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  2. I personally have no problems with the books. I do agree that some are less entertaining than others, but I don't actually dislike any of them. That might be because I have virtually no standards for books apart from the kind of content . I am the kind of guy who just reads the books for fun and doesn't really analyze them all that much, except for the magic systems. Although, you have to agree, most of them are better than the general fantasy rubbish that usually gets thrown around.
  3. Hello another new person, I may try this even though audio sounds just like a bigger mess to me. Woah, I got the similarity between Kaladin and Kelsier but it seems like he does it much more often. Just add to the 's' list Sarene and Susebron (and probably a few more I now can't remember) and it's getting way too complicated. And good to know I'm not alone, this gives some hope. And finally getting to what interests most of you (and I'm not surprised). I'm totally in love with Warbreaker, mostly for the magic on Nalthis, I suppose. Well, deciding on a favourite character is much worse, there are too many of them... But, I think I'll go with Vasher (kind of sticking to Nalthis, I know) but Vin was also amazing, just as Wayne, so it is really hard. Oh, and I forgot, I also love that short story on First of the Sun. (and, well, thanks for the warning, but it's sad as I love baked goods. But I'll have to live with it somehow.)
  4. Nope! Mistborn is great for anyone with any amount of knowledge about the cosmere. I started with them, and was just fine.
  5. main plot

    "I have a phone," Seom said.
  6. Arun stretches again and looks up at Lizzane. She sits up, “what’s the plan?”
  7. okay thanks anywho! Edit: Alrighty, I MAY have figured this out. let me give it one more go. Black Hole Picture (enhanced)
  8. Then I am little help to you there, sorry. If you know how to save things to your computer’s pictures, though, then you can add them to a post using the “Click to choose files” button above the submit reply button.
  9. I don't get how from D4 to D5, we go from 7 living Elims to 2. Shouldn't we go to 4?
  10. well darn. I'm on a computer.
  11. One mislynch yes, but we should be able to start catching the elims and Mistborn as they’re narrowed down. But we need one dead to be able to really start the chain reactions.
  12. They were wildly successful, earning him lots of profit.
  13. He even had a salsa-flavored brand of instant noodles.
  14. Which was famous even in the furthest reaches of the Cosmere.
  15. As an ingredient in his homemade salsa.
  16. main plot

    Mike stared at his mobile for a bit longer, prayed for a reply, but none came. He wished she would give him a chance to explain, to tell her the truth. "We've got some orders. Find out where and how we could best enter the building. There are already troops close by, but someone seems to try a diplomatic approach." He told his friends and then texted Lusk that they would do it. Focus on the mission. Maybe he would meet Bella accidently, she was somewhere here as well. "We don't happen to have something to communicate easily?" @Vargo Seldon @Turtle373 @Sherlock Holmes @I think I am here. =========== @Ark1002
  17. Hey now, that’s cheating!
  18. Hmm. Worst case scenario, there are 4 elims, 2 mistborn, which leaves us with 9 villagers right now. If we lynch Zane D3, worst case scenario: D3: 9-2-4 (-Zane lynch, -MB kill, -Elim kill) D4: 7-2-4 (-Zane lynch, -Elim kill) D5: 6-1-4 (-Mislynch, -elim kill) D6: 4-1-4 ----- This is now LyLo. And even then,.we basically only win if the elims try to kill Vin. So we have 1 mislynch. If we lynch an elim: D3: 9-2-4 (-Elim lynch, -MB kill, Elim kill) D4: 7-2-3 (-Mislynch, -MB kill, Elim kill) D5: 2-2-3 (-At this point, the village has already lost. The game then becomes do the elims manage to lynch a MB. if no, then I think the MB likely win. Again, 1 mislynch) just for the sake of it: D3: 9-2-4 (-Mislynch, -MB kill, -Elim kill)D4: 6-2-4 (-Mislynch, -MB kill, -Elim kill)D5: 3-2-4 Neither Lynching Zane, nor lynching an elim looks great for our prospects right now, as regardless we only get 1 mislynch. In fact, we only get 1 mislynch after today, period. Regardless what happens today. HOWEVER, I like our chances of winning in a 4-1-4 much more than a 2-2-3. Edit: Oh, I just realized we get an extra day if we lynch Zane as well. However, that is contingent on lynching him today, which seems unlikely right now. Edit: Edit: Wait, does Joe count for anything? Can he do anything? This was all assuming he can't...
  19. For cutting all of those onions for him.
  20. Very much, yes.
  21. worth it
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