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  2. Which was famous even in the furthest reaches of the Cosmere.
  3. As an ingredient in his homemade salsa.
  4. main plot

    Mike stared at his mobile for a bit longer, prayed for a reply, but none came. He wished she would give him a chance to explain, to tell her the truth. "We've got some orders. Find out where and how we could best enter the building. There are already troops close by, but someone seems to try a diplomatic approach." He told his friends and then texted Lusk that they would do it. Focus on the mission. Maybe he would meet Bella accidently, she was somewhere here as well. "We don't happen to have something to communicate easily?" @Vargo Seldon @Turtle373 @Sherlock Holmes @I think I am here. =========== @Ark1002
  5. Hey now, that’s cheating!
  6. Hmm. Worst case scenario, there are 4 elims, 2 mistborn, which leaves us with 9 villagers right now. If we lynch Zane D3, worst case scenario: D3: 9-2-4 (-Zane lynch, -MB kill, -Elim kill) D4: 7-2-4 (-Zane lynch, -Elim kill) D5: 6-1-4 (-Mislynch, -elim kill) D6: 4-1-4 ----- This is now LyLo. And even then,.we basically only win if the elims try to kill Vin. So we have 1 mislynch. If we lynch an elim: D3: 9-2-4 (-Elim lynch, -MB kill, Elim kill) D4: 7-2-3 (-Mislynch, -MB kill, Elim kill) D5: 2-2-3 (-At this point, the village has already lost. The game then becomes do the elims manage to lynch a MB. if no, then I think the MB likely win. Again, 1 mislynch) just for the sake of it: D3: 9-2-4 (-Mislynch, -MB kill, -Elim kill)D4: 6-2-4 (-Mislynch, -MB kill, -Elim kill)D5: 3-2-4 Neither Lynching Zane, nor lynching an elim looks great for our prospects right now, as regardless we only get 1 mislynch. In fact, we only get 1 mislynch after today, period. Regardless what happens today. HOWEVER, I like our chances of winning in a 4-1-4 much more than a 2-2-3. Edit: Oh, I just realized we get an extra day if we lynch Zane as well. However, that is contingent on lynching him today, which seems unlikely right now. Edit: Edit: Wait, does Joe count for anything? Can he do anything? This was all assuming he can't...
  7. For cutting all of those onions for him.
  8. Very much, yes.
  9. worth it
  10. (That took an embarrassingly long amount of time to create)
  11. He raised an eyebrow at her, seemed untouched by her soothing. "A little fun." His voice was as cold as her smile. "Do you think I'm stupid? She spends some hours at your parlor and immediatly runs off with you? If you're looking for information, you have the wrong person. She knows nothing." Despite his harsh words, there was a hint of fear. "I expect you to return her by tomorrow morning."
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  13. Tom wiped a tear from his eye. He was so proud of them.
  14. Because the Ghanderflaffle empire was rising.
  15. The henchman decided to band together into a hench-army.
  16. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    This is the skyeel from Roshar, with much artistic licenses added because I was having too much fun visualizing them! It started out as just skyeel, which I decided to expanded into three species to have some more species diversity, and a more natural feeling when populating the world, like a city park would have pigeons, sparrows and starlings. Besides the Common Skyeel, there is the Greater Skyeel, and Lesser Skyeel, because I am great at naming things like that. The Common Skyeel has a difficult balance to strike – it needs to not compete in coolness with the Greater Skyeel, which is set at boss level, but also not as drab and blending-in as the Lesser Skyeel despite it being the most … well, commonly seen around by people! Like a seagull, but cooler, but not too cool. For that reason Common Skyeel remains the only design that has the same color, pattern, and size between female and male. It is also the last of the three I designed, but somehow ended up being the standard to which I adjust the other two Skyeel designs to make the Greater fittingly boss-like, and the Lesser accordingly humble. That seemingly little egg there took me a while to settle on! So I must ramble about it here. Skyeel is a fish, that flies in air, taking up the same niche as birds do on Earth. So does it still lay eggs? What shape and surface if they're exposed to the elements? How does the baby break out? Does skyeel birth live pups like some sharks do? What is the morphology - the baby looks exactly like adult but miniature (sail fish), baby looks partially like adult (birds), or a complete metamorphosis (tadpole/frog)? When everything is possible, it's impossible to just settle on one. But I had to, so I did, otherwise my life cannot go on... There are a total of 6 pages, and I'm posting them here in set of 3 so as to not spam so much. If they're small or blurry, you can see bigger resolution on my Artstation
  17. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    These are color thumbnails for the Common Skyeel. They start out overly vibrant and coral-theme, then slowly finding a sweet spot between too noisy and blending-in, looking too much like an Earth seagull, and feeling just about right.
  18. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    That is the very first design I sketched for the Common Skyeel, upper left corner! It has changed so much... The Common Skyeel’s place in the Rosharan ecosystem – as I imagine it – is akin to a seagull. It’s designed with long wings to coast long and steady in the air, and a streamline body. The fin designs need to walk a fine line between being cooler than the Lesser Skyeel, while staying clear of the Greater Skyeel’s thunder.
  19. "Let's go." Lizanne decided and bent down to wake both Arun and Aderet up. No sense in waiting. @Silva @Blessing of Potency
  20. I've read Elantris twice and I found it extremely boring both times. The Hrathen chapters were the most boring and I don't really like him as a character. I have always felt that Elantris could easily be cut in half. I do enjoy the ending, but there is almost no excitement leading up to it. I actually gave up on this book at first which almost made me give up on Sanderson. Mistborn is what brought me back.
  21. Because there is forum subsection for that... not just one topic.
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