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    Oh thats a harsh question, I'm not sure...maybe Dilaf?
  3. Well on the point of the stonewards environment I think it would come down to how much a stoneward can manipulate the things around them and how fast. I haven't really seen a stoneward in action and am wondering if they could just... liquify. What would that do to an edgedancer?
  4. My favourite book and in my opinion is Stormlight Archive: Words of radiance P2. i think this because of kaladin. Don't shoot the messenger but this book has the best of his character development and with it his maturity in power. Kaladin not only kicks some peoples This post has been reported for attempting to skirt the ruleses but forges working relationships with the to-be-squires-if-not-already bridgemen. However, I must say that in therms of Adolin, oathbringer is his best book. He becomes not only the best dualist of kolinar but also saves countless lives in the battle of thaylen field. Not to mention the almost reanimation of Maya.
  5. Ambition shard could be out there splintered but I think it has chunks of odium mixed in a little. So there is ambition but there is some odium there too. I think that would make her vengeance which is the ambition to take someone down like u suggest @PrinceGenocide
  6. When you swere by in-world curses. *me* STORM IT *confused friend* exuse me? *me* Shattering glass, LEARN TO RUSTING CURSE. Coulors.
  7. Yeah, I agree there is no solid proof whether she died, but I believe her being dead. But I'll move to this later, there is another thing I want to talk before. The shades. Do you have any quote for this? Because I always thought of them as cognitive shadows forced into the PR. i just find them very, very similar to Rosharan spren when they come into the PR to form a bond - they also became mindless (though even more than the shades, so probably the latter ones still have some connection to other realm). If you want to see a shade this way it would make for them more sense to be splinters of Odium, not Ambition, though I find them more like a mix of the two: just the fact that their eyes go red when raged is enugh for me there was more than one Shard in play. I am almost sure she died. At least I remember it this way, that she died from mortal wounds received during fight with Odium. But I just realized that Shades could have been sort of her backup plan. These 2 WoBs give me impression that Ambition could have had rather good futuresight (it goes quite well with her intent). It would totally make sense for her to expect the fight and make some preparations toward it. She got splintered, but left behind something that was supposed to try destroying Odium when given a chance. With this I totally agree, but I just not think it is still her. Though I can think of her having a Cognitive Shadow - just like Tanavast has - that would behave in a similar way. EDIT: just found another WoB and it can actually support your theory about her not being dead. So it is still open I guess.
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    I'm a Ravenclaw myself, And now we get down to tacks of brass, who is your least favourite Cosmere character and why?
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  10. That has opened another can of worms. How does a coppercloud look in the CR? Can they see at all? Unknown I'd say. They have a year to prepare. ANd Rosharan troops will find themselves in a totally alien environment. Hence they won't send them out in adverse conditions after the first few defeats. And the likelihood of having a Coinshot or Lurcher increases with the importance of the base you want to infiltrate. Seekers. An Inquisitor has to use allomancy permanently. If he does not pulse, he is fake (or under copper - but they'd ask him to drop it). And there is still the issue of speech. Limits (typo) Leaving out morphology, syntax, intonation ... Now, a Cryptic may eventually learn all this. But that still gives you no way to impersonate an allomancer in the presence of Seekers or Mistborn. It has to stand up to an Inquisitor's extended steel sight and to normal steelsight. If they show the same result, you have found an impostor. Badly. Now, while Roshar has some advantages, which I would judge decisive, there are still things Scadrial can try. They do have advantages, too. They are much better at fighting in close quarters. Their Investiture does not decay. They are better at night fighting They are very hard to surprise They have a technological edge. If the Scadrians tried to mount a campaign based on them, it may work. And we know too little on how the magics interact. What do the blue lines mean? Does Gravitation actually work on something that is touched by allomantic power? What is the effect of copperclouds on the various powers and their range?
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    Thanks But i call BS, I got Windrunner XD Yea reading fast is an amazing blessing I got, but it can be obtained with some effort. Hindu is very interesting to me - I really like to study religions in general. That being said, I can totally see why you would take a, so to say, 'personal' take on it. Pottermore gave me Slytherin, then I tried again and got Ravenclaw, then I tried a bunch of times and its always 50:50 between them XD
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    Oh and I was a griffindor on pottermore ages ago when I was active there. Although j am sure ravenclaw will suit me too.
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    Yes I have read a lot of ya, I guess because you can read them really fast. I have read Tolkien too. And robin hobb. There may be a couple I have missed mentioning. My religion, well actually I am Hindu but there is no problem with the religion just that I have a very different take on it all. There is a thread in stormlight archive forum by the name of knights radiant order.
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    @Doombrigade, here you go:
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    Well....TBH im more of a Slytherin actually, but I can see them being Hufflepuffs. That's just not my flow : P As for faith, that was not my problem, my crisis was with people of faith, hypocrisy, and a system that would not evolve. Final empire much? I would probably choose brass, thats how I get along in the real world - I understand people, let them know I feel the, I help them, relax them, and ultimately always try to judge people's emotions as a self-protection mechanism. If I would go with Ferring I'f probably go with copper, its no wonder when I do a house sorting quiz it always goes back and forth Slytherin-Ravenclaw ^^ I get the logic part, I'm very much that way too - but it's just to cover an over-emotional well thats overflowing, so I have to go with the lightweavers. Mind if I ask what religion is this? And please, do read more - the more you read the faster and better it gets : ) By the way, where do I find this Radiant sorting hat quiz?
  16. (I know you didn't ask me, but I might as well use it as a guide-post to start my post off ) Hmmm, okay. I can kinda see what Bard picked up about STINK, but I don't think it's in any way alignment indicative, so I won't vote that way. Alvron doesn't really act any different from last cycle, and I guess his vote on me is understandable as I don't think I'm really acting different either. Regarding Striker, his comments about the odds of me being an elim and stuff kinda felt like a pocketing attempt to me, and I'm tempted to try to lynch him for that. As for other people... I think I see where ITIAH's suspicion is coming from, but I'd actually prefer to lynch Striker and see where that goes before wondering whether Elbereth is an elim that simply jumped on the earliest available nice-looking lynch. Regarding butt add venture, I think his psot is marginally more helpful than Rath's becuase it actually contained avote, but that's about it. I'd like to see some more comments on the game from both him ( @Butt Ad Venture) and @Rathmaskal (and anyone else that hasn't talked much yet). Anyway, for now I'm going to vote on striker(again).
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    Like there was deep meaning to all of it but we have lost it. I have read not that many at all. I have read patrick rothfuss, Robert Jordan, robin hobb, Martin n k jeimisin that’s all in epic fantasy and some YA. I do want to read joe Abercrombie, r a Salvatore and Michael j Sullivan and I am currently reading very slowly I don’t know why Steven erikson
  18. Rob looked around as the party started. The present was completed, and everybody he could see seemed happy doing their own thing. Even Ben, who was just reading a book. Rob was satisfied as well with the completion of his present. And in the end, he thought, wasn’t that all that mattered? That you were happy? Everything else was secondary. Or was that a selfish worldview? That you mattered most. Well, you are supposed to put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others. How could one hope to help others when they couldn’t help themselves? But time and again that had been proven wrong. Plenty of famous scientists who did great deeds for humanity hadn’t exactly been great at helping themselves with personal issues, yet the world would not have been the same without them. As Rob walked over to Ben, he wondered how many of the famous people in the world had been surgebinders. “Enjoying the book?” He asked, pulling across a beanbag and sitting down. Small-talk had always been his greatest weakness.
  19. Without really understanding why copper does what it does, it's hard to guess. We also know that copper clouds have some kind of effect on spren with no details. And that the Aviar like Kokerli are essentially the same effect as copper clouds Considering the effects that they all seem to have, blocking detection, hiding perception from the Cognitive, preventing emotional allomancy on the one burning (and potentially with a lot of work, others) perhaps it's actually strengthening the barriers between realms? So maybe the weird effects could be something along the lines of creating a segregation similar to the Kandra where higher brain function fails (worst of all for the user unfortunately, just like the he emotional block)... Or maybe it would work kind of like a reverse leecher, not burning away what Investiture they have, but preventing more from coming in? It's all guesswork at this point though.
  20. first verse

    One instant, the forest was, there, and the next it wasn’t. The group was in an alley. Price could tell by the language of the worn down posters over the alley walls that they were Tühinine. But where in Tühinine? It didn’t matter, he realised as a soft smile crept up his face. He looked at the interaction between Sagitta, Sensation and Zura, all of them facing each other. Subconsciously he stood up a little straighter, taking a gentle step backwards from the group, to the exit of the alley. It didn’t matter what city they were in. They were in a city. The buildings that lined the roads were like trees in a forest only Price could see, the bustling people and distant steps of police the natural sounds of the urban ecosystem. In this place, he wasn’t a weak boy, defenceless. He was the Forestlynx. And although he did not have power in the same way as Sagitta or Zura, and certainly not in the same way as the gods, he still had power. Watching the three warriors all focused on each other, obviously waiting any sort of attack from the other too, he took a step until he was looking out of the alley exit, onto the Main Street. The distant sounds of patrolling police became clearer as they walked down the streets in their nightly patrols. “Guards!” He called out, watching the heads quickly snap towards him, spears raised as they ran towards the backalley.
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    I have given the radiant quiz 2-3 times now, I got windrunners and bondsmiths and elsecallers. I guess I would like being an elsecallers especially since I have always like teleportation ever since night crawler and I think I will fit in with their ideals which I suspect have something to do with logic. Hmm and I am not very religious, but I am very amused by my religion and the way people chose to practise it
  22. Well, there was this one time... Person A: What's your sexuality? Person B: Misanthropic
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    Hey, @AonEne, how about a similar thread on the Arcanists? I don't have any bright ideas on what basis we could vote for them though... I remember seeing you mention the idea of this thread on the Longest Thread, I think, but didn't think you'd actually go through with it! Such bravery!
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    *cracks knuckles* Oh, I got Skybreaker once (most of the other times Elsecaller) on a Radiant quiz I took on this forum, but I'd like to be Lightweaver. They're like the Hufflepuffs of Roshar. We should all speak a few Truths, regardless of our Ideals. Crisis of faith, huh? We'll get along swimmingly! If you had to choose one Misting (or Ferring) power, what would it be? I'd be Nicroburst or Oracle, but if I had to choose an Era 1 metal, I'd go with Seeker.
  25. Hello! While I do agree that the chances of me being an elim are the same as they were before, I can understand Striker’s point of view, and I feel like Elb’s immediate vote on them comes off as a little suspicious. However, it could just be another attempt at starting a lynch discussion (which has worked, so good job, I guess ), which they were doing before as well. Bard’s vote on Stink... I can believe that it was just observing slight differences in their language, and not something else. Or maybe I’m just overly trusting and suck at analysis Elandera seems to have a similar gut feeling on Elb as I do, or maybe she’s trying to distance herself by stating slight suspicion and then saying it’s most likely NAI. Rae and Elb could also be an elim team (Or is this just me being paranoid, I wonder)? She disagrees about the vote on Striker, and then goes back to vote on him. However, this is due to what she sees as overreacting on Striker’s part, which I have to admit I agree with. Striker’s statement in response also makes sense (But is anything really overthinking in SE? ), and his comments about being fine to be lynched are something I perceive to be the mark of someone who doesn’t have anything to hide. However, I am aware of elims pulling tactics like this, but I don’t think Striker is doing this so early on. Remember, this is the person who voted to lynch himself when he was the spy so the village wouldn’t lose. I don’t think he would be open to be lynched on the first cycle if he had an elim team he had a responsibility to. So, my vote goes to Elbereth for the quick vote on Striker for saying something I can see as an understandable thing to say, and because Elandera also has gut feeling on them (and you know what they, two gut feelings are better than one ). And even if I’m wrong, hopefully this post will be more informative in the future as the game goes on and alignments are revealed.
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    So I'll expand a bit about Szeth and Gaotona. I am from a strongly religious family and have chosen to take...a different path. Going against what EVERYBODY around me says, believes and holds sacred was a harsh experience, with effects that last over a decade - especially now that I'm planning to get married. How will the ceremony look? Will there be a rabbi? Will my fiance dress according to Halacha? Will my dad even show up? In light of these, I identify a lot with people struggling against their beliefs. Szeth and being truthless, Gaotona and using forgery. But not just that - Szeth uses his belief as a shield, and when that collapses, he gives up on life itself. He finally faces the guilt and blame and cant handle his pain, unlike Dalinar. Gastonia sees the TRUTH of forgery, he sees the masterwork he holds within his hand. He's beliefs forbid it, but he is overwhelmed with its beauty. This document in the right hands could have changed the entire empire, the religion, the forbiddece of forgery. But alas. to protect all he hold dear, he must commit that one thing he opposed all along - a forgery. He casts this document into the flames, lying to all generations to come so that the emperor might have a chance to make the empire a better place. He takes this burden upon himself, as there is no one else to do so, and maybe no one else who would. This weight will stay with him until his final hour, regardless of the success or failure of the Emperor. As for Shardworld, I guess I'll be a bit different again, as I would choose Sel, with hopes of being a Forger myself^^ Magic system is a hard debate between the Surges and Forgery. The order In forgery, the craftsman work, the elegancy...It calls out to me. Oh I've read many others, let me think a moment: Raimond E.Feist. R.A Salvatore, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchet, Jhon Skalzi, Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Robert Silverberg, Tolkien, Martin, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Maggie Furey, Patrik Rothfuss, David Eddings....and so on and so forth I would probably want to be a Lightweaver, or perhaps an Elsecaller, both are my favorites. I'm ok with being swamped, Keep it coming: )
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