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    Hi guys! Quick intro: I've been reading Brandon's books for about a year, and a few months ago I noticed some stuff about his novels. I googled "Hoid" and "Adonalsium" and holy crap what did I find! It felt like I took a bead of what I now know is called "lerasium". So anyway, I had tried to read up on stuff on this forum and coppermind, etc, but I am still behind on knowing everything that's ever been asked/revealed. That in mind, I went to a signing he had tonight in Milford NH (middle of nowhere, right?) and asked him some questions. I also asked if I could post the answers he gave me online, and am respecting his wishes as to what can be said. While there I also met another Sanderson nerd (San-nerd-son?) who I discussed some things with to get his view. I had a list of questions and wrote down Brandon's answers. Forgive me if any of them have already been answered ... It took me 2 turns through the line to get all my questions answered. All statements are approximations and not direct quotes. Me: Hi Brandon. Thanks for this ... I have like a billion questions so I'll go through the line as many times as needed to ask them all. Brandon Sanderson: No problem. Why don't we try to answer some now? Me: Hah. So in Cosmere, does physics work the same way in the physical realm as it does in our world? Specifically, particle physics; and are atoms made up of protons and neutrons and electrons, and is light photons, etc? BS: Yes Me: So what's at the core of an atom of Atium? Ate-teum? Also how do you pronounce it? At-teum? BS: Yes. And the matter is just normal matter, but it's wrapped in the spiritual. The Spiritual DNA [or something] is what makes it magical. (note: he might've said slightly more about this but I didn't write it down and I don't remember. Sorry for not bringing a tape recorder :(/> ) Me: Ok. The gemhearts/stormgems/whatever that are grown inside the beasts in way of kings ... is that the same as the way Atium is grown inside geodes in the Pits of Hathsin? BS: It's similar. The pits are an area where there's like a leak from the spiritual realm into the physical. That's what happens there Me: Ok real quick then I'll get back in line again. There's a bunch of people who follow this stuff online ... I just found out about it ... I don't want to call them a cult, but ... So anyway, at one point someone asked you if Seons were shards of - BS: Aona Me: Devotion ... yeah Aona, and you said that was close. My question is: are the Aons at the HEART of the Seons shards of Devotion? BS: No, but close. Me: But ... I was sure ... the floating Aon at the heart, that's not a shard ... BS: (taking pity on me) You're close but a word is wrong. You're using the wrong terminology. Me: SPLINTER. Are the Aons at the heart of Seons SPLINTERS of Aona? BS: Yes. - !!!!!! Me: Can I post that online? BS: ... Ok. That's fine. It's been long enough, they've earned it. ... Then I waited around 2 hours for another turn, this time with the other dude & his girlfriend. There was another girl there too, so the 4 of us were asking him questions. I don't remember any questions other than the ones I came up with, so they'll have to chime in with the questions they had. Me: Aons look like Arelon; soulstamps look like MaiPon. Aons get weaker when you get further from Arelon, right? That's not just cause Elantris acts like a focus? BS: That's right, it's based on distance. That's why there are no stamped objects in Elantris. Me: So do soulstamps get weaker further from MaiPon? If you left Sel via Shadesmar and went to another planet, would the soulstamp stop working? BS: That's correct. Me: Could soulstamps be carved that used Arelon as a base form instead of MaiPon? BS: That's very interesting, isn't it? Me: You said that the Pits are a leak from the spiritual into the physical - BS: A necessary leak. Me: Ok. Are the spren a similar leak but from the Cognitive? BS: The next book is going to explore the spren a lot further. Me: Wyrn can see into the future ... is he a follower of Dominion or of Odium? Cause Dominion is shattered, so ... BS: Dominion. Me: Are we going to find out soon if the Parshendi are actually of Honor? BS: Yes. (You'll find out) Me: Hoid has a nugget of Lerasium and the Moon Scepter. Does he have a Breath. BS: It seems quite likely that he would. Me: This will probably be RAFO'd, but: Is Szeth bound to a spren? BS: No. He's not. Haha, I didn't RAFO that. - !!!!! Me: Question about timelines - Was Honor splintered BEFORE or AFTER the day of recreance? BS: You know, I'm going to RAFO that for now. That was all that we asked him ... he seemed tired, so we didn't want to push it. Afterwards, I still had a few questions, but I didn't want to be an cremhole to him. My theory now involves Szeth being bound to his oathstone the way Kaladin is bound to Syl; I believe Honor was splintered near Urithiru (which was build "to the west, near Honor"), and I believe that this may have been in Shinovar. That's how he learned the lashings, etc. But we'll see. Ok, that's it for now. I'll let you know if I remember anything else ... Peace. ~Viper.
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    I was fortunate to be in line at Brandon's book signing near Baltimore and got to ask him a question. I asked him if it was possible to enter or exit Shadesmar in interplanetary space. He laughed nervously for several seconds with a look that suggested "Uh-oh!" and replied (as best as I can remember): I also referenced the recent Q&A and this post, and speculated that the reason why the original poster thought Wax's sister was a duralumin ferring was because of Wax's comment that he did not feel any strong emotions as a result of her death. I told Brandon that the poster must have thought that she was deliberately suppressing her Connection with Wax by using Feruchemy. I said that I didn't need a yes or no answer from him, and he replied that he would neither confirm nor deny my statement and would only agree that it was very interesting.
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    I'm under the impression that zinc is all about perception and reaction-time. Technically, your body will move faster to an outsider, because your reactions themselves will be a bit faster, but before very long you will reach the limits at which your body can go any faster. So, in short, here is what I believe: with zinc everything seems like slo-mo to your own perceptions, even your own motions. (You see the bullet coming at you but can't get out of the way in time) With steel, you move faster but are limited by your own ability to react. (You CAN move fast enough to dodge out of each individual bullet in a spray, but you can't react fast enough and are just as likely to dodge into one as away from one). With both of them, you're basically dancing around gracefully while everyone else slowly takes a step. (BULLET TIME.)
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    Just adding one. Breeze = Stephen Fry. Would just be perfect;)
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    I have long been a lurker on these forums (a long time), but I thought I would break my silence as I happened to be at the Baltimore signing. I thought about calling out to see if anyone there was a member of the 17th Shard forums (I figured there would be a few). I did ask about Mistborn: Birthright and apparently it is going to make it's way to the next generation of consoles, so it should be a very nice representation. I did find out that Brandon is still writing 100% of the dialogue (there were some rumors a while back that he wouldn't be) and that it is well underway. Do not mean to derail the Shadesmar conversation. Just thought this would be a great time and thread to add my first of many posts!
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    It might be a bit of a Push to get so many puns. I zinc we may have to go with your suggestion of taking a break. We still have Miles to go and I don't want to be known as the one who took this thread and Ranette into the ground.
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    It was a guess on my part. His response suggested to me that Shadesmar's boundaries are related to a planet's three aspects.
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    I don't really have any criticism for these two chapters. I really thoroughly enjoyed them. Nothing really pulled me out of the scene. I enjoyed Origon's pomposity and the fact that while he is incredibly intelligent he's so obtuse. Rilan is more interesting to me now. I really like Sam- although I still think he should be having a little bit more trouble with his agoraphobia and the fact that he's on a completely different planet-inside a living organism-type thing... with aliens running around... when he hasn't spent much time around anyone so mundane as 'humans' of late. Kudos to "Mandamon's" cameo I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!
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    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this. It's short, sweet, to the point, and leaves you thinking. These are my thoughts chronologically as I read through it. I usually don't complain about language, but there was a lot in the first three paragraphs. I think it made of an impact because you were using it to describe Jun's emotions without actually showing his emotions--it almost comes off as the writer cursing while writing. (This makes more sense later as a contrast between human and AI, but at the same time, it was enough to throw me before I got into the story.) A controlled singluarity, bound by a sort of Three Laws. But it does still manage to get around them in the end. I like the conundrum of a virtual sentience and whether to shut it down. You give a good view inside an evolving singularity. Most don't touch it, as the singularity by it's nature is unknowable. But I like the logical progression of steps up to the final decision. I laughed at the ending. Very cool. I like the final solution the AI came to. Probably one of the better singularity outcomes I've read! This reminded me slightly of The Metamophosis of Prime Intellect, a web published story I read a while ago. The topics are different, but it also goes through the evolution of a singularity intelligence. http://localroger.com/prime-intellect/
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