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  2. How about... right now? Apologies for the delay. I can't speak for @John203, but for me personally I've been buried under getting taxes completed, wrapping up a local gaming league that I run, and then Easter/Family stuff so I've been AWOL for the past 10 or so days. Round 2: Match 3 will feature: @Zath, representing Dilaf @I think I am here. representing Sja-Anat @Kidpen representing Yomen Good luck everyone, and have fun! You have 96 hours (or basically, until the end of the day on Thursday) to post your roasts. @ILuvHats, we will give you the same deadline- if you don't respond within that timeframe then we will consider you as forfeiting and will go ahead and open up voting for Match 2.
  3. Astiel walked into the main reception area and looked at Novus. "So you're Novus? You've been accepted into intelligence. Follow me and do try to keep up" Astiel hopped over the main reception desk and disappeared into a backroom.
  4. Devaan edged down the tunnel, until he heard a man humming to himself. Devaan froze, the man walked through the sewage as if he had been born here. The splashes barely audible. That's probably Frob. We should get back to the others. Let them see what I found Devaan snuck back. "I think I found Frob. Where's the kid?" He asked, looking at them worriedly. He'd only been gone for four or five minutes.
  5. Novus said “alright then, I guess I will wait”. After all, there wasn’t really background they could check. ———————————- Neo was happy that he would be on his first mission, he went into the canton to drop his stuff, put on his skates and headed straight for the sewer system.
  6. Max looked at Althea. “Do you think it’s wise to just let a kid like that loose with no offensive Investiture?” He looked back but the kid had already skated off. “Should we go after him?”
  7. sci-fi

    Abel paced back and forth. He sighed. “That’s fine, but when are we going off Corislain?”
  8. Neo thought, “Do you really think we should leave him alone? I’ll be there just incase if he needs help, it wouldn’t hurt”. Neo inhaled some of his stormlight and went and skated again. After all, he was more of a healer than a direct fighter, he could help Devaan out. He suddenly saw the tunnel split into three, “Huh, which one would he go to. I bet he did eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” He ended up going into the middle tunnel, looking for Devaan.
  9. Max nodded, leaning against a wall and immediately standing up straight when something stained his coat. He looked to the thieves. “Should we ask them about Vesuvius?” He whispered.
  10. My bad. I thought the WoB said the opposite that, transition wasn't possible for trans people. In this case there would probably be a point that significant cognitive perception can allow for the creating and maintaining a slight deviance between the Manifestation and the Framework. I'll add it as an addendum to Rule 1. Thanks
  11. sci-fi

    K straightened. “Will do, ma’am. In fact, I think I might want to join the security team. I think I have some training in that area.”
  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did work a bit like Matt’s ‘luck.’ It’s worth noting that Matt didn’t always find it lucky! Like the time his attempts to avoid battle somehow lead him to the heart of it - exactly where he needed to be. So a trick shot might work - or you end up accidentally killing your friend who, it turns out, was actually going to sell you out... or it kills the local lord, who was a horrible person, but now you’re wanted for murder and need to run... or you miss, but that turns out to be the best thing to happen... I always liked how Matt’s ‘luck’ wasn’t exactly what one would consider ‘lucky.’
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    Well, Red team's turn already ended so I'll begin ours'. Sorry for the late response. Blue team, your clue is: Merchant-2. Good luck. @Babilarian DarkeyesDarkeyes @AonDii @Will Arbit
  14. Althea concentrated and reached out for the water around the feet of the men and women. Water liked to change, it knew what it meant to be solid. Bribing a part of it she chained them together, then anchored the chain in the floor. "I'd rather not take any chances." "I guess we need to wait for Devaan now. See what he discovered." @I think I am here. @Minato™ @Ark1002 @Nohadon
  15. Devaan began walking ahead. "I'll go scout out further into the tunnel. If you don't hear from me in fifteen minutes I'll probably need a hand." He quickly stepped close to the sewer walls, blending into the darkness, an old trick he learnt back when he was just trying to survive in the final empire's thieving crews. About a hundred meters down, Devaan saw the tunnel split into three passages, left, right and straight ahead. He took the left one. Looking around
  16. Max looked at her. “Yes, I’ll send someone.” He looked to Devaan and the thieves’ conversation. “Though we don’t have to do it to all of them, I guess. If they’re just thieves, they won’t have any motive to tell Frob.”
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  18. "No, we don't. Why should I?" The man backed away from the card. =============== Althea looked at Devaan, then turned to Max. "Will you send someone? I'd rather kill them now before they starve to death." @I think I am here.
  19. "Not worth our time. We can send some Canton operators down later. They won't tell Frob." Devaan began to walk ahead. "You won't lie to us. Will you?" Devaan asked the thieves. A card appearing in his hand from seemingly out of nowhere. The bladed edge glinted menacingly. "I don't enjoy being lied to."
  20. Welcome and congratulations on existing!
  21. @Spoolofwhool but a Trans person can transition. Just like Lopen was able to regrow his arm because his Spiritual Aspect said it was still there, a transgender person could transition.
  22. They stopped, fearfully looked at his staff, at Devaan. "We won't tell anybody." One of them whispered. ========== "Do you plan to come back for them?" Althea asked Max quietly, her eyes focused on the thieves in front of him.
  23. Up in the sky? Lusk went to the nearest window and looked down. Indeed, there was a storm beneath them. “There’s been a floating base this whole time?” He looked down. “No need to show me around, I’ll figure it out.” He looked at Zokora again. “Send my regards to the Righthand and the Leader.” He turned back. What was his position even called? There was the Righthand, the Leader, and him. Was he the Lefthand? He shrugged. He would find something out.
  24. Hello! Welcome to the Shard! What have you read so far? Also, would you like some bread?
  25. Max stepped in front of them, trying to block them with his staff. “We should knock them out, and chain them. We can’t risk them going around telling people who we’re looking for.”
  26. Hi, I exist! I'm new, I don't entirely understand what this place is yet, but I love these books and I'm happy to be here!
  27. We clarified this on the Discord but I'll explain it for people who aren't there. @Extesian The issue that I perceived with feruchemy is that from my reading it was being portrayed as the removal of a fixed quantity which was being converted into a flow of investiture. My reading of the Leras sun model is that it was an analogy for describing the relationship between the three realms, not the working of investiture in people. The difference between the Framework and the Spiritweb is that the Framework does contain the Spiritweb but also cognitive components related to how people change. The Manifestation isn't physical but rather details whether an entity is primarily in the physical realm or not. So the difference between the same worldhopper in the PR or the CR would be the Manifestation dictating which realm they are in. Let me know if this makes sense @Calderis The issue here was primarily a misunderstanding how of Rules 1 and 2 worked, which was clarified. Someone being trans would be a change in the Manifestation which would then induce a change in the Framework given Rule 1. As such healing can't make someone transition as since healing is would be about changing their Manifestation to match their Framework. Edit: I didn't actually know what the WoB said.
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