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    ⚠️Huge spoilers for Rhythm of War! ⚠️ Aaah, friends, there's no beating around this bush, we've got a real winner on our hands here. We knew we could really step up our game if we threw twice as much money at these commissions, but our artist of choice, Nozomi Matsuoka (whom you might remember from this particular piece of horror), really outdid herself - not only did she finish this in... hold up, there's a message history somewhere here... 8 freaking days, she also nailed the mood of the piece right off the bat, and was able to split it into two pretty standalone parts. What else is there to be said? Everything is great, down to the inclusion of the agonyspren and anguishspren on the wall, which almost never show up in fanart, unlike their much more common (and also present here) angerspren and fearspren counterparts.
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    Hello 17 Shard. I have a theory about the giant spren of Iri, Cusicesh, that I haven't found anyone else propose before, so I just want to get the fandom's thoughts. I believe that Cusicesh is actually the 'dullform' of Ba-Ado-Mishrim(BAM). The piece of information that first brought this idea to me was when I was rereading Dalinar and Navani's wedding and the Stormfather appears. After he hears the wedding vows and leaves, the soldiers around Dainar "sagged, looking suddenly exhausted.". It suddenly occurred to me that the only other spren that I could remember causing tiredness in a group of people was Cusicesh of Iri. So my interest in the spren was peaked and I wondered if it might be a spren that was capable of Connection like the Stormfather, or at least similar abilities. All three Bondsmith spren have been accounted for so if it is a spren capable of great Connection Cusicesh would have to be something else. And that's when I thought about BAM. She was connected to almost every Singer on the planet at one point, so she has the ability. I dug a little deeper and tried to find out where her last location was. There's no definitive area of Roshar stated, but the epigraphs of Oathbringer Part 3 say that the Singers were feverishly fighting toward Feverstone keep during the end of the False Desolation, the Desolation BAM initiated. So it's possible that she would be in the area. Feverstone Keep has been theorizied to be near the Iri city of Rall Elorim. If this is correct, then the strike team that went after BAM would have attacked her in Iri. This is where my theory falls completely into spectulation. I believe that Melishi the Bondsmith did not trap BAM in a gemstone the same way that Dalinar trapped the Thrill. I think that Melishi only trapped her mind in the gem stone, leaving behind an impotent shell. This might be why the empowered Singers became the dullform parshmen instead of Singers without access to Voidlight, matching to what happened to what was Connecting them. After that BAM, Cusicesh now, hid away in Iri; only coming out at a certain time and looking eastward, possibly towards where the sphere containing her mind is hidden. Anyway, that's my theory. Feel free to dissect it, I'd loved to know where I'm wrong.
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    Ugh... thirty-four notifs? I'm not going through all those. I'll just click the important ones. (I.E: "Mystic Syn commented on Sketches on the Bus, Because Syn Gets Bored Easily.") ((I can navigate to the RP subform plenty well by myself, thank you very much)) But anyways, I'm back! Hi! Just returned from the bestestestestestest days EVER. I guess I have to tell you guys allllllll about them:
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    Lumar, Tress's planet in SP1, has 12 moons which are apparently all in geostationary orbit above oceans of their corresponding spores, at points called Lunagrees. (Sidenote: perhaps derived from perigee, the closest approach of our Moon to the Earth? Except peri- means nearest and -gee means Earth, so the etymology doesn't really work). The only possible geostationary orbits (with standard orbital mechanics) are orbits directly above the equator, so the only possible configuration is with all 12 moons orbiting in the same direction around the equator: Note: they don't technically have to be equally spaced since they are all moving at the same speed and thus will not directly collide, but they would either get gravitationally attracted to their nearer neighbor (if not equally spaced) and collide eventually, or perhaps tidal forces would pull them into equally spaced orbits over time. However, Brandon has stated in a WoB (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/490/#e15444) that he envisioned the moons to be arranged more like the vertices of an icosahedron, equally spaced in 3d space rather than just around the equator. The icosahedron is the shape of a D20 die, which has 12 corners and 20 faces. In order for such an arrangement to be geostationary, the icosahedron would have to orbit rigidly, and below are two such symmetric configurations, which I've dubbed pointy-topped and flat-topped: Pointy-topped: this configuration has 5 fold symmetry: 2 moons over the poles, and 2x5 moons on inclined orbits. Flat-topped: this configuration has 3 fold symmetry: 4 offset rings of 3 moons each. Personally, I think the flat-topped configuration looks cooler, and is slightly more feasible: the moons are closer to the equator, and there aren't stationary hovering moons over the poles. Unfortunately, these orbits are not physical, since the moons are orbiting a central axis (i.e. cylindrically) rather than the center of mass of the spherical planet. If we instead consider the moons to be geosynchronous rather than geostationary (i.e. orbits once per day but not necessarily over exactly the same spot), and minimize non-axial angular momentum, we get this pattern (for flat-topped): This corresponds to 6 pairs of circular orbits. Unfortunately, this configuration is not actually possible, as the moons would collide over the equator. This can be clearly seen if we enter the frame rotating with the planet: But don't worry: there is a configuration for the flat-topped icosahedron that does not have the issue of colliding moons: Now, while this initially seems chaotic, it actually has more symmetry than the previous pattern. It consists of 3 groups of 4 moons in circular orbits along 3 orthogonal axes (of 3d space). And, if we enter the geosynchronous frame, we can see that the moons follow staggered orbits along figure-8 paths such that they don't collide. This is cool and all, but unfortunately this still doesn't really work with the spore oceans that Brandon has set up, which seem to require each moon to have its own ocean, and thus not share its space with other moons. Also, while the moons would form an icosahedron in the sky twice a day, they are not permanently in that nice D20 shape. Finally, I'm not certain these orbits are stable, with the moons constantly moving closer and further away from the other moons. So, in the end, we must return to the rigid icosahedral orbits, which look very cool but are not physical... yet.
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    and by that I even include the Kholin family. Now I do not mean this a criticism of the book, as it makes perfect sense and fits the Alethi society. But in my current read-through of the SA, the horrible treatment of Kaladin really stood out to me. My first time reading I got frustrated with Kal's decisions a lot, but this time I saw myself agreeing with him a lot more. The guy is a hero, he just saved Dalinar, Adolin and 2600 of their men from CERTAIN death. The Kholin princedom would be crippled without him, half their family and almost all their military leaders dead. He did that not just risking his life, but doing what should have been an absolute death sentence- charging the plateau with a single bridge. And yet, people just completely ignore this act- most seem uncomfortable about it and sweep it under the rug. We see this when Adolin tells the story to Shallan. The fact that Shallan hasnt heard of this despite spending some time on the Shattered Plains is itself a huge condemnation of Alethi high society. He is still being treated as inferior by the lighteyes and the Kholins, despite the fact they still have a gigantic debt to him. Now, the worst offender of this is obviously Elhokar, but I dont think we can absolve the rest of them either. One example is when Kal tells Dalinar the story of Amaram. The guy already proved himself trustworthy- when he charged into (what should be) certain death to save you and your men despite having 0 reason to do so, except that his own honor compelled him to do it. He already showed you extraordinary things- and yet you are not willing to even consider he's telling the truth until the arena fight happens? Giving up Oathbringer was a great thing to do, yes- but you still owe him your life. At least dont dismiss him so easily. Another example of what i mean is the arena fight. In my first read-through i cringed at Kaladin demanding his boon, as did most readers I'd guess. But to be honest, he deserves a boon just as much as Adolin does. He jumped, armed with only a spear and a knife, into a fight with 6 shardbearers and came out winning! This is unheard of, and yet again swept under the rug by the lighteyes. Dalinar's defence of him when talking to Elhokar is also not nearly forceful enough. Again, they just put him into prison and ignore the fact that without him Sadeas would probably be king by now. I do not discount that Dalinar (and Renarin) try their best, stil love their characters. But their internalized racism (for the lack of a better word) against darkeyes really shows in WoR. Adolin is actually somewhat of an exception here- after the arena fight. But I totally understand Kal's attitude toward him. He doesnt show any gratefulness towards Kal at all. Generally, people get frustrated about Kaladin's behavior in this book- but I can totally understand him. After all the men he's saved and heroic acts he's done (including making the Assassin in White flee and the mentioned arena fight) he is still being treated as inferior. Alethi elite is insufferable!
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    On a whim earlier today, I decided to see what might happen if I fed the opening lines of the prologue of WoK into a bot and watched what it came up with. Bizarrely, it seemed to have some idea of what the Stormlight Archive is, who some of the major characters are, and even concepts like bridge crews, lighteyes, spren, etc. It also managed to be marginally coherent, at least until the character limit ran out. Of course, being a bot, it has no idea of the context of anything, and so ended up producing a twisted funhouse mirror version of WoK where Kaladin and Bridge Four are trying to build a bridge under the not-so-watchful eye of a nameless king, while Kaladin is apparently pretending to be Sadeas's son for some completely inexplicable reason. Oh, and Szeth may be the Dragon Reborn, but I'm not entirely sure on that. The text I gave it was, of course, "Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a king." The bot I used was here:https://app.inferkit.com/demo As for the "story" itself, behold behind the cut! And yes, I know it cuts off in mid-sentence. That's part of the charm;).
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    It's been but mere two weeks since our last commission came in, and we've already got another one for you! This is the last piece we were waiting on to wrap up our backlog, and it's the February one - Vasher. We decided to work with Esther Schrader, also known as Zirael, whose work you might recognize from the Kaladin album illustrations as well as a vast swath of (mostly) Stormlight portraits (like this Ash). Their style is very recognizable, and the things they paint are very versatile. They are certainly a staple in the Cosmere art scene, and we had been looking for a subject they can really do justice, and the dynamic nature we wanted for this commission was an excellent candidate! We couldn't be happier with everyone's favorite murderhobo and his cheerful murdersword of death, and we hope you like it too! Aaand here he is! This scene heavily inspired by Warbreaker chapter 56, where Vasher escapes from Denth and goes running throughout the palace, turning walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and enemy Lifeless to smoke as Nightblood gleefully feasts on his Breaths. We took some artistic liberties (e.g. the wall behind Vasher should all turn to smoke instantly, but having the smoke consume it from the middle just looks cooler), but the piece is a total banger.
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    Oh dear I forgot yesterday Well… Day #30- Last day Thanks for dealing with all my status updates Yesterday I had Girl Scouts, and I did an ort idk what it is so don’t ask The magic school bus is actually so good and the theme is a bop Y’all are better than cake and ice cream Love y’all!
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    I wanted to make a place for people to officially get it down that they believe Gavilar is not always talking to the Stormfather. That is, Gavilar is sometimes or always talking to someone else. That someone else is likely Ishar in my opinion, but other have put forward The Everfather, Nohadon, Melishi, an Unmade, or other as the identity of the imposter. By all means make your case for who you think the Italic Voice might be! ----- Also, please feel free to post the important memes a man can say! ----- We ain't fallin' for Ishar's manipulations. Who do they think we are, Venli with Ulim? Who's been messing up everything? It's been Ishar all along Who's been pulling every stormin' string? It's been Ishar all along He's cremsidious So heraldfidious That you haven't even noticed And the pity is Pity is Pity, pity, pity, pity It's too late to reswear any oaths Now that Chana died all wrong It's been Ishar It's been ishar It's been Ishar all along! AND I MADE YOU KILL SURGEBINDERS, TOO; MWUAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Well it's 9:57 in the evening and I want to go to bed. But it's also May 16th. Again. Somehow. And, somewhat unfortunately, this takes precedent over sleeping a reasonable amount. First and foremost. AHHHHHHHH WHAT THE ACTUAL FREAKING HECK HOW HAVE I BEEN ON HERE FOR FIVE YEARS???? I've been on here for five years. I uh... technically joined when I was 12, but we don't talk about that. Or any of my early posts. A whole hecking lot has changed over those five years, and a lot of it in no small part thanks to this site and the amazing people I've come into contact with. You all got me through a really rough patch (AKA middle school) and then about two years ago I got onto Discord and just got to know some people even better. You all are amazing. Time to start the list. @The Awakened Salad SALAD. Thank you for being the other half of STAELSAHD, for putting up with me despite all of my many erm... moments of being a crummy friend, and for forgiving me. Every time I look at the moon I think of you and your 42 elbow-ed arms reaching down to pat me on the head. You're one of my best friends and I don't know what I'd do without you. And I know that I most certainly wouldn't be where I am without you at this point. And thanks, of course, for watching Barbie movies with me in the ungodly hours of the morning. Honestly, those are some of my fondest memories. Dragons!!! @AonEne Eeeeeeeeeeeeene. I can't even put into words how awesome you are. Like dude. You ROCK. You're one of my closest friends, and the FAB squad just wouldn't be the same without you. I mean, then we'd just be the AB squad, and that'd be weird... But you're just so kind and amazing and funny and I love you so much. Hanging out with you in person is always a joy, and VCs are always an adventure. Thank you so much for coming to the anthology release, and putting up with my weird ramblings about stuff. You're amazing. Avi!!! Also I've been on the Shard longer than you so HAH. @Knight of Iron Koi. I gave you your nickname and I'll be forever proud of that fact. You're such an amazing, kind, considerate, and thoughtful friend. I love talking with you so much, and just... You're amazing. Thanks for the help figuring out Hollow Knight, and for talking about random stuff. You're one of the best people to talk to about Random Stuff. Honestly, you're just a really cool person and I really really value our friendship. @Ed Venture Vennie! I LOVE YOU. I love talking about musicals with you, and often times the more serious aspects of life and stuff. You're honestly just one of the kindest people I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with. I can't wait for the day when we'll be able to watch a musical together. It will happen some day, and it'll be so much fun when it does. @Channelknight Fadran Fadrinooooooo. THANK YOU for going to all those awesome writing things with me. You're so much fun to hang out with at them, and your chaotic energy is infectious. Thanks for yelling at everyone to play Hollow Knight. I suck at it, but it's fun, and I wouldn't be playing it if you didn't talk about it all the time. @DramaQueen Have I ever told you that you're just a really really cool person? You're such an amazing friend and I just love talking with you. You and Fadran are adorable and I can't wait to be your basement gremlin. We'll go see musicals all the time and drag Fadran to all of them so that he will actually have to listen to them. Tell Petri I say hi! It's not letting me tag people anymore for some reason so I might just have to do that in comments. @Condensation I love talking to you and hanging out with you and just... you're cool. It was so much fun to hang out with you that night in March. I don't have much that's very specific to say, just I love you and you're such a good friend. @Vapor VASPIE. You are the bestest bowl. And, once again, hanging out with you that night in March was one of the best nights ever. It was just a blast. I love you so much. Tell Chowder I say hi. @Mist I haven't really talked with you much lately, but you're such a cool person. Meeting was really cool, and I hope we can see each other again before too long. @Doomstick Shortie. Thanks for coming and visiting me this winter! That was such a fun day and I'm really glad I had that opportunity to hang out with you. You're a huge fricking nerd and just an all-around cool person. DFTBA! @Hentient ALSO DFTBA. Thank you for being the cameraman at Fadran's birthday party! I really hope I can meet you in person some time soon. (Wait I just realized that you'll be at the same school as one of my IRL friends from where I live.) You're also a super cool person. Tell Toto I say hi! And DFTBA! @S4S You're one of my oldest friends from here. You've been there since the beginning. And I'm so sorry you were there at the beginning. You're also a super cool person (is it just me, or am I friends with a lot of really cool people? Maybe I have a knack for finding you all.) and a super talented writer. Talking to you again after two years was amazing. I can't even tell you how cool that was. All I can really say is thank you. @Firerust You've also been around for quite a while! Thank you for carrying on KotC for so long. You're also a very talented writer, and a very good friend. And, like with S4S, talking to you again after those two years was an incredible experience. Thanks for hanging around. @King Aragorn of Gondor You're also super cool!!! Talking to you is always so much fun and I always tend to stay up later than I mean to when I do. Thanks for being awesome. Tell Bucky I say hi! He's such a good birb. This is by no means everyone. I'm missing a ton. However, if I did miss you, this is for you: YOU'RE SO COOL AND SUCH AN AMAZING HUMAN AND THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE. The Shard has honestly been a huge part of my life, and generally for the better. Thank you all for being here with me for it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's now 10:36. AND NOW I'LL LEAVE YOU WITH A QUOTE FROM THE ANTHROPOCENE REVIEWED BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING AND EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT. "I think two of the fundamental facts of being a person are 1. We must go on, and 2. None of us ever walks alone." Thank you for walking with me.
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    Just realized I never posted this here. When @Channelknight Fadran came to my place for prom, I picked him up from the airport with this poster:
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    Dalinar: Killing four people when we know one of them is innocent is just wrong, taravangian! Tara: We can't just let 3 criminals go! Anyway we try some innocent people will die in a justice system! That's just how things work Dalinar: Ah but you forget, the death of an innocent person then happens due to a lack of knowledge, it wasn't intentional. Tara: So the fact that it was an accident excuses it!? Dalinar: No but the blame then lies on the investigators- Tara: You know what, we have been arguing for 300 years now, i really should try to start to escape this oathpact. I have a lot of plans for the cosmere Dalinar: Fine!... Tara: (looks at dalinar judgingly) Dalinar: (looks at Tara, judging him harder) Tara: ... Tara: The main point here was- Narrator: And Roshar was safe from odium for eternity.
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    I got offered an interview at a children's museum that I really want to work at!!!! I just gotta call them back to confirm the interview and hopefully I'll get the job!! I loved going to this place as a kid, they've got art stuff and theatre stuff and BOOK STUFF AND A GIANT CHESS SET and yeah it'll be fun
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    The hoodie I got a while ago!!! My friend says the font reminds her of Undertale and the style of Szeth and Nightblood reminds her of Terraria. Or maybe the font reminds her of Terraria and the style of Szeth and Nightblood reminds her of Undertale........I don't remember. Anyways, I don't know either of those, so I'm just enjoying the only Sanderson clothing I own.
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    SHARDERVERSARY! EEEEEE I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH @Elf: ELf! I still remember how we "met": we were arguing over who could stay on TLPW the longest, and then you asked me to check out some writing you had done in Creator's Corner. from that fateful day has sprung a wonderful friendship you're a cool person and a great writer, not to mention how we have the same (excellent) taste in books. you're an awesome person, keep it up! @King of the Oreo: *runs in happy circles* OREOOO! My favorite sharder! Your SA art trade piece is my computer background: you were my first follower and, quite literally, the only reason I've continued drawing. That fan mail you sent me a long time ago (which you probably don’t remember) really inspired me, especially because I didn’t like how my art looked then and also thought (and still think- though I’m trying not to compare mine to others now hehe) yours was way better than mine. You’re a really cool person. I promise I'll get that elantris art done soon! @Doomslug The Destroyer: DOOMIEEE ma boi!!!!! Reasons why Doomie is amazing: 1. He is an incredible writer 2. He is very good at romantic advices 3. He has fabulous hair 4. He gives off excellent vibes 5. He is an awesome person :D love you bro! (and idk why but it won't let me change the text so it's not bold lol) ok, those were pretty long. the rest will be shorter, not because I like the rest of you less lol but because I'm supposed to be doing my math homework rn ;-; @Thaidakar the Ghostblood my shardbuddy!! I read TLT like a novel bro, good work. @Sequence my colorful friend! DEATH TO ALL MONOCHROME AND COLOR FOREVER! @The Storming Stormfather I know we don't interact that much, but I will never forget the time you took away two of my reps so I could get a screenshot of 420 rep. you did a great service to humankind that day, mad respect. @DramaQueen @Channelknight Fadran you guys are SO nice. at risk of sounding like an old person, you are pillar stones of the Shard community and it would most certainly not be the same without you (lol I did sound like an old person). Fadran, I haven't gotten around to reading all of the Iconar Collective yet but I will soon! Queen, I am turning into a theatre kid lmao, so if you have any musical suggestions I'd always love them @Robin Sedai you are sweet and cool and nice and funny and awesome @Mystic Syn love love LOOOOVE your art! hang in there bro <3 @i am a fish (not gonna actually tag him cause he's scary) I really love how you acknowledge my existence on here and how you interact with me, it really makes me feel like you value me as a friend and a cousin <3 @Experience you are an honorary minor for life. you're awesome bro @Dannnex you've been giving off annoyed older brother vibes recently and i am absolutely living for it. keep it up lol @Morningtide you are really good at checking SUs and also you are cool @#1 Taln Fan absolute mad respect to coppermind editors. also mad respect to you individually cause you're awesome <3 @Boomerang Guy COME BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK @everyone who I forgot: LOVE YOU YOU ARE AWESOME I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE I'M JUST DUMB the cosmere and the shard have gotten me through some tough times, and I'm so glad I could find this fun nerdy community that I really fit into. never forget: Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination
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    Was at the regional championships for a speech and debate tournament this week... and uhhhhhhmmmmmmmm... WELLLLLLLLLL, I didn't really expect to advance because I thought everyone else was better than me. Well. I made it all the way to the finals round. and then I FREAKIN WON FIRST PLACE IN MY CATEGORY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I GOT A FANCY PLAQUE TOO *glory spren appears* Just needed to share this somewhere cause I am low key in shambles
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    Hi everyone, long time no see! Turns out we weren't quite done with announcing projects we've been working on in secret... So, without further ado... Welcome to Diceborn! This is our newest show that we've been working on for a while. This series will be covering a Mistborn Adventure Game campaign played through by us at the 17th Shard. Our GM and narrator for this game will be Natasha Ence, aka Brambleberry. Character Art is by the talented Shuravf, who's work you probably recognize from the Coppermind, and the trailer was put together by our very own @Paleo. Background art is done by the one and only Connor Chamberlain. This is planned to be a limited series with a planned end (MAG as a game is heavily narrative and storytelling based) but we are hoping to keep releasing episodes to scratch your Mistborn itch until The Lost Metal comes out later this year. This is an Era 2 campaign (as you can probably tell from the trailer) and will be set shortly after Bands of Mourning. It will feature a cast of original characters and a new and original story set in Elendel and beyond. These episodes will be prerecorded and posted biweekly on the 17th Shard channel. As of announcing, we have a couple of episodes already recorded with a few more booked in for early May before we air the first episode. We'll also be releasing our Session 0 to Patreon that same day to give our Patrons a nice little peak behind the scenes. We're hoping you guys enjoy watching this game as much as we enjoyed playing it. If these are as successful as we hope they'll be, expect more series under the Diceborn name. One final thing to mention is that we will be having giveaways every episode. This will be our first time doing giveaways on our channel and I'm super excited to give you guys some free stuff! Look forward to seeing you guys in Episode 1, coming May 2022. Thanks again, and keep those dice rolling!
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    Well. It's that time of year again. Somehow. AP testing! :DDD Just kidding. As some of you may know, for the last four years I've posted a thread around May 1st for mental health awareness month. In this thread I discuss some of my reasons for this being important to me, and encourage people to change their profile picture green for the month. So... Yeah. Mental illness is really prevalent in my family, and honestly, in many of the communities I'm a part of, including this one. I know many many people to whom mental illness is a defining factor in their lives. This includes everything from depression to OCD to eating disorders. And it's affected my life in ways that I can't even really explain. For me, personally, I've dealt with some depression, anxiety (mostly social anxiety), and constant derealization. However, I've also learned that I'm aroace and on the autism spectrum (and I'm diagnosed now!!!) and finding these key parts of my identity has been so incredibly helpful for my mental health. I'm doing very well, and have been for a while now. However, so many people are really really struggling. For many people each new day is just a new battle. I know a lot of these people, and I love many of them very dearly. And there are even more who I don't know. You are not alone. I invite anyone who feels comfortable to share their experiences. If you don't feel comfortable doing so, just know that you aren't alone, and that there are people here who are willing to support you. And even if you aren't dealing with any mental illness, remember to take care of yourself and your needs. You are important too. I'd also like to invite anyone who wants to change their pfp to something green, as green is the color for mental health awareness. Each and every one of you is loved and appreciated, even if it doesn't feel like it. Happy mental health awareness month! Side note: although often during this month the focus is on mental illness, feel free to ask me any questions about autism. Autism is not a mental illness, it is a developmental disorder (although I don't particularly like that wording either), as is ADHD. People who have either or both of these are known as being neurodivergent. I've done extensive research on autism, especially on how it presents differently in AFAB than AMAB people, and I'd be more than willing to answer any questions. I know that there are some green versions of the old 17th Shard logo floating around from previous years, and we could probably make some for the new logo as well. I can also change the color of symbols and the things such as that if anyone would like. THIS IS THE LINK TO THE NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE'S WEBSITE. Please do not hesitate to reach out through a call or text. These people are trained to help people in crisis, and can point you towards more long-term resources. https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/
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    I need to take a break, I think... Please don't forget me.
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    today is a good day.
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    Soo I'm not in a good place mentally or emotionally right now, and irl is life taking up too much of my energy at the moment to be spending a lot of time online I'll probably be gone for a while, though i might check my notifs every so often I'll miss you guys :< but this is for my own good, so if you see me on here, please yell at me to leave. You guys are awesome <3
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    Day #27 Aaaaaa the end of school is almost here The new Mark Rober video is fantastic I am not not sad but also not depressed Y’all are better than garlic bread.
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    oh hey its my technical shardiversary coolio my profile says nov 17 2017 but i actually started using the account on may 5 2020 (just look at my first ever and second ever post) been a good 2 years yall ur the best
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    I've recently listened to Mistborn 1 and Alloy of Law within a short span of time. I noticed something that I thought was pretty cool and wanted to share it. To set the stage, here's the end of Mistborn: The Final Empire. Spoilers of course. Vin sets off to confront the immortal Lord Ruler in his palace, Kredik Shaw. She gets captured by Inquisitors and put in prison, her mistcloak and metals stripped from her. Skipping forward a bit, Sazed gets himself captured so that he can come to her aid by ripping the door off of her cell. They run down the hall defeating soldiers, Sazed low on attributes, Vin drained of metal reserves. They come across Elend Venture accompanied by guards, who have come to save Vin. Vin and Sazed prepare to flee, until Vin spots a tassel from her mistcloak sticking out of the closed lid of a trunk. She recovers her lost cloak and metal reserves, saves her future husband, and continues on to confront the Lord Ruler. There she draws upon the mist and defeats the immortal Lord even while he was in the process of crushing her to death by his Steelpush. Fast forward 300 years to the end of The Alloy of Law. Even more spoilers. Waxillium sits in the Breaknaught with Vindication, carried by the Vanishers to their lair, preparing to confront the nigh-indestructible Miles Hundredlives. There the door to the vault is ripped off by the Vanishers, and Wax causes havoc among the gang members. He, Wayne, and Marasi fight until they are low on weaponry, metals, and Feruchemical storages. Wax gets injured in an explosion and hides among some crates. There he calls upon Harmony, Sazed, for some help. Sazed responds and sends him a little help in the form of a trunk with his old possessions, marked by the tassel of his mistcloak duster sticking from beneath the lid. Guns and cloak recovered, Wax goes on to save his future wife (possibly draws upon the mists) and defeats Miles with the help of Marasi, even while Miles was methodically beating him to death. It's such a little detail, a tassel of a mistcloak signaling a hidden reserve of resources that brought victory, but Sazed was there for both of them. I doubt Wax knew the significance of the event that Sazed was alluding to with the tassel, but I think Sazed was honoring Wax by connecting him to Vin. There's always another secret, and Brandon still surprises me with books that I read a decade ago.
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    We do see that the Singers were kind, welcoming those from Ashyn after they accidentally destroyed their own planet. They gave the Ashynites Shinovar, which is why the whole area is a lot more Earth-like. However, we now see that these Ashynite humans eventually went on to take over the entire planet. The interesting thing to me is that at one point, Odium was the god of the Ashynites, and Honor and Cultivation were the gods of the Singers. So something happened during that ambiguous time lost to history where the two groups basically switched gods. Perhaps conflicts were arising between the two peoples, and the Singers called on Odium for help, or something along those lines. The thing to keep in mind when reading Stormlight is that the real villain is Odium. The Singers, for the most part, are just a people who have constantly been given the short end of the stick. When looking at Singer viewpoints in Words of Radiance and Oathbringer, and especially the scenes where Kaladin temporarily joins a group of Singers, we see that these are good people, with a unique culture, who have suffered and been enslaved for far too long. There are some other scenes in Rhythm of War that kind of help to enforce this. I don't know how the rest of the conflict is going to go, but I do agree that the Singers should be able to live peacefully and freely on their own world again, ruling over it rightfully, once it is all over. If any humans remain on Roshar, then they should be living peacefully with the Singers, instead of trying to rule over them. I'm sure most of the singers would be overjoyed to be freed from Odium, and I think that if all goes well in this war, that goal just might be able to be achieved. Especially if most of the humans are able to return to their original home of Ashyn, though considering the state it's in, I have absolutely no idea of how you'd make it fully habitable again. (Except maybe a Dawnshard, but those are what destroyed it in the first place.)
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    So for my Socratic final we have an oral exam and that's it, and the questions are just like "What was your favorite part of the class and how can it improve?" so everyone else is like 'I don't have to study at all and this is gonna be a breeze!' but I, of course, am the biggest introvert ever and so I'm writing down my answers to all of the questions and memorizing/rehearsing them over and over again Does anybody else do this?
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    Why do I do it? Once every couple of months I ask myself this question. I feel like I'm a charlatan and an imposter. Why do I write? Why not quit and delete my work. It would be so simple to remove all traces and stop acting as though I have any skill whatsoever. As usual rejection is what brought this on. I had a real chance to break out into the world with my work. Last night it was slapped aside as not good enough. My heart and soul once again rent and torn. Is the pain worth it? Why subject myself to constantly being told what I have long suspected? All I have to do is stop and hit delete. The world will never know what it is going to miss. I doubt that it would even miss it in any case. If I'm truly as incapable as it seems then the world will never know my work anyway. The knife just carves out my heart. I want to believe that I'm capable, but its so hard. One friend called me the most creative person he knows. For all the good it does me. I apologize for my rant as usual. This last rejection really got under my skin and hurt.
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    Crackpot theory: Someone is going to make a hemalurgic spike using ettmetal. and I don't mean stabbing someone with ettmetal, I mean using the charging of a spike as the priming use of Metallic Arts to prime a primer cube. What will that do? I have no rusting clue, but I want to know.
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    Hey there y'all. Prom's today, I'm going stag, and so my friends, Vapor, and I went to savers for a "day date". It was a PARTY. Also, I got an odd1sout hoodie that should be like $40 for $5 instead. And $80 worth of books for less than $20. I was so excited, y'all, savers has fabulous deals.
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    So,, this past Monday, I submitted a story in a creative writing class that I’m enrolled in to be critiqued by my classmates; the story went a little bit into Ji’s backstory and all that might share it here.. depends on what y’all want, so of course it’s set in Zvso. Anyways, we were given a maximum limit of ten pages, because.. well, ain’t no college student got time to read a novel in a week while maintaining good grades and maybe a social life. Because of that, I could only give so much detail about Zvso and the setting while also telling my story; so, I basically was just doing subtle/silent worldbuilding by giving more and more details over time, ‘cause what I was writing was obviously not the full story of Ji and we’re not focusing on the world but the story. I got my critiques yesterday, and they were all really good, helpful for me to know what to keep doing and what to work on, all that jazz. Then there’s this one person. I mean, they also gave great feedback besides when they confused me by saying that I gave good description and then suggested on using stronger descriptive words, so that made me confused on whether or not they liked how I explained things, but there was this one thing that just made me go.. h u h ? They start off by saying that my writing style is a bit odd, but thought it was very unique, which I’m going to take as a compliment. Then they started to go off about how I didn’t explain the world, races, magic system, etc. the way they wanted me to do, and said that they wished that would’ve gotten addressed in the second chapter I posted this past Monday. When I read that I literally looked at my computer, then to an imaginary camera like: I mean, I didn’t say my little rant above to them, ‘cause I basically let it go when I began to play CrisTales last night. I did, however, rant about it a bit to my brother, who’s also in the same class, and we shared the same feelings. I also told him that if/when I decide to sit down and write out my story for Zvso, Ji was not going to be one of the protagonists, and he was just relieved and I agreed with him lol.
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    Hey guys. How's it been?
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    The word ardent could be a clue to human history on Roshar and Ashyn. Odium used to be the god of the humans when they were in Ashyn, so the use of the word "ardent" as a religious term might be a hint that humanity has it's (religious) roots in Odium.
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    So as I understand it, the way awakening works is that you use breath to fill an object with investiture and give it extremely limited sentience (as investiture does), and then that object will act out whatever command you made it to do. But the investiture is the key here of course. The object is just the physical medium that gives Breath the ability to act on the world. So is that medium actually necessary? I don't think it is. We've seen that investiture can manifest in the physical realm as metals- shardblades and shardplates and ancient fabrials, atium, lerasium. So why not breath as well? I propose that you can command the breath directly to "manifest as metal", and it would do so in the form of Edglium, endowment's godmetal. Furthermore, I propose that this is how Azure's sword was made. "Manifest as metal and be as my blade". We know that originally, nightblood was an attempt to recreate a rosharan shardblade using Breath. This was done by taking a normal steel sword and loading it chock full of breath, and giving it a command. "Destroy Evil". But this isn't how shardblades are made. They're made by getting a spren to manifest in the physical realm as metal. And so, if you're trying to recreate one using Breath, then I would probably try getting breath to manifest as metal. If Azure's sword is a second attempt at this same experiment (which certainly isn't confirmed, but we at least know that the sword is "somewhat related" to nightblood). So what do you all think? Can you command breath directly, and manifest it as metal? What else interesting could you do with that? And what do you think of my theory on Azure's sword
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    Aye... to all you folks a-wishin' me happy birthday... I'll see if I'll be on tomorrow morning. See, I have... plans.
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    Day 13/14 Sorry I missed yesterday, it was a very chaotic day. I’m having a good day today. It’s a very chill day. I never even got close to a panic attack today!!!!! I love you all :)))
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    Hello. I feel very sad all of a sudden. Have you ever had that feeling where your heart doesn't feel broken, but it's feels fragile and like it's one step away from being shattered.
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    Day #28 11 more days of school I had to dissect a frog today and let’s just say I wanted to be run over. I also can’t stop counting and I’ve been on the verge of a panic attack all day. I hate and love numbers. Y’all make it worth staying alive
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    The only ones I care for Cephandrius Midius Topaz Hoid Wit Dust Roamer Imperial Fool Drifter Wanderer Lunu'anaki Bearer of the First Gem Lift Szeth Kaladin Dalinar(Who is barely able to make the list)
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    Day #21 9 more days y'all have to deal with my status updates every day I am missing my watch right now and holy heck is this so hard I didn't realize how much having it helped I'll use it to count and fidget and tell the time and I need it But I don't have a massive headache like yesterday and I'm going to go in and have a professional neck snapper make a lot of unfamiliar sounds with my body so I'll be able to turn my neck without pain. yay scoliosis You are a billion times better than puppies.
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    Queen songs have some sort of way, ‘cause I was feeling a bit lonely and feeling dem ✧*。depression vibes ✧*。 so naturally, I turned on some music; more specifically, “Somebody to Love” by Queen. And I don’t know. I felt better after listening to it?? Like: Me, having a pretty rough time in my own mind: :(( Queen: Each morning I get up, I die a little. Can barely stand on my feet. Take a look in the mirror and cry. … Can anybody find me somebody to love? Me: :>
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    This is not the sort of thing that I normally do, but I was inspired by @Silva to step outside my comfort zone this year. I owe him thanks for inspiring me and providing much food for thought. Today is Yom Hashoah or as it is called in English Israel's day of remembrance for the Holocaust. The Nazis YS"Z did many horrific things. One of these was stripping people of their names and attempting to reduce them to something so base as to be unrecognizable. They wanted them to lose something, but what was it that they wanted to achieve? What are names? Some might view names as identity. This is who I am boiled down to a couple of syllables or words. Some might say a name is power. You can classify the world by way of this power. Yet others may claim a name is a burden as there tends to be a lot of baggage that comes with names. They can tell the history of a person and reveal so many hidden aspects. Perhaps then we should view names as a testament of history both personal and familial. However, I would like to propose something else entirely. I preface by saying this is no place to be judging or analyzing the truth behind religious customs. In Judaism there are many fascinating customs surrounding names. I would like to highlight two. Among the Jews who descend from many parts of Europe there is a custom that one of the ways that babies are named is to choose a name or a part of one that comes from a family member who had passed away. This is a form of memory that preserves the memory of those who are no longer with us and keeps their legacies alive long after they have gone. Is a name then tied to memory as well? A second is a wider custom among most religious Jews. When people fall ill or suffer some other terrible tragedy a name is added to them such as Chaim meaning life for a male or Chaya which is a derivative of Chaim for a female. There is the belief that a name impacts your reality. It defines who you are in a very real way. It might be said that your name could represent a certain reality or even life itself. It might be safe to say that names are complex and not to be taken lightly. If it is any of these things then the Nazis sought to take identity, power, history, memory, and life itself from millions of helpless victims. We too often lose sight of the significance and power of having a name. Maybe every now and then we can take a moment and reflect on how lucky we are and remember those who will not be. At this moment I must again give credit to @Silva for informing me of that which I did not know. I now take from his post and defer to his powerful words. "Some time ago, a teacher introduced me a website called Illuminate (https://www.illuminatethepast.org/). Essentially, each Yom Hashoah, they have people around the world light virtual candles in honor of someone who died in the Holocaust. The website provides a name and a little about the person when possible. It doesn't capture all the nuances of a name, all the slight implications and meanings so innate to the person and those who lived around them. How can it? But it's something, a start, and that's worth something. If you feel comfortable doing so, take a minute, light a candle, remember a name for those who cannot. As the days go by and you hear of recent events, please pause for a moment and recognize the fortune of your own world and immediate surroundings; they might not be ideal, but they could be much, much worse. Recognize the power of the names in your life and never think it your right to deprive another person of their own. As many a fictional character has said, names have power; don't take it for granted." To bear a name is to bear something so powerfully precious. Let us never take that for granted and forget.
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    I've been rereading the Stormlight Archive (first time since consuming all other cosmere content), and can I just say... THEY ARE THE BEST - THE STORMING BEST BOOKS IN THE WORLD I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but like, bro- these are so so so beautifully crafted. I was reading them, and I was really enjoying them, and then last night (reading WoR), something snapped within me, and the enjoyment has morphed backed into an obsession. enjoy this shallan rant
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    Why I think Gavilar was behind the trap a the Rift: He was scared of Dalinar, especialy after the deadstare. he doens't need him anymore after. he was king and secure. Tanalan was acting strange before the battle. Its implide that he had the support of someone highup like a highprince. (i say the king) Tanalan didn't want to give the name of his benifactor at first. Gavilar is very manipulative. When Sadeas arrives, he is hell bent on destrucion of the whole city. The scouts betrayed Dalinar and I dont think Tanalan has that kind of power or influence. (but Gavilar does, He also has spies in his army becouse he knows of Evi dead) (The most loyal army solders to Dalinar all died) I think Gavilar made a deal with Tanalan to kill his brother, the murderer of his father who stole his birthright. And after join the kindom. But Tanalan was suprised by the peaceful and honorable conversation to stop the war. That is why he was acting strange. But he still wanted him dead, and he made a deal with the king so he had to follow though. Dalinar wouldn't belive him if he was honest anyway, and would likely get angry like he did when he said that Sadeas was helping him. But at the same time Gavilar didn't want anyone to know of this, so he order Sadeas to arrive later (after the dead) and make exemple of those who opposed him as king, to cover up his involvement. We need to see Gavilar more like Sadeas. manipulative, ambitious, scheming, exz
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    From the album Kandra at Home

    A Friendly little Kandra checking out some Atium.
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    Well I missed my Sanderversary. Because I've been very busy. I saw a sea turtle today. Anyways. Five years ago, I bought and began reading my first Sanderson book. It was The Way of Kings, and I cannot tell you how much this changed my life. It's still one of my top three favorite books of all time. (The other two are The Anthropocene Reviewed and The Book Thief, if you were wondering.) But... Yeah! After I finished tWoK, I got halfway through WoR and then joined the Shard, so thanks to that, my Shardeversary is in less than a month. Alright I'm going to bed now. Night!
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    Hello. I haz photos and i haz books Part 1- bookshop adventures Part 2- book haul
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    Rain always makes me feel a little bit melancholy.
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    First off, I mostly agree with you. Most lighteyes are jerks to darkeyes. It's a simple fact, and yes, I agree, it is basically racist. But sometimes you have to look at both sides of the issue at the same time. Take Amaram for example. Kaladin tells Dalinar of how Amaram is a storming thief and that everything that Amaram stands for is a lie. When looking at it from Kaladin's perspective, Dalinar immediately dissmisses any notion that Amaram is not honorable, and he is only humouring Kaladin. But when you look at it from Dalinar's perspective, Amaram is man you've trusted for many years and the only person who has said anything bad about him is a man you only met a few months ago who clearly has a grudge against Amaram. So in reality, I think Dalinar had (mostly) the correct response to this situation. Instead of immediately calling Amaram out, Dalinar quietly investigated the man to see if anything was up. This way, Dalinar is still able to see if Amaram is honorable, but he also does not have to risk his relationship with Amaram if nothing is wrong. The only thing I think Dalinar should have done differently is to have told Kaladin what he was doing. Then the whole situation of the boon is avoided, and Kaladin eventually gets what he wants, or rather, what he deserves. I also want to point how going foward, Dalinar and many of the "honorable" lighteyes like Adolin or Navani treat Kaladin with more respect. Especially with Dalinar later on, I think he treats Kaladin more like how a general treats his lieutenant, rather than how a highborn lighteyes treats a lowborn darkeyes.
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    I dunno, man, Just… have a sketchy lol.
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