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  2. I'm in the process of converting two of my friends
  3. Aben, Radyn, Atmose and Vena I think. Not sure what kind of rhyming convention to go with though
  4. Aben continued to puff contentedly on his pipe, keeping an eye on Nerin. He didn't like the look of that man. He seemed to smell of filth, as if he'd been rolling around in sewage. Probably not to far from the truth. Aben reflected.
  5. Crud. It sure stinks to have a pet theory shot down. Well, perception alters reality in the cosmere, so maybe if I think about it really hard I can change the canon Seriously though. That's the big thing that Wayne excels at that isnt tied to one of his metallic abilities. I can't think of much else he does that could be the result of a resonance.
  6. A dangerous game for Vin!Steel to play, but potentially successful between apathy and well-timed assistance from Zane. I don't particularly think Steel would have claimed to be the one to smoke Coop if he didn't, so that's unlikely. I do think he's probably a smoker 1, but as he never fully addressed why he's a village smoker, I can send Steel off the same way Maill departed, with an overwhelming lynch. Elandera being a rioter should be testable today, when she moves someone's vote. @Elandera, be sure to submit your Riot.
  7. As promised, I'm going to attempt to prove my role. I have put in an order to Riot Ark's vote onto Steel.
  8. Who's up next?
  9. Lum, I would encourage one of the people I suggested. Even though I said I'd clear "I", upon further thought, "I" would be fine, as well as "d" if you are doing that.
  10. Sorry, I added an edit. I did too, but recently have lost a lot of trust in them. I'll explain more in PMs soon.
  11. It refers to the one that was not used more than initially. There were only 2 messages in it. If you use the first message of the other PM, then it's U. Edit: and I can explain my reasoning tonight. It's not perfect, but probably my next best.
  12. Thank you! I knew I wasn't crazy, it just never used the word resonance.
  13. The feeling when your content count exceeds that of the person who got you on the Shard. I don't know whether to be sad because Fire's not nearly as active anymore, or to feel a sense of accomplishment:huh:

  14. “Wait- we are having a party?” Lunamor asked.
  15. I expect we will see some limitations to soulcasting. In particular, I am thinking of soulcasting gems. If this were possible, then we should see evidence of Radiants doing this. I expect this is a blindspot of Rosharan soulcasting. Also, Brandon has said it conserves mass, even if he has shown it imperfectly. One thing I would like to see soulcast, is a large quantity of gunpower. That could really change things!
  16. I don’t quite understand what your point is, could you elaborate a little further? For something to exist period in the Cosmere, it needs a spiritual aspect, so an arrow would be included. From what I understand (it has been a while since I read era 1) atium grants a limited access to Fortune, which utilizes the lack of time in the spiritual to predict what will come to pass in the physical.
  17. Jeez, writing my first post from Cobalt's point of view (Ap's character in our RWBY roleplay, for those of you who don't know) is really hitting home the fact that he's gone. I'll admit I've been putting it off. Maybe, subconsciously, we all have - handing him off to different people, bringing in new characters to stall getting to the hospital, giving Ap months and months to come back. But he hasn't. He's gone, and now we're left to write minus one friend. Storms, Ap, where'd you GO?
  18. It’s easy for me!
  19. Ene cleared her throat. "Let's get this party started!"
  20. Highly recommend the two books out at the moment in the “Licanius Trilogy” by James Islington, the last comes out this year.
  21. He might heal at a faster rate than a standard gold ferring? Similar to Miles healing with greater strength? If resonance is partially related to savantism, could sufficient use of his bendalloy alter his passive perception/passage through time?
  22. Ok!
  23. Today
  24. Wanna practice with me? You seem to talk so naturally, I have trouble seeing how it doesn't translate over.
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