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  2. I’m glad you’re alive. Sorry for trying to get you lynched D1. I don’t like that the lynch always seems to quickly shift around once I’m gone. I don’t know if I would’ve kept my vote on Stick I I’d been around during rollover, but I definitely don’t like how quickly the votes settled onto the three of Burnt, Drake, and Ark. I really don’t think that the lynch on him was justified (didn’t they only post stuff about not being able to spend much time on the game, or did they say that in the LG?). I feel like if Burnt and Drake were both elims, they definitely would’ve got more votes on Ark, guaranteeing a villager lynch instead of a guaranteed elim lynch. If either of them are elims, I’m leaning more towards Burnt because she was the one who tied up the lynch for Ark. Despite that, I feel like these lynches have been relatively quiet. I feel like there’d be more people voting if we had elims potentially being lynched, though they could be avoiding doing that to make us think the people being voted on aren’t elims....
  3. Oh! One important point I forgot to mention. I paused when I read the line: "E had decided to be bi at university, where she had discovered that women still had to fight for what they wanted using all means at their disposal, even against each other." In a vacuum I think it's clear that the story is making commentary about E rather than queerness, but there are enough homophobes who legitimately think sexuality is a choice/decision that the story might give off the wrong implications here. I'd recommend giving this part another look-over.
  4. Great. Do item passing actions also happen before kills?
  5. plot

    “Okay…” She seemed to calm down a bit. @xinoehp512
  6. Before. All Defense actions happen before kills. So if a Rithmatist died while holding a Shadowblaze or drawing a Line of Warding, their contribution would still count.
  7. plot

    "This is Tom's vessel. He controls its security. If Star is killed I will... I will know. You will know. As for Silence, I would certainly count him as a likely threat. And I will be fine. I just need to... adapt."
  8. plot

    “Are you going to be okay? Is Star going to be okay?” Heather sounded distressed. “What if it’s Silence? Who’s protecting the boat other than you?”
  9. Best quote. Unless... ”Spellcheck is the goat of us all.” Add a goat, ruin a quote!
  10. plot

    "No, not dead. Simply... shielded. In another Realm. We are linked. That is why I am experiencing pain."
  11. ...“Spellcheck is the enemy of us all.”
  12. plot

    “Is she…dead?”
  13. can I get a copy of Aether of Night..I'm dying to read it. thank you in advance
  14. plot

    "Star," Ember forced out. "She is... gone. I cannot sense her. There is darkness where she lies."
  15. No problem. What about the instance (I think it is with Kabsal or the guy from the boat?) where Shallan has the guy hold a mirror next to himself angled so she can see her face. She then takes a capture. She draws him and her face, and then adds the rest of herself in the picture. But I thought cosmere healing worked on returning the body to the spiritual ideal that is filtered through the cognitive, which is why if you convince yourself enough regarding your core identity, you can affect how things are healed. So for instance a man who identifies as a woman, has gender reassignment surgery. If that individual then had cosmere healing right after the surgery, then that individual would be a woman. As in all healed and fully functioning as if born with all the physical aspects of a woman. WoB confirms this. If later on that individual was shot, or hurt, then the healing would still return them to the female form ideal that that individual holds within themselves. Not further into the past when they were once physically a man.
  16. Spellcheck is the worst enemy of all.
  17. Dang it, phone!
  18. plot

    “Ember, are you okay?” Heather was hovering over her, with a concerned look.
  19. Welcome to the shard @preventer wind! I had learned about this forum through my brother who has helped construct somethings in the rp thread( but that's the point). I will warn you now, as I don't think anyone's mentioned this to you yet. If someone offers you a baked cookie, don't. Eat. It. People here have a habit of putting spikes in the cookies, so they can try claiming you as their own personal victim. Just thought I should give you a heads up. Again, welcome to the forum. ~chasmfiend ~
  20. That is not the only instance in history of a side suffering losses still going on the aggressive. They either make mistakes, or feel the risk is worth the reward. I finished re-reading Alloy of Law and have begun my re-read of Shadows of Self so I have not reached the point of New Seran yet in Bands of Mourning. The Set has allomantic and feruchemic resources, but I cannot recall if the outlying areas outside the Elendel Basin had many Allomancers/Feruchemists or not. That would lean the balance in Elendel's favor.
  21. Why would you start start it? That seems a bit over the top. No need to get so worked up over such a simple word. (I’m sorry again)
  22. Do Axehounds count?
  23. Of course. What better reason than to start start “Alcatrazy” as a thing?
  24. YES Alcatraz would try and start the trend, perhaps solely to annoy Bastille.
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