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  2. Oh, I saw that he was making a new book where he gives insanely overcomplicated solutions to simple problems! It looks great, but I’ve forgotten what it’s called.
  3. Ah I see. I'll probably just stick to What If.
  4. plot

    Ember burst out of the closet. She had to tell Heather that Star was okay. As she was running, a piece of her pinky fell off, but she didn't notice and it grew back very quickly anyway. She found Heather's mental signature and followed it until she came to a door which she opened with a gauntleted hand. "Heather!" she said excitedly. "Star's signature came back! She is all right!" Tamika flinched and turned toward the tall, skinny woman, Ember's intrusion having caught her off guard.
  5. Cassie bit her lip, then stopped because it made it hard to speak. "Let us out." Better just say it. "Um, things...happened in the station while we were getting interrogated." She glanced behind her, still walking, to look at the others. "Like, er, Leona setting stuff on fire. And Flid explaining about magic. I don't know if the police believed us, but -" She cut off awkwardly before finally saying, "But yeah, either way it's not good. I'm so sorry. I..." I what? I tried to stop them? I didn't. I just stammered at the police and then when the others gave up I did absolutely nothing one way or the other. She held her breath, waiting. @Dr. Dapper
  6. ... a piece of Ember's pinky...
  7. Yeah, but a bit more inappropriate. I personally like What If better
  8. And all the things related to it. These included the Goblet of Fire,...
  9. I think those're also whole sentences though? Ene proceeds to roleplay her life away as opposed to *proceeds to roleplay life away* Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah that's way different.
  10. So basically if I were to assume that xkcd, which I have not heard of before this conversation, is the same as What If, which is the most hilariously entertaining piece of nonfiction literature in my possession, that would mean it's essentially humor on steroids multiplied by 12.
  11. Fire rained down from the heavens.
  12. Yeah, it depends on the context. On stage directions, for example, italics indicate action. Oh! By emphasis I mean anything that sets text apart from its surroundings. Yes, I see where the misunderstanding was now.
  13. I agree with both of those, but would also add that action is most easily emphasized by asterisks as opposed to italics or bolding. While the latter two can technically work, it's very tenuous imo. Besides that, the concepts of emphasis and saying an action (an example being *wins*) are very different, and that's what I was debating. Yeah, I think we were misunderstanding each other A webcomic, yeah. Very STEM, math, programming-oriented. And for some reason there are a lot of dirty jokes.
  14. And they're written by Randall Munroe, as in the same guy who wrote What If?
  15. Yep, it’s comics.
  16. Woah woah woah woah. Woah. Let me get this straight. Xkcd is a type of comic correct? (please correct me if I'm wrong).
  17. The law didn’t respond, so he became the meh and kinda bad and also sad as well as unhappy and mad Butter Cream.
  18. Yay for compasses! At least I think that’s what you’d be using! Yayyyy!
  19. Sadly, Fate had doomed it to bear the name Butter Cream at least until it became the great and terrible Butter Cream, as per Lunamor's post.
  20. Meanwhile I'm doing triangle congruency and shape constructions in my spare time because I'm bored.
  21. Math humor is great, but sometimes my brain needs a break for silly stuff
  22. Yes. It's Maths Humor, which is le most epic style.
  23. So unhappy in fact, that the meh and kinda bad and also sad as well as unhappy Butter Cream kicked the judgy law that made him trip.
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