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    From the album General SA Art

    Complete piece of Dalinar's age progression! His arc in OB really is a powerful one and I finally got this done XD [Full-sized] 1122 (Age: 2) Trying to understand the world 1128 (Age: 8) Playing with wooden sword 1135 (Age: 15) Learning how to tie his takama 1141 (Age: 21) Unstoppable youth, Oathbringer won 1150 (Age: 30) Joy of the first son 1163 (Age: 43) In Shardplate 1167 (Age: 47) Being a drunkard 1174 (Age: 54) Holding The Way of Kings Enjoy! Bonus: Some random Kholin family doodles
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    So I'm finally able to report back from the signing. First off, I'd like to thank everybody who showed up, you asked great questions! Because of the issues with recording audio without consent, we opted for writing down all WoBs right on the spot. So we got prime seats next to the signing table, I pulled out my laptop and typed away. A special thanks goes to Rhapsody and Sorana for helping me fill in any gaps and also going over the WoBs we collected again. The signing went pretty great overall. Due to our position, we were able to constantly pester Isaac with questions and it was great to perpetually chat with him. The reading was from a revised version of the first chapter from SA 4. It turned out quite a bit different and I've already uploaded it to Arcanum for transcription. So, without further ado, here are my compiled notes from the event: First Signing Sorana: Would a spike charge if I threw it at someone with the intention to spike something out of him and hit the right bindpoint? Brandon: Yes. Sorana: So spike darts are a thing. Brandon: Yes, and spike guns are a thing as well. Rhapsody: If I took a fabrial to Shadesmar, would it work and what would happen to the Spren trapped in it? Brandon: RAFO Sorana: Is Soulcasting volume- or mass-preserving? Brandon: It's mass-preserving, but there are some strange things going on and that's why we don't get as much explosions as we should. You can see a bit of what is going when Jasnah Soulcasts air, there are some little reactions, but not as strong as you ought to get. Rhapsody: You have described Ettmetal as some kind of Super-Cesium. After the reaction with water, is there residual Ettmetal hydroxide and what are its properties? Brandon: Yes, it does. There's the potential they'll find it and use it, but as far as the properties are concerned, you get a RAFO. Paleo: Are the Ashynite magic system and the Old Magic related? If so, does the "Old" part come from that? Brandon: Yes, they are related, but the name comes from the magic actually predating Spren bonds. Paleo: Since your books are "translations" from another language and "Hierocracy" is a foreign word in English, is it also a foreign word in the original language? Brandon: No, but good question. Paleo: There's symbols in the temple at the end of Bands of Mourning which none of the characters recognize. Are they from any writing system known to us or did Kelsier make them up? Brandon: RAFO Paleo: Is Wisdom a Shard? If so, how bad does it want to survive? Brandon: There is a shard with a similar Intent. The Shard has realized that survival might not be the most desirable/important. Paleo: Have Rosharan mathematics advanced far enough to know Julia sets? Brandon: Yes, they know Julia Sets. Some of the mathematics are farther along at this time than ours, some are behind. Kinda like abstractionalism is a centuries-old art style on Roshar, calculus was discovered way earlier. Paleo: What symbol will be on the Warbreaker leatherbound? Brandon: He referred as to Isaac, who showed us several designs which are not finalized, but they are confirmed as Tears of Edgli. Rhapsody posted the picture already on the general Germany signing thread. The cover will feature Nightblood. Questioner: What happened to Elhokar's body? Brandon: It was burned with honors. Winds Alight: In SA the Stormfather refers to several people as "Child of Honor", but only Kaladin as "Child of Tanavast". Is there significance to that? Brandon: Yes, there is. Questioner: Can the survival Shard hide in a person? Brandon: RAFO Questioner: Do people celebrate their birthdays on Roshar, because Kaladin doesn't seem to care? Brandon: Yeah, there are celebrations like birthdays and others as well, but I can't put everything in the books. Some people care more, some - like Kaladin - less. Questioner: Do we know who built the Steel Highway in Mistborn? Brandon: Some people know, but it's not general knowledge. Questioner: Can a Mistborn use the Investiture from a Highstorm? Brandon: It takes some effort to convert the Investiture. They can burn metals from other planets, though. Questioner: Is Nightblood an aluminium-titanium alloy? Brandon: No, he's something else. RAFO Questioner: What inspired the Shattered Plains? Brandon: Little Wild Horse canyon and others in southern Utah. That's what inspired the chasms. Questioner: Any tips on creating a Magic System? Brandon: Focus on what the powers can't do instead of what they can do. It's the boundaries that get interesting. Lookup Sanderson's Laws. Paleo: Will the Warbreaker leatherbound contain the Nalthis essay? Isaac: No, but the Arcanum Unbounded Leatherbound will contain it. Questioner: Is Doomslug capable of using Hypertravel as well as taking matter with her? Brandon: RAFO. Doomslug will be very important to the next book. She's very relevant to the events of the book coming out in December. Questioner: What's the most challenging part about art? Isaac: [partial answer] Getting things to look realistic. Took a lot of practice. Questioner: The Voidbinding chart has a red ruby with two imprisoned voidbringers who have no connection to the voidbinding skills. Is this the because they are imprisoned or are they in need of the other Voidbringers to unleash their powers like the lightnings are trying to illustrate? Brandon: RAFO Zykai: Did the Shin use Honorblades in their invasions? If yes, did they also use Surges? Brandon: Yes and yes. Questioner: Ambition wasn't splintered in the contest with Odium. Is there a reason why he hasn't chosen another Avatar yet? Brandon: Yes. Questioner: How is Ashyn earth-like given its orbit? It should be even less habitable than Roshar. Brandon: The Rosharan system was manifactured for a specific purpose. The position of the moons isn’t stable and even the continent itself might eventually vanish. Questioner: Was there a good reason for Elhokar to not speak his First Oath earlier or was he just plain stupid? Brandon: He wasn't ready yet. It can take a long time and he was hung up on his insecurities. Questioner: Why did Adolin kill Sadeas? Brandon: He's young and hotheaded unlike Dalinar. Sishal: How was Glys corrupted? Was the process similar to the lesser spren, like painspren? Brandon: It is similar, but Glys is self-aware, so slightly different process, but similar. It is through Sja-Anat. Sishal: Did Sja-Anat have to convince Glys to corrupt him then? (This previously said "Will we see other Radiant spren?", but @Sishal contacted me to have it corrected) Brandon: RAFO Questioner: How do you write the beginnings to your books? Brandon: Beginnings are hard. Usually I write one, trash it and come back to it when I finished the book. After I finished the book, I try to find the perfect beginning. Questioner: Are there certain topics you want to avoid in your writing? Brandon: There certainly are some topics I'd never cover, like certain types of abuse. Questioner: [inaudible - something about Shallan's personalitiies] Brandon: At the end of Oathbringer, she works really hard to supress her other personas and she will be a lot more stable. Questioner: Will there be a Rithmatist sequel? Brandon: There will eventually. I was working on that when I was offered WoT and just couldn't get back into it yet. Questioner: Do specific colours have an impact on Awakening in Warbreaker? Brandon: Not usually, you just need a certain amount to Awaken. But there can be more due to various reasons connected to the Cosmere. It is connected to the significance of eye colours on Roshar. Questioner: Will Vivenna, Vasher and Nightblood reunite? Brandon: RAFO Questioner: Do you want to build up Hoid to be a character like Randall Flagg? Brandon: RAFO Questioner: Did Aginor reappear after the cleansing of Saidin? Brandon: Ask Maria, the continuity person. Questioner: Are you involved with the WoT TV show? Brandon: Yes, I get to read the scripts and give feedback. I get to push the characters in the direction I want them to go. The first screenplay was really good. Questioner: Have we seen Ghostbloods in action outside of the Rosharan system? Brandon: You have seen proto-Ghostbloods, but not after the their actual initiation. Questioner: Who did the Crownlands historically belong to before there was a king and what purpose do they serve now? Brandon: At the moment the Crownlands are the property of the king and work for him, to earn money or to give them away to a lord. Before Gavilar, they belonged to some princedom. Questioner: How has Sunmaker's sword ended up with Dalinar? Brandon: Initially, it belonged to one of the highprinces. After that it went through a lot of people. Tidbits from the interview No news about book adaptations. Hopes for his series with the advent of WoT and Witcher. WoT first screenplay is phenomenal. German writers are all outliners. Already scrapped earlier first chapter from SA 4. Read new version, but will obviously be revised again. -> Recording Q & A Questioner: The map of Kholinar looks like a lion's head. Is that an allusion to Caemlyn? Brandon: It was not a conscious decision to make it look like Caemlyn. The city shapes are based on Cimatics patterns that have deep-rooted origins in the history of Roshar. I may make a lot of unconscious allusions, but something like the Misted Mountains are a conscious reference. Rhapsody: Will the Threnody book take place in the homeland? Brandon: The book is tentatively called "The Dust Brigade". A group wants to free the homeland of the evil. It doesn't go well for them. Opening scene is all ships sinking and people washing up on shore. Questioner: Shadesmar is an inversion of Roshar. In the Physical Realm, planets are disconnected, but in Shadesmar you can reach one from the other. Is there a point in Shadesmar where I can instantly cross between diametrically opposed points on Roshar? Brandon: Yes, technically there is, but oceans etc. are problematic since there's not enough minds there. There are points, but the transition is more steady than instantaneous. It will be hard, since you're basically leaving the planet when you go far enough. If you just went south, you'd end up on another planet. Kind of yes. Shadesmar gets funky because you end up in no man's land. We'd need to do the exact maths on that one. Krios: If you have a form of manipulating your Identity and a form of healing. Are you able to shapeshift or even evolve your body like growing wings? Brandon: You'd have to do some real work on your spirit web to make that work. It'd take more work than you're implying, but the Parshendi for instance are doing this. It'll take a little more work, it's not just blanking your Identity. Hemalurgy would make it very easy, but also very evil. But what you want to achieve is possible. The Forumlurker: If a Radiant tried to Soulcast directly with the Stormlight from the Highstorm, what essences could they create? Brandon: They could basically do whatever they want. There wouldn't be any limitations, but only for Radiant Soulcasters. Questioner: How do you choose Worldhoppers to depict in your books? Brandon: There's couple of ways I choose Worldhoppers. The background story plays a big part, but some Worldhoppers I just want to be immigrants. Some people you meet, you'll notice they're from a different planet but aren't involved in any schemes. They just wanted to get to another planet. There's groups like the Ghostbloods, but there's also just trade between places like Roshar and Nalthis. I have to be careful to not make everyone an easter egg from other worlds. That would strain plausibility very easily. Paleo: How is Dark One coming along? Brandon: It's coming along very well. It's like Harry Potter from the perspective of Voldemort, where the good guys want to get the bad guy. It's like Narnia was trying to assasinate those who come over to their world to destroy it. The outline is really great, we pitched it across Hollywood. We had a really great response, but no contracts are done. We're planning to release it as an audiobook original. We haven't closed the contract on that yet, but we have an offer. Questioner: Your stories are always so unexpected. Do you plan these things or do they develop as you discover the story and the characters? Brandon: Parts of it are from the outline, but sometimes I want to develop the characters further and make more organic decisions. Questioner: Do you plan to do something like Arcanum Unbounded again? Brandon: Yes, eventually there will be AU2. I need to write more short stories before that. I'm hoping my novella this year will be on Rsyn. Theoretically I will continuing going that, showing little glimpses of places around the Cosmere. Questioner: What idea sparked Stormlight for you? Brandon: The very first seed for everything was a man who's brother to a king. The king gets assassinated and the nephew becomes a bad king. How he copes with that is what I started thinking about. We all have somebody in our family . That became Dalinar and Elhokar in SA. Questioner: Was Shallan's ability to draw intentional just so you could have her draw all the maps? Brandon: Yes, basically that was the seed for her. I was inspired by people from history like Darwin who was a scientist and did drawings. That was part of the concept that made me put Shallan into the books. All those drawings are intended to give you a sense of immersion. Questioner: Would magic from one world work on another and if so, how? Brandon: Generally, magics in the Cosmere work on different planets. But it depends on the magic. Things like the Dor on Sel are locked to the geography, so it gets difficult. The metallic arts work pretty much universally though. Making Surgebinding work on another planet would require Stormlight and the spren are bound to Roshar, so getting them off planet is quite hard. So the magics kind of work differently depending on whether a sentient being is involved, how the magic works and how it's powered. It would be very easy to take some Breaths off of Nalthis, which is a problem for them. It gets very complicated. Questioner: Can there be a mixing of magic? Brandon: Yes there can be. Questioner: Do you know what the next big series will be? Brandon: Right now, my job is to finish things. I won't start anything before that. There's some other big books I want to work on in the Cosmere. I will finish Wax and Wayne and Skyward 4 after SA 4, then comes SA 5. Questioner: Is Iyatil from Scadrial? Brandon: Her heritage is from Scadrial, but she actually is from Silverlight. It's more recent than my heritage from Denmark. Second Signing Questioner: Now that Hoid has bonded a spren, is he locked on Roshar? Brandon:Yes, that is a problem. Something will happen that is relevant. RAFO Questioner: Do you use consultants? Brandon: Yes I do, but it depends on the book. For instance, we apparently got longswords wrong in the last book and a consultant would have helped there. Questioner: Do you prefer writing epic fantasy or young adult? Brandon: My first love is epic fantasy, but if I only did that, I'd go crazy. I have to change basically every other book and like to be able to jump around. Questioner: Where have we seen proto-Ghostbloods? Brandon: RAFO, but you guys are pretty close to figuring that out. Questioner: Is Rock lying about his birth order? Brandon: No, he is not. There was a change due to deaths in the family, but he did not lie. Questioner: How do you name your characters? Brandon: It depends on how much work I've done on the linguistics. Some planets I haven't done a lot of work on that. On Roshar I've built out the linguistics a lot, so I build names out of that. On Scadrial, however, I went more with real world inspirations or stuff I liked, like "Wax and Wayne", which is a pun they can't really understand. Names like Elend or Straff are Germanic in origin, Vin, Demoux or Kelsier are French. Paleo: Is Wax's name pronounced French in Scadrian? Brandon: Yes, it is. I can't even pronounce it. [Various people pronounce Waxillium with a French accent] Questioner: Shallan's and Adolin's relationship felt sort of rushed at the end. Was there a reason you developed it like that? Brandon: Shallan and Adolin are very young and madly in love. The marriage partly was for state reasons. They're really unlike Dalinar, who was in denial for 15 years about loving Navani. Questioner: Can you burn Cadmium to trap air and move in space like that? Brandon: That's a plausible extrapolation, but I'll give you a RAFO on that. You're thinking along the right lines. Questioner: When you design a new world. Do you give Isaac all the details for the maps? Brandon: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I may give him notes on how I want it to look like, but sometimes I just let him do what he wants. Zykai: Squires and people wielding Honorblades use more Stormlight than a regular Radiant. Who uses more? Brandon: The further you progress, the more efficient you become at consuming Stormlight. They're never as efficient as the Voidbringers, since humans leak too much. Sorana: Do you have any tips regarding drawing the symbols/glyphs? Isaac: I always have to copy them myself. I did design a handscript of the allomantic symbols. You might get to see them later. Paleo: Will the Steel Alphabet change further with the later eras of Mistborn? Isaac: Yes, it will. I've already got some designs that look very sci-fi-y. Questioner: Will the WoT show be from the POV of the Aes Sedai or the Ta'veren? Brandon: I can't spoil you on that as I'm under an NDA. They went with some unexpected decisions, which I really liked though. The Forumlurker: Can a Windrunner use a Basic Lashing on a specific body part? Brandon: Yes, but it works the same way a Steelpusher could push on a specific part of metal. Usually, you'd just affect the whole body, because of its Identity and Cosmere magic not working as well on parts of something that considers itself a unit. When you're very skilled, you can isolate a hand, like Kelsier could push on specific sections of metal. Questioner: Are there Windrunners who are afraid of heights? Brandon: Yes there are. You can see with Kaladin that a lot of them would see the sky as their domain, but there are some with a fear of heights. It's like being a left-handed woman in Alethkar, there are some things you just could end up with. Questioner: We see Nightblood consuming both Breaths and Stormlight. Earlier you've mentioned conversion between types of Investiture. Is Nightblood doing that? Brandon: Nightblood can feed off of any source of Investiture. If you're a Mistborn, burning a metal while wielding Nightblood would directly feed him. So you stay alive for as long as you have metal left. Questioner: Why do Vorin women have to hide their left hand? Brandon: Originally, a woman wrote a book about female and male arts, which claimed women could do things like art with one hand while men needed two for their arts, like fighting. Eventually, it evolved and just stuck as a taboo, but it's a cultural thing. It's similar to how some things are perfectly fine in our Western culture but would be frowned upon in, say, Korea. I wanted to add some weirdness to their culture, something that is pretty normal to them, but strange to us. Taboos usually are strange. Questioner: Are there parshmen Heralds? Brandon: No, there are not. Questioner: Will Michael Kramer read SA 4 as well? Brandon: Yes, at the moment it planned that he will do that. Questioner: At the end of Oathbringer Kaladin says that the oaths are about perception. So what would happen, when a crazy person bonds a crazy spren? Is there a hard limit to what the oaths allow or could they just go on a John Wick style rampage? Brandon: Perception will get you a very long way, like Nightblood proves. So you can go beyond the oaths, but there will be a hard limit. Although it will be hard to find a such fitting pair of human and sprend. Questioner: Do you sometimes draw inspiration from real world people? Brandon: Yes, I do. Usually it's a conflict a person has which I want to depict. Most of Bridge Four are friends of mine. Questioner: What happened to Hoid after he met Kelsier at the Well? Brandon: He went to figure out Feruchemy. When Vin found him beaten up, it was because he got more involved than he should have. Paleo: Is Tashi a Herald and if so, which one? Is Nun Raylisi Odium? Brandon: Yes to both. I think the Herald is Ishar, but I'd have to double check. Sorana: I've got a last question from a friend of mine. Could the light at the end of Oathbringer have been seen by another Surgebinder? Brandon: RAFO Sorana: I expected that. We tried to reproduce them verbatim, but it's pretty hard to get everything right. Thankfully, people were willing to repeat their questions and answers when we didn't catch them, so we should be as close to the truth as possible. Nevertheless, all WoBs have to be considered paraphrased.
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    From the album RP Doodles

    You asked, I answered! First attempt to wrangle the Alleyverse into a webcomic. Watch out PlasmaCore. The Void is private property, yo.
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    My latest shardbearer, this time a truthwatcher riding into battle on a ryshadium. I will readily admit this was one of the hardest things I have ever drawn, horses have unusual anatomy and I have never drawn one before. I did a lot of erasing which is why parts of the image are a tad blotchy.
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    This thread is for all your favorite cosmere dad jokes! Read them and groan. Add your favorites. How many Shards does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Only one, but it has to have the intent to do it. Why did the Shard cross the road? Because that was its intent. Why don’t Shards like doing carpentry? Because they keep getting splinters. What does a Shard eat off of? Shardplates How does the Lord Ruler like his punch? Spiked
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    This is the second version of my preview image. Both Adolin and Maya in the Physical Realm. Here is the link of the short animation that represents the transition between the CR and PR. And possibly how the same 2 things are perceived in this realms or maybe not I'm sure we'll have the answer soon! Animation video
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    Recently I finished Warbreaker, and I loved the magic system, but was disappointed to find there was no visual Ars Arcana like we've gotten for most of the other magic systems. So, I made my own. I'm planning to make another one for the other aspects of awakening, but the there was so much info on the heightenings that it grew into its own page. Let me know what you guys think! https://imgur.com/a/4wF3fOj
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    May is mental health awareness month. Last year I posted a post that highlighted several different mental disorders, and where i talked a bit about my views on mental health. I'm going to take a different approach this year. Thanks to my experience last year, I learned that a lot of people on this site are dealing with mental illness, whether in themselves, or in their family members, or in friends. I personally have dealt with depression, anxiety, and something called derealization. I have been experiencing derealization since February of last year, and my anxiety and depression have been results of that. I know this might be difficult, but I encourage you to share your struggles with this. Either dealing with them in yourself, or someone you know. This is something we can't hide from the world. The world tends to ignore people with mental illness, often attributing it to specific causes that we can change. (Which we can't). People say that it's not a big deal. They're wrong. I'm sure almost anyone here will support you in your struggles, no matter what they are. I know that what i have gone through is nothing compared to other people. I know i will never understand. But I will stand by all of you. I'd also encourage you to change your profile picture green for this month, the color for mental health awareness. (I lost my original profile picture, so if I change it this month, then change it back, it would be a horrible quality picture. [Insert longer explanation here] I am sorry about that, but there's some green in it)...
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    From the album RP Doodles

    That awkward moment when you eavesdrop on a god? your boss and they start talking about you. Oh Lita, you crazy.
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    For my 4000th post, here is my first fanfic! (Or fic in general, really ) I’ve always loved the story of the Girl Who Looked Up, so I decided to flesh it out and write it as a complete story. I also got really bored a couple of days ago, so I just started writing like crazy. Warning, it ended up being way longer than I expected. (Spoilered for length)
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    So sometimes you have a completely whacked out Cosmere theory get stuck in your head. Don't hold it in, sharders! That's what forums are for. In that spirit, here's a crackpot theory. Gotta let it out, guys. Only time will tell what BAM asks in return. Don't tell me I'm crazy. I already know.
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    So Brandon has outright stated that we will be seeing an new Dustbringer in Rhythm of War. I have seen surprisingly little speculation about who this will be, so I will lay out my theory. My theory is that the next Dustbringer to be introduced in the series will be Balat Davar. I will start with a few extra-narrative reasons that I believe this: Firstly, Brandon likes writing Radiants with tragic backstories and Balat comes with a pre-packaged one that can be seen through Shallan's flashbacks. Secondly, Balat has been given a surprising about of screentime including his own pov interlude, it would seem a little odd for this much time to be spent on him if he was just going to be Shallan's kinda pathetic older brother. Finally, from a timeline prospective for all of the first 3 books Balat has either been far away or in the past, RoW will be the first time when Balat is in the place where modern plot is happening and it just so happens thats when we get our Dustbringer. As for in-world reasons that Balat could become a Radiant. One is that it has been confirmed that while radiance is not hereditary being related to Radiants can bring someone to the attention of the spren. This is supported by, Tien being a proto-lightweaver, the astonishing number of Kholin Radiants, and the fact that the Davar family has already had at least 2 members start the process of bonding spren. This familial connection suggests that we should take the idea of more Davar Radiants seriously. As for why I think Balat would specifically be a Dustbringer. During Shallan's brief conversation with Pattern about Malata, he talks about how the Ashspren and their Radiants are very destructive and enjoy breaking things and tearing things open because they want to know what is inside. Balat has demonstrated similar interests (though admittedly even more destructive ones) by his interests in tearing apart animals, setting fires, and watching axehound fights. Additionally, the primary and secondary divine attributes of the Dustbringers are brave and obedient. This fits thematically with Balat's history and personality. Balat spends most of Shallan's flashbacks in a strange position as the only one of the Davar children actively resisting their father while at the same time (at his own repeated admission) not being brave enough to truly stop protect his siblings. I would love to hear any reactions or other possible theories. Note: I am not saying that Balat would have to be a successful Dustbringer or that he would necessarily be on the same side as his sister, just that I think he will be the primary Dustbringer character for the first half of the series.
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    From the album Stormlight Stuff

    Well, I'm gonna have to thank @Chaos for this one. For he had made the KR episodes of shardcast long enough for me to have the patience to finish this. Well, anyhow, as you can see, this is Roshar. I made the mountains taller, the islands shorter, and the colors are for two reasons. One, that's the way it sort of is on the map I referenced, (the standard one) and two, I don't have enough of one color LEGO for anything else.
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    Soooo I just came home from a signing in Stuttgart, Germany and I got to ask this question! (Paraphrased, I was toooooo nervous to remember the exact wording. I was so silly that when he asked me how I was my answer was "I'm trembling" ) But there you go. Whatever it means, it's not a coincidence. I finally have some peace of mind and I didn't waste time when thinking about this!
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    From the album RP Doodles

    Quick lunchtime doodle playing with color. :3 Laurelai and Lita serving up some attitude. She's sly, she's wry, she's a spike in your eye.
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    First of all, know that all of you have my love and support. Mental health has affected me relatively little and honestly most people I know who have mental conditions have it much worse than I do, but nonetheless I guess I'll step in and share my story as well. I have Asperger's and it's mild even for AS, though there's still ways it affects me in my daily life, mostly small things such as hesitating for a solid 3 seconds while sifting for an appropriate response to "How are you?". It's hard sometimes feeling like there's some kind of wall that prevents me from connecting with people and vice versa but honestly I've improved so much as a person throughout my life and this year has been one of my happiest so far. Finding online communities has helped immensely, as typing lets me express myself freely without the difficulty of maintaining spoken conversations and I've met so many AWESOME people who are kind, welcoming, fun, supportive, and share my obsessions Roleplaying and SE especially have been amazing in helping me find and express myself. Not many people IRL know that I have Asperger's because of the stigma around it and the fact that people will probably judge me differently if they think about me that way. Here, though, you guys are so accepting and I feel safe here. Again. I love all of you. I am here if you ever need to vent about something. I'm far from perfect but I promise that I'll listen.
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    From the album Homemade Hero of Ages Movie Poster

    For anyone wondering, Vin is on the left, Elend on the right, and an abstraction of Ruin/Marsh in the middle.
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    In the chasms...
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    So, somehow there wasn't a thread for this. Obviously, it is now after the fact, and only the Ahlstroms were there to represent Dragonsteel, but I figured this is still a good place for a quick recap. Warbreaker anniversary leatherbound is still being worked on, and both Dan dos Santos and Peter showed off some of the art that will go into it. Both panels had a no-photos policy, so I can't show you anything, but I can say that the goods are very very good! Dan is doing all of the endpapers, and they feature Vivenna, Siri, a bit of Vasher with Nightblood, and Susebron. He also revealed a few concept pieces that won't be making it in the book, but he might put them up on a "the making of" kind of blog post on his website once the book is out. Crossing my fingers here, because there was an amazing Siri there. Dragonsteel has also done some work on the script they use in Warbreaker, and there will be a small sample of it in one of the endpapers; its meaning (Created by Dandos the Oilsworn) is not meant as an in-world canon, Dandos' name in Warbreaker does not imply that the Rosharan artist is actually a worldhopper, or anything like that, it's just Dan signing his work. I am only sharing this because it may be useful to have this if there is any kind of translation effort. Howard Lyon, the illustrator for the Vedel & Jezrien endpapers for Oathbringer, is doing another piece (at least) for Warbreaker. Dan showed me a not-quite final version of it on his phone, so I don't even know if I should say what it is about, but it's pretty incredible. And speaking of Howard, I got to meet and ask him about the symbolism in the Vedel piece. The keys are obviously Vedeledev's Golden Keys (though whether they are meant to be canonically four is unclear) and they symbolize the unlocking of all the knowledge in the four corners of the world. The instrument in her other hand is a compass, and it's tied to several ancient (Earth) cultures, where the circle drawn by a compass represents all the knowledge... of mankind? meant for mankind? mankind can acquire? I don't remember the exact meaning; but everything outside of that circle is forbidden knowledge. Her coming down the stairs represent her descending to give all of this knowledge to mankind. And while we are on the note of symbolism, I asked Dan about how much of what what's in his endpapers is meant to be symbolic and how much is references requested by Dragonsteel. He didn't go into specifics, but generally speaking Dragonsteel doesn't request specific things. For example, Shalash's dress design was his ideal, with the long sleeve maybe serving as an in-world inspiration for the safehand idea. He didn't say anything about the moons in the Ishar piece, but shared that the composition is meant to invoke a feeling of him bringing people together; and because I know you people, he did not use the world "unity". Both illustrators mentioned that the pieces are meant as religious pieces in-world, so they are loaded with symbolism rather than lore. I asked Peter about the Tension/Cohesion apparently contradiction we touched in the most recent episode of Shardcast (short version, the Stormfather appears to contradict the Ars Arcanum). He reaffirmed his previous answer to @Pagerunner that it's a mistake and the Stormfather's words either have been updated in the ebook, or will be at some point. I take this to mean that the Ars Arcanum is correct in its assignment of Cohesion to Willshapers and Tension to Bondsmiths is correct. I had a chat with Karen about her work on both the wiki and the timeline. Nothing of substance I can reveal (because there was nothing of substance to reveal). There was a spreadsheet on her desktop called "Master Cosmere Timeline" but she didn't open it Of less import to the community is a whole is that I got to hang out with @LittleGreyDragon and her sister a lot, who were both cosplaying a lot, and it was absolutely brilliant! I'll probably have some photos sometime soon too. I spent a lot of time with @FelCandy too, and she is just as marvelous in person as you might already suspect from interacting with her online. She and LGD did a bit of art-ing together, so I imagine stuff will show up somewhere on their accounts at some point; go give them a follow so your eyes can feast upon the things I saw with mine too. Our own @Kaymyth was dressed up as a Mistcorn (that's a Mistborn unicorn) and it was traumatic. Other notable cosplay, just off the top of my head, included a couple of Doomslugs, a few members of the Skyward Flight, a Shalash (different from last year's Shalash, IIRC), your standard smattering of main characters (including a Vin with a truly gigantic koloss sword; that thing was easily 10 feet long!), plus a ton of Wheel of Time cosplay. A few people came up to me because they recognized my from Shardcast, and that was really cool too. The JordanCon anthology includes Brandon's reading of The Traveler (a few pages of Hoid meeting with Frost after the events of Hero of Ages), which Brandon read during last year's JordanCon, as well as another few pages of the short story that was meant to bridge Mistborn Era 1 and the 1980s Mistborn trilogy (now Mistborn Era 3, back then Era 2), which eventually morphed into the Wax & Wayne books; I believe there is a reading of it somewhere as well. I am yet to check the exact wording of these two against their earlier readings, but I will let you all know if there are noteworthy changes. And I think that's all! Some friends are nagging me to do a panel next year, so we'll see whether and how that pans out...
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    The stealer of secrets has come to rap! Competitors beware, her words are a trap!
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    Ah, it's been a while, hasn't it? Argent roaming these boards, crafting theories that are less theories and more "here's how I think things work." It's been gnawing on me that I don't get to do proper theory work outside of brief (but brilliant) ideas on Shardcast, so when I got excited about a conversation happening on the Discord server I decided to put my thoughts in a more structured format. Those of you who don't even know who I am, hello! I am a machine that consumes Cosmere content from one end and produces memes and theories from the other. Hope you find some food for thought. Highlights Roshar has some native magic that's not a proper Invested Art. Although it has three (or thirty) magic systems now, this number was different in the past. Surgebinding could be either of Honor or Honor and Cultivation both, it doesn't actually matter much. The Old Magic is Cultivation's, but it doesn't quite count as an Invested Art. It's more... primal than that. Renarin is a Surgebinder, but Glys's unique composition of Investiture means he can do things more commonly associated with Voidbinding; if he is considered a Voidbinder, he is not a traditional one. Neither the Regals nor the Fused are Voidbinders. Some of the Ashynites were, however. Call 1-800-COSMERE in the next 30 minutes and get a bonus mini-theory about "the greater power of the Surges." Explanation Alright, let's dig in. The Early Days Roshar, even before the arrival of Honor and Cultivation (and therefore Odium) had some serious interplay between the inhabitants of its Realms. Flora and fauna alike could (likely) interact with ambient Investiture, as evident by the nourishing properties of Stormlight (though back then it wasn't quite the same) and the ability of some animals to form symbiotic bonds with spren; the Dawnsingers were, of course, the most spectacular of these, given their ability to form even deeper bonds with spren. A recent Stuttgart WoB compared - and I am both paraphrasing and extrapolating here - the singers' ability to change forms to evolution, only it's kind of Realmic evolution; the symbiotic spren bond introduces foreign Investiture in their Spiritwebs, and the changes in their Spiritual DNA manifest as changes in both their Physical and Cognitive aspects. In other words, singer shapes are the result of natural process. More on that later. Two Shards Cue the arrival of Honor and Cultivation. Normally, I would expect three Invested Arts from a dishardic world, but this does not appear to be the case here. The way Brandon counts them, there are three magic systems on Roshar now - Surgebinding, Voidbinding, and fabrials, with the Old Magic being "kind of its own weird thing." Take Voidbinding away, because it most likely wasn't present this early in Roshar's history, and we are left with... probably two. Now, that's actually not terribly important. There is a few ways you could dissect the original magics of Roshar, but I think what's significant and undeniable is that Surgebinding is related to Honor. Cultivation may or may have been directly involved. The Old Magic is related to Cultivation, and it may or may not be an actual Invested Art. Fabrials can be either a natural extension of Roshar's own native magic, or they can be a formal magic system crafted by both Honor and Cultivation. You could even make the claim that fabrials are of Cultivation specifically, while Surgebinding is solely of Honor. I personally find the association between Honor and Surgebinding particularly compelling. If we define the core of Surgebinding as the act of binding Surges by way of a spren (Nahel) bond, it fits very well with Honor's intent being at least partially about bonds and oaths. Note that this doesn't conflict with the fact that Surgebinders can bond with spren of Cultivation; the kind of spren you bond with doesn't matter, what does matter is the oath and the (partial) merging of Spiritwebs between person and spren. Also note that the complete absence of Surgebinders until sometime after the creation of the Honorblades is not an issue either; the magic system can exist without anyone making use of it. It took some time for humans and spren to figure out how to access it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't there. If this doesn't sit well with you, however, you can take the route of Honor not establishing Surgebinding until after the Honorblades were created. Again, it doesn't actually matter, as this theory is mostly concerned with the mechanics behind the different magic systems. This leaves fabrials. I am not thrilled about treating them as a dedicated magic system, because I've been thinking about them as a mechanical way of emulating natural processes - the binding of a spren inside a gem, something we already established is just a property of Rosharan life. Fortunately, there is some room for revision to this idea that still makes things mostly work out. Yes, what fabrials do is very similar to what the singers do, but where their symbiosis leads to Realmic evolution, fabrials lead to... effects. Effects that are, in some ways, similar to Surges - which makes sense, the Surges are kind of like fundamental forces, so everything will be related to them - but also different from them; no Surge, as we understand it, can selectively draw water from the air, or produce heat, or take someone's pain away. So perhaps it is in these... almost surgical divisions of the Surges that we find room for a standalone magic system. Something that still involves a bond, a thing of Honor (even if modern ones are more about trapping spren than bonding with them), but also requires a (mechanical, apparently) cultivation of the spren's nature, a way to take this seed of elemental power and direct it, refine it, grow it into something specific. Odium is about to crash this party, so let's recap quickly. Surgebinding is of Honor because it's all about an oath-based bond with a spren. If you like to throw Cultivation inside Surgebinding too, you could say that it is not only about the bond, but also about nurturing and growing it. Fabrials probably use a bit of both, but in the context of expanding upon what Roshar's own native magic had already provided. The Effect of Odium Odium, being the unsavory individual that he is, throws a wrench in all of this, of course. I believe that if he was truly Invested in Roshar he would spawn not only his own Invested Art, its interaction with the already existing magic systems would lead to even more magic systems. This, however, does not appear to be the case. Nothing related to him seems fundamentally different enough from what's already there to warrant being called its own system. Instead, what he appears to do is corrupting existing Invested Arts. Very similar to how Trell can show up and build on top of Hemalurgy by introducing his own metal to the mix, I believe that Odium can manipulate Surgebinding (and maybe fabrials; it's not clear whether voidspren fabrials would've been possibly without his will) but not in ways that are too dramatically different from what was already there. Let's go over some places where Odium's presence is undeniable, and see why most of them don't count as independent magic systems. The Regals The Regals - singers who have assumed forms of power - seem no different from regular singers as far as mechanics go. They appear to form the exact same kind of bond they form naturally, only this time it's with a voidspren. Remember how we established that singer forms are just how life on Roshar works? That's why I don't think this is related to any of the Invested Arts, merely a new result of Roshar's Realmic evolution - and Odium hooking into an existing system. The elephant in this room are obviously the powers the Regals get - futuresight (nightform), lightning (stormform), possibly stealth/invisibility (smokeform), but I think this can all be explained by the exact natures of the voidspren involved and by the amount of Investiture they bring to the table. Creationspren - required for artform - don't appear particularly sapient, which I interpret to mean that they are not particularly heavy on Investiture, so there is only so much they can do when it comes to the transformation. The voidspren associated with the forms of power could be both more self-aware and more Invested, which could lead to a more profound effect in the resulting form. The Fused The Fused are... problematic. On one hand, they are kind of like spren, so we could expect something similar to what happens with the Regals, only a much greater scale. On the other, however, they are not simple spren, and don't so much form a bond with their hosts as take over. I would say though, that the mechanics behind their physical transformation are similar to the ones behind every singer transformation - the Fused's Spiritweb fuses with that of the singer, but in a much more invasive way; the physical form of the host retains some of its characteristics (as seen when Venli mistakenly addresses Hariel as Demid), but the Cognitive Aspect is probably completely replaced by the Fused's. I think it's important to point this out because it allows for the Fused to gain access to powers and abilities a singer wouldn't ordinarily be able to, regardless of the type of spren they bond. After all, we are dealing with a Spiritweb that's now much more deeply suffused with Odium's power, so there is a lot of room for unique features. What about their powers though? We know they have access to Voidlight - as do the Regals, for that matter. This is no surprise, as both have a non-insignificant amount of Odium's Investiture in their Spiritwebs, which likely means they are also Connected to him. The same way an Allomancer can tap into Preservation's Investiture because of that (extra) bit of his Investiture in their soul, both the Regals and the Fused can tap into Odium's. It is interesting that Surgebinders are limited by their need to carry around a supply of Stormlight (or be inside one) when their Nahel bond should've suffused their Spiritwebs with enough of Honor's (or Honor's and Cultivation's, if you prefer that) Investiture to allow them direct access - after all, the voidspren involved with the Regals must surely be far less Invested than something like an honorspren, and that bond is enough to let them tap into Odium. I have two solutions to this. One, Stormlight appears to have been designed to have a cyclic nature - it flows through the ecosystem, it leaks a lot (unlike Breath). So tapping into this natural cycle and accessing it as a part of it seems fitting. But two - and this is the spicy one - what if simply none of the Surgebinders we've seen so far have progressed far enough to "unlock" this? The strength of the Nahel bond grows with each Oath, the Spiritwebs of Radiant and spren merging more and more; what if "the greater power of the Surges" is the ability to Invest directly from the Spiritual Realm, like the Honorblades do? The Nahel bond was modeled after them, after all. It isn't real evidence for this, but Nale - who is the only person we know has sworn the Fifth Ideal - never Invests from gems or spheres, even when his Honorblade is dismissed. But that's a different theory. Let's go back to the Fused and their powers. So they can use Voidlight, but what they use it for is something very similar to Surgebinding. We see Fused "fly" like the Windrunners do, we see them glide exactly like the Edgedancers, and we see them don illusions - just like Lightweavers. We also see some who grow and shape their carapace at a rapid pace - which could be a Stonewardy thing. They probably aren't binding Surges, per se, as there is no oath here, but I think this could be Odium's "corruption" of Surgebinding, much like the Regals are his "corruption" of the singer's native magical ability to form bonds with spren. Surgebinding still exists in its original form, but Odium is building on top of it - recall the trellium example from earlier. Renarin Ah, Renarin. What a conundrum you are. I have long been a proponent of the idea that Renarin gets one Surgebinding power and one Voidbinding power, and I think I finally have the framework to explain why. First, I have to accept that his claim to be a Truthwatcher is truthful, or at least an honest one. He appears to wield Progression pretty much exactly like we'd expect a Truthwatcher or an Edgedancer to do. His only other power leads to a very visual form of futuresight - he sees the future. Materializing visuals sounds like the domain of Illumination, and the fact that they are of the future (combined with the fact that Glys is corrupted) suggests Odium to me. Progression and Illumination, great, Truthwatcher*. And the reason it works like this is because Glys - regardless of whether he is a corrupted Truthwatcher spren or not - has a Nahel bond with Renarin, their Spiritwebs are partially merged. Glys, however, introduces some of Odium's Investiture in Renarin's soul, resulting in someone who has a bond with not only the Surges, but Odium as well. The empty pit that sucks in emotion. The void. Someone... bonded with the Void. A Binder of Void? A Voidbounded? I am sure we'll see a term for that at some point... Regardless, what Renarin does is pretty unique and is most definitely not Voidbinding - not entirely, at least. More on that later. The Original Voidbringers Not much to talk about here, but it's worth pointing out that Odium was considered - by the Dawnsingers - to be the human god whom they brought with them from Ashyn, and that it was the powers of the Surges that led to the destruction of Ashyn. The humans there probably had a way of accessing the Surges, not through Honor or Cultivation, but through Odium instead. And upon arriving to Roshar they either abandoned or lost this ability. This would've been Odium's magic system, not the hacks and extensions to the ones native to Roshar. I'd argue that this is... Voidbinding Okay, but what is Voidbinding? If it's not what the Regals do, and it's not what the Fused do, and if what Renarin does is a related to but not exactly it, then what is it? Well, if Surgebinding - the binding of Surges - is about forming a bond (through Honor and oaths) with a spren, a manifestation of the natural forces of the world, a manifestation of the Surges... Then wouldn't Voidbinding be the binding of the Void? Forming a bond with Odium? Maybe there are oaths involved (though they are kind of Honor's thing, so maybe not), maybe it's something that fits either literally or figuratively with the idea of giving up your Passion, giving it to Odium. Instead of Investiture shoring up cracks in your Spiritweb, you damage your own soul, or you give up parts of your soul, and invite Odium in, but what you give up is not gone, it forms a connection (Connection?) with Odium, a conduit for his power. And in return you gain access to the Surges, but not in the same way a Surgebinder would - the forces are the same, but the effects are different. This is what the Voidbinding chart shows! Odium's number may be nine, but there are ten levels of Voidbinding - each "major glyph" in the chart represents a Voidbinding Level (akin to the Surgebinding Orders), and each "minor glyph" represents one of the Surges; only, recall, the powers granted by Odium are different, so their glyphs are twisted versions of their "holy" counterparts. This, I posit, is also exactly what Amaram was doing when he was merging with Yelig-nar. The Old Magic Obviously, very little is known about the Old Magic. Most of what we know about it comes from second and third hand reports in the books, as well as a few WoBs that don't explain the magic as much as they confirm some things it can do. Khriss calls it a "cousin" to Voidbinding, however, and Brandon appears to have confirmed that it is "related" to the disease-based magic of Ashyn while also predating spren bonds. Assuming you are with me on what I think Voidbinding is, we can make some educated-adjacent guesses about the Old Magic itself. The combination of "older than spren bonds" and "related to the Ashynite disease magic" is very interesting, since one of these is very old and the other one appears to be a newer development. One way the two are obviously similar is the concept of tradeoffs - Ashynite diseases make you sick, but also give you power; the Old Magic curses you, but also grants you a boon. Combine this with Voidbinding also being related to the Old Magic (cousins), and you end up with three magic systems that are all somehow related to each other. Here's one way they could satisfy this: The way the Old Magic seems to work is through specific and direct alterations to people's Realmatic Aspects - not too dissimilar from Hemalurgy, actually, only maybe broader. Voidbinding, as I've presented it, involves an injection of Odium's Investiture into a person's Spiritweb - which, on the surface, is closer to Surgebinding (and may, in fact, be), but is also kind of similar to the Old Magic in the way a Shard pretty much directly changes you. Contrast this with Surgebinding, where most of what happens is a result of a gradual change in both Surgebinder and spren; no direct Shardic involvement after the initial setup of the Invested Art. So how are the Ashynite diseases related to all this? They too sounds like a direct injection of Investiture - you contract the disease, it modifies your Spiritweb to grant you powers, and once it's gone, so are the powers. It's obviously not a Shardic-level interaction, but I've always thought that it was the absence of Odium that allowed for these diseases to evolve in the way that they did - similar to the parasitic worms associated with the Aviar's powers. Both would've been Shardless worlds, but with more than just a smidgen of ambient Investiture floating around, allowing for wonky magical phenomena. Kind of like Roshar before Honor and Cultivation, actually. Summary & Conclusion I think this covers all of the notable magics of Roshar. Obviously some things are missing - I haven't talked about how exactly it is that the greatshells' bond with the mandras allows them ignore some of their crushing weight, for example, or about why certain pairs of Surges are considered inherently "natural pairings" - but all the ones I can think of are either minor or far too mysterious to address in this monster of a post (~3200 words so far, if you are curious. And to think that 1000-words essays sounded scary in high school...). My Intent was to look at all of the significant magic systems of Roshar and break them down like an arcanist might, look at their realmatic components, understand how they work and why they work this way - and see if I can apply this breakdown to the systems we know less about. Like any proper theory, its strength is measured by how convincing it appears to its readers and by its ability to make verifiable predictions about the future. We won't know how right or wrong I am about things like Voidbinding or the Fifth Ideal until at least the next book, but I can at least invite you all in to read, think, and comment. Cheers!
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    Vin rolled to a stop on the ash covered roof of the quilt store. She scanned the buildings across the street, looking for any sign of people watching the establishment. Zane landed behind her a heartbeat later. "Anything?" "No metal pulses, no shouts of alarm, nothing from inside the building, nothing moving in the other buildings." The two Mistborn stayed still for a moment longer, before slowly untensing. Vin turned back to Zane, who was just now putting his knives away, even as he continued to scan the buildings they had steeljumped from. "Kelsier took me to this place a few times. We'll be able to get all the supplies we need for the trek to Terris here. Or at least order them." For a quilt store, Reap What You Sew had a wide variety of goods and services. "There is a back door that we can knock at." Zane nodded, and jumped from the roof. Vin flared her bronze and felt him flare pewter to stick the landing, even through his coppercloud. She flared pewter as well and jumped from the middle of the roof all the way over to the wall of the far building, bouncing off in a controlled spring, landing next to Zane at the back door. He had his ear pressed up against the thick wood and was now burning Tin. She did the same. "Next time you come in for shears, I'll tell you if my contact is agreeable to the deal." Vin extinguished her tin. It wasn't her business. "We should knock." Zane glanced at her, and she almost stepped back. The grin on his face was malevolent. "You didn't hear the first part, did you?" She shook her head. "The contact is one of Cett's Infiltrators, still in the city, looking to offload weapons." Vin shivered. "We can't leave then. I won't leave the city until Elend is safe." He turned fully to face her, still grinning. "I agree. His contact is either the Swordsman or the Count, and both are exceptionally competent men. Both escaped me. I was going to hunt them down later, but if they were foolhardy enough to return, then I will remind them why they fled in the first place." Vin burned Tin again and listened. Someone light of foot was fleeing the building. "Messenger boy is leaving. We should follow." The two Mistborn burned steel and took to the sky. ____________________________________________________________________________ "I couldn't see anything." Zane hissed, unconsciously spinning one of his daggers in his hand. "He didn't open the door enough." "I saw the gleam of a sword." Vin looked at the rest of the windows on the red house. They were laying on the roof of the Tormander Hotel across the street and a few doors down from the Cett's house. It had a roof that sloped backwards to allow ash to run off, and no way on or off except through allomantic means. It made an ideal place to stake out their target. "Did the Count use a sword?" "No, he was a powerful Lurcher." Zane removed a coin from his pouch, and balanced it on the edge of the roof, and steelpushed it past the red house. It moved in a straight line, until it hit the building next to the red house. No sounds of panic came from either place. "So, it's the Swordsman, Fynn Seidel." The door creaked open again, and both Mistborn peered over the ledge. A note and some boxings slipped out into the hands of the messenger boy. They watched as the boy ran from the building, back the way he had come. “You’re better with Zinc and Brass. Is he alone?” Vin carefully burned Brass, soothing the occupants of the building. She felt only one calm down. “Only one unsmoked. Did they have a smoker with them?” Zane shook his head slowly. “Then perhaps only Fynn returned to the city.” Zane rose a bit higher, tracking the route the messenger boy was taking at the far end of the street. “The two risked their lives to protect each other. They would not split up.” Apparently satisfied, he ducked back down behind the roof. “We’ll have to wait and see who else he sends messages to.” He slid backwards into a more comfortable position and settled down to wait. _____________________________________________ The door cracked open and Vin tensed, flaring all her muscles at once. She carefully peeked over the roof. Through the misty night, she could see Fynn standing just inside his open door with a crossbow. He appeared to be scanning the rooftops and windows for anyone watching him. Her ashen hair covered her face, rendering her invisible in the misty night air. How long had it been? She had napped for at least two hours, and Zane had now been asleep for one. Before that they had waited at least three hours, but Fynn was finally stepping out the door. Without moving her head, she reached out and laid a hand on Zane’s arm. Immediately, she was yanked backwards, and Zane was on top of her, eyes alight with sudden terror and rage. Instinctively, she steel pushed on the metals in his belt, throwing him off her. He landed on the far side of the roof in a crouch and shook his head. “Sorry.” He looked around, avoiding her. “I’m used to people trying to kill me in my sleep, I won’t do that again.” Vin wished she could sooth her own beating heart. Was she making the right choice? Was she choosing the right man? There was still time to think on that. They were still here. “We’ll talk later. Fynn is on the move.” They peered over the roof again. The door was closed, and Fynn was halfway along the street. They burned pewter and jumped ahead of him. One of them keeping abreast, and one preceding him, as he wound his way through the streets to the Old Wall district. They settled on an abandoned cannery as he approached a pair of Skaa in the road ahead. “That’s a Thieving gang.” Vin scanned the rooftops around them as she whispered. “I recognize those two from a meeting I had with Cammon a long time ago. There will be more.” Zane scowled. “He just gave them a code. They’re going to take him to where Conrad and the Lekals are. Another hive of spiders has grown.” The creak of wood was the only warning they got, but the half second sound was more than enough. Both Mistborn Ironpulled themselves in opposite directions as a wooden bolt buried itself in the stone where Zane’s head had been. “Two Coinshots on Granny’s Cannery! Douse the lights!” The call came from the same direction as the bolt, and Vin spun that way as she grabbed onto the wall. She could see the archer now, reloading his bow behind another man with a dueling cane. The torches on the street went out, and Vin flared Tin to compensate. A hail of coins shot towards the pair but were suddenly pulled off course towards the street below. Vin pushed off the iron lantern hook in the wall, rising to get a better vantage. As she flew skyward, she spotted a man with a thick wooden shield staring up at where Zane was. She recognized him from Elend’s Assembly meetings. Count Senn Conrad. Another crossbow bolt whistled through the air at her. Actually *whistled*, practically screeching that it was there as it came for her. She cursed as she extinguished her steelpush and her Tin. That bolt was meant to make as shrill a noise as possible. As it passed above her, she pushed off the coins embedded in the Count’s shield, and rocketed backwards, away from the fight. She pushed twice more, until she was out of aim of any of the archers. She heard two more whistles and a cry of agony before Zane joined her. He was bleeding from his hip, where it looked like he had torn out a bolt. “I killed the man who got me, but he did get me first.” He scowled and pressed down on the wound. “Those men are far too well trained.” “We’ll have to come back later, when they don’t know we’re here.” Vin tore one of the tassels from her mistcloak and wrapped it around the wound. “So another Noble is making a play for the city. We’ll have to kill them all.” Zane grinned, a dark, bloody grin that promised all sorts of things. “I’ll have to write another song about it.” A shadow slipped between the eaves of the quilt shop, smiling. He saw the two Mistborn—of course, they could not see him. Would not see him, yet. He narrowed his insubstantial eyes, glaring at Zane. He would need to die. For Vin’s sake. Day 1 has begun! It will end at 9:00 PM EDT on Saturday 18 May. A playerlist has been finalised and all role PMs should be out. Please PM me if you did not get yours. There will be a lynch today. There is no vote minimum for a lynch. Player List:
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    From the album RP Doodles

    The first colored Major Arcana card art for my wip "Alleydeck" tarot deck. Featuring The Stranger as "The Scientist," standing in for The Magician at card 1. It's not labeled because I'm not sure about which font I want to use yet. Indecision ftw! Still a work in progress as I need to shade and detail it, but I felt proud of this one. It's safe to say that this RP has consumed my soul. Character credit goes to the illustrious @Fatebreaker
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    Rysn. I am holding out hope that her larkin grows into its greatshell version and looks like a huge dragon bug, that radiant Rysn rides into battle.
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    From the album RP Doodles

    It's here: Alleycant #2!! In the wake of the "Game of Thrones" finale, this only seemed appropriate. Featuring @Invocation's character Malu, and his beloved, constantly-beset Odd Job Tavern. Hurriedly colored because I only have an hour for lunch
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    @LerasiumMistborn, @Invocation, @Calderis: I am putting a stop to this conversation about Dalinar, effective immediately. If you can reel it back to the original subject of the thread (without making meta-commentary), please do so. If you disagree with my judgment call, you can talk to me in private, but I don't want this thread further derailed with replies to this post.
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    If you aren't familiar with my previous theorizing I highly recommend reading my Spiritual Realm threads, and my Alcubierre Drive theorization. This is somewhat based on that. Some more context for this, is that this is my 4,000th post. I won't be getting to 5,000 posts before I leave on my mission and leave the community for two years, likely missing the release of SA4 and whatever else we happen to get in that time. So, I want to leave one last little gift for the fandom in terms of my theorization before I leave, and what better to do it than on my 4,000th post? Anyway, one of the major questions raised specifically by my theorization on the Alcubierre drive is, what kind of FTL would Taldain have? And furthermore, what kind of FTL would any other minor shardworld have, that doesn't have the dramatic power of Roshar or Scadrial? After all, we know that So, in other words, Taldain was going to be first to space- and by extension, first to FTL tech. And there is no way that they were going to achieve FTL tech by stealing allomantic tech from Scadrial or something like that. Further evidence is brought up by Sixth of the Dusk, where we see that the Ones Above have a sort of Prime Directive, where they aren't allowed to directly trade with the people on the planet until they achieve a similar level of technology, which includes FTL tech. In other words, in order to have the expectation that the people of First of the Sun could achieve FTL, FTL needs to be achievable without outside interference- and without allomancy or surges or anything. And there is no way that either grubs or sand is going to achieve FTL tech by themselves. Therefore, a conclusion needs to be made- There must be a FTL system that is achievable through universal cosmere principles, that isn't associated with a single magic system like the Allomantic Alcubierre drive is. It'll likely involve a deep understanding of the Cosmere, and of investiture, and will be fairly complex. HOWEVER, if this hypothetical unknown drive is based on universal cosmere principles, while we may not have enough information at the present to predict the details as to how it could be constructed or how it works, we do have a solid enough base in the cosmere that we should be able to predict what this might look like. So, what will this look like? I'm going to take a major leap here, but first I want to give some context to my leap. First, I made the jump that the Alcubierre drive would require the mechanization of allomancy to be more powerful than normal allomancers. There is precedence for this. In the recent episode of Shardcast, it is pointed out that the Lord Ruler created a body that is able to output allomantic power far more than even a lerasium mistborn can. In other words, he altered his own spirit web to squeeze way more juice out of his metals than would otherwise be possible. This assumption, that they would be able to do this with mechanized allomancy, means that they will have significant ability to alter and enhance spirit webs, which is important for my leap in logic. Second, the idea that Allomancy and Surgebinding didn't exist at first. They are things now, but they didn't start off being a thing. Instead, these shapes in spirit webs do things now, where before no ability existed at all. I don't know for sure that specific shapes will always do specific things no matter what, as that's a pretty long jump to make in generalizing about the cosmere, especially as I'm pretty sure Allomancy only exists in the form it does because Harmony allows it to happen that way, due to the fact that the metal isn't the source of power, but simply the key to power. Regardless of the whole "key" business, the effects the investiture drawn from Harmony have are quite specific and interesting. And those abilities didn't exist originally, so I'm going to generalize here and say that, certain shapes in spirit webs can do certain things with investiture, and that it is likely there are general interactions with investiture and spirit webs that haven't been discovered yet. It is a problematic generalization, but one I need to make in order for this to make sense. All those confusing assumptions and generalizations aside, here's my pitch: I think the key to the future of the Cosmere, and universal investiture based FTL drives, is the ability to create spirit webs from scratch. Now hear me out before you boo me off the stage and convince Chaos to bring back downvotes just to downvote this theory. There's a lot of hints in the cosmere at more specific interactions with the spiritual realm being very important in the future. First example, hemalurgy looks like it will be important in the future of the cosmere. It can rip out pieces of spirit webs. Then we have shardblades, which can cut spirit webs. Another unexpected thing that can interact with spirit webs is breath, as per WoB: The moment he is mentioning here is when in Warbreaker, Vasher teaches a command to a child, and she is able to excise her own memories with this command. So breath isn't really out of the question as a tool to directly interact with spirit webs, with the right commands, in the future. But if these future people are going to be CREATING spirit webs, they're going to need some other tools. Breath could fit the bill... but I'll be honest, I'm at a bit of a loss trying to guess how this would work. This does lead me to turning to one of my questions from my original spirit realm thread, where I wondered how the spirit webs of children are created from scratch. They've got to be templates from investiture. Another thought, spren are basically made from scratch investiture, are they not? They start off as concepts before the Stormfather or whoever makes them into new spren, going to a special place or something like that. And clearly spren have spirit webs of some sort, right? I theorized upon how the Nahel bond changes the web of both spren and Knight, changing each to be more like the other. So perhaps a process like that might be viable. But however they actually create the webs, they aren't going to be doing this spiritual realm manipulation on humans. I'd imagine a mad scientist or two might try it, and then it'll be outlawed for being inhumane or something like that. No, rather they would do it on robots! Or, just tech in general. Which, incidentally, could lead to a very Asimovish question about whether these artificial webs count as being alive or not, and where the line between human and nonhuman really lies. Future plot threads aside, I'm going to make a second giant leap and say these artificial webs will eventually reveal that you can make certain things happen with investiture, using web shapes not normally seen in living creatures, that are not associated with a single magic system. Specifically what I'm imagining is something like a spirit web construct that you can program to connect with different places, and the other side is connected to the ship. Then, you pour investiture into it from your sand batteries or whatever, and once totally powered up, it activates, and folds space to bring the two things it is connected to together. Not too far fetched, right? These hypothetical "Spiritual Folds" fit the bill in a couple different ways. They're based on cosmere mechanics, specifically breath, which... sort of makes spirit webs when you awaken things? I'd argue that Nightblood definitely has a spirit web, which would have been 100% created from breath, so that works. But I'm sure there will end up being more universal ways to play with investiture, that any planet could use to manipulate spirit webs. This technology would also be sufficiently advanced, leaps and bounds beyond what anyone is really doing at the moment, and really so far beyond our ability to predict in the Cosmere that there's no way for me to know whether I'm on to something genius or whether I'm just totally off my rocker. I will also note that this isn't ruled out by our knowledge that Sleepless are important in Era 4, because it suggests that it might be possible to connect all the ships directly. I'd imagine however you create a web, once you create it, it's not easy to change, and with new spaceships being made all the time, altering a connection spirit web to facilitate adding every new ship sounds a lot more difficult than just sticking a sleepless bug on board, to connect to all the other sleepless bugs. So what are the problems with this? Other than breath, we don't really have any examples of people doing this. Which makes sense, given my idea that it will only be possible with a much more advanced understanding of investiture and how the spiritual realm works in directing investiture to do specific things, but it is still problematic because we don't really have any solid indications that this is where it is going to go. Also, there's the problem that we have absolutely any idea if it's actually true that there are certain identities or web shapes that would direct investiture to do something like fold space. That's a guess and a leap of logic at best. So in all seriousness, what else does this theory actually have going for it? Or is it really just crazy speculation that is unlikely to ever actually happen? I give you one last piece of evidence: a pitch for the actual story of Era 4. We know it will have crossovers between worlds, with space opera and FTL and... and Hoid. So let's say we have this technology, they are now truly able to create spirit webs from scratch. It isn't easy, but doing so creates useful things. It also calls back to Dragonsteel, because one of the magic systems in that (and no, I haven't read Dragonsteel, I just know about this from this one WoB) can manipulate spirit webs. And in further interesting WoB news, I'll just stick this one in as well, because fission reactions are always fun. Now this is a story I look forward to hearing :-) Brandon Sanderson One of the first magic systems I designed for the cosmere was based on the manipulation of sub-atomic particles, and involved the ability to look directly at atoms and interact with them. I decided to back off on this, as it was a whopper of a magic system to get right with my limited (at the time) writing experience. It was fun, though, and is still a canonical Cosmere magic. Stormlight Three Update #4 (Oct. 19, 2016) And what do we know about Hoid's motivations? We know he wants to do something perceived as totally impossible (as per the Traveler excerpt and the letters in SA), and it has been strongly suggested by many in the community, including myself, that his endgame involves bringing back Adonalsium. I also went fairly into depth in my original Spiritual Realm thread as to why that's unreasonable and totally impossible. Except maybe it isn't? If they're able to make spirit webs, perhaps Hoid interprets this as the way that he can finally achieve his goals and recreate Adonalsium. And recreating Adonalsium would involve a spirit web that has connection to pretty much everything, right? So that would involve a lot of travel from world to world. So I'm pitching that Era 4 will be a world hopping adventure on a space ship with Hoid, where they deal with stuff on each place they go to, all in order to gain the requisite connection on the spirit web Hoid is attempting to make. They'd probably also need to collect investiture from all 16 shards, which... I would not mind seeing . And of course, they'd have to prevent any rogue Hemalurgists from coming and spiking the web for their own nefarious purposes. Is it actually possible for Hoid to accomplish this goal? Honestly... I have genuinely no idea. But would it be a compelling and interesting story and quest? Absolutely. And what would be the consequences if Hoid actually attempted this? I'm not 100% sure, but my instinct says that at that point, recreating Adonalsium is a bad, bad idea. It would screw up all the magic systems, and what would really be the benefit? Well, I'm not here to theorize about Hoid, I'm here to theorize about spirit webs and FTL tech. And while I admit that this idea, creating spirit webs that don't do things we've ever seen before and that aren't possible with any known magic system, seems a little crazy. But at the same time, from where I stand today in my knowledge about investiture and the spiritual realm and FTL, I don't really see any alternatives. Could it be that we literally just don't know enough yet to predict accurately what these universal FTL drives must be using? Absolutely, and if we learn stuff in Era 3 of Mistborn that makes this entirely irrelevant, that's great. But I feel it would be a compelling story, a way to facilitate the end of the story of Adonalsium, which has puzzled me as to how that could get a resolution for a while now. It would also allow us to see all parts of the cosmere in this quest to slowly build the Web of a God. I for one would totally be up for reading something about that. But of course, I could be totally wrong about this. I just wanted to try one last time to pull some great theorizing out of my brain, and this is sort of the natural conclusion to my realm of theorization. So, feel free to rip it to shreds or praise it or whatever. I've poured a lot of thought and WoB research into this, so I'm hoping I'm not missing a single WoB that totally topples this theory. Commenters, I'd be happy to hear your own ideas about how a universal method of FTL could be achievable, because obviously I might be missing something here. Furthermore, it is quite possible that in the next two years in which I am gone, we'll get some WoBs that shed light on the topic and totally invalidate this. But this is what I have to offer, one last time, to the 17th Shard. It's been fun theorizing and obsessing over the Spiritual Realm and FTL tech. For those who actually read all the way through this beast of a post, congratulations, you're a trooper. I'll miss being able to drop things like this on you guys while I'm on my mission, and it'll be a while before I can do things like this after I come back, since I'll be so behind on cosmere knowledge. Until such a time, I'll call this post good, and thank everyone for making a community where a nerd-scientist like me could thrive enough to output crazy nonsense such as this, and have it not be the weirdest thing on here.
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    King Iadon's downfall.
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    Szeth-Son-Son-Vallano Truthless of Shinovar wore green on the day he was to support mental health awareness.
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    People when Nohadon makes Shin loaf bread for them:
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    (NOTE: In this thread I am only talking about emotionally intimate relationships. This does not mean that relationships are necessarily romantic or platonic—they can be either—but rather relationships of mutually deep emotional support. Please keep the discussion to this idea—romantic development can certainly be an eventual possibility, but it is not the focus of this discussion.) Before we get into this discussion, let me start by quoting part of a post here to see where this thread is stemming from: One of the things that Kaladin is severely lacking in his life are people that he shares an intimate emotional connection with. To date, there have been two that we have seen either implicitly or explicitly on screen: Tien, and Shallan. This emotional absence is, in large part I feel, why Kaladin is stuck in such a rut. He feels like he can’t confide in anyone, that he has to shoulder this darkness by himself, that no one else can possibly understand what he is going through—and for those of you unaware, this is textbook depression speak. Tien and Shallan both helped to banish the darkness. Tien was a beacon of light for Kaladin, Shallan someone was able to cut right through all of his walls and see to the heart of who he was. Aside from these two, however, Kaladin lets very few people in to see the true him. Who are some people that you think Kaladin could develop an intimate connection with? I have three in mind. Adolin Provided that there is no subsequent bad blood between these two over Shallan (and I doubt there would be, considering), and also provided that Adolin doesn’t spend the whole book around Shallan, I think there is the possibility that Kaladin and Adolin could reach some level of emotional depth. Adolin has shown remarkable insight into Kaladin and what Kaladin needs in trying times. Where I am concerned with this relationship is that Kaladin, despite liking Adolin and enjoying his company, has never really let Adolin in. Most of the “truths” he’s told Adolin are surface level things he’s told many others—such as Dalinar, Moash, and most of Bridge 4. In order for this pairing to work, Kaladin would need to open up to Adolin about his depression and despair, and a whole slew of other things, and Adolin in return would need to not brush off this conversation or divert it to an unrelated or easier topic, as he’s done repeatedly with his wife. Teft Oh, Teft. My heart goes out to you. One of the things that strikes me about Teft is that Teft is familiar with the darkness of depression, like Kaladin. This is a potential bonding point for the two of them. Teft has shown good insight into what Kaladin needs to do, especially with respect to appealing to Kaladin’s duty to his friends and those under his command. Where I worry about Teft is with his addictions. It’s very difficult to develop and maintain an emotionally intimate relationship if one person is constantly relying on the other. Further, Kaladin and Teft are two people who have lived a long time walling themselves off from others—one because he cares too much, one because he worries of failure. In this regard, they are very similar, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing—though I definitely believe that the potential is there for them to draw strength from each other if they could respectively let down their own walls. Jasnah Okay, that groan was audible, guys. Hear me out. I don’t mean this one romantically (though I’d totally be okay for it progressing to that point)—I mean this platonically. Presumably, with Jasnah now as “King” and Kaladin sworn to the protection of the King and his family, these two will spend a bit of time together. Though, yes, Jasnah and Kaladin might butt heads initially, I think there’s potential for both to develop an emotional connection. Their responsibilities are monumentally taxing, and both have had to shoulder their burdens alone for a long, long time. Jasnah has fought every day since her father’s death for a reason, for understanding, and to make the world a better place. Almost as a mirror, Kaladin has fought every day since his brother’s death to help others, to give misfits a place of safety, and to find purpose in his life. Both have lived a lot of their lives in isolation—much of it self-imposed. It’s not a stretch to believe that by virtue of time together, they’d eventually reach an understanding of each other and why they act the way they do, and Jasnah is blunt enough to cut to the heart of Kaladin’s issues without giving him leeway to escape. Kaladin, in reverse, is mature enough to appreciate Jasnah’s independence and drive—and oppose it when he feels the need to, which is something very few people seem inclined to give her. My biggest concern here, however, is that there just isn’t a lot to go off of with these two. A lot of it is conjecture on my part based on my own understanding of their characters. Anyway, what do you all think? Who out there could Kaladin develop an intimate friendship with, based on what we have so far? Because I think this kind of friendship—romantic or not—is absolutely vital to his development from this point on. Kaladin needs friends.
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    Me in junior high school: I am of the Tenth Hightening, I am so Invested in things! me as a junior in high school: now I am just a Drab. unInvested. me as a Senior in High School: now I am Aluminum, I am unable to get myself Invested. At all.
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    Cusicesh fascinates me. A giant spren that appears at the same time every day with dozens of changing male and female faces. I've wondered if its a bondsmith spren that suffered an oathbreaking, or an unmade that got damaged, or an adonalsium spren that got messed up. But an idea I had recently that fits a surprising amount of evidence is that Cusicesh is an Oathgate spren. So I'll call it a hypothesis rather than full theory. "What are you raving about Extesian", I hear you ask, "the Oathgate in Iri is in Rall Elorim". It is. Which is why my hypothesis is that Cusicesh is the result of the Iri stealing the Rira Oathgate. Iri has often had a somewhat domineering relationship with Rira. Iri has two major cities, Rall Elorim and Kasitor. What a wonderful thing it would be to have Oathgates in your two major cities. So they stole the Riran one. Oathgates have oathgate spren in the corresponding Cognitive Realm location that control the gate. What may happen if you physical moved an Oathgate from one physical realm location to another? The spren would presumably not move in the Cognitive Realm. So what happens when you activate the gate then? I'm not sure but something that could happen is the gate malfunctions and traps the spren in some kind of limbo, or perhaps separates one from the other. Either way it causes some kind of short circuit. And say there are a few hundred people standing on that oathgate platform at the time it is activated. People that are about to effectively pop in and out of investiture to teleport. Perhaps they are trapped in some kind of limbo state. Where is the Rira Oathgate supposed to be? Kurth. And where does Cusicesh face? Origin, Axies says. Directly eastward. But what is also directly eastward of Kasitor? Yeah you guessed it. Kurth. TLDR Iri stole the Rira Oathgate and put it in Kasitor. As the spren remained in Kurth in the CR, when Iri activated the gate it short circuited, trapping one of the Kurth oathgate spren, and all the people being transported, in a hideous loop, like a ghost, looking out at the same time each day toward the place in the CR where the oathgate is supposed to be. I know it's a hypothesis looking for evidence, but I think there's some and I think its a fun idea.
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    “Are we sure we want to be putting any trust in the words of a dying kandra, and whispers that we only thought we heard?” Needa held her hands out, as if waiting for the answer. “There’s no literature on the subject of the mist speaking to us, but there is literature on the subject of those under a lot of stress experiencing auditory hallucinations.” “The church of the Survivor teaches us that the Mists were claimed by the Survivor after his Ascension.” Aname stepped forward, gently stroking a silver pin shaped as a spear. “I believe that these voices are true, that the Survivor of Hathsin speaks to us even now, telling us what we must know in order to survive.” There were murmurs of agreement from the crowd. Needa resisted rolling her eyes as the superstition. Her whole life, she had been raised to believe that The Lord Ruler was god. Obviously, he had been lying. He was just a powerful man who took control. Now that he was dead, people were looking for a new god. "You really believe that Kelsier wants you to kill Heer Kilyal, an owl, in order to survive the army of Koloss." There was more hesitation now, but Aname nodded. Needa rubbed her forehead and turned to go. "I'm not going to participate in this tomfoolery. I'm going home." She ignored the gasps of indignation from behind her. She had heard the same whispers they had, and was pretty sure it was imagined, possibly a result of a enemy Rioter inflaming their paranoia and fear. Actually, that was a good theory. She could probably find some evidence of that in the old histories, and show people that they needed to be hunting a rogue Misting, not searching for a new God. She took the steps up to the Library two at a time, sparing no time as she hurried to the histories. She pulled one down from the shelf, skimmed its chapter headings, then grabbed another. Then a treatise on Allomancy. Then a treatise on Inquisitors. Almost two glorious hours of uninterrupted studying later, there was a crash and a woosh from the front door. She dropped her book and ran for the entryway. It was on fire. The front door was down, and fire was consuming the long carpets, tapestries, and furniture. Outside, she could hear a large crowd chanting, “Death to the non-believer! Kelsier died for us, and Survived that death! Kill those who impugn his glorious name!” There were more crashes from deeper in her library, and Needa knew she would not be escaping this. There was nothing else she could do. Senn Conrad III stood out with the jeering mob of Survivorists in the late twilight hours, surrounding the library of Needa Naime. So that was where that skaa girl had been hiding herself all along. Among rows and shelves of books—not the typical hiding place for an inferior peasant. Though was she skaa? The former occupants had been illiterate, and perhaps a much better man, so anything was possible. Conrad dismissed the thoughts from his mind. He had more important things to focus on here. Namely, some inconvenient rumours that Lekal’s men could be traced back to documents in the very building held under seige by the Survivorists. As he stood in thought, one particularly inspired Survivorist leapt to his feet. “We need to break in there and give the heretic that runs this place a taste of the Survivor’s true power!” Some of the mob roared assent. Conrad smiled thinly. A perfect chance to rid Luthadel of its records which might trace him—mobs could be useful like that. Donning his hood, he projected his voice, using a trick he had learned to make it carry just above the hubbub of excited voices. “Burn her out! Take down this symbol of apostasy!” There was a brief pause, and some of the crowd around him took up the chant hesitantly. Conrad bellowed again, clear and loud. “Burn her out! Death to the unbeliever! Death!” The chant was spreading now. Soon, nobody would recall its source. Which was all the better for him. Secrecy of identity was necessary for their mission. And another obstacle to that secrecy had been removed; the mob had already lit torches and begun their work. Taking one last glance into the freshly kindled flames which dotted the roof of the library, and which were starting to consume the building, Conrad stood aside, fading back into the emerging mists. Soon, nothing would stand in his way. Not even that Mistborn. “Is it Kelsier?” Elend looked around the hall, meeting the eyes of each of the Survivors former crewmembers in turn. “I’ve heard lots of myths about the man, but none like this. I know he had that Kandra, OreSeur, impersonate him after his death, but by all accounts, this is something else.” Dockson leaned forward onto his elbows and clasped his hands together. “I’ve know him the longest, and I’m quite certain that if the dead could speak to the living, Kelsier would be the one to figure out how to. But,” he raised his arms and shrugged, “I’m open to other options.” “Well, whatever this mistspirit is, Vin mentioned seeing it before she was taken.” Elend turned around and began to pace, pointedly ignoring the looks the others shot each other. “I believe it is real. If it can actually communicate with the dead, then we need to figure out how to talk to it. There are plenty of secrets that the dead can tell us.” “You’re talking about the Lord Ruler’s Atium stache?” Elend looked back and gave a tight smile. “Breeze’s plan notwithstanding, I’d still like to bribe the armies to go away. It’ll be easier than hunting down all their agents in the city.” Hammond cleared his throat and stood up, “Speaking of, there was another riot today. Ms. Naime was killed. Her library was burned down with her inside. We need to maintain order in the city. I don’t think we can waste time ghost hunting.” “On the contrary my dear Ham,” Breeze pointed, “if it is Kelsier, Vin will obey him. If we get Vin back, she can rally the people behind him, Ascendent Warrior and all, and order and morale will be restored.” “If he deigns to support our noble led government.” said Dockson. “If.” Arraenae was lynched! She was the Librarian! Vote Count: Rae (7): Elandera, Fura, Xino, Devotary, Steel, Rath, CadCom CadCom (2): Coop, HH Maill (1): Lum, Stink Rath (1): Stick Xino (1): Maill Night 2 has begun! It will end in about 22-23 hours, on Wednesday 22 May at 9 PM EDT (-4:00 UTC). PMs are currently open. Please remember all rules regarding the use of PMs; namely, make sure that I am in all of them, that they are only one-on-one, and that you refrain from PMing anybody who is not living and on the player list. Enjoy flooding my inbox again.
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    We all go inactive. For most, it's a few days, but sometimes Sharders just disappear; whether it's without warning or an event everyone knew was coming but dreaded, people go. We may give them a happy sendoff; we may beg an explanation from them until their profile page is covered in forlorn status updates (looking at you, Ap). They might be pulled away by circumstances beyond their control, and we hope for their safe and joyous return every day. This is a thread for them. To say goodbye and hold parties of laughter and tears alike; to type memories and quotes until we're raw. Because everyone deserves that goodbye. And no one deserves to be forgotten.
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    This isn't a particularly new theory, but my husband and I noticed something interesting on our most recent reread of Words of Radiance. (Spoilers will follow) I've seen it postulated before that Shallan's father may have been influenced by an Unmade. We see a hint of this when Hoid (as the messenger) tells Shallan as a child that the things she (and her family) fights aren't entirely natural. In the "No More Weakness" flashback, after Lin Davar beats the maid, he says something that stood out to us: While, at first glance, this seems like typical abuser mentality, it jumped out at us when we realized this is exactly the attitude Odium tried to get Dalinar to embrace when he almost made him his Champion. Odium wanted Dalinar to attribute his evil deeds to mere passion, to the interference of The Thrill. Dalinar narrowly escapes this trap by taking personal responsibility for his actions and accepting them so he can grow. Lin Davar seems to be an example of the opposite-- he decides his rage isn't his fault and that he just needs to be able to express it. He dodges personal responsibility, attributing his deeds to the influence of passion and the doing of others. While this could be just human nature, the combination of Hoid's warning and the similarity to Dalinar's encounter with Odium (who seems to thrive off people "giving him their pain" and passion) makes me wonder if this is further proof of an Unmade influencing the Davar house. Does anyone have thoughts on that, or has anyone noticed further connections to suggest that? There was alot of weirdness in that household-- Jushu's tendency towards excess, Wikim's towards depression and suicide, and Balat's for cruelty and destruction, for example (on a side note, makes you wonder if Balat might even end up as a Dustbringer eventually).
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    Thank you kindly! Some more doodles from downtime at Jordancon!
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    Yay, we're doing this again! I'll change to green in just a sec... I've struggled and am currently struggling with depression, anxiety, OCD (unsure about the severity in comparison to others, but it impacts my life in annoying ways), ODD (which doesn't really hurt me that I can tell, but certain other people in my life seem to consider it a problem), ADHD, and possibly Asperger's or a milder form of autism (we might have me tested; I want to know, but holy crepes it's expensive). That plus the rest of my life is a math problem that even I can solve - it equals absolute chaos. Do I want absolute chaos in my life? Not particularly, but everyone has to deal with stuff - many people dealing with much worse than me, and I'm grateful that I have friends who are so willing to help me. The Shard is one of the more major reasons I'm sane right now - let's disregard the fact that it might be increasing the anxiety; let me just...okay, under the rug, can't be seen. I have you all to thank for that sanity. So. Thank you all. Very much. On the other side of things, I've also heard many people on here express unhappiness with their own mental state. Mental illness (and other problems, including but not limited to struggles with your physical/mental gender, your sexuality, abuse, family troubles, deaths of loved ones and/or health issues, but mental illness is what we're focusing on today) can shove you down, make you feel like you're drowning when everyone else breathes. First, at this point it might as well be a cliche to say it, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you never will be. Everyone's experiences are different, but there are other people with mental illness out there. None of us are breathing, so let's help each other swim for shore. *insert driftwood metaphor here * Second, there is a shore. It might not be the soft, grassy, comforting shore you expected. It might be hard and unforgiving and make you wish you could slip back into the Ocean of Doom, but hold on. If you stay there and don't give up, you can discover that that hard stone is diamond, beautiful and strong and valuable. Just like you. So please live. Keep trying. It will be worth it, and we can all help each other get there. *steps off dramatic stage of metaphors* There's probably also a way to filter it in Photoshop. There was a green default 17S profile picture floating around last time.
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