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    Sagitta nodded, held out her hand for him to take. She could accept it that way. Forcing her body away from the carriage she straightened, looked into his eyes. "Verbal or not - to me it is binding. We rarely have written contracts in Ta'e'ilo." Her leg hurt and she shifted her weight. "I will keep our bargain, you have my word on it." He probably wouldn't know, but it was the truth. She would keep their bargain and should the price be her life. ====== @Lunamor
  3. main plot

    Aylitha took the canteen out of instinct, then looking at it once she realized what it was. She wondered what she should do with it. She normally didn't need to drink, but it had been given to her. In the end she just drunk a bit to be polite, then handed it back. Looking at them she noticed the man was wounded. She tilted her head, wondering why the woman hadn't healed him. She was a transmuter, after all. Or was that called differently here? She shook her head. The woman probably just lacked the training. A pity, that was. If only she had worked for the bio-science department. Muttering to herself Aylitha knelt down in front of the man, grabbing his injured leg, making sure to avoid the wound. "Stand still please," she said, sounding somewhat detached. "That way I can heal this wound." Small tentacles flowed from her hand, each splitting into yet smaller tentacles, until they formed a web so small it was impossible to distinguish the individual strands. The thin web draped itself over the wounds, first depositing a painkiller, then a weak acid to kill bacteria. After that they slowly started depositing new cells, using the man's DNA to build the cells. She frowned. She always disliked working with human cells. It was difficult for her powers to create them, and she had to manually put them in the right location, without being able to grow new cells from the old ones. Slowly the wound closed though, the web contracting until the whole wound was gone. Aylitha stood up, smiling at what she had done. Sure, working with human cells was annoying, but still, it was somewhat of an accomplishment, manually rebuilding human flesh. Cracking her fingers she looked at the others. "Done." She said.
  4. Hmm. I guess that makes sense. The word disease confused me because it brings to mind something more serious than just a cold.
  5. HonorPreservationAutonomyLightweaverElsecallerStonewardRegalHeraldCoinshotLurcherPewterarmSootherSmokerSeekerLeecherMistbornCrasher (Skimmer/Coinshot)Gold CompounderReturnedElantrian EliminatedT as the sous chef, because they would be smelling and tasting all of the foods to make sure they tasted perfect, while the Returned would be head chef; I don't know why, but a returned seems like they would make a good chef!
  6. It's just an artifact of him storing health. While he stores he is much susceptible to "the sniffles" - and simply stopping his storage doesn't get rid of the cold he's caught while storing.
  7. “Light!” said Truthless, both indicating the curse from the Wheel of Time, and the fact that more luminescence would be needed to see Little Bear in all of the shadows.
  8. flamesinger theory

    “I... yes, I think so,” Cheh said, unstrapping his seat belt and falling onto the ground with a thud. He worked himself up and looked out the window. Rainforest-like trees and alien greenery looked back at him. It was beautiful. “Wow,” He said. “How do we edit the pod?”
  9. Oh, so Mercy was a real person. With new sympathy Alask looked at Mart. No child should have had to see something like that. He answered her thank you with his eyes and continued the story: “So Tom brought out his sword, and the monster brought out its big, bad claws, and the two began circling each other in epic combat. “Tom would strike with his powerful sword and say: ‘You cause my village to live in fear!’ “And the monster would say: ‘Most of your village have never even met me but still keep sending people to kill me!’ “And as they continued to talk and fight Tom realised that the monster was making sense. That his village had just assumed the monster was evil and never allowed anyone to go there.”
  10. I am rereading Shadows Of Self, and noticed a line in chapter 5 where Wayne heals away his hangover when talking to Allriandre - it said that his sniffles would return because it was hard to heal diseases for some reason. Is there mention of Wayne having a disease anywhere else in the series? I don’t remember this.
  11. flamesinger theory

    Light, fire, then they hit the ground. Jessys head was thrown backwards and she closed her eyes. When she opened them again she realized she must have passed out at some point. Feeling dizzy she groped for the safety belt, undid the straps. Falling out of her seat she landed on the ground. "Are you alright?" She asked the boy and pushed herself up.
  12. “Hello James,” Rob said, and waved with the arm Shana wasn’t gripping on. He looked at Shana, leaning on him, and at Ben, leaning on James, and would have smiled if he was any other person. Shana and Ben, like a cute injured couple. But Rob’s face remained stone serious, so no one could read his thoughts.
  13. Okay?
  14. Sims 2 for my Nintendo Gamecube
  15. Gooooooooooood, I’ll add you to the PM.
  16. first verse

    —before they hopped on the carriage— As they hauled the Cahayan on the carriage Price walked over to where Sagitta leaned against it. “You should know, our bargain is completely verbal,” he said. “You haven’t been trapped by a contract yet, but currently this is how the agreement’s changed. “You can leave the testing at any time, or leave any individual experiment at any time. You may patrol the areas you are allowed to freely.” He looked at her. “Good?”
  17. 1. Wafflles. 100% Without a doubt. I just ate 4 of ‘em. 2. Human torso with a fish tail; I could move so much more efficiently in the water! 3. Ooh... this is a tough one! Probably scales, because it would just feel weird to have hair all over my body, not to mention how dirty I would get all the time. With scales though, I could be protected from all sorts of junk! 4. Tacos, but only if they’re hard shell! (*starts craving Cafe Rio*) 5. Dogs, you can just do more stuff with them, they seem to have more personality!
  18. flamesinger theory

    Cheh leaned back and in the window he could see the rapidly approaching colour of a planet moving fast towards them - no, them moving fast towards a planet. “Shock absorbers acti—” The ship landed onto the planet with a jolt that sent the entire mainframe shuddering. As it skid against the grassy plateu’s of the land, bringing fire and dirt with every collision, it finally came to a rest next to a large tree. Lights and sounds were blaring at him and Cheh groaned, now he could understand why all those safety measures had needed to be taken.
  19. first verse

    The change was so sudden, from what had seemed like an argumentative tone to the end of the discussion, like she had accepted he served his nation and that was that. “Haul him up,” Price said to the farmer and a couple minutes later the group was back on the trail, the familiar rythym of hoof beats on dirt kicking in again. The Cahayan boy was still bound by rope, a little piece of it attached to the wall so to limit lis movement. He was placed in the seat next to Sagitta. The formal man was looking irritated at the long trip, the crazy man was playing with a wooden toy and the woman was still looking at her feet. And the trip continued.
  20. " . . . " Little Bear slowly backed into the shadows.
  21. Yeah. Although, upon further investigation, it looks like this might've been a bot? Idk.
  22. Been playing a little bit of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
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