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    So, this is just a quick theory about Dawnshards. First of all, here's what we know about them: They can "bind any creature, voidish or mortal" They disappeared some time before Tanavast recorded his "journal" Tanavast believes that they can be of great help in fighting Odium There is also this tidbit: Analyzing the Poem of Ista, I propose that Dawnshards were held in the user's hands when being used, as opposed to being worn like Shardplate, but of course we're not sure. Next, let's look at all the other terms on Roshar that contain the word "dawn": Dawnsingers Dawnchant (an ancient language that now survives only in the Vanrial song) Dawncities (which, as Kabsal showed, feature cymatic patterns) It's already obvious where I'm getting at: I think the Dawnshards were magical musical instruments used by certain heroes of the Heraldic epochs (perhaps the Dawnsingers, or perhaps some other group entirely). There! I've said it. Now that I read that, it almost seems rather silly in its simplicity ("Dawnsingers and Dawnshards both have 'dawn' in them, so they must be related? LOL, you silly skaa..."). But it does shine a new light on Kaladin's encounter with Hoid. While I don't necessarilty think that Hoid's flute is a Dawnshard nor that Kaladin will become a Dawnsinger, I do think that Hoid might be preparing Kaladin to one day rediscover these magical artifacts so that he may "return to men the Shards they once bore". Also, magical music sounds more likely to "bind" creatures than, say, slashing at them with magical swords. (As you can see, I am highly skeptical of the idea that the Dawnshards were some sort of Shardblade.) Edit: Given what we've seen in Words of Radiance, I now also suspect that these musical instruments called Dawnshards are also spren, and somehow these spren (Dawnsingers?) have "died", or at least have disappeared for some reason.
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    http://goo.gl/tHQAM That link leads you to the Amazon UK page for the alloy of law. You can "Click to look inside" the book. If you do that, you see the prologue and chapter 1, but also the ars arcanum! It seems to have been written from a Cosmere-conscious point of view...and it is not fully complete. An essay regarding The Metallic arts is is included. This IS pretty mindblowing. A short summary of the most juicy bits. A summary of each feruchemical metal and power. The proper names of each different Ferring. The detailed List of Metals, in text form. The full essay, in text form. EDIT: Have added the full text of the Ars Arcanum.
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    I will take Galladon too. Devoted farm dude from Duladel who becames Elantrian while the Reod and stills as friendly as your old farmer grandpa. Yay. P.S: I'm really curious about how he ended into the 17thshard troops. Maybe we don't know the Dula so good, or maybe the 17thshard isn't as dark as we seem to figure out, but I think that it doesn't fit for how is he shown in Elantris. Sure we will have to wait, kolo?
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    Absolutely! ALSO GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS I HAVE A MASTER'S DEGREE NOW ... *ahem* Um, sorry about that. I just defended my thesis yesterday and I am still maybe a little bit wired. Carry on.
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    Not sure if theres another place for this thread, but good place as any I figure. Now I KNOW there has to be quite a few MTG players on these boards. Discuss? (I havent played in a year or two, but I still have my decks constructed, and it's just fun to keep up on)
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