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  2. Reason 7: The oceans were drying up, making them much higher above sea level than before.
  3. Correct. I was not requesting to sub.
  4. The Aforementioned Reason 5.23859487247934571 (Which Alcatraz's proximity made come after 6, obviously): They were not throwing away their shot. (Their poor counting ability was due to the regular interruptions of their childhood education regimes by large hurricanes. As such, they learned to sing and to dance surprisingly modern looking hip hop numbers, but never to do math. Hopefully, none of them will ever get a job working with money or anything like that. That'd be bad.)
  5. Reason 6: Alcatraz was there.
  6. Reason 4.7689: They weren't sure how to count and included every decimal point out there, even 7.000000000000000009 and 5.23859487247934571.
  7. It'll be okay. Like you told Zelly, just keep putting one step in front of the other. Things will get better. *hugs*
  8. I'm not. Cadmium Compounder. We always need to generate lynch discussion. Yes, we want to prevent the all lose scenario of the Krell winning, but we can't afford to ignore the Gunners.
  9. I’ve always imagined Taln as Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.
  10. Four thousand?! That's amazing. Congratulations! I don't have any funny questions for you (sorry to disappoint) but I do have a random one that I thought of a while ago but haven't had a good opportunity to ask anyone until now. I'm asking based on the assumption that you've read a foreign language copy of a Sanderson book at some point. (If you haven't, just ignore this.) Anyway, Brandon likes taking ordinary words and turning them into names or magical terms. Usually, when a book is translated, names aren't changed unless they're problematic. But do you know if the same holds true for words Sanderson has hijacked? For example, is the Shard Honour still called that, or is it altered? What about investiture? I don't know why I'm thinking about this stuff, but now that I am, I'm super curious what editorial decisions get made during the translation process.
  11. We aren't super strict about this, especially since submissions are already staggered by nature with many of us in different time zones. Also, you can critique the following Saturday/Sunday if you prefer, and you'll even still be within that week's submission cycle! There's certainly no expectation that we respond to critiques as soon as they come out.
  12. main plot

    Edahs hesitated. Maybe? he thought. It certaintly felt familiar, like some trace of his old power was resident in this new being. Unable to decide, he continued making his way towards the Plasmacore building, making slight inquisitive explorations into the mind that had spoken to him. @ApatheticTeenager
  13. Keep in mind that Radiants can also be actively feeding stormlight to the plates while within, kinda like a passive regeneration effect that allows prolonged use, but they also lose potential investiture to bind with. IIRC Kal notes a loss of stormlight after the fight.
  14. Keep in mind that Radiants can also be actively feeding stormlight to the plates while within, kinda like a passive regeneration effect that allows prolonged use, but they also lose potential investiture to bind with. IIRC Kal notes a loss of stormlight after the fight.
  15. Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? 4 or 76? Playing a game of chess against one another, who would win: Kelsier or Dalinar? Playing a game of checkers against one another, who would win: Spook or Pattern? Do you use a needle threader? Or, better question, how do they even work? Why was it invented? Who wasted their time coming up with an invention that's such a bother to figure out how to use properly? (Those things that keep me up at night... ) And finally, want a cookie? (Hemalurgy-free, TUBA certified)
  16. I always thought of a gyro when I heard of chouta, and I love conversations like this where we get a little glimpse into other people’s envisaging of Brandon’s stories. Always Interesting.
  17. Yes, unless they're the Traitor. If they're the traitor, they then gain the SK win condition.
  18. Reread and understood the rules. Let's do this. There's 1 vote on Ark and 1 on CadCom, so currently there's no lynch. I'm fine with keeping it that way for now. And unless I'm missing something, there are no vote manip roles that we know of.:D @Steeldancer when lynched, a player is out of the game completely, right?
  19. Reason 4: They did a lot of raising the roof.
  20. Beyond Ragnarok, a book with fantastically named characters like Xyxthris and Dh'arlo'mé, neither of which make for easy reading. (Hence why it got cannibalized instead of read.) Thanks!
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  22. Reason 3: The Ottoman Empire had made a large investment in the yeast trade.
  23. Seth stood in the corner, away from everyone else. He'd gotten tired listening to those people talking about the Krell being some sort of bunny, whatever that was. So, he'd decided to come here and sulk for a bit. Hey, I just wanted to say I probably won't be able to post again this cycle because I'm leaving for a grad party soon, and that'll be over after this cycle is over. Sorry I couldn't RP more either, I couldn't come up with anything else to say. Feel free to have your characters interact with Seth in any way you want!
  24. main plot

    Darkness raised his eyebrow as Mike ran off. "Some girl," he muttered. To the rest of them, he said, "Well, I'm forcibly taking command now. Wes, Zan, cover me right and left flanks. Seom, hang back to heal us if we get injured. It's time to go in." He ran forwards, killing a guard with a punch to the throat on his way. @I think I am here. @Turtle373 @Sherlock Holmes
  25. I don’t feel I can contribute much more than has already been said especially coming this late to the story but I did read it!
  26. I don’t think a roleblock would show up as an attack on HH that he survived though.
  27. “Wait!” Lunamor tried to throw up his hands, but the chains prevented him from doing so. “You don’t wanna do that.”
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