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  2. Sometimes. Depends on who I'm RPing at the time.
  3. Truthless walked over to the party, infinite doughnuts in tow. “Who wants donuts?” He asked. Random question: do you spell it doughnuts or donuts?
  4. Xino/Xinoeph, you changed forms midconversation. Just wondering if that was intentional.
  5. plot

    “Then why don’t you go and talk to Mr. Silence about that?” She said sardonically. She popped open a bottle of gin and took a big swig.
  6. main plot

  7. @sheisrysn This is wonderful! I love it! You are a wonderful singer! That song was lovely
  8. Yeah, given his surprisingly early introduction and the amount of appearances we get from Rayse in OB I would not be shocked if he died at the end of book 5. I expect we will get a lot of him in Book 4. He won’t visit Dalinar anymore but he may still talk to Venli and Mr. T and it’s Venli’s book. Im not sure he can be the big bad for 7 more novels if he is all over them this early. I don’t know what the back 5 will be about if he does die in book 5 though. I’m holding out for an unmet Shard being the big threat after Stormlight. Or a Hoid heel turn.
  9. “That’s good,” Rob said, thinking about how he hadn’t deleted his search history today yet. It wasn’t that he browsed anything wrong, just that he didn’t want to have to explain why he searched things if anyone accidentally saw. “But first you all need to rest.”
  10. Yeah, sadly that whole plot sort of died and my shiny new character was never used
  11. Ben stood up and tried to stretch, then immediately regretted it. “Yeah, I don’t think the police station is too far from here.”
  12. Do you also know all?
  13. I never leave. I see all.
  14. Well, we generally all do that together, don't we? I mean, definitely we take suggestions, but everyone has input. Then again I've only been around for a few rounds, so.
  15. The epilogue of Oathbringer where Wit insults the Thaylen man then find out that the man didn't speak Alethi and then decides that repeating it all in Thaylen would be monotonous cuts in front of the man instead. Slightly off topic but would somebody clarify this for me? It's driving me crazy!
  16. I don't really have anything serious to say at this current moment, I'm just posting to point out something funny. Set-in-stone canon. Literally set in the stone beneath the city.
  17. I think @RayOfSunshinemeans that they want to pick the topic.
  18. A Kraken, well, lol, that is definitely something interesting. Now that I think on it though, a semi-tidal environment could be pretty fun. If my idea is approved, I'll contact you with a few questions. :]
  19. “This is starting to sound suspiciously like a plot starting.” Ghanderflaffle said, looking at SoT and xinoehp. Xino I have no idea which persona or whatever it is that you are using, so that works.
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  22. "Do you want me to do something with him?" asked the man.
  23. Xino smiled. "Do I not count as company?"
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