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  2. Alrighty then! Now being free of responsibilities in other games, and with a grand total of 15 people signed up, I think we're ready to go tomorrow. Alvron will be the IM (he seems to IM all of my games, doesn't he?) and I will be your glorious GM. One last time... Steeldancer is going to Texas
  3. I feel like his resonance should be something cool as both his metals are in the temporal sections of the chart...... Wax's are both physical metals, but both of his are External. Wayne's on the other hand are a mix of internal/external. Does that mean his will be weaker/more subtle? On a side note: how much do they know about resonances in-world? Probably not a lot, but surely they've noticed it by now.
  4. Because I just love the Stormlight Archive and Elantris
  5. Brillin turned at her and smiled. A dance. “Of course,” he said. He extended a hand outwards. “We’ll do the one you showed me?” He asked. That was the only one he’d knew.
  6. Because of this, Turt got a call from Animal Cruelty Control.
  7. So the WoB i posted recently in this thread shows that radiants can soulcast whatever essence they want from stormlight directly, regardless gemstones. the fabrial users are the only ones limited by the stones. There is another WoB where Brandon comments that the stones breaking when Jasnah soulcasts in front of Shallan is Jasnah fooling Shallan. Finally we see Jasnah soulcasting multiple times in succession multiple types of essences prior to Dalinar uniting the realms, without needing to switch between gemstones. So the gemstones seems to be a limitation for the fabrials alone. As to conservation of mass, there was another WoB recent that I have posted below: Sorana (paraphrased) Is Soulcasting volume- or mass-preserving? Brandon (paraphrased) It's mass-preserving, but there are some strange things going on and that's why we don't get as much explosions as we should. You can see a bit of what is going when Jasnah Soulcasts air, there are some little reactions, but not as strong as you ought to get Regarding gunpowder, theres a WoB for that too! lol Phantine At the risk of getting too technical, is there anything besides lack of knowledge preventing a soulcaster from turning some rocks into a bunch of plutonium and exploding? I know you've got some rules attached to time bubbles to avoid those going nuclear so I wouldn't be surprised if there was something or another. Brandon Sanderson Well, Soulcasting isn't fission or fusion. It's a spiritual transformation process, not a physical one, and so you don't have to worry about some of these issues. There IS historical precedent of accidentally setting off fission reactions in the cosmere using the magic, but that was a different process. Soulcasting is actually pretty safe. (Well, on a grand scale.) You could end up irradiating yourself, though, which wouldn't be very fun. If you know what you were doing, making plutonium or uranium on Roshar wouldn't be difficult. The problem is more a matter of knowledge, and room for scientific exploration. They're unlikely to make atom bombs for the same reason they haven't made gunpowder. Once they figure out that some substances are important, they can learn to make them with Soulcasting (assuming they have Radiants) but some substances just don't occur naturally--so discovering them in the first place is difficult, and would require more modern scientific process. Phantine Okay, just to clarify here (since I'm not sure how up you are on early nuke designs) A big enough chunk of uranium or plutonium will explode regardless of whether it's in a bomb or not. Early bomb designs just slammed two smaller chunks together so they'd be one big chunk. For plutonium 'big enough' is about 35 pounds in one place - a chunk somewhere between the size of baseball and volleyball. If I understand properly, people can soulcast from the cognitive realm into the physical, which implies once we get into a more modern stormlight setting soulcasters will make nuclear submarines look like small potatoes. Brandon Sanderson Slamming two chunks together so they became one big chunk seems an understatement, from what I remember. I'm under the impression that you had to use a great deal of explosive force to ram them together in order to set off a viable fission reaction. Doesn't it have to be compressed somewhat in order to react with itself? I'll admit, it's been a long time since I've looked at this, but I remember glancing it over, and deciding that you'd need more than just soulcasting to get it to happen. Though it's not outside of reason that a soulcaster could learn to create super-dense plutonium. The problem is one of understanding, however. Just like it's totally possible that we, with our current technology, could figure out some huge breakthrough in science allowing FTL or other incredible discoveries. But we don't have the understanding to pull it off yet. In a modern setting, however, a lot of these complaints go out the window. Let's just say that this isn't the only reason a modern society that can instantly transmute one substance to another is potentially a very interesting place. Phantine You're totally right that everyone currently uses an 'implosion' style compression design. It's a lot more bang for your buck, and you need less radioactive material to work with. They're also a lot safer, because just sitting around they're well below critical mass - without the power-boosting tricks they basically can't go off. The old "nobody uses these anymore" designs were 'Gun-Type'. Very simple - shoot a uranium bullet into the center of a uranium ring (or vice versa). Inefficient as heck (the Hiroshima bomb only fissioned 1.4% of its uranium), but also super simple to put together. Despite being simple to build, gun-types were also super unsafe relative to modern implosion devices (among other worries, dropping a gun-type device into the ocean could potentially set it off because of how neutrons react with water). Also, getting the timing perfect on the fissile 'bullet' was a problem, so practically speaking it could only be done with uranium. After WWII, the only use the US ever had for gun-types was in bunker busters and nuclear artillery (because of course that was a good idea). Darn, that post turned out longer than I expected it to. Anyway, I'm looking forward to see you make something really cool out of a post-scarcity transmutropolis setting (especially since the liespren would be in charge of nuclear treaties), and also my roommate just pointed out all the laying out of nuclear bomb details is pointless if they could just make antimatter instead. D'oh. Brandon Sanderson This is useful information for me, but my gut says that Rosharans couldn't get this working with their current tech level. That said, the REAL issue (as you mentioned in your original question) is knowledge, not feasibility. They'd have to know how to make the right kind of Uranium or Plutonium--and would need to be able to get this across to a soulcaster in a way that works, then THEY would need to get this across to spren. Cross that hurdle, and I suppose it's not at all implausible to imagine Alethi during Dalinar's era with nukes. I suspect the right kind of fabrial could make a trigger device to match ring and bullet at the right time. Depends on how quickly it needs to be going, though.
  8. Sadly, the massive Cryptics that acted as guards for short threads wouldn't allow it to be destroyed. Narrator Dapper was pretty ok with another TLT(M) spinoff.
  9. I'm in the process of converting two of my friends
  10. Aben, Radyn, Atmose and Vena I think. Not sure what kind of rhyming convention to go with though
  11. Aben continued to puff contentedly on his pipe, keeping an eye on Nerin. He didn't like the look of that man. He seemed to smell of filth, as if he'd been rolling around in sewage. Probably not to far from the truth. Aben reflected.
  12. Crud. It sure stinks to have a pet theory shot down. Well, perception alters reality in the cosmere, so maybe if I think about it really hard I can change the canon Seriously though. That's the big thing that Wayne excels at that isnt tied to one of his metallic abilities. I can't think of much else he does that could be the result of a resonance.
  13. A dangerous game for Vin!Steel to play, but potentially successful between apathy and well-timed assistance from Zane. I don't particularly think Steel would have claimed to be the one to smoke Coop if he didn't, so that's unlikely. I do think he's probably a smoker 1, but as he never fully addressed why he's a village smoker, I can send Steel off the same way Maill departed, with an overwhelming lynch. Elandera being a rioter should be testable today, when she moves someone's vote. @Elandera, be sure to submit your Riot.
  14. As promised, I'm going to attempt to prove my role. I have put in an order to Riot Ark's vote onto Steel.
  15. Who's up next?
  16. Lum, I would encourage one of the people I suggested. Even though I said I'd clear "I", upon further thought, "I" would be fine, as well as "d" if you are doing that.
  17. Today
  18. Sorry, I added an edit. I did too, but recently have lost a lot of trust in them. I'll explain more in PMs soon.
  19. It refers to the one that was not used more than initially. There were only 2 messages in it. If you use the first message of the other PM, then it's U. Edit: and I can explain my reasoning tonight. It's not perfect, but probably my next best.
  20. Thank you! I knew I wasn't crazy, it just never used the word resonance.
  21. The feeling when your content count exceeds that of the person who got you on the Shard. I don't know whether to be sad because Fire's not nearly as active anymore, or to feel a sense of accomplishment:huh:

  22. “Wait- we are having a party?” Lunamor asked.
  23. I expect we will see some limitations to soulcasting. In particular, I am thinking of soulcasting gems. If this were possible, then we should see evidence of Radiants doing this. I expect this is a blindspot of Rosharan soulcasting. Also, Brandon has said it conserves mass, even if he has shown it imperfectly. One thing I would like to see soulcast, is a large quantity of gunpower. That could really change things!
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