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  3. I already said something similar this on a different thread relating to Hoid but that was before I found this one but a friend of mine pointed it that since Hoid had bonded to a Spren he is, for now, stuck on Roshar. So he had to have a good reason for bonding. Also I really want to see a conversation between him and the Cryptic. Especially if that one's anything like Pattern.
  4. Luna did. ”KABOOOOOM!!!!!!”
  5. This contradicts what I said but it's the only thing I found that really touches on this. I'm not really picking up on what the editor's note is implying, maybe someone else knows the answer to that or can puzzle it out?
  6. Yes please!
  7. Xino is a nickname. Same person. "Of course you do. I just..." SoT trailed off.
  8. An acceptance of your answer.
  9. Was what would have been said had someone cared enough to say it.
  10. Totally unrelated question - do the canonical Ghostbloods still exist in the Alleyverse? I don't know if I've ever heard it touched upon, which is surprising, since you'd think it'd come up eventually.
  11. I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR YOU MY CHILD Wanna read part of my sequel to the Augury that has nothing to do with the roleplay? If not I'll come up with a new answer, there's always another one. Much like secrets. What has your pondering brought you to?
  12. They're storming delicious!!! Then.........KABOOOOOM!!!!!!
  13. Nice!
  15. I NEED TO EAT THAT Luna grabbed as many donuts as possible and ducked and covered.
  16. It indicates my pondering of the answer.
  17. The main plot gets put on hold sometime after book 5. Considering book 12 was to be the last before Jordan passed and then Brandon looked at the notes and was like “this is way too much plot for one book” and they made 3. Books 6-10 less happens and yet there was SO much left that “needed” to happen. There are a lot of lengthy descriptions of tertiary characters’ clothing and things like that. That said 6 and 10 are the only ones I really didn’t like.
  18. Yeah, like jelly filled, except it's lemon flavored, and it's not exactly jelly. Rebecca wacked the creeper with her diamond sword.
  19. Luna attempted to push the creeper out a window.
  20. Truthless grabbed all of the creme fill donuts he could carry, then proceeded to run away from the flashing creeper.
  21. ...lemon? Luna ate some Boston Creme ones.
  22. I prefer the Palona Kandra theory if she has to be more then what she says she is but I still like her as human most.
  23. Rebecca cheered for donuts and grabbed some jelly filled and lemon filled ones. I spell it like that. ^
  24. I lie down corrected.
  25. A random voice shouted "Creeper!"
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