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  2. Hmmm, no. 612
  3. You mean something like 611? 611
  4. That's a good idea! Want to team up on my next Cosmere ABC's?
  5. I thought it might be good to have place where we could discuss technical issues of the mechanics of writing, drop questions for the group, maybe talk about craft and such like. You may have discovered by now that this is something I feel quite strongly about <cough>, but please be assured it's not just a place for me to rant Maybe it will sink to the bottom like a stone, but I thought it was worth a test run. In all seriousness, no judgement here. There are more ways than one to skin a chapter, and it's entirely acceptable (IMO) for character dialogue (for example) to be chock full of grammatical faux pas, subject to the upbringing, and education of a character. There can also be a strong case for 'correct' grammar being subservient to style (when there is a good story reason), as classics like 1984, featuring newspeak, and A Clockwork Orange with its 'fictional register or argot', nadsat, demonstrate. Although, these are more akin to made-up languages, I suppose. But I thought this would not just be about the mechanics of writing, but also a place for discuss approaches to editing, and writing process--anything that would come under the heading of writing craft, as distinct from the creative parts of writing. Anyway, just a thought.
  6. It's actually considered quite long for a TLPW returned.
  7. I would like to have a copy. Thank you.
  8. Janet (I think that’s her name)? The horse lady that doesn’t like Kaladin?
  9. Aviars are not new. Else the remark about nobody finding a new kind of Aviar in a long time makes no sense. They also have a university. So why haven't they found out that you can have multiple Aviars? I would propose that it is not quite so easy as Sixth of the Dusk makes it sound you must bond near the Eye of Patji the chick to be added must be really young it must recently have gotten the worm
  10. Today
  11. Woop, woop - congratulations! Non-fiction?
  12. About two years ago, I was reading through the Stormlight Archives for the first time. I can’t remember when I learned about it, but I recall that at some point I was talking to a fellow Sanderfan when she told me that a lot of Sanderson’s works take place in the same universe. I was shocked, and as soon as I finished SA, I hopped over to Mistborn and started reading. She told me about Hoid too, so I freaked out whenever I saw him in Mistborn.
  13. Your life as a Returned was very short, only a little over 6 hours.
  14. That depends, is he real? Which was very fun, but only stressed him out more.
  15. Honestly I lost all hope of 100,000 posts, I'm just waiting for a more reasonable number. 610
  16. Perfect! I always wanted a batman clone slave collectible like that! I have an old satellite filled with dead superheros.
  17. But accidentally bought a pie-diving ticket instead.
  18. He decided to go skydiving to relieve some stress.
  19. Still going to take forever. The Longest Thread only has like 25k posts. 609
  20. For he had wanted to be friends with Ene.
  21. I asked my cousin what his favorite book was, and he said The Way of Kings, so I eventually read it and was hooked. I can't remember if he told me about the Cosmere or if I figured it out through Hoid.
  22. I dont think the elims will try to protect pyro if they have a bodyguard. even if they were planning to, our conversation will probably dissuade them. now that you think of it, we could wait for bartender to kill pyro, although that is a little bit more risky.
  23. Granted. He realizes he has claws right after using them to cut your throat. He dies of guilt. I wish for a Larkin.
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