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  2. I am among those who were greatly perplexed and disappointed by Amaram's role in OB. Yes, Sanderson tried to make it kinda sorta maybe plausible, but there are still many incongrous elements, some of them even introduced or reinforced in OB, oddly enough. Basically, it is only after I have read the author's comments on writing on his homepage where he revealed that Amaram was supposed to die in WoR to Iyatil, while Sadeas was supposed to survive until very late into the writing process of that book, that Amaram's arc in OB started to make sense to me. He was just forced into the Torol-shaped hole there and did stuff that was meant for Torol. This perfectly explains all the contradictions and ommissions that made his plot look so contrived to me. One of which was the complete absence of any evidence of past great friendship between Amaram and Dalinar, so touted in WoR. In fact, in the current timeline there is no room for any such relationship to have ever evolved. OTOH, we got plenty of Dalinar - Torol friendship scenes, which retroactively illuminated their interactions in WoK and WoR in the new and interesting ways. Also, all the intriguing hints at Amaram's hidden depths, like his secret scholarship, his flute collection, his cordial relationship with his household etc. were comprehensively ignored. As well as the elephant in the room - his relationship with Gavilar and how he knew about the basics of Dalinar's revelations for years prior to their release to the public - possibly for as many as a decade, even, and how it informed his actions. Except that Amaram knew about the visions for at least 6 years - from Gavilar. Just as as Taravangian did. Oddly enough, OB only confirmed this point by showing the 3 men together on the night of the assassination - and we had been already informed that that's when Gavilar confided in Taravangian. Now, Gavilar may not have related his visions in as much detail as Dalinar, nor prioritized the same things as his brother. However, Mr T. certainly got the just of it. I cannot be the only who expected the protagonists conflict with Amaram to be rooted in the comparison and clash of Gavilar's version and interpretation of the visions with Dalinar's, rather than just in personal animosities. Yes, the Amaram of WoK and WoR was very much in the same boat as Taravangian, working from the same information in Gavilar's visions but with the Vorinism-focussed approach. OB Amaram is very much Sadeas-redux - possibly because Sanderson decided that there _was_ too much similarity between Gavilar's 2 confidants and that it would be repetitive. However, I feel that the religious strife angle between religious Vorins and Dalinar's factions despite both also being against Odium would have made it fresh enough. I have recently read a historical novel about the start of Dutch struggle for independence against Spain and how despite calvinists, lutherans and moderate catholics all being opposed to the Inquisition, their mutual distrust and disagreements constantly prevented the formation of a common front and made Spanish Netherlands, as they were then, an easy prey for the Duke of Alba. I now realise that I have been expecting something like that from OB, with Dalinar in the role of William the Silent, trying to forge all those disparate elements into an alliance. Nope. The whole story of Tanalaan Jr. and his later claims that Dalinar "stole" Oathbringer from him demonstrates why Amaram didn't ask Kaladin for the shards, after Kal made it clear that he wasn't going to take them himself. And I very much doubt that he would have done anything except recruiting Kaladin into the Sons of Honor, or trying to, if the latter claimed the shards for himself. Kaladin, after all, proved himself worthy in the proper Vorin way and had quite a reputation besides. But letting the shards go to some dark-eyed random soldier was too much for Amaram - and even then he had to be persuaded by others. Which already puts him ahead of many nobles in the books conscience-wise. Not to mention that Amaram at that time was in a very similar situation to Jasnah in WoK and early WoR - he knew that the Final Desolation was coming and that they needed to prepare, but also that nobody would listen to the few SoH who were in the picture after Gavilar's death. That was likely the light in which the theft of the shards was presented to him by Restares. For the greater good, etc. I find the claims that Jasnah would have been among those who knew Amaram best to be ironic, BTW, because there was so much that she didn't know about him. Like his hidden scholarship, which Shallan found to be pretty immpressive, heh. It is also not clear to me why Amaram would have concluded that he could never become a real Radiant after WoR? Except that OB, oddly enough, undermined this notion by revealing that Tien's death was the result of an actual Skybreaker conspiracy, rather than just the negligence on Amaram's part, as it seemed previously. I have wondered whether Sadeas got wind of Amaram's theft of shards and was referring to it. Or something else that had to do with SoH. We'll never know, I guess. Sure, OB tries to present it that way, but it is oddly jarring when one remembers that he wasn't particularly discouraged by either issue in his PoV in WoR and was actually rather optimistic and upbeat heading out to Urithiru. Certainly, he was more disconcerted by Taln's dark eyes than by his madness. And Amaram's knowledge of whatever Gavilar was up to + Taln should have been more than enough to secure him a hearing with Dalinar, despite everything. Which seemed to be his intention in our last glimpse of him in WoR. But in OB, it was as if he suddenly forgot all about his main trumps for gaining attention of the Kholin family. Heck, even if he did flip to Odium, he still should have used these assets! IMHO, the main issue with Amaram's character was that he was never intended to be more than a catalyst for Kaladin and a source of intriguing hints of mysteries surrounding Gavilar and the SoH, rather than a rounded character. Having fulfilled his function, if he had died at the end of WoR as originally intended, he would have retained his illusion of depth. As is, with Sanderson not yet willing to dive into the secrets of the SoH and needing Sadeas' arc to be completed despite Torol's death, Amaram mutated into an awkward replacement-Sadeas, with barely anything of his original distinguishing traits remaining. And his duel with Kaladin was pure fan-service with the shades of a JRPG mini-boss fight.
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    That was basically what I meant, that after arriving the people who first came there as well as the Fair Folk would have build at least something of a civilization. Also, to which degree are the Fair Folk still around, and how much do people know about them?
  4. worldbuilding

    I am assuming that you are referring to our characters when they get trapped in the world. So my initial idea was that they would be trapped in the world with only the stuff they had on them. This would have been like arriving on earth when it was still a boiling mess of volcanoes, its not life sustaining, and there is no and has been no civilization. The only way things are built is if they made them. If you are referring to modern civilization, then I would say not much. Most of the gods would have no need for sustenance, because they use the spiritual realm for power. They wouldn’t have to build anything except to house their creations. the Fair Folk on the other hand, would leave a lot of different ruins and weapons around. They would be pretty careless as they went completely overboard on immortality, not only do they not die of old age they have also tied their souls to the planet, and thus get resurrected.
  5. Last Thursday Ontario Library Services got its budget cut by 50%...because of this they've decided to end their interlibrary loan service which let libraries from all over Ontario share materials with each other. This service was extremely important for libraries, especially rural ones with limited collections, and as someone who works in a small public library I honestly don't know what we'll do without it. We used interlibrary loans for book clubs, helping students with research, getting rare materials, etc. It was vital. If any Canadian sharders out there would be willing to sign this petition here and possibly consider sharing it, that would be awesome. Thank you
  6. @Calderis that WoB only partially answers the question as Brandon says that there is "something else as well" while regarding the curse.
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    A skull floated down and bumped into the man's head, its tiny gravatic motors straining. "IDENTIFICATION NOT RECOGNIZED," it warbled. "WARNING. WARNING. WARNING." @I think I am here. @Sorana
  8. @Invocation I mean no offense here, but what you, or anyone else feels is a "curse" is irrelevant and that is even reflected in the text.
  9. Yep, and Warbreaker spoiler: Threnody spoilers:
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  11. Its okay, I’ll gladly take it from you.
  12. Lizanne nodded. "Can you teach me how to get water out of the alcohol?" She asked and then thought about the food. "I know some things about farming, edible plants and all that. But farming is longterm. First we need to find something to eat, keep the seeds and plant them. It might be good to built some kind shelter for the plants, depending on the weather conditions." "If we find glasses or jars we could also cook preserves for winter. All based on the part where we are able to build a fire. Maybe we could keep some animals as well." Making an unwilling gesture she pushed it all aside. "For now we need to find anything, animals, fruits, vegetables. Survive the next days and then we can start thinking about winter."
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    @Blessing of Potency
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    Zokora followed closely behind the man, a satchel with different thin folders over her shoulder. She disliked leaving Oasis, but as it was, there had been no other choice. Inter-guild relations, these people were strange in her experience.
  15. “The cellar is enough shelter,” Wilhelm said, turning back to her. “And all of that alcohol inside of it. we can separate it into water. The only question is food.” He looked to Arun, with the glass in her leg, then averted his gaze. No. They’d need to hunt some animals. That, or farm. Wilhelm knee nothing about farming.
  16. Lizanne froze. What got them here. Broken. Did she want to get back? If the way here was broken, then she was safe. That was good, as in really, really good? "Let's focus on more pressing matters." "I am repeating myself, but we need water, food, maybe some kind of shelter apart from the cellar." She gestured towards the sky, indicating the stormclouds "We'll be dead in a few days if we can't get our hands on a useful water supply. And I doubt that whatever was here is still intact." @kenod @ZincAboutIt @I think I am here. @Blessing of Potency
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    A group of people walked solemnly to the entrance of the Church. They wore suits and little badges that said ‘inter-guild relations’. One man was leading them. Walking to the main door he knocked.
  18. Wilhelm groaned, whatever it was, it was dead. Dead. “No,” he said. “Maybe it is what killed all of these people. And we have killed it.”
  19. Sorry, I just won
  20. "I think it was what got us here," she said softly. "And now that it is broken..." she paused, trying to avoid panicking.
  21. "What was it?" Lizanne asked alarmed by the way Lisa looked at the remains of the thing.
  22. If anyone wants to keep PM's open, combing crystal and smoke gives you an item that opens PM's for a turn. Secondly, Cadcom, I expect that essence to be returned to me ASAP Lastly, I'm pretty suspicious of Sart now. He went after Fifth pretty hard, and given that one of his arguments was about the lack of info-security, him readily outing Fith's claimed role and putting a high-spren in the spotlight reads as odd, to put it mildly. Start then backed off slightly from his suspicions after the lynch had been locked in and shifted blame to the bandwagon for the lynch, which seems typical for an elim knowing he's about to lynch a villager. In the same vein though: @Lumgol, why did you out cadcom as the highspren? as far as I can tell there was little indication that they where the highspren mentioned by Sart.
  23. Work? This enhancement builds the solid digestion dimension of your body and advances a sound weight reduction process. It guarantees you thin, trim body inside a submitted day
  24. worldbuilding

    Sounds interesting. How much of their original things are still around though? I'm guessing that they needed to have at least some form of civilization, so did that all get destroyed or are there still lost ruins in the world? Also, how many artifacts and hidden magical things would still be lying around?
  25. Lisa got onto her feet, still unsteady from the scream. She nodded to Lizanne. "Sorry about that," she said, "I expected it to be a bit more dangerous than just the noise." She looked towards the remnants of the orb, and the structure around it. "What was that thing anyway?" she asked. Looking at everything her face suddenly darkened as she started to realize what it had been. "Oh no," she muttered, sounding shocked, "this isn't good."
  26. Lilia nodded, still shaken from the attack. "For how long has that thing been here?" she asked.
  27. The man who had followed him, to judge his performance, facepalmed and then shook his head. He'd seen a lot of bad missions, some good ones that still failed but this, this one was unique. An explosion, alcohol and no success made in sum for a real bad impression. With a sigh he started working on his report, waited to see what the Underling would do next.
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