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    I'm starting to think this is Taln speaking. When Kalak spoke of "that place of pain and fire" and "The flesh burning. The fires. The pain over and over and over..." initially I took this to mean that the Heralds finally broke because they could no longer endure repeated torture at the hands of Odium. That reeks too much of Odium being sadism incarnate. Sadism alone doesn't seem to mesh well with the nuances of the meaning of odium. Rather than Kalak dreading becoming once again the recipient of endless pain, I think instead he dreaded once more becoming a person who must mete out endless pain. What is the most loathsome thing one can do to someone sworn to protect others? Twist the oath so that, in order to uphold it, one must commit terrible atrocities against a small number in order to protect the greater number.
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    He probably didn't want to give us the impression that these people were freestyle rapping in their last moments
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    Clearly Lightsong's drunk monkey is sitting in the sky as judge. And monkeys don't like colored circles.
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    I am always awed at the crazy amount of writing Sanderson can do. Really, he relaxes from writing by writing other books. It's like after runniong I rested by running in a different direction. II don't know how he manages it, and especially how he manages to write so much and so good, when one would expect that more production meant less quality. I'm glad to see all hose new books I will be able to read in a few years, but I'm sad for the mistborn movie.I really would have liked to see the scenery and the fights in a movie - that's what movies are for! - but it's probably not going to be produced. The movie industry must totally ingore the concept of "adult fantasy" or "modern fantasy". I guess they refused to produce it when they learned it was to be a fantasy without any elf or dwarf. Oh, steelheart would probably be awesome too (i only read the prologue, how do peoplee mention it like they already read it all when it won't be publkished before september?), but just not the same thing. Also, it probably will eventually go nowhere, just like mistborn or the wheel of time movies.
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    I think it would be awesome if it is Shallan who finally takes out Szeth-son-son-Vallano, maybe saving Kaladin during an epic battle using her Soulcasting and Shardblade. Well, one can dream.
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    I should think that allomantic pulses are allomantic pulses, and if she'd felt strange allomantic pulses it would have been mentioned specifically.
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    Here is a happy illustration I have prepared which may facilitate a fuller understanding of your arguments Kurk (assuming, of course, I am interpreting correctly). Edit: Time A = Time B. You are contemplating what the heck is happening in Time C, neh?
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    Ok, didn't dwell on the anchoring because I figured there was something you were thinking of and it isn't really the point here. I can definately see where you are coming from. I'm still not sure I agree with it though. Partly this relates to thinking of the time differences caused by the bubbles as waves. If you have a crest from a wave going one direction and a trough of equal depth going the other, when they overlap they effectively cancel eachother out without losing any of the energy of either. Obviously that doesn't fully explain it due to actual time differences and time messery but that should help show how I envisage the consequences of overlapping. Another element to consider is that the power is a bit of a nebulous concept. It's not a direct, Marasi has x power and she uses it at the same rate so it all has to be going somewhere. She burns metal at a certain value which acts as a pathway to use Preservation's power. So it's tapping that power as needed and it is perhaps concievable that it would use up less in that situation. Sounds unlikely to start with, but remember that compounding is a method of getting differing amounts of power from burning a set amount of metal/power. (pardon me if I step over stuff you already covered in the other thread with this next bit, hopefully I'll have the time to read through it properly shortly) Another point to remember is that the bubble notably doesn't fully tie to the allomancer once created. Sure it will collapse if they leave it, but it remains tied to a certain point relative to the planet (or to whatever else). This suggests that while the allomancer is responsible for creating the bubble its continued existance/function is partially dependant on something seperate to the allomancer. Which supports the idea above. Don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying that what I have there is at all conclusive evidence. Just trying to explain the uncertainties which are part of why I don't think you are neccesarily correct. My gut feeling is that the bubbles won't oscilate, but it's still entirely possible that you could be on to something.
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    I think I am most excited for The silence Divine. I say this because it's not too far off, it's a full-length novel in Cosmere set on a fresh, new world. I',m actually more excited for it than the next nine Stormlight books, the next six Mistborn books and so on. even though Stormlight is my favorite series to date. As far as my excitement priority list (ignoring Stormlight sequels). My top four are all set in the new worlds for a reason. TOP 4 1. Silence Divine 2. Liar of Partinel 3. White Sand 4. Skyward THE REST 5. Elantris 2 6. Nightblood 7. Shadows of Self 8. Steelheart 1-3 9. Rithmatist sequels.
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    Welcome Random. Just a couple of reminders, though. We know that Jasnah knows of the cryptics, but we do not yet know that she has seen them. Since the cryptic enabled Shallan to enter Shadesmar, and Jasnah can also enter Shadesmar, then I would suspect that she can see/interact with them. But we don't know that for sure yet. Also, Elhokar apparently can see them as well and it doesn't appear that he has a scholarly bone in his body.
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    I wouldn't say most main characters in Valdemar are gay, but a fair number are.
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