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    Don't forget that he stole the Moon Scepter. Hoid basically rules Sel's moon.
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    Magic on Sel is related to its geography in some way -- that, at least, is the general assumption. In TES, Shai fancies that the setting mark that finishes all soulstamps looks like her homeland MaiPon, similar to how all Aons are built around Arelon. Shadesmar reflects the geography of the world that you enter it from in some way. (The one map we have of Shadesmar is from the perspective of one entering it from Roshar, and the map is Roshar inverted: land becomes sea, sea becomes land (and in some cases, mountains).) This probably has a great deal to do with why it is difficult to travel to Sel from Shadesmar.
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    Near the end of The Way of Kings, Jasnah's admonishes Shallan pretty strongly for traveling to Shadesmar with only a single dim sphere. This suggests to me that there is a minimum safe number of spheres or a minimum number of lumens of Stormlight that is needed to travel to Shadesmar safely on Roshar, and maybe larger numbers of spheres or a larger sum of lumens is needed to do anything one you're there. Does anyone have any ideas on what those amounts could be?
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    Yeah but fair fights are over rated. No matter how gpod you are a fair fight always has an element of chance that could make you lose, so they should be avoided at all costs
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