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    I always loved much of the playful relationship between Vin and Elend and nothing topped it more for me than when they finally got to dance and Elend of course immediately pulls out a book. I can only imagine how exasperated and yet amused Vin must have felt. I also loved the idea of her simple, but elegant black dress and him in his white uniform. Such a contrasting look, though there weren’t a ton of descriptive details to work with, so I took some liberties. Anyways, I wanted to do a piece involving that scene and so this was the result. Hope you all enjoy!
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    From the album My Art

    Posted this on my twitter a while back after I finished the first Mistborn trilogy- just a simple animation of Vin overlooking the Luthadel skyline.
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    From the album My Art

    I can't believe nobody's drawn Wax and Wayne as Zenigata and Lupin before, it seems so obvious in hindsight
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    Shin chicken after 4000 years of evolution on Roshar would look.... not a whole lot different, if it's like Earth chicken evolution. I thought about going nuts and make it featherless and reverting back to a mini raptor, but I kind of didn't want to paint an ugly uncooked Thanksgiving dinner... So in the end it's back to being a good o' fashion chick'in - lightning color! There, so new, so shin XD
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    New member here! So I just finished Oathbringer and my heart just shattered into pieces knowing that Kaladin/Shallan isn't happening. Don't worry, I'll learn to live with it! (or maybe I'll ship the OT3, because why not?) To channel my woes and sorrows, I decided to focus on the other thing I love about this series : the unique world building. In here I'll be challenging myself to design concepts for a mock Stormlight IP (be it a game or a movie, I'm still not sure). DISCLAIMER : The designs I post here will take liberties from the description the have in the book. My mind's eye is kind of a rebel in that sense. The artwork you will see will be a combination of the book's description, Shallan's sketches and my own flavor mixed in. I hope to post every week to keep my skills up and eventually have a complete portfolio for myself. Suggestions and inputs for inspiration and references are greatly appreciated! 07/01/2019 - INSPIRATION I started reading TWoK 2 years ago and only got back to it this year. I got hooked enough to finally finish all three books and the Alethi culture just screamed 1300s Middle East-South Asia. The Kholin Monarchy, where you had one king and a dozen or so high princes with a 'department' assigned to them reminded me of Persia's shah and sastraps system. Another clue that really influenced the design I wanted to make was the concept of a safehand and havah, two fashion elements that brought the sari, kameezes and kurtiz in mind. ladymxdnight from discord, really helped me out on that one. And lastly, the one element that really sealed the deal on how I saw SA's world was the Parshendi singing in battle. When I read that, I knew I had to go Bollywood. Yep, you read that right. If it were up to me, SA would be a Bollywood film. Thankfully, a really great Bollywood film came out a few years ago that got me really excited to design SA in this direction : Padmavaat by Sanjay Leela Bansali INTIAL SKETCHES As any concept artist will tell you, warm ups are important. After seeking out my references, studying them and recreating them to an almost maddening degree, I started doing simple and quick sketches to further flesh out the designs I see in my mind. Below are quick concepts for the Kholin Uniform, Jasnah and Shallan's Kharbranth havah and initial portrait sketches of Adolin, Elhokar and Kaladin. See you next week!
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    I wanted to share the concept sketches for Navani and Jasnah! I'm pretty happy with these roughs and will proceed to finishing them
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    Brandon has teased that the end of the SA is hinted at in the first two books. Now people have been scrambling to find this sly spoiler. I present you my attempt at being the one who discovers it! From the letter to Hoid from Frost: (talking about Odium.) That's the problem isn't it? There's a shard of hate on the rampage that has to be stopped. A shard of hate which has no context. The obvious solution would be to merge Odium with Honor giving it context. It would dilate Odium significantly but would, in my opinion, still be too much of a Odium to Honor ratio. I have seen theories claiming Dalinar will combine all three shards. I think it would still be too much Odium in the mix. Did someone say Dalinar? Dalinar is by far the most powerful radiant. We were all awed by his stunning feat at the end of Oathbringer. The stormfather was startled, humans/parsh were bewildered, and Odium was terrified. Many people look to this event as a sign that Dalinar will someday Ascend to Honor and defeat Odium, gaining two shards. It seems likely enough. Mistborn spoilers (I really should have wrote this in Cosmere Discussion.) Obviously we need something else for narrative reasons. I propose Dalinar will Ascend to Honor (temporally) and shatter Odium. You might be asking how a glorified bondsmith could shatter anything. Glad you asked! What if Dalinar bonded Odium to ALL the other shards? It would be complete destruction of a shard, something we haven't seen before. There would no longer be sixteen shards but fifteen. Each of the others would gain a sliver of Odium's investiture. The reduced pieces of Odium would find context back with the other shards. This ending would set the stage for a much bigger story. Like cosmere ending levels. And! Mistborn spoilers: What are you awesome people's thoughts?
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    When the Young Men camp you are at has metal dog tags and letters to hammer into them, and while everyone else is stamping their name or something into theirs, you make these: ...using the letter I. A lot.
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    ... but it appears that the word "Aharietiam" is derived as [from]: [~Wikipedia article on "Gog and Magog"]
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    An expectant buzz filled the air as the last journalists to arrive took their seats in front of the small stage. Journalists all across the country had been expecting an invitation to this press conference for several months now. It was common knowledge that the Norther Interest Trading Company was up to something big, but so far they'd managed to keep the exact nature of their project a secret. Today, that secrecy was coming to an end. The murmur of conversation among the journalists abruptly cut off as a bearded and bespectacled man took to the stage. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?" He asked, unnecessarily. "As you are all aware, the Northern Interest Trading Company has suffered many losses over the past years in our efforts to decypher the mysteries of the Pantheon Islands. Many have wondered whether the eventual reward is worth the effort. To this question I say 'yes, a thousand times over!' Its ever been the nature of humanity to explore and innovate, no matter the cost. If we where not to give in to this impulse, we would not be human!" "However, just as our drive to explore pushes us up against new difficulties, so does our capability to innovate provide new solutions. Over the past year, our scientists and engineers have been working tirelessly to design and create a new sort of vessel. A ship that does not have to brave the dangerous waters around the Pantheon to bring its crew tot he prize. A ship that is not limited to the well-explored beaches we have been limited to before. A ship that, for the first time in our history, will allow a group of intrepid explorers to take to the sky!" "Ladies and gentlemen..." With a loud grinding noise, the large hangar doors behind the stage started to glide open to reveal the majestic airship within. "I present to you: The Northern Wind!" *** General rules Roles and airship parts *** For this game @Young Bard will be my co-GM, and @Fifth Scholar will be the impartial moderator. This game is planned to start July 10th at 12:00 Amsterdam time, but with two games starting rather close together the game's start might be delayed slightly if necessary. FAQ: Player list: Xinoehp512 Lumgol Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty-Ninth of the Just a Smidge After Twilight... or, I guess, Twi for short StrikerEZ BrightnessRadiant Ventyl Elandera Amanuensis as Saluden Leiken, a Willshaper Worldhopper from Roshar. Ax's boyfriend as Arr K. Thousantoo, an ancient worldhopper who recently recovered from his incident with the constabulary. MrakeDarshall as Quill, a hemalurgist by trade who was marooned on First of the Sun quite some time ago, and has survived mainly by virtue of his... Er... "pets" Devotary of spontaneity as Auseor, a merchant working with a group of salvagers. Mark Shanerockes _stick_ TheMightyLopen Alvron as Second of the Sky Araris Valerian as fourth of the moon Burnt spaghetti as 3rd of Sunset Spectators: Furamirionind Butt Ad Venture Snipexe Rathmaskal cadmium compounder Quick links:
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    When people ask how I can read three Stormlight Archive books in one week
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    My name is Notchbeard and I have Cosmere addiction. I finished Wheel of Time 4 months ago and thought hmm I wonder if Sanderson's own books are any good and got in over my head. I came here for help. Here is what I have read in the 4 months since I picked up Mr Sanderson's fine works: Warbreaker Final Empire Well of Ascension Hero of Ages Way of Kings Words of Radiance Edgedancer Oathbringer I am starting Mistborn Era 2 now then I will read Elantris. Not sure where I will go from there. I feel like Sazed on his quest to find faiths, only my quest is to read these stories until I KNOW WHAT CEPHANDRIUS IS DOING!!! At this point I dont care which series he writes books for as long as it reveals more of our favorite storytellers true purpose/identity. Hello fellow addicts, I am now invested enough in this author to even spend time online theorycrafting. Toodles.
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    All was quiet in the large hangar housing the Northern wind as Professor Iral Evenward made last tour of his majestic creation. The address he had given to the press had gone over well, and he felt pleased with himself. There had been skeptics, of course, but the imminent launch of his creation would put those dissenting voices to rest. The tinkle of metal dropping on concrete pulled his attention back to the here and now. It seemed to have come from the other side of the scaffolding supporting the airship, where the apparatus creating the gas that would hold the ship aloft was situated. “Hello? Is someone there?” The professor walked over towards the noise. All the engineers and craftsmen should already have gone home for the day, and the guards didn’t patrol inside the hangar. He didn’t spot anyone as he arrived at the large machine, but it was immediately clear that something was wrong. The tube connecting the machine to the gasbag had been decoupled, and the highly flammable gas was leaking out into the air! The professor ran towards the machine and started closing valves to shut off the leak. So focused was he on his work that he didn’t see the flaming rag as it got tossed at the machine. *** “Alright, listen up everyone!” Foreman Cole’s voice rang out over the milling workers, engineers and future crew of the Northern Wind. “As you no doubt have heard, there’s been an accident here last night. We’re still piecing everything together, but we know that a large explosion badly damaged the airship’s gas bag and the machines for creating lifting gas.This explosion also badly hurt professor Evenward, though he’s still fighting for his life under the care of some of the best doctors in the city.” The foreman paused for a second, knowing that what she said next would cause her no end of problems over the coming days. “Whatever happened, it was almost certainly an act of sabotage. Normal accidents don’t knock out guards, nor do they leave them tied up in a janitorial closet. Whoever did this most likely had a pretty good understanding of the work we do here. Work that, until yesterday, was kept secret from everyone but those working on the project.” “The police are currently working under the assumption that someone here was party to this act of sabotage. If you believe you’ve seen or heard something that might shed light on who was responsible, you’ll bring this information to me. Under no circumstances are you to take matters in your own hands or strive for revenge over this cowardly attack on our work. Bring whatever you think you know to me, and I’ll let the police sort this out.” “Now, let’s get to work. Just because we’ve had a setback doesn’t mean we can suddenly ignore our deadlines. The Northern Wind will fly as scheduled. We owe the professor that much at least.” Airship parts: player list This cycle ends monday 15th of July, 12:00 (noon) Amsterdam time. Role pm's will be going out shortly after the thread is posted. If you haven't received one by the time an hour or so has passed, send me and/or bard a message. There is a lynch this cycle.
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    Before the duel in WoR
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    Mistborn Stormlight
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    Kestrel's Art Gallery Hello! My name is Sarah or Kestrel. I've had a few galleries on her over the years, but I figure starting clean would be the best, as my work has improved a bit since then. A short list of things about my work: I draw mainly nature and animals. I would like to work more on drawing people, but I don't enjoy it as much as animals. My main subjects are birds, or my own characters. I'm 20, and have been drawing since I was around nine years old. I have no formal art training, save for two college courses I took last year for my own personal enrichment. I am a member of several art roleplaying groups, so a good portion of my artwork comes from those. I do digital art mainly, as I don't have the space to do traditional work in my apartment. I use a Surface Pro computer with Photoshop CC and Paint Tool SAI 2. The name I do art under is "ordinaryredtail." This is my deviantart and tumblr, which are active, and twitter and facebook, which aren't that active. On Requests: I do not do personal requests. That being said, I do want to work on people, so feel free to request any Cosmere related stuff from me. I won't make promises that I'll finish them, since I have a bit of a busy schedule. I also am doing a daily challenge. Every day, I am doing my best to draw a landscape a day. I have limited it to 20-30 minutes at a time, to keep myself loose and from spending too much time on them. I won't post all of them here in this post, but as I do them in the future they will be posted here! I decided to put the rest of the images under a spoiler tag, that way it doesn't stretch the page too much! You can see my full gallery on my deviantart, here: https://www.deviantart.com/ordinaryredtail
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    Okay finally here and going to catch up on the thread. Listened to the audio book of 6th of the dusk because I didn't want spoilers. Sorry for being late to the party but here's a bird I painted while listening to the story. Hopefully it'll help make up for my absence a little. Haha (not sure why the image is sideways)
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    I always loved much of the playful relationship between Vin and Elend and nothing topped it more for me than when they finally got to dance and Elend of course immediately pulls out a book. I can only imagine how exasperated and yet amused Vin must have felt. I also loved the idea of her simple, but elegant black dress and him in his white uniform. Such a contrasting look, though there weren’t a ton of descriptive details to work with, so I took some liberties. Anyways, I wanted to do a piece involving that scene and so this was the result. Hope you all enjoy!
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    And it's by no means comprehensive...
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    From the album General SA Art

    The first half of Oathbringer interludes characters (Puuli, Kaza, Ellista, Taravangian), also a part of Elsewhere on Roshar project (I’m back on more OB stuff!)
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    A recent WoB mentioning that Adonalsium had a purpose in the design of Roshar has granted me inspiration to a greater understanding of the history of Roshar. Adonalsium, being a great and powerful being, managed to calculate the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, but needed more computing power to calculate the question for its answer. So the greater Rosharan system was created as a celestial scale super computer, designed to finally find the ultimate question. But then, due to an exodus of rather useless people from Ashyn (which was shortly afterwards sadly destroyed by a telephone-borne disease) to Roshar, killing off most of the peaceful indigenous peoples, the calculations were ruined. Now in the modern day, Odium is attempting to destroy Roshar, to make space for a super-highway between Nalthis and Scadrial. Hoid, being a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is, arrives just in time to save his friend Dalinar from the imminent destruction of Roshar, and thus we reach the end of Oathbringer.
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    From the album Minimalist Warbreaker Cover

    Always thought this would be a cool visual. The colors broke on the previous version, which is why it was hidden and this new one added.
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    Foreman Cole thanked her lucky stars that the day’s work had gone smoothly and without incident so far. In another hour or so the day shift would end, and so far there had been no paranoia-related incidents. She'd have to… Her train of thought was interrupted by shouting coming from outside her office. ‘Me and my big mouth…’ she muttered as she headed out to see what was going on. A group of workers had gathered outside and where loudly arguing. “Everyone be quiet! You!” She pointed at one of the louder contractors. “What’s going on that apparently can’t wait and can’t be discussed in a civil manner?” “It’s Saluden, foreman.” a worker from the archipelago called First of the Dawn responded. “He hasn’t shown up for work. In fact, no one’s seen him for the last day or so. We think that’s mighty suspicious.” “Not as suspicious as Elandera, foreman!” Another worker spoke up. “She’s been spreading baseless rumors around!” “Saluden called in sick for the day. Something about ‘light-therapy’. That’s something those that worked with him should know by now.” The foreman turned her gaze towards Elandera in the back. “Spreading baseless rumors is precisely the sort of thing that’ll make our work here even harder. I honestly don’t care whether you were involved in the sabotage or not, this is the kind of work where there is no place for a rumormonger. Pack your stuff, and an officer of the constabulary will be waiting for you at the gate. I imagine they’ll have questions for you.” *** Mika Fergus was nursing a head-ache as he made his rounds. He’d been posted at the entrance to the hangar the night before, and had the dubious honor of running into one of the saboteurs. He didn’t remember the encounter itself, just waking up tied up and gagged in a janitorial closet. The patrol inside of the hangar felt a lot safer to him. With the airship’s searchlights operational anything suspicious could be lighted up as clearly as if it was noon. This had been useful when he had seen someone skulking around the aviary at the start of his shift, but that had just been First of the dawn looking at the Aviar. A cold splash of liquid in his neck brought his thoughts back to the here and now. Something seemed to be leaking from the brig section. Something that smelled like...fuel? “Hey, can I get some light over here!” He shouted as he started climbing the gantry. He was certain he could see a shadowy figure move above him. One of the airship’s searchlight started moving towards him, then suddenly went out after a flash that nearly blinded the unfortunate guard. When his sight returned, the shadowy figure was gone, and a small trail of fire was creeping its way towards the ship’s brig section. It reached the brig long before mika could reach it, and when it did the entire section was alight in a matter of seconds. *** Elandera was fired, she was a NITC worker. StrikerEZ targeted the Aviary. The brig and the bridge were sabotaged. Airship parts: player list This cycle ends Wednesday 17th of July, 12:00 (noon) Amsterdam time.
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    I just saw a post that was somewhat similar to this theory, but there were a few differences and I wanted a place to flesh my theory out a little more fully than I would have felt appropriate to do in that post (the post is “theory about the end” and it’s quite good, I would recommend reading it). Please feel free to rip this theory to shreds. I just finished my re-read of Oathbringer and it occurred to me that although Odium accepted to use a champion, he fled before either side had actually chosen a champion, as Dalinar is freaking awesome. My theory is that Dalinar is not going to appoint himself as the champion. It wouldn’t make any sense. He doesn’t have shards anymore, and the Stormfather told him that if he tried to use his Radiant powers in battle they would leave him. Dalinar even mentions several times that he is done being a soldier. So naturally, he’s going to appoint a 4th oath Kaladin to be the champion, because lets face it, Kaladin is the coolest and in a hand-to-hand fight he’s one of the best there is. Odium is going to appoint Vyre as his champion, and will probably super power him with Yelig-Nar, and possibly Dai-Gonarthis as well (I say possibly because I really have no idea what Dai-Gonarthis is, nor what it can do). All these voidish powers are going to render Vyre completely unrecognizable to Kaladin. During their final showdown, right as Kaladin will have an opportunity to end things, he’s going to recognize that Vyre is Moash, really the only true friend that he’s had since Tien, and he won’t be able to go through with it, and he’ll hesitate. This will be all that Vyre needs, because by this point Moash will be completely gone, having given himself completely to Odium. Vyre will strike a killing blow. At this point, Dalinar will be horrified, as he can’t directly intervene or it will break the oath that he made, probably freeing Odium. So instead, in a last act of desperation, he reaches into the Spiritual Realm and he restores Honor. This will of course take far more power than a human can use (as there have all ready been people saying that huge levels of stormlight are dangerous), and it will kill Dalinar. But this will leave Kaladin open to take up the Honor shard, which I find only fitting as he was the first to bond an honorspren in this generation of Knights Radiant. With this new level of investiture, he’s going to be able to see how thoroughly Odium destroyed Moash, and it’s going to make him go crazy, and he’s going to attack Odium, especially since Odium is going to be weak from all the investiture that he poured into his champion to assure victory. Honor Kaladin is going to shatter Odium, then have a nice little chat with Dalinar in the Cognitive Realm before Dalinar passes on to the Spiritual Realm. That’s going to be how part 1 ends. Part 2 will begin with Ba-Ado-Mishram (sorry about spelling) becoming a sliver of Odium, much as the Stormfather became a sliver of Honor, and then chaos will ensue.
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    Taking notes at the important meeting:
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    I gotta say the cutest thing in the cosmere would be Chiri-Chiri, because tiny Investiture-eating flying thing is adorable.
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    In listening to the Shardplatecast episode of Shardcast, I came up with what seems like a new (or at least different) theory on the formation of Shardplate. I apologize for the superlong post. I am also not deeply versed in Realmatic theory, or the wide variety of Words of Brandon or other forum posts. I've read what I can. First I want to list out the things we know without argument about Shardplate. I'm taking from the books, the Coppermind, and Words of Brandon It can withstand a lot of damage by conventional weapons/impacts/pressure, but will eventually shatter. It can stop a Shardblade, though repeated blows will cause it to shatter. (Ergo is weaker than a Shardblade) It is originally from the Knights Radiant, and was abandoned during the Recreance. Radiants 'got' their plate by swearing the Fourth Ideal. The original Knights could summon and release the plate, or portions of the plate, at will, similar to Shardblades. Modern (dead) plate cannot be summoned or released. Modern (dead) Shardplate seems to be powered by Stormlight in the form of gems, When it runs out the plate stops functioning. Flawed gems cause the plate to shatter faster. It can be regrown by feeding the damaged pieces Stormlight. This can replace whole sections. Separated sections will 'die' as they main plate is regrown. It automatically fits itself to the wearer. It provides increased strength, dexterity and speed to the wearer, though not endurance. It is very heavy. (potentially around 1400 pounds) Higher spren don't scream/react to plate like they do when their Radiant touches a dead blade Plate is keyed to Radiant's Identity. Plate interferes with another Radiant's abilities (specifically lashing in Dalinar's visions) Theory point (I don't have a justification on this one). Dead Plate doesn't bond like dead Shardblades. Conforming to the wearer is not the same as keying to the summoner allowing it to be controlled, called, dismissed, etc. the way a blade is. Although Brandon did say it was a 'lesser bond', I argue that we aren't seeing the same strength as the blade/bearer bond. From this point, I want to lay out my theory, and explain how it touches to all the known parts above. We know that Shardblades and Plate are gained by Knights Radiant by strengthening/deepening the Nahel bond. We can see that with each 'level' the Radiant can use stormlight more effective/efficiently. From WoB we know that as the bond deepens the spren and the Radiant are melding into one individual. It follows that the bond between Radiant and spren is much stronger when the plate is formed than it was when the blade is formed. Their identity is more closely bonded. Yet the plate is weaker than the blade. My theory is that Shardplate is the manifested soul of the Radiant via their connection with their spren. They have pulled part of their spirit web into the physical realm and woven it with Stormlight to create armor. This allows for the plate to be keyed in identity to the Radiant. It follows from the idea that the spren and Radiant must be more closely bound (and that the bond weakening could take away the ability "Talk to your spren about it" in Dalinar's vision). Why did the plate stick around after they broke their oaths? It's similar to the way that hemalurgy can steal powers form an allomancer. Since the armor was part of their spirit web, when they abandoned their oaths it literally ripped a part of their identity/soul away from them. That's the reason why the Radiants in Dalinar's vision don't respond to him. "The former Shardbearer pulled his arm free and continued to walk away" and later "They walked with eyes forward, not speaking to one another, steps slow but resolute." Breaking their oaths has hurt them deeply, and has damaged them even as it killed their spren (Who are only as dead as their oaths). While the blades are the manifestations of the spren, the plate dies at the same time, and fades when the oaths are broken. I remember hearing on Shardcast that light is usually tied to the spiritual realm, so for the plate and the blades to lose their living light is to say that they have been severed from their connection to the spiritual realm. Why is the plate so heavy? Because it bears the weight of betrayal and broken oaths (metaphor made real by perception). Why is it weaker? because men's souls are weaker than ideals. Why did it stay behind after it was abandoned? As Mark Anthony remarked, the evil that men do lives on after their deaths, the good is often interred with their bones. We know that the Shardblades are spren that have manifested themselves physically in the physical realm. They must leave some aspect behind in the Cognitive Realm (deadeye spren are still present in the Cognitive Realm when their Blades are summoned, evidenced by the spren who says that the deadeyes are always wandering around, seeking their bodies). The dead spren are reminiscent of people who are killed with blades, who are referred to having their souls killed. Why would their be so much build up to the spren being blades, but not being armor? Where would be the deadeye armor? (for lack of a better term). Because stormlight comes from a connection to the investiture in the Spiritual realm, the stormlight allows for a bit of broken soul, the part of the spirit web that is the armor, to be strengthened, although it can never be completely made whole, restoring the Radiant's full being together. Stormlight does allow (similar to the heartbeats of a bearer bringing life to a deadeye to manifest) energy for the plate to remain strong. Spren wouldn't scream at the armor because it is more closely aligned with the radiant than with the dead spren. The psychic shock isn't as great. Well, that's the larger gist of it. I've been reading and typing on this for an hour and a half, so I may come back and flesh it out some more later, but at least it's a different take from the 'lesser spren' theory. It's probably unlikely, but it's a new idea.
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    "If you are reading this, we have failed. The Forgotten must have already known of our plan to recruit you, and have killed me. They have moles everywhere. Fear not though. The Master always has a plan. We can still salvage something out of this. By now, you should be at our base of operations inside the Circle. It's ironic that the safest place from those creatures is inside the pen we've built for them. We've assembled a moderate stockpile of items that could prove useful. Most importantly, we've gathered enough explosives to blow the Tower sky high. Do not use these until you are at the Tower. You're all Rithmatists, so I expect you to have Chalk on you. Use it, along with the items in our Supply, and charge the Tower. The going will be rough, but if you can get close enough, we can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Please, I beg of you. End this war." Kadal. The beleaguered survivors huddled together. The recruitment drive at the alumni gathering had been an ambush. Many had died to a Chalkling horde. Those who weren't informed of the danger were briefed on the situation. High Command was run by the Forgotten and the Circle was failing. Their only hope was a desperate plan to destroy the Tower. They eyed each other wearily. There had to be Forgotten among them, but before they departed, they needed to figure out who. Camp Supply: Known Items: Known Roles: Player List: This Day will end on July 10, at 7:00 PM CDT. Good Luck.
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    From the album RP Doodles

    I wanted to draw Lita's full progression of thought as she discovers The Secret during the inter-guild meeting. Tin for the win! Burn for maximum smugness.
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    Aftermath Lafay was scared out of his mind. He was new, having only started working as a police officer a week or so before the rebel attacks started. Then, to top it all off, it turns out there were rebels hiding among them. If that wasn't enough, the revelation sent everyone on the force into a frenzy, and they were willing to kill each other because they thought someone was a rebel. He'd tried his best to Soothe everyone, but he wasn't that strong of a Soother anyway. Plus, without access to the outside world, he had started running out of vials of brass and needed to conserve them. Though, he thought he was onto something. With Sindale being killed, and Serdig being someone who had advocated for killing her several times, Lafay was certain that Serdig must be a rebel. As he was searching through Serdig's room, he heard footsteps coming down the hall. Quickly, he put everything in the room back to place, and ran out as quick as he could. On his way out, he bumped into Stick. "Oh, hey Stick," he said, "sorry for bumping into you!" He tried to walk around her, then felt a sharp pang in his side. It took him a second to notice that she was holding a gun in her hand, which was pressed against his side. He panicked, attempting to Soothe her, but he didn't have much brass reserves in him, so it burned out pretty quick. The last thing he saw was a barrel of a gun pointed at his head. ~ Stick walked through the halls, Coop trailing behind her. Once she'd killed Lafay, it had been pretty easy to disarm and subdue the rest of the police officers in the station. She reached the main door, and opened it up, letting in several rebels who had been watching the station and waiting for the signal of a gunshot. They quickly ran into the station, and she gave them orders to find Draff immediately. He'd disappeared at some point, and she didn't want him messing things up. With the police force mostly dead or trapped in the station, the city fell very quickly to the rebels. Both sides had few casualties, since the police quickly realized they didn't stand a chance against the rebels and surrendered. They held a public execution in the center of the Field of Rebirth for all the city officials who had neglected all of the common people of the city and the rest of the Elendel Basin during their rise to power. Finally, all people would be free from their tyranny. As the sun set over the city of Elendel, many began to wonder if this was the dawn of a new, glorious era. Or the beginning of the end. May Discord reign. ~ Ventyl was killed! They were a Police Soother! The Rebels have won! I'll admit, technically the rebels do not outnumber the police. However, there is no way the village could've won at this point, not unless one of the elims goes inactive. So I figured we should probably just end the game here. Player List: Here's all the links: Spec Doc Rebel Doc Kandra Doc Master Spreadsheet Master Rules ~ Okay, now for my thoughts on things. First, I'd like to thank everyone for being apart of this game, whether it was as a player, a spectator, or a moderator. I was honestly so nervous about running this game, considering it was my first, and you guys made this experience absolutely amazing for me. I wasn't sure how this game would go, and was honestly very worried people wouldn't like it, but I'm so glad that didn't happen. I'm actually almost getting a little teary eyed now that it's over. It's just been such an amazing experience, and I'm really sad that it's over now. I'd like to thank @Mailliw73 for being an amazing co-GM. Without him, this game wouldn't have been as crazily balanced role-wise as it was (more on that later), and I would've actually gone crazy trying to deal with running everything on my own. He definitely was able to help keep me on track when I kept trying to change rules because I noticed problems that were only in my head. Also, huge thanks to @Alvron for being the IM and giving some great advice when Maill and I needed it! Now, congratulations to @Amanuensis @_Stick_ @xinoehp512 @Snipexe and @Coop772 for winning. You guys played an amazing elim game, and if it weren't for @Aonar getting some lucky (or unlucky) shots off on a couple of you, you guys probably would've won this game ages ago. Plus, it was awesome seeing you guys plot things out in the elim doc. And the jokes in there were pretty great. Speaking of Aonar, I guess I should probably reveal the Kandra mechanics for those who don't go through the master rules: Plus, if they didn't have a spike in at the time they were scanned, they got scanned as vanilla since Kandra was technically a faction. Also, I'm sorry @Ax's Boyfriend that you got lynched D1. I was definitely hoping you'd be able to get some use out of the MB role, considering I didn't add a Coinshot at all. Alas, the Gods of Luck and Chance really seemed to want you dead. Huge shout out to @Fifth Scholar @Devotary of Spontaneity @MrakeDarshall and @Furamirionind for all the amazing analysis (though most of Fura's was mostly in the spec doc). Even if you guys were often pretty wrong, your analysis was awesome and is the kind of stuff I aspire to be able to do someday! Thank you so much @Young Bard and @Coop772 for pinch hitting for @Walin and Snip! Even though neither of you got to do very much, it was greatly appreciated! Also, gotta love the fact that my brother @Ventyl managed to break the Tineye role in his first game by making a group PM with literally everyone. XD I wish I could give shout outs to everyone, but I'm kind of running out of time, so I'm just gonna thank everyone else for playing and making this game awesome! @Lumgol @Araris Valerian @Rathmaskal @Sart @Straw I'll post more of my thoughts on stuff later, but I should probably just go ahead and post this now.
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    More memes because, why not? *notes her profile picture is the background* *wonders if she should add raining angry faces to it*
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    Day Two: Revealed! Tanky Boi sat with his back to the campfire as he kept watch for Zombies. The smell of cooked fish still hung in the air while the taste lingered on the lips. So intense was Tanky Boi in keeping an eye out for those Zombies that he didn’t notice someone sitting down next to him. Not until they spoke at least. “Let’s be honest: no one really cares about my backstory or where I came from. They don’t care that I lived, though I did. They don’t care that I (un)died. The only thing that matters is the here and now, and here and now, I eat flesh. And brains. And your brain looks big and juicy. Can I eat it? Will you let me eat it? Please? I want it. I’m hungry. I’m always hungry. I need your brain. I need all the brains. Brraaaiiinnsss.” And with that final cry the Zombie grabbed onto Tanky Boi and started feeding. The noise woke the camp and they quickly dispatched the Zombie but now another problem had arisen. What to do with Tanky Boi? Carved into a piece of bark sitting innocently by the fire was the message “WE CRAVE PEACE, NOT SUBJUGATION” Votes: Fifth: (1) CadCom Ventyl : (1) Striker No one was lynched! Lumgol - Tanky Boi is now a Zombie! Everyone dined on cooked fish. This cycle will last 24 hours with an hour of rollover to get this more in line with RL. Revealed mechanics: Zombies are publicly known Zombies can’t vote Zombies can’t use PMs Zombies can only post Zombie like RP Important Information: Terrain: Farmland Weather : Cloudy Wind: Slight northerly breeze Wildlife: You can see some cows in the distance As there is at least one refugee holding a Map, certain areas of interest are revealed. A milking shed is nearby There are several felled trees running along the fence line Beehives are for some reason marked on the Map Player List:
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    From the album RP Doodles

    Nearly-finalized version of card 0 in the Alleydeck (no, I haven't forgotten about the deck)! Lita Attar as The Acolyte. Meaning: The Acolyte [Fool] represents new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, having beginner's luck, improvisation and believing in the universe.
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    The Tower of Nebrask stood tall above the plains, wild chalklings flowing out from its every crevice. It had stood for ages untold, and soon its master plan would be coming to fruition. Elsewhere, the survivors of a traitorous plot were devising a scheme of their own. “Where’s Caccoo Moreau?” asked Aiden. “Dead.” replied Kadal softly. “The Forgotten got to him.” “What are we going to do?” prompted Aiden. “We’ve lost so many already.” “I have a plan.” interrupted Mya. “We’re going to end this war, once and for all.” “I’ve already told you, Mya, it won’t work! We don’t have enough manpower!” yelled Kadal. “That’s where they come in…” Mya explained. Elsewhere, a group of classmates were reminiscing about their time at Armedius Academy. “It’s hard to believe it’s been this long since we’ve gotten together.” remarked Tendin Throk. “Feels like yesterday we were all fighting in the Melee.” added Vao Temer. “I still should have won that.” bitterly replied Joseph. “Matist was nearly down for the count, but then,” “Yeah, yeah, we know.” interjected Pete Gazon. They had all heard the story by this point. “Speaking of Matist, where is he?” asked Slavista. “Schmoozing it up with the bigwigs no doubt.” responded Miffed. “Jeesh, don’t they know that this is important? We’re here to remember those we’ve, we’ve...” Apla trailed off, tears welling up. Elysian put a hand on Apla’s shoulder. “We all miss them.” “Hey, let’s not all be down in the dumps! We’re here to celebrate their lives, not mope around.” complained Drake. Raising his glass, Jeeves proposed a toast. “To our good friends. May we meet again in the Master’s halls.” The remaining alumni responded with a hearty “Here, here!” Elsewhere, in the halls of Central Command, the Forgotten planned their next move. “Status report!” barked Samuel Kessen. “Thing are going according to plan.” replied Wyatt. “Isaac has dropped the hammer on the Fifth brigade, and Cole has subverted supply lines for the Sixth.” “What about our stragglers?” continued Samuel. Tory Farth fielded that question. “Don’t worry about them. Shanice has already gotten several of our operatives to monitor them.” He shook his head. “The fools plan plan to coerce an Armedius Alumni group into joining them, and then mount a desperate attack on the Tower. We’re one step ahead though, and have had Matist convert several of his classmates. With all of our sabouters, there’s no way the offensive succeeds.” “And you’re sure the conversion was successful? We’ve had too many mistakes lately. We can’t afford another.” demanded Samuel. “Of course, they were successful.” Joel replied. “Ronald was a fluke. That man never had his lid screwed on right to begin with. You haven’t had any problems with Jain, have you?” “No, of course not.” Sam broke out in a sinister smile. “How long have we waited for this? Nothing will go wrong. At long last, it is time for our revenge.” The Forgotten’s eyes glowed white. Elsewhere, a giant squid was on a mission. He plodded across the land, one thing on his mind. It was time for it to smash. The Tower was waiting. All the pieces were on the board. And now, after all these years, it was time for the game to end. Welcome to Long Game 57, The Tower of Nebrask. This is the conclusion of the 5 other Rithmatist games in this sub-forum. I'm Sart, your GM. @Ax's Boyfriend is helping me out as a co-GM. This game will be starting on July 8th, at 8:00 PM CDT. Rules: Player List: Quick Links:
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    A while back I took the Cosmere symbol into Photoshop and changed it a bit from the original black-and-white photo. I think it turned out nice. The 16-sided star looks nice overlapping the silver I think.
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    Sixth of the Dusk spoiler:
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    I had an idea for the following eras and have work-shopped it somewhat with other members of the DA. This plot would last for at least 2 eras, the first being a set up of sorts. The main premise goes as follows: I know it’s a long shot, but I have sooo many ideas for this. We could make this hugely collaborative and let the community decide what they want changed for their characters or guilds. We could discuss how we want each character to change or stay the same. This could allow some players to have their characters age and others remain the same. Players kids could develop into new characters. Relationships could grow or regress. If the community agrees we could even have characters come back that were killed. We could talk about power level adjustment in the post spike world as well. There could be cross guild alliances or relationships, different levels of memory retention. I would want to keep this very open and collaborative so no one feels powerless or out of the loop. Both arcs are still easily changed, and we could cement those details if we as a community decide to move forward on this. It doesn't even have to be the next main plot, it could come later. This is just a loose outline. Anyway, that’s my pitch. I think it’d be a great shift for the subforum and would open up a lot of plot options and character development. This could really happen whenever, so it doesn’t have to be this next era. It can be tweaked or changed however everyone sees fit, but I think it’s doable. I'm happy to hear y'alls thoughts and input!
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    From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    I did a bunch of stuff on Ember. Took me a day and a half. Enjoy!
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    The scariest thing in the cosmere would be a sandling and a chasmfiend tethered to a chariot carrying Odium wearing a hat on which Ati was standing while balancing Nightblood on his nose.
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    Thanks for all the responses, I really appreciate your kind words. (Also, omg the profile pic, ah I'm honored!) I haven't been able to do much art because I'm in the middle of moving but I had to spit this one out really quick. Couldn't get the idea of Lady Inquisitors outta my head. Edit: not sure why its showing the picture sideways in the post but the right way when I click on it. Oops.
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    To be fair I did title it “unimportant question”
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    Here's what we've got so far! Lashing roller coaster Undetermined frightening Hemalurgy ride Kredik Shaw-themed haunted house Urithiru slide Shattered Plains mirror maze Shadesmar wave pool or ball pit Chouta vendors (and presumably vendors of other foods, such as baywraps) What else? @Stormblessed [email protected]&[email protected] of [email protected] of [email protected]@Rosharan [email protected]@Doomstick Here!
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    When you and your younger brothers have a Young Men’s activity every Wednesday, and your mom abbreviates it as YM on the calendar, and you think “what is Ym doing on my calendar? I don’t need new shoes.”
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    All the amazing artwork was done by Zinc (but if you're in this thread you probably already know that) except for my epic black scribbles at the end, aren't they so great and not last-minute because I spent enough time on this already. Oh and the black hole pictures are credited to whoever took them, I don't pay attention to that sorry Put it in a spoiler tag 'cause it's freaking huge. My computer lagged while I was making it lol so I hope whatever you're using doesn't crash before you can see my gloriously bad, I bet meme! May I present to you Voidus and Laurelai with a cameo of Lita:
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    Day 4 : 4+4=Horde The Day grew long and the discussion only seemed to be heating up on not only what to do with the Zombies that only seem to be growing in number but also how to deal with the farmer that might have supplies the refugees sorely needed. It was Ian Tiah, Leon and Meta Character that made the first move. They laid aside their weapons and slowly walked towards the farmhouse with their hands raised to show they were no threat. The farmer opened his door and cautiously stepped out, a little girl clinging to his legs in fright. “Stop right there. I don’t want no trouble but if you’re thinking of stealing from me I’ll do to you what I did to the last group.” the farmer growled while indicating towards the graves with his shotgun. “Good sir,” Ian started, “We are foot weary travelers heading east and are hoping you have some food you could spare, perhaps a chicken or two?” “Or if you wish,” Leon pipped in, “You can come with us. We don’t have much but we do look out for each other and surely it’s safer on the move than staying here. “If it’s the Zombies we are traveling with…” Meta started. At the word Zombies the little girl let out a piercing scream and bolted back into the farmhouse. The farmers face paled and he raised his shotgun once more pointed directly at the group. “You travel with those monsters!” he demanded. “Get off my land this instance! I want nothing to do with you and you will get nothing from me!” With that he slammed the door shut and a large thunk could be heard as he lowered a heavy wooden bar behind the door. Meanwhile Butt Venture the Second was slowly leading the Zombies towards the farmhouse with promises of brains inside. When the farmer bolted his door the Zombies realised that they weren’t getting the brains they were promised and now with their hunger stoked, they turned to the refugees for what they needed. Butt Venture the Second was the first to fall but not the last. Once they had stated their hunger, the Zombies numbers had doubled. As the now shrunken group of refugees slowly plodded onwards toward their destination, they munched on corn they had gathered from the fields. The sky began to darken and the wind picked up in force. As the wind howled each refugee could swear they heard a voice layered over the wind . “Flesh so fine, so fine to tear, to gnash the skin; skin to strip, to plait, so nice to plait the strips, so nice, so red the drops that fall; blood so red, so red, so sweet; sweet screams, pretty screams, singing screams, scream your song, sing your screams…” No one was lynched Devotary of Spontaneity - Leon is now a Zombie! Butt Ad Venture - Butt Venture the second is now a Zombie! Coop772 - Anonymous Refugee #1 is now a Zombie WeebTrash - Subaru is now a Zombie Everyone dined on cooked corn. Cycle will last 23 hours followed by a break for me to repair my mind do the write up. Important Information: Terrain: A very small (abandoned) village Weather: Heavy rain Wind: Strong eastern (Headwind) gale (One less vote needed for the lynch minimum) Wildlife: You can hear dogs barking and growling There are no refugees holding Maps. A player can use an action to instantly reveal what possible areas of interest there are. Player List:
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    It's officially been one year since I joined the shard! 2500 rep during that time, thank you all for the support. 6,135 posts.... I've got the eleventh most posts of anyone on the shard lol I've been on every day I had internet access since I joined. For now that plan will continue
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