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  3. Ah, Hoid. Welcome! Mistborn is a great series but Stormlight is something else entirely. I'm also on a re-read of Way of Kings. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. FFXIV is free until level 35 on PS4, haven't bought it for PC or anything. Not a PC gamer at all.
  5. Yes, if and only if you sell them on the mainland. If you sell to other trappers, you have millions of aviars compared to hundreds of trappers. Remember also that on the mainland they believe that one aviar is the maximum, hence the values of useless aviars are negative in a certain market segment.
  6. Sigh. I led you all on a merry chase, huh? Is no one going to ask what Elim!Aman benefits from going all out on Sart like that? If I knew Sart was a Village!Lurcher, I would also know that getting him lynched would end with my lynch too. So why would I do it? Why would I not let the Devotary lynch go, or the Drake lynch? Why would I decide to back off of Fura? Why would I advocate a no lynch D1? Literally the one thing that could happen to drag your tunnel back onto me full force.... I hate to break it to you, Fifth, but your instincts are not as correct as they seem. Neither are mine apparently, because Striker gave us two Lurchers and I have absolutely no clue why. Wasn't a WGG, and honestly tired of defending myself from this accusation. At this point I'm just going to ask the Coinshot to shoot me so I don't waste the Village's time, and so I can finally get some answers on what's been going on this game. The second, but of course no one is going to believe it until I'm dead. I probably wouldn't if I were anyone else's shoes, but that doesn't make it any less true. With the existence of the Coinshot, I think we're definitely overestimating how the Mistborn plays into balance. Sure, while it's possible a Mistborn could just choose any of the power roles and stick with it, it's becoming increasingly obvious to me that it's not a factor in deciding the rest of the roles. I would also appreciate a Rath lynch, although a part of the reasoning is slightly hypocritical. It's because Devotary realized that I'd be a suicidal madman for doing what I did yesterday as an elim. It just makes no sense. It's very clear I had no idea that Sart was a Villager, not to mention the sheer confidence I had in him being an elim should be an incredible indicator that I've been serious this whole time. I'm re-evaluating my stance on Fifth, too. I think he was going for the Drake Mislynch so hard because he knew as soon as Sart died, my death would follow. Now they can't mislynch Drake later because Sart made it obvious he was a Villager. It makes a lot of sense considering we blocked both the elims first and second night kill. Not even going to entertain the idea of me being a Village Lurcher too? My suspicion of Stick just shot way up.
  7. Project 75192: Update 5 - Bags No.3 - 'Mini-figures!!' So, this is the first of four 'platforms' constructed separately, that fit into the four quadrant of the frame (Image 5). It has a sliding 'trapdoor' that turns out to house a cannon. Odd to find a rubber element, not common in Lego and therefore of particular interest! It's purpose seems to be to give resistance to the sliding of the door, so it only slides under finger pressure, and not randomly as you 'fly' your Millennium Falcon around the room in hyperspace. The platform is satisfyingly 'pegged' into place with the prepositioned bolts. Then, it's minifigure time!! Porgs! Woo hoo. They don't seem impressed by Chewy and C3-PO. Porg #1: "That shiny one, he never shuts up." Porg #2: "Tell me about it, but at least he doesn't shed on the carpet."
  8. There is a style of tattoo that it referred to as tribal, but which is--as far as I am aware (I know a bit, but am not an expert)--completely different from actual tattoos used by tribes such as the Maori and Polynesian peoples. Not that this is a clear distinction drawn in the text it has to be said.
  9. Sart is... what? This has to be a joke.
  10. @CrazyRioter spren are not in both physical and cognitive at the same time. Syl was in cognitive, then crossed in physical => there was nothing left in cognitive. She got back to cognitive with Kaladin (and the rest), but this means she was stuck in there (like Kaladin and the rest), and there was no more "physical" part of her - she "got out" with Dalinar's help => there was nothing of her left in cognitive. When she was in Shadesmar, she didn't magically "remember everything" before she crossed over - which means that what she lost when she crossed over, cannot be gained by simply going back to shadesmar - which means there's a spiritual change when doing the first transition. Also note that Maya had her "real" body back in Shadesmar (like Syl BEFORE she crossed to go to Kaladin). When all were brought back by Dalinar, Maya was not included - because her "real" aspect is now cognitive again, not physical. The shardblade is something that she is stuck with because of her oaths (e.g. the KR broke their, but spren did not/ cannot break theirs). So she crosses back and forth each time (taking 10hb time) (this also means that when a shardblade needs to be resurrected, it needs to be pulled in the physical realm as a shardblade first). So the point is that she doesn't "need" a physical aspect, because currently she is a cognitive being atm. Just like e.g. Captain Ico. In conclusion, I maintain that it's the Spiritual that is affected, and that is the one that needs to be "fixed" (where fixed means being re-connected to the deadeye pulled in the physical as a shardblade, and that connection being then maintained via a nahel bond [this also means i think the Nahel bond is a connection between the physical and the spiritual]).
  11. In Allomancy, Preservation provides the power, so the power of the user is preserved. In Feruchemy power gain is neutral, the user must use their own strength, but they get out exactly how much they put in. And in Hemalurgy, power is lost(ruined) between the transfer, the longer the spike is out in the air, the worse it is, that's why it is best to smash the spikes directly from one person to another, and even then your ability will be slightly weaker than that of the original user.
  12. Current elim list: Aman + two players from Fifth/Devotary/Lum (I’m also less sure about Rath and Ventyl now - these two previously were probably my strongest village reads.) Bc xino flipped vanilla I think it’s safe to assume there’s 3 elims left, or perhaps 2 if they have a Mistborn.
  13. main plot

    Zokora supressed a sigh. She wasn't his secretary. If he wanted a meeting, he could do it himself. "Of course." She replied despite her thoughts and wrote another message to Tena. Althea would be less than amused if she complicated the situation because of her pride. Do you think TUBA would be interested in a meeting? Lusk asked after a meeting will participants of all guilds, to plan and exchange information. And you don't happen to have some contacts in the DA as well? @Ark's Boyfriend Then she stepped over to someone on the bridge of the ship. "Councilman Lusk suggested to hold a meeting to exchange information between the guilds. Could you please inform whoever you need to inform for that?" @Grey Knight
  14. I like Cultivation, cause I'm pretty sure she's up to something really awesome that's going to make my brain explode when we find out the whole story.
  15. Hi all, i first read Brandon when finishing the Wheel of Time series. I then hopped right into the Stormlight Archives which I absolutely loved. After that i read the frist Mistborn trilogy. Right now I'm on my second read of The Way of Kings. Have a nice day you all.
  16. May I? Granted. However you get hit by a soccer ball and get a concussion, losing all memory of Sanderson. When you walk into your room and see all the books you think that a Crazy Book Addict lives there instead of you. I wish I could access all Disney movie soundtracks from my mind.
  17. main plot

    Lusk turned, a frown on his face from the encounter with the intern. Back to bureaucracy. But, it was what the city needed, and Lusk would have no qualms in carrying it out if it meant AlleyCity could stand another day. “Hello, Zokora,” he said, pressing a button, and checking his communication device. Indeed, there were photos of some sort of Investiture black hole, and photos of two letters. He grimaced hen the second letter touched on how the Ghostbloods could never organise a leader, and how the Alleyverse would be a good placement to invade. Storms, it’s right. We were perfect targets. “This information needs to be spread to other guilds,” Lusk said, turning and pressing more buttons, making more images of AlleyCity flash on the screen. “And more than that, the Allied Guilds need to organise what in the Almighty is going on with PlasmaCore.” He turned and looked back to Zokora. “Do you think you could organise a meeting between the leaders of the Allied Guilds?” —- Wes gasped and ran forward. The Ghostblood woman had disappeared, and the large tall Marine lady was restaurant the sad man who’d just walked in. “Yeah, we’re nice,” he said.
  18. @marianmi I think it is exactly the same thing. Syl is stupid when she crosses over because she's in the Physical, with no bond, and her mind returns as the bond deepens... But she is not able to become truly physical. That doesn't happen until the third oath, when she becomes a blade. Jasnah says as much about Ivory. If they're stupid just from being in the Physical without a corporeal form, being in the Physical as an actual corporeal blade ramps that up in the extreme. And this is a Spiritual change. The distribution of a being between the realms is going to be something written into the Spiritual of a being. The fact that they are supposed to have a Physical aspect because of the way they were severed with the bond, when they were never built to support one naturally is the basis of the problem.
  19. they need a Physical aspect to manifest physically. They don't have enough of one on their own. So they get it from their bonded human. But when the humans broke the bond the spren were bound in a state where they required a Physical aspect but didn't have a proper one. So the Investiture that makes up the rest of them got redirected. That's why they can't think. The same thing is actually happening to a lesser extent when they transition to the PR without a bond, they can't both exist in the physical realm and think properly without a physical aspect to piggyback on. At least that's theory, and I do think the evidence supports it.
  20. Me: asks friend if he would rather be a Mistborn or a Terrisman Keeper. Him: Keeper, because with some copper minds I could remember every moment with you again.
  21. No, I think the flashbacks will be done in the same style they always have. I imagine Eshonai's flashbacks will be used to highlight or contrast things in Venli's current narrative.
  22. So... how would this tie-in with advancing the story? Are we gonna have Venli talking about what Eshonai did instead of flashbacks? While she's advancing the current timeline?
  23. I like preservation, honestly. I kind of relate.
  24. voidspren = invested by Odium ("pieces" of Odium) so having many voidspren would weaken Odium and bind him there.
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