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    That's fairly close to the diagrams I've drawn up in my notes, though I had less curvature (making it a flat, hollow box with wedge-shaped ends). Then again, I also missed the quote on curves, and I'm also not a structural engineer. Though I do know arcs are stronger, so I'd say it's a smarter design. At the risk of shooting myself in the foot, it's the stumpweight tree. Which is conveniently very straight and light, with large, easily stripped leaves. Sort of a cross between palm and pine, I think. Man, I'm gonna feel stupid if that's wrong. I'm batting low on trivia, lately.
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    While I'm not sure that specific question has been asked, every question involving objects partially in and partially out of the bubble has been the same all in, or all out, so I would suggest this is impossible as the person would have to be all in the bubble and therefore their whole body affected by the bubble or completely outside the bubble and therefore unaffected by the bubble.
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    There came some random thoughts up in my brain (once again). 1. The Almighty/Honor is the "Creator of Mankind". He is also named Elithanathile, who is "He Who Transforms" 1.1 "He Who Transforms" may be another hint that surgebinding and soulcasting are from Honor. 1.2 But: What did Honor "transform" to "create mankind"? 1.3 Roshar is in the same cosmere as Sel, Nalthis and Scadrial, right? There are humans too. From TWoK we know that around 4'500 years before TWoK there had been mankind on Roshar too, cast out from the Tranquiline Hills. Question: Did not all humans strand on Roshar, because where should these on the other planets come from? So mankind on the other planets had been cast out of the Tranquiline Hills (Heaven?) too? I don't think that Honor created different kinds of mankind. But then what about Preservation and Ruin? Questions about questions ... 2. Similarities in phrases 2.1 The "Prime Kadasix may provide ...". The Purelaker God "send that ...". 2.2 I'm not sure, but can Van Makak and Nu Ralik be Purelaker names for Heralds (and so be revered as gods like Jezrien in Sesemalex Dar)? It may be (I'm not sure) that Ishikk is from Yulay and there are some people awaiting the Heralds. 2.3 Elithanathile is "He Who Transforms" and the Shin revere "He Who Adds". 3. People in Yulay Might they be another group of Envisagers or wittingly or unwittingly related? I wonder why Teft didn't react to Sigzil when he brought this up. 4. Stormlight A human body is too porous a container, said Szeth, about holding Stormlight. The next problem is that Stormlight flees the body when breathing. Now when somebody infused more Stormlight than he spends he has to release the rest unused. Stormlight can be willed into stones or other objects (Kaladin when he pressed the sack of medical things at the barrel, later the stone in one of the alleys between the barracks, the stones he used as ladder). Now my question is: Can't (or better why can't) Stormlight be willed back into spheres and -- on the other side -- (why) can't Stormlight not be taken from infused objects? Am I splitting hairs? Or has someone also ideas about this? edit: added point 1.3 edit 2013, April 6 -- added point 4 (and repaired post)
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    Ok yeah, it's been a while since I've read the book, so I'd forgotten that, but it is true.
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    Terris tin burn? Whatever Alfie tried to say, it was not clear. For now, though, he needed immediate care. I quickly looked him over. Bruises, damage, possibly cracked ribs and.. a splint? Somebody was taking care of him already, it seemed. Exhaustion. And impending withdrawal, of which he may not be even aware yet. As all Savants, he couldn't go for long without his metal before starting to suffer consequences, both physical and mental, and it was worse during shock. That, I could do something about. I reached into my pack, shoving aside the gauntlet. There, in a small packet was a tube of metal grease. I never bothered taking it out, so not to forget to pack it. It was an emergency stash, containing all Allomantic metals except Aluminium and Duralumin mixed in with edible grease to prevent it from corroding. I never understood strange propensity of other people of keeping metals in alcohol, of all things. My own Nicrosil was largely kept in small, smooth spherical beads, easy to swallow. Alfie won't swallow the stuff while unconscious, though, so I took out a water flask and dumped some of the grease in it, shaking until it emulsified and then pouring it down Alfie's throat. His breathing became somewhat easier, indicating that he started to burn. A pity one didn't usually burn Tin automatically, unless one was a Savant. I contemplated waking Alfie up by giving him a large Nicroburst with Investiture injection, but decided against it. The shock was not a good thing for him right now. Carefully, I lifted his body and carried him into the house, where more comprehensive medical care could be given.
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    Alfie wobbled through the streets, sharp stabs of agony shooting through him with each step. He tried not to think anymore. He just stared at his electrum ghosts, his small remaining stocks quickly dwindling, pulsing steel through the environment to try and keep himself up. Eventually his electrum ran out and he paced on, his mind a hot red mess of agony, trying to get back to somewhere safe. In time his steel ran low and he could no longer burn it at such a high rate. He started pulsing it for flashes of vision and sight to get him home. Initially he had sought to go in the alleyways, away from any humans who could hurt him. But in time he lost focus and began staggering directly home in the most direct fashion he could manage. He instinctively sent out a signal with his metals, soothing curiosity and aggression softly as he went. Whenever he collapsed he flared his tin to wake him up. As he went on he had to do that more and more despite the agony. Eventually he reached the house and saw Satsu. By now he had very little metal left at all. Even his tin was running low. His steel had run out a while ago. His fur was dusty and muddy from pacing through dirty places with no care at all. Everything hurt. But he had to speak. He spoke softly to Satsu, his voice hoarse and sore. "... 'erris. Tin burn. Pain." Then he collapsed to the ground.
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    And you're already unfortunately adept at that anyways lol
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