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  2. Why not a clever application of Allomantic Bendalloy for "bullet time"? Then again, you wouldn't be slow when swinging from anchor to anchor from your perspective... And the bubble wouldn't follow you (unless these are "quirks of the Primer Sphere")
  3. Actually, all I did want was a little fun. But now... Nerin caught a note of trepidation in the man's voice. He's afraid - but of what? She nodded, still keeping the mood light and cool. "Of course," was all she said, dipping her eyes in a show of deference . She rather did want to actually dance this evening, before someone got stabbed. Brillin and Attayl had already gone off to the dance floor, which was a lucky thing. Nerin was sure Brillin would have scarpered it as soon as Attayl's boss had arrived, no matter the Soothing she laid on. Nerin downed the rest of her cider and, in a moment of wild, Rioted recklessness, asked, "Well, since you're already here, would you care to dance?"
  4. The thing is, nobody should post in this now. Why did I? I'm special. By that, I mean I don't really care that nobody should post because I am bored.
  5. Actually almost all stone on earth spent time in a gaseous state and physically many components of stone on Roshar might have some knowledge of what it is like to be air because they come from highstorms in the form of crem. Turning rock into smoke therefore seems fairly easy.
  6. Umm, yeah you're right... I don't know how I made that jump... So, to revise: D3: 9-2-4 (-Elim lynch, -MB kill, -Elim kill)D4: 7-2-3 (-Mislynch, -MB kill, -Elim kill)D5: 4-2-3 (-Mislynch, -MB kill, -Elim kill) D6: 1-2-3 So actually, I've got to agree with Maill then. Lynching an elim is the best thing we could do today. It gives, worst case scenario 6 anti-elim kills. (4 additional ones.) Where the other scenarios only give 2 anti-elim kills each. Also, recovering from a 4-2-3 seems very doable. Hard, but doable. Edit: Ok, thinking about it, anti-elim kills aren't necisarily good. But it gives us 2 extra mislynches where the others only give 1. That is the actual selling point. : )
  7. main plot

    "Not even a phone? Then you should stay with one of us, who has one, should we split up." Mike looked at him surprised. "Here's my number then, Seom." He showed her his number. @Sherlock Holmes
  8. *wins with more ninjas*
  9. The end.
  10. *wins with ninjas*
  11. I don't know if this has ever been tried before, but this is an attempt by me to make the shortest thread ever... Once upon a time, in a non-Cosmere world, there was woman with absolutely no investiture who chose not to take over the Universe.
  12. *ninja wins*
  13. "Head into the wood. Renata offered to climb a tree and Lisa saw a wall yesterday." Lizanne explained. "We wanted to take as much food with us as we can, we never know what happens. I plan to look for a river and for edible plants."
  14. main plot

    "I've got nothing," Zan said.
  15. I personally have no problems with the books. I do agree that some are less entertaining than others, but I don't actually dislike any of them. That might be because I have virtually no standards for books apart from the kind of content . I am the kind of guy who just reads the books for fun and doesn't really analyze them all that much, except for the magic systems. Although, you have to agree, most of them are better than the general fantasy rubbish that usually gets thrown around. (Ok, you don't...)
  16. Hello another new person, I may try this even though audio sounds just like a bigger mess to me. Woah, I got the similarity between Kaladin and Kelsier but it seems like he does it much more often. Just add to the 's' list Sarene and Susebron (and probably a few more I now can't remember) and it's getting way too complicated. And good to know I'm not alone, this gives some hope. And finally getting to what interests most of you (and I'm not surprised). I'm totally in love with Warbreaker, mostly for the magic on Nalthis, I suppose. Well, deciding on a favourite character is much worse, there are too many of them... But, I think I'll go with Vasher (kind of sticking to Nalthis, I know) but Vin was also amazing, just as Wayne, so it is really hard. Oh, and I forgot, I also love that short story on First of the Sun. (and, well, thanks for the warning, but it's sad as I love baked goods. But I'll have to live with it somehow.)
  17. Nope! Mistborn is great for anyone with any amount of knowledge about the cosmere. I started with them, and was just fine.
  18. main plot

    "I have a phone," Seom said.
  19. Arun stretches again and looks up at Lizzane. She sits up, “what’s the plan?”
  20. okay thanks anywho! Edit: Alrighty, I MAY have figured this out. let me give it one more go. Black Hole Picture (enhanced)
  21. Then I am little help to you there, sorry. If you know how to save things to your computer’s pictures, though, then you can add them to a post using the “Click to choose files” button above the submit reply button.
  22. I don't get how from D4 to D5, we go from 7 living Elims to 2. Shouldn't we go to 4?
  23. well darn. I'm on a computer.
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