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  2. Yeah, my suggestion was just to keep them from being able to kill freely every turn.
  3. SUUUURE. I totally did that. Because if they were my teammate I would totally out them. For NOOOOO reason. LOL
  4. DeTess's wording did leave Fura open to make any number of false role claims that would need a scan or kill to resolve. I could see elim!DeTess trying to give Fura an easy way out, but it's unclear how much actual information could have been gotten from Fura with one PM per cycle. Especially if Fura did submit the kill, there should be an alibi established to justify targeting Araris if someone started inquiring about C1 actions. Pyro pretty much claimed that Fura did kill Araris, further implying that Elkanah was Bleeder. Both Pyro and Fura were already going to be killed, so I'm not sure this claim is particularly relevant. Fura did 'respond', saying "Or if I will respond at all ". I guess the plan is just to have no alibi at all.
  5. i mean i did think it was a pretty horrible idea and was rather vehemently against it soooooo id say yes? theres a reason i was so quick to be like "this is a terrible terrible idea oh my goodness" the second i saw your vote. dear goodness that was bad idea. i cant emphasize that enough. howeeeevvver you probs right id do something similar if i were evil. at least in terms of some of those reactions but hard to say since im not evil so all i know is that that was my genuine reaction so there you go?
  6. We <3 Frosting A little Era 5 Vivica and Bennington for your viewing pleasure.
  7. Is it not revealing that Fura still hasn't really responded to the claims from DeTess yet? It's honestly surprising me that he hasn't really shown up to defend himself at all. Or if he has, he didn't really address the claim so I forgot he posted. Whether or not DeTess is the one who actually scanned Fura, I think it's worthwhile to either look into him or suggest that someone kill him. At least for now, until we receive a response from @Furamirionind. First of all, I'm confused on how I can be an elim based on everyone else's posts? they get to decide if I'm an elim or something? Or am I completely misreading this? Secondly, thank you for the gut village read. I greatly appreciate it. I think you're the first person who has that type of reaction to me normally. To be fair, I don't think that wilson was really arguing vehemently against us. At least, it didn't really feel that way from my end. @little wilson thoughts? I also don't think it would be beyond her to argue against her teammates the way she argued against me and Pyro. Wilson's experienced enough (even if she hasn't played a lot lately) to know how to distance from herself from her teammates pretty well. All that being said, I really don't suspect wilson at all right now. I don't have many suspicions besides the obvious ones (Straw, Pyro, Fura), but I think I'm going to go through everything that's happened this cycle over the course of tomorrow and try and get some solid reads on other players. Even if all three of those players are elims, there's still anywhere from 4-6 other players besides them on the team. We can't go lax just because we might've hit a jackpot of elims C2. Anyway, I'll probably still be reading the thread for another hour or so, but that's just so I don't get too behind before I wake up tomorrow. If anyone really needs me, tag me.
  8. Alright, then a kill role I shall add. I can't just make it a normal kill role though, so I'll add a bit of flair. Maybe they can kill every second turn, but once 50% of players have been killed they only get one or to more kills the whole game?
  9. I'm not talking about her giving it to Kaladin. I'm talking about her using the blade to cut steps on the wall of the chasm. With respect to the quote from the book, I mean... I inferred it as she's trying to convince a part of herself. She obviously loves flying very much (as seen on the way to Kholinar) and even makes an illusion of Adolin as a windrunner. Again, I'm not saying she didn't use it before. She's terribly disturbed after using it to kill Tyn. In the chasm, she even thanks her blade while making her way up the chasm wall. Now maybe I'm overthinking it and using it to fit my narrative, but c'mon! Let a guy believe xD Couldn't have asked for a better way to get introduced, haha! There is! I happen to be a huge fan of Leo (from Heroes of Olympus). I made the username for some other forum long back. I means something related to fire translated to Greek (I don't exactly remember it specifically). I've been using the name in other places ever since. Thanks! I love Sebarial and Palona! They're perfect for each other, and they are hilarious. Palona is this perfect mother hen for Shallan (even more so than Navani). I like Navani and Dalinar as well. They are the power couple of SA. I'm very curious to see her reaction after she reads his Oathbringer. Also, any Bridge Four romance. Skar and Lyn. Drehy and Dru. Rock and his family. Every one of them deserve to be happy. So does Kaladin. But I fear any future relationship will feel shallow since they won't see him as a person, but rather as a KR. That's why I liked Shalladin so much, since they open themselves to each other as humans. So the fact that they are KR is largely irrelevant to them. This is further supported by Shallan's thoughts about Kaladin. She never thinks he's too powerful, or anything of the sorts. She always focused on his compassionate side. Anyway, this back and forth seems to serve nothing. It's unlikely and either of the sides will change their opinion about it. Nevertheless, I enjoyed a good discussion. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  10. I have viewed the Storm Father absorbing Tanavast's cognitive shadow as enhancing him as a spren in much the same way that the nale bond does. The Storm Father was always a powerful large spren, but absorbing Tanavast's cognative shadow gave him the capacity to think and also made him more aware and more invested. Now as Dalinar swears the ideals, the Storm Father and him will continue to uncover or unlock more of the abilities of Tanavast, the Storm Father already has the power
  11. Yeah, Pandora's the one I meant. The extra EP cost is more than made up for by the damage boost your Arts receive and once you level it up and unlock its other effects it gets even better.
  12. Well, in fact, I have finished the sixth book now and the ranking for me (from worst to best is: 6. Eye of the world 5.The great hunt 4. The dragon reborn 3.Shadows Rising 2. Fires of heaven 1. Lord of chaos (You may see the pattern) I’m aware of the slog that is coming now and I will just push through it even though I don’t think the seventh book is going to be as bad as people say. Like my favorite SA book is Oathbringer and that one is considered the worst one. Overall WoT is AMAZING and I can’t wait to continue on!!
  13. . . . Okay! So I don't feel burdened with a need to fully justify my reasoning here as that has been done to death already by the analysis of others, but I'll clarify where I stand. I trust Karnage, I feel like they took a risk that has been paying off thus far. They seem genuine and I can't really see reason for an elim to do what they did. Plus it has all but been confirmed with how Straw and Pyro have been responding. I'm down to vote on Straw based on Karnages claim. And if Pyro isn't dead by cycle three then I plan on voting for them. I am getting bad gut vibes from DeTess. I noted my suspicion of them last cycle and that hasn't gone away, they've been a slight elim read since then. Plus this cycle I don't know how much I trust their claim that Fura targeted Araris. They could very easily just have said that to cast suspicion their way while still retaining plausible deniability. And when I think of DeTesses posts I think of more than like two lines sheepishly asking Fura to respond to an accusation that someone else made. That doesn't seem like their normal playstyle. I moderately suspect Striker, I can see them being an elim from everyone elses posts, but I'm not totally convinced yet. It feels like they are genuinely trying to figure out the best way to handle things and just didn't grasp the entirety of the situation with Karnage. Logically it's suspicious, but my gut is trying to tell me they're village. Maybe that's just a bias though, I tend to give Striker the benefit of the doubt for some reason. I trust Karnage for reasons I stated above. I trust Orlok, I don't think that an elim would put that much time and effort into those posts when they could be scheming and planning and conspiring in their doc. Plus their analysis seems really spot on even if we disagree on the infolynching issue. They have been one of the main contributors to the current lynch and they are condemning Pyro hard which - considering Pyros confession to being an elim - I think mostly clears Orlok. I trust Wilson, their reaction to Pyro and Striker have me trusting them, I don't think that they would argue against their teammates that vehemently. So yeah, those are my thoughts. I'll keep trying to post as much as I could, but I think that I'll only be able to commit to two more posts tomorrow. I might be able to keep up a little bit tonight, but eventually I'll have to go to sleep.
  14. I found it! I like to be able to see it. I wish I had the time to make these myself. It's like a baby version of your posts. While it lacks all of the extra analysis, it still helps to point out who is hiding and who is overcompensating... and who is being extra attacky or defendy. Wow! that was the ultimate multiquote. All it was missing was the happy little notification sound going off thirty times as you hit send. I'm disappointed I haven't been a bigger part of unmasking the elims this game, but it is pretty clear who the eliminator team is. Part of me really wants Orlock to be a constable. Giving up three teammates is straight savage, but is there a better way to get the village to disperse early? I don't think he is though. I also don't think Wilson is a constable as that interaction with Pyro PMing her information would be really weird. Further, if that were information from the doc, why would she post it here? I can see the thread tying Brightness Radiant to the Constables, but that's the one that caught me by surprise. If you are bad, Brightness, you had me fooled. I need to sleep, for now I'll vote on Furamirionind. Straw is very lynched so it doesn't especially matter for whom I vote.
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  16. I think this is a really good lesson for me to learn. Considering my background, I especially think I should be careful. I didn't grow up in a very culturally/ethnically diverse city, and where I live now is only marginally better. I don't have the experience, knowledge, or wisdom to write a culture, society, or belief system so dramatically different than what I know. Maybe one day I'll have the ability to bring in a larger world into my stories, but right now I should take baby steps. If I'm nervous writing a male MC, then I definitely shouldn't get over my head and write about a religion I know practically nothing about. It's so easy for me to get overenthusiastic about an idea, grab it in my teeth, and run with it before I think it through. I admit, I've been completely thrilled at the idea of writing a story that *isn't* in my current world and stretching myself. So what did I do? Pretty much go in the complete opposite direction of what I'm currently writing, and immediately got over my head. I think this has been very worthwhile. Not only have I been saved a lot of time of research, but I've learned something new about myself. I'm still going to read the Kabbalah, though. I find it fascinating.
  17. I'll get back to you. Of course it's possible, if, as Rushu wrote above, there is rp and character development involment. We already had Radiant characters swear their next oath and there is no point in generally forbidding them to swear the next one. It's simply nothing we have a general ruling for, but something we discuss individually.
  18. I mean...I know I wouldn't do that in your position if it were me. If you are an elim and this is the reason that you're doing this, that's kind of unfair for your teammates. Though maybe you already asked them and they were on board with it since you already had some suspicion anyway? I don't know. I thought I had some idea of what was going on in this game and now I'm just confused.
  19. My point was that the cloud would be stronger.
  20. All true, yes it looks less likely. (Scadrial)
  21. Either way a lynch is preferable to us not knowing. If you pull good and were messing around it changes some things up. If your elim it secures some current thought processes edit: lynch or kill. A good clarification
  22. Or maybe I just have a boring role this game, and am trying to die to participate in the LG?
  23. He did not then. He is lerasium level and probably a savant as well.
  24. I would think the insides of a giant magical fire breathing beast would stand a good chance at being fatal, even for Hoid. That or they give him the ability to psychically speak with dragons via color and sensation(or something more cosmerish). After all, he is from Yolen, and that's what happened in The Pit Dragon Trilogy Jane Yolen wrote
  25. ...Well, I guess Karnage isn't lying. I wasn't expecting Straw to come on and troll. And apparently Pyro might actually be an elim? Maybe he's just a villager messing around? But what would be the point of that? I guess it would be a good idea to have someone kill Pyro? Though it might also be a good idea to have someone kill Fura too, what with that whole targeting Araris thing too. And if I remember correctly, it seems Pyro's the one who spread the idea that there was someone else who targeted Araris as well. If/when Pyro flips elim, we can assume that person is village, I think. I don't think it'd be a good idea to tie the votes on Pyro and Straw. Leaves way too much room for vote manipulation. If we're wrong about one of them, then we end up lynching a villager (as the elims probably have vote manipulation and will save the one that's actually an elim). Wow this has been quite a crazy game already. Over 250 posts in the first day, and now this? Dang. EDIT: apparently trolling=voting. Straw has been trolling, not voting.
  26. Maybe the use of the aliminum gnat is in case you made a wrong action and want to cancell it?
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