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  2. Track chemical spills? Learn about ecology? Destroy my enemies by summoning the surrounding slugs and showing them how to get into their food supply?
  3. The only reason I am okay with this is because I got a bunch of Shardcast still to catch up on since I was late to the party... if not, I would causing all sort of chaos
  4. Assuming I had to go into rithmatics in some way I'd likely be a scholar (as I'd be hopeless in a duel, my hands shake when I get nervous) looking into the origins and roots of rithmatics, researching new lines etc. Any chalklings I draw would probably be fairly basic, mostly dogs. Maybe I'd find a way for things like swords to function as chalklings or other inanimate objects. Chances are I'd be like Melody in my attitude towards it but with a little more interest. At the risk of sounding like a child I didn't ask to be a rithmatist yet everyone things they know how my life should be just because I am.
  5. main plot

  6. How long would it take you to summon a slug from your surroundings? They have effectively no senses, so you can't use them to spy or anything of that nature unless you want to strap listening devices to them. What are you going to do with your slug minions that would be helpful?
  7. Just to clarify, it wasn’t the clothing conversation that confused me. That was actually very clear to me. It was E’s thoughts prior to that.
  8. Night!
  9. Windrunner. These are the sort of personality tests that I like - where the answers don't scream out what result you will get at the end. I hate the type of quiz that ask you questions like, "In a difficult situation, would you 1) fly at the enemy 2) try to manipulate your way out of it by weaving a web of lies 3) insult the enemy that he is in the wrong and must submit to the law", so this was a refreshing change from such quizzes.
  10. I know G’night!
  11. Printing presses exist Good night!
  12. What is it?
  13. Mwahaha!!!!!
  14. As in impressive
  15. As in printers?
  16. *pun was unintentional, but that makes its catching all the more impressive*
  17. *attempts to catch a pun as well*
  18. I didn't think you were. Your question is one a lot of cis readers will probably have, and I can see how the clothing conversation was confusing.
  19. You seem to have caught my obscure reference... but this is the 17th Shard what was I expecting anyways. *screeching goes on a rampage*
  20. *continues to aggravate Luna's screeching*
  21. main plot

    @Sorana @xinoehp512 Deteca accepted the water thankfully. Considering the circumstances, this was not a time to be paranoid. After handing it back, she reviewed what she knew of what had happened during the fight as Zokora skimmed through camera viewpoints - Ghostblood ones, presumably. She had been fighting the gorilla-cat-whatever with Neil and Zokora. Fighting being a relative word, as she wasn't the best fighter - talking was far more her thing. It had complimented her, then apologetically tried to kill her with the excuse that it and its family would die if it didn't. Does this mean I just killed its family? She closed her eyes, opened them again. Didn't matter if she had. It'd probably been lying anyway. She forged on. Condemning her, TUBA, and their lifestyle, it had called them evil hypocrites - or something like that, it had been a bit fuzzier then and she hadn't been concentrating as hard. She'd been wounded sometime in there too, she reminded herself. Enough to make her faint, which was surprising. And she'd been pretty mad, right up until she suddenly just...wasn't. Instead she'd been tired, unmotivated. And then black splotches had crept toward the thing; that must not have all been her injury affecting her vision after all. But what had they done to it, and what had caused them? Deteca had never heard of Investiture with that description before. Could it have been something to do with Aons or the Dor, something Neil or another Elantrian among the warring groups had done? "I could take us to a roof a safe distance away. So that we can get an impression of the situation, judge better where to send our troops," Zokora said, and Deteca glanced up. She zoomed in on a few of the destroyed ruins and stared at them, blinking. "We could go there. I know the area well." Deteca let out a breath slowly. "Sounds good to me. Thank you." Avoiding eye contact by rubbing her frosty arm - why in the world was she so freezing? It wasn't that bad in the tunnels - she added, "I'm sorry."
  22. *aggravated screeching harmonizes and breaks all glass objects within a 16 mile radius*
  23. *aggravates the screeching more*
  24. @Blessing of Potency
  25. Er, not really. But while I have you, is there anything you have to say on the topic of fire?
  26. *aggravated screeching*
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