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    Well I'm not good at memes, and there is more than 260 pages, so most likely some of them were already posted, but here are some of mine: General Brandon: Mistborn: Stormlight Archive: Warbreaker:
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    From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    Starting this Cosmere fanworks year with a little sketch with Kal and Syl
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    This one is coming to you all the way from September of last year, so apologies for the long wait but we like to give the artists we work with as much time as they need with these commissions - we are under no deadline, and we don't want to impose one either. In this case - and in all other cases - the wait has been worth it, as this illustration turned out beyond great! Those of you who have read The Alloy of Law will recognize the iconic "tea's poisoned" scene from about halfway through the book. What you might not recognize is the artist, Rixt Heerschop, even though you may have seen their art in this illustrations depicting the climaxes of Oathbringer and Rhythm of War respectively. They have a good eye for color and composition, and happened to be available when we needed someone for this - so, good fortune all around!
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    Scene: about a month ago Okay so I had a gig for a twin seven-year-olds' birthday party, which was pretty fun. I played John Williams and Hisaishi and Jazz and Broadway and all the cool music. And then a DJ shows up! When I was hired to play for like four hours. Obviously I was very confused, so the mom explained that he was her bro-in-law. But THEN she asked if we could have a music battle! WHAT! So then basically we had a weird playoff that was kinda awesome and weird and he was like adding to my playing with beat tracks and stuff than playing his own stuff. And it was really weird And yesterday he emailed me and asked for lessons. What a weird turn of events (Also the mom asked me to teach her twin sons so my business is booming )
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    Welp… I’m banned from the shard for an indefinite amount of time. Tomorrow’s my last night. It’s something about getting real friends (but the people around me are boring or moral-less) so yeah see y’all when I leave the house. I’ll just go cry now. See you tomorrow.
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    From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    Hoid & Jasnah for tonight's color sketch~
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    From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    First chibi try! Other characters soon!~
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    I don't think it was a conscious decision not to kill Moash. It was more of freezing up. Kaladin has severe "battle shock", or PTSD. And at the end of RoW, keep in mind that Kaladin didn't realize that Moash was there, so he couldn't kill him. And after Roshone's death, Kaladin doesn't want to stab his former best friend in the face when Moash won't fight back. Kaladin usually only kills people in combat, not in cold blood. That's just my input, feel free to continue your opinion!
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    oh dear i missed my shardiversary im fifteen days late apologies im not gonna do the whole @ everybody thing so love yall have a great 2023
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    *rolls sleeves up* *cracks neck* Spoilers for The Lost Metal Alriiight. It's time to get the spoiler ball rolling. It's been almost a couple of months since the release of The Lost Metal - in fact, Tress of the Emerald Sea is now also out and we'll do a commission dedicated to it in February - which means it's time to reveal some things we've been working on. Starting with our first TLM piece, coming straight from the presses (and the ending of the book)! This is, of course, Wayne saving the day with his duralumin-enhanced speed bubble, with an extra close-up of him and Harmony, just for a bit of extra detail. If you were keeping an eye on 2022's #CosmereInktober challenge, you might recognize the iconic art style of one Diego Lopez, whose Instagram page features a few more Lost Metal illustrations, plus a heap of other Cosmere art. Working with him was a pleasure, so don't be surprised if we go to him for a future piece again In the meantime, our January poll closes tonight, so if you are a patron and want to go cast your vote for the next TLM illustration we commission, time is running out!
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    I was looking at the interactive map and timeline, and I realized something. Urithiru and the Nightwatcher Valley line up almost perfectly North to South. That means that the Highstorm hits both of them at the same time, and at that moment all of the Bondsmith spren are Connected. Do I have the faintest idea what happens, or what this could possibly cause? No, but I refuse to believe that this just happened to be the case. Something big is going to come of this.
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    I SAW A CONCERT WITH FRED HERSCH AND ESPERANZA SPALDING AND FRED SIGNED A VINYL FOR ME (For those who aren't into jazz, Fred Hersch is like the best jazz pianist alive right now. He has 15 Grammy Nominations and like 50 recorded albums, so he's actually insane!!)
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    My ear is bleeding. Literally Also Mario Bros 3D World is a bop—me and my brother are almost done 100%ing the game
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    Greetings lads. I have sad news. Normally, I am online at all hours of the day (except night) Today in real time, at 12:44 my time zone, I watched the Shard get blocked by my schools network. My activity rate is now going to plummet because of this. I am so sorry. I don't know what to do. The IT guy at school said he's readjusting the settings so maybe it'll be back, and if so I'll update y'all. but for now, I am very less active.
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    Sometimes it hurts to smile. But you keep trying, I guess Is there a point when life starts to make sense?
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    So You know how I bought a new Chromebook recently? For college? Upwards of five hundred dollars, capable of running all sorts of stuff. Yeah, turns out it’s broken.
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    Thank you guys! I've been part of this community for a long time, so it's really exciting to finally be able to give back to it in such a big way like this! I hope to be a big asset to both the community and the mod team in the future!
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    hey i know this is what my art thread is for but look at this cool drawing i made of @CalanoCorvus anyway i have severe art block so hmu if you want me to draw anything :D preferably book characters or podcast characters (by that i mean TMA) because i like drawing stuff i can't see better.
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    National Abolition of Slavery Day Hell yeah
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    Oh hey, I told kas I would do this. This is officially my first game playing with @StrikerEZ as my FIANCE!!!!!!
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    If If it were meant to be, then may the gods say as such. If you were meant to be mine, let nature show it. If you make me the happiest I ever am, let the birds sing it. If I want to wrap you up in my arms and let the rest of the world fall away, let the stars spell it. If I could kiss all your problems away, I would. If I could marry you now, I would. If I were to try and imagine a life without you, I would break. If there's a way I could show you I love you more than I already do, let the sun shout it. If there's a way to tell you how much you mean to me, Please tell me.
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    *sighs* i love explaining stormlight to my mother as she reads bits and pieces. it's my most favorite thing I love it.
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    \ [12:22 AM; Jan 22, 2023] Ladies, gents, and genderbents; we call this court into session to discuss the reinclusion of Pluto into the Solar System Family. All rise for the honorable judge. [Judge enters] "At ease. Defendant may state their case." [Defending Attourney]: Your honor, let the record show that there are three qualifying factors to make you a planet: Be round (have enough gravity to squish yourself into a ball - known as Hydrostatic Equilibrium) Orbit the sun (obviously) Achieve influencial domination That third one is the one that disqualifies Pluto. Influencial domination means that the object in question has assimilated most or all smaller objects on their orbital path - that is to say, that it has conglomerated enough mass to dominate its sphere of influence. Pluto has achieved no such end result. [Judge]: Very well. May the prosecutor make their case. [Fadran (Prosecuting)]: Your honor, let the record show that this assumption was derived arbitrarily. While it is an effective claim, it is not based in fact or logic. [Defending]: Objection! [Judge]: Defending? [Defending]: Request for source. [Judge]: Affirmed. [Fadran]: The IAU's official term for the third effect is "clearing the neighborhood." There are no official thresholds, values, or proportions to back this claim. It is a simple phrase without any clear meaning. By its definition any amount of debris in any orbit could disqualify any planet, such as a rogue asteroid or even just a speck of dust. [Judge]: Defending? [Defending]: Your honor, while this claim is correct, it breaks down upon further investigation. On the other end of its scale, by removing this definition, any significantly-sized, round object orbiting the sun could be defined as a planet. [Fadran]: Request for source. [Judge]: Affirmed. [Defending]: Here is Wikipedia's list of objects in our solar system by size. The majority of these objects exist in an orbit around the sun. There are, approximately, dozens of these objects. Rejecting the definition of "clearing the neighborhood" would qualify most of these as planets. [Judge]: Prosecuting? [Fadran]: Your honor, the prosecuting wishes to cross-reference this information with this list of gravitationally-rounded objects. [Defending]: Your honor, relevancy. [Judge]: Affirmed. [Fadran]: Your honor, this list provides clear information as to several very specific bodies to be considered in Hydrostatic Equilibrium. In addition to the eight current planets plus the sun and moons, there are only ten other objects listed to meet this criteria. They are Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, Eris, Orcus, Salacia,Quaoar, Gonggong, Sednar. [Judge]: Let the record show that each of these objects have adorable names. [Defending]: Regardless, your honor, to remove the qualifier of clearing the neighborhood would be to speak out against the IAU itself in a decision made based on science that we had nothing to do with. It would violate the trust of our greatest minds and innovators. I call to cede this case to them on behalf of the Planet Earth. [Judge]: Is this your closing argument, defending? [Defending]: Yes. [Judge]: Prosecuting, are you prepared to make a closing statement? [Fadran]: Yes. [Judge]: Continue. [Fadran]: Your honor, the jury, and the world: Ohana means family. Ohana means no one is left behind. Pluto was once our own brother in the Solar System, and to cast him aside due to such arbitrary conditions and lackings of traits is to dishonor our names as children of the Sun and as citizens of the Milky Way Galaxy. We disservice our science, we disservice our culture, and we disservice our brother in spacetime. Let the record show that it is no more than rank distate that disqualifies him as our sibling. It was our human misconduct that pushed aside this deformed ally, friend, and brother. We cast him away to the other belittled and forgotten dwarf planets because we were too blind to see that a brother no matter the shape or size is a brother indeed. I call to reinstate Pluto as a planet! I call to bring our brother home! And if it means we must recognize a dozen others, them let them come! Let us open our doors, open our arms, and open our hearts to the family we have forgotten and cast aside! Is there not room enough in this Solar System for the all of us? I call to bring them home! [Defending]: ... [Judge]: Have you concluded your finishing statement? [Fadran]: Yes, sir. [Judge]: The vote is now taken to the jury.
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    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Made the choice to watch one of those tiktok compilations of all the really sad really heartwarming ones, you know? So now my anxiety is going at it, and I'm writing to get these feelings out, and to make the scenarios stop. And it's bringing back some memories, some unpleasant ones, and dammit but I'm really scudding sad now. So I uh.. I wrote something. Pretty sad, pretty depressing. Based off my personal experiences, past and current. Hope it helps anyone who needs it. If anyone ever feels like they need to, PM me. I'll try and get back to you ASAP, because I'll be here for you. I'll take you under my wings, help you recover. That's why I'm here. To help.
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    I just wrapped up my first shardblade build: Oathbringer Made from HD EVA Foam and a lot of contact cement, paint, and sticky, messy fingers. Support structure is fiberglass, aluminum, and PVC pipe. 66" long “What is a man’s life worth?” Dalinar asked softly. “The slavemasters say one is worth about two emerald broams,” Kaladin said, frowning. “And what do you say?” “A life is priceless,” he said immediately, quoting his father. Dalinar smiled, wrinkle lines extending from the corners of his eyes. “Coincidentally, that is the exact value of a Shardblade. So today, you and your men sacrificed to buy me twenty-six hundred priceless lives. And all I had to repay you with was a single priceless sword.” ― Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings
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    One final announcement (hopefully)! Please welcome @StrikerEZ as SE's newest moderator! We are excited to have him join us after so many years of being part of this community.
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    Isn't it crazy how incredibly emotion-inducing music can be? And how strongly it can connect to certain aspects of your life? Like it can be the happiest song in the world but if it's connected to a sad memory, it can make you cry without fail. It can be a super specific song written for a super specific person that you know nothing about, but somehow still portray your exact emotions. A song can remind you of someone you haven't even really talked to for years, just because you and her sang and danced along to it in your bedroom when you were little, and then make you cry because you miss that and you miss her. It's just...holy scud, I think music is the closest we'll ever get to truly being able to put sound to emotion and I love it.
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    So I was digging around in the arcanum, looking for ways to manipulate time using surgebinding because it's mentioned in WoK prime's double eye chart. You know, as you do. When I stumbled on something completely unexpected. Given what we now know about that scene some interesting things come into play. We know that Shallan had some powers left over from her original bond, and that summoning shardblades brings them back slightly. So when Radiants break their oaths their spren become something closer to Honorblades that work exclusively for them, and have to be summoned in order to grant most of their powers. This has interesting implications if Roshar figures out a way to remove Identity from the deadeyes, or potentially from themselves, as it would mean there are a lot more Honorblade type weapons out in the world.
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    Turtle of the day. Mary River Turtle: Stay turtle!
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    Woooooo first day of school!! I'm not freaking out! You're freaking out!!! Also its my birthday. YAY!
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    LG92: Day One - wcgw >>> Kasimir was removed but saved by Elan! The cycle has begun and will end on Sunday, 29th January 2022 at 1100hrs SGT (GMT+8)! All role PMs should be sent by now. Please alert me or my extremely honorable and underappreciated co-GM @Fifth Scholar if you have not received your role PMs. Please be reminded that PMs are closed. P.S. For players who haven't been GMed by me before, please don't post until I've reserved the second post in this thread for the player list and rule clarifications. Thank you!
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    90 AND A HALF IN ENGLISH LITERATURE OUT OF 100!!!!! 93 OUT OF 100 IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE!!!! I GOT 18 OUT OF 20 FOR MY ESSAY!!!!!!!! AND THE TEACHER SAID THAT THE HIGHEST PEOPLE GET IN AN ESSAY IS USUALLY AROUND 17 (also btw my boards are coming up in march so ive surrended my electronics to my mom, and i only take my laptop back periodically in case i need to study english and i need the merchant of venice translation or something so you wont be seeing me around much for a few months, but ill check in here everytime i have my laptop back : D)
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    Allow me to take you through the acid trip that was today Wake up at 9:30~ish Class isn't until 11:30 - "rest eyes" for an hour Wake up at 12:00 Miss class Be incredible ashamed of yourself for the rest of your day (still am) With nothing else to do (no other classes on Fridays gwehehehe) watch Youtube Oooh! Skurry uploaded a new video! Watch. It makes me cry A youtube video of someone playing a video game makes me cry (It's because it's about a younger sibling who's older sibling is in college and can't play with them anymore. I'm the older sibling. I'm in college). Eat breakfast It's 2:30 now. It's lunch. Linner, really. Go to Board Game Club night (7:00) with Vennie (another Sharder who y'all new folks probably don't know). Start with some normal card game flavored with dragons (get third place out of nine people - hehe) Move to One Night Werewolf (also with nine people). Win several times. Keep randomly swapping out fun cards to keep things interesting. Get hungry Go upstairs to vending machines. Uhh... all this is candy bars and small bags of chips. Those won't feed me. Oh hey Pop Tarts. It's been a minute. Get Return Consuming Pop Tarts on the way back to the One Night Werewolf people Enter room as fellow player (will call them Bob) exits. They say "go away," which think is heckling. Bob leaves Other people return; ask were Bob is Bob has left the game because Bob is allergic to Pop Tarts Bob has left the game Because Bob is allergic to Pop Tarts. Finish Pop Tarts in the back of the room with s h a m e. Call from acros the hall how to cleanse of Pop Tart Wash hands thoroughly Wash face thoroughly Drink lots of water For Pop Tarts Return; people have broken up the game 'cause the Pop Tart incident (shame). Join three others and ask what they're doing. Magic the Gathering They ask if I want to join Figure I might as well. Seems intimidating but I'll give it a shot Be supplied an unopened basic deck that Vennie just has Realize it has no sleeves (duh) so put it back Instead take another deck that someone else just has Learn the basics (quick learner; am smort) Go first because die roll :l Allow me to explain my deck build to you. So as it turns out, MtG is a very optimized game. I know; who would've thunk. People build their decks around a couple specific mechanics so that each card capitilizes upon each others' for maximum results. Mine was built around this thing where you "exile" cards, which is like killing them but not. Usually it's a permanent thing but this deck is full of cards that are only sorta exiled for awhile until you use them all of a sudden to blow stuff up! Also we were playing "Commander," which is a ruleset that means you have a permanent guy with various abilities. Mine summoned wolves every single time I used my not-exiled cards - which was a lot. I had a lot of wolves. I don't really remember much of the game. I was mostly shooting fireballs at Vennie because they seemed experienced and that was scary. What was crazy was that pretty much all of my not-exiled cards got other cards in addition to the wolf cards; and then some gave you even more cards when you get those cards, and then clone those cards to make more of those cards, and....... I just had so many cards out all the time. Doesn't matter 'cause Vennie nuked them. Take 20+ damage in one turn which apparently means I lose the game. Leave
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    Apologies to the Fellowship people for being a lazy bum.
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    So it begins Come spectate! If you bring a friend maybe we can let more people in. I'm not gonna start start it today so I can sleep.
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    A PSA by Star Listen, y’all. I know artists like to draw sexy characters. I’m an artist too, I do it all the time. Muscles are fun! But people? KELSIER AND MARSH ARE DESCRIBED AS LANKY. Not ripped. Not jacked. Not swole. Not buff. Lanky. Do I really have to spell it out? adjective, lank·i·er, lank·i·est. ungracefully thin and rawboned; bony; gaunt: a very tall and lanky man
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    Did...did y'all read the same books I did? I feel like this has become a regular question for me. First, I thought the fact that he was no longer fit for duty was kind of the entire point of RoW? Like, it's a massive plot point. The whole point, actually. He can't do it. He freezes up too much. He can't separate his Oaths from his Duty, and he can't help but see everyone as someone he needs to protect. The moment in OB when Moash kills Elokhar, Kal was literally watching his men kill his men. They were all his people. He'd decided to protect all of them, as his Oath required. So who was he supposed to fight? He broke at that point. His mind literally broke. That's what Mental Illness is. He couldn't cope. He couldn't deal. He broke. He was not fit for leadership from that point on, and should have been relieved from duty on the spot. But he wasn't, not because he's a Coward, but because he's an amazing, inspiring, extraordinarily talented leader. He took men who were less than nothing and made them into one of the most elite fighting forces on the planet. He constantly puts himself into harms way to save others. And g**d***it, he was in the grips of the most severe Depression of his life in the Tower, and yet he still found the courage to stand up and became Kaladin Stormblessed one more time. I don't know if you understand the courage it takes to do that when you have to deal with the things Kal has to deal with. I don't have PTSD, but I do deal with Depression on a daily basis, and makes you believe you are worthless, that everything you do means nothing, and there is no point to moving forward. Sometimes simply standing up and washing some dishes takes so much mental fortitude that I nearly give up. Kal deals with that AND the PTSD, which has scared his soul to the point where he can't make decisions anymore. If there's any ambiguity on who he's supposed to protect, he can't function. And that's literally the point of the fourth book. It isn't to show he's a coward, and quite frankly I am extremely insulted, personally, that you would make that insinuation that someone dealing with mental heal issues is a coward. It's to show HIS COURAGE. It was to show what he's dealing with, that his pain and his scars are real, that they are affecting his life and his men, but that IT"S OK. THERE IS NO SHAME in being asked to step down becaues of your scars. War wounds all people. It is a horrible, horrible thing. And yeah, others went through things that could be considered "Worse" than Kal did. But that doesn't matter. They didn't have Kal's heart, nor his experiences, nor his mental health. They didn't make the same oaths he did, meet the same people, come to care for them, and then watch them murder each other, all while having the heart of someone who CARES. By the end of book four, Kal is the most brave character I've read. Not because he stands up to the Fused or can beat the Pursuer without powers. Not because he swears the fourth ideal and becomes a god among men. But becasue he stood up, at the end, to become Kaladin Stormblessed one more time, while in the grips of Depression and believing deep in his soul that he just didn't have anything left to give. Because all he wanted was for it to be over. And he could have it be over any time he wanted to. And when he lept to his death...that's not cowardice. It's despiration. It's being so overwhelmed that you just need an end. You just need to be done with it. Nothing matters. Nothing is real. It all just needs to end and he just couldn't deal anymore. He had just lost his best friend, murdered by his other best friend, who he could have stopped if he hadn't been so broken. So his friend's death was his fault. He completely understood and internalized this. He may as well have been the one to kill him. Then he watched his father thrown over the side of the tower. The man who taught him, the man who was always there as a child. The one man who stood up to Rashon, who helped people regardless of who they were. The one person in the Tower who didn't deserve to be killed, and he was because of Kaladin. If Kal had listened from the begiinning, Lirin would have been safe. And so he lept after him, knowing he couldn't save him, and welcoming the end at the bottom. That's not cowardice. It just isn't. It's brokenness. It's being unable to see or think clearly because the Darkness inside blacks out everything else. It's the REASON Dalinar took him off duty. Because he understood what was happening. That this Darkness would consume Kal if he didn't have a chance to heal. If he ever did heal. He needed that time, and he needed that closure that the conversation with Tien gave him. He needed to forgive himself, which is something those going through Depression need above all. They need to have compoassion for themselves. To understand they are not worthless just because they are broken. That's what the fourth oath was all about. Forgiving himself that he couldn't protect people. "I accept there are people I cannot protect". It's the same thing as "I forgive myself for not being able to protect them." Do you know what that tells people who read this book who suffer from the same things Kal does? It tells them there is a silver lining. That they can become better. That pushing forward is worth it. And those people can use that to help push against the Darkness when it tells its lies. If you are unable to understand the Darkness and what it is like to live with day in and day out, then I guess you can look at Kal and think him a coward. People have often told those with Depression "It's all in your head" and "Just get over it". As if their feelings aren't real. If you've never been there, then I envy you. But the courage shown by Kaladin Stormblessed may very well have saved my life when I was at my lowest.
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    Well, uhh... That's my first week of college
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    It has happened Thank you, to everyone who helped me to get here, it makes me so happy to know that the content I post brings other people joy. You have given me somthing increadible, and I would like to give back, is there anything I can do for you, any posts you want, topics, pages theories, anything at all that I can do to repay you all for what you have given me?
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    Vasher is Returned, a special kind of Cognitive Shadow given physical form by Endowment. Hoid isn't Returned. He is, quite possibly, a Cognitive Shadow, much like Kelsier, the Heralds, the Fused, etc. He's lived 10,000+ years. He's held a Dawnshard. He's Invested with several types of magic from around the Cosmere. He's changed enough that even if he isn't technically a Cognitive Shadow, he's just as far away from what he was when he could consider himself human (or Yolish or whatever). So he describes himself in much the same way as other entities that have existed too long. But he's not a Returned. I don't think Endowment likes him that all that much.
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    Just woke up from a two hour nap. First time I've napped like that in forever. So that's cool. In other news, I'M A FREAKIN' PURPLE BELT NOW! All it took was a couple dozen bruises and accidentally getting punched in the face every now and then. I swear I gave my master a heart attack though. He's like 70 and very jumpy. We were practicing a more dangerous move together, and my elbow popped (pretty normal for me). I'm also hyper-flexible though, so it bent in a way that made it look broken. I'd feel bad, but PURPLE BELT!! Oh, and apparently if you color on your throat with pencil it scares people. Probably should've considered that in advance. I didn't expect the marks to actually be visible.
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    LG92: N1 - What The Hell, SE >>> Striker was removed. The Night has begun and will end on Monday, 30th January 2022 at 1100hrs SGT (GMT+8)!
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    From the album My Mistborn Stuff

    I just realized that I don’t think I ever posted my Inquisitor cosplay that I did back in 2021 for a Halloween dance! It was a whole lot of fun.
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    Finally feeling better from the sickness that has plagued me the last couple of days. Now It's time for my triumphant return to school—and for me to become swamped with makeup work! Wooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Yay six APs
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    SA2, chapter 65, Shallan's past: I wonder why Malise feels that Shallan deserves her father's wrath. I feel a lot like past Shallan today. The people in power never seem to realize how they're destroying the lives of people under their power, and some of us are broken beyond repair because of it... A couple things I forgot to mention: 1) One could technically argue that Alodin's one against four duel was actually a five against four. There was Adolin, Renarin, Kaladin, we know Pattern also helped, and since Kaladin used Surgebinding, you could technically argue that Syl helped too... 2) I liked how Kaladin thought that he'd actually be happy if Adolin became a Surgebinder. Chapter 66: Loved Adolin in this chapter! So nice to see Adolin and Kaladin starting to become friends. Adolin (1) went to prison as a gesture to Kaladin, (2) gave Kaladin Shards, and (3) believed Kaladin about Amaram (go Adolin!!). Meanwhile, Kaladin... did WHAT? No... Kaladin... I expected better from you... You don't just decide to kill a man because "it will be better for the world". That's not how it works! I assume Kaladin eventually comes to his senses, seeing as everyone in this forum still loves him. I just hope it's soon. Gosh, the characters in Stormlight are so stupid sometimes...
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    I think I just came up with a joke. Please don't kill me.
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