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  2. Only the last kill order will be put in. They'll have a document to coordinate. If the same ships is requested by two players, one of them will get the ship. The other will get as similar of a ship as is available, before the players who did not put in requests get assigned ships. So, if you request a specific Poco, and someone else gets the specific Poco you asked for, you'll still probably end up with a Poco. Any ship that comes back will not have its health refreshed, other than it's shield regenerating. You may only have a single ship assigned to you at a time. The reason assigned is used is because technically eliminators have ships assigned to them that they do not use. Force refers to how much damage is dealt, inclusive of shields. Gunners do have an assigned ship that they cannot use. Attacking a rebel does damage to the turret. When making an attack on Krell, you will specify ship, which will be labeled Krell 1A, indicating what turm they arrived on and what number they are. When making an attack on a player, you will specify player.
  3. But it was another imposter.
  4. Hello everyone. I am new to the series, and in love with the Way of Kings book, though I have only just begun the second part. I look forward to the other books, as this has already drawn me in strongly. I love the lore and wish to learn all I can while I'm here. Thanks for this fan site, and I hope I can positively contribute in any way possible. Rom
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    Seom followed Zan, whistling.
  7. Lisa woke up, and tried to stretch, only to be met with a stab of pain. Confused, she tried to clean her eyes, but noticed her left hand didn't work. Tilting her head she tried to remember what had happened last night, and slowly everything came back. Feeling nauseous she grabbed her left arm, lifting it up to see the grey. After sitting like that for a bit she finally got out of her blanket and slowly stood up, grabbing the blade, and walked over to the others, dragging it behind her. "Hey," she said. "Did anything else happen last night after I fell asleep?"
  8. Excellent post my dude. We've spoken on Ancient Roshar and the nature of the magics a few times and this is a great summary. The two bits I particularly like are regarding Nale never drawing on Stormlight from spheres (How have I never noticed this?). I've always strongly suspected fifth level Radiants would not leak, but being able to use Stormlight like the Fused use Voidlight would definitely be a big bonus. Second is regarding Voidbinding. It would make sense that whatever magic system was used on Ashyn, it would be related to Odium. He may not have been the original source but he may have corrupted something like he has with Roshar. I really really like the idea of "giving in" to Odium causes him to take something from you (Your guilt, your pain, your whatever) and this creates a void in you that he fills with Investiture to grant powers. I like this. It may not work like this anymore (I don't think this is what happened with Amaram) but I like it a lot.
  9. First of all, I’m going to say that everybody that voted Rae = super sus at least until I look a bit more into it I doubt that. As I said earlier, she was gaining votes way too quick in succession for it to be mostly villager votes. I’d even say the elims would have considered going for the Elend lynch is there weren’t like 10 people online near the end of turn. There wasn’t a solid enough lynch by the last 5 hours of rollover, which resulted in that...mess of a last hour. hMmmM. The vote was not counted and doesnt appear to have moved elsewhere. So we can assume it was probably soothed off.
  10. The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett
  11. Lizanne whirled around when she saw the eye in the reflection, watching, staring at her back. Then it was gone. Vanished completely. "Did you see that?" She asked Renata quietly, intensly. "Did you see it? Why should it appear in a mirror and nowwhere else? Why did it watch her? Was it only her imagination, or was it really here. Her hands shook slightly when she searched the sky, the ruins around her as well. Both with her eyes and with the mirror. It was gone. Now it was gone completely. Either she had surprised it, or it had decided to appear and then to vanish again. Carefully she wrapped the shard in a rag and put it in her pocket. She could still feel its glance as it watched her, it was watching her. Invisible, but it was still there. She picked up a stone and threw it at the place where the eye had been, but it fell short, landed on the ground instead. Another try, this time her stone ended up too much to the right. Where had it been, it was huge, but it was hard to guess where exactly it had floated. The memory of Hellbent eating Tish surfaced and she looked around again. It was watching her, observing her. Waited for a mistake, waited to control her as well, to grab her and - The thought made her gag and she pressed a hand over mouth, forced herself to breath slowly. Survive. She had to survive. Bury Tish, then leave search for a better hideout. If anything lived here, this place would be crawling with people soon. Scavengers. Lizanne suppressed the urge to scream, to rush over and shake the others away, to pack the apples and the cheese and flee, get away, get out. Instead she deliberatly turned to Renata, hoping that she had seen the eye as well. @ZincAboutIt
  12. Attayl's face darkened despite the soothing. "Maybe I can help with that at least." She thought for a moment how to best explain it and then nodded. "Elendel is a large city. We have the nobles, the merchants and then we have normal people. There are gangs controlling parts of the city, they each have their own territory. Millet's gang is the one who controls this part and most of the time they stay away from the normal people. My boss usally works for Millet, but now with the Farriers, he is thinking about switching his loyalties. That's why I will meet that guy from earlier again tonight." She made a gestured to wipe her own involvement away. It wasn't that important. And he couldn't change it. Nobody could. As long as her body was pleasant to look at she had a home. Afterwards, she shoved the thought away as well. "The Farriers are said to be cruel, to step over borders Millet never crossed. They long for money and that fast. Their members gain powers after joining and there are so many rumors regarding their leader - they all agree on him being a cold-hearted man, some say he's a mystical being, like the Lord Ruler was. People are joining and that quickly. They will probably take over control soon and then? I doubt they will be satisfied with controlling a part of the city."
  13. I love this one! This is graphically incredibly pleasant. I really like your geometric compositions, the thick to thin lines is really nicely done and I love the sense of balance your compositions have. Also, looking at the # 2 pattern art got me wondering, how big are the original drawings (next to the text the pattern #2 drawing looks like it could be Really tiny)
  14. Brillin was enjoying the dance before the man burst through the window and the entire scene regarding the Farriers, supposedly a gang, and the Scarlets, supposedly another gang. Only the Soothing was preventing him from leaving right now. He didn’t want any gang ties, especially if men bursting through windows was going to be the norm. “I don’t think I need to say I have no idea what you all are saying,” he said. He looked to the overconfident man, who’d just broken down the window. He’d seen many men like that. All the same. He shook his head. “Why are you telling us this?” He asked Lance. “We didn’t exactly ask for your opinion on the gangs.”
  15. Just finished part 2 of Words of Radiance. Hot damnation! What a stretch those last few chapters were. Absolutely glued me to the couch. I love the interludes, but I'm glad this next batch is really short. I need to know what happens next!
  16. Heh, so sorry about this. I had intended to submit something else, but that has not worked out at all well so far. I've stalled at 1,300 words and it's just not working. So, I hope you don't mind, but I've submitted an updated version of Il Rosso E Il Nero and crave your indulgence to have another read through (those who have read it already). It's 500 words longer, and I hope that you will find the issues from last time tidied up and stronger in those areas identified. For those who haven't, I hope you enjoy. Do be aware of the content warnings, please. Here is the spiel from last time: "I put on S for sexual content because it felt wrong not to. D is for implied drug use. SV of for sexual violence although again, it's maybe more coercion, or something like that. BF is for bodily functions, and L is for choice language. Obviously, I'm hoping to sell it to the D1sney Channel. As ever, your forbearance and comments would be greatly appreciated. If you decide it's too much, please feel free to stop reading and castigate me soundly on this thread."
  17. Ah, it's been a while, hasn't it? Argent roaming these boards, crafting theories that are less theories and more "here's how I think things work." It's been gnawing on me that I don't get to do proper theory work outside of brief (but brilliant) ideas on Shardcast, so when I got excited about a conversation happening on the Discord server I decided to put my thoughts in a more structured format. Those of you who don't even know who I am, hello! I am a machine that consumes Cosmere content from one end and produces memes and theories from the other. Hope you find some food for thought. Highlights Roshar has some native magic that's not a proper Invested Art. Although it has three (or thirty) magic systems now, this number was different in the past. Surgebinding could be either of Honor or Honor and Cultivation both, it doesn't actually matter much. The Old Magic is Cultivation's, but it doesn't quite count as an Invested Art. It's more... primal than that. Renarin is a Surgebinder, but Glys's unique composition of Investiture means he can do things more commonly associated with Voidbinding; if he is considered a Voidbinder, he is not a traditional one. Neither the Regals nor the Fused are Voidbinders. Some of the Ashynites were, however. Call 1-800-COSMERE in the next 30 minutes and get a bonus mini-theory about "the greater power of the Surges." Explanation Alright, let's dig in. The Early Days Roshar, even before the arrival of Honor and Cultivation (and therefore Odium) had some serious interplay between the inhabitants of its Realms. Flora and fauna alike could (likely) interact with ambient Investiture, as evident by the nourishing properties of Stormlight (though back then it wasn't quite the same) and the ability of some animals to form symbiotic bonds with spren; the Dawnsingers were, of course, the most spectacular of these, given their ability to form even deeper bonds with spren. A recent Stuttgart WoB compared - and I am both paraphrasing and extrapolating here - the singers' ability to change forms to evolution, only it's kind of Realmic evolution; the symbiotic spren bond introduces foreign Investiture in their Spiritwebs, and the changes in their Spiritual DNA manifest as changes in both their Physical and Cognitive aspects. In other words, singer shapes are the result of natural process. More on that later. Two Shards Cue the arrival of Honor and Cultivation. Normally, I would expect three Invested Arts from a dishardic world, but this does not appear to be the case here. The way Brandon counts them, there are three magic systems on Roshar now - Surgebinding, Voidbinding, and fabrials, with the Old Magic being "kind of its own weird thing." Take Voidbinding away, because it most likely wasn't present this early in Roshar's history, and we are left with... probably two. Now, that's actually not terribly important. There is a few ways you could dissect the original magics of Roshar, but I think what's significant and undeniable is that Surgebinding is related to Honor. Cultivation may or may have been directly involved. The Old Magic is related to Cultivation, and it may or may not be an actual Invested Art. Fabrials can be either a natural extension of Roshar's own native magic, or they can be a formal magic system crafted by both Honor and Cultivation. You could even make the claim that fabrials are of Cultivation specifically, while Surgebinding is solely of Honor. I personally find the association between Honor and Surgebinding particularly compelling. If we define the core of Surgebinding as the act of binding Surges by way of a spren (Nahel) bond, it fits very well with Honor's intent being at least partially about bonds and oaths. Note that this doesn't conflict with the fact that Surgebinders can bond with spren of Cultivation; the kind of spren you bond with doesn't matter, what does matter is the oath and the (partial) merging of Spiritwebs between person and spren. Also note that the complete absence of Surgebinders until sometime after the creation of the Honorblades is not an issue either; the magic system can exist without anyone making use of it. It took some time for humans and spren to figure out how to access it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't there. If this doesn't sit well with you, however, you can take the route of Honor not establishing Surgebinding until after the Honorblades were created. Again, it doesn't actually matter, as this theory is mostly concerned with the mechanics behind the different magic systems. This leaves fabrials. I am not thrilled about treating them as a dedicated magic system, because I've been thinking about them as a mechanical way of emulating natural processes - the binding of a spren inside a gem, something we already established is just a property of Rosharan life. Fortunately, there is some room for revision to this idea that still makes things mostly work out. Yes, what fabrials do is very similar to what the singers do, but where their symbiosis leads to Realmic evolution, fabrials lead to... effects. Effects that are, in some ways, similar to Surges - which makes sense, the Surges are kind of like fundamental forces, so everything will be related to them - but also different from them; no Surge, as we understand it, can selectively draw water from the air, or produce heat, or take someone's pain away. So perhaps it is in these... almost surgical divisions of the Surges that we find room for a standalone magic system. Something that still involves a bond, a thing of Honor (even if modern ones are more about trapping spren than bonding with them), but also requires a (mechanical, apparently) cultivation of the spren's nature, a way to take this seed of elemental power and direct it, refine it, grow it into something specific. Odium is about to crash this party, so let's recap quickly. Surgebinding is of Honor because it's all about an oath-based bond with a spren. If you like to throw Cultivation inside Surgebinding too, you could say that it is not only about the bond, but also about nurturing and growing it. Fabrials probably use a bit of both, but in the context of expanding upon what Roshar's own native magic had already provided. The Effect of Odium Odium, being the unsavory individual that he is, throws a wrench in all of this, of course. I believe that if he was truly Invested in Roshar he would spawn not only his own Invested Art, its interaction with the already existing magic systems would lead to even more magic systems. This, however, does not appear to be the case. Nothing related to him seems fundamentally different enough from what's already there to warrant being called its own system. Instead, what he appears to do is corrupting existing Invested Arts. Very similar to how Trell can show up and build on top of Hemalurgy by introducing his own metal to the mix, I believe that Odium can manipulate Surgebinding (and maybe fabrials; it's not clear whether voidspren fabrials would've been possibly without his will) but not in ways that are too dramatically different from what was already there. Let's go over some places where Odium's presence is undeniable, and see why most of them don't count as independent magic systems. The Regals The Regals - singers who have assumed forms of power - seem no different from regular singers as far as mechanics go. They appear to form the exact same kind of bond they form naturally, only this time it's with a voidspren. Remember how we established that singer forms are just how life on Roshar works? That's why I don't think this is related to any of the Invested Arts, merely a new result of Roshar's Realmic evolution - and Odium hooking into an existing system. The elephant in this room are obviously the powers the Regals get - futuresight (nightform), lightning (stormform), possibly stealth/invisibility (smokeform), but I think this can all be explained by the exact natures of the voidspren involved and by the amount of Investiture they bring to the table. Creationspren - required for artform - don't appear particularly sapient, which I interpret to mean that they are not particularly heavy on Investiture, so there is only so much they can do when it comes to the transformation. The voidspren associated with the forms of power could be both more self-aware and more Invested, which could lead to a more profound effect in the resulting form. The Fused The Fused are... problematic. On one hand, they are kind of like spren, so we could expect something similar to what happens with the Regals, only a much greater scale. On the other, however, they are not simple spren, and don't so much form a bond with their hosts as take over. I would say though, that the mechanics behind their physical transformation are similar to the ones behind every singer transformation - the Fused's Spiritweb fuses with that of the singer, but in a much more invasive way; the physical form of the host retains some of its characteristics (as seen when Venli mistakenly addresses Hariel as Demid), but the Cognitive Aspect is probably completely replaced by the Fused's. I think it's important to point this out because it allows for the Fused to gain access to powers and abilities a singer wouldn't ordinarily be able to, regardless of the type of spren they bond. After all, we are dealing with a Spiritweb that's now much more deeply suffused with Odium's power, so there is a lot of room for unique features. What about their powers though? We know they have access to Voidlight - as do the Regals, for that matter. This is no surprise, as both have a non-insignificant amount of Odium's Investiture in their Spiritwebs, which likely means they are also Connected to him. The same way an Allomancer can tap into Preservation's Investiture because of that (extra) bit of his Investiture in their soul, both the Regals and the Fused can tap into Odium's. It is interesting that Surgebinders are limited by their need to carry around a supply of Stormlight (or be inside one) when their Nahel bond should've suffused their Spiritwebs with enough of Honor's (or Honor's and Cultivation's, if you prefer that) Investiture to allow them direct access - after all, the voidspren involved with the Regals must surely be far less Invested than something like an honorspren, and that bond is enough to let them tap into Odium. I have two solutions to this. One, Stormlight appears to have been designed to have a cyclic nature - it flows through the ecosystem, it leaks a lot (unlike Breath). So tapping into this natural cycle and accessing it as a part of it seems fitting. But two - and this is the spicy one - what if simply none of the Surgebinders we've seen so far have progressed far enough to "unlock" this? The strength of the Nahel bond grows with each Oath, the Spiritwebs of Radiant and spren merging more and more; what if "the greater power of the Surges" is the ability to Invest directly from the Spiritual Realm, like the Honorblades do? The Nahel bond was modeled after them, after all. It isn't real evidence for this, but Nale - who is the only person we know has sworn the Fifth Ideal - never Invests from gems or spheres, even when his Honorblade is dismissed. But that's a different theory. Let's go back to the Fused and their powers. So they can use Voidlight, but what they use it for is something very similar to Surgebinding. We see Fused "fly" like the Windrunners do, we see them glide exactly like the Edgedancers, and we see them don illusions - just like Lightweavers. We also see some who grow and shape their carapace at a rapid pace - which could be a Stonewardy thing. They probably aren't binding Surges, per se, as there is no oath here, but I think this could be Odium's "corruption" of Surgebinding, much like the Regals are his "corruption" of the singer's native magical ability to form bonds with spren. Surgebinding still exists in its original form, but Odium is building on top of it - recall the trellium example from earlier. Renarin Ah, Renarin. What a conundrum you are. I have long been a proponent of the idea that Renarin gets one Surgebinding power and one Voidbinding power, and I think I finally have the framework to explain why. First, I have to accept that his claim to be a Truthwatcher is truthful, or at least an honest one. He appears to wield Progression pretty much exactly like we'd expect a Truthwatcher or an Edgedancer to do. His only other power leads to a very visual form of futuresight - he sees the future. Materializing visuals sounds like the domain of Illumination, and the fact that they are of the future (combined with the fact that Glys is corrupted) suggests Odium to me. Progression and Illumination, great, Truthwatcher*. And the reason it works like this is because Glys - regardless of whether he is a corrupted Truthwatcher spren or not - has a Nahel bond with Renarin, their Spiritwebs are partially merged. Glys, however, introduces some of Odium's Investiture in Renarin's soul, resulting in someone who has a bond with not only the Surges, but Odium as well. The empty pit that sucks in emotion. The void. Someone... bonded with the Void. A Binder of Void? A Voidbounded? I am sure we'll see a term for that at some point... Regardless, what Renarin does is pretty unique and is most definitely not Voidbinding - not entirely, at least. More on that later. The Original Voidbringers Not much to talk about here, but it's worth pointing out that Odium was considered - by the Dawnsingers - to be the human god whom they brought with them from Ashyn, and that it was the powers of the Surges that led to the destruction of Ashyn. The humans there probably had a way of accessing the Surges, not through Honor or Cultivation, but through Odium instead. And upon arriving to Roshar they either abandoned or lost this ability. This would've been Odium's magic system, not the hacks and extensions to the ones native to Roshar. I'd argue that this is... Voidbinding Okay, but what is Voidbinding? If it's not what the Regals do, and it's not what the Fused do, and if what Renarin does is a related to but not exactly it, then what is it? Well, if Surgebinding - the binding of Surges - is about forming a bond (through Honor and oaths) with a spren, a manifestation of the natural forces of the world, a manifestation of the Surges... Then wouldn't Voidbinding be the binding of the Void? Forming a bond with Odium? Maybe there are oaths involved (though they are kind of Honor's thing, so maybe not), maybe it's something that fits either literally or figuratively with the idea of giving up your Passion, giving it to Odium. Instead of Investiture shoring up cracks in your Spiritweb, you damage your own soul, or you give up parts of your soul, and invite Odium in, but what you give up is not gone, it forms a connection (Connection?) with Odium, a conduit for his power. And in return you gain access to the Surges, but not in the same way a Surgebinder would - the forces are the same, but the effects are different. This is what the Voidbinding chart shows! Odium's number may be nine, but there are ten levels of Voidbinding - each "major glyph" in the chart represents a Voidbinding Level (akin to the Surgebinding Orders), and each "minor glyph" represents one of the Surges; only, recall, the powers granted by Odium are different, so their glyphs are twisted versions of their "holy" counterparts. This, I posit, is also exactly what Amaram was doing when he was merging with Yelig-nar. The Old Magic Obviously, very little is known about the Old Magic. Most of what we know about it comes from second and third hand reports in the books, as well as a few WoBs that don't explain the magic as much as they confirm some things it can do. Khriss calls it a "cousin" to Voidbinding, however, and Brandon appears to have confirmed that it is "related" to the disease-based magic of Ashyn while also predating spren bonds. Assuming you are with me on what I think Voidbinding is, we can make some educated-adjacent guesses about the Old Magic itself. The combination of "older than spren bonds" and "related to the Ashynite disease magic" is very interesting, since one of these is very old and the other one appears to be a newer development. One way the two are obviously similar is the concept of tradeoffs - Ashynite diseases make you sick, but also give you power; the Old Magic curses you, but also grants you a boon. Combine this with Voidbinding also being related to the Old Magic (cousins), and you end up with three magic systems that are all somehow related to each other. Here's one way they could satisfy this: The way the Old Magic seems to work is through specific and direct alterations to people's Realmatic Aspects - not too dissimilar from Hemalurgy, actually, only maybe broader. Voidbinding, as I've presented it, involves an injection of Odium's Investiture into a person's Spiritweb - which, on the surface, is closer to Surgebinding (and may, in fact, be), but is also kind of similar to the Old Magic in the way a Shard pretty much directly changes you. Contrast this with Surgebinding, where most of what happens is a result of a gradual change in both Surgebinder and spren; no direct Shardic involvement after the initial setup of the Invested Art. So how are the Ashynite diseases related to all this? They too sounds like a direct injection of Investiture - you contract the disease, it modifies your Spiritweb to grant you powers, and once it's gone, so are the powers. It's obviously not a Shardic-level interaction, but I've always thought that it was the absence of Odium that allowed for these diseases to evolve in the way that they did - similar to the parasitic worms associated with the Aviar's powers. Both would've been Shardless worlds, but with more than just a smidgen of ambient Investiture floating around, allowing for wonky magical phenomena. Kind of like Roshar before Honor and Cultivation, actually. Summary & Conclusion I think this covers all of the notable magics of Roshar. Obviously some things are missing - I haven't talked about how exactly it is that the greatshells' bond with the mandras allows them ignore some of their crushing weight, for example, or about why certain pairs of Surges are considered inherently "natural pairings" - but all the ones I can think of are either minor or far too mysterious to address in this monster of a post (~3200 words so far, if you are curious. And to think that 1000-words essays sounded scary in high school...). My Intent was to look at all of the significant magic systems of Roshar and break them down like an arcanist might, look at their realmatic components, understand how they work and why they work this way - and see if I can apply this breakdown to the systems we know less about. Like any proper theory, its strength is measured by how convincing it appears to its readers and by its ability to make verifiable predictions about the future. We won't know how right or wrong I am about things like Voidbinding or the Fifth Ideal until at least the next book, but I can at least invite you all in to read, think, and comment. Cheers!
  18. The eye waited where she last saw it, reflected in the mirrors surface and glaring balefully at Lizanne's back as she walked past. Staring. Watching. A blink later and the eye vanished from view once more, reflected or otherwise.
  19. "I want to try something." Lizanne knelt down it what had been a bathroom. A broken washing basin lay on top of a shattered toilet and she started to sort through the rubbish there in earnest. "And I'd like to have my own, not borrow it." Because she needed it, would need it more than once. To check her back, to make sure nobody was sneaking around behind her. To peek around a corner. A mirror was useful for a lot of things. Even a broken piece of one. She saw something glitter and shived a stone aside, saw a maybe fingerlong shard. Small, but perfect to carry around. Plucking it out of the dirt she wiped it on her pants to clean it and then stood up again. "Found one." Turning around, so that she was facing away from their camp she peered into the mirror, moved it around, especially at the place where the eye had lured out of somewhere else earlier. @Voidus
  20. "Nothing happened in the night," Renata answered, beginning to help Lizanne poke around in the rubble for bits of broken mirror glass. "That lighteyed woman - Aderet? She may have a mirror. Seems the type. What do you need it for, anyway?" @Sorana
  21. "Well enough." Lizanne replied and tested her leg again. Better. Hopefully it would carry her through the day. She forced herself to smile at Renata. "Did anything happen?" She asked to bridge the silence and then saw a piece of glass lie around, reflect the sunlight. Carefully she picked it up and lifted it, looked into it's reflection. Reflection. "Did you see a broken mirror somewhere? I need a broken mirror." She started searching close to their camp, but planed to draw her circle larger and larger. The bathrooms. They might be a good starting point as well. @Voidus
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