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  2. I mean...I know I wouldn't do that in your position if it were me. If you are an elim and this is the reason that you're doing this, that's kind of unfair for your teammates. Though maybe you already asked them and they were on board with it since you already had some suspicion anyway? I don't know. I thought I had some idea of what was going on in this game and now I'm just confused.
  3. My point was that the cloud would be stronger.
  4. All true, yes it looks less likely. (Scadrial)
  5. Either way a lynch is preferable to us not knowing. If you pull good and were messing around it changes some things up. If your elim it secures some current thought processes edit: lynch or kill. A good clarification
  6. Or maybe I just have a boring role this game, and am trying to die to participate in the LG?
  7. He did not then. He is lerasium level and probably a savant as well.
  8. I would think the insides of a giant magical fire breathing beast would stand a good chance at being fatal, even for Hoid. That or they give him the ability to psychically speak with dragons via color and sensation(or something more cosmerish). After all, he is from Yolen, and that's what happened in The Pit Dragon Trilogy Jane Yolen wrote
  9. ...Well, I guess Karnage isn't lying. I wasn't expecting Straw to come on and troll. And apparently Pyro might actually be an elim? Maybe he's just a villager messing around? But what would be the point of that? I guess it would be a good idea to have someone kill Pyro? Though it might also be a good idea to have someone kill Fura too, what with that whole targeting Araris thing too. And if I remember correctly, it seems Pyro's the one who spread the idea that there was someone else who targeted Araris as well. If/when Pyro flips elim, we can assume that person is village, I think. I don't think it'd be a good idea to tie the votes on Pyro and Straw. Leaves way too much room for vote manipulation. If we're wrong about one of them, then we end up lynching a villager (as the elims probably have vote manipulation and will save the one that's actually an elim). Wow this has been quite a crazy game already. Over 250 posts in the first day, and now this? Dang. EDIT: apparently trolling=voting. Straw has been trolling, not voting.
  10. Maybe the use of the aliminum gnat is in case you made a wrong action and want to cancell it?
  11. True. However He does not need to worry about life sense inside a greatshell He know has a Cryptic to shield This may tell us whether one can soulcast or talk to a Spren telepathically while using copper the shell may just be much louder
  12. Bought Pandora quartz. Not getting much playtime today. Headache after dentist so I took ambien way earlier than normal.
  13. Who? Me trolling? Never! I am being very analytical, and I’m always open to talk!
  14. The whole point of a Radiant character is to progress them through their oaths. Honestly, there has got to be a way to allow for this, otherwise we're just reducing a Radiant to its power level instead of the interplay between progression and brokenness.
  15. Ugg. That's what I get for skimming through the thread instead of reading everything. Pyro's probably going to be action killed this cycle, so no point wasting a vote I guess. Well, because I can't just retract my vote I'll move mine from Pyro to Straw.
  16. this edit: it's okay it's a lot of posts of sift through. I've been lucky and have stayed mostly on top and I'm still lost
  17. Right now I have slight(ish) elim reads on pyro and maybe Arraenae? I dunno. My biggest village read is orlok(if only because of the analysis, because I feel like an elim wouldn't spend the time to do that high amount of analysis. Of course, the purpose of it could be to get people to think that, but I'm leaning village). I'm also feeling village for Reading as well, though it's pretty much purely gut based, and TGK is making me feel village as well. So, IMO Straw is about 85-90% chance elim, probably on the higher end of the percentage. seeing as Straw has at least 10 more votes then anyone else(I think), putting another vote on them seems kinda useless. I'm going to place my vote on Pyro because they are second in line for those I think are elims(straw's first).
  18. Blood waffles. That not what they are. It's got to be icing sugar on a strawberry or raspberry or cherryberry jam, right. Can you just go on record super duper quick as to what topping is on those pressed pancakes of deliciousness, otherwise I'm going to have to put the O.o in blOod waffle and ask several more slightly concerned questions. 

    This is about your profile banner, by the way. 

    Also hi how's it going, sorry to interrupt

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  20. Huh, only 15 from the end of page 1000. You could probably get there today. 2216. Again, from the end of page 1000. While trapped, he studied lore.
  21. Welcome to the Shard! Hope you have a fun RP experience!
  22. Welcome to the Shard! Careful or you might get spoiled (seriously there are spoilers everywhere, tread carefully, mate)
  23. On another note, f#
  24. And me in first?
  25. I have a bit of a question for the mods regarding my character, if that's okay. I'm planning for this era to have a bunch of character development for Aln, and I'd love if that could culminate in her swearing her next Truthwatcher oath. I broached the subject of swearing the next oath a year ago (when I was very new), and was given some very helpful feedback on my character, and was told to RP with her a bunch more before that could happen. I was wondering if I might be able to pose the question again now? I understand if it's impossible, as her score is already pretty high, but I thought I'd at least check. She's entirely non-combative, and the main reason to swear the oath would be for the personal development, not the power upgrade. Again, if the answer is no, that's perfectly fine. I'm also happy to send more details on the subject. Thank you.
  26. A sanderfan mistook him for a Word of Brandon and trapped him in Arcanum also, how many more posts do I need here before I’m in 5th place?
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