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  3. A.C. gasps and falls backwards with a horrified expression. "AAAAAAAAH! It's not him! That's not him! It's an imposter!" He shouts while pointing a shaky finger at Truthless. "They did something to him! They took my cousin! They snatched him up and replaced him with... that!" A.C. proceeds to run in a wide circle, flailing his arms and screaming at the top of his lungs.
  4. That’s a hard question, but I really like Way of Kings, Final Empire, Alloy of Law, and Skyward. My favorite short story is probably Sixth of the Dusk, but Edgedancer was great too.
  5. Just know that he might have received the advice to become friends before asking you out... because people can't change the way they feel, I think he'll probably at very least still want to be friends, and will probably just hope that you might someday develop those kinds of feelings for him, but probably won't push the issue. Honestly, though, I don't know why I'm trying to give relationship advice, since I have never actually had any real kind of relationship, and my personal feelings about the relationships that I kind of had are weird. So my advice probably isn't the best... The girl that I have had a crush on since 7th grade, because she is funny and beautiful and smart and amazing, I've had the same math class as her since 7th grade... I never had the courage to talk to her, when I finally got the courage to talk to her, it was to ask her out for Senior Prom. She said she hadn't been asked, but either she was working or had plans outside of Prom with a friend of hers... but that if she didn't already have plans, she would've gone out with me. Instead of having my soul crushed, I felt amazing, which is the weirdest part of it, I think it was just because I had gotten the courage to ask her out, and even though she said no, she seemed willing to go out with me... Then when I went to Prom with someone in my ward, I saw her there, but she kind of avoided me. She seemed kind of embarrassed, and probably felt like it was awkward, but since I have a crush on her, I couldn't make myself feel mad or anything like that, especially since she had apologized about four times for not being able to go out with me, so I just figured she had been waiting for someone else to ask her out, or something like that. I almost laughed, because I didn't see how any circumstances that could have caused her to turn me down would have caused anger or disappointment or anything like that. All that to say, I don't think my relationships are normal. Sorry about rambling on about my relationships for a while, or kind of making this about myself. It isn't about me, all this is behind me...or about two years ahead of me (I found out we're going to the same college...)
  6. I’m pushing spelling through the green glass door then.
  7. game

    Depends. If it’s a left arm, then arm. Right arm, then leg. WYR eat ice cream or some pie? (A happier one )
  8. I changed the title so it's not as spoilery as it was before; we don't want to spoil some innocent bystander. I hope you don't mind a little clickbait in there
  9. Hi! So far my favourite book is "The way of kings", also "the final empire" and "Legion" were really amazing too. Which are yours if I may ask?
  10. Can I shove grammar back out? I like it in here without. It is now gramar.
  11. game

    Reread Oathbringer. I have never read Twilight and hope to keep it that way. WYR break a leg or an arm?
  12. Shout
  13. Granted; you are given a copy of Everything for Dummies. Your bane is that its written in Yugoslavian. I wish that I didn't need a nose.
  14. ¡Bienvenido! I’m only partially fluent in Spanish. What’s your favorite Sanderson book?
  15. I won’t be one much tomorrow, I have to go on a band trip to supervise the middle schoolers. And by that I mean that I have to stack their cases under the bus and not abuse my power. (The directors told them to listen to us high school helpers as if we were directors. Can I force them to read Sanderson?)

    1. Shard of Thought

      Shard of Thought

      Oh, that sounds super fun! 

    2. Ghanderflaffle


      It will be, but I’ll still complain and tease the children even though they are only a couple years younger than me. :P

  16. “Oh, no one in particular,” Truthless said. “Just a common phrase that many middle aged fathers state in TV shows and cinema when they arrive at their dwelling where their spouse and offspring reside.”
  17. plot

    BoS grunted. That was not the answer she wanted. “We should’ve known that she would be happy, she has Pheo,” God whispered.
  18. Please send me a copy. Thank you!!!
  19. “Who ya talkin’ to?” Luna asked, tilting her head curiously.
  20. Oh yeah, I get really pummped about those news apps too
  21. Yell
  22. Hello! I'm a big fan of Sanderson, I'm on the way of reading all his books (almost), some I've read alreade multiple times (mistborn 5 times, stormlight archive 3 times...) and I've thought that this may be a good forum for me, if it's full of people with my passion. Also, I've been writing and telling small stories since child, I started to create a world five years ago, and when I discovered the youtube videos about sanderson teaching, I've re-started the project with enthusiasm We'll see each other around here Pd: forgive me if I do any mistakes writing, I'm from Catalonia/Spain :3
  24. game

    ELANTRIS LEGOS HECK YEAH!!! (Honestly that sounds like a lot of fun, I would just need a team of people to help me do it. Sanderson included.) Would you rather reread Oathbringer forever, or only read the Twilight series?
  25. Yesterday
  26. So basically, I came to the realization that I'm illiterate (in terms of the news) today! Yaaaaaaaaay! Seriously though, I plan on getting some kind of news app at some point or another, so I'm actually really pummped about that!
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