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    I've read a theory that Ambrose makes it up to first in line to the throne and Kvothe kills the king for some good reason, putting Ambrose on the throne. Which makes Kvothe really depressed. I like this theory.
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    Sounds good! *didn't record/take notes, so this is all based off of my memory of what happened almost a month ago* While he was in Taiwan, people had heard that he wrote a short story/novelette(don't remember which) on the way home from France, and they wanted to know what he was going to write on the plane home from there While there, he heard a story of some emperor that, whenever he saw something that he liked, he would have his imperial seal stamped on it. Even if it was a piece of jewelry/jade or something, he'd have the seal carved in. This became a magic system. So, if you know enough about a piece of stone (like a part of a wall or something) including what kind it is, where it came from, the entire history of it, then you can convince that rock that if came from somewhere else, say a quarry that had a flaw/fault in it, and depending on your knowledge/persuasiveness you can break through. The story started with a girl in jail, put in a cell designed for these, I forget the term, engravers or something. Each brick in the cell was a different kind of stone, and in order to break out she needed to craft a symbol to convince the wall that a) it was one unit, and B ) it had a flaw, in order to break out and avoid her imminent execution. Then and oldish guy showed up *hint hint* and said she was wasting her time, said even if she identified every pebble of the wall and knew its origin it was still useless, because the cell was designed specifically to keep her busy until she died.Then he alluded to the possibility that he got her captured, because she had been caught stealing the thing he had already stolen and he saw an easy scapegoat. Darn it, it is pretty much fuzzy after that. I'm pretty sure there wasn't too much more to the story, right now Brandon is up to his ears in WoT and he had only had 2 half hour chunks to work on the story. If I can think of anything else I'll post it, after the reading he had a really short Q&A. EDIT: Yeah, I'm pretty terrible with summaries :/
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    I would like to announce that there is truth in these words. Also, a combination of headache, dehydration, calculus test tomorrow, and strep throat is not pleasant.
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    [tiny voice]Can I join the upvote war?[/tiny voice]
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    Honor certainly seems to think Cultivation is female, and he'd know.
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    i'd just like to point out a couple of things. Java doesn't really have "globals" per say, since everything is a member of a class, and Java was made, by design, to have as few undefined operations as possible (unlike C/C++ which had many of them included, again, by design). Off hand, i would say that something like a dangling pointer would be the cause of this, if it wasn't for the fact that its basically impossible (at least to my knowledge) to have dangling/wild pointers in java, so i guess that doesn't really help..... Though, i second the notion that it was probably some errant/wrong compiler optimization. I've had things happen like that to me before where it works odd/incorrectly, and i copy and paste the code and recompile it and it works. My guess is that "refreshing" the code is pretty much kicking the compiler in the pants telling it to recompile that bit, instead of working from cache somewhere or something. Though i haven't worked with java in particular enough to really speak anything on it (my java experience was mostly in college in the early 2000's, so its both stale and limited. I prefer C#, and have worked professionally in that and all manner of basic-like languages) Though, of course, it could always be magic. Not something you should rule out.
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    Since this is a spoiler-free board, can you please put a spoiler warning on that link? Also, I'm pretty darn sure that Hemalurgy is in and of itself a meme now, at least on the forums.
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    It's 16*8, naturally Don't you guys know your powers of 2? Er... we've seen both Slivers and Splinters. The Divine Breaths of Returned are Splinters, and the people who touched the Well of Ascension were Slivers. For a complete look, go to the wiki (I'm pretty sure it'll redirect you to the applicable segments in the Shard article). Though if you were talking about the rankings, both Slivers and Splinters have always been in the rankings here
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    Mistborn Swat Team And other Lerasium Bead is stated by Peter here in the TWG Archives. Any other questions?
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    I still think it's the Shelldry game. The Seventeenth Shard take their Shelldry very seriously.
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