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    Completed code. Got lots of help reading everyone's ideas.
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    this is what i picture in my head about that. can we make a bet? i say 2 weeks until we became insane searching this holy grial.
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    Compiled Words of Brandon thread #2! Since the Q&A's got too long for the first post of the old thread, I'm posting a new one, then reserving the first page or so for signing reports. If any of you have Q&A's I'm missing, or audio, please let me know! http://www.sffworld.com/2014/03/brandon-sanderson-exclusive-interview/ (Added to the Database) Q: Will we learn more about the character currently known as Hoid in Words of Radiance? A: Yes, you will. Watch for a story told at a bar. http://fantasy-faction.com/2014/brandon-sanderson-stormlight-interview (Added to the Database) Q: In The Way of Kings, when Shallan zones out and draws a picture of a dead noble at a dinner table, was she drawing her own father after she killed him with her Shardblade? A: Ooh, good question! You will want to read Words of Radiance, where her flashbacks may indeed involve this scene that she drew. Q: Is Hoid drawn to novel-worthy plots? Or does he ever just show up in a completely normal time/place, with no ramifications on the Cosmere, Shards, etc.? A: He is drawn to places specifically because of what's happening in those worlds. He is there and he is meddling. Q: Could any type of spren bond with a person (even if the results wouldn’t be a Knight radiant)? Or only the ones associated with a branch of the Knights? A: Ooh, that’s an excellent question. This is something theoretically possible for a lesser spren to achieve. From Emperor's Soul personalization signing Ninch http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m104/theninch/sandersonanswerbigger_zps1501bca5.jpg http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m104/theninch/sandersonanswer_zps1e0737eb.jpg Q: Could a person soulcast more Atium and Lerasium if they had a bead? A: No. Investiture messes things like that up. http://www.17thShard.com/forum/topic/6405-information-from-the-midnight-signing-spoilers/ Pinpoint (Added to the Database) Q: Can Shardblades kill spren? A: Theoretically, yes. Q: If Hoid got beheaded, would his body grow a new head? A: Yes. Q: What if Hoid got cut by a Shardblade? A: The Shardblade cuts the soul and what Hoid does heals the soul. Q: Does Dalinar have Surgebinding abilities? A: RAFO. Q: Belief has had a lot to do with the Cosmere. Will belief have a big part to play in The Stormlight archive? A: It already has. The two scholars measuring the spren. http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/6571-brandon-byu-signing-march-4-2014/ scm288 (Added to Database) Q: So, I don't actually own a hardcover copy of The Way of Kings, but I did notice when looking at one that there's a map of Shadesmar. And that the map shows that Shadesmar geography is precisely aligned with Roshar's geography. So I'm just going to assume that other planets we've visited so far also have realms of Shadesmar that are aligned geographically. A: That's very clever of you! Very clever... Q: So I guess my follow-up question is: is Elantris a Dawncity? A: Hmm. I could see where your reasoning could come to that conclusion, but no. No, that's not it. But your earlier extrapolations are in the right direction. http://www.17thShard.com/forum/topic/6439-audio-from-the-san-diego-signing/ Talenelat (Added to Database) Q: Are we going to find out in here, why Szeth and what the Truthless are all about? A: That, you will have to wait for his flashback sequences in a future book. Each character gets a set of flashback sequences. I'm not going to promise that the characters live to the book where their flashback sequences are. You might have a character die and then get their flashbacks the next book to get more information on them. This will be Shallan's flashback, then the next book will be Szeth's flashback, then Eshonai, then Dalinar. Q: A while back someone asked if Hoid's sword is Nightblood, you said that was interesting. Is it similarly Invested? A: I'm going to RAFO that. It is a very interesting question. Q: What you can tell me about Investiture? A: That is the word for someone or something which has gained a portion of the magic of Adonalsium, so the original whatever-it-is. Like a Shardblade is an Invested object, and people if they draw in the Stormlight, they're drawing in the magic-they're Invested. Q: Why does the Stormfather consider himself dead, or will that be covered? A: That will be covered, eventually. Q: What about Kaladin getting sliced with the Shardblade and then being able to rejuvenate. A: That is a clue for what is going on with Szeth and his understanding of Shardblades and the Shardblade he has. Q: Which is an Honorblade, right? A: I can't say, but Szeth says in book one you can't heal a Shardblade wound with Stormlight. There are other very big but subtle discrepancies between what Szeth does and what Kaladin does. Q: The coats that the Alethi wear, that the officers wear. Is it a Prussian sort of thing? A: I'm thinking in my head probably french early 1800's. Just past Napoleonic. Bound tails. Q: Where did you get the basis for the spren? A: The spren are partially based out of Shinto mythology, the idea that everything has a soul and a spirit to it. And partially mixing that with my desire to have some sort of a unique representation of emotion in these books. Q: It seems like a movie adaptation would have just constant spren everywhere? A: That's why I made it so that not every use of the emotion causes them-so it wouldn't get too crazy even when I'm writing them. And what's happening is the spren exist on the Cognitive plane, on Shadesmar, so they have to be attracted, they have to be nearby enough to flock to you, so it depends on how common the spren is. Q: For a Windrunner, if he had enough heating fabrials and enough Stormlight, how high up could he get? A: You could exit orbit. Windrunners, remember they're gravitation and pressure. So if he knew what he was doing, we have actually factored how long it would take to get to the various moons. Q: You very clearly make rules for the wine in this world, like the different colors and different alcohol content. I was wondering what the inspiration for that is, and also what some of them are actually made from, because it doesn't seem like grapes. A: It's not grapes, it's a local fruit. So we would not probably call it wine, we would probably call it something else. And it's based on my desire to do funky things with world building in every way I can. [The color is a cultural thing.] Q: For the Dangerous Women story, are you going to write anything again in that world? A: That world will show up again. Silence probably won't, but the world itself, yes. It's called Threnody, it is one of the Cosmere worlds. There's not a Shard there but there are interesting things happening. There's actually been a character in other books who's from Threnody. It will eventually be clear who that is, but they have shown up in many previous Sanderson novels. Q: Would that be Hoid? A: Hoid is not from Threnody. Good question though. Hoid is from Yolen. Q: When are we first getting a look at the Cosmere coming together? A: The third Mistborn trilogy is going to involve-it's the first one I planned to do a lot with. I doubt I will do much in the second Mistborn trilogy, more than I probably have done [so far]. It's fun for me, so I'll keep including things in. You'll notice that Hoid is a bigger part of the Stormlight than previous ones, but I still don't want it to come to the forefront quite yet. Q: How deep are you going into Shadesmar in WoR? A: Not terribly deep in WoR. We're going to have to wait until Jasnah or Shallan are exploring it more. Q: For the people you have coming back in the Stormlight Archive - how do you pick who makes the cut [in the interludes?] A: It just depends on where I feel like going, the interludes are complete freedom for me. Q: In the Cosmere you have so much going on, what happens when you come up with something that would conflict with something else? A: Then I don't put that in the Cosmere. Q: Does Nightblood rip souls out of bodies, by chance? A: Nightblood consumes Investiture, including the spark of life. Q: Is there a difference between Shadesmar and the Cognitive realm? A: Shadesmar is a word for the Cognitive Realm specifically touching - It's like San Diego is a word for a place in America. It's a local word. Q: What kind of changes do Slivers go through after letting go of a Shard's power? A: It leaves them, imagine it like a balloon that has been deflated. Q: Ok so would Rashekk still have had powers? A: He would have had some residual effects. But it also works the soul in weird ways, like a baloon that has been deflated. Q: If Endowment were killed, would the Returned still come? A: Somebody needs to hold the magic. If no one holds the magic, the magic will start to gain sentience. Interesting and bizarre things happen then, so I would say yes, but with the caveat that with whoever picks up the power or what happens with the power could end up changing that. Q: To the spren, is becoming mindless the same as death? A: They consider it as such. Q: Are there birds outside of Shinovar in Roshar? A: There are, but very few and they are all in the west. So you're not going to find birds in Alethkar for instance. Unless they're chickens that have been brought, or something like that. Q: Can Breath be used to power Surgebinding? A: They are very similar Investitures, and most of the magics can be powered with the other magics if you are capable of making that happen. Q: What would happen to the Breath? A: The Breath would be consumed in the same way that Stormlight is. A renewing resource, much like Atium is. Q: Any chance of a Shardspear? A: Shardspear? YOU are going to get RAFO'd. Q: Does Hoid ever show up somewhere, stand around for awhile, realize that there isn't a novel-worthy plot going on, and leave? A: [Laughed] Yes, Hoid gets around a lot and that has happened a couple of times. He does not know everything. Q: Can someone bond more than one Honorblade A: Honorblade? You can't bond an Honorblade, though it can be given to you. Shardblades, however, come from a spren bond and it is possible to bond more than one. [This was cleared up at a later signing.] leinton (Added to the Database) Someone else’s question was about the safehand and Brandon gave new information on it. The essay that defined masculine arts as being ones with two hands and feminine needing only one was in order to let men secure power over Shardblades. http://www.17thShard.com/forum/topic/6523-hoid-drinking-at-the-fair-Cosmere-implications/#entry106083 DefiantBurrito (Added to the Database) Q: Can you tell me what Wit put in his drink in Shallan's flashback scene? A: It was something that you or I would probably not want to eat in our world, but that Wit got some benefit from eating. Q: Something we've seen in the Mistborn books, perhaps? A: [sounding pleased] Yes, perhaps like something you've seen in Mistborn.
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    So, this came up in another thread, only it was fairly off-topic there, so it'd probably be better to open a brand new thread. [From the 'Love triangles parallel' thread, in answer to a post about Laral] This is actually my favorite Hesina theory. It is clear that she is more than she looks at first. Also, from WoK: It's made pretty clear that Hesina's parents didn't particularly care for Lirin. This is odd, to say the least - Lirin is a skilled surgeon, and a full citzien, and most people would consider him the ideal husband for a daughter. IMO the only reason why Hesina's parents would possibly have disliked her marriage to Kaladin's father is got to be that they considered themselves to have better social status. But Lirin is second nahn; and you don't go much higher than that. (We have a good idea of how lighteyes' dahn work from Shallan's POV in WoR - a brightlord's heir is the same dahn as his father, while his other children are presumably one dahn lower. I'm guessing the same goes for darkeyes' nahn - even if Hesina's family had been of the first, she would have been a second nahn citzien in her own right, making a marriage to Lirin's perfectly acceptable). Plus, there's the fact that Kaladin's parents wanted him to marry Laral to consider. From WoK: But they don't live in a large city and Laral is neither particularly poor (Roshone does marry her for her inheritance, in the end) neither that low ranked. In Words of Radiance, Kaladin refers to the citylord's family as 'middle-dahn'. Also, for what is worth (again from WoK): So, what I'm saying is that Laral's social status was theoretically much, much higher than Lirin's family, making such an union a preposterous idea, even of the paper. Even Lirin and Wistiow's apparent friendship wouldn't be enough for him to even consider marrying Laral to Kaladin - unless his family had some other social connection we weren't made aware of. Snote wondered if perhaps one of Hesina's parents was lighteyed. I don't think this is quite the case, because such a thing was bound to come up, especially by Roshone - but I think it's definitely possible one of her grandparents was. It makes sense. Rich merchant marries poor brightlady, or maybe the other way around; some of their children are lighteyed, some aren't. A brightlord/lady daughter and/or sister would have been out of question for a country surgeon, but a grandaughter, on the other hand.. I can perfectly see Hesina's parents as the kind of snobbish people who see themselves as 'better' than the rest of their social circle because of their lighteyed relations(heck, plenty of RL people are like this. I think I might have just described my boyfriend's parents...). Those people would look down on Hesina marrying Lirin, but would have no means to stop her from doing so (unlike a real noble family would). Also, for what is worth, from the same thread: So, what do y'all think? Of course, it might just be that Hesina's parents didn't like Lirin for some perfectly innocent reason, like he making a mess of their first family dinner, but what would be the fun in that?
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    *Sigh* Well, I just spent the last hour transcribing noted from the signing, and my computer ate them. I'm tired, and I have to be at work in less than six hours, so I'm just going to do the highlights for now. I'll come back again and do a full report. As is my custom, and with Brandon's permission, I set up next to his signing table to take notes of the questions fans asked him while getting their books signed. Another Sharder had a recorder on the table, so with luck we will soon be getting a full recording, but I will transcribe some highlights here for the time being. Please note that, unless otherwise indicated, these are all paraphrases. Only when the words are in quotation marks should they be considered Brandon's exact words. Also, I will refrain from re-transcribing notes from the questions asked by those Sharders who have already posted. Q: How did Taravangian justify creating the Design if foretelling is considered to be of the Void? A: Taravangian would argue that he created the design using only the magically augmented strength of his own mind, not actual foretelling. Q: Dalinar doesn't have a "real" Spren. Does his bond represent an upgrade? A: Dalinar's bond is a very cool thing, but also a very dangerous thing. Q: How does dying affect a Spren bound with the Nahel bond? A: Dying, as long as the oaths are unbroken, does not necessarily affect the Spren in a really terrible way. Q: Are we ever going to know Hoid's real name? A: Eventually, but that "depends on what you regard as real." Q: Will the flute come back? A: Many are curious, but "I have been non-committal so far." At this point, and again at the end, one of our fellow Sharders asked a large number of very detailed questions about the astronomy of the Roshar system and Roshar's moons. I'll leave it to her to post the details, especially since in many cases Brandon pleaded a need to check with Peter on the precise information. Apparently, Peter is better with Astronomy. Another Sharder asked from very fascinating questions about Rosharan textiles, but again I will leave it to her to post the details of her questions. I would prefer not to usurp. Q: Is Vasher looking for Nightblood [on Roshar]? A: "Vasher misses Nightblood and feels responsible for him." Q: How many worldhoppers have their been? A: Brandon hasn;t kept track. 1 from Mistborn, and we haven;t picked out the Terriswoman yet (though she is not Tindwyl). Q: Is the Terriswoman the nurse in Warbreaker? A: RAFO Q: What happens to Allomancers who have an allergy to their metal? A: It would "definitely not be pleasant." However, Brandon noted that fewer people on Scadrial would have such allergies, owing to their investiture, but that it could happen. Q: Will there be leather bound editions of Stormlight Archive? A: Someday, but not in the near future, and a leather bound edition of Mistborn was likely to come first. Q: What would Willshapers think of Adolin killing Sadeas? A: They'd be OK with it. Q: Is the Evil on Threnody related to Adonalsum? A: Everything is related to Adonalsium. Q: Are Rhyshadium artificially created or enhanced? A: RAFO Q: Does each order of the Knights Radiant have a different Spren? A: Yes, each order has a distinctive Spren. Q: "Nohadon is still alive, right?" A: RAFO (By my judgement, Brandon seemed both amused and surprised by the question) Q: What is the likelihood of seeing a publication of White Sand? A: Currently working on a graphic novel. Q: Do you plan out the level of advancement for musical ability and technology on each planet? A: Brandon has a general idea, but does not plan it out in detail. Q: Any 1 armed Herdazian jokes? A: How do you get a one armed Herdazian out of a tree? Wave. Q: Jasnah is a very believable atheist. Was it difficult to write her? A: Brandon spent time in atheist forums to "learn how to talk to make her real." Q: How many people know Dalinar doesn't remember his wife? A: "Not very many at all." He has to fake it sometimes. Q: Have you listened to the audiobooks of your works? A: Yes, to hear their interpretations. "I love that Herdazians are Australians." Q: Is Lopen a major character in the back five books? A: No. Q: How will the shardic influence affect Harmony? A: Inability to act, trouble being proactive. "Two sides are pushing," and it will take a long time for this to become manifest. Q: Can Feruchemy only be inherited? A: Hemalurgic spikes are an option. It is hereditary, but it came from somewhere. RAFO, but not a big RAFO. There are other ways to get it. Q: Could Feruchemical Identity be used to heal damage in the Cognitive Realm? A: "Yes, but it's going to take a roundabout method." Identity is very useful for things like this. Q: Which was darker, Jasnah with Shallan in the alley, or Adolin and Sadeas? Were they on the same level? A: Adolin was less dark, from brandon's personal perspective. It was "something that needed to be done" that "no one else was capable of." There will be ramifications down the line. Q: Where is Hoid's "place where gods have died?" Was it Roshar? A: RAFO Q: Was Shallan's father actually her father? A: Yes, it was. Shallan's mother and father as presented were her parents. Q: Szeth hears his victims screaming. Was that his conscience, or a spren? A: Not a spren. Q: What idea came first, Pattern or the chalklings? A: Pattern was first. Q: Was the recipient of the letter in the Way of Kings epigraphs in Words of Radiance? A: "Not in Words of Radiance in person." RAFO, "but they have not appeared in person in the series yet." Q: Would Nightblood kill a non-Returned wielder? A: Nightblood would suck out the soul of anyone wielding it for too long without breath. Q: When does a person become a surgebinder? A: The bond starts forming before the words are spoken, but if no words are spoken, the bond will fade. Acting in a manner conducive with what the spren is looking for will draw the spren. I didn't catch the full question on one of these, but I did catch the answer- Stormlight can feed Nightblood. Q: Will we see a book focused on Lift? A: We are going to get a book with Lift as the main character, and we may see more shorts with her "because she's fun." Q: Is the 17th Shard limited in purpose to tracking down Hoid? A: Their purpose is grander than that. Hoid is one of many priorities for them. "They are very worried about what he is doing." "They have a task, they have goals, they are worried he will be working at cross purposes with them and they are trying to hunt him down." Q: Do we see Nazh? A: Nazh appears in one place in Words of Radiance. Q: Have we seen allomancy on Roshar? A: We have seen allomancy used in Roshar. Q: I didn;t get the whole question, but it was regarding the presence of alluminum on planets other than Scadrial. A: Alluminum has weird properties on all of the magic systems. Not the same effects as on allomancy, but some bizarre effects. Q: When using allomancy, does the metal have to actually be ingested? A: As long as the metal is not hemalurgically charged or hemalurgically placed, it does not have to be ingested. It can be inhaled, injected, impaled or any other way of being placed inside the body. Q: Is the Surge "Cohesion Strong Axial" related to half-shards? A: RAFO Q: Will a Radiant using an honorblade get those surges, too? A: Yes, "it is possible to get multiples." Q: Does Szeth have a puppy? What would that be like? A: "Szeth could totally use a puppy." He does not have one, but "he does now have something very puppy-like." Q: Is one of the first three lands of the Iriali Long Trail Braize? A: No Q: Did the shattering of honor happen in the Cognitive realm? A: "The shattering of a shard is something that transcends all three realms." Q: Any chance of a Nightblood POV? A: There is a chance, it is "something I have sincerely contemplated." Q: Was Nohadon a Bondsmith? A: RAFO Q: Have any Bondsmiths ever had Shardblades? A: RAFO, but Brandon said it was a good question. Q: Why do honorblades work as they do? A: They were crafted before shardblades existed. Shardblades were attempts by "certain individuals" to copy honorblades. We also were informed that the reading at our signing, the one involving a planet with a magic system based on gaining powers while ill, was from a planet in the Roshar System. And, finally, my questions: Q: Were the original 16 shardholders after the Shattering all human? A: RAFO However, Brandon did add that there were 3 sentient races on Yolen. Q: Were the original 16 shardholders all from Yolen? A: Yes. Brandon signed 3 books for me. The first was Emperor's Soul. I asked him to please write for the personalization any information about the Moon Scepter that he was willing to give us that we didn't already know. He gave it serious thought, and told me that there was very little to know about the moon scepter, but what there was to know was very spoilery. Ultimately, he wrote this: "Rafo! (But it is not Mraize's stick.)" I never believed that Mraize's stick was the Moon Scepter, but at least we can discount that crazy theory officially now. :-) I think Brandon felt sorry for me after that, because when he signed my copy of Words of Radiance, he chose to expound on one of his earlier answers about Yolen in the personalization. He wrote: "3 races on Yolen. Human Shodel Dragon" I don't know about you guys, but that is certainly new information to me. :-) All in all, despite my frustration with typing up my notes (stupid computer), I'd say this was a very informative signing.
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    EDIT: I have revised this theory to include data up to, and including, the early Oathbringer preview chapters. You can find the new version here. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- In the light of recent Words of Radiance information, I've developed a small pet theory about the current whereabouts of the Heralds. The information for this comes mostly from my not-very-reliable memories of The Way of Kings, recent Words of Radiance readings Brandon has done for the Steelheart tour, and forum discussions; a couple of veeery small pieces come from the Steelhunt, but I've kept them spoiler- and context-free, so they shouldn't spoil anything. The theory goes like this. The Heralds have turned into twisted versions of themselves. Not polar opposites, but their divine attributes have become... perversed. What evidence do I have for this, you ask? Not much. This is a flimsy theory I put together to serve a double purpose - look into the Heralds possibly present in The Way of Kings, but also suggest things to look for in Words of Radiance; things that might reveal the location and/or identity of more Heralds. Let's start with the Heralds we (think we) have seen. Nalan While none officially confirmed (none except for Taln are), Nalan is one of the Heralds I am almost completely certain about. I believe he is a "dark-skinned Azish man who had an odd patch of pale skin on his cheek " who first appears in the prologue (he is talking with Elhokar). Distinct physical characteristics include the crescent-shaped scar or mark on his cheek and black-and-silver clothing resembling a military uniform of unknown origin. He doesn't appear in the rest of The Way of Kings, but makes two appearances in the Words of Radiance chapters Brandon has revealed to us. One of them is in Lift's interlude (the constable she calls Darkness), and the other is in Ym's interlude - again as a constable. In both scenes his race, skin color, clothing, and scar/mark are noted by the people he meets, so I am pretty sure it's the same person. His goal in both scenes appears to be the killing of Surgebinders. Interestingly, he seems to need some sort of legal justification for the justice he dispenses (an actual legal document in Lift's case, and some heavy research into Ym's legal background in the shoemaker's case). Moreover, his divine attributes are a perfect example of my main hypothesis. Darkness / Nalan looks like he is just and confident, even in his modern day "form." His justice, however, is blind and indiscriminate to the point where it's closer to execution than justice. His confidence is not the confidence of one aware of his own value, but of one who is utterly indifferent to the world, and it is this indifference that makes him appear coldly nonchalant, unconcerned, and thus - confident. Shalash Shalash is the other Herald we are all pretty confident about. She appears in Baxil's interlude of The Way of Kings and seems pretty hell-bent on destroying art - it's not certain whether she targets only art depicting Shalash, or any work of art. The Chapter 55: An Emerald Broam interlude is most likely about her too, as we know that Shalash is Jezrien's daughter and the interlude refers to a "daughter of storms," likely also vandal who destroys her own image. The only other evidence of her work comes from the prologue, where Szeth wonders why the statue of Shalash was removed from Gavilar's palace. Assuming that the crescent-marked man is Nalan (a fairly safe assumption) and that his constant companion, the " thinner, Alethi-looking man" is Kalak (a plausible, but not very well supported assumption), then it is likely that the "Ash" they refer to in the Words of Radiance prologue is, in fact, Shallash. She is supposed to be getting worse, whatever that means. Similarly to Nalan, her divine attributes seemed to have turned on herself - although where Nalan's sense of justice and confidence look "merely" corrupted, Shalash's creativity and honesty seem outright missing. She is a thief and a vandal, and her goal is to not promote, but destroy the products of creativity. Though it is possible to make the argument that she still needs creativity in order to execute her heists... Kalak Just slightly above Jezrien on the evidence scale, Kalak is probably Nalan's companion (assuming Darkness is Nalan). His conversation with Nalan from the Words of Radiance prologue implies familiarity with both him and Ash (who could very well be Shalash); this kind of familiarity is not likely to be seen from anyone who is not a Herald, and he doesn't match Ishar's profile (and he is obviously not Talenel...). Unfortunately, his divine attributes - resolute and builder - don't exactly fit the paranoid, jumpy man he has become, regardless of whether we consider in the pure or twisted form. On the other hand, his essence - foil - might come to aid us a little better, though not as much as Nalan's divine attributes help his case. Jezrien He hung out with Kelek for a few minutes after the last Desolation. What we saw there was one tired man - but that doesn't much, considering how long ago this all was. We probably haven't seen him recently. Unless he is that "man with a long grey and black beard slumped in the doorway, smiling foolishly" who asks Szeth "Have you seen me?" from the prologue. The only marginal evidence for this is that Szeth encounters him in the hall where the Heralds' statues are, and that in Lift's interlude Darkness (who probably is Nalan) is heard saying “Praise Yaezir, Herald of kings. May he lead in wisdom. If he ever stops drooling." Which could suggest that Jezrien might not be in his best state of mind. It is possible that the constable was just insulting him, but it feels personal and specific enough that it carries a "I know him, and he is not what you think he is" kind of a vibe. His divine attributes (or their twisted versions) are not displayed in the short scene we (maybe) get a glimpse of him, so that neither confirms nor refutes my null hypothesis. And so, those are the Heralds I think we know something about. Assuming I am right (note: this is a safe assumption to make, and I am a perfectly objective authority on the matter) about those Heralds' modern personalities, there could be some merit to my original hypothesis, though not as much as I had hoped. Nalan and Shalash are definitely the ones we have the most evidence for, and they both kind of fit the model. Nalan is a perfect match - he seems to have kept the core of his Heraldic virtue intact, but the details are tainted (unless Surgebinding does bring the Desolations; then I am probably all wrong). Shalash is not a good fit as Nalan, but she also seems to be using her divine attributes in precisely the way they were not meant to be used. And since we don't know enough about Kalak and Jezrien, let's go make some predictions about what the other Heralds could be doing, and how they might go about it. Many will probably fall short of the mark, but I might hit something here and there - it's an interesting experiment to me. Ishar He is supposed to be pious and guiding. His body focus is flesh. I think we'll find him involved with the oldest business in the world - though I don't know on which side. Probably a customer. Indulgent, carefree, shameless, sinner - we are looking for a dirty old man here, folks. Chach Brave and obedient. With body focus being the soul. That's a tough one. If I had to work with only one of her divine attributes, I'd say that either her bravery has been turned into foolish denial of any danger to herself, or that her obedience has made her a spy, or an assassin, or a double agent - something that would allow her to appear obedient, while working towards her own agenda. Much like how Shalash's destruction of art requires creativity. Combining those two, however - the bravery to the point of foolishness and the obedience as a means to an end - don't leave me with great many options about what Chach could be doing with her life. I wonder if she is Lyss from the Words of Radiance prologue... Vedeledev Loving, healing, and body focus - the eyes. ??? I've already made the dirty old man guess, I don't want to turn Vev into a concubine. But honestly, I am drawing up to a blank. Palah Being learned and giving, it's possible that she lives to take knowledge away from people. I wonder if she's found herself a spot in the Vorin church somehow, corrupting knowledge and history... Battar I am not even going to try with her. Her wisdom and carefulness have defeated me. This project looked like a much better idea before I sat down, trying to figure out those Heralds we haven't seen. But that's it. Ending was more than a little anti-climatic, so I am going to pretend my intention was to focus on which Heralds we might have seen so far, and what their business could be. I am rereading The Way of Kings, so I'll keep an eye on random strangers that could fit the model, but I don't know if it will be at all possible to find out more. Either way, I suspect I'll be updating this in the (not so near) future.
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    In the beginning there were three realms, and never did they meet. In time, there grew a tree, with roots in the physical, branches in the cognitive, and leaves in the spiritual. All was well. There was peace in the Cosmere for a great long while when arose the most heinous of creations, the Matchendi. The Firebringers. The Firebringers threatened the life of the Tree. The very connection binding the Cosmere together. The Tree is old and wise and knew it could not do battle directly with the Firebringers. It brought forth a portion of itself, a portion with connections to all tree realms, and so was born the first Stickbinder. The Stickbinder sallied forth do battle with the unholy Matchendi. The cry of “I am a STICK”, dousing their flames and bringing fear to the cajun fried hearts of the Firebringers. Alas, though the Stickbinder was strong the Firebringers were numerous, and the last that was heard was the defiant cry “STICK” before being consumed. Fear not, the sacrifice of Stickbinder Prime (as it shall forever be known) was not in vain. The Tree was able to bring forth many more Stickbinders. All the worlds were populated by Sticks. The Matchendi saw this, and were afraid. So arose the Church of the Stick. It is the solemn duty of all Sticks to guard against the return of the Firebringers, and live lives of Sticky goodness after the example of Stickbinder Prime. Excerpt from “I am a STICK: The true story of Stickbinder Prime”
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    I think a lot of people are voting Adolin simply because "I hate love triangles". I'm starting to wonder if people realize it's possible to have more than one romantic partner in a lifetime without living in a soap opera.
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    You guys almost figured it out on the first day, because we made it too easy. Sigh.
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    Brothers, embrace the way of simplicity. Clutter not your minds nor scripture, for our order need only four words for holiness: I am a stick.
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    I am a stick. If anyone tries to soulcast me, too bad, because I am a stick.
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    I got this from "Words of Brandon (compiled) x2" Q: Szeth a lot of the time throughout Words of Radiance is referring to the fact that he's hearing his victims scream in his head. Is that actually his conscience screaming at him or has he possibly already bonded to a spren in some way, that is displeased with- A: That is not the spren. Good question. It is not...the spren is not a spren that is a...for one of the orders. Q: But it is related to-- A: I didn't say that. I just said it is not a--it is not a blade. It is not one of those. And I got this from the coppermind in the Way of Kings/Epigraphs “Yelig-nar, called Blightwind, was one that could speak like a man, though often his voice was accompanied by the wails of those he consumed.” What if Yelig-nar has been following Szeth around and consuming the souls of those that he (Szeth) has killed, and then somehow projecting the wails of those souls into Szeth's mind? Edit: I just found one other mention of Yelig-Nar, and that is in Chapter 60 of a The Way of Kings. Nohadon says that Yelig-Nar broke into his chancery and slaughtered all his wordsmen. This begs the question: What is Yelig-Nar? If it is a Spren, then it must be very powerful to "slaughter" people because Spren have a hard time affecting the physical realm. Any thoughts?
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    I agree 100% with everything in this post. Shallan's was the most infuriating for me: "Hey Kaladin, you were forced to act as bait for the Parshendi and run into a bloodbath every day or two, were strung up in a highstorm for surviving, forced to practically live in damnation for an entire year, and watch hundreds of your friends get killed like flies, all because you were enslaved by a corrupt lighteyes. After this, you passed up the opportunity to escape in order to rescue a brightlord that Sadeas had allied with, and actually succeeded in the rescue. You finally got your freedom, but chose to protect said brightlord in order to ensure that your men would retain their freedom. You fought 4 shardbearers in order to save my fiance even though he acted like a complete jerk to you, and put up a better fight than any normal human should have been able to - and were thrown in jail because of it. Plus, I stole your boots. However, there is no reason for you to be so hostile towards us lighteyes. You are just plain spiteful!" Dalinar's was also a head-banger: "Hey Kaladin, surviving the highstorm and the bridgecrew was impressive, and rescuing me should not have been possible. You drove off the assassin in white and survived a 100-foot drop, and were able to recognize his presence and evacuate the palace before he attacked. But there's absolutely no way that you can be telling the truth about Amaram. He's obviously a much better man for me to crown head of the Knights Radiant. But I still demand absolute loyalty of you, even though I'm betraying you like the other lighteyes." and then after the chasms: "Amaram, apologize for what you did!" Really, Dalinar, really? Elhokar definitely had the best apology: "You're special, Kaladin. I stopped seeing those twisted symbols as soon as you came. As Dalinar said, you fought off the Assassin in White. You've done the impossible more times than I have been able to do the possible. You're a hero. You've done things that no man should have been able to do, and I demanded you to be executed for them. That was so, so stupid of me. I did the completely wrong thing, and I know it. I completely ruined what should have been a glorious opportunity for you." Also, Adolin's u-turn after the duel was about as good an apology as he could have given.
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    Swirly stuff is pretty fun to paint.
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    (Hopefully this is the right place to post this.) So, while reading WoR, I fixated on the wording of one sentence... this is what came of it. Theory: Vin is Iyatil. Evidence: “Vin rode on the seat directly across from him – her legs tucked up underneath her...” Mistborn, page 149 “Vin sat in her overstuffed chair in the conference room, legs tucked beneath her..” Mistborn, page 200 “She still wore her dress … though she sat in an unladylike position, legs tucked beneath her.” Mistborn page 320. (I can't find my copy of Mistborn, but I found those with a quick google search.) “Iyatil sat across from Shallan, legs tucked beneath her, watching with beady, masked eyes. The woman wore simple trousers and a shirt, such that Shallan had originally mistaken her for a boy that first time.” Sanderson, Brandon (2014-03-04). Words of Radiance (Stormlight Archive, The) (p. 757). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition. Flimsy evidence, yes, but Brandon Sanderson seems to be the type of guy who chooses his words carefully. More circumstantial evidence: Iyatil carries a dagger; Vin, as a Mistborn carried glass ones, so her non-allomantic weapon of choice would likely be a dagger. Iyatil is tiny and dresses in simple trousers and a shirt... like Vin. It's been a while since I've reread Mistborn, so I can't say much for personality – Vin changed a lot throughout the series, so I'm going of vague memories here – Iyatil is mostly quiet – she definitely speaks before she speaks. She's very cautious. Seems to be the way I remember Vin. But wait, you say. Vin is dead. Yes, and Sazed was unable to bring her back to life. But, there are approximately 300 years between the Mistborn Trilogy and Alloy of Law. The events in the Stormlight Archive occur during that 300 year gap. It's not unreasonable to think that Sazed may have found a way to bring her back sometime after the close of Hero of Ages. Also, if Demoux is a worldhopper, why not zombie Vin as well? The Ghostbloods don't really seem like the kind of organization Vin would be a part of, right? Well, we don't really know a whole lot about them... maybe she's on an infiltration mission?
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    It's worth noting that those are all examples of Lighteyes apologizing to dark-eyed Kaladin. Contrast with the following scene: Jasnah also discusses apologizing in TWoK. Despite the lesson of WoR being 'don't be prejudiced against lighteyes', Kaladin really does have a point about how lighteyes treat darkeyes, even the 'good' lighteyes. In particular, lighteyes tend to treat Kaladin as furniture: So I'm not really sure the issue is about apologies specifically, but rather the difference in social status. Shallan apologizes for Navani's mistake. Even then, Navani's 'apology' to Shallan is a lot more heart-felt than any that Kaladin gets. The whole 'don't be prejudiced against lighteyes' thing becomes somewhat of a Broken Aesop given that Kaladin really has a good point about how lighteyes generally treat darkeyes. Dalinar does say that: and Elhokar's apology appears to be a step along that path, though how that'll progress given that everyone will think Kaladin was always 'really' a lighteyes is questionable. Still, it seems like a step in the right direction; keep in mind that book 2 is only about two months in terms of time. tl;dr - it seems like the apology issue is really more indicative of the more fundamental lighteyes/darkeyes issue, and even the protagonist lighteyes are susceptible to it; Elhokar's apology (with Dalinar's speech) seems to indicate that progress is being made on that front, though.
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    But... are you a Frostlands stick or a Kharbranthian stick? I think we all know that the Kharbranthian Stick came first, and all else are merely splinter religions. Also, is there an Order of the Stick?
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    This is a theory that I believe is almost certainly true: Nightblood is an Honorblade (or the same class of weapon. Not one of the Heralds' weapons). It's essentially an Honorblade, only with different powers and restrictions. But it follows the same scheme. At the San Francisco signing, I asked Brandon if Nightblood would function as a Shardblade on Roshar. He said that Nightblood wouldn't just function like one, but that it was one. And, coupled with Nightblood's nasty habit of consuming Investiture when in use, and how it needs a variable precondition before use (in this case, it judges purity of heart), and how it is "Orders of Magnitude more powerful than a Shardblade", Nightblood is an Honorblade. Honorblades consume Investiture, which is why Kaladin is more efficient than Szeth. Syl says, Also, Honorblades (I think) must be given for use. I remember a quote for that, but I can't find it. Sorry. Finally, Honorblades have numerous quotes stating how they are more powerful than Shardblades. So, there you have it! Nightblood is in the same class of weapon as the Honorblades! Poke holes in this theory, if you dare!
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    Is it just me or do Lighteyes have no idea what a real apology actually involves? I was thinking of Dalinar and Shallan when I came up with this but Elhokar and Amaram both provided an interesting counterpoint to them as I thought more on it. So I guess you can call this a thread about the philosophy of apologies instead of just Lighteyes as the title suggests but it does contain WOR spoilers so here it should live. (PS there are a few Wheel of Time spoilers at the end too.) It started when I connected Shallan and Dalinar’s apologies to Kaladin together. First off Shallan claims to have apologised to Kaladin, when by my reading she didn’t really, then later Dalinar states “I believe an apology is due” but does not really deliver one himself. At first I thought he was referring to the apology that he himself owed to Kaladin but he apparently just meant that Amaram should deliver a simple ‘Sorry I murdered your men, mutilated your face and made you a slave’ (which admittedly he then did.) Shallan’s apology was pretty lacking by my standards. Kaladin (rightfully) called her out on the way she stole his boots then sighed and told her he was not holding a grudge over it and that she was not as bad as others. - “Not as bad as the others? What a delightful compliment. Well, let’s say you’re right. Perhaps I am an insensitive rich woman. That doesn’t change the fact that you can be downright mean and offensive, Kaladin Stormblessed” It was her next line that confused me - “I apologize, and all I get in return is a shrug?” I had to reread it looking for the apology, maybe it’s just me but as apologies go that was… not one. (his was closer) Dalinar was better in that his actions spoke of apology but he really should have said the words (Words are important on Roshar). He needed to acknowledge out loud that he more or less dismissed what he did not want to hear and that he was wrong to do so. Doing things correctly eventually is not an apology, admitting fault to yourself and those wronged is. Initially I was simply amused that he said an apology was due then failed to actually deliver one. Combined with Shallan’s failure I thought of this thread but we can look a bit further into it by using Amaram and Elhokar. Amaram. Now he did apologise, in the strictest sense of the word, the only problem was the sincerity of it. He was caught out in one direct lie and had to admit the truth, he apologised with all formality and admitted that he was sorry for what he did. The only problem being that his sorrow was in no way proportional to his sin, he may actually regret that innocent men were killed but he admits that this was not as important to him as gaining Shards ‘for the greater good’ and that he would do it again in a heartbeat. It is the forced apology that a child gives when caught out and made to apologise, an insincere formality. In his later viewpoint he makes it clear that his only real regret was not killing Kaladin too. (I think that once Amaram had confessed what he had done before witnesses Dalinar should have demanded he immediately surrender his Plate and Blade. What else could Amaram have done? It would have gone a long way towards Dalinar's apology) Elhokar is the only one who makes a real job of it, though he does not say the words ‘I’m sorry’ he does say what matters. He admits that he was wrong and he admits why he did it, he does this both to himself and to the person that he wronged. He humbles himself, he explains his hopes and his (many) faults and even asks for help in doing what is right. Of course he is drunk, in vino veritas as they say. A bewildered Kaladin shoots him down but he is still determined to figure how to do things better. You could also argue that there is strength in not saying ‘I’m sorry’ because when you formalise an apology too much you run the risk of doing it simply to clear your own conscience by getting forgiveness. The Wheel of Time is also good for looking at apologies specifically Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwene’s apologies to Mat. Let’s be honest, they each owed him big time for both rescuing them and for their treatment of him afterwards. Elayne and Nynaeve both get called out on their behaviour by Birgitte and Aviendha and made to apologise but as with Amaram above these apologies are completely insincere and only done with extreme reluctance. Elayne only regrets that she has somehow disappointed Aviendha and Nynaeve is… Nynaeve. Neither truly regrets their actions and their apologies are simply expected formality. It is only later that they work out Mat’s value as a person (and a friend) and they both make it up to him, Elayne in the way she treats him when they meet up again in Andor and Nynaeve in defending him when Tuon insults him (specifically mentioning the rescue). Both girls made a reluctant apology then backed it up later with actions, justifying their growth. Egwene on the other hand never apologises for any of her actions, she doesn’t learn to be a better person she learns to be an Aes Sedai. Perhaps if she had made friends willing to call her out more often (she sadly lost Aviendha to Elayne in that regard) she would not have been the only main character to… well, you know.., karma for not growing. (um, that is that she wouldn’t have… not that others would too). Thoughts?
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    We have powerful allies on Roshar. Dalinar has great hopes for his son in the Church of the Stick. Chapter 5, Ideals, "It is what must be. If Adolin is to be the stick, I must be the feather." And of course, Shallan has been profoundly influenced by her dealings with the sticky one. Chapter 13, The Day's Masterpiece: "'You think I'm as dumb as that stick.' Stop insulting my stick. The words came to her mind, and almost to her lips, unbidden." So we can see the subtly with which the stick is influencing her. I knows a full transformation to stick would be too traumatizing, so instead it is working in smaller ways. A thought here, a quip there, until soon, Shallan will also be a stick.
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    A full feruchemist, without a doubt. There are just so many delightful uses. Just last night I was having trouble sleeping, so storing wakefulness would have been nice. And there are cupcakes around me today. Storing calories would allow me to eat more than one. And I have a desk job, so storing speed would make going for a run later awesome. I'll be moving soon, too. Some stored strength for that would be wonderful.
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    Just got back from the signing. It was a ton of fun, met a bunch of Sharders and it's really cool to see Brandon speak in person and to actually talk to him. He really is an awesome guy. Anyway, you guys don't want all this mushy stuff: Let's get to the questions! Kurkistan Q&A Transcript Collegeville, PA 3/21/2014 Kurkistan: Speaking of [the Terriswoman wordlhopper who the previous Sharder had been asking about], is she the nurse in Warbreaker? Brandon: <Pauses; gleefully says> RAAAAAAFO! Kurkistan: Are the laws of physics in the cosmere Spiritually based? Brandon: They.. The laws of physics in the cosmere are _ours_ except where they have been changed by Spiritual influence. So I guess you could say "yes." Kurkistan: What would happen if you shot a Thug with an aluminum bullet or stabbed him with an aluminum knife? -[Editor's note: Brandon initially misunderstands the question, as you shall see.] Brandon: Ah, that's a good question. And, um.. the wound would not be able to heal _around_ the aluminum, but once the aluminum came out, and was gone from the system, they would be okay. Kurkistan: Wait, is that a Bloodmaker, not a Thug? Brandon: Oh, you're talking about Thu- Oh, okay. Yeah, ummm... It would work similarly, but it really wouldn't really have a huge effect on them. Kurkistan: Ah, okay. 'Cause Peter was implying that there was some weird aluminum interaction with Thugs. Brandon: What was he thinking of... There is some weird interaction but- Kurkistan: <rudely interrrupts> In the wedding scene [in Alloy of Law] Wax thinks that they would have aluminum bullets to deal with Thugs and I was like "oh that's a typo" and Peter was like "oh no it's not..." Brandon: No no... That would just be- it's like I said: healing it until the bullet is gone. It's just the same as the Bloodmaker. <Various pleasantries from me apologizing for all the confusion> Kurkistan: If I get a Slider, a Pulser, and a Nicroburst in a rocket with a lot of metal, do I have FTL? Brandon: Hehehehe. You're getting _closer_ but you haven't figured it out yet. Kurkistan: Are flamespren, are they all doing their own thing, or is there some Ideal of "Fire" sitting in the Spiritual Realm that they're all based on? Brandon: Each spren is based on the Ideal of Fire. Kurkistan: And is that sitting in the Spiritual Realm? Brandon: Yes, we're using sort of a Platonic Ideal, and that concept is in force, so <sounds hesitant> "yes", but [spren] are manifestations of it. Kurkistan: So these Ideals in the Spiritual Realm: Divine Breath, does that heal by accessing some Ideal of Human Health: so a guy who had never had a tongue and doesn't know how to speak all the sudden has a tongue and can speak? -[Editor's note: Talking of Susebron here] Brandon: You are... <LONG pause> You are, um, on the right track. Kurkistan: Okay Brandon: Because the Breath is... eh. How can I explain this? You are, yeah... So... So each Breath is a shade of diety, right? Kurkistan: Yeah. Brandon: And each Breath incorporates into it this sort of idea of being endowed by the diety Endowment, correct? Kurkistan: Yes. Brandon: And so each Breath you hold brings you one step closer to becoming like that, and so what you're saying is... is "yes", kind of true, yes. Kurkistan: But it's like within the Breath, not sitting off by itself- Brandon: Yes, yes yes exactly. Kurkistan: Last question: If Wayne was inside of a speed bubble and punches somebody who's standing outside it, what's happening with his fist and them: are they like sucked into the bubble, or what? Brandon: So, I have... So _exiting_ a speed bubble, while it's going, has _weird_ ramifications on lots of things. It would be really hard to punch somebody through a speed bubble- Kurkistan: So would the surface like distend around his fist- -<Illustrates with fist "stretching out" invisible film> Brandon: It's going to steal your momentum, but if you actually managed to do it, then- yes. Anything in the speed bubble that's touching through is counted as being as part of the speed bubble. Kurkistan: Okay, so the bubble would end here <Draws invisible surface in the air> and his fist would be out there <Illustrates by "punching" arm through the fake surface, demonstrating the fist extending past the bubble while he arm is within>, but still fast? Brandon: Yes. Kurkistan: Oh okay, thank you. Brandon: That's how I would imagine it so far. Kurkistan: But the bubble does _end_ at [the same place still, with the fist extending out past its boundary]. Brandon: The bubble does end, yes. Kurkistan: <Makes pleasantries and goes to leave, foolishly putting phone in pocket and so obscuring audio a bit> Brandon: And when you're punching through, it's going to- your momentum is gonna'- you're going to lose momentum and get a ricochet, because you're lurching from- <notices Kurkistan (very foolishly) acting like he's about to leave> anyway... I'll let you figure that one out on your own. -[EDIT: Cleaned up last question based on better recording. Thanks ] Note: I _did_ have a few more pleasantries in there, but cut them out for clarity's sake. ------ So that's that. There were some cool questions other Sharders asked, but I'll let them speak for themselves.
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    BTW, the two biggest things I learned from this signing, while we wait for me to post the file and somebody to transcribe it: Someone asked about what it means to be Koloss-blooded. Pretty interesting stuff. When Koloss mate their offspring is "Koloss blooded." When the child comes of age they can choose to accept the spikes and become a full Koloss, or to leave the tribe and make their own way. Also, regular humans can, if they wish, go to a tribe and prove themselves and earn their spikes, becoming a Koloss. Second, when he was signing my books he noticed my name, which is Bowen, and said something along the lines of "You know, I had a character from one of my earlier unpublished books (White Sands) named 'Bowen.'" He went on to talk about the character a little, who was an archer. And he said that he really shouldn't have a character who was a bowman named Bowen, so when he went back through the book to alter the linguisitcs of the world, he changed the name to Baon (don't know if I'm spelling that right). Then, and this is the big part, he confirmed that this character was in fact "Blunt" in the Way of Kings purelake interlude!!!
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    What makes you think Midnight Essence isn't a spren? WoR spoilers:
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    Theory in brief: Nalan sends Szeth to kill the Stone Shamen because they are the original Skybreakers whom Nalan believes have failed the purpose of their Order. We know from the epigraph to Chapter 41 that one KR Order “entertained great subterfuge” “not [to] abandon their arms” but to continue as functioning KR. I believe these were the Skybreakers who moved to Shinovar and became the Stone Shamen. Evidence: Only Skybreakers and Windrunners utilize the Gravitation surge, and only those with the Gravitation surge could have taught Szeth how to use Jezrien’s Honorblade to fly. If Kaladin hadn’t seen Szeth, and Syl hadn’t helped him, he might never have learned to fly himself.Nalan apparently still has his Honorblade. When he went back to retrieve it, the Skybreakers were with him and collected the other Heralds’ Blades. They took them back to Shinovar with them.Of all the lands on Roshar, Shinovar is the most politically and ideologically orderly. Everyone knows their place. Very Skybreaker-like.The Skybreakers believed the Desolations were over, since they had lived a long time without encountering another one. This was unlike the other Desolations, which occurred at shorter time intervals I do think KR are immortal, or close enough to, for whatever reason – whether from the healing effects of Stormlight (sorry, Kurkistan) or their bonding with a splinter of Honor, or something else. (Of course, how do they get their Stormlight, if they live in Shinovar?) Having such personal knowledge of the normal sequence of Desolations, and perhaps relying on the effectiveness of whatever the Bondsmith Melishi had accomplished against the Voidbringers (Epigraph, Chaper 58), over time the Skybreakers came to believe that the Voidbringers would never return. That is why they made Szeth Truthless (after Taravangian’s intercession and instigation, as another thread concluded based on the epigraph to Chapter 78). Nalan now wants revenge on the Skybreakers for, I believe, limiting their activities only to the Shinovar political/spiritual system, rather than actively maintaining order throughout Roshar. Nalan was the last of the Heralds to accept his role as an Order’s patron (Epigraph, Chapter 43): "And thus were the disturbances in the Revv toparchy quieted, when, upon their ceasing to prosecute their civil dissensions, Nalan’Elin betook himself to finally accept the Skybreakers who had named him their master, when initially he had spurned their advances and, in his own interests, refused to countenance that which he deemed a pursuit of vanity and annoyance; this was the last of the Heralds to admit to such patronage." This passage suggests Nalan accepted his role only after the Skybreakers agreed to “ceas[e] to prosecute their civil dissensions,” thus quieting the toparchy’s “disturbances.” Nalan viewed such involvement in civil affairs as “a pursuit of vanity and annoyance.” But when the Skybreakers retreated to Shinovar, and focused solely on establishing an orderly system there, Nalan believed they returned to such a “pursuit of vanity.” He tells Szeth he was “banished by petty men with no vision.” Nalan wants Szeth and Nightblood to kill the Skybreakers/Stone Shamen – “justice for the leaders of the Shin.” Those whom Nalan has gathered to him – the “new” Skybreakers – are not surgebinders, merely people who believe in order as strongly as he does. Because Nalan’s mind has been twisted, he believes surgebinders are the cause of the Deolations and cannot be trusted. He and his new Skybreakers seek to kill them as well. That’s the theory anyway…
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    This is something I see in online communities so often - where people say that after reading their favorite authors book/ playing their favorite game/ etc., they stop liking other people's works. I just do not understand this at all. Brandon Sanderson's my favorite author, sure, but I still enjoy Rothfuss, Butcher, Martin, Lynch, etc. Every author has their strengths and weaknesses. A Song of Ice and Fire's plot is a bit plodding at times, but his characters and world are still top-notch. Rothfuss's prose is beautifully written and engaging. The scope and depth of Erikson's Malazan series is jaw-dropping. To condemn them just because they don't quite fit your tastes seems a bit foolish to me.
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    I'm an Idrian Monk, and that can only mean one thing; I am no longer allowed to up/downvote, because not only would that draw too much attention to me, those buttons are too brightly colored!
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    The parshendi men wear the gem hearts of their ancestors.
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    Let me be the first to say... HE'S PAHN KAHL!!! GET HIM!!!
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    On the matter of how everyone kept being surprised when Kaladin spoke up during planning sessions: It was my interpretation while reading that they were rather justified in their surprise. Kaladin is, on the whole, very very bad at being a bodyguard, in the sense that he does not really behave in the "fade into the background and do your job professionally" fashion which we associate with the job. The original head of Elhokar's guard (forgive me, I forget the name) was lighteyed and was not in the habit of speaking during the conversations of his employers. He was also shown in the books to maintain a consistent upright posture and unobtrusiveness which Kaladin "lean-on-wall-and-wander" never really mastered. Kaladin was not merely acting outside the expectations of a darkeye, but outside the expectations of his role as a bodyguard, perhaps quite inappropriately so. Dalinar even calls him out on it when Kaladin first tells him about Amaram. On Dalinar's apology: I honestly don't see Dalinar having anything to apologize for here. I don't fault him for how he responded to Kaladin's claims, and in fact find his response rather praiseworthy. Not only did Dalinar not immediately dismiss/denounce Kaladin for slandering his close friend, but he also actually investigated the claim and even went so far as to orchestrate a rather complicated (and quite personally inconvenient, since he had to hide the Shardblade and pretend to be sick for a week) sting on Amaram. He acted above and beyond the call here, and needn't apologize for reacting reasonably to Kaladin's, let's admit, rather absurd claims.
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    Shallan seems to do a fair bit of drinking in WoR, in non-social settings: Her father seems to have a drinking problem (it's indicated that he takes highly intoxicating violet wine); Shallan kills her father at least partly through poisoning his wine (which he slams down without a thought). Jushu certainly has a drinking problem and Balat may also (though probably to a lesser degree). So there's definitely a family history for this. Adolin and Dalinar also drink a lot, but they're generally (if not always) drinking the non-intoxicating versions, and almost always in a social setting. The main thing here is that Shallan seems to drink even when alone, and even when she seems to recognize that it's not necessarily a good idea. That said, plenty of non-PoV characters seem to drink intoxicating wine, though again it's usually in a social setting (Lirin drinks violet wine in TWoK when depressed before the robbery attempt; Navani drinks violet wine while discussing Dalinar's visions in TWoK; Sadeas drinks a lot of violet wine, though he might not be the best role model). Overall though it feels like there's some foreshadowing going on here regarding a potential issue Shallan may have in the future.
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    Seattle October 14, 2013: http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/4258-questions-for-seattle-signing-1014/page-6#entry68628 Transcription by Shardlet (Added to the Database) Q: Is Szeth's sword noticeably smaller than other Shardblades? A: Yes Q: Is Hoid in Shadows for Silence? A: He is not. I intentionally didn't put him in...I wanted to indicate that he goes where there is an important reason for him to be there rather than just being a cameo in every story. A: (From a question from Wetlander's during discussion of Karaokeang's surgebinding chart) I'm pretty sure the Herald faces all match up to their respective orders Q: (speaking of the travel surge which Brandon referred to as transportation when looking at Karaokeang's chart) It's properly transportation rather than travel? A: Yes, that's the general thing. This is the one that involves Shadesmar. Q: Are there going to be other characters other than Hoid that will be crossing over between books? A: Yes, in fact there are characters in the Way of Kings. I told people that there is a Terriswoman in Warbreaker somewhere, I believe that would be somewhat hard to spot. That one, I don't think you will be able to pick out until you see her later on and then go back and say 'wait a minute'. Great magic unleashed here. (Written on someone's Roshar map with an arrow pointing to the Shattered Plains) Q: So there are two other planets in the Roshar system, are they the Tranquiline Halls and Damnation that you mentioned in TWoK? A: There has been in the past knowledge of other planets in the system and that has indeed influenced the mythology of the world. Q: As far as I can tell, in SA, we have seen three different lights: the Stormlight, the Amberlight in the flashbacks, and the dark light in the stone. Do those correspond to the three Shards? A: No, the amberlight is more a function of...it's no different than the Stormlight. Q: So, you see that in a storm? Like when gems gather that in the storm? A: That amberlight is more related to...so, no...you are not seeing something other than Stormlight. That is like saying that Stormlight in a topaz is a different color than Stormlight in a sapphire. It's not different colors; you're just seeing it filtered through something. The dark light of the, um, the gemstone that Szeth was given is indeed something different and distinct. Q: Voidlight? A: Yes, it is related to a different shard. How about that? Q: If you have a series of Inquisitors, like a family of Inquisitors having children for generations over... A: Would the Hemalurgy influence the sDNA of the children? Is that what you are asking? That is a hypothesis that has merit in the way the magic system works. It is not a supposition to be discarded out of hand. Q: Do you have in your mind all 150 different metallic effects? A: Yes, but I haven't named them yet. I approached that and thought, "This is just mindnumbing". So, yes; one of the things I'd like to be doing and you may see more of this...each combination has a slightly different effect than what you'd anticipate. Q: Do you plan on having, like, a final book for the cosmere? Like, the Shards are gone; Hoid is the king of the universe? A: There will be an ending to the cosmere sequence that will involve a lot of these things going on. Q: Will AoL be a trilogy of its own or is it just going to be the one book you read from tonight? A: Well, the 1st one was AoL, the one I read from tonight is the sequel, so there's at least two. I signed a contract with, well, I haven't signed anything yet. I offered Tor two more beyond AoL; so, SoS and one more. So, I have promised Tor three of them. Q: So, there could be more? A: I have not plotted this one. It does not have the same sort of interconnected arc as the others. It could go further. I think I would cautiously most likely do three or four and stop and if I wanted more short books like that, I'd pick different characters in a different location. Q: Is Hoid any of the Shards of Adonalsium? A: Good question. He does not hold a shard. Q: Anything close to...Is he a worldsinger? A: He has a relationship with the worldsingers. hoser Q: Are you willing to tell me anything about the history of the Vanrial community at this time? A: What specifically did you want to know? Q: Well, is their eye color lighter than the typical Alethi peasant? A: I think I'll just stay away from this for now. Q: Can you tell me something about the Larkin and their abilities? A: You will see something about them in the second book. Their abilities are tied to Stormlight. Q: Is [the Division surge] a reframing of, at one point in time you were talking about weak/strong forces? A: Um, weak/strong forces, yes, that's the one that sent me there partially. Like, I'm not actually... the idea of the fundamental forces is a cool thing to me so it's not like I'm actually trying to use the weak and strong forces, the idea of there being fundamental forces. I wanted to go off on it in a fancy way. Like this one right here I told them was surface tension. But it's not really surface tension. It's more like um, the people with this could take a piece of cloth and snap it out and it would become hard as if the cloth became steel. I'm trying to explain this scientifically, but it doesn't work scientifically. Imagine as if they could restructure the atoms so that they became a latticework like a crystal rather than being soft like...cloth. I'm calling it surface tension, but it's not really surface tension. Q: Tensile strength? A: It's kind of like tensile strength. I have to go through Peter and say "Alright Peter, come up with what we should really call this." He does the hard science a lot better than I do. I do the armchair theories and then he goes, "Ok, now this is the math if someone were to actually fall off of this and 0.7 gravity and the weight of the bridge...". (looking back at the chart) So what can I give you that I didn't give her? Um, one of the orders is called Bondsmiths. Wetlander Q: Did the splintering happen before the Recreance? A: I will reveal this as we go. However, be aware that in the past, when a Shard was killed, the person holding it, it is a slow burn to actually kill someone; because power cannot be destroyed. So, what it means to be killed means something a little different in these cases. Hoser Q: Did Tanavast survive Honor's splintering? A: Tanavast is dead. Good question. However, that is as of the start of the WoK (not including the prelude). Q: So he could have survived the splintering... A: He could have survived the splintering. Q: ...as a mortal? A: Well, he could have survived for a time, but then he could not have then...right. Q: ...passed away in his sleep. A: Right. (Indicating that Tanavast would not have passed away from old age) Wetlander Q: Was Odium able to splinter Honor because the Heralds abandoned the Oathpact? A: Good question. Um, their abandonment of the Oathpact is related...but mostly tangentially. If I was pinned down on that, I would say no. Q: Is there any of the Oathpact still functioning because of Taln's continued participation. A: Yes, indeed. Q: Is the Palanaeum named for Palah? A: Yes. In fact, it was named based on...it was Greek in our world...the Athenaeum? It was based off of that. Q: Did we see Palah? A: I believe every one of the Heralds is mentioned or shown somewhere in the first book. Q: Someone was wondering whether the old woman who was wandering around the Palanaeum was her. A: That is a very good guess. I won't say specifically, because some of them are intended to be more obvious and some of them are intended to be red herrings. So, that was a very good guess. Q: Please explain what you will about Shards and Splintering and Slivers. A: An event happened long ago which destroyed something called Adonalsium into 16 pieces. And 16 people took up that power. Q: People? A: I call all intelligent species people. If someone takes up the power and lets go of it, it has the effect much like a balloon that's been stretched and then the air is let out. I call that a Sliver; based off of TLR calling himself the Sliver of Infinity. TLR is someone who held the power and then released it. And so, current Slivers are TLR, Kelsier, and there may be others around who at one point held the power and let go of it. A Splinter is a term used by certain people in the cosmere for power of Adonalsium which has no person caring for it, no...no person holding it, which has attained self-awareness. Q: So is that like the mists and the Well? Are they... A: They are not, because they have not attained self-awareness. But, the Seons are self-aware. So, any piece. For instance there were some spren on Roshar before Honor and Cultivation got there. Those were already splinters of Adonalsium where he had left power which attained sentience on its own. So, it can be intentional is what I am saying, does that make sense? You have seen other Splinters. Q: Are the highstorms related to the splintering of Honor? A: The highstorms are more related to the mist from Mistborn which terminology we have not discussed yet. You have seen Splinters quite a bit on various planets. Seattle (would like audio for this if anyone has it) http://www.17thShard.com/forum/topic/6583-adolin-Shardblades-skybreakers-wob-seattle-new-info-wor-spoilers-elantris-spoliers/ Jerich Q: Is the Hoed from Elantris similar to the state of a Shardblade? A: [Paraphrased] Similar, but probably not exactly in the way you are thinking. It is kind of like two diseases caused by different bacteria: Both are caused by bacteria, but they are not exactly the same. Q: Is it possible then to reawaken a Shardblade if that blade is wielded by someone who speaks the oaths of a Knights Radiant? A: (Thinking)...Yes, but it would be extremely difficult. The spren in a Shardblade are not trapped in a state of mid-transformation like the Elantrians. They are stuck in an agony cycle after having a significant portion of their consciousnesses ripped out of them. The Nahel bond is what allows Spren to think on [the] material plane and that has been torn away. It would be like having a data jack installed and then having someone come up to your head and rip it out of your head. Q: So you would basically have to replace the part that was lost to wake them up? A: Exactly. Q: Are the Skybreakers kind of like the MPs of the Knights Radiant? A: Hmm... (Thinking) ... Yes. That is actually a really good analogy. Q: Are there Radiant orders that would take someone like Adolin even after what he does at the end of Words of Radiant? A: I am not going to say whether or not Adolin will become a Knights Radiant, but yes, there are several orders that would be very happy with what he did. Q: Like the Skybreakers or Dustbringers? A: The Skybreakers would probably not want him because he broke a law, but there are other orders that would think he completely did the right thing and be very happy with him. Trickonometry Q: Like the Dustbringers? A: (Didn't say anything but looked up at him, smiled and half nodded) Q: What would happen to the function of a magic item if it were to be taken from one world to another? A: An invested object theoretically would work, but they may not work exactly the way they are supposed to. Q: Would you be able to tell me anything about how Vasher lost Nightblood to Nin? A: (Brandon gives a knowing smile) "Wait, who?" Q: Okay... What can you tell me about how Zahel lost Nightblood? A: Oh ZAHEL! Well... I can't say much about that right now, but you'll get all of these questions answered in the book "Nightblood" in the future. Q: We've now seen that the Syl-Blade can change shape to meet Kaladin's needs. Is there a limit to the size that Syl can become? A: As for the size, she can get up to about the size of a human. Q: Okay, and is Syl limited to only weaponry, or can she take on the shape of other objects? A: I'm gonna have to RAFO that. Though, to be fair, you have been seeing Syl change forms since the beginning of the books into many non-combat forms, so... AhoyMatey Q: Are larkin and lanceryn one and the same? A: There's a little bit more than just [being] one and the same, but in some ways they are. Q: Do all greatshells have spren? A: In order to survive with the science that I built, the greatshells almost all require some sort of spren to keep them from collapsing. (I suspect greatshells in the water may not require them.) Q: Did Adonalsium deliberately shatter itself? A: Hmmm, good question! RAFO! Q: Why didn't Kaladin's brand heal if Lopen can regrow an arm? A: It comes down to how one views oneself. It is the answer that you think it is. So really what that's saying is Kaladin sees himself as branded. Q: Does Shardplate use a spren? A: That's a RAFO. Q: Can Glys, Renarin's spren, be a box? A: The box is not his spren. Q: Is a Desolation caused when a Herald breaks under torture? A: This person is asking the right kinds of questions. Q: Who's Nazh? The person who retrieved Shallan's notebook... A: You have seen him before. Q: Why does Urithiru not have hallowed stones? A: That'll be answered eventually. It's cultural, not magical. Q: Why does Lift feel that Darkness isn't a real person? A: Because Lift is an interesting person who has her own perspective on the world. Q: Is there anything that I should have asked that I didn't? A: Probably not... Do you know if anyone has figured out the hidden things in the map of Roshar? Q: I picked up the Easter Eggs for Mraize being a Worldhopper. It was actually the sand that did it, having been fortunate enough to read White Sand. A: Now there's something odd about that sand. What color is the sand in WoR? Q: Are the Parshendi at the village the only Parshendi there are? Besides the parshmen? A: The Parshendi as a people were all at Narak. Barring any scouts and things like that. That doesn't mean that there might not be any other Parshmen out there that have bonded spren, but they would not have been part of this nation – any more than if you found another human that they may not necessarily be American. http://www.17thShard.com/forum/topic/6593-seattle-signing/ Ness Q: Has Rock always been a third son? A: No (85% sure) Q: Are the pools on the Horneater peaks Shardpools? A: RAFO. Q: Any hints on the chapter 84 code? A: There is a key in the book. [solved] http://www.17thShard.com/forum/topic/6579-seattle-signing-report/ JamHeretic Q: Would the powers of a magical object change if it went to a different world? A: It is plausible that they will, but most likely is that they don't work right. Most of them will not. Q: Why are Ryshadium cooler than regular horses? I suspect a spren bond. A: There is Investiture involved. Q: Can you tell me who the Herald is for the Truthwatchers. A: RAFO, sorry, good question. Q: How about one of the surges? A: I am RAFO'ing the Truthwatchers entirely. Q: Can you go into healing a bit more? A: Regrowth in the books - Healing is an aspect, Regrowth is ??, Q: Will you write any more books in the Alcatraz series? A: Yes. I bought them back and sold them to Tor. I'm looking at doing it soon, this year or the next. I finished Firefight; the next book on my list is the Rithmatist and after that Tor has requested is Stormlight. Q: What Radiant order would you be? A: I want to fly, so Windrunner. Q: Interludes having characters on the other side of the world - when can we see Lift again? A: She is seeded for future use, indeed. Some of these interludes are for characters that I'll need in the future. Lift is there because she's going to do much Awesomeness in the future. Q: Is Vasher the swordmaster-ardent? A: (coy) I have no idea why you would ask that. Zahel the swordmaster-ardent was in the 2002 WoK by a different name and it blew my assistant's mind when he looked back in the original draft. It was ALL PLANNED. Q: When do we get to officially get to know what's going on in the Cosmere? A: All of my epic fantasy books are connected with continuing characters. That's a way off, and that's because I don't want people to feel like they have to have read all my previous books to enjoy the series. It should be about the characters. Eventually I will write one that's a mashup, but we're not there yet. I'll be very upfront about it when I do it. For now it's just easter eggs. Q: How do you pick names? A: It really varies based on the book. I'm often picking a linguistic paradigm. Alethi - there are two separate paradigms because I like linguistics to be messy. Usually based on symmetry being holy, so they'd pick names one letter off from symmetrical to avoid hubris. Also suffix - like Kaladin is Kalak (Herald) + din which is a suffix, all of them mean things, like the old Hebrew names have "born of" or "comes through". Stick that on and drop the last letter. Dalinar, Elhokar, all of those have suffixes - nar, kar. Q: What would happen if Alcatraz tried to wield Nightblood? A: They would get in a long conversation about random things and the book would just be those two having a discussion, and then the entire world would break probably. Q: Navani's fabrial bracelet: A: The stones don't have to be all heliodors. "They will change." (???) The number of prongs is not significant; the artist made the decision. arbron Q: How long has Zahel been slumming it on Roshar? A: For quite a long time, on this planet he can get something quite easily that is much harder to get where he came from. http://www.17thShard.com/forum/topic/6584-seattle-signing-orders-and-surges-confirmed-d/ Order #5 is the Truthwatchers, Order #8 is the Willshapers, Order #10 is the Bondsmiths. Turns out I had Cohesion and Tension backwards on the chart I showed him, so I corrected the surges at his instruction in the diagram below I also asked about healing something like eyesight and whether that would require Regrowth or if it was just the result of holding Stormlight and he said it would all depend on how the person envisioned himself. Cohesion involved being able to alter things at a molecular level, and his example was that you could push your hand on a table, and when you removed your hand there would still be a handprint. He pointed this out because he said he was sure Willshapers had access to Cohesion which is how he knew I had them backwards.
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    I tell people Sanderson has ruined other authors for me. A friend lent me a book a couple months ago, and instead I reread almost every Sanderson book.
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    This quote has long been attributed to Odium as the Broken One, leading to the belief that there is another, unknown Shard on Roshar. However, thanks to WoB, we have the following quote. which means that The Broken One is not Odium. From this, we can draw the conclusion that not only is Odium off-planet, and Honor dead, but Cultivation has also faded into the background or gone MIA. This leaves the question I would like to answer: Who is the Broken One? Simple enough. It's the Stormfather. Let's take a look at some quotes: On top of this, I speculate that Stormfather has become corrupted by Odium, forsaking and ignoring honor in favor of pettiness and hatred. The Stormfather ignores all that is honorable, forbidding the spren from returning to stop the Voidbringers, trying to stop Kaladin from saving Elhokar, deciding to destroy the Alethi armies rather than actually acknowledge the coming disasters. The only reason he even sends Honor's visions is because he doesn't have a choice, and he makes it fairly clear that he wouldn't bother to warn the humans of the coming Desolations if it were up to him. I believe that Stormfather has become corrupted, either directly by Odium or by the hatred of the thoughts that form him. Honor, Cultivation, and Odium once ruled Roshar, but now they are gone, and the Broken One, the Stormfather, reigns.
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    I love this idea. I always thought that pre-Ascension Scadrial had a lot of pertinent knowledge that was lost over time.I seem to remember a WoB that stated that they had just invented the steam engine when the Deepness came. Though just FYI, trees do think. They each think to themselves "I am a stick" all day and night. EDIT: Wait, why the downvote? This wasn't a nonsensical reply, I just threw in a little reference while I was posting.
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    We do have WoB that a non-oath-breaking death isn't harmful to the spren: Source:
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    I've already posted these in other threads to get opinions on meaning/names for them but I'll go ahead and put them in here as well since this is kind of my official graphic design thread for cosmere related material. As always, clicking the picture links to the high quality png file and the hyperlink connects to an svg vector file. One of the art pages in WoR had some fighting moves with Alethi glyphs describing the actions. For reference, here is the art page: I don't know what they all mean, but here they are: We have also been long overdue for high quality renditions of the Herald symbols so I traced the images of them that were imprinted on the introductory pages for each Part in tWoK and WoR. Betab Chach Jez Kak Nan Shash
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    It occurs to me that NB will screw so bad with the Diagram
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    "Naughty naughty! Why were you in the ancient armory again!?!" (Mouth full)"Uhm no...reason..." "Why do you have a box of breakfast cereal behind your back?" "It's delicious?"
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    Hello, I posted an unrefined theory in a very long thread, so I decided to work this out this evening and here it is. Since I read the whole WoB thread a few days ago, something kept bothering me - why Brandon chuckles so much when he says that it was far from obvious how Worldhopping works and that we have BIG HINTS in Elantris. So, well. The foundation of my theory is that Hoid is using AonDor to travel between worlds. Let me explain some things first, as I understand them from my re-readings of Elantris. Lets just go back a bit, what did Raoden in the end with drawing Aon Rao on the ground? He restored the Investiture somehow. That's how I understand that. Before that he added the chasm line, but the Aons were very weak, but after drawing the new Aon Rao, every Elantrian started glowing and etc. For their Aons to be powerful they needed Investiture. And the closer they are to Elantris, the more powerful their Aons are. This means that Elantris somehow generates/connects I don't know exactly and acts like Sel's "Highstorm" for Elantrians. Elantris was already there, before even the humans arrived, so that means that it is the source of Investiture somehow. I got a bit carried away, so my point is. WoB is that you can power one magic system with Investiture from another, as long as you know how. Then why that means that you can use AonDon, as long as you can and as long as you have Investiture, from anywhere in Cosmere. But the trick is! I believe that using AonDor from Roshar, one doesn't need to draw Sel's lines of map. One have to draw Roshar's! So, imagine drawing Aon Ehe on Roshar, we have to draw Roshar's map lines and the add the additional stuff and viola, we have the effect. Example 1: Hoid is in Elantris. He draws Roshar's map lines, additional calculations to where exactly to land. And Hop. Example 2: Hoid is in Roshar. He draws Scadrial's map lines, additioanl calculations and HOP. Hoid is known to be able to use strange magic, magic we haven't yet seen in any of the books, why can't he use AonDor too? We don't know what he can and what he can't too. My second best argument is - Galladon. He's one of the Three Worldhoppers looking for him?! Why send Galladon, ask yourselves? Because he can use AonDor! The other two can grab him and he'd draw the Aon and hop. My third best arguments is - Brandon said at one of his Q&A that the guy who asked him something about the mountains was on the right track, but not exactly. The point is that, mountains are a very important part of AonDor. WoB said that Hoid traveled before through Shadesmar and I think that is quite reasonable. Lord Ruler changed the land on Scadrial, Sazed did that again later, Elantris had the chasm, Roshar has the Shattered Plains (in my opinion that is quite similar to the Chasm in Elantris). Hoid is not God, he had to travel through Shadesmar to get into the lands at first. All we need to do is to find out how AonDor works on the given planet and then we can jump as long as we have Investiture. Thanks for reading.
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    I read an interesting theory about hoid attempting to create a complete piece of adonalsium from his various interventions across the cosmere, and it got me thinking about Hoid's overall aims. Apologies if this has or is being discussed elsewhere, as you can see I am new to the forum. At present, I am beginning to question whether hoid is in fact the ultimate antagonist in the cosmere. We already know he has attained at least the second heightening, as evidenced by his new found perfect pitch. While not a shard bearer on roshar, the fact that he was not threatened by jasnah, both a bearer and a radiant suggests he has as yet unrevealed powers on roshar. Moreover his ability to elsecall jasnah is at present unexplained. We can infer from Brandon's hint that hoid has a metal he should not have. Whether this is a piece of lerassium, atium, or as I suspect one or more hemallurgic spikes (perhaps explaining vin's reticence to approach him) he has at least some power from Scadrial. His involvement in emperor's soul and elantris I am less sure of, perhaps someone more knowledgable can flesh this out. He is, at present, arguably the most powerful non shard in the cosmere. While I have largely considered him a benevolent character, I wonder if this is merely an assumption, and his actions thus far have only appeared that way as they have assisted characters we do like. Hoid undoubtedly pulls strings across worlds (he did after all directly put the events of emperor's soul into place by turning in shai) and it could be the case that he has only acted as he has to influence events in order to achieve an end goal of his own. If he is attempting to gather the powers of all 16 shards, could it in fact be to become the ultimate power in the cosmere, uniting/usurping the place of the various shards? In the same way sazed was able to balance seemingly contrasting shards, hoid may be of the belief he can best control the cosmere by uniting them all. He has stated openly to dalinar that he would have no qualms watching a world destroyed to suit his aims, and perhaps he would similarly have no problem destroying the entire cosmere, to reform it without shards, but one complete and balanced ruling force. It may be up to those of the seventeenth shard, or indeed regular mortals across the cosmere to prevent this.
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    UnOfficial Write Up Joe sat at his table, Swirling his Soda. His attack on Dane hadn’t worked, He’d been sure he was the Coinshot, but it was Meta Apparently. He looked around the Room, there was still significant Suspicion on Mabi, and he could probably get her Lynched, thus removing that Problem. Though Gamma would also have to be dealt with soon. Where is he anyway? There he was, talking to Lents? What did he want with the Psychopath? Did he Suspect him? Maybe, Lents was Suspicious, Somehow being Here by Proxy when his body wasn’t here, but somewhere else. Gamma Stood up, shaking hands with Lents, then Strode over to the Corner Table where Joe Sat. “Mind if I sit down?” Gamma didn’t seem to be at ease today. he seemed Angry, but Resolute. “Sure, Do you want a Drink? I’, sure I could get one of the others to be Helpful enough to bring one over.” Joe was very good at Soothing, too good. “No, I’m here on Buisness.” Gamma looked down at the table Bitterly. “Well, crap. Seeking results are in. I didn't expect that one. Good Job, Joe. I really didn't suspect you at all.” Joe froze, “Why did they Seek me? They Trusted me, Now what, I can’t kill him in plain Sight!” Suddenly, Joe realized that he was talking out Loud. He stared at Gamma, who was staring back in Surprise. “Wait, you are Spiked? The Plan worked? Huh, we never even suspected you, but you hadn’t been seeked. Well, Sorry Joe, but it hast to be this way.” Gamma stood up, and strode to the Center of the room. “Everyone! Listen Up! With unsuccessful results from last nights actions, we were left with only Joe, Mabi, and Lents as possible suspects. So, I talked to all three of you letting you know we successfully Seeked you as the Spiked last night. This was a lie. But we knew at least one of you would either straight up confess, or make it easier to determine who it was. Thank you, Joe, for confessing. You did have most of us convinced in the Trust you were clean, so good job on that. I apologize for all the innocents that were taken out by the Trusts actions, but Coinshooting suspects was another way we had to 'verify' peoples roles... just in a more permanent way. Your sacrifices were not in vain, and with everyone's help we were able to finally Find the Last Spiked.” The Room silenced, then Everyone turned to Joe, who sat Scowling in the Corner. Then Chidden stood up. “Joe, I never suspected you to be the Last Spiked, But I am a Hero! I’m the Seeker of Blackwater, and I vote Gamma for Mayor!” The Crowd cheered this last bit, and Gamma stood up again. “I, Gamma, first of my name, Ironborn Lurcher and Mayor Candidate of the Village of Blackwater, do sentence Joe the Soother to be keelhauled until death, as is the only punishment for a traitor so heinous." Joe rose to his feet among the Throng. “Chidden, you little Runt, We knew you were a Seeker from Day one. Why did you think I made yo my Apprentice? If you hadn’t had your Friends to help you, I would have killed you after Dyrii died. And Now, I’m going to Kill you all.” With that, Joe Flared Brass, letting loose a massive sooth, targeting the whole area. The cheers stopped in their throats; No emotion meant no motivation to do anything, including protecting yourself. “You thought you could kill me?” He Ripped open his Shirt, revealing not one, but four Spikes. “I was born a Soother, and was given the power of four more. I can Sooth greater the the Lord Ruler himself! I can make it so no one in this room does anything. I have you in my Mercy, but I have none.” Joe walked slowly towards the Men. “So now what? Oh wait, no emotion means no Talking. I Think I’ll start with Gamma first, once the Lurcher’s unable to Interfere, I’ll finish off my Apprentice.” Joe pulled an Obsidian Dagger from his Boot, and Thrust it into Gamma’s Throat. “I should have done this Days ago. “ Joe’s Eyes burned with Rage and Madness. A pewter mug flew across the Room, Directly into Joe’s Throat. “Gah! Wha-” He fell to his knees, unable to breath or Talk. Meta Walked out of the Crowd, and knelt next to Gamma’s Corpse. ”I’m sorry old Friend. Now Joe, you might be wondering How I escaped your Soothing, It’s Simple! I’ve been wearing an Aluminum Hat to keep Bad Ideas from entering My Brain! And getting killed by you Was a Bad Idea.” Joe glared at him, but then fell backwards, dead from lack of Air. Chidden stared at the Corpses in Shock, now that the soothing had Worn off. “But, what do we do now? Gamma’s Dead, and so is most of everybody Else.” Meta shook his head “We Mourn for the Dead, and Celebrate the Living. Come on, this Inn hast to have some drinks left somewhere.” The village murmured in agreement and carried the Bodies to the Grave yard. Baldrick sat in the Middle of the Now empty Inn, staring Morosely at the Door, while two Ghosts argued above Him. “Da’ it Joe! I told ye te Sooth tha dog of ahl emo'shuns bu' ret'urn'in' 'ome. He know's tha way.” “And I told you, I didn’t know where his Home was, and He won’t Stop following me!” ======================================================================= Gamma Fiend was the Village Lurcher! The Only Joe was the Spiked Soother! Congratulations on the Win Village! Joe was the Last Spiked! And Here’s Joe Coinshot Death Scene: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EbWTMj6RaO7as3EAXUX7iceAgQc2hQrNSzXACercg4o/edit?usp=drive_web EDIT: Wait what? I let Gamma read it, and He Posts it While I'm reading an Email? And I changed it To meta, not Mabi.
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    "And behold, it came to pass that the king of kobolds spoke of the Stick in a post of a far-away land. And it came to pass that he was persecuted, given a vote downwards by one of the Enemies of the Stick." "But behold, the Churchmen of the Stick saw this, and they were displeased. And they came to the aide of the persecuted, giving seven votes upward to the king of kobolds. The Faith of the Stick was thus carried into the lands of the unbelievers." "And praises were sung throughout the lands held by the 17th Shard. The Psalm of Stickiness was uttered by all." I. AM. A. STICK.
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    So I've got this crazy hunch. I'm not even going to call it a theory because I don't have any direct passages to truly support it, and it's also based off of other theories. I'm a big fan of the theory that the heralds are changing into either the ten fools or perversions of themselves. So what if Aesudan and Lhan are both heralds? Aesudan could be Palah, and her perversion is surrounding herself with Ardent who are sycophants, not promoting her learning, and by hoarding the food that spoils, instead of giving it. This also could put two more of the Heralds at Gavilar's assasination, as Elokhar's wife would be present, and she'd most likely take with her some of her favorite ardents. Lhan would then be Ishi. He's supposed to be pious and guiding, but his actions with Pai shows that he's guiding her and other ardents to reject true piety.
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    17th Sharders, I have cracked the secret of Shardplate, Wait for it..... SPRENSQUIRES! Yup. We know Kaladin is so awesome Bridge for can regrow limbs and inhale stormlight just because they are buddies with him. But they have no Nahel bond to break. We know Kaladin is not the only one in the bond; Syl is also. We know all modern fabrials have a (non sentient) spren in the focal gemstone. We know Syl is closely related to windspren. We know about that weird fabrial metal in the oathgate. Take that oathgate fabrial stuff. Stuff it with windspren Syl has made friends with. Now it can absorb stormlight. But they have no bond that can be broken to kill them; they are just squires. So when the Recreance happens and their honor spren "dies" they are still in the fabrial armor, but this does not seem to hurt them, they are just no longer sprensquires, and the armor is no longer all glowey. No stuck screaming at the moment of death forever, so no Hate from the Bond spren. Problem solved. I am awesome. Reputation please? EDIT: As more proof of how awesome and right I am, Syl thinks how terribly unfair it is that spren cannot attract spren. This is obviously her memory returning to her, and also foreshadowing.
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    @ffrond: Silent Gatherer starts at 278. Up voted you 9 times to find it. Forescout is a hard boundary at 110. Kings tester starts at 450. Sentient Awakened Object is a hard boundary at 1000. 128 is the change over point for hazekiller. High Prelan begins at 180. Mistborn is still hanging in at 2222. 1800 is the start for Dawnsinger. Many thanks to the Sanderson Elimination Players for all the posts I upvoted to find these boundaries.
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    Stick-Nightblood *2016 Who has the will to stand up against flagrant political combustion? Who stays true to his self when others change at the drop of some light? He keeps to his roots, remembering where he came from and what brought him here? Stick! That's who. A vote for Stick is a vote for the future! Paid for by the Stick for President Foundation I am a Stick, and I approve this message.
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