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  2. Shana followed him, but then walked over to Ben. She sat down on the floor and leaned back against the chair, reliefed to be sitting again. Smiling she rested her head against his leg and let the voices, the sounds of the house wash over her, listened to them without really thinking about the words, glad that they were here, that she wasn't alone. @Lunamor
  3. This thread is to discuss some duels or match ups that we would love to fight one on one but due to death/location/alliances we will never get to see them clash. The main duel I would love to see is Dalinar vs Kalladin but from a couple of different perspectives. Full Power (Full Shards, Stormlight and Radiant abilities ect) Hand to hand with shard plate (No weapons , no ability's just a shardplate boxing match) Shards only (Self explanatory )
  4. At the moment, I would like to hear more from Ark, Shqueeves, and Xino. I feel like these 3 players haven't really shared their opinions on things very much. I believe Shqueeves has explained himself to some degree, but I'd really like to get this Day going a lot faster than the last one, so we have more time to get everyone involved in a serious lynch. Ark, as I stated during the Night, you are my top suspect. I'm not convinced you're evil, and I'm hesitant to lynch you because I'm not familiar with you so it could just be a clash of playstyles to some extent, but you're my best guess right now. I think something that would help would be a deeper analysis of other players. Even if you just quote one of Fura's or Devotary's or whoevers longer posts and post your feelings about their reads on players or their ideas about what's going on, I think it would go a long way for us to get a better idea of your thought processes and point of view. So far, to me, it feels like you're holding back on taking any strong stances on anything.
  5. @I think I am here.
  6. "Did you hear me?" Tena growled. "Verbal confirmation that you understand." @Ark1002
  7. era 3

    Seom walked through the back entrance into the warehouse.
  8. “It’s fine,” Rob said, and walked forwards to where everyone was sitting. “Hey everyone,” he said, sitting on a chair and tilting it towards them. He nodded to Jamie. “Another new person? That’s good.” @Dr. Dapper
  9. Think I'll go Mistborn, Warbreaker, Re-Read, Elantris. Any issues reading past the first Trilogy of mistborn before any other particular Sanderson series? No spoilers going to ripple across the Cosmere? I know you can read them in any order and it doesn't effect the story but I'm on the hunt for hoid and finding the little things that link the different world's together. The first Mistborn book is 24ish hours if anyone was wondering. Noice.
  10. "I feel like a ninety year old woman." Shana complained, when she stood again on her own feet, her heart beating fast. This was embarressing. She'd known what could happen, but it had been distant, she hadn't expected how easy she would reach the limit of what her body could take. With a sigh she placed her foot on the next step. She'd never been that gravely injured before and if she was honest with herself, she'd been tired before they started their third round of sparring. "Thank you." She smiled at him gratefully when she finally managed to reach the bottom of the stairs.
  11. Rob had been prepared. He had underestimated how far she would get before slipping. Putting a foot backwards to steady himself she suddenly stumbled forwards into him. Using one hand to grab the railing, Rob made sure he didn’t also slip, acting like a little wall to prevent her from falling all the way down. Putting his other hand on her shoulder he tried to push her upright again. He looked down. They were on almost the last steps anyway. “Almost there,” He said, stepping a little back.
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  13. Shana gripped the handrail with both hands and slowly started to descend the stairs. She took her time, reached out for his shoulder now and then to catch her balance, made a short break, when she felt like her legs would stop working. Ben had been right, she should have stayed in her bed, but going back up was no option. It was on the last steps, that her foot slipped and her arm wasn't strong enough to keep her upright. Unceremoniously she stumbled down, into Rob.
  14. Seein this in approx. 14 hours. HYPE
  15. I audible all day everyday at work, Theres nothing better then listening to a Sanderson classic while cutting up a few thousand sheep. But I need a break from time to time to give my spheres time to restore its stormlight. Does anyone have any great non sanderson audiobook recommendations? Preferably something longer or a box set. Outside of Sanderson and the fantasy genre I like post apocalyptic, drama, mystery and straight up savageness. Here are a few books I have enjoyed recently to give you an idea of my taste. The Undead World 1-7 - Peter Meredith (Hands down best zombie apocalypse story ever) Mountain Man Trilogy - Keith C Blackmore (Booze, guns, zombies and more Booze) Dodge & Twist - Tony Lee (A sequel to Oliver Twist. Great book gives Oliver Twist the dramatic and shocking ending it has always deserved) The Potato Factory Trilogy - Bryce Courtenay (The only book I have ever read that made me genuinely boil my eyes in both grief and joy at the same time. By far my favourite book of all time *Apart from The Stormlight Archive* If you haven't read these books go and get them ASAP)
  16. “It’s not.” Rob said and then descended several steps, then looked up at her. “Okay, now even if you fall, you won’t plummet down the stairs, because I’ll block you.”
  17. Althea turned into the direction Devaan wasn't facing, her back to Max. The tunnel made it easier, you only needed to cover two directions. There always the chance of an invisible attacker, or someone walking through Shadesmar, but still, it would be stupid to not cover their back while they waited for a reaction.
  18. Shana followed him out of the room, closed the door behind her. She took a steadying breath and walked to the stairs. They weren't long. She could do this. She had to. "Do you need help?" Rob asked and she wanted to shake her head, to tell him, that she could make it down safely on her own, but she wasn't sure about the safely part. "Only if it's not too much effort on your part."
  19. 332. Stay at home and don't open your door. Especially if a wizard, dwarfs, a weird old man or whoever knocks on your door in the middle of the night. Just turn around and continue sleeping.
  20. Max smiled. “Definitely. What do you think I’ve been doing this past year?” Besides, he has one nicrosilmind that was almost empty anyway, he could probably use the rest of it up. Extending his hands outwards, Max concentrated, Rioting tiredness, fatigue, and sadness. The sadness was so they’d be able to hear Frob. He extended the Riot in all directions, making sure to exclude the people around him. He tapped his Nicrosilminds more, enhancing the Riot, flaring it more and more. Slowly he was approaching a level of power close to Oasis, but not quite. He didn’t want to slip, lose control. @Gancho Libre
  21. "Whatever it wanted, it seemed either desperate enough to attack another spirit, or smart enough to try and pick us off, going for the healers first." Mutig looked around, then felt something at his side. One glance told him enough, the thing had scored a good hit on his ribs when he had burst in. He casually moved to the side, looking towards Thorstein, while hiding his ribs. We can worry about that later, but I won't be making that mistake twice. "Thanks for showing up when you did."
  22. “I guess so,” Rob said, moving out of his room, towards the stairs. He looked back at her. “Do you need help?”
  23. era 3

    "I can't promise you that. It won't be safe. It never is, when you spy, when you betray." Mike felt cold, stared at his notebook, then looked up at Bella and smiled. "I'll try."
  24. "No." She was sure the stairs would pose a problem, but she wanted to go downstairs and so she would. "But I don't want to be alone in my room. I'm not good at being alone." She begged him with her eyes to not tell her to go back into her room, to simply let her try. The worst thing to happen was her falling down the stairs. "I can sit down there, listen to everbody talking and laughing. I can even sleep in a corner."
  25. "That'll use up a lot of your stores. Can you handle it?" Devaan asked. He's gotten stronger. His rioting is a force to be reckoned with. I haven't seen him pinpoint fatigue someone yet, but I doubt he wouldn't be able to do it with enough force to knock someone out. There's also the Oasis incident Yeah.
  26. Max paused. It’s just one person, he said. And an evil one at that. I promise, no losing control.
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