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    Althea nodded. She'd heard of the Scholar's Guild. Neutral and rather peaceful. Could she risk it? Her eyes rested on Max, barely able to stand without help. The last time someone had offered help it had ended with her on the ground, almost dying. "My husband is hurt." She said quietly, mostly because it would be hard to miss Max injuries. "I would be grateful if you could help him."
  3. I’m rather vanilla. Also, I came up with an unstoppable plan while away, but it won’t work while the crew mess is sabotaged. Alvron seems like a reasonable option for the engineer, but Ive got lots of time today, so I’ll take a little bit before I vote. Also, Brightness didn’t have much to say, her only action saw an interaction that was a vote.
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    She snored rather loudly and kept sleeping.
  5. Some really goo ones in here it seems. Well done! I can't wait to see them all.
  6. Ashlyn quickly positions herself in a position where she can duck into cover if the bad guys decided they didn’t want to comply. Putting her hands up she slowly kneels then puts her gun on the ground in front of her. I swear, they’re going to think I’m one of the aggressors
  7. You could always mess around with some Cosmere landscapes Neither Elantris nor The Emperor's Soul have much, but all the other books I can think of have good stuff in them, and I've seen far fewer illustrations of environments than of people.
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    "I am Alanis Sheneth, leader of the Scholar's Guild. It's a pleasure to meet you." She glanced to the side, registering the presence of Tels, but made no comment. "I suppose, before you answer my questions, I should offer my services. Do any here need healing?"
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  10. Makes sense. He is more definitive in this WoB.
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    Mike smiled at her sleeping form and covered her with a blanket as well. She'd asked him out. Seom had asked him out. A part of him still wondered if she really meant it, or if it was born out of the situation. He supposed, he would see what happened. Quietly he stepped to the door and stood watch. ============ Althea turned to the Newcomer, her face a neutral mask. Not unfriendly, just neutral. "Hello." She greeted her. "I am Althea Tenira, Righthand and member of the Ghostblood's Triarchy." She introduced herself instead of answering her question. Max could decide for himself what he wanted to tell her. "Who are you?"
  12. Hemalurgy is really just a process that lets you Frankenstein together pieces of Spiritweb into different forms for different purposes, and Kolos where simply one specific and often repeated design built for gross physical strength, basically shock troops. Inquisitors were built for a different purpose, and with more variation, but tended to be more about consolidating Metallic Arts abilities. There's no realy tipping point, they are just different designs (Tanks vs...I dunno...Helicopters?)
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    Oh, damnation, ya that kills it, at least for that instance. Im still curious what would happen to a normal Singer, if a Larkin could eat the Spren out of their gemheart and force them out of their form.
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    Aln ascended to the roof of the building where she had spotted the figures. She approached them, and asked "Did one of you just take control of the Phoenix?" @Sorana @I think I am here. @Truthless of ShinovarShinovarShinovarShShinovarShi @Silva
  15. From what Ive seen, I think she can only do the Capture bit with what she actually Observes, and still has to engage her own normal artistic skill for any 'photoshopping' (either changes or additions) which would then filter back to the cognitive bead of the drawing at the normal pace. Though I suppose it's possibly that she could learn to include alterations with the initial capture; I dont know if she's even ever actually tried, she seems to treat the ability purely as a mental Polaroid. Even that was a matter of days though, whereas Lopen had been missing an arm for years. Renarin was healing enough folks at the hospital to run into a bunch of people and correlate the ones he couldnt heal to those that had been injured longest, and I find it a little hard to believe that it was all due to that many people just accepting their new situation unusually quickly and coincidentally being the earliest injuries. Given how so many of the other investiture functions work, it makes sense to me that there would be a functional difference between healing yourself with your own investiture and Slef-image, versus infusing somebody else with Investiture to get it done.
  16. Accounted-for Players: Lumgol (D1 Navigator) StrikerEZ (D1 Spotlight) Amanuensis (D3 Mess Message) MrakeDarshall (D3 Mess Message) Devotary of Spontaneity (D3 Mess Message) Mark IV (D3 Offline) TheMightyLopen (D2 + D3 Mess Message) Araris Valerian (D3 Hospital) Burnt Spaghetti (D3 Mess Message) Unaccounted-for Players Xinoehp512 (Claims Vanilla) Ventyl (Nearly Completely Inactive) shanerockes Alvron Really should have kept my vote on Alvron. ED1T: @Devotary of Spontaneity why did you decide to switch to Stick last minute? @MrakeDarshall, did you anticipate the Mess being sabotaged? Your message was the most generic, so I'm curious what your mindset was going into writing it. @Burnt Spaghetti you've been viewing the thread for a while now. Thoughts?
  17. I doubt we will even truly understand it then. The SR seems like the type of thing that is beyond a mortals comprehension. we might learn some of the mechanics, but I don't think we will ever have a true understanding.
  18. King of all sentient fluffballs, that is.
  19. “I’m going to make the executive desicion to leave my five foot sword in the car.” Leona said. “If something happens, I can turn it into cake.” She stepped slowly out of the car and put her hands up. This was not going to end well.
  20. I believe the sabotage just makes it non-anonymous, but I may be wrong. ED1T: Looking at the rules again, I'm probably wrong
  21. Can I do that if it's busted?
  22. Hey, SSmooth, thank you for reading. Fair comment, I'm hoping I've addressed the concerns and it's better again. I'm hoping now that he picks Berlin and R's job as filler, that the job review scene works better. Also, I've added compelling reasons for dismissing almost all the other cases. I've trimmed the recap down, so hopefully it's less intrusive, and disguised as something else. I'm glad you found the info useful. There's enough in other places. I've trimmed it in this chapter, but there's still some there. Yeah, it's both sequel to the last chapter, and also scene setting, so it's a double whammy of water treading. All the comments have helped me make cuts, refinements and distilling into what I think is more effective. Tension though, is an uphill struggle in this chapter. Hopefully better in the next, and the next after that Thanks again!
  23. Okay. I probably buy you're a villager, too. If you could send the GM's a PM saying you want to leave a message in the mess today, I would appreciate it a lot, though.
  24. Just a vanilla, sorry. Otherwise I probably would have put more effort into this game.
  25. I've tried to tackle these things. I think it's better again. The big thing, I think, is that Q takes the Berlin job, and the R job to will in the time. I've edited the call, and given Q much more initiative, which I think improves that too. I still want to convey the creepiness of T.O.M. knowing too well what Q's doing. Good! They are still there, but I've hacked into them again to prune them down, but retain the essence and almost all of the character notes (I trust) Not at all. You've given me reassurance that the town stuff has merit while also confirming the bits that are still 'festering'. Very helpful
  26. Which means the Trapper ability is effectively a roleblock against the elims as well. Please, please, please let there be one out there who will become active this turn. @xinoehp512, @Mark IV, @shanerockes, @Ventyl, @StrikerEZ, @Araris Valerian: if one of you is the Trapper or a Village Engineer, I think it's time to claim. The eliminators aren't going for kills anyway, which means our only hope is figuring out role distribution and ensuring the right roles get used in the right places. Otherwise the village is doomed. ED1T: Mark is cleared in the same way I was for the first two days (hasn't been online since Tuesday), and Ventyl was last online 3 hours after the previous thread was posted, so chances are we can trust him too. Now that I think about it, the two saboteurs last night have to be among Alvron, Striker and Shane.
  27. NO problem, AT ALL! (Ahem, just need to look at my record most weeks and you'll see you are not the worst offender nay a long chalk!) Yeah, I've been battling this issue for three or four edits now. I'm still reluctant to rip the chapter in half (metaphorically), but I've wielded the knife again and cuts the offending stuff back harder. Hey nothing to apologise for!! Hoist by my own petard, etc. No, this is good, thanks. I think 'must now be covered' is more certain, but allows for the fact that he does not actually know. I feel there is some worthwhile stuff in there but I have cut down fairly hard, looking to try and ensure it's saying something about this story, and basically is no longer a recap. Agree. I'm obliged to you for this from last time. I can see it now. I've just done a search a replace for relevant instances. Typo. I've adjusted this. I thought so too when I was going through Mandamon's comments. It's already gone Rephrased. Is being shot of someone or something just a UK expression? If so, I can go to 'rid'. In fact, I think I like 'rid' better anyway: I think it's actually harsher. Ah, this in unclear. It's actually the phone-call that is tracking the person down. It's mean to be spooky AI sort of 'feature'. I'll add 'the call'. Yeah, total typo, thanks This line got cut in the purge of local colour. Agree! Unfortunately I cut that line in trying to streamline the chapter. It's gone. It's reassuring to see that quite a few of the troublesome lines are being culled in the tightening up of the chapter. Cool beans I've clarified that it M's reaction was ironic, and also used the 'mockery' instead of cruelty. Much obliged for this and all the other mechanical stuff. Thanks JW--excellent comments. Definitely have helped to tighten things up
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