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  2. Thanks - that answer that issue. I didn't know that.
  3. (After all, no one would be stupid enough to press the big red button of doom. Right?)
  4. Weren’t we supposed to tone down recruiting?
  5. (Nobody knew how it would have helped, but they still put them there.)
  6. Draug swam in a churning sea of darkness. All around him, he could hear the whispers- indeed, they were all that he could hear. As always, he couldn't make out the individual voices; instead, he received impressions, pieces of thought or memory that sank through him to the very core. She was strong, now. Or maybe he was just weak. But he seemed closer to Falling then he ever had. It wasn't just that people had died. It wasn't just that Radiants had Fallen. It wasn't just beecause he knew that he wasn't strong enough to stop it. After all, he faced that every day of his life. It was because he could feel how powerful Sha-thoexis had been. It was because he could feel how weak the Radiants had been before her. It was because he knew that no matter how hard he tried, he would never be strong enough to defeat her. In that instant, he almost let go. But something stopped him. A voice- soft, but distinct- whispered a single word. Protect.
  7. (They had been put there in case of zombie apocalypse)
  8. main plot

    "No fair! You're cheating!" Dawn yelled. "Am not!" Brethren retorted. "Tapping is perfectly legal, right Free?" "It hasn't been made against the rules. Yet," Unity said. "Actually, it has been," Compile piped up. "as of two days ago. The Rules of Racing, Part 17, Article 4: The use of Investiture hereby disqualifies one from winning." "Why are we arguing over this?" Unity asked. "Because we're us. First one to the hangar wins!" Precious called. The sound of retreating footsteps carried down the hallway towards Crow. @ApatheticTeenager
  9. Reason 2(3.14): That big red button had caused the rocket thrusters underneath the empire to ignite.
  10. I've heard a lot of discourse over which of these is actually going to end up being a thing, but never how much each one is shipped. What is your favorite pair?
  11. Nalthis Round - Wave 2 Storm it all to Ashyn. I just realised I messed something up fairly royally. But you'll find out what eventually. Puzzle 4: Turning Test Puzzle 5: Vertigo
  13. main plot

    Who's gaurd?
  14. I don't know, from what I've seen, their games, though acclaimed for their lore, center themselves too much around gameplay and too little around story. I for one, wouldn't like a boss rush with the story being item descriptions and 30-second cutscenes every five hours. Not if we're talking about a Sanderson adaptation.
  15. Reason 0: Someone had pressed the big red button of doom.
  16. If EA was making it, then the game would be a disaster. Honestly, the games industry is changing a lot, and I’m not sure who I’d want to make Sanderson’s books into games. Also, I think the book-based games would be more difficult to make appeal to the mainstream. Most studios would see it as taking a huge chance.
  17. Hey, could I get a copy? Thanks!
  18. Reason 7: The oceans were drying up, making them much higher above sea level than before.
  19. Correct. I was not requesting to sub.
  20. Today
  21. The Aforementioned Reason 5.23859487247934571 (Which Alcatraz's proximity made come after 6, obviously): They were not throwing away their shot. (Their poor counting ability was due to the regular interruptions of their childhood education regimes by large hurricanes. As such, they learned to sing and to dance surprisingly modern looking hip hop numbers, but never to do math. Hopefully, none of them will ever get a job working with money or anything like that. That'd be bad.)
  22. Reason 6: Alcatraz was there.
  23. Reason 4.7689: They weren't sure how to count and included every decimal point out there, even 7.000000000000000009 and 5.23859487247934571.
  24. It'll be okay. Like you told Zelly, just keep putting one step in front of the other. Things will get better. *hugs*
  25. I'm not. Cadmium Compounder. We always need to generate lynch discussion. Yes, we want to prevent the all lose scenario of the Krell winning, but we can't afford to ignore the Gunners.
  26. I’ve always imagined Taln as Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.
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