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    Storm area 51 meme: Exists Sanderfans:
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    What Sarene felt like after stepping off the ship:
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    Alright, here goes nothing! Brace yourselves, Sharders, for some hastily crafted (and honestly not that good) memes of the same format!!! (Oh, and some pretty extreme spoilers so...)
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    What do you guys think would be the search histories of various characters from Brandon's books? Here's one for Hoid... where is odium? how to survive beheading good stories to tell rosharans HOW DO I MAKE INSTANT NOODLES social no-nos on scadrial what to do if you think you've offended a shard how to hide from a shard how to keep instant noodles warm while on the run Silverlightmail.com Silverlightmail.com//create.an.account sounding cryptic in an email what is harmony's email account
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    Man, all this stuff seems so contradictory. Gavilar: "I'll bring back the Parsh gods. It will save your people. I'm being selfless." Eshonai: "Bad idea." Amaram: "We're actually doing this to force the Heralds out of hiding." Nale: "Dude I'm right here." Gavilar: "Actually, we're doing this because I nEeD UnItY and threats are effective." Amaram: "Yeah, and it'll bring back Vorinism." Gavilar: "That's not what I said. But it'll bring back the Radiants, so...sure." Nale: "Ishar is NOT okay with that. But he's also not okay with returning the Parsh gods, so...why am I here?" Gavilar: "What do you suppose we do? Stormdaddy tells me we're doomed." Kalak: "Can we run away? Did that once with our last planet and it worked out for millennia." Nale: "The Wheel of Time turns...wait, wrong series." Gavilar: "Ohh, secrets I can exploit...how do we open a passage to another planet?" [REDACTED] Gavilar: "Look, I got this voidspren." Nale: "I'm not sure why I'm okay with this. But we need to go deeper." Amaram: "What's that got to do with HoNoR?" Gavilar: "Glad we're all on the same page." Szeth: "...did I miss a meeting?"
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    Teacher: you can't hear pictures. Sanderfans:
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    This is just for fun! Please don't attack
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    We're starting to accrue bits and pieces of Stormlight Four. Here's what we've got so far. (Fair warning, nothing has gone through continuity editing yet, so everything in the readings is subject to change, of course.) March 30th, 2019. Planet ComicCon. A chapter about Lirin. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/386/#e12628 May 15th, 2019. Bonn, Germany. A rewritten version of the Lirin chapter. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/388/#e12676 July 20th, 2019. Video reading at SDCC. A scene with Venli. https://www.tor.com/2019/07/20/sdcc-brandon-sanderson-stormlight-archive-4-excerpt/ August 31st, 2019. DragonCon. Part of the prologue, from Navani's viewpoint. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/394/#e12852 Brandon's also been regularly releasing lengthy update posts. I'll summarize the goodies from each of them: January 2nd, 2019. Discussing outlining in broad terms. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/absjnj/stormlight_book_four_update_1/ February 6th, 2019. Update on outline progress. Tentative title revealed: The Rhythm of War. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/anttqr/stormlight_book_four_update_2/ April 16th, 2019. Introduces the concept of plot "Arcs," which focus on relatively isolated groups of characters. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/bdzor2/stormlight_book_four_update_3/ June 20th, 2019. Part One (of five) written. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/c30ijp/stormlight_book_four_update_4/ August 26th, 2019. Arc Two written. Graphic of which Arc fits in with which Part. (https://i.imgur.com/tcE4p4Q.png). Flashbacks may switch from Eshonai to Venli. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/cvvs75/stormlight_book_4_update_5/ And then, we've got various miscellaneous tidbits. January 5th, 2018. One-year gap between Book Three and Book Four. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/315-general-reddit-2018/#e8979 September 19th, 2019. Wit will have a cooler epilogue than usual. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/360-legion-release-party/#e10802 August 28th. 90% confidence on Rhythm of War title. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/379-general-reddit-2019/#e12847 I will endeavor to keep this up to date as new information or additional excerpts come out. If there’s something new, or anything important I’ve missed, please feel free to ping me.
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    Hi all! Recently many new members have been posting in extremely old topics. Though we had always said that if there were useful things to add to a topic, topic necromancy could be productive, ultimately things many years ago before many WoBs or books had come out kind of render this moot. As such, I have closed many, many old topics in Book Discussion. Currently I've closed things older than 2017. I'll likely look into getting some sort of auto-closer thing, similar to how Reddit closes old threads after a certain time threshold. If you'd like to discuss material that pertains to an old topic, please feel free to make a new topic with your thoughts. If for any reason you as the topic owner would like your old topic to be reopened, this is also a thing we can do; just report the thread
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    From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Finally sat down to draw cosmere stuff! Here is a character request meme from twitter and we have a bunch of popular ones here 1st line: Kelsier, Vin, Rashek 2nd line: Shallan, Evil!Dalinar as Odium’s champion, Kaladin 3rd line: Frost, Sazed, Shalash (*Kelsier wink* Thanks for your love <3)
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    From the album Mistborn Doodles

    The lord of decay, in all his glory. My favorite Shard, by far. I always imagined his hair as actual fire, so naturally I had to paint it!
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    Someone reminds me of this
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    So a few things snapped into place for me when I read the transcript, and then this thread. I now feel fairly certain that the Black Sphere Gavilar gave Eshonai had Ulim inside. Like, he'd been handling those things a bit too casually for them to be Unmade, and they didn't seem to be the perfect gems you'd need to keep one of those imprisoned anyway. And we know that Ulim somehow managed to get off Braize years before the other Voidspren did, because he'd apparently been working Venli over for quite a while. And now we know that Gavilar was taking things off of Braize, but was treating it mostly as proof of concept, so he likely wasn't grabbing anything he consider to be too important. Like, maybe, one or two of the native spren. And I can't but think that Eshonai would've given the sphere to Venli for research purposes after receiving it.
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    Kaladin and lighteyes:
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    Silver. It's role in the Cosmere is uncertain, being a metal (pushable and pullable), allomantically inert and effective at warding off shades on Threnody. Well we got a tasty new WoB today, on another thing people have speculated about, what the silver chain being sold in Shadesmar during Oathbringer was. So that's rad. A reminder of the chain... We didn't know what the significance of the chain was, why it was so expensive, what that chain was made of (options like a silver alloy, aluminum, or even dragonsteel have been thrown around). We still don't know a lot for sure, but it being from Threnody is awesome as it largely confirms the chain is silver, given the importance of it there. And it says they use them in freaking Silverlight! A Cognitive Realm city. So the chain is obviously useful in the Cognitive Realm, and in a place where you get attacked by Cognitive Shadows. In other words, silver is significant to the Cognitive Realm, blocking and damaging corrupted Cognitive Shadows and being expensive and valuable in the Cognitive Realm. This fits with some WoBs we have, about its general significance. So given the chain is so expensive, what could it be made out of? Is it just silver, and silver is so important in the Cognitive Realm and so hard to get there that it's expensive? Is silver not enough, and it needs to be alloyed with a godmetal? Maybe, but then you'd think they'd be exceedingly rare. Is it a magical device, like a fabrial, that does something with silver? I doubt it, it's a simple chain, unless it's some woven form-based magic. I personally think it's most likely to create a barrier in the cognitive realm that purely cognitive entities can't pass without a physical body, essentially the Cognitive equivalent of what aluminum does in the Spiritual Realm (and credit to First_Midnight for putting in that way). It basically stops investiture in the Cognitive Realm from affecting things in the physical realm. That's why shades can't pass it without attacking and weakening the silver - they are actually destroying the silver's cognitive aspect, and then the silver in the Physical Realm is useless in stopping the shade from injecting its investiture into you and it transforming your physical aspect. That's why silver will stop the withering - under this theory, the shade attacks you with its corrupted investiture in the Cognitive Realm, and putting silver on it prevents that investiture from affecting you in the Physical Realm. The investiture that's been attacking you is returned to the CR and blocked from affecting you again. That could be why people in Silverlight would use them, they're safe as they have a physical aspect, but Cognitive-only beings couldn't penetrate the barrier and any investiture being used on you not work. And maybe that's why the necklace is so expensive, because that could make it hard to get silver into the Cognitive Realm through a perpendicularity. But so how useful can it be if shades just burn through it? Well, the answer is, I think, that the chain is not the cognitive aspect of silver in the Physical Realm, but is actually silver brought into the Cognitive Realm, And would actually be impassable by investiture, unlike silver in the Physical Realm, which just puts up a temporary cognitive barrier. Which is why it's rare and expensive, answering the chain question. I'm still not entirely sure I have the mechanics right, in terms of how a necklace may protect you entirely, or in terms of silver's effect in the Cognitive Realm. Love your views. Especially as I got tired of writing this and burned through the last but important parts And I'll leave you with some ridiculousness. The name Silverlight? What if it's actually silver, to keep Cognitive incursions out. The city's walls are made of silver that is fully in the Cognitive Realm.
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    Can we post screenshots here? Because anyway, this needs to happen.
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    I think this story is an allegory to some sequence of events that happened in Natanatan at some point. I'm going to be describing the story on two levels - on the level of Cultivation, Honor and Odium, and on the level of Nightwatcher, Stormfather and BAM (who is not the Sibling). The earlier parts of the story fit the former set better, the latter parts the latter set. The Moons of Roshar are Nomon (brightest, blue), Mishim (slowest, Green), and Salas (darkest, Violet). Of note are the colors that Hoid uses thoughout. So far, for the Rosharan Shards, the colors that can be best associated are White-Blue for Honor (Stormlight is white, Honorspren are Blue), Green for Cultivation (the mist at the Valley), and Yellow-White for Odium. (Voidlight is technically Stygian Blue, which is a fatigue response to bright, intense yellow on black - most probably this fact is a commentary on the nature of Rayse-Odium) Let's jump straight into the story then, shall we? Subtext: Cultivation is cleverest of the three Shards on Roshar. Or, the Nightwatcher is the cleverest of the three spren the moons are most likely to represent. Subtext: Honor and Odium are content sit in the spiritual and manifest avatars, powering the magics of Roshar through their respective lights - Stormlight and Voidlight. Honor has the Highstorm, and a high place on Roshar was called "closest to Honor", whereas Odium is literally on a different planet, and now has the Everstorm. As opposed to these two, Cultivation's influence can be seen in all the flora and fauna of Roshar, and she takes a more hands on approach, if only through the Boon-Curse magic. The reign in the sky could then be a realmatic metaphor, with Honor and Odium always staying away, whereas Cultivation being super invested in the Valley, and personally taking interest whenever she could. On the Nightwatcher level, we don't quite know the nature of the Sibling enough to be able to relate it like this with the sky and light. Indeed, I've been suspecting the domain of the Sibling is "stone", or Crem, so I don't know if it would hold with the reign in the sky. I've been suspecting that BAM is to Voidbinding what the Stormfather is to Surgebinding, and in that case she could be the sister to the Nightwatcher who is also content to stay away and "grace the lands with her (Void)light," whereas the brother, Stormfather, would also be cotnent to drive the Highstorms and "grace the lands with his (storm)light." I don't know what Hoid specifically means by this, other than maybe a sly referral to why Cultivation is training the Nightwatcher to be her heir, of some kind. Yep, Mishim is the green moon, and green is the color most associated with Cultivation, and by extension the Nightwatcher. Take the towers to be an allegory to something else, say... Ancient Fabrials. The Natanatans would, in this case, be leading scientists, trying to maybe autopsy and study the biology of Greatshells to understand how fabrials would work realmatically. The Natan people were trying to make artificial Fabrials, and impinging on the domain of Cultivation - whose system is this integrated Fabrial magic in the ecosystem of Roshar. It also makes sense in a different way, because the Aimians would eventually be providing Soulcasters to the rest of Roshar, and the end of this story strongly indicates that the Siah were born as an outcome of what happens here later. The towers could also be an allegory to a lot of different things and not just Fabrials. If you consider the sky and the lands to be the Spiritual and Physical realms, then the tower would be some kind of invested constructs - the metaphor relies on the same description Brandin has previously given to perpendicularities, something that is "heavier" than normal in the physical and stretching it a bit to reach into another realm. A tower is something that is built on land but reaches for the sky. Translation: I am mortal, my domain the Physical and Shadesmar. The Spiritual is yours. Divinity, yours. Interesting use of color here - why the white pillar? The description is similar to the description of Honor's perpendicularity that Dalinar summoned at the end of OB (to be fair, they're both described as white pillars, which isn't exactly a spectacularly detailed description, but still), but I don't know if that's what Hoid is actually alluding to or not. Also, why would you need Honor's perpendicularity to ascend to Cultivation? Except, the allusion is to the fact that Bondsmiths can do it, and this can be used for specific purposes. The answer to that would of course depend on whether the ability to manifest Honor's perpendicularity was a thing Dalinar could do because of the special circumstances involved with Honor's remnants and the Stormfather. Even if it was, that particular ability could be achieved by other Bondsmiths, just not necessarily in that manner, or by those circumstances. As always, Cultivation was using her Futuresight and her intent/motivation to see how best she could... well, cultivate. Her intent dictates that she constantly be doing that - constantly be looking to cultivate. Especially after holding the Shard for as long as she has, she would be reaching for some Preservation or Ruin levels of singlemindedness. Unlike Honor and Odium, she rarely makes an active play in events, preferring quiet nudges that may yield results favourable to her sometime in the far future. To mortal eyes, this isn't always apparent, her changes may not always be individually beneficial even, and because she uses the Nightwatcher as a substitute, she is culturally characterized with the attributes "loathes her duty" and "lazy". Another element at play here is that it was Honor that was pro-humanity, while Cultivation's own feelings towards them can, at best, be described as lukewarm. Take this from the perspective of a Shard - for whom looking at all of this in the physical would be trivial. Even Odium, who - unlike Cultivation - is actually trapped, can show Venli visions of Roshar from space, implying that is a perspective a Shard could see through if they so wanted. Also, yes, if you looked at Stars up close in mortal form, you would truly burn away from the heat of it. Another thing is that Stormlight infused Gemstones glow, and that perfectly cut Stormlight infused Gemstones would glow for a long time. So yes, without explaining the deep physics of everything, in a story, to say that the Stars are gemstones cut by the finest of gem cutters wouldn't be exactly be an inaccurate metaphor. Take the Heavens here, to be a state that you attain be Ascending. Yes, the sheer amount of information you would parse then would drive you mad in your non-ascended state. Moreover, as a scholar of Realmatics, Queen Tsa would know this. No clue what the Starspren mean though. Whatever these towers represent, investiture is definitely a big part of them. Or it could be taken figuratively in a different manner - the societal pillars and domes of that city could literally hold membership with the Knights Radiant - they could literally be Surgebinders, and thus Radiant. The Yellow-Gold smoke is interesting, as Yellow-Gold is the color of Bondsmiths. The green involved could imply this is a Nightwatcher Bondsmith. The Queen was Pious, which is a Bondsmith trait. And the Shard of Cultivation, or the Nightwatcher herself, is described as crafty. Also not an inaccurate descriptor. They're trying to achieve something by Applied Realmatic Theory, but something is missing. They're missing a clue. Something in their equations is wrong. And here they try to convince a Shard to help them. Queen Tsa asks to ascend - to pick up enough of the Shard to be capable of achieving what she wants to. Whether this is something Cultivation also secretly wants to come about, or whether this is really Queen Tsa tricking Cultivation is - atleast according to me - a question the story does not have an answer to. This is probably over analysing (well, technically so is the entirety of this post :P), but why the Orange? Why a random fourth color? I have only one unlikely conjecture - Odium does appear as the entire spectrum of Yellow to Dalinar in one of the Visions, so the Orange could be him. The fact that the word intense is mentioned could be indicative that the Orange represents something related to Odium, if not directly Odium. The Shard is temporarily passed from one vessel to another. Or, the Nightwatcher and her Bondsmith somehow swap places. No clue if this is even possible, although theoretically this could be achieved by rewiring one physical body from one Cognitive and Spiritual aspect onto a different Cognitive and Spiritual aspect. Probably unlikely, but not impossible. hmmm. So after what was ages, Cultivation's vessel, got a chance to be not a Vessel. Of course, she enjoyed however she could. Or the Nightwatcher is enjoying being mortal. I do not know what this part of the story means. The Shardic level was working better so far. But the superspren level makes a better fit from this point on. I don't quite know the exact mechanics/events this story is alluding to. There's something happening here and I don't quite know what. It is however interesting to note the qualities that are associated with each moon - kindness to Nomon (Honor/Stormfather), and thoughtfulness to Salas (Odium/Sibling/BAM). It's interesting to know that the color of Tsa is White, as opposed to the Green of Mishim, Blue of Nomon, and Violet of Salas. White is the one color common to all Radiants. Queen Tsa broke her word. Not very honourable. It is also interesting that that idea - the idea of her breaking her Oaths, is what gets Tsa to relent. This could be a cultural folk based decision in the story if it is not alluding to anything. But it fits this subtext surprisingly well. Roshar does have a significant focus on the ability to "hear" spiritual ideals, like the Rhythms. In that vein, this is interesting. Blue (and White) have so far been associated with Honor. So this is interesting. The first Siah? It is interesting that this was a new song. This is... I already laid out my feelings on this. I don't quite think that Queen Tsa could have tricked Cultivation herself, and this would be a ploy by Cultivation to make it seem like this, but in actuality, the fact is that some of her goals are also being achieved. These goals could be anything ranging from the creation of the Siah so that they could fulfill some specific purpose in the future, to something like letting go of her Shard for a while to potentially delay or decrease the overpowering effect that it's intent could be having in her consciousness. Maybe both, and more. I also don't know what "loss" means to Cultivation, save perhaps a kind of nostalgia on what she had been a long while ago - an understanding that a life like this with Tanavast is what she gave up all those millenia ago. If however, the Nightwatcher is the one in question, then this kind of makes better sense? Especially the parts where she didn't know mortal life, or the fact that she couldn't know loss. Cultivation would have allowed it in this case because she would have thought it would ultimately be better for the Nightwatcher to understand mortal existence, particularly if she was being trained as an heir to that Shard someday. This could make even more sense if Tsa was a Nightwatcher Bondsmith, and pulled something akin to what Dalinar managed at the Battle of Thaylen City, but different by circumstance, skill, and motive. A Child whose mother ascended while she was potentially pregnant, or something else was done by Tsa with her expanded understanding, capabilities, and perhaps most importantly, Honor's (maybe via Stormfather) investiture. Maybe the creation of a certain kind of Slivers was the point of the whole endeavor, or maybe the Siah hold a secret in their genetics/existence that Tsa was looking for all along. (by secret, I don't necessarily mean lore, but rather the fruit of Tsa's endeavors - art of a kind) Read above on what I feel about this. So... yeah. Had to get this out, though it would have been fun if I could have gotten to this before the Myths of Roshar Shardcasts.
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    Greetings Highlords, Highladies... Brightnesses all! I stumbled across The Final Empire in my local bookstore last year whilst looking for a new and intriguing series of books to get my teeth into during a period of extended sickness. I had never heard of Brandon Sanderson before and, despite the old addage, I totally judged a book by its cover and was sold immediately on the premise written on the UK edition cover "What if the Dark Lord won?". I scurried home eager to dive into a new world of fantasy, completely unaware of what was in store for me. I read the prologue and the first few chapters and was completely and utterly blown away by the characterisation, world-building, grounded magical systems and so on... so I promptly set down my book with a resigned feeling of "Oh no, here we go again" and returned to town to purchase the other two books in the series as I knew this was something special. In my defense, not wrong, but little did I know how deep the rabbit-hole truly went! I devoured Mistborn Era 1, then decided to read Elantris to see where it all began (from a published works \ bibliographical sense) and noticed thematic similarities, connections, the same dedicated attention to detail and fantastic cast of characters. I, like all of you before me, had discovered the Cosmere. I was hooked, but like taking the first few rubs of firemoss, I was still naive as to what would happen next. I found Brandon's website. I found to my delight that there were MORE COSMERE BOOKS. I read Mistborn Era 2. I read Warbreaker. Amazing. Outstanding. Could it get any better? Then Stormlight dropped from the heavens and its four almighty tomes that comprised Book 1 and Book 2 proceeded to give me as comprehensive an emotional roller-coaster as I had yet experienced in my 31 years of life. I had to have more... like waiting for Pullman or Pratchett (RIP ) or Canavan, the itch just begged to be scratched. As luck would have it, I was fortuitous enough to have finished SA2 to find that Oathbringer was also available for me to purchase immediately. Such a weighty and majestic hardback I have never before held in my hands! The rest is history. I began cross-reading, lurking on these forums, reading annotations, deleted scenes... you all know the drill! What I find is something so fascinating, so brilliant, beautiful and compellingly powerful within his works. His ability as a writer to speak to the many facets of my own mental health issues has helped me immeasurably over the past year. His ability to give me back feelings and emotions I had long buried and the pervading hope that everything is going to be ok has, without question, saved my life. For that, for him, for his works I am eternally grateful. I look forward to continuing this journey with you all and hope to further expand my own knowledge and understanding in Brandons works, and by extension my own growth and healing, by participating in this board. Your patience in reading my intro post is greatly appreciated and I hope to get to know many of you better in time! Life Before Death Strength Before Weakness Journey Before Destination ~Atrias~
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    I would be a stick but I could be FIRE
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    From the album RP Doodles

    Lita reaches for her goals. Final colored version. A nice way to break my drawing slump. I'm especially pleased with her right hand, and her boot
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    I posted these forever ago on TLPW, but everyone deserves to see these. The Crew: *talking among themselves* Kelsier: Were you guys talking about me? Dockson: Nope. Kelsier: Okay, then let’s start this meeting. Ham: Um, we were kind of in the middle of an important discussion. Kelsier: That makes no sense. You just said that you weren't talking about me. Spook: What is that, Kelsier? Kelsier: Oh, that? That's a portrait of me. Spook: Oh... I thought it was a mistwraith. Kelsier: ...it's.... abstract art... Spook: Okay. Kelsier: Marsh?! Marsh: Yeah? Kelsier: Got any doritos? Marsh: ... What? Kelsier: I have appeared to you, oh loyal skaa, for I have made a great discovery. Skaa Worshiper: Will it help us save the world, Lord Survivor? Kelsier: No, but it will help you enjoy these last days. Skaa: What is it? Kelsier: Video games that you don't have the electricity to use. Kelsier: Naaatza venya yamahezema ho!! (Lion King opening) Marsh: What are you doing? Kelsier: Chanting. Marsh: ...Why? Kelsier: Why not? Marsh: *sitting at a desk* Kelsier: *pokes his shoulder* Marsh. Marsh. Marsh. Marshy. Marshal. Marsh. Marsh. Marsh. Marsh. Marsh. Marsh. Ma- Marsh: *throws down his pen* SHUT UP! Kelsier: Kelsier: It's not funny, Ruin, what you do to him. He's practically crippled now! Ruin: I know! That's why it's so fun! Fuzz: Kelsier: Alright, put 'em up, buddy. "Finally, someone near the back of the room spoke. 'You're a fool,' the man said." Me: DO YOU KNOW TO WHOM YOU SPEAK, SKAA?! "'The Lord Ruler will kill you. You don't rebel against God in his own city.' The room fell silent. Tense. Vin sat up as Breeze whispered to himself. In the room, Kelsier stood quietly for a moment." Me: Time to pull out the big guns... "Finally, he reached up and pulled back the sleeves on his jacket, revealing the crisscrossed scars on his arms." Me: Who's the fool now?! "'The Lord Ruler is not out god,' he said quietly." Me: That’s right! You are. "'And he cannot kill me. He tried, but he failed. For I am the thing that he can never kill.'" Me: SURVIVAAA!!!!! "With that, Kelsier turned, walking from the room the way he had come." Me: Mic drop. Eat that.
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    Sanderson has read a first draft for Stormlight 4. I've included both the YouTube link and the transcription: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/394-dragoncon-2019/#e12852
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    From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    Hehe, I feel like I'm spamming with fanart... Oops, I did it again. I'm getting the hang on drawing digitally, but I still got a lot to learn... I hope you think this SA portrait series is kinda fun, because I'm having a blast.
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    From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    My take on Sylphrena (aka little trickster) from the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. Instead of adding her to my drawing of Kaladin, I believe Syl deserves her own portrait, thank you very much.
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    So, I’m not sure if this counts as a meme, but it’s the SA characters singing Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s spoiled for length.
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    YKYASF when you fashion both your own and your girlfriend's name into stylized glyphs Mine is phoenix shaped and hers is cat shaped, which turned out really well since those are animals we really like, respectively Hmmm I can't rotate them Oh well, just turn your head
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    Wow! My first big theory! Feels good! I can't wait to see how Book 4 disproves all of this with a single paragraph. So, let's get into things. Some Background Most of this speculation comes from a small argument I had on our lovely Discord about magic systems and methods of access. Yknow, stuff like Bonds and Oaths and breathing in Stormlight. So, at the tail end of this discussion, I had a thought. What is Voidbinding's method of access? Well, you might say Voidlight, but I don't believe the Fused are Voidbinding (yet). But even if that's the case, I assume Voidlight would only be a key, similarly to Stormlight. Not everyone can Surgebind, you need to have a Nahel bond with a Radiant Spren, and you need to say Oaths. So that's what I'm going to call a "method of access" for this theory. With that, let's begin! The Nightwatcher, the Unmade, and providing external powers So, two big parts of my theory are these two nuggets of information. First up is the information that Voidbinding usually originates with the Unmade. The second nugget is that Voidbinding and the Old Magic are "cousins", as stated by Khriss in the Ars Arcanum: So, how does the Old Magic work? As far as we know, it's just the Nightwatcher chucking Investiture at people to facilitate a change. So, if Voidbinding and the Old Magic can be considered "cousins", perhaps the similarities lie here. The Unmade provide an external form of Investiture, either in the form the ability to use Voids/Surges/Voidsurges (terminology unclear), Voidlight, or both. But unlike the Old Magic, Voidbinding seems to be a much more rigid magic system standard of Brandon. It was used (at least in some form, since we can assume that Voidbinding has not been fully explored) frequently enough that the Vorins were able to make a (probably incorrect) chart for it. So, if it's a rigid, Sanderson-brand magic system, how's it work? What's the key? The focus? The method of access? Well... The empty pit that sucks in emotion I can't fully confirm what Voidbinding does once it's activated, whether it's Surges used in a crazy new light, to simply corrupted Surgebinding, to something entirely out of left field. But I can ask you a question: why does Surgebinding love bonds so much? I'd think it's because Honor likes bonds and oaths. It's his "thing". Gravitation even works the way it does in Surgebinding because Honor loves bonds. He likes to make them, he sticks by them, and he uses them for all his crazy magic (sealing away Odium, establishing the Oathpact, etc). So what's Odium's "thing"? What does he do? From what we've seen in Oathbringer, and that ominous quote from the Eila Stele I put before this paragraph, Odium "takes away pain". His followers (this is especially apparent in Moash) throw the blame on someone else. They relieve themselves of their pain, and as a result they feel a depressive void. When Dalinar abuses the Thrill, he becomes unable to be sated by anything but Thrill-infused carnage. There is no emotion unless he is accessing Odium's power. While this is obviously a metaphor for drug/alcohol abuse, I do think it still relates to Odium magically. So, how does this relate to Voidbinding? Well, if we go forward with the idea that the method of access for magic systems is related to the Modus Operandi of their Shard of origin, than perhaps in order to use Voidbinding, you have to drain yourself. Possibly of emotion, possibly of a variety of things that the Unmade ask of you, maybe both, but I believe that Voidbinding requires the user to drain themselves of something. Once they give up their "pain", the Unmade can step in, and provide that internal Investiture source, whatever that may be. I'm not quite sure how it works, but one possible way might be like this: Some person has Voidlight. They breathe in the Voidlight, and focus on their "pain". The Voidlight gets to work and takes the person's pain. Some Unmade steps in, and forges a quick connection with the person, filling them up with Voidy Juice. Ta-da! You've got yourself a Voidbinder! This might not be exactly how things work, and it might not even need Voidlight at all, but that remains to be seen. I will give you my sorrow There's still a chasmfiend in the room: Renarin. He's obviously related in some way to the Void, due to Brandon's chart-pointing and the fact that his Spren is "Enlightened" by Sja-Anat. Since he seems unable to produce illusions (this remains to be seen, but he does seem to have an abnormally difficult time producing them, even accidentally), many people have considered the idea that his Surge of Illumination has been coopted and replaced with the Void/Voidsurge of Illumination. But Voidbinding originates with the Unmade, right? Well, only usually, whatever that means. So, Renarin bonding a corrupted spren. That might be one of the less common methods of obtaining Voidbinding. Now, according to Brandon, Renarin is "weird' and not really fully Voidbinding. What does he mean by this? Well, there are a lot of theories, but one I think works is that Renarin isn't really doing much - Glys is facilitating everything. It's definitely possible for spren to access Surges. Syl does a bit of it, and Fabrials obviously work that way in some form. And now, this might be a stretch, but consider, Right before Renarin sees his final vision in OB, this little line shows up : "I will give you my sorrow". And then the next time we see Renarin, boom. Vision time. I might be completely reading too far into this, but if Voidbinding does require giving up "pain" or emotions, than perhaps to use Voidish Illumination, one must give up their sorrow. And since Renarin either doesn't want to or doesn't know how, Glys has been facilitating it for the time being? Can Renarin Voidbind on his own? Does he need an Unmade, or will his strange bond suffice? That remains to be seen. Ending And with that, all my weird speculation comes to a wrap! Thanks for reading, and feel free to tear into this in the replies. I think it holds some water, and even if I'm mostly wrong, this might be a piece to a larger puzzle. See you all soon!
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    Silverlight realmatic theory textbooks: My physics textbook:
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    Double post, but I have new content to add and I want to bump this to the top! This rap is long overdue, but Tobias was just warming up his vocal skills for the finals . So, without further babble I present to you, Stephen Leeds' best aspect, the Morgan Freeman himself... Tobiaaaaaaaas! ( @Snipexe )
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    Odium Shardshattering.com How to inspire passion in 10 easy steps Desolationideas.net Champion choosing for dummies Servant seduction ideas Cosmere Contract Construction Unmade making tips Where is Hoid? Harmony's weaknesses Autonomy's email Art of War How to find hiding shards How to tell if an underling is turning traitor
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    @Doc12 What makes you think you're not a good SE player? For that matter, what makes a good SE player? These games aren't about being good at them, they are about having fun. I am probably one of the worst villagers to ever play but I keep playing for the fun of the game and for that next time I'm evil (which I consider to be fun). You have the makings of a great addition to our little group, you just need to find what you enjoy the most about SE. If it's analyzing players but you don't have the time then maybe only do one player each cycle. Maybe your top two suspects or something like that. No one expects essay levels of analysis every turn of every game and if they do, then I would fully expect and demand them to be the one doing it. Maybe PMing and behind the scenes is more your thing then that's fine too. If you just want to RP then do that. Try something different each game until you find something you truly enjoy and then fiddle around with that. No one here has any right to say you don't belong or that you should play a certain way and if they do, then send them my way and I'll be very happy to educate them. I don't really RP, analyze or PM and no one really expects me to do those. I sit and think, gathering information and lurking as I wait for that little piece of the puzzle that makes everything fit together. Do you know how many times that's happened? Twice. In all my games my way of doing things has only paid off twice. Find what makes SE fun for you, stick with it and everything else will fall into place. If SE isn't fun then maybe it's not for you but if you do enjoy it, then I think it would be a shame to give up on something you enjoy simply for something as trivial as not being good at it.
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    Jasnah Kholin, my bae uwu I have always imagined her looking a little intimidating, idk, but I kind of like it… still not very good at drawing digitally, so practicing with cosmere characters really motivates me… ;p
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    From the album RP Doodles

    Number two in my "Motto" series that I've decided to do. Laurelai and a Soulstamp. The stamp was fun, but an exercise in patience. Character cred to @Voidus, thanks for writing such draw-able people!
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    International House of Radiance. Motto: Breakfast before Lunch, Syrup before Butter, Waffles before Pancakes ...in retrospect, letting Lift name the school was probably a mistake.
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    When you spend a significant amount of your time googling images of your favourite Brandon Sanderson character so that you can have a huge poster of them in your bedroom
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    My Braces Stop Me From Nothing Thanks to Voidus and Zinc. (I don’t freaking know, okay)
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    Chloroform: smells like a swimming pool Conform: runs confidence games Deform: very good at vandalizing Freeform: revolutionary Inform: snitch Perform: like artform, but for performing arts Reform: also a revolutionary Transform: can turn into an automobile Uniform: good at designing clothing Waveform: enjoys surfing
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    The Inquisitor stood in the streets of Luthadel, surrounded by a mob of citizens. As they surrounded her, she saw that one person was missing from the crowd. As she died, she smiled, knowing that Ruin had found a new servant. Elandera has died! She was T̴̶̡̖̹̼͉̰͈̗̖̩̺̘͔̣̩͍̩̼̲h̴̜̺̲e̛̖̳̤͙̪̭̤̘̻̭̻̖̘̪͢͝͡ ̶̡̝̩̻̦̮̘̲̙͇̫̭͔͈̞̼̬͞Í҉̝̬̞͕͇͘n̵̴͉̝̣̝̘̩̜̥̯͓̹͉͈̘͟͡͡q̷̧̣̩̻̤͔̲͔̞͉͍͘ú̸͔̼͙͙̜͙͉͎̯̬̙̜̳i͜҉̙͇̩̥̮͖͉̙̥̤̩̞͍̳̤̩͟ͅs̸̛͉̹̺̗̻͓̙̣̜̮̪̙͎̙͈͚͕͉i̸̵̷̝̼̫̳̫̣̼̮̞̟͠͞t̴̨͍͈̤͍̯̲̖̖̟͠ó̸̠̥̯̮͠ŕ̬͚̫͈̱̭̭̩͇͉̰̖͓̲̲̹͇̤̻͘̕! Vote Count: Elandera (8): Haelbarde, Snipexe, shanerockes, Doc12, Fifth Scholar, Rathmaskal, Young Bard, Sart Doc12 (1): Elandera GM Notes: The Village has won! Thanks for playing! Doc Links: Dead/spec doc Eliminator doc GM spreadsheet Player List:
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    1st of many Axehounds I have been wanting to sketch out, testing out how to merge my idea of cuddle-able soft dogs and spiky crustaceans. C-19 just means this thumbnail is number 19 on page 3 of alllll the axehound thumbnails I did a while back
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