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    I'm curious what makes you guess that particular power.
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    Hello all! I know I'm new here, though I've been lurking for a while and haven't come across this. Over on the WoK reread, a commenter (Zizoz, likely the very same from here on 17th Shard) noted the "old reptile" bit and postulated that the recipient might be a dragon. Another commenter said they would ask their husband to ask Brandon about this at GenCon. That same (Ciella) posted earlier: That is pretty interesting. Has there been discussion of this before? I couldn't find any. Further, does anyone know anything about the dragons in Dragonsteel? Why would Hoid be writing to one of them?
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    Well, we know that Feruchemy was the only one used before the Ascension of TLR. It is passed on genetically, like Allomancy, and like Allomancy dilutes over time when bred in impure lines, and it can be possessed in the same ways as Allomancy (meaning possessing all powers or only one power). Thus, it is easier to draw parallels to Allomamcy's operation than to Hemalurgy's. The first possibility is that Feruchemy cannot be obtained. Some of the first Scadrians had it, and passed it on. This is unlikely, I believe, based on other Investitures' operations. The second possibility is based upon Allomancy parallels. I like the idea of a 50/50 atium/lerasium alloy being a universal metalmind. Maybe it can also work like lerasium does in Allomancy. The main act of Allomancy is the burning of a metal. When one burns lerasium, one's Spiritual DNA is rewritten (and, presumably, their normal DNA) to give them Allomancy. This is technically, as I see it, the act of burning lerasium: rewriting DNA, thereby creating an Allomancer, not just "making a Mistborn". When one attempts to burn lerasium, they become a Mistborn. Anyone can do it. The main acts of Feruchemy are filling and tapping a metalmind. Only a Feruchemist can do so. But if the atium-lerasium alloy is universal able to be filled with any trait, maybe attempting to fill it as a metalmind makes one a Feruchemist (meaning rewriting DNA, as lerasium does, to make one a Feruchemist). This means anyone can fill this alloy with a Feruchemical trait. The moment one tries to fill this metalmind, one becomes a full Feruchemist. Let's assume that it doesn't matter what trait the person is attempting to fill the metal with. Merely the attempt makes them a Feruchemist. From there, the person can proceed to fill the metalmind with whatever trait they want, for they are now a full Feruchemist. This seems fairly likely to me. It makes sense, as far as I can tell. The parallels between Allomancy and Feruchemy allow for it to be logically posited. Now on to alloys. Lerasium alloys make one a Misting of the metal lerasium is alloyed with. I will say attempting to fill an alloy of the lerasium-atium alloy makes one a Ferring of the metal alloyed. (Wow, three metals in one. If the other metal were also an atium alloy i have no idea how that would work. Let's ignore that for now.) Makes perfect sense. Thoughts? Criticisms? (Wow. That is my longest, most involved post yet.) Edit: syntax, clarity, diction
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    This theory is based on a http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/3901-feruchemical-puzzles/?p=61844'>post I made in the Feruchemical Puzzles thread. So, atium is part of the body of Ruin and lerasium is part of the body of Preservation. Allomancy is of Preservation, hemalurgy is of Ruin and feruchemy is a combination of the two. If lerasium is burned (either pure or as an alloy), the burner becomes an allomancer of some kind. Mistborn if pure, misting if alloyed. A hemalurgic spike made of atium can steal any single power from someone with that power (in a messy and usually fatal manner). It has frequently been theorized as to additional effects of burning atium or burning an alloy of atium and lerasium (i.e., such as becoming a feruchemist). However, burning metals is an allomancy thing. So I don't think that burning would be a part of gaining any investiture except for allomancy. Alternatively, I posit that each god metal is universal for the metallic art of the associated shard. In other words, lerasium is universal for allomancy in that if burned in it's pure form, one becomes a full powered mistborn. Atium is hemalurgically universal in that it can be used to steal any power (not limited to allomancy and feruchemy). But what about Feruchemy? I also posit that an alloy of atium and lerasium (likely 50/50 or something close to that) acts as a universal metalmind (i.e., any attribute may be stored within it). So, to point out an area for speculation, one may become an allomancer by burning lerasium (no use of other arts to do so) and anyone can hemalurgically spike someone as per http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/3941-spocon-report/?p=62356'>WoB. Again, what about feruchemy? How can someone gain access to feruchemy without the genetic heritage (feruchemist bloodline) and without using any other arts (i.e., no spiking)? Or rather, since allomancy and hemalurgy are both in some way universally accessible, in what manner may feruchemy be universally accessible also?
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    Okay, so I got a chance to speak with Brandon and Isaac, and Brandon said he would for sure come by and hang out for about an hour or so while the line waits, and Isaac said he would try to. So, not exactly a con, but definitely more than just a line. NOW who's coming?
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    I just want the powers of whatever shattered Adonalsium.
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    I think Harmony might disagree with you...
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    Makes me think of a new game guessing what different combinations of shards would be called. I'm betting if Odium had picked up Devotion the resulting combined shard would be called "Meh".
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    There won't be a transcription, because I'm pretty sure that just came up over dinner, but yeah, Brandon said that.
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    Alright, my theory is the Ninth Surge (the one shared by orders Nine and Ten) is Detection, or something similar to that. Points in favor: 1. The Alerter Fabrial, which runs on a heliodor focus. 2. The Stoneward Radiant in the Midnight Essence vision said that she would hear Dalinar if he called (when telling him what to do if the Essence returned). 3. The fact that the Radiants knew to come and kill the Essence in the first place.
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    I attended Gen Con over the weekend. Joined the live audience for a marathon Writing Excuses recording session. Special guests included Tom Doherty, Wesley Chu, and Scott Lynch. They should start posting the episodes in eight weeks. (When Mary improvs her reading to mention a guy sneaking into the room, that's me.) The only other event I went to featuring Brandon was the outlining panel with John Helfers, Erik Scott de Brie, Jerry Gordon, and Saladin Ahmed. Brandon likened outline writers to architects and organic writers to gardeners (he was quoting another author, but I forget who. Sorry). I wanted to attend a signing with Brandon and John on Saturday at noon, but none of the staff knew where it was. I met up with John Helfers later and hung out at his table for a bit. Later, Erik chatted with me about his motivations for writing (he challenges aspiring authors to try not writing for a month. If you cannot do it, that means you are in fact a writer). On the whole, I learned a lot and was surprised by how accessible these folks are (special thanks to Erik de Brie, Scott Lynch, and Mary Robinette Kowal). They go to great lengths to meet readers and support aspiring authors. If you plan to attend a con, I advise you to remember that these authors are quite generous to spend their extremely limited time with fans. I twice saw Brandon mobbed by autograph seekers while he was trying to leave the venue on pressing business. To his credit, he stopped and signed their books. Just be aware of how busy con presenters are.
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    Well, we just figured that was a given since you must be at least slightly cross-eyed to see fancy pants spren like Syl.
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    I withdraw exhibit A from evidence your honor. The rest of my statement stands.
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    I'm not quite sure what you're saying here. Are you saying it moves, or not? I think people mostly can't find it because they don't know precisely where it is. The Valley itself has a precise location and does not move, considering that it's marked on the world map. I strongly disagree. The Tor.com articles, while fun to read, are not vetted by Brandon or Peter. That guy has no better idea of what the Nightwatcher is than any of the rest of us fans.
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    The problem with your analogy is that it is very unlikely that the planets would be traveling at relativistic speeds. (that's actually one of my favorite thought experiments)
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    I've mentioned several times how I want desperately for modern Elendel to embrace L-trains. Long lengths of metal track running 2 stories above and to all the important places in town? Yeah, that'd be pretty good for a Lurcher.
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    I believe he was quoting George R.R. Martin.
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    I like the cover. But eveyone seems to be glossing over a big piece of lore it has revealed. Kaladin is slightly cross eyed!
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    To publish it is the plan. Dragonsteel is but the first book of seven, and is the most integral to the cosmere, IIRC. Just kidding about trying to get it from the library, though. I don't plan on reading any unpublished works. Even if Brandon gives them out willingly, he is not satisfied with them and plans to rewrite most of them. My respect for him as an artist will not allow me to read them. I would much rather read them when they are published and he is satisfied with them. Beyond that, they are not canon anyways, so any number of elements could change between now and publication. The only unpublished works I may change my mind on are Aether of Night, which I don't believe he plans to publish ever, and maybe WoK Prime, if he ever decides to give it out, as it would be interesting to compare it to the published version.
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    I think it very likely that one of the Heralds, perhaps Taln, knows how to construct or obtain shardblades.
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    I don't know. I don't see why the nightwatcher (or the supplicant) would be benefited in any way by the supplecant being changed to see everything upside down. I could fathom that there may possibly perchance sort-of be a benefit of Dalinar losing his memories of his wife. But we would need to know more about her and their relationship before we could arrive at such a determination.
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    Hey Brandon, Will here. Welcome to the humble little den of inanity that has somehow become home to a growing portion of your fanbase. We're delighted to have you, and thrilled stupid that our members have this opportunity. I wanted to have a special graphic done up for this - and still might manage it, if the day magically extends to include about seven extra hours and I develop the ability to operate Photoshop while asleep - but my classes have made all other arting virtually impossible. Now, I know everyone is expecting me to ask something enlightening about whether or not waffles on Roshar have retractable syrup or confirmation on the Theory of the Epic God Metal, but I had something different in mind. (Although feel free to give any insights or secrets on waffles in the cosmere; any information will aid in the development of the all-important Wafflematic Theory). • A few months ago, I discovered listening to classic jazz just really got me into the mindset for my current novel, and I think it might be because the story is set in a time similar to the America in the 1920's; do you ever try to match the music with the setting of a specific book or scene? Is there any one artist or style of music that works no matter what? • Sort of following up on one of Kerry's questions, what aspect of a new setting do you find to be the most difficult to develop? • Finally, do you have any of the Power Nine, and if so, which ones? That's all for me. Thank you again for this opportunity. We know you're a busy guy, but the fact that you're taking the time to do this makes you all the more awesome. (...yes, guys, I know I said I would only ask one, but the Power Nine question is important! )
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