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    nonsense balderdash Figgldygrak is an anagram for seon gangs dry elf king shardblade. because that makes sense
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    When you're bored in church and you find yourself wondering which shard Jesus had..
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    He was taking advisement from Breeze, black was just getting too monotonous.
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    ... When you gather a crew of specialists and raise an army in order to overtake and overthrow your government. Boy, don't you just hate it when that happens!
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    Ah, but you can buy vials of allomantic metals from http://store.brandonsanderson.com/. The atium, malatium, and electrum vials are fake, though. Through both movies I've watched recently (Caching Fire and Hobbit 2), I kept thinking how awesome Mistborn would be on the big screen. When you can't read "normal" fantasy because the magic systems are too dumb.
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    Hey everyone! We've had a lot of new members coming to the site (Welcome all of you!) and it seems like some of you haven't had a chance to review the rules yet, and some of us older members may have forgotten. As such, I've seen a bit of a problem rising, and I wanted to remind everyone that there is No talking about unpublished works allowed. Period. This is to help keep those who haven't read the book from feeling frustrated that they don't have the same opertunity. (I know, it seems slightly off for me to say this in light of a recent comment I made, and I plan on doing what I can to undo that.) If you would like to talk to someone, you can do so through private messages. Any comments seen on the site will be hidden. Thank you for your understanding.
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    So, this is a theory that I came up with in response to the Shardic Lens theory, and posted in rough form on that thread. I will restate it here, so that it is a little easier to find (plus I don't want to hijack that thread). So, based on my understanding of the Shardic Lens theory, Adonalsium is basically a wide-band filter for the power of Creation. Upon shattering, we were left with 16 (at first) narrower-band filters, the spectrum of each being defined by the Shardic Intent. This implies that Adonalsium(and the Shards) is not a power unto itself, but rather a means of accessing a power. This is consistent with I believe all the magic systems we have seen as well. Metal, Stormlight, Aons...they aren't the source of the power, but rather a means of accessing it or channeling it. This is important, because it means that the true source of the various powers of the Cosmere is still intact, only the access key is shattered. I believe the AonDor is a very good example of this, in that we are told quite directly that the Aons act as a filter on the power of the Dor, allowing only the desired power through. This makes perfect sense if the Aons are splinters of Aona, and thus an even narrower-band filter on the power of Creation. Which brings me to the theory: I think Hoid's mission is to travel the Cosmere, collecting a sample of each of the various waveforms/powers, in order to reverse engineer the complete "wide-band filter" and enable one to tap into the "full spectrum" of the power of Creation. Because Adonalsium was not the source of the power, but rather just a tool, it is not necessary to reforge Adonalsium. Instead, Hoid is actually trying to replicate that tool, which can be done as many times as desired! Thus the term "Adonalsium Proliferation." What, you want proof?? Well, I don't have any. But how's this: one thing that always bothered me about The Letter was the fact that the recipient disagreed with Hoid's plan. I had always assumed (like many of us) that Hoid was trying to restore Adonalsium/The Cosmere to its previous state, which seems like a good idea. Why would someone disagree with that? However, if Hoid is in fact going for a nuclear-deterrence style proliferation, I can see how that could be terrifying, causing the 17th Shard to try to shut him down. (In this Cold War analogy, the 17th Shard folks represent the Nuclear Disarmament mindset, while Hoid is of the Mutually Assured Destruction mindset). That's it for now! Thanks for Isomere, Senor Freesh, and WeiryWriter for laying the groundwork on this for me! (and any others who I haven't read yet...)
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    When you start experimenting with doodles of your home country, trying to access the Dor.
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    So, I'm in an RP group with some members of the tumblr cosmere fandom over skype, and sometimes in our off-topic chat gets very interesting. I snatched this gem to share on tumblr and figured I ought to share over here too. Lunarubato: Windrunners are the best at dodgeball FeatherWriter: "GET OFF THE CEILING THAT'S CHEATING" FeatherWriter: That's how the Szeth/Kaladin showdown will go. Windrunner dodgeball. Abalidoth: If you can dodge a Shardblade you can dodge a ball! FeatherWriter: *ugly laughter in Starbucks* Emmalyn: oh god XD Lunarubato: Gets down to one Windrunner, uses reverse lashing to block all the oncoming balls, gets entire team back in play FeatherWriter: Bridge 4 is def Kal's team FeatherWriter: And Renarin FeatherWriter: Renarin doesn't want to play, but Kaladin and Adolin say it will "toughen him up" Lunarubato: Bridge 4 gets in trouble for their "improvisational dodging" which mostly involves hiding behind the bleachers FeatherWriter: They want to know why they can't have shields. Lunarubato: "Turn the bleachers sideways," they cry as they rip pieces of metal from the wall As you can see, we are a very mature group of adults. So mature.
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    This is by no means a real theory, but rather a fun thought: I think it would be an interesting plot device if, now that several of the Heralds abandoned their oaths, the Heralds are vulnerable and no longer "respawn" on Roshar. They still have very long lives, but the next time they die, they are kapput. I know there are a lot of different ideas of how the entire Order/Herald/Gem/etc. relations work, but I think it would put a really unique spin on things if their permanent death disconnected their Order from the Surgebinding chart in a way. I'm not sure which scenario I prefer, but it could mean that they cannot use abilities that are a combination of the relating to surges anymore, or something like that. This may put a lot of pressure on some capable main characters to find the Heralds and control them. It would essentially be trying to round up a group of rabid lemmings as they all run for a cliff in insanity (yes, I know the whole lemming thing isn't exactly true, but it provides an image). It wouldn't be my favorite interpenetration of the quote, but the entire "Unite them" sequence for Dalinar could relate to this urgent quest to find the Heralds and get them back on their feet. It seems like all of the Orders/Heralds will be needed for the Everstorm or whatever awaits us at the end of 10 books/years.
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    Ya know what sounds like a real horrible shard idea? Odium. Who wants to be hateful all the time? That shard would be a real bummer, man.
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    Jealous, I think, doesn't quite fit. Jealous is a man looking at his neighbor's new car with a frown on his face, a child looking at her sibling's new toy. The feeling I have right now is more along the lines of Gollum, his hands outstretched, gibbering and begging Frodo for the Ring. WANT SO BADLY Also there were totally spoilers I think based on the scene that made the person sad and I AM SO EXCITED
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    The biggest thing that attracts me to the Stormlight Archives is the whole Categorical Imperative feel to it. For those of you who don't know or who aren't interested enough to investigate for yourselves, the Categorical Imperative is a system of moral philosophy proposed by Immanuel Kant. Kant proposes that there are certain actions, duties, or moral responsibilities that are absolute. They are both a means and an end. Most moral systems are Hypothetical Imperatives which are very situational. Something like, "Don't ever kill anyone. Except in self defense. Or in the defense of another. Or to defend your property." A Hypothetical Imperative is very situational. As you can see in my example, there are a lot of exceptions to the Imperative. You could even add more to it than what I listed. Like a Utilitarian twist to it. Something like, "Never kill an innocent person unprovoked. Unless the killing of that individual will save multiple other individuals." Human beings are NOT rational creatures. We are rationalizing creatures. Much like the Alethi, with enough thought we can do despicable things and convince ourselves that we're good and noble. Not so the Categorical Imperative! It is black and white. Do and do not. A Categorical Imperative might be something like, "I will defend those that cannot defend themselves." There's no wigggle room there. It's an Imperative that is both an End and a Means. And it's such an unnatural way of thinking that I'm sure most people are entirely unfamiliar with the concept. So, to watch characters struggle with this and not just automatically do it like an automaton, is really captivating, compelling, and it feels authentic. Even Kaladin struggles with his Ideal. He was very hesitant to help Dalinar Kholin at first. Not because he didn't want to, but because Categorical Imperatives, which will be referred to as Ideals from here on, are such an unnatural way of thinking that you cannot help but try to rationalize them. In this case, Kaladin thought it would be a lost cause that would accomplish nothing. He was still seeing his Ideal as a End whose Means influenced it and not as both a Means and an End simultaneously. Sorry if that was too lengthy and/or boring. But it's a really fantastic concept that I have difficulty talking about without getting in depth. The second biggest thing I love about the Stormlight Archives is its portrayal of the many faces of leadership. I spent four years as an Infantry Marine and am very, very well acquainted with both exceptional and incompetent leaders. I don't know if readers without a similar background would find it as enjoyable, but when I saw Dalinar Kholin dig a latrine...I swore that if some dark magic sent me to Roshar, I would follow Dalinar Kholin to the ends of the Cosmere. That small act meant more to me than his reputation as a legendary warrior. It told me, "This man cares about his men. They are more than just resources to be used economically and numbers in a ledger to him." That type of leadership is precious and rare. In my experience, more leaders are concerned with, "What extra or dangerous duties can I volunteer my men to perform in order to make myself look better to my superiors?" Or, at best, indifference. Not a small amount are petty and bullies and they use their authority to show their dominance because that is their only sense of self worth. Brandon Sanderson has done a remarkable job portraying leadership. For those of you who are inexperienced with it - take my word for it. He does it so well that its sublime. The third reason slightly contradicts the OP's instructions but...do you see my Avatar's mustache? A mustache that size plays by its own rules. That being said, the third season I love SA is this website. It's an excellent community and I now have a pathological need to check this site for new theories evey few hours. If I wake up in the middle of the night to take a leak, I'll check 17th Shard. Edit: Spelling.
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    This has probably been discussed before but I came across a very interesting quote while I was looking through the Theoryland interview database: It's an interesting answer by Brandon all around but I'd only like to talk about the last sentence. It's not exactly certain but it feels to me like Brandon's talking about the return of Surgebinding here. First, I want to start by eliminating characters that I don't think is our innovative culprit here: Szeth: Brandon specifically says "random interlude" and I don't think the Szeth interludes can be classified as such. They are like character development chapters for Szeth but not necessarily important to the overall plot of the book. Additionally, I can't think of anything important Szeth discovered in the interludes. Most important things are in his regular chapters. Nan Balat: No discovery here. The chapter shows how screwed up the Davar children are. Ishikk: Again no discovery, not one that is important to the plot anyway. It shows a different part of the world, expands Hoid's story a bit and introduces us to the Seventeenth Shard. Important for cosmere probably, but not much for Roshar. Also Galladon is back, so that's good. Baxil: There is some stuff about Old Magic here, but I don't think this is it either. I think this just shows us Shalash. So what's left and what do they discover? RysnNo spren in Shinovar Shin culture, He Who Adds, farmers being ranked highest, no mining Szeth becoming Truthless and being sold to Vstim Axies the CollectorAlespren Cusicesh Geranid and AshirSpren size and shape are locked if they are measured and recorded Note that, all three discover something about spren. Which do you guys think is what Brandon was talking about? Can you think of anything else?
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    I think you were on the right track until you got all serious. Alespren will change the world. Axies will introduce the Alespren to the Parsh and they will all take on the hobo form which makes them immune to Odiums influence. If I'm wrong, and it was those zany artifabrian scientists that were important, then it should be noted that a guass rifle is based on magnetics, but could just as easily be actuated through gravity manipulation. set a projectile in a long tube and accelerate it to about 20 gravities and you have a very deadly weapon. At those velocities each projectile would create an explosive impact that could rip through the ranks of thunderclasts with ease.
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    This thread has made me very sad. Alaxel what you say about biology may be correct for the most part though there are many cases where some ones biological gender can be harder to define. Gender as in woman and man or otherwise should not have to rely on whether someone has a particular organ between their legs it makes very little sense. But I guess that is my thoughts and you are entitled to your own but I just feel sad and felt I should say something. And it isn't really your fault I've just been on edge since Australia repealed their homosexual marriage law and I've been reading about mars hill church... I just feel helpless sometimes. This is probably the stupidest 17th shard post ever though to be fair I have never really given much to this fandom really. I swear I'll do good fan art someday lol. And note to feather your post about how tumblr works is beyond useful
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    Hey, I'm all in for a Bridge Four-way with Kaladin, Jasnah, Shallan and Tarah.
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    (Quick disclaimer: I feel safe saying this since anyone who follows Peter on facebook already knows I've read this storming book.) Wait, we're allowed to post reviews? I didn't know that. Also, don't feel jelous. You guys are still waiting for book two. Those who have already read the book are waiting for a book that has yet to be written, or even outlined! It's torture I tell you, pure torture. Plus, the way we had to read it was not fun either. We were sent part one (and let me tell you, the cliff hanger that part one ends with is INSANE!), then we had to wait a week to get the next part. So, those of who you are fast at reading an planning on devouring the thing in one night, feel super lucky you weren't part of the beta. In other news, I think the book is better than WoK. And I can't wait to see the finished product and hold it in my hand.
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    You've just given me a brilliant idea: a wet safehand contest!
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    Odium is not so bad. The real awful Shard would be Devotion. It would have Splinters that'd be total sycophants and stuff. Ugh.
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    Teft is actually Bela reincarnated into a man.
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    That timer would be even more tortuous! Like watching a pot boil for 3 months.
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    Fast!!! Someone track his ip to the "17th shard assault force" bust the place where he hided this treusure =) I take point, someone with me ?
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    Yeah but with the need for stormlight as a fuel it somewhat limits the overpoweredness. is it still outrageously powerfull? sure. But so was TLR with his compounding. Double gold is hard to beat. Compounded health, speed, strength and the mental speed to use them all? My money would be on TLR. dang, now that we know about compounding i'm bummed we didn't ever really get to see TLR in action. just that short bit with Kelsier. He didn't really do anything against Vin.
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    I vote fo Geranid and Ashir. Thinking about this all fabrials lack a certain level control, like they give heat of move things but there aren't really great precision there. If you could define the power output or define with precision the efects of that a fabrial could generate you would have a pretty cool pseudo-tecnology setting here. I already imaging a fight in the futre with "Roshar space slip ship" and a "Scandrial time-dilating travel ship" =) Crossing finger for they invent some form of gun spren powered weapon.=) Like a "Gravitational Accelaration Honor Assault Gun" .44 " GagaG. 44 The ketek gun PS: For the fun a googled the accelaration in G of a bullet and this was what Dr. Wiki told me. 31 000 G 9 × 19 Parabellum handgun bullet (average along the length of the barrel) To make a Gravitational spren gun, we need a gem to lash the bullet in the direction of the target at 31 000 G. Szeth lashead a big rock about 20 G ( i don't remember exactly). Let says that the weight of the object is important. and let say that the rock was 1/2 Ton (500KG a conservative number). Let also say that a have bullet 10g, so =) 500Kg = 500,000g 500,000(block weight) / 10(bullet wight) = 5000 to 1 ratio If you could lash 500,000g about 20 times applying the weight ratio a bullet could be lashed 20(lash paradigm) X 5000(weight ratio) = 100,000 (lashs or G) And we now have the math to a functional Lash/Gravitational gun =) Now we only need trap a honor spren and bond it in a way that he lashs everthing in one direction(the diretion that the barrel is pointing) with the around 30,000 G (a possible number). Tcharammm Ketek gun =) PSS: I'm only joking people =)
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    Long rambly talk about what tumblr is and how it works in spoiler tags. And when I say long, I mean it. Seriously VERY LONG.
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    Also, wouldn't "Stormborn" be an ever so slightly more awesomer name?
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Atium specifically provide expanded enhancement and temporal effects when alloyed, giving it a bit more order than just a random change? With that in mind, here's my ideas: EDIT: I was wrong, it's temporal/mental, not temporal/enhancement. Thanks for the correction. Iron + Atium: give a piece of metal gravitational attraction (similar to a reverse lashing from Way of Kings). Steel + Atium: give a piece of metal gravitational repulsion to all objects. Pewter + Atium: recover. For example, a bead of atium/pewter could give the effect equivalent to an hour's worth of rest. Tin + Atium: Study. Burns instantly, giving you a perfect mental image of everything you can see (and hear, smell, feel, etc...) Zinc + Atium: retcons a point in the past, adding some emotions to those memories. (eg, you remember a burst of joy 5 days ago, when your friend died...) Brass + Atium: retcons a point in the past, removing some emotions from those memories. (very good for PTSD therapy) Copper + Atium: delays bronze pulses within a cloud, making them be heard some amount of time after the metal is burned. Bronze + Atium: hear all bronze pulses from the past at your location. Gold + Atium: (confirmed) see other people's past, had they made different choices Electrum + Atium: ??? it seems like it would be the same as pure atium Cadmium + Atium: Cadmium bubble that survives you leaving it. Bendalloy + Atium: Bendalloy bubble that survives you leaving it. (note: burn rate is local to the Allomancer. It can be extended to last 10-20x as long by being outside of the fast time) Aluminum + Atium: permanently removes your ability to use Allomancy. Duralumin + Atium: permanently changes your ability to use Allomancy, giving a constant duralumin style effect Chromium + Atium: permanently removes someone else's ability to use Allomancy. (scary) Nicrosil + Atium: permanently changes someone else's ability to use Allomancy, giving them constant duralumin style effect. Hmm, maybe instead of permanent, it would heal/recover over a few days for the enhancement 2.0 effects. My other idea for them would be to delay the wiping/boost to the next time burning a metal was attempted. This would give Allomancers confidence in their metal stores before they disappeared from a chromium/atium touch.
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    I just found this "review" of WoR on Tor.com left in the comments of the WoK reread by a beta reader: Source: http://www.tor.com/blogs/2013/12/the-way-of-kings-reread-chapter-48#comments (scroll down to comment 19.
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    I haven't seen this theory in the forums, so I thought I would bring it up here. Way of Kings, Page 874 "'...I let Tien die, I failed my spearmen, the slaves I tried to rescue, Tarah...' He hadn't thought of her in some time. His failure with her had been different from the others, but a failure was nonetheless." Page 880 "What would have happened to him, if Tarah hadn't coaxed him out of his single-minded dedication? Would he have burned himself out, as she'd claimed?" So who is Tarah? Facts: - A woman from Kaladin's past who came into his life after he took up the spear. Likely after Tien died, because he wasn't dedicated until after that event. - Someone Kaladin failed, but in a different way than the others. Likely she isn't dead, because all the others died. - She helped Kaladin enjoy more in life than the spear. Kaladin's history with Laral shows he is attracted to women. Kaladin describes Tarah as coaxing him, which sounds like something someone would do with flirting. So if she didn't die, how would he have failed her? Could he have been engaged or even married to her and failed to fulfill his obligation because he was sold into slavery? Maybe Kaladin's heart is already taken.
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    Hi guys! I'm from New Zealand the land of the long white cloud or as us Kiwis call it -- Aotearoa. I've enjoyed reading fantasy and science fantasy books for a long time but there came a point when I burned myself out on the genre. I've read epics ranging from classics like J. R. R. Tolkien and Isaac Asimov, to the funny Terry Pratchett and the punny Piers Anthony. I'm also a huge fan of the older generation of novelists in the genre such as David Drake, Eric Flint, L. E. Modesitt, C. J. Cherryh, David Eddings and the exceptional Weis & Hickman. And what list of great authors in the genre wouldn't be complete without Patrick Rothfuss, Robert Jordan, Feist, Brooks, Rowling, Gaiman or Salvatore? When I picked up a Sanderson book, I thought I'd get more of the same except a little different. Boy, was I suprised. And I continue to be. Not just with his stories which are fresh and structured in such consistent ways but also with his breakneck release schedule! I've been reading a lot of speculation to tide me over until WoR finally releases. At times, while going through the forum, I felt like upvoting the members of this forum who continually speculate, theorize and hash out the details in Brandon's Universe for keeping me entertained and educated until the next book comes out. Since I have to be a member to best show that appreciation and gratitude, here I am.
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    It's an interesting idea, but I personally think that it might just be coincidence. Going by the chronology page on the wiki the events in Warbreaker take place before any of the ones in The Way of Kings, and unless Kaladin can somehow travel back in time and become returned even though he wasn't born on Nalthis, it just wouldn't be possible.
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    I know it isn't quite the same, but over on steelministry.com we have a game running called futile efforts where we are trying to assassinate the lord Ruler. Herowannabe who is running it does awesome narration, including some from the lord Ruler's point of view, so if you want to see a bit more of him you can check it out. I've compiled the narration, cutting out all of the out of character comments in this thread if you feel like a fun read. (You don't need an account to view this campaign).
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    No, But he is the ONLY Cap in the army that have darkeyes now =) If when he was Squadleader he apparently already was a catch, now that is is Cap the women in the camp will trown safehand slevees at him (I now very scandalous). I fell that a certain Kholin that are well know for his womanizer ways will get competion in the form of very fit, tanned, long haired young Captain, very silly I now =) Serious, married, sons ? I thinked more in the line of courting or something, and I think that he failed her not in be turned i slave( what would be so simple now that he is free agian) but in other way ( the plot must get thicker)
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    Well, she Said something like this to Kaladin. "Hey Cap, I mean Squadleader, how about you put aside thats spear and come chat with me *wink wink" *Kaladin look at a beutiful woman *wink wink* him and think with himself well waht could turn wrong* After tha is just routine love story (shy boy mets nice gal) promises, etc, and Amaram sending Kaladin to hell in earth =) PS: The Stormfather knows that ln real life *wink wink* works 99% of time with men=) PSS:
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    More Kiwis? Awesome! My favorite SA castmember would have to be Kaladin just because I relate so much to his wanting to do good but failing so many times. Having been through bad times myself, though not as bad as he has, I understand how easy it is to just stop caring and settle for a lesser version of myself. When he decides to help Dalinar instead of escaping and be vindicated ffor his decision still gives me goosebumps. I've read Steelheart and loved it as well! I'm definitely making time for the rest of his work.
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    You're right to pay attention to his wording though. Brandon does that.
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    Just be polite and avoid double-posting (edit your own posts instead). Other than that, just ramble on!
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    I'd eat my (chocolate) hat if Tarah isn't still alive and doesn't show up in WoR or the next book.
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    You mean the same richard rahl that forced a whole continent to submit to him through intimidation, declared himself emperor and commander in chief of the army, and then when the nations finally accepted his rule he retired into the mountains to tend his sick wife and refused to give any order? Or the one who abanddoned a people to slaughter because they voted against him at an election? ignoring the circumstance that the king, which is also their religious autority, told them to vote against him, and that 90% of that population (the haken part) is brainwashed since early age to accept anything they are told to? the sword of truth has too much protagonist-centered morality, and while richard is a good man, he did plenty of bad things with little justification, and the story just forgave him because he's the protagonist. back on rand, love would appear a clichè to us, because it's been overused. but rand don't have all our knowledge of stories. he's not genre-savy as we are. he would not recognize love as a clichè. anyway, he was in love at the time, and when you are in love all that stuff about loving makes much more sense. Also, while fighting for love is clichè, and I personally think love is overrated, but it's still a nice thing. among all the things one can have to live for, it's one of the best. certainly better than if he had said "for consumerism!" or "for online videogaming!"
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    Vague spoilers for ADWD: This question is central to ADWD. The entirety of Mereen bored me, but I recently read an essay on the arc that let me see it in a new light. The interesting thing is that she tried to bring peace to Mereen, but the compromises she had to do left a bitter taste in her mouth. She felt like she failed, when she succeeded. Mereen was at peace for a while, and all signs pointed to it continuing. And yet, at the end of the novel, she decides to give it up. She embraces fire and blood. She's done with peace, and she is going to be a conquering warlord, damnation the innocents who are hurt along the way. So... is she good? I don't think any character in ASOIAF is wholly good or wholly evil, as it were (though a case could be made for the Boltons, and Ned, who was so stupid that he may as well have been trying to maliciously screw over everything). Dany, I think, is quickly falling from her pedestal as the breaker of chains down to the more 'evil' side of the scale. We will see, though. Say what you will about Martin, the man can do some excellent character development. I'm still not sure why I don't hate Jaime. Seriously, I feel I understand perfectly why he threw a kid out of a window. It's very weird.
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    As long as they don't give them wands and make them scream 'Stupify' or 'Leviosa' I wont have to murder anyone.
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    Ham for Mistborn, 2014. I would say Dox, but he was a bit dead by then. More likely, they would've studied it all book 3, and it would finally be consumed in a time of need 8 pages before the end.
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    True, perhaps. But how did she "coax" him away from being obsessed with the spear? The reason I think she could be a love interest is Sanderson using the word "coaxed" instead of "persuade" They mean close to the same thing, but coaxing suggests persuasion through friendly means. Maybe it is nothing, but it could be something. .
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    Welcome that's a fine list of authors you mentioned. I am also from New Zealand hooray and I think at least one or two others are on this site. Yeah I am constantly blown away by the theories that get posted, so it is definitely good we have you here to give them extra credit that they deserve for keeping us entertained and their commitment to Brandon's books. Well anyways welcome to the best fan site on the webs and I hope you enjoy your time here
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    5. Brandon indicated that there is a spren trapped inside Gavilar's stone, in the sense they are trapped inside gemstones used with fabrials. We don't know what kind of spren though. There's been theories of spren corrupted by Odium or actual Splinters of Odium but it's all guesswork right now. I have this theory that is more of a wild guess than anything else. In short, the Parshendi are Voidbringers but not by their free will. In one of their forms, that I dub the Void Form, Odium is able to control them or at least manipulate them, kind of like Ruin with people touched by Hemalurgy. And the spren inside Gavilar's stone is the one that transforms the Parshendi into their Void Form.
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    I will also Kabsal style if I lose.
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