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  2. pity I don't have this kind of programing skill...
  3. Did anyone record the Celsius signing WoBs systematically?
  4. Very well. So we're aware of 3 players with Aviar (Stick, Lopen and I), and 2 who claim to have regular birds (Lum and Striker). With this in mind I believe it less likely for an eliminator to claim receiving of an Aviar, especially as early in the cycle as Stick, so I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for now. I don't really trust Lopen and probably won't until I can find some way to mechanically clear him of last night's sabotage, however. That all said, Devotary. Instincts are telling me they're a Saboteur, and hopefully, the Engineer themselves.
  5. Project 75192: Update 13 - Bags No.8, Part 2 - "The Upside-down" I promise you we're getting there. Sorry about all the pics for those not digging it So, now we're working on these cut-outs which were featured in previous updates, building the internal gubbins (2) that shows through to the outside (3,4). Each square panel is form of lots of wee random bits of mechanical looking stuff which is mounted on both sides (5), because there are cut-outs on both the top and bottom of the fuselage (4). (7) shows all four units in place, and (8) shows the final effect from underneath. Nice contrast between the light and dark grey. Another nerd-out to follow soon!
  6. More than 3 people can receive an Aviar when the Aviary is destroyed.
  7. Wait. So you're saying you got the Twins from the Aviary Sabotage? If so then Stick is confirmed evil, no? ED1T: Hm. Probably not, actually. While only 3 birds can be loaned per cycle, the rules don't specify whether only 3 Aviar will be randomly handed out by the Aviary's sabotage. @Randuir / @Young Bard, can either of you tell me if more than 3 players can have an Aviar in this situation?
  8. I got the Sak bird C1. And currently me and Ventyl have the PM birds(I did not request it). Sadly they're inactive.
  9. I missed these two posts so I'm going to go ahead and respond to them now. If I'm not mistaken, only 1 of each Aviar can exist at a time, yes? I'll go ahead and tell everyone that I also got one of the Aviar from the Sabotaged Aviary, since it was impossible for me to put an order in when I didn't even get online until this cycle. Stick, if you got the Twins, please go ahead and send me a PM. If not, then if a player has received a PM this turn, you may want to put their name forward since it's extremely likely that player is the Saboteur. Okay so you requested an Aviar on D2? Interesting.
  10. This would be a great ask Brandon. Are their any effects on the soldiers that Dalinar pulled the thrill out of?
  11. I remember.
  12. There's no great analogies for this though, it's never happened before. I would argue that Kaladin is much closer to the humans (biologically and realmatically) than either the singers or the spren.
  13. Today
  14. I got a non-Aviar, I think it was like some type of parakeet or something. Yeah, a Monk Parakeet. Not sure if that’s something you’d find on First of the Sun though.
  15. No problem. Two examples are when Kelsier pushed a bar of metal at an enemy, and while it was flying, he pulled on one part of the bar to send it spinning. Normally an allomancer can only push on the objects center. Wax when he fought that terrisman in his youth, when they were both pushing on something, Wax noticed multiple parts to the thing they were pushing on, and was able to selectively push on part of it, resulting in it flying at the enemy and killing him while the enemy could only push on the center of the entire thing. I will try and pull up the scene to explain it better.
  16. main plot

    "I want to nap," Seom pointed out. @Sorana
  17. Unfortunately she can't really since she's in the hospital, but I believe it. What kind of bird did you get after the Aviary was sabotaged?
  18. It was returned before the Aviary was sabotaged. I had a PM with BR before it left though. She can confirm that.
  19. And John gave him more.
  20. Good to know. I think there is also some learned skill in their too.
  21. He was delighted, and quickly ate it. Edit: Ninja’d, but I guess it still kinda works.
  22. Which TenSoon quite enjoyed.
  23. I know, I'm not saying he created the Surges. This is a smaller leap than to say that Preservation created Allomancy. In that case, the magic system was designed from scratch. Sure, Preservation didn't create the concept of the three Realms or spiritwebs or anything like that. But the framework fir Allomancy was his. The definition and mechanisms by which the powers operate was his. He didn't create land, water and gravity in the universe, but he built a canal through which water flowed from one end to the other. In this case, Odium only created a framework for people to access the natural Surges present in Greater Roshar, and took inspiration from something already present on Roshar. The Surge if Gravitation existed in Greater Roshar, Odium created a framework which allowed humans to access and manipulate it in certain ways. And even how to do that was inspired by the ecology and spren already existing on Roshar at the time. The spren already were present on Roshar, and already were bonding to the local flaura and fauna to grant various effects. Odium saw that, and created the framework of Surgebinding - namely defining nine orders, designing specialist spren spiritwebs which when attached to existing Human/Singer spiritwebs would grant access to surges, an initiation mechanism, and a way to power this manipulation of surges. All of this was built on existing systems already in play on Roshar. This was later iterated on by Honor and Cultivation while creating the Honorblades. And later, that was the framework was used by... well someone, for the Knights Radiant. Which then went on to inspire Nightblood on Nalthis. It's all the same things, just different people trying to put their own spin on it.
  24. And John decided that TenSoons's idea of aged wasn't enough, so he gave him dinosaur meat (65 Million Years of Aging).
  25. I am referring to his ability to selectively omit certain metals or parts of metallic objects from a general push. That is the result of savantism.
  26. I really don't think there's room for that kind of trickiness though. The question was to give us the name of an intent we hadn't seen before. We know that the name of the Shard is their intent (Odium's protestations about being 'Passion' aside) so giving us information on a Shard that we'd already gotten a name for would not be answering the question at all. Brandon clearly feels he gave us something significant with the 'hide and survive' comment, which doesn't make sense if he's talking about a Shard that we already know about and which is clearly not hiding, since she's directly opposing Odium. Also, we know a Shard can leave a world in a relative hurry if it doesn't mind parting with all the Investiture they've sunk into a world. The mystery Shard is described as 'know(ing) what's going on and is smart enough to get out of there', which isn't Cultivation who is still on Roshar, very much not getting out of there despite it being possible for her to do so if she really wanted to be elsewhere.
  27. Still called aged meat, though.
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