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    ...When you and your mate get tattoos of the symbols for the God-Metals for Ruin and Preservation to represent the Harmony you become by being together.
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    Hey, when I reread WoK two months or so ago, I thought it would be fun to do a 3d-model of one of the creatures of Shallan's sketchbook. I ended up doing the Axehound, which was my favorite. When I did some research in the internet I found @DomainWalker 's Thread about exactly the same topic it was kinda funny There I found some design tips from @Inkthinker which were really useful. Thanks for that! I really like how the project turned out and would be interested to know what you folks think of it.
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    Soo... I finally got the model printed. It took some time to clean up the model and make sure the thinner parts wouldn't break, but here it is =)
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    So my program finished overnight. There is no set of three or fewer words contained in WoK that is an anagram of figgldygrak. More than 3 words is very unlikely given that there are only 3 vowels... so I think this one is busted. Great idea though.
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    When you're bored in church and you find yourself wondering which shard Jesus had..
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    Posted on behalf of my friend, who just gave me this little gem: me: "I'm off to the store. Soda, eggs, and cupcake and waffle mix. Who could ask for anything more?" him: "Kelsier could. He would ask for freedom."
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    ... When you gather a crew of specialists and raise an army in order to overtake and overthrow your government. Boy, don't you just hate it when that happens!
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    Ah, but you can buy vials of allomantic metals from http://store.brandonsanderson.com/. The atium, malatium, and electrum vials are fake, though. Through both movies I've watched recently (Caching Fire and Hobbit 2), I kept thinking how awesome Mistborn would be on the big screen. When you can't read "normal" fantasy because the magic systems are too dumb.
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    Wasing the wanting of snowman building? Hurrying to coming playing, Never seeing of the you, Coming out of door Seeming going away you having Wasing buddies us, Notting now, Wishing of the telling of why Wasing the wanting of snowman building? Not having to being snowman <Away of the going Spook!> Okay, farewelling Anyone care to continue? BTW, wasn't sure if this should go here, or in the Mistborn forum, but decided the Mistborn forum was probably too serious.
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    Let's think a little sideways: What if it's not an anagram? It could be an acronym - eleven letters, but eleven isn't particularly significant in the Cosmere. The only example that comes to mind is the 11th metal that was brought up early in the Mistborn Trilogy. How many worlds are there in the Cosmere? It could also be a cipher? Are there any simple codes that come up in Sanderson's other works? The problem I've found is the lack of vowels. By reversing the positions of the letters in the alphabet (A becomes Z, etc) I got: BINORTTTUWZ which could transfer to TOR WINZ BUTT but I don't think that's the secret. Personally, I'm leaning toward the only significance here being that it hid some wordplay with balderdash, but I haven't used my brain in a while, so let's exhaust this!
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    My first post! I began reading this forum when Tor posted the last set of preview chapters… I believe WoR climaxes with an invasion by the Listeners of the Alethi warcamps. Navani’s epigraphic Journal entries presage this disaster. The Listeners come in stormform, following a highstorm, and are joined by the Parshmen in camp. “Sixty Two Days, Death Follows” may have been a message that Dalinar received (purposefully or accidentally) stating the date the Listeners intended their attack. In fact, I think WoR’s entire narrative occurs over less than a three-month period, culminating in this battle. (And the much-anticipated Szeth vs. Kaladin fight won’t occur until Szeth’s book…) The Tor preface to the preview chapters states Dalinar and his armies are out on the Shattered Plains seeking the Listeners. The Listeners will use Dalinar’s absence to attack the Alethi home base. “The Ones Left Behind” in the camps are the women and children; merchants and other civilians (including Navani, Renarin, Shallan, and maybe Elkhoar if he didn't accompany Dalinar); the Parshmen (ouch!); the Bridgemen Battalion, and some troops from the other camps the Highprinces left behind as minders but not fighters. Amaram and his army will also stay, since they are inexperienced at combat on the Shattered Plains, and Dalinar will want some fighters in the camps besides the nascent Bridgemen Battalion. Shen Reveals Shen, I believe, is a Listeners spy. He knows when the attack will come. But honor will be returned for honor: Kaladin’s treatment of Shen and his respect for the Listeners will lead Shen to warn Kaladin that the attack is imminent. That will give Kaladin just enough time to organize the barest defense. Shen thus saves Kaladin’s life and many others. The “Glimpses” that Tor has released include someone (probably Kaladin) viewing the oncoming highstorm and seeing figures behind the front wall – the Listeners in stormform. Kaladin Flies With the outcome desperate, Kaladin will state the Third Windrunner ideal. This may also be when he first publicly reveals himself as a KR. The Third Ideal will combine the Windrunner leadership and protection attributes into something like “I will lead the defense of the defenseless,” only more elegantly stated. Because Kaladin will need a way to coordinate the defense of the warcamps, and because the battle occurs during a highstorm, I believe the Third Ideal will enable Kaladin to become a Windrunner in fact: he will fly from one battle scene to the next, organizing the resistance and fighting where he is most needed. Amaram Squeals: Amaram’s troops will be routed. We know they are poorly trained and undisciplined. Amaram himself will attract a swarm of Listeners, since he is a shardbearer. He will be beaten down, and Kaladin will come to rescue him. There is a thread entitled “Kaladin betrays Dalinar” that discusses the following epigraph (one of the “dying statements”) from WoK: “All is withdrawn for me. I stand against the one who saved my life. I protect the one who killed my promises. I raise my hand. The storm responds.” I believe this statement instead refers to Kaladin standing against Shen (who warned him of the attack) and rescuing Amaram. However Amaram acquired his shards, they cannot be allowed to fall into Listener hands. But Kaladin won’t fight Shen, so he raises his hand to fly up into the storm, carrying Amaram (and his heavy shards) to safety. Amaram may die from his wounds, after having fought honorably to defend the camps, thereby redeeming himself (at least in part…) Renarin Dies: With sincere condolences to FeatherWriter, I believe Renarin will die during this battle. He will sacrifice himself to protect his aunt and the other Kholin civilians. Kaladin will arrive just too late to save him (perhaps because he first tried to save Amaram?). If Renarin is an incipient KR, as many suspect, to me he most resembles Order 9 – Taln’s order – “dependable/resourceful” – always there for his father and brother, doing whatever needs to be done. Kalak states in the Prelude that Taln “had a tendency to choose seemingly hopeless fights and win them. He also had a tendency to die in the process.” That will be Renarin’s fate. Because the essence of Order 9 is talus, with soulcasting properties of rock and stone, I think he may collapse a wall or something similar as his dying contribution to the fight, using his shardblade to do so, and taking many Listeners with him. As others have suggested. the spren Renarin will see “that others will not see” (WoB) is a death spren. Kaladin’s late arrival will remind him of Tien’s death – once again unable to save someone he has grown to care for. (I believe that prior to this battle Renarin and Kaladin will have become friends and sparring partners.) Renarin’s death will exacerbate Adolin’s harsh feelings toward Kaladin. Dalinar may return from his futile hunt in time to end the battle. He will find Renarin dead and bloodied. That is when he will become a Bondsmith (from the Glimpses). And Shallan Will Lightweave Shallan may state her Second Ideal during the battle (assuming she utters the First sometime earlier). Given her attributes of creativity and honesty, it will be something like “I will illuminate the truth.” I can see her creating illusions to help the Alethi, culminating in a “Fifth Element” moment when she lights up the entire warcamp after the highstorm has darkened it. It’s possible the Listeners in stormform are affected by too bright light. I don’t see her summoning her shardblade, though, because where would she have learned to wield it? Final Predictions: Book 3, Szeth’s book, will begin with Sadeas and his allies maligning Kaladin as an untrustworthy and traitorous KR. They cannot allow his growing fame and power to continue unabated. He undermines everything Sadeas wants to accomplish. They will call him “traitor” because of his prior knowledge of the attack, which could only have been obtained from the Listeners (which it was). The fact that Kaladin’s actions saved many will be compared with the massive death and destruction the attack caused, including Dalinar’s own son. Shallan, on the other hand, may come to care for Kaladin, beginning in WoR. These initial feelings may only be respect and admiration, but they may grow over time. Until Kaladin saves Dalinar’s (and possibly Adolin’s) life while fighting Szeth, Adolin may begin to feel downright “odious” towards Kaladin… Thoughts?
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    During my re-re-read of WoK, I noticed the following bit in Szeth's first interlude: So Szeth hid the voidsphere in Jah Keved, very shortly after the assassination of Gavilar, which was 6 years before the 'present day' events. What else happened in Jah Keved 6 years ago? http://www.tor.com/stories/2014/01/excerpt-brandon-sanderson-words-of-radiance-chapter-ten-twelve-fourteen-and-interlude-1 Could Shallan's family have found it soon after, and could that have been what triggered the events of 'Red carpet, once white'? Maybe the Ghostbloods recognized the description of the sphere from Shallan's father, and they had a falling out over who gets it? I don't think the sphere is the 'monster' that was within the safe, since that seems to give out normal light.
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    Hey there! Now, if anyone's been over to the Mistborn Roleplay recently, you've probably already seen these. But for the rest how haven't, I thought I'd share these emoticons I made: Words of Radiance - Way of Kings - Steelheart - Made the Words of Radiance one in anticipation of the WoR release! I made a Hoid, and a Syl. Syl's okay, but Hoid isn't particularly great. I'll share anyway: Sylphrena - Hoid - I've done a few more (mustaches on all the default emoticons, annimated emote, typewriter, diceroll), but there probably not as generally useful. Enjoy!
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    When you try to get a good deal by devaluing your products in the hope the customer will appreciate your honesty. This... does not work in real life.
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    I will confuse those who cannot confuse themselves.
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    you use "stormfather," "lord ruler," and "dolokin" as curses
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    He's a Herald. It's that simple.
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    When you worry that you may rip your soul apart when hammering a nail. when you obsess over the numbers 10 and 16.
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    When you use Hoid quotes in debates. When you doodle Allomantic symbols and scribble in Alethi.
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    When you ask your son why he has to try and break everything he touches and he answers, "Maybe I'm like Alcatraz." edit: True Story!
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    I see what you did there. Thank you, I'm so happy you guys like it!!! I also did another one of Let It Go which I might post later. Edit: May I present, Go of the Letting? Mountain snow of the white glowing, Footprints not of the seeing, Kingdom of the isolating, queen seeming I being, Wind of the howling like inside storm of the swirling, Notting of the concealing, Lord Ruler knowing was of the trying, Notting of the letting in, Notting of them the letting seeing, Being of the having to being good, Of the concealing, notting of the feeling Notting of them the knowing Now of them the knowing Go of the letting! Go of the letting! Notting of the holding back, Go of the letting! Go of the letting, Of the turning and door slamming Notting of the caring, Of what saying them, Letting the storm of raging, Not of the bothering cold, Funny of the distancing Of everything the making small, Fears of the controlling Not of the now controlling! Time of the seeing of can be doing, Of the testing limits and the breaking of through, Not of the righting or the wronging, Not of me the rules, Of the freeing! Go of the letting! Go of the letting! Of the wind and sky one becoming, Go of the letting! Go of the letting! Not of seeing me of the crying! Of the standing! Of the staying! Letting the storm of raging, Power of the air and ground flurrying, Soul of the frozen fractal spiralling, Thought of the crystallizing like icy of the blast, Notting of the going back, Past the wasing of past! Go of the letting! Go of the letting! Like breaking of dawn rising, Go of the letting! Go of the letting! Gone is girl of perfecting Of the standing In day of lighting Letting of the storm of the raging, Not of the bothering cold.
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    The first ideal of the Hoidbringers: Life before immortality! Complexity before straightforwardness! Worldhopping directly to all destinations, thus rendering journeys obsolete!
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    Only three? I just usually leave a tab open on my browser, and every now and then just click back over, refresh, and see if anything new has come up. I have a little bit too much free time some times...
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    When if someone says you're not making any sense, you reply haughtily "We Mistborn need not make sense."
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    Brandon has never hit #1 on the adult hardcover fiction list for a solo book. So a strict release date really does matter.
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    My Szeth/Kaladin fight prediction in the form of a Frozen song. (Please don't ask what I should have been doing instead ) A highstorm approaches on the winds tonight, Not an axehound to be seen, A world of isolation, Gotta stay inside, feel the fear. Windspren play like the crashing storm outside Szeth’s coming, now I can’t hide. Can’t let them in Can’t let them see Or they’ll somehow take it all from me, Conceal, don’t breathe Don’t let it show, Well now they know, Let it glow Let it glow Can’t hold it in anymore Let it glow, Let it glow, Turn away and Lash the door, I don’t care if they know I can, I must save Dalinar, The storm always Invested me anyway. It’s funny how perspective, Like a man running up the wall, Changes your priorities When you know he can’t fall, It’s time to show what I can do, To break the limits and fight through, I can’t hold back, I have to win, To defend! Let it glow Let it glow Like part of stormlight itself, Let it glow Let it glow I can’t fear no more, Hear I run Like a Knight Radiant, I must save Dalinar The storm always Invested me anyway My power rushes through my skin into the air My, stormlight creating stickiness everywhere, And when I hold my spear everything comes clear I must defeat Szeth, he threatens Everything I hold dear! Let it glow! Let it glow! I can fly from the Origin of Storms, Let it glow! Let it glow! My secret is now gone, Here I fight As the storm passes, The storm always Invested me anyway
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    When you visit 17shard at least three times aday.
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    When you spend ridiculous quantities of time in mistborn roll-playing games and designing and creating things based on Brandon's works. When one of your first reactions to any magic system is to wonder how it could fit with realmatics. When you are excited about an RAFO because it means you can go on theorizing and that there is something important to theorize about.
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    Hey all, with Words of Radiance fast approaching, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about the spoiler policy. All Words of Radiance spoilers belong in the Words of Radiance spoiler board. There, you will be able to freely talk about the publicly released sample chapters, and when the book comes out, obviously the book itself. if you must post a Words of Radiance spoiler elsewhere (such as in the Stormlight board or General Brandon Discussion), they must, without exception be marked as such. That said, feel free to request a moderator to move the topic to the Words of Radiance board. To mark spoilers, use this: Words of Radiance spoilers: [spoiler] (put spoilers here) [/spoiler]If you somehow manage to acquire a copy of Words of Radiance before Tuesday, do not post any information on the book until Tuesday, even in Cosmere Theories or the Words of Radiance board.Posts violating these policies will be removed/edited immediately. One last thing! When the book comes out, please refrain from putting out big book spoilers in the topic titles. The overall spoiler period for Words of Radiance will be around six months. After that point, the Words of Radiance board will be merged with the Stormlight Archive forum, as it can be reasonably expected that people who want to discuss Stormlight Archive in great detail would have read it by then. This seems like a much better solution than having different boards for each Stormlight book, which in my opinion would be overkill.
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    Day 9 (Indentions) Kukri typically felt at home in the mists, but not tonight. Tonight, he was being followed. They were good; staying just far enough back that they were only a vague impression in the mists, almost as if they were made of mists themselves, but Kukri knew what to look for. Even if he hadn’t had a lifetime of people trying to kill him, the last few days would make anyone an expert at spotting discrepancies. However, knowing that you were being followed and knowing how to handle it were two different things, especially considering he had a pretty good idea that it was the minions of the dastardly Inquisitor behind him. He did have a plan though. It dealt with stabbing them before they could stab him. He just needed a distraction so he could hide and wait for them to pass. In the meantime, that meant that he had to keep walking and pretending not to notice his tail. A little before midnight, he finally got his opportunity. Someone had stepped out into the mists from a house across the street and almost immediately started convulsing. As they shook and flopped around, Kukri ducked into a nearby alleyway and hid behind some piled debris. The alleyways in the Harrows weren’t very deep and most of them had been filled by beggars and the homeless, but they still served Kukri’s purpose tonight. He slid one of his knives out and waited in a crouch for his victim to pass. No one came. Either they had seen him duck inside or they had given up. Kukri continued to wait though. His prey was a very crafty lot, as seen by their ability to stay hidden. For all he knew, they were waiting just around the corner for him to peek out. What he didn’t consider was that, even though there wasn’t an exit out the back of the alleyway, that didn’t mean there wasn’t another way in. He heard someone thump to the ground behind him, as if they had jumped off the roof of one of the nearby buildings. Kukri cursed as he spun around to face his attacker, but it was too late. They tumbled as they landed and with a dagger already in hand, stabbed him in the stomach. Kukri’s turn just widened the wound. Kukri gasped as his entire body seemed to grow colder and his fingers couldn’t hold his dagger anymore. Soon, he was lying on the ground while his distraction made their way to their feet unsteadily. They were the only one of them to ever rise again. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Herwynbe had never found it difficult to sneak into the late Dyring’s bar. In fact, for him, the trick was typically how to sneak out! With Roban now in charge, that made things quite a bit easier. Roban had finally gotten around to cleaning the walls and floor of all the written messages, but afterwards, he had gone to bed. Either he wasn’t as diligent as Dyring was or more likely, he had realized that there was nothing to be done except to clean the messages later on. There was a sense of inevitability to these messages. Indeed, as Herwynbe entered the Inn, there was already a new message from the person he’d seen last time. Herwynbe started to walk across the room when he felt something fall onto his back, near his shoulder. He reached up to see what it was and his hand came back wet. When he turned it so that he could see it, his hand was covered in blood. Only then did his body and mind put two and two together and his shoulder blossomed into a fire of agony. This time he heard the faint whistle in the air. His footsteps must have covered the sound last time. The new coin shattered one of his knees and this time there was no delay in the pain. Herwynbe fell to the ground, crying out as he tried to catch himself, but one of his arms no longer worked properly. Two more coins thudded into his back, but with his body already wreathed in pain, he barely felt them. I’m dying, he thought. No more coins fell. Herwynbe laid on his side bleeding out. He could see the shadows on the wall though, so he saw his killer drop from the rafters, slowing themselves on a dropped coin. They stood there for a moment before turning and walking out. So this is how it ends, Herwynbe mused. Not with a bang, but a whisper. And they’d never know his final secret. The one he had been preparing, just in case something like this were to happen. It was saddening, knowing that all that work had been for naught. The edges of his vision were already starting to darken. No! They will need it! It might just save the rest of them! I cannot let it end like this! He forced himself to wakefulness and started crawling towards the corner he had been heading to before when he had first walked in. When he got there, he felt for the hidden latch with numb fingers. If he could just get the trap door open… He heard a faint click and he rolled into the opening, falling down the stairs as his last bit of consciousness faded. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When the Crew arrived the next morning, they found only one message scrawled onto the walls: Let's cut to the chase, because I'm more than a little tired. Roban, Wilson, Quillion, Seran. Not seven, not a pretty number. We need to cut one down to make it thus. If this is my last, then let it be a good one. All of this wait is driving me mad. I'm feeling positively ruinous. There are few who we must trust. I am one of them, our lord Mistborn Investing his confidence in me, among a few others. For all of the untested out there, I am the conduit (along with my friend, the wonderful first tineye) of information from us to you. You'd do well to trust me. I have room for a poem: Reaping quickly/two shed blood /Spiked/a bloodshed two/quickly reaped. Good night. It didn’t take them long to find the blood trail Herwynbe’s body left behind though or the stairs leading into a secret cavern underneath the Inn. Herwynbe’s body was still at the bottem of the steps, already grown cold over the night. The cavern wasn’t very large, so it didn’t take them long to find the steel plate embedded on one of the walls. It had been etched with a message of some sort: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 9 begins! There will be 48 hours to the day. Kukri turned out to be a Regular Crew Member! Herwynbe turned out to be a Tineye! Updated Player List
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    Hero, I'm taking that as a personal challenge to see how much of that I can translate before I need to sleep. I'll update this post as I go. I have failed you. I have planned these messages, knowing a calamity is coming, hoping that I might find some secret that might be of use should I fall to the Inquisitor's scheming. Yet, I have nothing. I do not know who the Spiked Crewmembers are. The only thing I can think of is to continue to vote for the most likely suspects until our crew has been purged. However if you are reading this I have failed. That means I am probably dead. As I write this I find that prospect to be less tragic than I might have previously assumed. I would rather not deal with the traitors. They have been my constant companions, voices that whisper lies to me always, telling me to destroy innocent friends. I fear they have corrupted our Crew. I do know that these words must be written in steel to be preserved. I have written them in a steel sheet and ordered them scribed into a plate, knowing that in so doing I reveal my weakness to the Crew. Some have whispered to me that I am a fool to expose myself by writing this and letting others see it. That is primarily why I decided to go through with the creation of messages. Doing so seemed to make the Inquisitor angry. That is reason enough, I think. It is good that some few of my companions know my weakness, if only for the good of the Crew, should I somehow fall. I have tried to be a good Tineye. At first, I was too young, too foolish. I made mistakes. Yet I have tried so hard. I nearly destroyed Crew with my arrogance, and yet I fear I have nearly destroyed it again through my accusations. I can do better. I will do better. I will create a Crew of order. Regardless, this is not the place for justification, for I am-after a form-Crewleader. Yet, I know there are those more powerful than I. If I am destroyed, they will be the cause of that destruction. My advice to give is this: Trust Aspren's dying words. His main suspicions are as good as mine. Heed the words of the other Tineye, if he still lives. He can be trusted, and he knows who else can also be trusted. Act swiftly. Learn who to trust, and who to be suspicious of. Perhaps these words will help you survive a little longer. Perhaps not. I am dead. I doubt that I should care. Still, I do. For you are my people. I am Herwynbe. That is what it must mean: Hero Wannabe, a Hero who desires his friends to live through the ages, as I do. Know that the Spiked members' powers are not complete. They can be killed. Fortunately, Modeft and I have hidden the antidote well. I think that's all I'm doing for tonight. Anyone who wants to can feel free to take over. Props to Claincy by the way for making a translation key. This message seems to be a revised version of TLR's message in HoA, if that helps any other translators.
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    Hey all, with Words of Radiance fast approaching, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about the spoiler policy. All Words of Radiance spoilers belong in the Words of Radiance spoiler board. There, you will be able to freely talk about the publicly released sample chapters, and when the book comes out, obviously the book itself. if you must post a Words of Radiance spoiler elsewhere (such as in the Stormlight board or General Brandon Discussion), they must, without exception be marked as such. That said, feel free to request a moderator to move the topic to the Words of Radiance board. To mark spoilers, use this: Words of Radiance spoilers: [spoiler] (put spoilers here) [/spoiler]If you somehow manage to acquire a copy of Words of Radiance before Tuesday, do not post any information on the book until Tuesday, even in Cosmere Theories or the Words of Radiance board.Posts violating these policies will be removed/edited immediately. One last thing! When the book comes out, please refrain from putting out big book spoilers in the topic titles. The overall spoiler period for Words of Radiance will be around six months. After that point, the Words of Radiance board will be merged with the Stormlight Archive forum, as it can be reasonably expected that people who want to discuss Stormlight Archive in great detail would have read it by then. This seems like a much better solution than having different boards for each Stormlight book, which in my opinion would be overkill.
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    I figured I would start this thread, since I will definitely be going to the WoR signing at the B&N in Tyson's Corner, VA. This will be my first Brandon signing and will be taking my phone to record the proceedings. I will also attempt to transcribe it as best as I can. I'm guessing Soundcloud is the preferred medium? Or whatever is free? I have a few weeks to get that straightened out, thankfully. Is there anything else that I am missing?
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    If you find a store that will sell it to you on Monday instead of Tuesday, that is actually fine too. It just has to be after Sunday, because Sunday is the last day of the publishing week.
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    Overview This theory is simple: Odium was bound by the Oathpact to not use more power than his enemy (Honor) was able to muster. Honor's forces were Surgebinders and Heralds. Because of this, if Darkness kills off all the Surgebinders, Honor's forces consist of exactly one Herald, and in a Desolation, he can only send one Unmade (or equivalent) to attack people - hardly a Desolation. Because of this, Odium is likely going to be forced to wait until the ranks of Surgebinders replenish themselves. The Radiants likely learned of this and broke their spren bonds, thus causing the Recreance. The reason I suspect this is the case is because of two things: Darkness thinks Surgebinders will cause the Desolations to start up again, and only nine out of ten people died. Ninety Percent Dead When your army is overwhelmingly larger than your enemy that you tend to take no casualties when you fight them. If your enemy is half as large as you, you'll only lose 25% of your men taking them down. If your enemy is a quarter as large as you, you'll only lose 12.5% of your men and so on. (This overly simplifies matters and ignores things like chokepoints in terrain and relative skill/equipment, but it is true in a simplistic model of combat.) So... when 9/10 of your people are dead (as was the case in Nohadon's time), you can assume that the armies were really evenly matched. Why would Odium bother fighting so evenly? In Nohadon's time, they were still suffering from a war caused by Alkavish, a Surgebinder. This weakened them considerably, but even so, Odium was incapable of winning. The Desolations did not become easier with time, either, it seems. When the Radiants came about, it seems like the Desolations grew worse. Kalak remarks that the enemy is growing tenacious, and of course the Radiants are getting more and more experience and growing larger with every Desolation. This is the main support for the theory (though I admit it's a bit weak). It is interesting to note here that the Almighty doesn't mention that the Radiants were a way to win against the Desolations. They're there to help humanity rebuild. The Radiants powers are really not suited to combat, anyways - they seem very well suited to rebuilding. Gravity to lift big stones and make buildings, Soulcasting to make materials and food, Transportation to bring refugees to the rest of civilization, and Growth to help farmers start up their fields again. Division is the only really combat-oriented Surge, and that could be used for mining stone and the like. I'm not sure how to fit Friction/Pressure in here. Darkness Is Killing Surgebinders As further support, the Heralds might have learned of this. Ishar may have believed it, thus his remarks that "there [was] a chance [they] might end the cycle of Desolations". Ten Heralds is quite the fighting force for Honor. One Herald, Taln, is much less powerful, which means Odium can't send much of a fighting force against them. So, if the Heralds quit, they might end the Desolations! If Darkness (assuming he's Nalan) believed Ishar's reasoning, he might very well dedicate his life to killing Surgebinders so as to prevent a Desolation from coming about. The Heralds might have believed initially that they were responsible for the Desolations, and then later on realized that the Surgebinders were responsible, hence why Darkness didn't immediately start killing Radiants. How they would have learned of this theory is hard to say - maybe Odium himself told them? --- Anyways, the theory is pretty simple. It has quite a few issues - notably, why would the spren bother to bond with humans again? I can only conclude that it might be some sort of silly journey before destination thing, and so the spren didn't care about the Desolations - they just wanted to bond with humans, like the Seons of Elantris desired to bond. There's also the Heralds believing they Desolations might stop while the Radiants were still around, but that might be incomplete information on their part which Darkness has since figured out. If anyone has other issues to bring up or comments, please bring them up!
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    The fact that they don't have highstorms, and thus probably only possess stormlight-infused objects through great effort, could well be why they think it's sacred.
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    When you see someone post "Your health is your treasure" on Facebook and you think, "With goldminds that is entirely correct."
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    When your response to this is "I'm not the only one!!" and a smiley face.
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    When you constantly imagine yourself using allomancy.
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    Make Brandon Sanderson Essence Marks. Use them on a small group of people and read everything they write.
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    To this whole topic, I reply: There's always another secret.
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    The setting: Tired of being oppressed by the nobility, Cryus, a Mistborn skaa, led escapes from several major plantations. You were among the escapees. He gathered the skaa, and together you founded a self-sufficient remote village in the eastern dominance. You named it Blackwater after the nearby river that is always a dark greyish black color because of the ash. After fourteen peaceful years, suddenly people are being killed under mysterious circumstances. Cyrus has called a town meeting in his hovel to discuss the murders. If you want to play, make a post with at least your in-game name and a village role, such as cobbler or farmer. The roles: THUG: They can survive a single attack. If they are killed during a night or day cycle, they survive and this will be revealed in the write up. If they are attacked again, they die… finally. TINEYE: They are messengers and are capable of writing messages to the town while remaining anonymous. Each night, they can send a message to the Game Master. He will then post it within the write up at the end of the night. As long as the Tineye is alive, players can send Private Messages back and forth. Once he dies, he can no longer deliver messages, so no more PMs. SMOKER: The Smoker is undetectable and he can extend this power to one other person each night. If scanned by a Seeker, the smoker or the person encompassed within his coppercloud will show up as nothing. Alternatively, the Smoker can turn his coppercloud off. This would allow them to be scanned. In addition to being undetectable by the Seeker, the Smoker and his target are unaffected by emotional Allomancy. As long as the Smoker is using their coppercloud, the Soother and Rioter cannot change their votes. SEEKER: The Seeker can sense when someone is burning metals. In fact, he/she has gotten so good that they can tell whether someone is spiked or not, or even if they are a feruchemist! Once per night, the Seeker can target someone to learn their abilities and alignment. COINSHOT: The Coinshot does what they do best. They push metals around; specifically into other people’s bodies. Once per night, the Coinshot can target a person for death. Unless otherwise disrupted, that person dies. LURCHER: Where the Coinshot pushes, the Lurcher pulls. Once per night the Lurcher can target someone and that person will be saved from death. Lurchers can target themselves. SOOTHER: Their ability to dampen emotions puts them and the Rioter in a very special position. During any time during the day round (up until the round ends), they can negate one person’s vote. The change will be anonymous, but since I will be posting voting results at the end of each day, those that are observant should be able to tell whose votes were changed. RIOTER: The Rioter works in a similar fashion as the Soother, except once during the day round they can change one person’s vote. Using this power does nullify their own vote, though. They are still capable of voting, but their vote will not be counted. The change itself will be anonymous, but since I will be posting voting results at the end of each day, those that are observant should be able to tell whose votes were changed. MISTBORN: They have the abilities of all of the above, but will only be able to use one per cycle. At the beginning of every night, the mistborn gets to pick which allomantic ability they get until the next night. The mistborn cannot choose that same ability until they have used all the other abilities at least once. CONNECTOR (DURALUMIN FERRING): A connector can store their influence. During the day cycle, they can choose to make their vote not count. If they do, they can later tap it to make their vote count extra. The connector can store any amount of influence, but can only tap it once per day cycle. In other words, they cannot make their vote count more than double. BLOODMAKER (GOLD FERRING): A bloodmaker stores health. During each night cycle, they can store health. This makes them extremely fragile during storage, and they have a one in ten chance of dying of something boring, like a cold or falling off a stump, but later they can tap their goldmind to survive attacks. Tapping a goldmind will last through the night and next day cycle, but will only allow the bloodmaker to survive one attack. The charge in the metalmind is lost whether or not the bloodmaker is attacked. REGULAR VILLAGERS: You have no special powers, but you still get a vote every day. Who knows? Perhaps you were meant to be the one to save the town! Not all stories are about the strongest people in a group. SPIKED: Beyond possibly having one of the above roles, you can hear Ruin talking to you. He’s told you who else in the town is spiked and together you’re to make sure everyone dies. In return, you will be spared. Your goal is to kill one person per night until you outnumber the villagers. Special note: no matter if the Tineye is alive or dead, people who are Spiked can communicate to each other in the spiked google doc. Notes: 1) these game roles are very similar to the roles for game 1, in the wake of the koloss, but there are some major changes. They are in bold. 2) This game probably won’t start fully until after Devil’s Den ends, but a lot of people seem to be eager to sign up, so here you go. 3) I apologize in advance that the write ups won't be as good as meta's 4) There are no 'safe' roles in this game. The spiked could have any role. List of Villagers: Gamut - Ex-pirate. Jack-of-all-trades Clan - Grumpy old farmer deceased spiked tineye Joe - Town Metallurgist Maw - Middle-aged farmer Meta - Wannabe Detective Bartson - Tavern owner deceased mistborn Alon - Traveling Tradesman deceased regular villager Wark - Scarred *Hopeless Drunk Selvar - Town *THE Doctor Asp - Town Peddler deceased spiked mistborn Lents - Town Tinker Dane - Fake Noble Raubber - Town Undertaker Erendi - Liar with a mysterious past deceased spiked Xaneth - Shady Wanderer *Professional Spy deceased connector Mac - Town Giant deceased villager Dyrii - Master Thatcher deceased seeker Arst - Town Warrior deceased spiked seeker Forage - Master Merchant (maybe Worldhopper) deceased smoker Vizinni - A Foreign Lord Mabi - Town Seamstress Chidden - Young Hero thanks for the list, gammut Quick Links:
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    Aye, and detail is difficult at small scale. Mini design is one of those things I've been known to do when the rent is due. Privateer and Wizkids. It's actually pretty crazy what level of detail they can pull off with professional casting, but with 3D printing I think we're still working our way down. Get there eventually though, I'm sure. It's just little details that I didn't bring up earlier because the artist had already put in a lot of excellent work, and expressed that they weren't interested in messing about more with the sculpt. I'm not inclined to be pushy about fan-art being "accurate" (insofar as anything Isaac or I design should be taken as gospel). I want fans to have fun, and I feel like when fans make fan-art, they should be free to revise designs as makes them happy and fits their vision, especially if they're not conflicting with WoB. If nothing else, It re-emphasizes that I oughtta sit down one evening and do up some more sketches of Axehounds and Chulls and so forth, and then let 'em loose so fans can have better reference than just the one drawing. If that's something folks have an interest in (and I reckon they might), and it don't cross the boss, then it's something I'd like to do.
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    I was rereading the Way of Kings (again) and stumbled upon something that piqued my interest. Szeth mentions in the first interlude, that death wishes are sacred to his people (the Shin). I read nothing further into that at first, however that's when I noticed the next quote: So the only one of Taravangian's "patients" to apparently know what's up is a Shin. These two quotes together leads me to the conclusion, that the Shin know more about the death-visions than the other Rosharans. What are your thoughts on the subject?
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    The key was more a side effect of making the font I have translated the whole thing, I shouldn't really post it though, being dead and all. Oh...right....dead, gotcha, bye. Good luck all! At least one person will expect me to put a message here, so here it is.
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    [haunt]Mua ha ha! [/haunt] EDIT: [oochaunt]Unfortunately the site I uploaded the image to compressed the image more than I would have liked. If anyone would like a hi-res version of the image, PM me with your email address and I'll send you one[/oochaunt]
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    Unlikely, but we know Shallan's father was making a bid for highprince with the aid of the Ghostbloods because the old highprince was ailing. Sadeas is ailing too. He's in the beginning stages of enemy-of-Dalinar. This tends to be terminal. Amaram, with Restares' aid, could make a bid for highprince I think.
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    You could have it show you any actions used on you over the last cycle. That would be a decent power.
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    When anticipation for WoR gives the turn of phrase "March Madness" a more literal meaning.
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    Really sucks huh? When your first thought in the morning is about a theory you can't wait to post on 17s.
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