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  2. I know, I was considering telling her that sliiiiiight spoiler but I'll wait and see what happens. I wish someone had told me all this when I read them for the first time and I wouldn't have been heartbroken for years!
  3. Novus looked inside of the empty walling trying to find anything else there.
  4. Neo, finally used nearly all of his strength pulling the knife out, allowing for him to properly start healing. Athlea approached them threatening them to leave and at that moment two nicrosil cards penetrated each thug and exploded. After a couple of seconds the wound was healed and Neo could move again. There were still four thugs but the explosion scared them off so they ran away. Neo handed the spheres, unused back to Althea and said “We should go back, see how Devaan is doing”. He dropped some seeds and blocked the tunnel off with huge vines incase they would want to return to stir up trouble. He thought Althea had some way of getting back too so he started skating. Neo skated back to the beginning and found Devaan there, thinking I guess I’m not that good at following people ”Hehe, so... what did you find?”, he said awkwardly realizing he probably wasted quite some time.
  5. This game feels pretty slow for some reason. Slow enough that I'm having trouble forming suspicions, at any rate. I wouldn't mind resolving Lumgol's slot at some point, but I see little reason to do that right now, given that she is one of the more active players. If they're evil, giving her more time will give us more to look at. If she's good, giving her more time increases the chances of her contributing something that proves her alignment. @Rathmaskal, you haven't posted yet this cycle. I'm currently harboring some mild suspicion of Levitaph, though that's fueled in large part by a lack of familiarity with their playstyle. The thing that bothers me a bit was them repeatedly bringing up people using one playstyle or another as a smoke screen for being an elim while tunneling pretty hard on Lumgol. Tunneling would actually make for a pretty decent smokescreen in and of itself, as it creates the illusion of activity and involvement with finding elims while reducing the amount of info you give away about yourself.
  6. "What time slots work for you? We have training 24/7 and each session lasts for an hour." Seymour replied, selecting a large ledger labeled Canton Training Times.
  7. Damaya continued her walk and finally found her way back to Seymour. "Hello." She greeted him smiling friendly. "You had questions about scheduling the training and I need to pay as well." @Nohadon
  8. Althea saw Neo fall to the ground and teleported over to him, moved between him and the two men. She let some spheres fall to the ground next to him. "You should leave." She told them coldly. "Or I will turn you to stone." In that moment two cards flew towards two of the thugs.
  9. Hmm. Thank you for checking in, Shqueeves. I agree that there’s currently an outsized focus on Sart, and also Lumgol to some extent, but the focus is somewhat justified considering how narrow D1 discussion was. Hopefully we’ll break out of that box soon enough. One of those two lynches may end up being the most informative for this cycle, though, and of the two I’m leaning still towards Lum as a suspect (though I’m trying to avoid tunnelling). Some people I believe simply aren’t Sja’anat, and others have a very low likelihood of being her, so a current list of immediately suspicious people would be Lopen, Ark, Lumgol, Dr Dapper, Rath, Snip, Levitaph, Shqueeves and perhaps Xino. A lot of people are on here because they simply haven’t roleclaimed to me, though some of these I find a bit more unlikely (such as the newer players, and Snip, who I’ve gotten a good read on from PMs). Others have roleclaimed, but I find their roleclaim hard to verify, suspect them even if the roleclaim is believable, or want more content from them in-thread before making a judgement.
  10. When Novus entered the backroom. There were two corridors directly opposite of it.. A sign in between the two. Welcome to the trials. The man you were following is no longer here. Trust nothing, not even your own senses. One of these corridors contains the long and difficult pass, the other contains the short and easy one. Your task is to figure out which path is which, and which one to take. The room had various items on the floor. Crowded around the right door was a clock, an eyeglass and a feather. The one on the left had shards of glass, daggers and bits of metal. In between the two doors was empty walling, on the ground there was a mixture of the materials, it was difficult to tell where one set of materials ended and the other began.
  11. Devaan heard the commotion up ahead. Althea disappeared. Elsecalling through shadesmar, probably. "They're probably fine" Devaan assured Max, taking out two cards and sending them down the passageway. They both emitted Aon Daa. Sending two concussive blasts through the tunnel. If he aimed them properly they shouldn't hit Neo or Althea.
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  13. Neo noticed suddenly that Althea was there and let out a silent sigh. He didn’t make it apparent that Althea was there. Instead he shouted “Wow! What a shame that theres a feruchemist and allomancer here!”. He skated towards the exit, he just had to made it towards Althea, just a lit— Neo fell to the ground grasping for air as the overwhelming pain in his thigh excruciated him. He had a dagger in his thigh but the pain was too extreme for him to do anything. damnation nightwatcher, he thought as the 2 people blocking the exit advanced on him.
  14. progressively fiery and incredible. Aside from this, the item goes about as an incredible hunger suppressant that would enable you to eat less and feel more full for longer time. It
  15. "We should go look for him." Then she started to walk in the direction Neo had vanished. When she arrived at the tunnel where it split she saw a soft glow coming out of the middle one. Cursing quietly she touched Brashen. "Stay with Max, I'm going my way." She stepped into Shadesmar hurried along over the spheres, looked for mass on investiture, that would indicate a Radiant. There he was. Her face remained cold when she left Shadesmar and saw some thugs in front of her, chasing Neo, blocking his way out. "Hey there." She greeted them softly. @Minato™
  16. I've written many song lyrics in my years in bands (and wanting to be). I'd be happy to, but it is a bit off topic, I suppose. We did have a couple of poems once, and, as it turns out poetry seems to be more commonplace on the GSFWC, I am finding. There some chat about submitting poetry to periodicals that are accepting SFF-centred stuff.
  17. I'm not attached this, but to me 'Yeh' sounds different to 'Yeah', and for some reason it felt more true to the character to write it that way. I'd be curious to know if anyone else thought this was a misspelling, or if it felt odd. I can respect that
  18. Marsh on Roshar would be really cool. Just to see his unique view on being stuck in a second apocalypse or him as a dustbringer. Someone with such a destructive origin and power, must basically be ashspren viagra.
  19. The deepest ones on Threnody, dustbringer sprens, all things metallic arts, Marsh and Kelsier, more of Nalthis.
  20. Neo, walked further down the tunnel. Eventually he found a group of 4 people with weapons and tattoo’s up ahead. Hmm... maybe they’ll know where Frob is. Neo slowly but cautiously headed over there. He glowed a lot more less with stormlight now, although he still had spheres left, he just wanted to be careful. As he got closer they all turned towards eachother with an evil grin and one of them looked at him and said, “Hey kid, are you lost? We can help you if you want”, he looked creepily at Neo. “Oh, no thanks I was just wondering if you guys know where frob is, maybe this will clear up your mind a little?” Neo said while he was holding some spheres. The guy had an evil smile and said “Do you really think we can’t take it from you?”. Next thing Neo knew he was radiant with stormlight, growing vine after vine hindering them, skating through the sewer system dodging again and again. He saw with his left eye that one of them had allomancy and another feruchemy but he didnt have time to focus on what specifically. He went turbo, going at an extreme speed, toe jump after flip, after Lutz, after edge jump, after Salchow. He kept dancing around their attacks, evading them. If I dont leave now, I wont have enough stormlight for Frob and that other guy, he thought. To his surprise however, the exit was blocked by another two tho thugs. Seems like they really wanted him and his spheres. Neo was stuck.
  21. Novus kept his pace moderately well, he followed him through the main reception and into the backroom. Iva was happy with his progress.
  22. So much yes. But don't take our word for it, Why not give it a go yourself and watch an episode or two? Or four? Or eight? Or all of them? #SoTasty
  23. Max frowned. “He went looking for you, took off before we could say anything. You didn’t see him?”
  24. Yeah, that's one of the selling points for Although I pay for that site, I think it's over-priced---free alternatives include and
  25. How about... right now? Apologies for the delay. I can't speak for @John203, but for me personally I've been buried under getting taxes completed, wrapping up a local gaming league that I run, and then Easter/Family stuff so I've been AWOL for the past 10 or so days. Round 2: Match 3 will feature: @Zath, representing Dilaf @I think I am here. representing Sja-Anat @Kidpen representing Yomen Good luck everyone, and have fun! You have 96 hours (or basically, until the end of the day on Thursday) to post your roasts. @ILuvHats, we will give you the same deadline- if you don't respond within that timeframe then we will consider you as forfeiting and will go ahead and open up voting for Match 2.
  26. Astiel walked into the main reception area and looked at Novus. "So you're Novus? You've been accepted into intelligence. Follow me and do try to keep up" Astiel hopped over the main reception desk and disappeared into a backroom.
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