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  2. “You’re... middle aged?”
  3. “Oh, no one in particular,” Truthless said. “Just a common phrase that many middle aged fathers state in TV shows and cinema when they arrive at their dwelling where their spouse and offspring reside.”
  4. plot

    BoS grunted. That was not the answer she wanted. “We should’ve known that she would be happy, she has Pheo,” God whispered.
  5. Please send me a copy. Thank you!!!
  6. “Who ya talkin’ to?” Luna asked, tilting her head curiously.
  7. Oh yeah, I get really pummped about those news apps too
  8. Yell
  9. Hello! I'm a big fan of Sanderson, I'm on the way of reading all his books (almost), some I've read alreade multiple times (mistborn 5 times, stormlight archive 3 times...) and I've thought that this may be a good forum for me, if it's full of people with my passion. Also, I've been writing and telling small stories since child, I started to create a world five years ago, and when I discovered the youtube videos about sanderson teaching, I've re-started the project with enthusiasm We'll see each other around here Pd: forgive me if I do any mistakes writing, I'm from Catalonia/Spain :3
  11. game

    ELANTRIS LEGOS HECK YEAH!!! (Honestly that sounds like a lot of fun, I would just need a team of people to help me do it. Sanderson included.) Would you rather reread Oathbringer forever, or only read the Twilight series?
  12. Yesterday
  13. So basically, I came to the realization that I'm illiterate (in terms of the news) today! Yaaaaaaaaay! Seriously though, I plan on getting some kind of news app at some point or another, so I'm actually really pummped about that!
  14. Granted, but you have the inability to ever eat cookies again, even though you're constantly craving. I wish that I could understand. Everything.
  15. "Honey, I'm ho-ome!!" Truthless said to no one in particular, walking into the thread with a suitcase in hand, a fancy fedora on his head, and his suit coat folded over his arm holding the suitcase.
  16. That may be, but that's different than being a "militant atheist".
  17. As Rick Sanchez would say, don't even trip, dawg! We got you. What classes do you teach?
  18. Holy rusting storming sparking colors and nights, by the Lord Ruler, Stormfather, Ishar, merciful Domi, this. Is. MAGNIFICENT!!!!
  19. Granted. Your bane is that you can never stop using abrasion. On the plus side, you never run out of Stormlight. On the negative side, you can never pick something up again. I wish that my team will beat at least one other at my Quizbowl tournament tomorrow, and that my school's A team will qualify for Nationals. (Is that two? I basically just want my school to do well.)
  20. Yeah, like rjl said, the gems don't always break. Even if they break every other time, you're still making a near-double profit per gemstone, and it seems like the ratio would have been less than that as they learned the limits of the Soulcaster.
  21. It was already out of arm at this point.
  22. Soulcasting doesn't always use up the gemstones, often just the stormlight which can be recharged in a highstorm for free. I think there's something about gemstones used to make food often shattering but I assume that you could make marble without shattering your gemstones.
  23. Well, it's the weekend

    So of course, I'm gonna be right here, on the shard the whole time!

    Wait, what, that's not it? I have to go to Tacoma, because it's a "family trip"?

    Well, go figure. I have to go to Tacoma, and probably won't be able to shard while there. Thanks, parents.

    1. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      *mind partially explodes*

      What are the odds!! I've got a cousin serving a mission there!

  24. I just think her beliefs are considered an affront to society. Weren't Mr. T's students concerned for Shallan's soul because she became Jasnah's ward? I know that may have been a lie by the ghostblood assassin. I don't know, I think her atheism will be a huge problem for her in book four
  25. FT was starting to fear the situation was getting out of hand.
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