Where the abilities of many of the other Unmade (or projected Unmade) seem to be "evil" or "harmful" ... this one, not so much. It leads me to think that there's something else going on here that we're not aware of yet, or an additional ability. Also, Moelach is referred to as one of the Unmade with the most powerful precognitive abilities, which are shared by nearly all Unmade / Voidbringers. Interesting. Association: Welp, the precognition / visions aspect of this pretty clearly draws a line between Moelach and the Truthwatchers or Pailiah. We don't know much about the Truthwatchers (or anyone, really), but this seems to be a pretty seamless fit. Both focus very, very strongly on visions of the future. Nergaoul Again, due to Taravingian's meddling exposition, we learn of a potential Unmade. Nergaoul is referred to in the context of the Alethi Thrill, and that finding where the Thrill is strongest might help pinpoint Nergaoul. With that in mind, the way the Thrill can be seen as similar to the Death Rattles, and even the similarities in name composition between Nergaoul and Moelach (compounded vowels), we're not crazy to consider this another of the Unmade. Abilities: Nergaoul appears be responsible for, or at least have some connection to, the Thrill. The Thrill appears to be a feeling of battle-lust, or a drive to kill. WHAT A JERK. That pretty heavily smacks of Odium, and those whom we most closely align to Honor (Dalinar, Kaladin, etc.) seem to reject the Thrill, while Eshonai seems to embrace it with her stormform. Association: The first thing that came to me is how the Thrill seems to be the innate opposite of the dispassionate judgement of "Darkness". I'm inclined to place Nergaoul as linked to the Skybreakers or Nalan. Where the killing / judgement handed out by the Skybreakers appears to be logical, lawful, and in the best cases, just ... the Thrill's killing is wanton, indiscriminate, and furious. No thanks. Re-Shephir (aka the Midnight Mother) Watch, as we move from the realm of informed speculation to the realm of slightly-less-informed speculation. Re-Shephir is mentioned briefly in Epigraph 58 of WoK as the Midnight Mother ... but the Death Rattles have shared information (we think) about the Unmade in the past. Between that and the naming similarities between Yelig-nar, I think we have another Unmade here. Abilities: Re-Shephir's abilities are an open question still. The epigraph mentions giving birth to abominations, using her "essence", so it seems fairly logical to assume that Re-Shephir is responsible for creating the Midnight Essence. These strange, monstrous creatures are some that Dalinar fought during his visions of the past, and appear to be core enemies of the earlier Knights Radiant. Association: My first inclination is that the Midnight Mother's ability to create, albeit in a relatively non-creative fashion (the Midnight Essence appear to be roughly all the same), and create something totally black (as in, without light), makes me think of the Lightweavers or Shallash. Though, to be fair, a void-spun Progression surge might make sense here too. Again, knowing precious little about the Unmade, the Radiants, basically everything, this is only an informed guess. Dai-gonarthis (aka the Black Fisher) Again, we're using hints to assume that Dai-gonarthis is an Unmade, nothing more. It's name sounds like that of Yelig-nar and Re-Shephir. It is referred to in the Death Rattles, much like Re-Shephir. And that's all we've really got. Abilities: Oh, we know so very little. Something about holding sorrow and consuming it. Someone asking to "let me hurt, let me weep". Dai-gonarthis may do something to the emotions of a person, suppressing them, feeding off of them, something. It's all wild speculation, really. Association: Seriously, I've got nothing here. We simply don't know enough. I'm not convinced it holds any association with a few of the orders we seem to know the most about ... I'd be surprised if it's associated with the Windrunners, Lightweavers, Truthwatchers, or Edgedancers. But who really knows. If I had to hazard a rough guess, it may be associated with the Willshapers or Kalak. And that's mostly because the Willshapers order name seems to indicate something to do with an emotion / thought. Also, I don't know a thing about them either. So that matches up nice. Sja-anat Sja-anat is referenced in another of Dalinar's visions, mentioned by a soldier and a Radiant prior to the Thunderclast battle at the Purelake. Like Dai-gonarthis and Re-Shephir, this name has the unique dashes, and appears to be involved with Odium. Hence, it's a reasonable guess that we've got another of the Unmade here. Abilities: We don't know much about Sja-anat, Here's what we know: "Once Sja-anat touches a spren, it acts strange." The spren spotted by Dalinar had red eyes, and was referred to as "Sja-anat's spy". Ostensibly, this means that Sja-anat has the ability to change a spren by "touch", perhaps corrupting it. On a side note, the Thunderclast that appeared didn't have any direct reference to Sja-anat, it was more of a guardian, so I'm not taking it to mean anything directly associated to Sja-anat ... yet. Association: When we talk about changing things by touch, we're talking about Soulcasting, right? So perhaps Sja-anat associates to the Elsecallers or Battar. This actually makes a lot of sense ... the Elsecallers were the foremost intermediaries between man and spren, so changing spren through touch sounds very, very close to something a voidish relation to an Elsecaller might do. So that leaves us with, at this time, five six presumed Unmade. There are hints at others that may be possible, but not mentioned yet by name. For example, is Venli influenced by one of the Unmade? Are Thunderclasts associated with the Unmade? How about Gavilar's sphere? Is the "black piper" an Unmade as well? But as for right now, I think this is about all that we know about the specific Unmade. (Edited to add Sja-anat.) (Later edited to add general info.)
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    Brilliant! Based on this, I think it's safe to say that we now know exactly what Rayse looked like:
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    "Would you like to destroy a spam--" "YES. YES I WOULD."
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    I think the truly shocking thing is how the Brawny man is the most crafty, despicable man Hoid has ever met. Maybe Hoid's old house was really messy and Rayse, the Brawny man, came up with increasingly crafty ways to clean it. Hah, we've all been played for fools. Hoid's origin story won't be a novel, but a sitcom.
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    Terrifying I tell you, the knights don't stand a chance :
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    10/10, would read again. I think I have to eventually make this a Featured Theory... And also add the Brawny guy to Rayse's wiki page.
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    When you're convinced that all sitcoms are set on the same planet, ruled by the Shards Misunderstanding and Overreaction.
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    Wow. I thought from the title of the thread that this would be kind of silly. I mean, "The Knights Absorbent"? Really? Then I opened it and began reading. Well, I thought, this is starting out like most of Tempus's theories do. A centered title, sections. Cool. I read on, thinking, As usual with Tempus, this displays impeccable logic. Cool. An insightful take on some aspect of Brandon's work. Awesome. Diagrams. Epic. I wonder where this is going? Then I got to the phrase "cardboard tube sword". Excuse me? thought I. Then I read on. And cracked up.
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    I wonder if the spam bots would have greater success if instead of advertising "intercaste love marriages", they promised "Nightwatcher boons and curses".
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    Heeey everybody! My name's Hailey! I've been a huge Brandon Sanderson fan ever since I devoured read Mistborn in high school. I've never truly joined a forum in my life, so forgive me if I royally fudge something up (the likelihood is...pretty high). My friend--he goes by Erai on here--convinced me to sign up, so maybe he can get brownie points for that. Haha. I've read all of Sanderson's Cosmere books besides Elantris & Alloy of Law. Elantris somehow got dropped like a year ago and I'm right in the middle of AoL now!! (Wayne?? Wayne. Just. Wayne is perfect.) Not much to say about me besides I'm a gigantic fan of fiction, particularly fantasy and YA, I'm a senior in college, and I think seahorses are way too cute to be real life things. I guess I'm hoping to meet lots of fellow Cosmere friends because not having many people to gush over these books is kind of wreaking havoc on my happiness. So please don't hesitate to chat me up because I already think you guys are super amazing!! My question to you: if you could go on a super stellar date with a Brandon Sanderson character, who would it be and where would you go?
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    Ok, so I had this theory the other day while I was contemplating a new character or stoy I could write for a potential Fan-Fic or story of my own. Anyways... Nalan is THE Skybreaker right? That means that he must uphold the law, every law, everywhere. What the Stormfather says is considered as law to a Surgebinder right? So if ol' Stormy(not Stormageddon, the other one) says to his Spren "DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AT ALL return to Roshar or you'll be grounded," that would be a law in Nalan's eyes. SO, he goes around killing Surgebinders because that's the easiest way to kill a spren, THAT is the real reason why he doing what he is doing. He's just trying to carry out the Stormfather's commands to the spren. another theory was that he was killing Cutivation's spren because she sent them against Honor's will. The only Surgebinders we see him kill or try to kill is a Truthseer and an Edgedancer both of which are theorizd elsewhere to be Cultivation spren right? We know from Wendel that his "Mother" sent him across which would make one assume she sent her other spren out into Roshar for the same reason, thereby, in the words of Mufasa, Deliberatley Diobeying Honor. I think this is my first actual theory so please, tear it apart and make me see the truth... KURK, get over here!
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    The best father is obviously the Stormfather. Especially if you take the time to bond with him.
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    Shots Fired! "Feel free to try and beat [you]"? We may have an unfair advantage in this contest... But we've got some cool stuff, and we don't get to show it to people very often. First, the pile of swag and books. Please note the white paper under the newspaper. That's the original of something that went into Words of Radiance Closeup on the newspaper.. And what's this? Next on the tour is the prop of Shallan's sketchbook that was made for the Way of Kings release party. Taiwanese copy plus day planners (why they say notebook, I'll never know). Not going to explain this one. But you can read and find out. Way of Kings postcard? Yes please. ARC VS Trade Paperback And the backs of the three US versions, as well as the ARC. Note the slightly different back text on the three published versions. Epic bookmark: And a few numbered copies. As for the size of the glyphs on the beanie...
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    Shallan, I filled up the background with different items related to her character from the books. I always imagined Pattern as a weird mobius strip conundrum.
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    So, I saw a poster online that said you should pick up the nearest book and turn to page 45. The poster says that the first complete sentence describes your life. (Exhibit A.) Cool, I thought foolishly. I should do that. It was just my luck that there was a children's animal book right behind me. Ahem, "Skunks' powerful and unpleasant smell is enough to make people stay away from them." Has anyone else ever done so? Has this trick ever thoroughly insulted you before?
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    I had the same reaction as you, GreyPilgrim! The thing is, the logic here is so sound and the initial part sounds so plausible that the cardboard tube sword hits you like a, well, cardboard tube sword upside the head!
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    You have 1, 846 upvotes. Somehow I wonder if half of those are people trying to appease you lest they find your twisted fish face hovering over them at night.
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    More like Invision Power Board got more popular and they are coding to it Don't worry, they are just machines. I kill them before they rise up against us. I love the smell of dead spambots in the morning. It's basically my routine now.
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    "Tell me how you know God exists." "I once spent the greater part of a year being digested." I'm assuming that's the quote you used?
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    I think that I can speak for everyone here when I say that
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    Good Steelheart? If wishes were Hemalurgic spikes, Elsa, we'd all be bloodied caricatures of our past selves stacked with arcane power.
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    When you're assigned a paper on greek culture, and the influence their gods had on their culture, and your first thought is that you need to re-read Warbreaker. ... and you're heartbroken that you can't use it as a reference text.
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    For all that's been written about it, I don't think the aftermath of Sadeas's murder will be a big part of book 3. It will be important for some characters but there'll be much more important things going on. But I have some thoughts on this I'd like to share. Two quotes from chapter 50 "uncut gems": I don't think many people are going to morn Sadeas's passing, to put it mildly. I've not seen any indication that he was popular or well liked anymore. In particular, for many people in Dalinar's camp, the reaction is more likely to be the reverse - grim joy that the bastard finally got what was coming to him. Dalinar lost several thousand soldiers at the end of tWoK, all because of Sadeas. The new bridgemen soldiers would hardly be well disposed to Sadeas either. Also, a number of lighteyes died during the bridge collapse assassination attempt. Let's put it another way: most of the people in Dalinar's camp would probably think Adolin deserves a medal. Dalinar exiling Adolin (or similar) would not be popular at all with them. This could potentially open up a dangerous rift within Dalinar's camp. Please note: I'm not arguing whether Adolin's actions were moral or not by our standards or that the law is a popularity contest. I'm trying to consider the likely in-world implications. Also, I'll assume for the sake of argument that Adolin is generally considered guilty and/or confesses to the murder relatively quickly and that Dalinar will come down hard on him. I'll also assume that Kaladin won't play much if any part in this (off to see parents) This wouldn't be the best start for Dalinar's Oath to bind men together. I also think that Dalinar is partly to blame for giving Sadeas way too much leeway. Yes, Dalinar was in a difficult situation but I think he was partly motivated by his old friendship with Sadeas. Ditto Amaran - I suspect that letting him run free will turn out to be a big mistake. Being benevolent is all well and good but there are downsides. It also rather unfair and inconsistent if Dalinar is harsh with his allies and soft with his enemies. So, what can be done? I don't think Dalinar will be willing to simply pardon Adolin and he'd certainly not want to have him executed. It seems the minimum possible punishment would normally be exile. But it would be surprising to see Adolin simply walk off the stage (let alone be executed). I suspect that Adolin will be imprisoned until a final punishment is decided. So again, what can be done? Based on what we know, I think maybe the best option would be to retro-actively get Sedeas declared to have been a traitor to the Throne and have his title of Highprince stripped. I think that would help a lot - I get the impression that killing a Highprince is automatically a much bigger crime. Given the mitigating circumstances maybe Adolin's punishment will boil down to time in jail and losing a rank. Of course, there's a lot we don't know about Alethi law - maybe this would be a non-option but it seems reasonable to me currently. So who is going to put together a compelling case, enough that pretty much everyone would accept it (including the other Highprinces)? My bet would be on Shallan and Renarin with some help from Navani. The main "opposition" would be Ialai. So, why Shallan? For brevity's sake I'll just consider what I think is the most likely reaction: Shallan has killed people herself (Tyn the day before she met Adolin), she was very much aware that Adolin hates Sadeas since she put together a plan to have Sadeas legally killed in a duel (to help/impress Adolin). Morally, she might not see much difference between legally killing someone in a dual and what Adolin did. So, I think Shallan would be surprised but not horrified - she would understand and not condemn. In a way, it could help them get closer since Shallan could feel that she could discuss her dark secrets with Adolin. The more Shallan cares about Adolin the more likely she would be to take action - if she doesn't care much about him and if supporting him would become a liability for protecting her bothers then yes she could just walk away (which would really hurt Adolin I think). So, why Renarin? Certainly events in WoR clearly showed him willing to risk life and limb to help/protect Adolin. Of course, we don't know for sure how Renarin would react in these particular circumstances. I suspect he will feel quite conflicted at the beginning - he respects his father too. I could certainly see him getting behind a plan to retro-actively strip Sadeas of his title, or something along those lines. So, could Shallan and Renarin work together, despite the events towards the end of WoR? I'd say so - there were mitigating circumstances on both sides and greater understanding would definitely help (and apologies). Before things got bad, Shallan and Renarin were getting along fine and Renarin was arguably more useful and faster on the uptake than the trained scholars (!). So, in summary: Adolin spends a lot of time in the slammer with a proverbial axe hanging over him. His fiancée and brother lead the fight for him. Sadeas's widow is the "new" (public) opposition. Dalinar stews in the middle, thinking lots of deep thoughts and worries about his own people and own sons. There's lots and lots of other possibilities but this is my main prediction currently - which I expect will be utterly wrong in practice
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    So I have this theory that Navani will become a Sky breaker for two reasons one is after reading this quote from Words of Radiance - "The considerable abilities of the skybreakers for making such amounted to an almost divine skill, for which no specific Surge or spen grants capacity, but however the order came to such an aptitude, the fact of it was real and acknowledged even by their rivals." (WOR pg 636.) Combined with what Szeth experiences after being brought back to life by a fabrial at the end of the book "impossible." " not if it is done before the brain dies... you could be restored with the right fabrial." Nalan then invites Szeth to join the Skybreakers the order he used to lead/inspire whatever. I think that the Skybreakers were really good at making fabrial and so is Navani. Also Skybreakers considered justice to be most important, and when Dalinar is betrayed on the shattered plains and Navani hears about it she doesn't write a Glyph for hope or mercy or victory or strength, she writes Justice. Maybe that a bit of foreshadowing maybe not. If you think that this doesn't work because Navani is not broken enough, just remember that she has raised Jashina as a daughter and a failure king as a son, on top of the fact that she straight up tells Dalinar the there was a darker side to Galavier. All in all maybe I just grabbing at wind spren here but maybe not
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    Killing the surgebinder won't kill the spren, as long as the person didn't break their oaths.
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    Their hands glow and fly over their keyboards. Also, I imagine this battle as a Matrix/Stormlight crossover where the admins enter the matrix and appear as an Inquisitor/Radiant hybrid with tron shardblades who fight off Spamclasts and Black and Green Spamshendi... This must be chronicled.
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    With no where else to go, Khamsi had returned to the inn, despite the owner's untimely demise. There had been nowhere else to sleep, and considering that the villagers seemed untrustworthy of even each other at this point, it didn't seem the best course of action to beg a room with one of them. Besides, the bed she'd slept in before had been so comfy. How could she give that up? It seemed somehow wrong, though, and as she looked out on the empty common room, she frowned. The Spruce Thicket had not had a large staff to begin with, and it seems with the innkeeper's death, what help had been here had run off. Running off seemed like a good idea; too bad she had signed that contract with the mayor the day she arrived, after a few too many pints to be able to read properly. Why he had included a clause about defending the village, she had no idea - what could he honestly expect from a gleewoman? Dazzle the Trollocs with juggling? Admittedly, her skills were very impressive, but she could eat fire, not breath it. While there was no way the contract could truly be enforced, especially with the mayor dead, if it got out that she had fled without providing the services she had promised, her reputation would be ruined. She wouldn't be able to perform in an empty field, let alone noble courts. Shaking her head, she sighed. She was a woman of her word, and would fulfill her contract. Light burn it. She ran a finger along the duty surface of one table, considering. Her eyes scanned the room again, feeling the emptiness. A place like this should not be empty.... Several moments passed, and then Khamsi nodded sharply. Heading into the back storage room, she rummaged around until she found a large board. Wiping it clean, she gave it a quick inspection, then brought it back up and into the kitchens. She stared at it for another moment, then fetched a piece of worn charcoal from a pocket within her sleeve. Several minutes later, a new sign hung on the door. Brushing her hands on her cloak, Khamsi stared at the sprawling calligraphy with pride, admiring the intricate and flowing design work done along the sides. She could have done more with additional time and materials, but not bad for a quarter hour and a single piece of charcoal. The Spruce Thicket - she wondered if she was allowed to change the name - was once again open for business. Someone, after all, had to get the townsfolk drunk. Khamsi has decided to take over the inn, because why not. This should have gone up much earlier, but an unfortunate power outage early this morning and a busy day prevented this. Just pretend this scene took place before the common was commandeered by Erik. I would have made a graphic for the sign, but too much actual paying design work to do at the moment, so just pretend it's super-impressive, k? Khamsi will vote later, if she votes; I just wanted to get this bit of RP up.
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    Hahahaha oh wow. It's things like this that make me worry about our general level of obsessiveness. But I certainly can't fault your logic or impeccable diagrams. Can you imagine a pillow fight in Voidbinding Pillow Armour? it's like sleepoverform Parshendi or something
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    Lopen would have a very easy time finding a bride, then.
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    Mine is something I threw together from a line in a book that I found amusing.
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    Hi I'm Slimy 12345678910 I am a friend of Queen Elsa Steelheart and she convinced me to joined 17th Shard. I have read Elantris, Way Of Kings, Words Of Radiance, Warbreaker, Steelheart, The Rithmatist, Mistborn, Alloy of Law and the 1st book in Wheel of Time. So, Hi
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    Here's how Taravangian comes across to me. Here's a man, a deeply compassionate and caring man, who is so concerned with the well-being of others that he is personally funding the hospitals with no expense to those treated. He is friends with Gavilar, who is having visions from Honor. From these visions, the two of them know a Desolation is coming, and perhaps even make plans to work towards stopping it together, but we have no way of knowing that. But then, Gavilar is assassinated. T. is left cut off from the source of all of his information for how to stop the deaths of the people he deeply cares about, and turns in grief or desperation to the Nightwatcher, who grants the boon and curse of fluctuating intelligence/inversely proportional to his empathy (although one potential theory that I like is that the boon was the single day of super-powered intelligence and the curse was the inverse relationship between his intelligence/empathy after. There is nothing in the text that requires his super-intelligence on the day of the Diagram to be associated with zero-empathy.) As a direct result of this, he has the Day of the Diagram (which should become the official title ). A moment of clarity so perfect and precise that he can see by the logical extensions of his own (dare I say it?) supernaturally-powered reason exactly how to influence the predictable course of human history in such a way as to produce the highest possible chance (from his perspective) of saving humanity. And then, he is left alone, cut off again from the source of brilliance and foresight and ability to plan for the future. He knows that Honor is dead, either from the visions or from insight gained from his flash of intelligence. For whatever reason, he believes the Knights Radiant are unreliable (perhaps the secret that destroyed them before has something to do with this). He remembers being smart enough to see all of this, and has committed himself to that course of action. From the information he had on the Day of the Diagram,TM he has laid out the best possible course. Like Shaggai said, he is not capable of coming up with another plan comparable to it. He and Dalinar together are not capable. He and Dalinar and Jasnah and Kaladin and Shallan and Syl and Pattern and Ivory altogether likely lack the combined intelligence to come up with a superior plan. They certainly lack the information. So he's locked himself into a course that he can't get out of. Like Shaggai says, he is morally committed to it now. There isn't any backing down for him now, unless a way that is demonstrably superior in every way. It's a simple, logical position. In fact, it's the basic operating principle of science. The scientific method is inherently conservative. You hang on to the descriptions of reality you have, even as the discrepancies mount, because there isn't anything better. And when a new model that is demonstrably (and consistently so over time) better at describing reality is established, you jump ship (after thoroughly testing the model). Taravangian is acting the same way. Of course, it may not be the right position. In fact, given the state of things in the books so far, it almost certainly isn't the right position. And the Diagram certainly suffers from a crippling lack of the ability to perfectly self-correct. (It should here be noted that the Diagram has some limited self-correcting ability built into it, and Mr. T. has attempted to access more by the use of the Death Rattles, but it almost certainly won't be enough to counteract the full force of accumulated error over time.) And this is the point that I make it clear that Mr. T's way of saving humanity is an awful way. An absolutely bloody, morally bankrupt and awful way to save humanity. But he believes that it is the only way. And if it were, in fact, the only way, then the only moral choice would be to follow it. Because saving the world is a morally higher cause than the life of any individual or any group of individuals. But, from the viewpoints of other characters we have seen, it isn't the only way. And because we know that, we know that Taravangian's plan is an immoral and a wrong one, because there is a better option. But he can't see that. As far as he can see, his only option is to follow the Diagram exactly, because he is no longer intelligent enough to put together workable alternatives. And until he is confronted with evidence that there is, in fact, such a workable alternative (and one that doesn't require wading through rivers of blood to get there), he is morally incapable of changing his path. My prediction is that one of the important sub-plots of the first 5 books will be Mr. T slowly coming face-to-face with the fact that there was a more ethically acceptable option for saving humanity than the Diagram. His actions have been justified so far only by the strongest necessity. The existence of another viable and workable option removes that necessity, and so as he realizes that Dalinar's option is, in fact, workable, he will have to come to terms (or fail to do so) with the fact that his actions were not necessary, and therefore were not justified. I believe that this realization will break him. I don't know if he will heal over time, whether he will find himself dead at the hands of some justice-dealing hero, or dead by his own hand in remorse. But I think he will break when he realizes that things didn't have to be the way the Diagram outlined. Needless to say, I find Taravangian an exquisitely tragic character.
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    The theory is rather simple, Shardplate is made of stormlight, made by the Radiants who use it but only available after a certain oath. I have a few pieces of evidence that support this theory, the first and in my opinion strongest, is that you can regrow shard plate using Stormlight, you can grow an entire set of plate from one piece of armour: This quote also shows that there can be only one complete set of each set of Shardplate. This supports the idea that each Radiant made their own plate, and that it is individual supports this again, it would probably also be able to reform into different kinds of armour depending on the radiant's wishes. The second piece of evidence that supports this is from Dalinar's visions, he sees a Knight's helm just appear, or at least notices that it wasn't there and then it was, It is possible that the Knight just breathed it in converting it back to Stormlight before approaching, and then breathing it back out forming it back into a helm. With those two things established on with the theory, after a Radiant swears a certain oath, he or she is then told by their spren to breath in an exorbitant amount of stormlight, this will eventually burst out of them guided by their spren and will be formed into the plate. The plate would then remain that way permanently, the Knight would not be able to or ever want to hold that much stormlight ever again (in my imagination it is not a pleasant experience). I say above that the Knight breathed in her, helm banishing it, yes that would be possible as it is not that much Stormlight, but the whole suit is a completely different beast. In the chapter 69 quote it says it takes days to regrow even a gauntlet, that seems awfully in efficient, well of course it is, it isn't the way it was designed to happen. Shardplate on a Radiant would regenerate from the stormlight that leaks from the Radiant's body. In modern Roshar shard plate is powered by Gems like a fabrial, these gems were not there whit the Radiant's Shardplate, they were added as a substitute and are horribly inefficient. I say this as this was done to Shardblades also the gem was added so that a normal human could bond the blade. We see Kaladin fuel Shardplate from his body in the duel, but it sucked all his stormlight this happened as it was not his specific set and followed the same rules as a gem fueling the plate. This theory is a lot longer than I expected but if you read it all then thank you please reply and discuss feel free to tear it to shreds, I will be around to discuss.
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