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  3. *questions himself*. Okay think I can do that and --- Wait theirs a test!!! *freaking out*
  4. "I? I am from Roshar, where highstorms sweep the Earth and greatshells roam the plains. I am a Knight Radiant of the Truthwatcher order, and I have been blessed by the Nightwatcher." Aln breathed in deeply, inhaling Stormlight from the spheres in her pocket, and formed an image of the Shattered Plains in midair. Stormlight puffed from her mouth as she spoke. "And what Investiture can you access, coming from Scadrial? I assume you can do some, as others rarely find the Alleyverse."
  5. Neo saw Vesuvius doing a half barrel roll. He spotted a rat earlier in the sewers, now bestowing it all of his momentum with his Lense, resulting in a rat flying through the air and Neo being able to change course for Vesuvius again. @Gancho Libre
  6. Granted, but you now absolutely stink at essay writing. I wish that I could be an animagus.
  7. *waves goodbye* And that, class, is a prime example of the AHHHH VOIDUS IS IMPERSONATING ONE OF US AGAIN START INTERROGATING GO GO GO principle. This will not be on the test.
  8. ... *Flips tray of cookies over and disappears in a puff of spikes*
  9. Nothing works and I am annoyed at the Shard.
  10. Hmm, I don't know if i believe you...I'll test. Who last posted in the TUBA PM?
  11. MOAR Because it's a spoiler tag. Ethan, if you ever figure that out, can I be kept updated? I only understand half the words you say, but I'm very intrigued.
  12. Words upon words. Dialogue upon dialogue. There's always another roleplay.
  13. Quick question @Argent : How do you think that the potential '3rdlight' talked about in recent WoB's would fall into this categorization of Roshar's Investiture? Do you think it might somehow be related to the functioning of the Old Magic?
  14. Level 1 spell list, for if you choose magic.
  15. Cassie stared in shock.
  16. *Covers upper lip* Yes, Sudiov. I am definitely Sudiov. Completely trustworthy and mustache-supporting Sudiov here.
  17. We'd be incredibly happy to have you! Please do post on the thread (if you need a link, it's in my sig). Swearing the oaths there is a good start, then I'll PM you and talk to you for a bit, and then unless you say something that just completely throws us off, you'll be in! This is not true; don't eat any cookies Voidus offers you as a safety precaution. Unless of course this is Sudiov offering, in which case they should be okay.
  18. ^ This. TUBA does not spike cookies. The DA usually does. I believe the Ghostbloods have been known to spike cookies, but they don't do it regularly.
  19. ‮Narrator Pheonix revealed the existence of the RTL override.
  20. To quote Sesame Street, "Yes I'd like to visit the moon, but I don't think I'd like to live there"
  21. From Mistborn I was a Kelsier Fan and From Stormlight Szeth
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