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    personally, i've always thought about it like this: "Meh, i'll find out when i die. Until then, i have a life to live to the fullest capacity I can, regardless of which philosophy has it right"
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    Yesterday as I was walking by Willamette Slough (one of the many local wetlands/wildlife preserves) I saw two herons fly by. What a wonderful omen.
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    Or the Spanish Thugquisition.
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    While not an atheist myself I think that it is a terrible thing that people would think less of someone for their religious beliefs or lack there of. The God I believe in isn't going to damnation someone to hell for all eternity because they were a wonderful person but it just so happened that they didn't believe him. If someone was a good wonderful atheist or if someone was a terrible bigoted theist he'll judge he'll judge them each accordingly. And I think it works the other way around to, if in the end it ends up that I was wrong, that there actually is no God then it won't matter to me. I'll have lived my life in a good way and a way that made me happy and I don't see how anyone can see anything wrong with that, just like how I don't see how people see anything wrong with a atheist who does good things.
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    As a hopeful coinshot, I seriously can't wait until Scadrial develops paper clips.
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    Although my name might seem obvious, it is "actually" pronounced hu-ginn, or "hew-ginn," if you will." Some people's names have silent letters, mine has silent words. That said, it is quite interesting to see how people pronounce their names.
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    I'd pick pewter.
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