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  2. Your life as a Returned was very short, only a little over 6 hours.
  3. That depends, is he real? Which was very fun, but only stressed him out more.
  4. Honestly I lost all hope of 100,000 posts, I'm just waiting for a more reasonable number. 610
  5. Perfect! I always wanted a batman clone slave collectible like that! I have an old satellite filled with dead superheros.
  6. But accidentally bought a pie-diving ticket instead.
  7. He decided to go skydiving to relieve some stress.
  8. Still going to take forever. The Longest Thread only has like 25k posts. 609
  9. For he had wanted to be friends with Ene.
  10. I asked my cousin what his favorite book was, and he said The Way of Kings, so I eventually read it and was hooked. I can't remember if he told me about the Cosmere or if I figured it out through Hoid.
  11. I dont think the elims will try to protect pyro if they have a bodyguard. even if they were planning to, our conversation will probably dissuade them. now that you think of it, we could wait for bartender to kill pyro, although that is a little bit more risky.
  12. Granted. He realizes he has claws right after using them to cut your throat. He dies of guilt. I wish for a Larkin.
  13. *slaps forehead* Right.
  14. speaking of which, why do you think we should lynch Pyro now? What useful information do you think we'll gain if we do so? For example, I'd prefer to learn whether the elims have a bodyguard by letting the bartender try to deal with Pyro instead. If that doesn't work, we can waste a cycle dealing with pyro.
  15. Well, they died of inactivity, while i think bleeder submitted quite a few kills.
  16. Today
  17. Why? What makes you think Hammond wasn't Bleeder?
  18. @R J I don't think I could pick one either to be honest.
  19. Hm, as long as it has a reason... I still think we should be lynching Pyromancer.
  20. I don't really know why megasif has decided to vote on Coda though. @Megasif, some explanation would be nice.
  21. Does this apply to lynching? If it does i guess elims know the alignment of a lot of people, perhaps even bleeder. Pyro might want to tell us... we could also look for people who changed their vote off Elkanah after they claimed Dowser. Someone care to explain why you are voting on Coda? It seems strange that you both jump on someone who is not the outed and claimed elim? It is a bit too obvious, but i don't know. One of you could be bleeder, and the other an elim or village doing something weird. I don't think Hammond was bleeder, so megasif is not bleeder. still might be DeTess. or they are both elim. I dont know, i just think we should at least kill the elim first.
  22. So many, so I'll restrict myself to one a couple: Stormlight Archive -> Jasnah and Lopen Mistborn Era 1 -> Kelsier, Vin Mistborn Era 2 -> Wayne and Steris White Sand -> Khriss Cosmere -> Hoid How about you? Which characters would you like to meet?
  23. Hello and welcome! I can only recommend Stormlight Archive; those were my first books by Sanderson. Reading Mistborn at the moment as well but I am a little behind you, can't wait to find out what happened though. Would you pick Allomancy or Feruchemy if you had to chose?
  24. Nightblood is soo likable because it's really naive of the world around, and it just barely understands stuff and makes for a great comedic relief. My favorite sentient non-animated object in the Cosmere haha
  25. It was fanastic! I read the Mistborn trilogy, Warbreaker and Elantris (in that order) in 2010. I have always been kind of obsessed with the idea of shared continuity and just the thought that two characters from entirely seperate stories would experience the same reality is oddly fascinating to me. So when I noticed how similar these stories were in some ways, I started joking to myself, they could be set in the same, like, ... solar system, wouldn't that be nice? I liked that thought. But what was that Adonalsium thing mentioned in the Hero of Ages epigraphs? Kinda mysterious, but hey, I like riddles for the ages in stories! And on I went, not thinking much more about it. Then, in 2011, I read Way of Kings, needless to say I had become a huge Sanderson fan over the year. I fell in love with the book, especially with Kaladin, well before I got the "the" scene, Hoid just casually standing there and saying "Adonalsium", and that was a bomb shell in my brain, I immediately put the book down and walked through the room for several minutes and it all fell into place - interestingly, I never doubted that Elantris and Warbreaker would be part of the same mythos while I never considered Alcatraz being in it, which I had also read. I guess you just notice from the way the stories work. After that, I found the Coppermind, found out about Hoid being in all of the other books (another big moment - he was there all along!) and also learnt about the other Shards. In 2012, I started a chronological re-read with the books that were out (up to Alloy of Law), and took notes while reading. That's when I knew this was going to be a long-term thing.
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