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    These icons were all designed for free use so anybody can have a stylized profile icon to identify themselves. I'll be adding more on occasion so please check back if your personal style isn't represented yet. I'm also open to suggestions for future designs. Knights Radiant Glyphs: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Glyphs Without Borders: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Radiant Gemstones: _________________________________________________________________ Alternate Gemstones: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Voidbinder Glyphs: Glyph One Glyph Two Glyph Three Glyph Four Glyph Five Glyph Six Glyph Seven Glyph Eight Glyph Nine Glyph Ten __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Swag Series 1: Windrunner Skybreaker Releaser Edgedancer Truthwatcher Lightweaver Elsecaller Willshaper Stoneward Bondsmith __________________________________________________________________________ Swag Series 3: Windrunner || Skybreaker || Releaser || Edgedancer || Truthwatcher Lightweaver || Elsecaller || Willshaper || Stoneward || Bondsmith __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Allomancy and Feruchemy Charts: __________________________________________________________________________ || Iron - Steel || Tin - Pewter || Zinc - Brass || __________________________________________________________________________ || Copper - Bronze || Atium - Malatium || Gold - Electrum || __________________________________________________________________________ || Chromium - Nicrosil || Aluminum - Duraluminum || Cadmium - Bendalloy || __________________________________________________________________________ || Lerasium || || || __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ || Iron - Steel || Tin - Pewter || Zinc - Brass || __________________________________________________________________________ || Copper - Bronze || Atium || Gold - Electrum || __________________________________________________________________________ || Chromium - Nicrosil || Aluminum - Duraluminum || Cadmium - Bendalloy || __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Elantris Glowing Aons: There are too many of them to give a preview of all 33 glyphs but the first 15 are displayed below. The links for the entire set are after the preview. The design and meaning for all of them can be found on the coppermind. Aan || Aha || Ala || Ashe || Ata || Daa || Dao || Deo || Dor || Edo || Ela || Ena || Ene || Eon || Eshe || Iad || ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ido || Ien || Iri || Kai || Kii || Mai || Mea || Nae || Omi || Opa || Rao || Rii || Sao || Sea || Seo || Shao || Teo || __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ The Rithmatist Chalklings: This is only a small sample of the full set. All 27 can be found HERE __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ The Many Faces of Pattern: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Roshar Flora & Fauna: Santhid Santhid Eye Chull Axehound Axehound Head Whitespine __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Individual Designs: 17th Shard Soulstamp Bridge Four The Wafflesworn Necago Court Observers Guild Lords of Choas Edit: Per Chaos' suggestion, the tint for the knights radiant glyphs have been brightened Edit 2: Moved all glyphs to this post for ease of access Edit 3: streamlined the layout so its easier to locate the icon you want to download.
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    I know much of the plot of book 2 now, and there's something that's crazier than some of these.
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    I've already made two attempts at determining the age of certain characters, but we have now got a definite WoP on the length of a Rosharan year, which is canonized at 1,1 Earth years. . With this knowledge, and as RP appointed aficionado of lists and self- proclaimed master of Systematic and Orderly Cataloguing of the 17th Shard, I've taken the liberty of making the Definite List of the Ages of Stormlight Archive Characters! . For reference, Rosharan temporal measures: . Hints at the character's specific date of birth:<source> Since we do not know the exact birth-dates of most of the characters, I will for the sake of approximation just assume that they were all born on the first day of the year (Jeseses). A lot of the characters are currently of an unknown age. I will update this list if more information is put forth. Unless otherwise stated, my numbers come from the Coppermind. . Ages by the end of the Way of Kings: Ages by the end of the Words of Radiance: EDIT: Post updated in accordance with Peter's latest corrections. EDIT 2: Recalculated approximate ages for the Words of Radiance. Added in hints at the characters' specific birthdays.
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    My signed copy of The Emperor’s Soul came in that I ordered on my birthday! In the personalization box, I asked for some new info about Renarin, and this is what Brandon wrote to me! To Alyx, Renarin sees a spren that nobody else does.Theorize, freak out, squee as you will. I’ll just be over here melting into a puddle of Renarin feels and occasionally making high pitched noises of glee. ALSO: Obligatory link to the ongoing discussion over on tumblr involving this new info. I am very much a fan of Emma (lunarubato)'s theory that Renarin might become a Skybreaker based on the idea that Radiant canditates exemplify one of their attributes and must learn to grow in terms of the other attribute. Really good stuff. I may just espouse that one.
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    While watching the weather channel they played the following segment. http://youtu.be/v49RNXNzLTs When I saw it I immediately though of the Stormfather. Unfortunately nobody was around that would get the joke, so I'm posting it here.
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    Nalan lived no evil won -elithanathile- now live on devil nalaN It's the same backwards letterwise except for Elithanathile where th is treated as one letter. Nalan better be Darkness. I worked too hard for it not to be him.
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    I was messing around with FontForge, a free font creator, and decided to make an Alethi font from the Stormlight Archive. I realize there is a way better one being made in another topic, but this one is a simple, unflourished version to tide us over until it is finished! Enjoy: AlethiTS Font.zip Alternate Link: Here If your are using a non-Windows operating system and .tff fonts don't work on your computer, let me know what file type you need and I'll make one for ya. ------ I have made some updates, including fixing the size of the font, so you can use it at 12pt without problems even seeing it I aligned the center lines on all characters so they match up now. I have also added the center line to the period character. As a bonus, for people who want the entire sentence to fit on one center line, I have included a second font that adds the center line to the space character called AlethiTS_lined.ttf Version 2: AlethiTS Fontv2.zip
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    I have this amusing scenario in my mind where Syl recognizes Amaram and spends the rest of the book making him trip all the time.
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    Note: I feel I should add that this topic is covering things in the WoK, so if you've not read it, and while I don't believe I've said/hit on very anything specific, I guess it could be considered spoiler-ish for WoK. (Now in the comments there are also some brief WoR spoilers pertaining to the revealed chapters.) So I've been watching this board on and off for about a year, and the comment section of the Tor Re-reads, but I've not really seen either of my two ideas come up. Since WoR is coming out soon, and I wanted to post the ideas before that happened: (Edited version: I've heavily edited the original version of this post, or at least the second point of it. I've included things like page references to the Hard Back edition of the book, and some explanations of my thought process at those points, so that it doesn't seem like I'm just trying to force a random idea, without any reasoning. Since this more then doubled the original length of the post, I've included a summary at the top of that point so no need to read the lengthy amount of text that follows it, unless you want to.) #1 "Unite Them" (This one is more then likely moot, due to more recent reveals. So can skip, but I'm leaving it, since there's no reason to toss it out completely, and I still like it as plot point, even if it's considerably less likely to apply to this particular one.) This one has likely been voiced and I missed it, or it's not popularly followed, but I've always thought it possible that it meant Lighteyes and Darkeyes. Got this impression since eye-type is important to Alethi, and a rather large portion of the book seems to focus on Kaladin's experiences that divide him from them. Since Kaladin's experiences are part of our view into the world, I figure that his experiences, perhaps not the specifics, cannot be unique, so there's this rather large gulf of fear/dislike/envy/etc (the usual class warfare mix) that's been brewing, and not many people seem to be addressing it. Doesn't seem healthy for an army, or a people to me, and like it could be an obstacle to all kinds of things. Or a weapon/edge that Kaladin/his supporters could employ to gain him a larger following among the warcamps. (Kal doesn't seem to fond of the hero worship, so unless he deemed it necessary, it would probably be done to/for him by the bridge crew/other supporters.) Or alternately used as a weapon to divide the Alethi into a civil war more chaotic, and likely hate filled, then a war between princes. (Darkeyes really don't get why they're fighting eachother for the Lighteyes back at home, but they'd know why they're fighting the Lighteyes, and they would seem to have many good reasons for it.) #2 Kaladin's Lashings (Cleaned up this section, so that it is no longer the mess I wrote at midnight, and double checked the Ars Arcanum, and actual chapters for quotes.) Summary of Idea: My thought is that Kaladin subconsciously lashed his throwing knives to his targets (generally their eye, or face), greatly improving his aim/likelihood of hitting his target. He makes a number of rather bold throws, given that it is never stated in the book that he spent time training to throw knives, which is with the spear opposite of how the book approaches his ability with the spear. He seems quite good, and it's my understanding that throwing knives is no easy task, let alone some of the ones he is shown managing. Additionally his knives are never described as throwing knives, yet normal knives do not work well for throwing to my understanding. I mean you might hit something, but hitting multiple people in the eye/aiming for the eye seems ambitious without the correct type of knife – unless you just seem to never miss. Additionally we never see him use or think about using knives in the present timeline, just the spear, despite his apparent ability with knives, and the fact he kept two strapped to his spear in Amaram's army. Seems strange he'd never so much as think about them. That's, in a nutshell, why I think he's lashed his knives to his targets with the basic lashing. Much Verboseness: Alright, so I'm not great on which is the Full and which is the reverse off the top my head (full being the sticking things together, and reverse being the one that attracts, if my memory is working properly), but we know for sure of the 2, but people don't seem to think he's done the basic lashing (changing an objects point of gravitation(which way it falls) if i'm getting these right). We know Kaladin can do the Full and Reverse lashings, but it'd not been shown definitively that he does the basic lashing, and many believe that he has not yet done so. The important part of the basic lashing is that the user changes the gravitational anchor of an item (that they're touching), to a point of their choosing. My thought is that he is using the basic lashing in conjunction with this throwing knives, subconsciously, improving his aim and likelihood of hitting his target (possibly considerably). The first time we see Kaladin using his knives is p. 44 of the hard back (6th full paragraph a little more then halfway down the page), “Even as that man fell, Kaladin reached up and flipped a nkife from one of the sheaths tied about his spear. His hand snapped, knife flashing and hitting the thigh of a second foe.” This particular usage of the knife is not that spectacular, and could be put down to him having good aim at close distances and a strong throw. Next time we see Kaladin use a knife is next paragraph, with the line, “A fourth man fell with a knife to the eye.” It doesn't state whether he threw or shoved the knife however. Also unfortunately it's later shown, from Kaladin's perspective, that Cenn mightn't have been the most reliable narrator, being caught up in the chaos and in pain, so we don't get any good evidence of anything out of the ordinary yet. That is unless of course he threw the knife that went through someone's eye, as that's a rather precise shot. Page 46 the instance of knife throwing occurs, about midway down the page describing the fight with an opposing battalionlord, “He impassively regarded those who fought nearby. Then one of Kaladin's knives took him in the right eye.” Again Cenn's narration fails to mention if it's a throw, but I've always interpreted each use of the knives as Kaladin throwing them – perhaps a bad presumption, but it seems apt given that the only time the use is described at first is as a throw, and then nothing other then how effectively he dispatched foes with the knives. This leads me to assume we're mentally supposed to fill in the gap and assume he's throwing again since there would be opportunities for describing shoving a knife into a person that are skipped (but not skipped when it comes to the spear hits/kills). One thing Cenn's narration does make clear is that the Brightlord's helmet was “open-fronted” (5th full paragraph – the one before the above quote). In chapter 47, page 668, the events depicted on p.44 are recounted by Kaladin. Only the first throw is mentioned (Beginning at about halfway down the page, right after the single line stating “No.”), though it is mentioned on the next page that he is handed back his knives. More interesting is Kaladin's recollection about how he feels at this time: “He could not be stopped, not when he felt like this. When he had the energy of defending the fallen, the power of standing to protect one of his men.” Then the next paragraph down: “Sweat trickled from his brow, cooled by the breeze. Odd. There hadn't been a breeze before. Now it seemed to envelop him.” Knowing what we do by the end of the book, it sounds like at the very least Syl was already binding with him at this point, making it possible that he could be performing the basic lashing with his knives. Next Kaladin recounts throwing his knife into the brightlord's eye. Page 670, “The man dropped with a knife to the eye; his face was unprotected.” It's once again not stated that he threw the knife, but it seems to stand to reason. Given that he follows up with the spear, and why bother with getting into position to thrust a knife home, when you've a spear that can do the same work at greater distance. And once again Kaladin got a target directly in the eye, doesn't seem easy. Finally, the last time that we see Kaladin use his knives for throwing is against the Shardbearer. (side track) In the second to last paragraph on page 673, Kaladin is shown to use the spear in close range, over his knife once within range, giving a little credence to my argument above that he threw the knife at the battalion lord and did not physically push the blade, since if he wanted to do that, he'd use his spear as evidenced here by his choice to do so here. (back on topic) Page 674, paragraph 4 (Battling the Shardbearer), “Kaladin strained, hurling himself back onto his feet. He whipped his hand up, flinging his knife at the eyes watching from behind the impervious armor. The dagger hit the faceplate just slightly off from the right angle, bouncing against the side of the slit and ricocheting out.” Also a bit below that, “...slamming the spearhead right in the Shardbearer's visor slit.” I mention this bit since it specifies what I was/am attempting to articulate, in that Kaladin threw the Knives earlier, or (basically) verbs/adverbs/adjectives would've been used to show the action to the reader more. So basically, here, Kaladin decides that one of his best bets in defeating his opponent, is to throw one of his weapons at what sounds to be a nearly impossible shot, taking into account how quickly the series of events in the fight unfold. This either shows desperation, or a total confidence born of almost never missing his mark. Admittedly he was close to his target, but throwing versus what he does with the spearhead a moment later hardly seems like the best move, unless you almost never miss. Which he wouldn't if he was lashing his knives to his target, which appears to be his opponents eyes. Also if he anchored the knife to the eye, it might also be part of why the throw missed, it tried to go directly at the eye, and the direct path was obstructed. Just showing that since even it missing doesn't preclude the use of the lashing. (Fixation on the eyes due to lighteye's screwing up his life? Though he does throw at that darkeyes eyes too, and if your going to aim at someone's face eyes seem as good a target as any. Or it could be that that's where he's anchoring the knives to, and that's why it's mentioned so much.) Finally my biggest issue with this just being explained away as, 'Kaladin's just good at throwing knives,' is that it's not mentioned once that he's trained extensively to throw knives. This is versus the amount and number of times we're told Kaladin practiced with a spear, and how good he is with it. I don't think knives or throwing them even comes up in conversation again. Unfortunately we don't know if any of his spears were dun after the battle, since what happens to him after the Shardbearer's death obstructs the possibility of him finding out, or probably, even taking notice of something slightly out of the ordinary. Combine that with the fact that he is never shown using a knife as a weapon again throughout the current timeline, it just seems like Brandon might just be trying to hint without giving it away. Or I looked at this way too hard. Maybe I missed/am forgetting something and this isn't possible, if so please tell me. Hope these were interesting and not a waste of time, oh, and Hello everyone! P.S. Sorry if anything isn't stated well, I tried.
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    This is my first post, so I appologize if the topic has already been brought up. I was just wondering why Dalinar and the Alethi haven't just stormcast solid stone bridges across the shattered planes. It is apparent that they can create HUGE structures out of thin air, so it stands to reason that they could create large enough bridges out of stone that the Parshendi couldn't break down. Up to this point it seems like all the bridges have been made from soulcast wood that is easily burned down or destroyed by the Parshendi. If Dalinar wants to make an effort to move many of the armies onto the plains, then it would be helpful to have more of these permenant bridges. The only reason why I could see them not doing this so far is that it has been a race between the armies to get the gem hearts, each army having their own bridges. If there were more permenant bridges then Sadeas would lose the advantage he has with his bridge crews. Now that he no longer has them it might make sense for Dalinar to consider this.
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    Glimpse: "Kaladin seemed to fly effortlessly through the air" In context: "as he fell drunkenly off of his stool"
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    I read this as 'bacon' and thought it was going to be either a Dan Wells or Lift joke.Some more 17th shard Ideals: I will not spoil the book for those who cannot read as fast as me. I will jump to ridiculous conclusions based on a single sentence. I will obsess over minute details of the cosmere. I will find Hoid. I will know what to do with Hoid when I catch him.
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    I will...patiently wait until March 4th... Oh wait you asked for Ideals for the Knight's Radiant, not ideals for fans of Sanderson!
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    As the silence is drawn out over a long time, the wind begins to pick up and figures form in the shadows. The winds grow chiller and whispers begin to be heard through the night. "Move... talk... act for our entertainment mortals, the dead grow bored. Enjoy your last few days as you await damnation. The koloss are coming, bringing our revenge to you our allies turned murderers...death.... so pretty... they are coming and we will watch"
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    Wilson enters the room and looks around. She giggles a little at the poem on the wall, finding the Tineye to be quite the comedian. Then she notices the list stuck to the wall. Aonar's list. For a quick moment, she worries that someone is trying to take over her apprenticeship, but then she dismisses that worry. There's nothing stopping Aether from taking another. She'll be fine. However, I should probably throw up some sort of list. Just to make sure. She sits down at the bar and listens to the accusations, fascinated by the Lord Mistborn's evidence. It seems like they might finally be on the right course. She starts scribbling furiously on a piece of paper, and when she's finished, she takes a knife from the counter and sticks the list up on the wall for all to see. Current Vote Count Hero - 0 Shiv - 8 (Peng, Barty, Hero, Gamon, Kukri, Ridge, Dyring, Roban) Cessie - 3 (Maxill, Ollivier, Shiv) No one - 1 (Aspren) Haven't voted yet - 10 (Windy, Vron, Wes, Seran, Aether, Matheiu, Aonar, Cessie, Wilson, Grave) Suspicions/Opinions Quillion and Ridge both agree that people previously claimed to be regular crew members are suspects. Dyring still suspects his previous suspects (Aspren, Vron, Aonar, Hero, Maxill, Wilson, and Gamon) Barty suspects Hero. Hero, in turn, has his eye on Barty (although not because Barty suspects him). Shiv and Cessie both claim to have Snapped. One is definitely lying. Peng suspects Shiv, but has also stated we will be out less if Cessie dies and she is innocent than we would if Shiv dies and he's innocent. Votes Barty for Hero (retracted) Peng for Shiv Barty retracted vote for Hero; votes for Shiv Hero for Shiv Gamon for Shiv Kukri for Shiv Ridge for Shiv Vron for Shiv Aspren for Shiv Dyring for Shiv Shiv for no one. Aspren retracted vote for Shiv; votes for no one. Vron retracted vote for Shiv; votes for no one. Maxill for Cessie Roban for Shiv Ollivier for Cessie Shiv retracted vote for no one; votes for Cessie (to be updated throughout the day) EDIT 1: Figured I should probably put the list of those who've told Peng their roles too, based on who said so earlier. Here is the crew list. Those who've told Peng are bold. Gamon Barty Windy Wes Ridge Vron Seran Kukri Aether Matheiu Aonar Cessie Herwynbe Dyring Ollivier Maxill Roban Wilson Shiv - Didn't admit, but Peng said he got the PM. Grave Aspren If your name isn't bolded on the above list and you've told Peng, please let us know. Or Peng can tell us who's told him. Out of those that haven't (or if someone on here claims to've said something but they didn't really, that would be incredibly useful as well). EDIT 2: Added Kukri's vote. EDIT 3: Added Ridge's vote. EDIT 4: Added Vron, Aspren, and Dyring's votes. EDIT 5: Added Shiv's vote, changed Aspren's, added the people who haven't voted, and updated the suspicions/opinions with the Shiv/Cessie Snapped debate. EDIT 6: Added Maxill's vote. EDIT 7: Added Vron's vote change (It would be nice if people would post anew to let the List-Makers know when a retraction occurs. ) EDIT 8: Added Roban's vote. EDIT 9: Added Ollivier's, and changed Shiv's
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    It's not a ketek because the lines don't have the same words. Keteks and palindromes are not the same thing.
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    Shiv blinked. Had he two eyes, he was sure it might have had more of an effect. Come to think of it, when you were missing an eye, was it still blinking, or was it endless winking? Was there any difference between a blink and a wink? Was blinking just winking with both eyes? He lost himself in thought for several moments, considering the implications of this possibility. Blinking (winking?) again, he shook his head. What was going on again? Oh, right. People wanted to kill him. That was something that should take precedence. Honestly, though, after the fifth time someone tried to stick a knife in your gut, one kind of grew numb to the threat of potentially imminent death. "Wasing burning to the what?" he said, his eye widening. "Top of the what as how of crooked? Notting the proving to have, hasing to look of the tatters on the scope, whatting as the say on the shine top!" He shook his head, frowning and slipping off the table he'd been sitting on. He looked around the room again. "Notting just the finding of cuts and coins, notting the have of need to the doing." He lifted his head, looking again at the message that was on the wall. "Hasing specific to the what as to the back and back. Hasing the was of doing in the far, the whatting of watch as without wonder. Whatting the do of seeing the notting, but whatting the do of seeing the seeing? Hasing the has of making the not on the rest, giving the sliceback, wasing the has on the had?" "Wasing the why of the bring," he said, gesturing toward himself. He lifted his chin, looking again at the message left by the nasty. "Wasing the what of the bringing. Hasing the do of the needing as the right, more one the needing with the many. Hasing half the brighting, but hasing more see to the all." He paused for a moment, frowning before adding, "Notting the have so nasty of the dealing..." His hand shot out, and he pointed a finger at Cessie. "Wasing not the has of the right too," he said bluntly. "Wasing us to rows and rows the previous, wasing the know of sly on the what. Sliding the slides of the sludge to the south." Spinning, the finger pointed at Hero. "Notting the right have on the again. Hasing of the nearing, so the has of the right evens." Whipping his finger to the right... then slightly further to the right, off Dyring and onto Wilson (damned depth perception!) he continued. "Wasing to look on the enter. Having the grin on the edge of the new nasty not near for the nice. Hasing the not of the has on the last." His finger pointed at Dyring again, this time on purpose. "And of the was..." he said, narrowing his eye. "Wasing to giving right rot on the now? Hasing the have of scratch, wasing as the has of the ashing." I didn't really expect this to go on as long as it did... This was something I'd had in mind for Shiv as a character from the beginning. I liked the idea of crews sort of having "internal affairs officers" to police themselves and catch anyone who was screwing things up from the inside.
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    Okay, since I can't sleep, let's see how much I can get out before the pills kick in. To cover this first - I kept from telling Peng that I had snapped because I wasn't yet certain he could be trusted. Most everyone else went along with his declaration of being the Mistborn early, but I thought there was too much potential for it to be a scam. There are two ways to alleviate suspicion from yourself; one such is to come out early as the hero, the one that everyone can trust, and get everyone onto your side. Since I was just regular crew at the time, I didn't have anything to hide, and nothing much to worry about other than being killed in the night or being spiked. When I snapped, and suddenly could have an impact on the events of the game other than with a vote, I decided the safest thing was to hold my tongue until I was sure Peng could be trusted. After some careful analysis, I decided he could be, and told him my role. There is another way to alleviate suspicion from yourself, and I would have thought there would be someone here would be well-versed in tropes to recognize this. Make yourself a victim. It's shown up countless times in movies and books, where the villain themselves sets up their own attack, barely manages to survive, and then continues their dastardly plot while no one even considers them. This happens so often, there's an entire page on TV Tropes about it. This takes all suspicion off of them, and leaves them free to operate, at least for a little while, with no one the wiser. This has been playing in my mind ever since I read the description about a Thug's abilities in this game; it'd be ridiculously simple to fake an attack and claim to have been a Thug. Taking the above, let's reconsider the power given up by the Inquisitor this turn. Uber-Copper, which makes them seem as though they were just a normal villager/crew. Consider as well that, as of this point, several people have been Seeked; I don't know who has come up clean, but in the light of such a revelation, is there not the chance that someone deemed clean may, in fact, not be? Am I claiming that Cessie is faking this in order to remove suspicion from herself? Not entirely. What I am saying is that jumping to me on what is really some flimsy evidence, without even asking for more or trying to get discussion going (and considering how many people we've killed through sheer bandwagon, I'd think we'd be open to the idea of debate and making dead certain) is the wrong way to go about it. I'm beginning to regret having told Peng that I'd Snapped, seeing how he leapt right into "Let there be blood!" Also, I'm still rather peeved from being outed. Not cool, especially since I'm completely innocent. Not even a message asking me to defend myself on this first... But I digress; what I propose is this - we kill no one. Instead, if we have anyone capable of Seeking, that they Seek either Cessie or myself. One of us will show up as a Misting, especially since the Inquisitor does not have Uber-Copper anymore. If I am Seeked, and I show up as a bad guy, then by all means kill me. If Cessie is Seeked, and it does not reveal her as a Thug, then clearly someone is lying. Either way, someone is found innocent, and someone is found guilty.
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    Hi. I've finally decided to make one of these. I go to BYU, so I might meet some of you guys when we are waiting in line for Words of Radiance!
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    There is a holy grotto in the Purelake where it is safe to speak freely about the spiteful god. Sounds like a good location for a Shardpool.
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    "Cause of death: Edgar beheaded him. Hey, forensic criminology is easy!"
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    Aye, Shen was a bit of a surprise standout to me. I'm now really hoping he finds his 'music' in WoR. I wonder if there isn't something cognitive going on with the Parshmen. Everyone views them as property so it reenforces their view of themselves as property. Shen is given a name, possessions, and is thought of as a person by Bridge Four and so he begins to develop a view of himself as a person.
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    With regard to stone bridges, also don't forget that the Alethi know that the Parshendi have at least one Shardblade and probably more.
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    My plan? Don't even look at 17th Shard from the beginning of March until I finish the book. I also intend to filter out all alerts/emails from this site for that period, just to be sure. I was going to post a thread for everyone to post their "away messages" in when we got closer, actually.
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    Seeing as how this is the internet, and is thus powered by a perpetual engine running off of references and memes, I figured I'd go the extra step and list all of the ones I could find in this thread to date. If I missed any, message me and I'll correct it.
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    So. After reading all of that....scintillating material, let me add my own thoughts. 1. We're throwing out a LOT of accusations and suspicions. I agree with whoever (Darnam?) said this game was about trust, but there's really not a lot of it going on. Anyone want to defend Beetle or Edgar? Better be ready to have someone accuse you of being Spiked (Kurk, Gambles). 2. I like Kurk's idea about pitting the Seekers against each other. However, I'd tweak it a bit. For one, we don't need the Seekers to seek each other. We just need them to seek. So we could have two of us volunteer to be seeked (sought?). Beetle goes for one, Edgar goes for the other. We'd have to trust that a Spiked doesn't volunteer (although I don't think it would really behoove them to do so, unless they planned on killing said seeker in the night, but that would put suspicion on them....). I'd also leave the Lurcher open to protect themselves, since people seem convinced the Lurcher protected themselves last night against the Coinshot/Mistborn. However, if they didn't, the Lurcher could protect whoever they wanted (including themselves, or one of the Seekers). However, that idea isn't going to work. For obvious reasons. 3. Going back to my first point about trust. I do not trust Darnam at all. And it has nothing to do with him not trusting me or even being the most vocal. It has to do with him saying others should have a show of good faith, and vote with him to kill someone who there's not conclusive evidence against at all. Why should we trust you? So your arguments have been logical, but this game isn't just about logic. There is a LOT of psychology to it (which is a part of the game I've never been good at, because I don't get psychology in the slightest). Oh, so you'll vote Edgar tomorrow, will you? And that's big? One vote? To kill a villager? Your logic now leaves a bit to be desired, in my opinion. 4. Quinn's "paranoia" post has me suspicious of him. That entire post hinted strongly at Spiked, but....it would be pointless to vote for him. 5. I trust Beetle. He's the only person at this point that I actually trust. I'm vaguely trusting of Kurk and Maill, but....Beetle's the only one I legitimately trust. I honestly think he's the Seeker, and it's solely because he pegged Gambles as a regular villager. Granted, both of them could be lying, but....I doubt it. I have to trust someone at some time, and he's the only one that seems deserving of it right now. 6. Edgar. At first, his confession to being Seeker got me thinking he had to be telling the truth, and when he admitted that his first seek was inconclusive, I figured it might be because he thought the smoker was involved. Which is still possible. But he hasn't come forward yet, and until he does (assuming he does), he's the one I'm leaning most toward. Anyway. I'm hesitant to really lock anything in place right now, but.....I'm gonna say Edgar just in case I don't get back around here (which I don't think will happen, but you never know). Regardless, if Edgar survives (as I think he will, which is REALLY unfortunate to the state of my trust), we're gonna need to test his seeking skills. And Darnam, before you say I'm accusing you of being wrong to ask people to trust you, and then I go begging for your trust: I'm not. Go ahead and vote however you want. Heck, if you want to vote for me, go right ahead. I'm on your list too. In fact, it might actually be better to kill me than kill a Seeker. I have no powers, so we won't be losing anything.... But I personally think everyone should vote however they want, rather than be forced into voting for someone they don't really think is Spiked, simply to get someone tomorrow. If tonight goes how I fear it will, we're gonna lose a couple villagers, and that'll put us on the fast track to losing. But if that's how it happens, that's how it happens.
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    I just think the term "mental illness" has a negative connotation. Autistic brains just work differently, and that can potentially cause issues but I just think using the term "illness" gives the wrong impression. I know this is a bad metaphor but lactose-intolerant people have bodies that work differently but you wouldn't call it an "illness." I think "mental condition" would be a better description, instead of giving the impression that something is wrong, it implies something is different. Does that make sense? I don't want to seem like I am belittling those with Autism, because that is not my intention at all I just think illness is the wrong word to use? I hope I am not stepping over any boundaries or anything. I view mental illness as something that causes a deviation from a person's normal brain-chemistry. From what I understand, which is admittedly limited if I am off-base on this please correct me, but while a person with autism does have non-standard brain chemistry it is normal for them. Basically, long story short, illness gives the impression of something being "wrong" which gives the impression that something is "less" than if it was working "correctly." It is horrible, and I wish things didn't work that way but "illness vs. condition" is my way of fighting it. Edit: I know I can't stop other people from calling it an illness, but I won't.
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    Sorry, I don't buy it. Everything else is pretty plausible, but Dalinar having a fedora? No way. He's much more of a fez type.
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    I've been thinking. In WoK, we encounter three foreigners in the Purelake, looking for Hoid. In Hoid's note, he is said to have laid a false trail for them to follow. Assuming these are the ones he laid the trail for, I have to ask the question; What is so important about the Purelake that the people of the 17th Shard would believe Hoid would spend time there? Just a question, I've got some theories, but nothing definite. The Purelake drains during Highstorms, right? That isn't exactly natural, so maybe it is draining to protect it's waters from being polluted by the Highstorms? Purelake. Maybe it -is- a Shardpool and as such, it is defending itself. Maybe it has something to do with the Keep Dalinar saw during his vision out in the Purelake? I don't know, but its some food for thought for all of you.
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    I'm going to take you through my complete thought process here. It's not long, and it's not very intellectual, but these couple ideas kept me busy for around 10 minutes, so... I was thinking on the "Soulcast air into bridges" topic, and what it really means if you can Soulcast air into things.... considering it is everywhere. Unless you are having a space battle, that's pretty over powered, hahaha. Then I started thinking "What if someone tried to Soulcast the entire atmosphere around Roshar into.... well it wouldn't really matter, because any material would doom the planet. That would be a really villainous thing to do, however obnoxious that storyline would be. They'd have to hunt for some huge gemheart that could handle Soulcasting like that. Oh my gosh it would be the Bowl of the Winds quest all over again." But you wouldn't really need a huge gemheart, would you? You could probably just bring standard gems (or however Soulcasting KR take in Stormlight) into a hightstorm and have like infinite Stormlight. That is on such a huge scale that it sounds like you could poke 1 bajillion holes in it, but what if instead you just walked into a highstorm and Soulcast the storm itself into something?! Picture Jasnah in armor walking into a highstorm and Soulcasting it into food ( I like to think it would be pot pies) and then literally eating the Stormfather. Hey Brandon, if you ever need a co-author/idea man, private message me and we can exchange phone numbers.
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    Storing breath is awesome. You know why? Space. That's why. Why else? Diving. That's why else. You know why else? Poisonous gases, inhaled diseases, and hour-long saxophone solos sans breath.
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    I, by official decree of the almighty Shard of Death Notes, hereby grant you all another 12 hours to this day.
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    Well, I never thought I'd see the day that someone uses TV tropes to try to convince someone not to kill them. Shiv, while I think that you've argued well for your side, I don't fully agree. I don't think that at this point we can risk not killing someone. I don't think that we can risk waiting till the next day to prove whether you're wrong or right. What I will do is retract my previous vote and instead vote for no-one until I am convinced one way or the other. I will most likely make up my mind before the end of the day. You couldn't expect people to ask you to defend yourself, because if you are the Inquisitor that gives you a better chance to talk yourself out of the situation. Better to let the accused bring out their own defense. That said, I don't approve of the mob mentality either.
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    Good point, I'll have to put out an FYI to not post things in the book before it is released. However, once March 4th rolls around, it is fair game to post such things in here. I'll post a Words of Radiance Impressions topic, which I can time to happen right at the 4th rolls around. There will not be a Book Three area until Book Three content actually exists. In case anyone has been wondering about what will happen to this forum after release, it will continue to exist for six to nine months after release, and will be the only place for Words of Radiance spoilers, with exception of Cosmere Theories. This time period will also have spoiler warnings for Words of Radiance content on the wiki as well. Afterwards, this forum will be removed and its topics will go into the Stormlight discussion board. It seems very silly to me to have ten different subboards for each Stormlight book. We don't do that for Mistborn or Alloy. It just gets too hectic, you know? So these special, book-specific subforums actually only exist because there is a subset of people who don't want to know anything about the book before they have it in their hands.
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    After completing my reread of "The way of kings" and then rereading "red carpet once white" I now believe that Shallan didn't kill anyone in that flashback. I think that the murderer and monster she refers to is her father and that she was just a witness to whatever happened. If she had any part of that massacre then I just can't see her reacting to Jasnah the way she did when she killed those four murderers. I think that the only person Shallan has killed is her father and that she did that in self defense, or protecting Nan Balat.
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    Assuming other people also had a single Breath but didn't know about it.. I would become a magician, and do one of those interactive shows, get the whole audience talking, get them happy. Make them trust me and do breathing exercises. You know, "Breathe in, and imagine your breath is like a rainbow. Breathe out. In... Out... Good, now, I need you to trust me. Breathe your trust into me. Imagine this spectrum of rainbow breath streaming out of you and into me. If you don't trust... don't believe.. The magic won't work." Then make them do the "My life to yours, my Breath become yours." While imagining themselves breathing out a full spectrum of light into me. I'd say its "Part of the magic. You've really got to believe!" And then when I robbed them all of their Breath, reaping hundreds if not thousands of Breaths per show, I'd Awaken things for magic. Then, with the impossibility of my shows, I'd draw much bigger crowds, doing multiple shows a day. I'd stop shows after 10,000,000 Breaths. (High heights, but in a world where Breath would be free for me, not as hard as it sounds.) Then I'd use my enormous amount of Breath to practice Awakening for about 200 years. After that, I'd take on a few apprentices, and through them, I'd introduce Awakening to the world. (Conveniently, everyone I robbed of their Breath will be long dead by then.) I'd sell off maybe 500,000 Breaths, which I think someone calculated, in Hallandren went for $4,000 per. I think they'd go for much more, though, since this would be a world of militaries rushing to equip their troops with super soldiers asap. Some people would sell theirs for money, probably a majority. The others would be all scheming to become immortal and get magic. I'd start a company with the 500,000 Breaths, call it Awaken. I'd put it on the Stock Market, make even -more- money, Buy a castle, and awaken me a few sets of armor and swords to defend it and me, along with awakening just about every single previously living thing in the Castle with the simple "Protect me." phrase, and make it into a fortress. I'd then live out my days as the single most powerful Awakener there is, since I'd have a 200 or so year head start of practice, as well as a shitton of Breaths, and the more you have, the easier it is to learn new commands. Oooh, I would have a spell book of commands. :3 Also, with 10,000,000 Breaths, I wonder if I'd hit a higher Heightening? Does it stop at 10? Maybe 16? Or does it just keep going? I think 10,000,000 Breaths, if it just kept going, would probably be like the 17th Heightening, since the number of Breaths required for a Heightening roughly doubles each level up. The 17th Heightening of the 17th Shard... That sounds exciting. Yeah, I've thought about this too much...
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    Hmm, perhaps the Purelake itself isn't a Shardpool, but maybe it is on top of one? Maybe like you said, there is a cavern underground that it drains into, and in the cavern is a little pool of metallic liquid or other strange liquid, and every time the lake drains, it touches this water, and the lake keeps getting little infusions of Shard magic? I don't know the specifics, but this is a fun idea.
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    Two ? This book is so awesome that each box contain one book the rest of the space are filled with pure awesomeness =)
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    I'm actually pretty sure It does provide an increase in power, Remember when Kaladin was sticking rocks to the wall in the chasm? I remember him thinking it over. Here is the quote for that part:
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    Some information about the history: TWoK Chapter 3 So this says: Shadowdays - Aharietiam - Recreance - Hierocracy - Sunmaker - Gavilar TWoK Chapter 26, emphasizes mine And the Hierocracy happened some five centuries prior to TWoK. TWoK Chapter 45 This quote isn't really 'on topic' but it seems to say that the Hierocracy and the Recreance correlate. I wondered before if the beginning/upcoming of the Hierocracy wouldn't have been the trigger of the Recreance. But this -- surely -- is only an idea of mine. Unfortunately I couldn't find when the Sunmaker destroyed the Hierocracy. TWoK Chapter 24 And that the Sunmaker was young, 17 years, when he started his conquest (TWoK Chapter 29), which was the destruction of the Hierocracy. Then: TWoK Chapter 12 It seems that posterior to Sunmaker's reign Alethkar once more disintegrated and "after centuries" Dalinar and Gavilar were the first to re-unite the ten Highprinces of Aletkhar. May be this helps a bit.
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    Szeth knows very little of the Heralds, whereas Darkness has very intimate knowledge of Jezrien's state of droolingness. Axies is an Aimian, and has blue nails. His shapechanging abilities appear to be related to his race as a whole, as does his immortality (the 'Curse of Kind', which refers to him being an Aimian I assume). Darkness is very clearly human. The Old Magic might be able to make someone immortal. it could even be Axies' thing. This wouldn't explain the fact that Darkness is a Surgebinder, or that he knows the Heralds, or how he had such strong opinions on the Edgedancers. We know very little of the secret societies. What do we do know is that Kabsal, a member of one, seemed no better informed than the average person. He thought Urithiru was a myth! Envisagers similarly had corrupted knowledge/useless knowledge on the level of Szeth. Dalinar's dreams do not provide up to date knowledge on anything. Dalinar's knowledge extends thousands of years into the past, and no sooner. This is at odd with Darkness' modern knowledge of Jezrien. There's other possibilities, yes, but to be blunt: they are all incredibly farfetched. This isn't a matter of 'teaching the controversy', or anything. You don't need to spend equal time on every theory for something. We have to explain things about Nalan: He's apparently immortal, or at least has intimate knowledge of the Radiants, who were around thousands of years ago. He can Surgebind. He is killing Surgebinders without much difficulty. He obtained a Shardblade. He's obviously very talented. He is traveling with other people with Shardblades, and has been seen talking to important people and has a very important quest of stopping the Desolation. The chapter icon for Lift had Nalan on it, despite the fact that there were next to no themes of justice/confidence to be found in it without some stretching. He has a big thing for law. The easiest explanations for this, given our knowledge, is that Darkness is a Radiant or Herald, most probably of the Skybreakers. Of the two, I lean towards him being Nalan, a Herald. An explanation should be as simple as possible and explain as much as possible. Your ideas involve things we know next to nothing about, like secret societies being involved with Heralds. I think that everyone should be privileging the Nalan hypothesis as the most likely at this point in time. It's odd not to, I think.
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    I don't see Kaladin dueling Amaram at all - he's not interested in the shards - or at least he wasn't. I mean, it's all very dragonball to assume he'd need to get even - but I think it will all go quietly, at least - no duels.
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    Expected WoK 1.1 patch notes : Soulcasting OP
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    Usually when I'm looking forward to a book as much as this one, I start searching for reviews about a month before release. It seems some reviewers are getting ARC's or digital copies of this book, though they're not saying much until release. They do seem to like it, however. http://kurtsperspective.blogspot.com/2014/01/finished-reading-words-of-radiance-book.html https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/838183520?book_show_action=true&page=1
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    What constitutes a hot topic? Aren't they those weird stores inside malls where goth kids go to hang out and be all dark with their black hairs and make-up? Oh, and they have band tees.
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    I think people are placing a bit too much emphasis on the "Honest" attribute, which is Secondary to the Lightweavers, and not enough on "Creative" which is Primary. Shallan is clearly a very creative person from the very first time we meet her, not only in her drawing (which could be argued is not creative at all, since she uses a supernatural memory to draw what are as close to photographs as possible) but also in her thoughts, her word choices (the constant clever jokes, etc), her approach to problems. That attribute, I think, is what attracts the Cryptics. The Honest part is something she struggles with and is conflicted about, just as Kaladin is conflicted over Leading bridge four. I suspect that her Second Ideal will relate to Creativity rather than Honesty. As for the Cryptics/liespren....on a superficial level, you could think of them like Aes Sedai (i.e. they always tell the truth.....mwuahaha!). On a deeper level though, I believe that "true lies" to them are what we would call art. Words, pictures, shapes that aren't literally true, but speak to some deeper allegorical truth. Fits pretty well with Creative/Honest.
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    I feel the need to disagree with you completely Aether. Tsunami drawback occurs due to massive displacement of water, forcing the water into a wave. However, Highstorms do not lift the seabed, which is the primary cause of tsunamis. I don't see how your contradiction is compatible with what has been observed.
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    I am new here, but..I would like to point out that there are several roles that Ron Perlman could handle easily. discuss
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    There are two reasons for why I don't want to cast my vote. First off, I don't know how to change text colors. A friend is going to be helping me learn this stuff (all for this game) Monday afternoon. Second reason, I want to "listen" to everyone else and try to understand their reasoning behind their choice. Because this is a game, I realize people will think this is just an excuse to get you to change your vote. Don't use this specific reply to change your mind. If I die, I die. I will then watch, learn, and play better next time.
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