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  2. I did something similar, except with just drawings of characters.
  3. how do you get negative reputation?
  4. Mine is good! What would happen if someone got all the shards and investiture possible to get?
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  6. Alask waved as Tels left. At least he’d done his job, with enough luck they’d have someone with the right skills right at their doorstep.
  7. “Oh, there’s rooms?” Brillin said groggily, standing up and almost collapsing as his legs buckled, but he remained standing straight, if teetering slightly to the side every now and then. Hearing Nerin’s words he beamed a smile. “Gentleman explorer, oh, that’s right, like, Allomancer Jak. I’m Jak!” He extended a hand towards Attayl. “And you shall be my Elizandra. But, wait, wasn’t there a room I was hearing about?”
  8. Lured back into the room by the smell of a desert, Tels walked back in. “Max went straight to voicemail, but I left him a message. With any luck, he’ll be here soon.” Tels grabbed a plate, and then began to head towards the door. “Listen, I’ve got some important business I’ve got to attend to, and I may be gone for awhile. Don’t count on me for help, but I’ll be back.”
  9. Tels growled, but left his message. “Max, if you are at all interested in controlling the fate of the Alleyverse, then please, come to The Forge. We need someone with your specific skills, and you may be the only person who can do the job we have in mind. The payment would be could, and you would have a grateful Alleyverse on top of that. The Forge, don’t forget.”
  10. Ok. His Ghostblood messaging device rang and he sent it to voicemail, stepping forward to see Vesuvius in his cage. A small space, not much time or space to dodge. Raising Sethramir, Max inserted the sword through one of the open holes in the cage, and sliced inwards to attack Vesuvius within it. He was careful not to cut the cage in the process, and if Vesuvius tried to force Sethramir to do it Max would dismiss it completely. @Gancho Libre The voicemail was this: “Hi, this is Max Tenira. Rioter and Soulbearer, Ghostblood, Canton Leader of Operations and husband of Althea Tenira. I might be busy right now, but if you leave a message I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” @Truthless of Shinovar
  11. The Right Hand Regime shall strike aga— wait, wrong thread...
  12. main plot

    Lusk remained standing, his hands clasped behind his back. The Stranger’s words were shady, Lusk could practically hear the asterisk. And yet, they were most suited to getting things done, especially things that Lusk needed done, which is why they hadn’t happened to meet in this old restaurant. “Each person will need to give verbal consent if they want the spike. Some people may not want to have the spike even if it means dying, and so no spikings will happen without consent from the spiked party. Other than that, the Ghostbloods agree to this use of Hemalurgy.” Still, as Lusk’s eyes moved over the spike, he grimaced. The DA had won, got their way as they always did. Even when they had to band together the DA had found a way to spike the masses. “Now, let’s go to finding this Ajax,” Lusk said. He looked to the future-seer. “Maybe you’d have a hint?” @Silva
  13. She is more knowledgable about the cosmere: He also clarified it later on: So I don't know how else to interpret that, as weird as it sounds.
  14. The Cognitive Realm is definitely not different for individuals, we can say that much. As for who decides, like I already explained above, it's the majority, and I finally found the confirmation (although I do think that intensity of thought plays a role too, but only a minor one):
  15. “For everyone’s sakes, I hope you’re right,” Eve said. Alask nodded, looking at the desert Lena had placed on the worktable. Alask’s appetite had disappeared from the talk of the Phoenix, the serious implications of what they were going to do. Just the thought of the choice they’d made, and now they were eating desert. But it looked good and Alask didn’t want to offend Lena, so he took a spoon and ate a little of it, taking small bites. It was good. “Let’s get started, then.”
  16. “Sure, yeah,” Rob said and nodded, moving past her, condiments in hand. He heard a buzz from his phone but his hands were full, so he ignored it for now. He concentrated, remembered his father’s words. Real men didn’t show emotions, Robert. Save all the emotions for the girls. Are you a man, Robert? Yes, Robert answered mentally, answered the same answer to that question he’d always given his father. His father, who looked down upon showing emotions, old fashioned in that sense. Rob had heard briefly that there were flaws with the ideology, that real men could show emotions too, that he didn’t have to be stone cold, but his father’s training was too far engrained, too deep, it had just turned into cold practising of what he’d been taught. Emotions were weakness, period. He turned and saw Shana and Ben standing at the checkout desk. He waved to them and walked closer. “I have the condiments,” he said, raising them up slightly. “Is everyone ready?” @Sorana @Lunamor
  17. I don't think Khriss knows more than the Shards do (except Harmony but he's new), she may know about specific areas of study then the Shards do, but I'm sure they have more general knowledge due to having more ways to gather information.
  18. main plot

    Lita's attention snapped back to the Stranger when he mentioned investigating the Vortex. So that's where they're headed. It made sense, when she thought about it. There seemed no one better to go and solve this problem. Well, that's sorted then, she thought, stopping her hand from straying back to the plate of cookies. Still, what were the three DA leaders doing here in the first place? Lita hadn't expected this many people to turn up here, it was just supposed to be a short meeting with TUBA to encourage them to speed up the evacuation. It seemed oddly serendipitous that everyone ended up here, though for all Lita knew they could predict the future. They were basically deities, after all. "Time is short, for them at least. Let's get this underway, shall we?" The Stranger gestured towards the city, though his tone was far from concerned. Indeed, he seemed eager, excited to move on from this place and into the new, the unknown. There were things to do, research to be gathered. Secrets to unravel. The practical portion of Lita's mind was relieved that this business would all be over with soon, and she, KanMien, and Laurelai would be safely tucked back into an Alley somewhere. Out of danger. Out of the way. She pressed her lips together, silencing what would have been a sigh of irritation. What is the matter with you? Do you want to get killed out there? Of course she didn't. The safest place for her was out of this city, likely observing the evacuation, seeing if there was any information to be gleaned from all the citizens flooding the Alleys. And yet... Is that what you want? To be safe? She shot a sidelong look at the three leaders. So much power there. So much knowledge. How much more would they learn within PlasmaCore, that bastion that had bested her efforts once already. Lita turned the Coin over and over in her hand, tin letting her feel every edge, every raised shape. The world on one side, the spiked skull on the other. What are you hungry for, Lita? She closed her fist around the Coin and tried to concentrate on the immediate. Lita was used to a hierarchy; she knew her place. The Tineye, always watching, catching what others missed. The knife that no one thought to look for, until it was pressed between their shoulder blades. The time for shadow-work had passed - PlasmaCore was no place for a spy, not anymore. She flicked a glance toward the Stranger, careful not to stare. His black eye was a well of infinite depth; perhaps that was where he kept all the secrets he'd learned. So much space carved out to make room for all that knowledge. Her gaze moved towards Mac, then back to the meeting. Yes, she knew her place. Lita would go where she was told, but she wanted to go with them.
  19. Because people can have mutually exclusive opinions. Either there is a large island in the middle of the Atlantic called Atlantis or there is not. Either there is an oceanic passage between North and South America or there is not. Either California is an island or it is not. Either the eastern edge of the world is in the Atlantic or in the Pacific ocean. There is no middle ground. Now it is possible that the CR is different for individuals. But if not, it needs to decide at some point.
  20. I just now saw this but I can 100% guarantee that if you make a webcomic I will flip out. It would be so dope, and I need it.
  21. The most difficult thing about writing this would be setting up the perspective. What I'm going to try get across is depending on what perspective you look at, ANYONE could be the antagonist. Tavarean looks evil when you are looking at it from Urial, but when reading a SjinYo story, Lariat or Exsqaur might seem like the main antagonist and Tavarean protecting them from the bigger continents. It'll be one big story split into three defined parts, similar to how stormlight archive is plotted out. Got it, I'll work on that. I don't think that the crooked cap should be able to recharge their own stars, it puts much more of a time limit on each job, as you mentioned earlier. The war is continuous, but it's been around for such a long period of time now that people have gotten used to it and no longer see the others as 'enemies' unless they are in the military, so while everyone is still at war, most nations are being practical about it
  22. main plot

    The Stranger grinned. He snapped his fingers and small tablet appeared on the table. Lines of text scrolled rapidly across the screen, making it difficult to read. The Stranger made a sweeping gesture and grinned. "Here are the terms. You are welcome to bring up negotiations and concerns, but are lawyers are quite thorough and the more time you waste the more innocent people die." He nodded towards the representatives of the other guilds with something akin to mock formality. "At each escape route I can have Steelrunners for administration, Smoker guides for increased stealth, and some general security to deal with outside interference. We can do this with unparalleled speed and efficiency, and perhaps we can even have med teams rescuing the salvageable parties. Mac is the best connected and informed person in this city, and could organize and coordinate an extremely intricate mass evacuation in his sleep. He'll probably run it and come with us to investigate the vortex, he's that good. R&D can handle the vortex, under our supervision. And I won't even bring any abominations, just little old me." His gaze bored into the occupants of the room. "Time is short, for them at least." He gesturd towards the city beyond the walls of the room. "Let's get this underway, shall we?"
  23. I do not support Voidapple in any way, shape or form.
  24. Here's a bunch of SA change my mind memes:
  25. I agree with what seems to be the consensus on this, but one idea occurred to me. If the edges of where the Cognitive aspect of a world meets the beginnings of representation of space (like between Alaska and Russia as mentioned before) is defined by the majority of thoughts on the matter, then there are two situations that become interesting. One was mentioned earlier, but I didn’t see any responses to it. That’s the situation where there are two continents and they are unaware of the existence of each other. How would they show up in relation to each other? I suspect that in that situation the thoughts of lesser species would have greater impact and would nudge them into positions that make sense to the animals of the sea and/or sky. The second situation is what if someone managed to get a new map accepted as the standard throughout the world. Unlikely, but conceivable. Would the arrangement of things shift based on the thoughts caused by the new map? Actually, a new thought occurred to me. This is related to the spiritual realm, where time is all in one, causing things like ‘Kaladin is a great spearman because he would become a great spearman’. Maybe for things like both of these situations the thoughts of those in the future and past could affect it. We do know that people can change the edges of continents in the physical realm (dikes, etc) and that that will eventually be reflected in the Cognitive. There’s a WoB on that, but I don’t want to look it up. (On my phone right now.). Anyway, so that kind of goes against that last thought, unless it’s that present thoughts have greater impact than future. If so that makes me think the effectiveness of the thoughts would be relative to when they occur compared to now. Which would make it so a dike situation would have a small effect in the Cognitive realm before the dike was actually built, but probably only a very small one.
  26. I don't know. We do know it is sentient, since when Azure gets her back from the Honorspren crew in OB, Azure says it's "investigating" the spren crewmember.
  27. She was at least the 3rd ideal, since that was when Radiants get Shardblades. I suspect what you asked happened, but I don't think she ever got past the 3rd. For example, where is her armor? I think that was something Jahsna asked. Storms. I misspelled Jahsna, didn't I? I'm a horrible fan.
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