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    Random tidbit: When I first saw this, I thought his name was JerksonVallanno
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    I can't find this theory anywhere else on the forum, so I'm hoping it's not a rehash. I have an idea about emotional allomancy that I am having a hard time thinking of how to explain. So I'll try to explain it by analogy to physical allomancy. "When you push against something - whether with allomancy or with your hands - it goes directly in the opposite direction. Force, reactions, consequences." - TFE, Nook edition p. 136 When you Push (steel) on something, you increase the distance between yourself and that object. If it is smaller than you this happens as the object moves farther away, and if it is bigger it happens as you move away from the object. Similarly, when you Pull (iron) on something, you decrease the distance. Again, the heavier, larger object stays stationary and the lighter, smaller object moves. Is it possible that emotional allomancy works the same way? If I try to Push (soothe, Brass) on someone's emotions, but their emotions are "heavier" than mine (deeper, more stable, etc), would I instead be pushed the other way? Imagine a situation in which Allomancer A is with Friend F who is afraid. F is really really firmly solid in his fear. A is trying to not be afraid, so is more calm than F, but not really solid. If A tries to Soothe away (Push) F's fear, would F's fear Push back since it is "heavier" than A's calm? "Force, reactions, consequences."
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    Mistborn question on front page: What event between WoA and HoA gave Demoux the scar on his head? I believe the answer to this is he got hit in the head by a Koloss during the war in WoA, as stated on page 76 (paperback) of HoA.
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    @Happyman, considering how long it is taking for Odium to go about shattering the other Shards, I'm guessing that Shards can't travel at significantly FTL speeds. Or, at the very least, not always. The natural state of a shard is to not be broken, yes? So, being incomplete is the abnormal state, the supposition that is being put forward. As such, it isn't that we need evidence that the others are complete, but that we need evidence that a shard is incomplete. Currently we only have strong evidence of three of the knownish ten shards being damaged (Domination, Devotion, and Honor, in comparison to Endowment, Preservation, Ruin, Cultivation, Other-Roshar-Shard, Odium, and "Bavadin"). Not only do we need evidence that a shard has been damaged, but lacking that, simple statistics indicates that we should expect any given shard to be not damaged. As for Odium, while there is a whole thread about him being damaged, it really all boils down to a single epigraph line that may or may not even be referring to him. That's poor evidence for him, and further for an argument that all the shards are "spent."
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    I'm glad to know everyone's nice here I definitely hope they'll protect me from these unknown terrors, though. (At least, my hope is that they won't feed me to them. Please use the waffles as substitutes, they're probably much softer, better for the stomach.) Ah, Wheel of Time! Honestly, that was the series that introduced me to Brandon Sanderson's works, though I immediately fell in love with them. As far as I know, the books of his that I haven't read are Way of Kings and the fourth Mistborn book, though hopefully that'll change soon, haha. Wow, thanks for the suggestions, though! I appreciate it, I've been basically wandering the world of fantasy, unsure of where to start. I'll definitely get reading them soon, I'll let you know how I like them!
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    I know, makes sense. Just commenting on the capitalisation of Shards. And the context is a cosmic battle, which quite specifically is not localised to Roshar: Edit: I was thinking along the lines that since Odium has his base on Roshar, that there is the place where the fight has to be made. That would be where the Cosmic struggle/Knights Radiant thing would converge.
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    I'll come and meet you ten minutes ago.
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    Here comes some more feedback! \o/ Prologue I have to agree with Aminar in regards to it not feeling as a prologue. I think this is due to the pacing and characterisation that takes place during the prologue. It feels more like a chapter 1 than a prologue. A prologue is there to give the reader some idea about the setting/plot/etc. and if i read this one right I'm guessing it is there to set up the conflict between the two lords and the emperor. I am guessing that this plot is the main plot of the story but won't be touched upon for, at the very least, a few chapters -- alt. it might be a 'sub-plot' that ignites the real plot and runs parallel with it. If this is the case I would suggest trying to make the prologue more self-contained; ending the prologue with more of a focus on something coming to an end rather than something new beginning. Now, if it's a plot that will come back soon you might not need to worry so much about making it as 'self-contained', but I would still suggest making it a bit more 'self-contained'. Fight Scene While I agree with that has been said in regards to tension I have to disagree about the other parts, for while I didn't really feel that our two protagonists was in any danger the fight it self didn't bother me. I should probably point out that I am not that fond of strictly realistic fights, and while I don't want fights to brake any and all rules of physics, time and space I do put Rule-of-cool before realism -- I want to be entertained after all. You do have a good opportunity to introduce more about the Krathsteel blades here though, so you might be able to shift the focus of the fight away from the fight itself and more to introduce the blades. The Fire Here I had no problem following, though this might be because we have talked about how Krathsteel works. I felt that it was a nice touch, and I found the fact the twinblades blades still held the fire intriguing. Though if you want to clarify it some more you could easily tie it in with an explanation of Krathsteel -- perhaps divide it into two parts making it less of a info-dump. Explain how the fire surges through them from the blade when they draw it the first time and then go into the experience part when they fight -- perhaps even make the fight showcase the experience part rather than being a fight. Misc The relationship between Ganril and Relia felt odd. From his insistence that she would never come to the city, to her one line of dialogue to him. At that point I wasn't sure they had ever really loved each other, yet by the end Ganril swears to avenge her -- going up against the emperor to do so. All in all, I did like the prologue and I would have kept reading chapter one for sure. -TheSadDragon
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    I saw a new post in this thread and thought "more updates on the Mistborn Movie?" I was disappointed for a moment, but now I'm back on wondering about Rosharian Tide Patterns, which would also be a sweet name for a band.
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