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  3. The moment of history the comic and movie 300 is based on disagrees. I believe (though I forget the name) there was also a naval battle around the same time, that went a similar way with Athens. Actually the entire conflict between the Greeks and the Persians from Darius to Xerxes shows sometimes people just don't learn lol. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't.
  4. Shade looked up at him. Tell him something about herself, he had said. She grew nervous, wondering what she should say, what she should reveal about herself. "Um, name is Shade," she said, sounding nervous. "I'm seventeen, I think, and I'm from earth. I... sort of need a safe, calm place to stay, and I ended up here." She started talking more quietly. "It isn't anything dangerous," she quickly said, "But living on my own might be a bit difficult. I mostly just need something stable". And I can kill most Epics with more ease than a Reckoners squad, she added in her head, and I'm scared that I'm broken, that I can't do anything else than that.
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  9. For 1 and 2, neither of those. In my head they've always been Shall-an and Sa-day-chull (with the second and third run together). For 3, I always immediatley think of Humuhumunukunukuapua'a when I see his full name. No doubt because I'm an airsick lowlander. EDIT: Oh wow, the board's auto-correct feature decided it didn't like the syllable I use for the end of Sadeas' name so it replaced it with another one that's perfectly appropriate for him.
  10. True but rational humans generally learn and if they are taking unsustainable losses do generally change their approach. Otherwise they loose fairly quickly.
  11. To add to what RShara said, one other thing about Odium is that Brandon originally intended that Shard to be named Hatred. He mentioned separately that the reason he picked that word was quite simply that it sounded cooler. Between that, what Brandon has said about Rayse not being honest with himself and Frost's very clear description of him being 'God's divine hatred' I think it's safe to say that any reinterpretation of that Shard's nature has to account for the fact that deep down, it really is primarily about hate.
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    “Yes.” She looked into his face, and he saw it. She was breaking. She probably didn’t even realize it herself, but there were cracks forming. Could she continue? They would find out. “Then I offer you a Choice. Would you have Power, or Subtlety?” The Coin shot from her hand, cutting through the air and thudding into the Stranger’s waiting palm. He caught it and it began to dance across his fingers. Then he flicked it, sending it spinning straight upwards. It reached the peak of it’s ascent and held there, still spinning as it floated. “Would you steal the secrets of the world with cunning and guile? Would you wear a thousand faces and have none of your own? Or would you tear secrets out with your bare hands from those who would keep them from you? Would you rip the truth from the hearts of your enemies?” The Coin spun faster and faster, becoming a blur. The Stranger reached within his coat and pulled out two long metal spikes, dripping with a crimson liquid. The Shadows began emerging from him, the figures sorrowful, raging, writhing in their spectral forms. Alleystorm seemed to scream with wordless fury. “This choice I offer you, but know that you will never be who you once were. Are you seeking to build upon a weakness, or are you someone seeking to hide the fact that you are weak?” His eye spike glowed, his right eye deepened, and his voice was as cold and sharp as a scalpel. @ZincAboutIt
  13. Cinder steps into the room where they’re holding Shae. He glances at the still unconscious boy and then his watch. He nods to himself then sits down and pulls out a book to read. He should be waking up soon. @ShadowLord_Lith
  14. Sounds good. Thanks for the clarification Sart
  15. Erlend steps back into the room,“They should have that up in a minute. For now why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?” Erlend says, sitting back down.
  16. @Butt Ad Venture Given Sart's responses about the rules, I don't think it makes much sense for me to pass the Shadowblaze at night. If I survive, I could do it during the next day turn, and I think grabbing chalk would be more helpful now.
  17. main plot

    Kumiko saw the Phoenix rise again, and lifted off herself, hovering above a building near it. She wasn't sure what it was doing, and decided to wait until it became clear. She looked around, seeing the black phoenix destroy the PlasmaCore building and shrugged. It wasn't her issue in the first place. She only cared about the other Phoenix, the one who had brought her those memories. Her face grew dark when she thought of that, and she started wondering if she should kill it here and now. She shook her head. It was too beautiful to be killed like that, no matter what it had done. Besides, she should thank it for giving it her first good fight in more than a year. Noticing some movement in the corner of her eye she looked over, and saw someone spectating them on the ground. She shrugged, not really caring about them. The figure did seem familiar though... *** KanMien sat on the ground, ignoring the rest of the group. They hated the Alleystorm, the way it felt when it enhanced their spikes. They wondered about how Kumiko was. She had said that she had everything in hand, and she probably would be alright, but they hated the feeling of not knowing for sure. Besides, they told themselves, it would be good to have more information about was was going on, right? They looked at the others. It didn't seem as if the group was going to do anything, so they could probably leave, right? They looked up at Voidus. "I'm going to take a look at the situation outside, sir." They said in an emotionless tone. Rust, they hated how that storm made them sound. They walked out of the alley, past the burning PlasmaCore building, looking at the Phoenixes. Multiple Phoenixes? They thought, surprised. No, they thought, tapping their zinc and taking a closer look. Two of them lacked substance, and one of those was the wrong color. They thought about it. Those two were copies, probably. People who used their powers to emulate the Phoenix. One was likely Kumiko, probably the golden one, given their abilities, but who was the other? They shook their head, and continued watching, alley close by in case a quick escape was necessary. *** Just after KanMien left the alley a large black fox moved through it, stopping behind the group. It took care to stay within the area that was still part of the Alleys, not crossing into the normal world. "Hello," it said. The voice had a strange sound to it. It sounded feminine, but with strange reverberations, as if multiple voices were overlapping with each other.
  18. Devotion is meant to be a synonym for Love/Compassion. As in, the Shard is Love/Compassion but Brandon decided Devotion fit the feel/naming convention better.
  19. Okay. I think I'm caught up, but honestly still need time to process everything, and I would probably benefit from a 2nd read through of the last two days events when I'm less physically and mentally exhausted. From what I understand, the elims are 3 cycles from winning already. Unless our village Engineers succeed in reparing a ship part, our only hope is to get all 3 of our lynches right. Glancing quickly at the player list, I figure the elims are among this group: Mrake Devotary Mark Stick Lopen Alvron Araris Burnt Mrake and Burnt look semi good for the tie vote yesterday, since I would expect teammates to save one of them if they were evil. However, my current theory is Alvron and Burnt are teammates, with Alvron encouraging Burnt to vote for a 3rd person (Ax) to increase the likelihood of her survival without one of her allies getting dragged down with her. I have other reasons for suspecting Burnt, so if it seems like I'm jumping to a conclusion, that's why. I'll explain the reasoning for my Burnt suspicions at a later time, when I'm better rested / have access to my computer again. My gut is screaming Mark is evil but I'm trying to reign that in until I can rationalize why. I cant remember if he posted more than his initial d1 post tho, which may be a factor in where I lean on him. Lopen's expression of suspicion on Burnt could be distancing, and I wouldn't be surprised if Burnt stacked her vote on top of Lopen's intentionally, since most people would read it as very unlikely for a pair of elims to vote on the same player without any villagers for cover. Devotary and Araris are mostly on that list because neither have done anything remarkably village. Alvron too, really, but him even less so, imo. Stick is simultaneously giving me vibes from the last game we were evil together, and vibes that I wouldn't expect to come from her as an elim. I'll look into this more later this turn. The rest of us are probably okay.
  20. Woot I’m alive. Fun fact: since the game ends when the elims outnumber the village, my calculations from last cycle are wrong. If the assumptions hold then my original guess that hospitalization is faster is correct. EXCEPT that the assumptions don’t hold. The village engineers don’t appear to be active, and that’s a major part of the village balance. Meaning that sabotage is going to end the game in two cycles. This is concerning.
  21. I’m glad you’re alive. Sorry for trying to get you lynched D1. I don’t like that the lynch always seems to quickly shift around once I’m gone. I don’t know if I would’ve kept my vote on Stick I I’d been around during rollover, but I definitely don’t like how quickly the votes settled onto the three of Burnt, Drake, and Ark. I really don’t think that the lynch on him was justified (didn’t they only post stuff about not being able to spend much time on the game, or did they say that in the LG?). I feel like if Burnt and Drake were both elims, they definitely would’ve got more votes on Ark, guaranteeing a villager lynch instead of a guaranteed elim lynch. If either of them are elims, I’m leaning more towards Burnt because she was the one who tied up the lynch for Ark. Despite that, I feel like these lynches have been relatively quiet. I feel like there’d be more people voting if we had elims potentially being lynched, though they could be avoiding doing that to make us think the people being voted on aren’t elims....
  22. Oh! One important point I forgot to mention. I paused when I read the line: "E had decided to be bi at university, where she had discovered that women still had to fight for what they wanted using all means at their disposal, even against each other." In a vacuum I think it's clear that the story is making commentary about E rather than queerness, but there are enough homophobes who legitimately think sexuality is a choice/decision that the story might give off the wrong implications here. I'd recommend giving this part another look-over.
  23. Great. Do item passing actions also happen before kills?
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    “Okay…” She seemed to calm down a bit. @xinoehp512
  25. Today
  26. Before. All Defense actions happen before kills. So if a Rithmatist died while holding a Shadowblaze or drawing a Line of Warding, their contribution would still count.
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