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  2. Yeah that makes sense. Nice point
  3. I knew where that was going as soon as you said he didn’t have a nose anymore Granted, but it’s permanently pointed at a distant star hundreds of thousands of light years away. You can barely see it, but you know it’s there. No one else will believe that it exists, though. When they look through the telescope, all they see is darkness. At first this hardly bothers you; others must just have as good vision, right? But eventually you glance at a star chart and realize that it isn’t marked. Things seem... empty where it’s supposed to be. You buy a more powerful telescope, and this time you can clearly see it, a ball of white fire. You are extremely excited- you’ve found a new star, after all! You try and get others to see it, but they still can’t. It seems obvious to you, so bright that it hurts to look at. Yet it is invisible to everyone else. You eventually manage arrange a meeting with a prominent astronomer. They should be able to see it. It’s their job, after all. But after you spend hours setting up the advanced telescope, positioning it in just the right spot, letting the burning sun hover right in the middle of the lease, they just shrug their shoulders and claim that nothing is there. You storm off the rooftop in a fury, leaving the expensive telescope there. The star soon consumes your life. It’s all you talk about, all you think about, all you dream about. You can always see it floating in the center of your vision, slowly spinning in an entrancing circle. You spend every night staring at it though your first telescope, wondering if you’ve gone mad. The faintly flickering light slowly drives you insane until you finally push the telescope out a window, watching the glass shatter against the ground. The glinting shards seem to mock you from below. Never again will you see the star; without that telescope, it’s gone. You are doomed to spend the rest of your life staring at an empty space in the sky, searching for a glittering light that may not even exist. I wish for some chocolate cause I’m kinda hungry.
  4. game

    Sanderson over Harry Potter over Twilight We need to make this topical, hold on. WYR hands wash clothes or hand wash dishes.
  5. game

    The Chemist is good, yeah. The Host is fantastic. And Twilight is good too. It has about the same amount of romance as The Chemist, which seems to be most people's main complaint, and I should stop now before I start ranting XD What's the list? (And seriously, I have no idea why but I wanna duel someone, do you want to fight me )
  6. A tall, broad shouldered man in a festive ensemble walked through the doors, ducking his head beneath the low door frame. He walked up to the counter and slammed his palm down. "How much for a room?" @Elend Venture
  8. game

    I will admit, @AonEne The Chemist by the same author was pretty good. I still think Twilight will be bad though. And I would participate, but I haven’t roleplayed in a while. Sanderson ————— Harry Potter ————— Twilight
  9. game

    Not here, I need to see if the other people I quoted are for it. This is a legit thing I'm doing, don't ask me why, I don't know, but it's happening
  11. Another atla meme Adolin and the gang.
  12. Truthful ran faster, only to realize that he had in fact been running on a treadmill the entire time.
  13. main plot

    @anyone still RPing
  14. Luna ran after him, holding an angry goat (hence the goat nosies).
  15. "Life before death, strength before weakness, awkwardness before conversation"
  16. NOT AGAIN Edit: You're a scholarly person , I bet you'll do great.
  17. Thanks! It's only my second tournament, so I'm a little nervous. Granted, but your boon is that your computer breaks. I wish that I had a good telescope.
  19. game

    *pulls out double glocks, and starts to shoot them in the air. Charges towards Ene firing them both into the air letting out war whoops*
  20. Thanks! (I'm sorry they're out of order - makes it harder to read the words...) Bring a book to school and leave it on your desk. Hopefully they'll come to you. If not, next chance you get to talk to them, say "My friend online insists that I be social and greet you, so [SA quote here]!"
  21. Gosh darnit, I would upvote this, but I used all of them on the Game (you just lost), so have a verbal upvote!! Granted, but your bane is that I learn it first, and then use it to force you to kill many kings with a magical blade that gives you powers and appears out of thin air. I wish to be able to type fast.
  23. That sounds totally normal to me. Then again, I've only ever dated one person, so maybe I'm not the best person for advice either.
  24. game

    Both at the same time, but if I had to choose I say Nebraska State Fair dairy store ice cream in 4-h mint flavor. (I go every year )
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