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  2. Nice!
  4. I NEED TO EAT THAT Luna grabbed as many donuts as possible and ducked and covered.
  5. It indicates my pondering of the answer.
  6. The main plot gets put on hold sometime after book 5. Considering book 12 was to be the last before Jordan passed and then Brandon looked at the notes and was like “this is way too much plot for one book” and they made 3. Books 6-10 less happens and yet there was SO much left that “needed” to happen. There are a lot of lengthy descriptions of tertiary characters’ clothing and things like that. That said 6 and 10 are the only ones I really didn’t like.
  7. Yeah, like jelly filled, except it's lemon flavored, and it's not exactly jelly. Rebecca wacked the creeper with her diamond sword.
  8. Luna attempted to push the creeper out a window.
  9. Truthless grabbed all of the creme fill donuts he could carry, then proceeded to run away from the flashing creeper.
  10. ...lemon? Luna ate some Boston Creme ones.
  11. I prefer the Palona Kandra theory if she has to be more then what she says she is but I still like her as human most.
  12. Rebecca cheered for donuts and grabbed some jelly filled and lemon filled ones. I spell it like that. ^
  13. I lie down corrected.
  14. A random voice shouted "Creeper!"
  15. I had a discussion on how I thought the Atium we see in the Mistborn trilogy was an alloy of electrum but someone up high shot it down. I was sure I saw a WoB or something that said the Atium from the pits wasn't the pure form of Atium but there are so may WoBs on Atium that I never finished searching through them to find it. But, yea, Atium does seem to do the opposite of electrum. Electrum allows you to see what you will do in the next few seconds, Atium lets you see what everything around you will do in the next few seconds. The fact that they essentially cancel eachother out always seemed off to me considering Atium is a Godmetal and electrum is not.
  16. What does that mean?
  17. To be honest I don't care nearly enough about this to argue anymore. I will say that the presence of all the 40k stuff lends itself to other people wanting to add more non-Sanderson and non-original elements into the rp. If you get to have your random magic system, why can't someone else, etc. But again, I don't really care enough.
  18. Sorry for not touching on the main topic of discussion, but be careful about this. It's one thing to bring it up when it's relevant, and another thing to talk about it constantly. It's been said before that this is a difficult time for the mods - they have a lot to talk about, we should try to make it easier for them. Edit: Also, you could always RP them leaving the Alleyverse, if you're specifically attached to these characters, and make a WH40K RP with them. It wouldn't be canon to the AV, but it could still be canon to you, and that way you wouldn't lose the characters. Not the best suggestion maybe, but another one that could work.
  19. Hmm...
  20. Edit: You can skip the last bit. It’s more of a tired rant, and doesn’t really have relevance to the debate. Note that that is not what Ark and I are saying. All we want is to keep Space Marines, and the technology that is directly relevant to them. Personally I wasn’t all for it when psykers where added, because Epics can do pretty much the same thing. So, WH40K NPCs function rather similarly to the Precursors. Their a cool background element, and do frequently play in, but mainly are just there. Like, a scene setting write up might be, “As he walked though the horse of criminals and cultists he saw Blood Radiants, Chaos Marine, Cannibals, and many, many others,” or on the other side, “As she looked over her assembled forces, she saw Precursors, Space Marines, TUBA soldiers, GB warriors, and many, many others ready to fight for the Alleyverse.” They rarely cause very much actual effect, but more are just there. Now, I do not want this to be used as a ‘Well Woodrack said this, and he’s on your side,’ thing, and I don’t mean that they don’t really matter, I mean, at the Battle of the Den, they were a background element, but still played in, quite a bit. As in, the Precursors should not be removed simply because their a background element, because they hav actual relevance to the plot line. What I’m saying is, while they are a background element, they are a cool and important background element. While I am not against a limit based on number of PC characters, this does force me and Grey Knight, to keep our Space Marine characters indefinitely, at least until this is lifted, even though I know exactly how I want mine to die, in about two eras. Essentially, we either keep these characters until they would be dead of old age, or we let the guild, and franchise we love, leave this rp, which we also love. Personally, I find the fact that this is still up for debate to be very annoying, but I get why it’s happening. Old members of the rp want to try again, and new members of the rp don’t understand why a franchise that has no correlation to Sanderson, is in the rp. I would greatly prefer that this is closed of forever, but I recognize that that will never happen, as if we lose, the next time someone tries to add something, at least I will, it will be haunted by The Black Crusades ghost, because we will bring this up again, and try to get it renewed, or if we win, it will never stop being challenged by people dedicated to removing it from the rp.
  21. Luna raised both hands. I spell it both ways.
  22. main plot

    With some type of magic would be faster, but it's up to you. Eh, she has Stormlight Deteca felt herself be picked up, registering the fact that Zokora was carrying her. She tried, with effort, to think through what had happened and was happening. The monster they'd been fighting was dead. It hadn't been there when she'd woken up - from apparently passing out, but not for long - and Walker had said it was gone. Her thoughts gave out to numbness; a few minutes passed before she regained the drive to be again. So, it was gone. How had it died? Perhaps Neil had gotten in a good blast of energy. Confronted with no more ideas no matter how hard she tried, Deteca exhaled and let herself drift for a bit again. She was set down, but didn't open her eyes. Even if she'd had the strength, even if she'd wanted to, Deteca still wasn't sure she would've opened her eyes. It was so much easier not to struggle against this. @Sorana @xinoehp512 @Darth Woodrack (because I assume your person is following us on Walker's orders?)
  23. Sometimes. Depends on who I'm RPing at the time.
  24. Truthless walked over to the party, infinite doughnuts in tow. “Who wants donuts?” He asked. Random question: do you spell it doughnuts or donuts?
  25. Xino/Xinoeph, you changed forms midconversation. Just wondering if that was intentional.
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