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    She was screwed. Talk to that thing? Hastily Zokora reached for her folder, only to realize that she had no real orders for this situation. Negotiate. A grin lit her face. No orders meant she couldn't screw it up. Lucky her that Lusk never really talked to the Righthand. She could have told him some things, would have probably. But alas he hadn't and so she could solve this her own way. "What are you?" She asked curiously, then figured it wouldn't hurt to state clearly why she was here. "I am here to negotiate. We would like for the violence to stop and hope we can find a solution."
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  4. Lizanne noted Aderet stay close by, keeping out of their way. "Pack as much apples and cheese as you can. Bring some of them to Renata as well." She instructed and added a late, "Please." after a short pause. Wilhelm continued to build the trap and so she didn't stop working either, despite the way her leg protested. When he lifted a larger piece of rubble aside she found another stick that could be used as a crutch and after hesitation for a moment she picked it up. Better. Now and then she looked over her shoulder, felt uneasy, as if she was being watched, every movement noted down. "Do you think he will come back? Maybe we should get away now? Hide and then look for Lisa?" @I think I am here.
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  6. Works for me. Sorry for getting so off topic.
  7. @LerasiumMistborn, @Invocation, @Calderis: I am putting a stop to this conversation about Dalinar, effective immediately. If you can reel it back to the original subject of the thread (without making meta-commentary), please do so. If you disagree with my judgment call, you can talk to me in private, but I don't want this thread further derailed with replies to this post.
  8. I found a WoB talking about the pronunciations years ago, and just started using them. At this point I don’t even hear it as E-lan-tris in my head anymore, even though I used to call it that. Now it’s always Ee-lane-tris. The only one I still think of with my original pronunciation is Kelsier, which has a lot to do with the difficulty in pronouncing it properly. It a very French sounding name, and I don’t speak French... Amusingly Brandon, by his own admission, mispronounces it too - despite being the one who created the name! The Rosharan ones were easy; I know enough Hebrew that I recognized the linguistic root and always pronounced them correctly. Most people really can’t pronounce Kholin correctly unless they have a background in one of the languages that uses gutturals, much like the word Khazad in Tolkien’s legendarium. So I didn’t just pull Ee-lane-tris out of a hat! That actually is how it is supposed to be pronounced. Every Aon (Ay-Own) has a double vowel. (It’s why it should be obvious that Ati/Ruin and Aon Ati are simply a coincidence; the former is Ah-tee and the latter is Ay-Tie. They only seem the same when written in English; if you heard them they’d be completely different.)
  9. @LerasiumMistborn: I agree with you on some things -- I think that more likely than not Dalinar is going to get killed off, probably at the end of book 5, or perhaps as soon as the end of book 4. But some of what you fear seems frankly silly -- I assure you there's practically a 0% chance that Dalinar gets murdered in his sleep or gets some pointless Game of Thrones style treatment. Because you're right -- Sanderson is predicable, at least to an extent. And that's a good thing, for those of us who like that style of writing. Rather than pick apart individual fears, let me ask you a question. Are you dead set on Dalinar ascending to Honor/Unity? Is that the only way that you will be satisfied with his arc ending? If you're totally on the Unity-or-bust train, then yeah I think that you'll end up disappointed. But let me use myself as an example. Kaladin is my favorite character. I want him to have a meaningful storyline, but I'll be fine regardless of whether that means he ascends to Honor or dies a glorious death or becomes king of Alethkar or retires to some quiet corner of Roshar to find happiness. Or something else entirely. Be open to the journey, not focused on the destination. If I were to set my heart on one particular outcome of Kaladin's storyline, then yes, there's about an 80% chance that I'll be disappointed. But if I just want a meaningful ending, there's almost a 100% chance that I'll get one. OT: I'm actually not sure that this distinction between Child of Tanavast and Child of Honor is a meaningful one. At most, I expect that if the Stormfather is making a distinction, it's a minor one. Like how the humans call him the Stormfather while the Parshendi call him the Rider of Storms. The distinction is probably not hugely story-relevant.
  10. Mike nodded quickly. "Do you require me to report to anybody else?" He asked, hoping that Mr.Itiah simply would give the information to whoever needed it. "We wanted to go to Alleycity, help those there, see if we can help." Bella was still there, somewhere and he worried about her. Bella was strong, but he at least to explain to her, why he had betrayed her, what had happened.
  11. I'd be interested.
  12. Shana saw their circle dissipate within seconds. Radiants charging into their attackers, others staying closer to her. They needed to train, to fight together. They were a bunch of individuals and that could get them killed. Almost thoughtlessly she killed another Stranger and then let herself fall back, closer to Ben. "Come back! We need to stay together, protect each others back!" She shouted, although it was useless by now. The Strangers were many and while they were wrecking havoc more and more came. A dream it was a dream. They seemed to focus on Jamie but there were so many. Shana centered herself, concentrated, focused. She killed another one, but then another two managed to come close enough that her weapon was useless. Slickening herself she wiggled out of their grip, at least for a short while. The stormlight was there, pulsing ready. She'd only need to grasp it, to hold it, to use it. She cut open the stomach on a woman and felt another hand grab her arm. Use it. Her eyes flicked to Ben, to Rob, to the others. Fight for them, not for herself, not for fun, but for them. Her smile vanished and her face turned earnest when she almost gently placed a hand on the one gripping her arm. It was so easy. For Abrasion she had to concentrate but Division was hers. It was a thought that set him aflame, that ripped his flesh apart until s blackened corpse fell to the ground next to her. Inhaling again she turned to the next enemy, wondered how many there were, how much more were to come. I will fight for them. She repeated for herself and then cut another head of, burnt another one to the bones.
  13. Oh, why did that discussion have to come up again? Could we please just ... stop this? No one hates Dalinar. Not the readers, no one in this forum (honestly? I've never ever seen anyone voice dislike over him. Contrary to most other main characters), not Sanderson himself. So just ... stop.
  14. There's a difference between killing someone in an unexpected way because their death serves to further the plot and shock value death. If I thought Sanderson would shock value kill Dalinar, I'd be as mad about it as you are, but I choose to believe that if Dalinar dies, it'll be a necessity. That's the difference. Waste versus use. If/when Dalinar dies, he'll be useful in death like he was in life. So be it. I never said it'll destroy Odium, many apologies if it came off that way, but it'll delay him and that's the best thing you can hope for when facing 1/16th of the functional God. Also, as a side note, you're asserting this very forcefully based 90% on your own assumptions as to where the story is headed. You okay? Edit: This last bit has been ninja'd by Calderis. Yay.
  15. @LerasiumMistborn "anti-dalinar campaign"? "the whole readership wants him dead?" The only person I've heard consistently say he's going to die is you. I've heard a few others, @Invocationin this conversation included, saying they expect it to happen... But by no means is anything like what you discribe something I've seen from anything like the majority. You're insistence on this matter is... Frankly disturbing. You assert that it will happen and that you hate it, and that it ruin's the story... When it's never stated anywhere, it's not a opinion put forth commonly that I've seen, and in the times that your bring this opinion up, most people are disagreeing with your assertions. It makes no sense whatsoever.
  16. Laila replied, "I thought that was ridiculous. Me, lying? Of course not! It was probably a reference to the former head of my house, Maill, who has this incredible penchant for lying. He was famous throughout the Empire for his lies. @STINK Jumae, any thoughts on the line about you?" Laila then went to take a nap, promising the others, she'd have Wylma study more later.
  17. Red herring is a bad writing. At least, it is for me, as I see it as a broken promise to the readers. So, I spent about ten years of my life for Dalinar only to read him being kelled in a sleep? I'm sorry, but this is literally the worst thing I've ever heard. When you write a certain setup for the character, when you spend 1200 pages for moving the character towards certain development, you should give a satisfying conclusion for all the set up. Killing the character halfway through the story, waste all setup is...beyond horrible. Maybe he will write Moash killing Kaladin in the first chapter of book 4? No one expects it, I think this is such an amazing twist. Or maybe Adolin will slip on the babana skin and break his neck, instead of reviving his sword? So fresh an unxpected. No? Then why all the characters get normal, satisfying development to their plots, exept for one Dalinar? Why for him this is entirely normal to pass his own personal plot to someone else and die halfway through? I'm honestly devastated with this anti-Dalinar campaign. The author takes his story away from him, the whole readership wants him dead without even caring that it would waste all character's narrative and potential. It seems I'm abnormal for rooting for good, satisfyong conclusion for this character, and for all plotlines the author started to write himself (!) Yes, fantasy is predictable. The main reason I dislike Kaladin as a character is because he's immortal with thick plot armor. I can't feel for him, I can't worry for him. Why? He won't die. He's Honor's Champion, and Honor himself, and Odium, and Adonalsium, and everything. On the other hand, someone like Dalinar is doomed to die just because he's "that older character, who always dies". Amazing. On the side note, battle of the champions won't destroy Odium. It was clearly stated in the book.
  18. I'm sorry, but I disagree. Authors in general vary greatly, and while this is true for some it is by no means true for all. I very strongly disagree to the idea that Brandon is retreading ground he's already written before. If he were I wouldn't be the obsessive fan of the Cosmere that I am. I'm sorry, but what are you talking about? He quite clearly has his own spren, and the Connection between him, the Stormfather, and Tanavast's CS have major implications. If the "child of Tanavast" thing is what you're referring to here about Kaladin, I'd like to know where Brandon explained what it means? Because you're giving it a lot of weight that is based on what exactly?
  19. I didn't say I'd be satisfied with that ending to Dalinar, but I'd understand it. I'd understand Odium removing a lynchpin player and I'd understand it being shocking to the audience. That happens sometimes. Not everyone gets a satisfying ending, even on the heroes side, and fantasy itself is more predisposed to being predictable with the heroes escaping unharmed. I would also argue the point of it being bad writing to have had this built up and it be revealed that it wasn't what we thought it was in terms of importance. A red herring? Yes. Bad writing? Not if it's done right.
  20. After reading a couple of books you get to know the author, learn his ways, see what tropes he prefers to use. After that it's not hard to predict what he will write next. Especially true for Sanderson, who uses the same tricks over and over again. Yes, Dalinar is the Bondsmith...he doesn't even have his own real spren. The Stormfather, despite being Dalinar's spren, has more connection with Kaladin, who's now super special successor of Tanavast. That's not assumptions, right? Sanderson said/wrote it himself. You really think this is a satisfying conclusion to Dalinar's story? Is this a good story? I'm speechless. So, the whole talking with Gods, ascending, progressing with ideals things were only to end like this? To be killed in a sleep. If anything this is a poor writing, made for mere shock value and a splt in the face for all readers who followed Dalinar for years. And passing the tourch to Kaladin is also a poor writing, because it's not a natural development by all means. This is: one character was thrown away and his role was given to other character, who has nothing to do with this plot. It makes the whole Dalinar narrative meaningless. And when something that was supposed to be that important turns out to be meaningless, this is, again, bad writing. Or maybe I'm just this boring person, who prefers normal developments and satisfying, natural conclusions for the characters, instead of killing them while they sleep for mere plot twists.
  21. Radyn loosened his sword in its sheath, just a tiny bit. It was a good blade, Power forged and constructed from an aluminum alloy that almost matched that of steel. He would trust it against a Shardblade, though he'd never gone up against one. Radyn crossed his arms, watching with a lazy smile.
  22. So I've been thinking of possibly attempting another revival for this, with the caveat that it'll probably be more free form and less rigid. Letting people help invent the setting and rules themselves rather than me calculating xp and damage outputs and abilities and stuff. @ShadowLord_Lith, @The Young Pyromancer, @Emperor Stick, @Ink
  23. So... 2 days turned into 7. Whoops. But I'm here now, and we are officially beginning the Semi-Final Round of the Cosmere Rap Roast Battles Tournament of Champions! First off, thanks to everyone who submitted words for this round. I made sure everybody had at least one word who made it through, and for those who submitted multiple words I made sure at least 3 of their words. A special thanks to @Zath who submitted more words than anybody else (almost more than everybody else combined!), and also to @hoiditthroughthegrapevine, whose themed list of words amused me (I'll let you guys try to figure out what the theme was and which words were his. ;)) For the Semi-finals we have two 1v1 matches, but to keep things moving along we will be running them both at the same time. Each contestant will be randomly assigned 5 words from the required words list. As a reminder, you must not only use each of those 5 words in your roast, you must also rhyme with each of those words. Good luck! Match 1: @Paranoid King representing Gemmel! (Required words: Puppy, Yolish, Herald, Elocution, Cause) vs. @Herowannabe representing Galladon! (Required words: Ideal, Triangle, Thaylen/Thaylenah, Coffee Jelly, Novel) Match 2: @I think I am here. representing Yomen! (Required words: Dim-witted, Sharp, Turkish delight, Avalanche, Bundt cake) vs. @Silva representing Yokska! (Required words: Obfuscate, Allomancy/Allomancer, Fierce, Marshmallow, Sixteen You have 4 days (until end of the day Thursday) to submit your roasts. If you need more time or are unable to compete in this round, then please let us know. Good luck everyone! (EDIT: Also, please highlight your required words in your roast to make it easier to see which words you used and how you used them. Thanks!)
  24. First, before I get into this, I want to apologise for any things I haven't worded adequately in this post and and the others and any to follow. I don't honestly think Kaladin will Ascend to Honor. I don't think anyone truly will. Dalinar might, but it definitely won't be the same as Tanavast's Honor. Odium agreed to the champion thing, so, for the time being, yes, one person can, if it's the right person. These two things are not incompatible with what the handing off of the baton from Dalinar to Kaladin that I propose as happening. Should Dalinar Ascend (regardless of my skepticism on this part), he will be continuing the trend of retreating from a battlefield general to a back-tent one by not even technically having a physical body for at least a time (I can't remember if Shards can create bodies or not beyond Autonomy), the torch of Head Battlefield Radiant-General being tossed to Kaladin, who continues to do his whole "protect everyone" thing. Some things are cliches because they have meaning. Having a cliche in a story doesn't wreck the story. In an epic fantasy series such as SA, the passing of the torch makes perfect sense, as it generally does when it's used, since it's literally what happens in real life over time. If/when Dalinar dies, I doubt it'll be through suicide. Odds are, it'll just be because he's old and got caught without Stormlight/while sleeping/they just kept stabbing until there was no Stormlight left and he was too weak to Connect to the other Realms to renew his spheres. Dalinar's arc in Oathbringer was about confronting himself, his past, and how he could help with the future to try to avoid that, while also saving and helping Roshar. He's railing against the rest of the world's shenanigans and reevaluating his own place in it. That's not wasted no matter what happens with his storyline over all. This is the worst possible thing you could have said. The purpose of reading a story is to experience the story. You don't like part of it? Oh well, it's a negative experience on that part. You don't have to read any of this. Feel free to quit because you don't like something that happened. Your choice entirely. You disagree with one of the character bits? That's your right. Have fun. Do as you want. That doesn't mean that the story isn't worth reading, though.
  25. Smiling Attayl headed of to Jeb, payed for the evening and when she told him about Nerin he really handed her a free strong drink. Thanking him she headed back to the others, took the drink with her. She rejoined Brillin and Nerin, and smiled at the newcomer (=Ark's character). Now and then she took a sip and smiled again when it warmed her from the inside. She should visit the parlor more often. Aben was asking about working here, maybe she could do that as well. "I'm really looking forward to the dancing. I rarely have a chance to do that." She stated somewhat loosely, then looked back at Nerin. "What happens if you and the pianist target the same person?" she asked curiously, only belatetly realized, that maybe it was insensitive to ask the question that openly. @ZincAboutIt ================================= The door to the parlor opened again and a man and a woman stepped inside. He was wearing strong shoes, practical cloths, that were ripped in one or two places. A small speck of blood on his trousers hinted at the reason why they were ripped apart. The woman's cloths were fashionable, but also showed signs of recent conflict. Her eyes flicked to the enveloped and she cursed under her breath something that sounded like "too late again". Then a smile touched her lips, but didn't reach up to her eyes. "Good evening. We've got something for you." She pushed another envelope over the table, and gestured towards the one that was already there. "You can give that one to us. It's not relevant." @Dr. Dapper @ZincAboutIt
  26. If Kelsier knows whether people are evil, this game could be very easy. I can't see why Kelsier would know that unless Coop is another special role like Ruin, and if that was the case it would have been far more helpful for Kelsier to put that in the writeup instead of in a PM. @Coop772 is on the player list, but hasn't said anything yet. If you are capable of speech, would you please prove it? Lum and Steel claimed messages other than the one you and Ark received, so presumably Kelsier knows if they're lying or not and should be able to tell us in the next day's writeup. That might not work though if Kelsier wants to protect Vin. All three players use emojis with a fair amount of frequency, and they're definitely not all Mistborn.
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